keniaku · 20 hours ago
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then comes along a boy with curse manipulation
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rizsgf · a day ago
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doodles of Geto bc I am in art block … but I feel bad for not drawing gojo with him tbh 💔👎🏼👎🏼
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matsvrin · a day ago
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road music, richard siken.
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lordexplosionmurder132 · a day ago
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parallels that absolutely destroyed me
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itsukiph0bic · a day ago
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just thought I’d have a bit of a pride moment with these demiboy gojo icons💙🤍
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sakuraryomen01 · 10 hours ago
| JJK Hcs | Gojo Satoru Edition 🤞😎
I was thinking of this goofball and was just thinking of some headcanons at make me laugh for no reason at all : )
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My brain: SO... Gojo Satoru, huh?
Me: Yes. 🤞😎
Gojo Satoru Headcanons!! 💕 [ NSFW WARNING! ]
Sfw Headcanons 🥺
Gojo probably looks at himself in the mirror and thinks 'How the hell can someone be so fucking hot?' just cuz he is, and knows it.
Btw, he has a God complex 🤪
Appears in random places and spooks some passerby by saying hello.
"Oi oi, Nanami, oi oi oi- OIIIIIIIIIII~" ✨
If you're with Gojo, he'd let you use his hoodies since he finds it cute as hell when you're in one of them. And if you like a certain one, he'll get it out and probably wear it for an hour before taking it off and handing it to you
(Or tossing it to your face and laughing about it ;-;)
He loves to tease you, so expect dirty little jokes or a hot breath against your ear when he's around
Gojo loves doing a kabedon randomly cuz he think you look cuter when he's pressing you against a wall and threatening a kiss
Btw, his lips are soft as hell- 💀
If you're shorter than him, he's going to use you as an arm rest to tease. But he also likes to be the big spoon, and your shortness makes his easier for him to cuddle
Nsfw Headcanons 😏
He likes cock warming, I just have a feeling he just enjoys it. The warmth of your tight hole just comforting him
Definitely has a daddy/master/God kink
Finds it sexy when he sees you get dressed in nothing but his hoodie and some lacy panties
He's not big on exhibitionism, but it's been done on occasion (got jealous of so many eyes on you, took you home and pressed you against a window to fuck you against)
Likes to torture you with cum denial-
Length: 9 - 10.5 Girth: Can just barely wrap your fingers around it-
He likes to take videos and pictures sometimes during sex, so, he'll whip out his phone and just start snapping pics and recording. (Gojo will use these against you if he doesn't get what he wants-)
Dacryphilia and somnophilia are kinks he probably wonders why he has, but then again, you just look good that way- 😏
He's a sadomasochist, but he denies it
If you're into pegging, you're going to have to deal with him being a brat for a while. Gojo likes being in control (a lot like Sukuna) so he doesn't go down without a bit of a fight.
When you do get him all broken though, he's crying and pressing his face into his pillow. Blushing up a storm and praying you let him cum his brains out. (Now's the time for paybay with denial and over stimming!!)
Thank you for reading these! I don't know why these just popped up in my head, but I'm just counting it as content 🤪
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serendipitymaze · a day ago
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want another tattoo
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sia00612 · 4 months ago
(Gojo, Nanami, Toji, Geto, Choso, Inumaki)
Click the pictures for better quality.
Credits to srkork on IG
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‼️not my art‼️
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leepoon-06 · 5 days ago
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brautschnitzel · 6 days ago
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If you could only read my mind you would know things between us ain’t right
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aurelianamu · 22 days ago
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There once was a most wicked curse user..
If you like my art, help by reblogging ♡
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camillemoonchild · 10 months ago
Shibuya Station in commemoration of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga's Shibuya Incident Arc
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//dearainbow 8008_chamcham on twitter//
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toukatan · 7 months ago
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new gen, same agenda.
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otivez · 2 months ago
random, slightly specific jjk dating headcanons part 2
(cause i have a lot of them)
warnings: gojo being gojo, slight nsfw, mostly gender neutral, manga spoiler(s) tagged below
first one did great! thanks guys! and since i'm an attention whore, i offer you part 2. here's part 1 and my growing masterlist
Tumblr media
⁜loves it when you wear his clothes, so he purposefully buys clothes the colors you like
⁜calls you the cheesiest pet names
⁜definitely a "bros before hoes" kinda guy. will open geto's calls even mid sex
⁜okay they will DEFINETELY yell "heeell yeaaaa" at each other if he picks up mid sex
⁜not even a hello
⁜ dumbasses (affectionate)
⁜ doesn't find expensive dinner dates exciting, he would rather take you to a smaller, comfier place
⁜ will talk about movies for HOURS
⁜ he will spoil the film while watching it
⁜ like... when you're watching films together at home, he will stare at your face to see your reaction
⁜ you turn around and see this: (⊙‿⊙)
⁜ won't shut up during the film either
⁜ prints out your nudes
⁜ loves bunny costumes
⁜ will call you bunny too
⁜ loves showing you off. he wants to make other people jealous
⁜ is actually really insecure. he won't know what to do when you compliment him
⁜ loves it when you belittle him (teasingly). sometimes, it is good to know he doesn't have to be the strongest
⁜ will make you kill the spider
⁜ bites you
⁜ furrows his brows while sleeping
⁜ steals your scrunchies
⁜ smells like crayons
⁜ hates fitness. would rather do yoga or meditation, but he likes being the ripped GOD that he is
⁜ will gladly accept your request to do make up on him
⁜ mf will look better than you too
⁜ all of his books are color coordinated
⁜ hates poetry (kinnie moment ig)
⁜ has super light hands. you won't even feel him unhooking your bra/taking off your belt
⁜ his hand is always on your thigh while driving
⁜ has nipple piercings
⁜ he and gojo has matching nip piercings ALSKASKXASKDMAS bestie you're the third wheel here
⁜ "you should get the same one too!"
⁜ "this isn't a fucking friendship bracelet suguru"
⁜ won't admit it, but he would have a heart attack if you were to wear a maid costume
⁜ has sweet pet names, his favorites are "doll, darling"
⁜ sometimes while sleeping, he makes small noises in between breaths
⁜ first one to say "i love you"
⁜ he said it so casually cause he believes that saying i love you isn't important, showing you love someone is more important
⁜ and you know damn well he loves you
⁜ grab him by his belt
⁜ never misses an important date
⁜ would ask gojo to look after you when he has to be away for some time
⁜ if you're at a coctail party, let's say for business purposes, and nanami leaves you alone for a moment, he will lightly grab you by your waist behind your back and softly apologize on your ear once he returns
⁜ takes pictures of stray cats and sends them to you
⁜ he gets bored of social interactions easily, so it's common for him to just watch you lovingly while you're speaking/listening
⁜ mostly vanilla, except for when he's not
⁜ doesn't like having sex, he wants to make loOoOove
⁜ after working overtime, when you greet him with a hot bath, he will ask you to join him
⁜ you don't need to speak all the time. silence with him is comfortable
⁜ will immediately notice if you're upset. won't ask you what's wrong right away, he will hug you and comfort you first
⁜ acts like he doesn't like nudes but he does, he really does
⁜ warned you about gojo a hundred times on the ride to your first time meeting him
⁜ "if you ever feel uncomfortable just tell me"
⁜ "i'm sure i'll be fine, nanami"
⁜ "...gojo is a dumbass, y'know?"
⁜ isn't jealous, he fully trusts you
⁜ doesn't sweat at all??? like how is that even possible??
⁜ grunts in his sleep it's kinda hot ngl
⁜ (manga spoiler) usually doesn't really like talking about haibara with others, but he likes talking about him with you. he feels comforted and safe with you, something he doesn't feel often
⁜ buys the most unnecessary shit from his grocery trip
⁜ you probably have 5 untouched bottles of dish soaps cause hE ThOugHt yOu weRe RunNinG OuT
⁜ likes to be the small spoon sometimes
⁜ grabs you by your hip while walking
⁜ doesn't know how to cook for his life
⁜ before you two moved in, he only survived through noodles, cereal and beer
⁜ he gets excited every time you offer too cook, even though it has become a routine for you
⁜ won't help with the chores and then nag about you not doing something well enough for his liking
⁜ which results in you smacking him down and yelling
⁜ he helps with the chores now
⁜ will hop into the shower with you unannounced
⁜ will surprise you with small things that excite you, like a bar of chocolate or a mug
⁜ always puts the curtains in the wrong row
⁜ this is getting too domesticated let's get spicier
⁜ flirts with other women cause he doesn't think it means something. it's just so casual for him that he can't understand why you would get mad over it. he chose you after all
⁜ can't remember names
⁜ likes clothes that accentuate your features, but not in the super tight way
⁜ like dresses that hug your breasts and waist but has a puffier skirt, jeans that are skinny on the top and flared on the bottom etc etc
⁜ ass guy
⁜ snores a lot too, will deny that he does tho
⁜ once you show him that he DOES snore through a video, he responds with "real men snore"
⁜ fuck you toji
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thank you guys for the support on part 1! i love it when you comment and reblog, so please interact with me! my askbox is always open (Φ ω Φ)
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bakuten · 7 months ago
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jjkafe | designed as a fix-it universe — come get your orders!
credits: [panel one photo] [icons] [jjk icons: x, x, x]
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ink-mania · 4 months ago
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Doodles based on manga panels with a twist more or less.... I had to mess around with that one panel with him in the jacket cause it’s goofy. No stiches though. I dislike stitches.
(This is therapeutic to me)
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99yikes · 4 months ago
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if — yuuta meets geto sensei!
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aratribow · 9 months ago
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Going off to a beach picnic Ig UwU
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jewwu · a month ago
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made a new brush
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sesshomoru · 24 days ago
the higher-ups: geto killed 112 people and his own parents. as a curse user, he must be executed
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