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garrandia · 22 hours ago
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drafts time (lazy potato mod activated) 1.my 2nd ever drawn geto (I think it’s from may) 2.just bros sitting somewhere in a snowey day(it named “i should quit jjk cause at this point i only draw clothes ” in my files) 3.aaaaaaand this.sorry
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cherryrobber · a day ago
kenjaku except he's hiding his stitches with burger king crown
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I feel like this is on-brand for Kenny
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pawapoppet · 2 days ago
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ollyrewind · 2 days ago
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close your eyes, fall asleep in my arms
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kinbari14 · 2 days ago
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Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie is set to release in U.S. and Canada theaters with subtitles and English dub on March 18h, 2022. Tickets go on sale February 25th, 2022
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erzyu · a day ago
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they got the best tea on everyone at jjtech
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n-e-z-u-m-i · a day ago
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jjk as twitter pt.3
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slttygeto · a day ago
What do you think jjk men’s type is like? Like what do they look for in a person? Ps congratulations on 1k !!!!! You deserve more 💕
jjk men + their type !!
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synopsis: what do they look for in a person? :D
note: this is a nice question because me and my best friend talk about this a lot (with not so shameless self inserts hehe)
reblogs and replies are appreciated!!
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gojo satoru
in my honest opinion, his type is someone very similar to geto which i know it doesn't really explain much but he needs someone on the chill side if you know what I mean?
he's a bundle of energy, someone who's always on a sugar rush and pretty much a husky 🥺 so he'll need someone who's very similar to a cat.
Cats arent the best when it comes to being affectionate right off the bat but once they find a person that makes them feel warm and comfortable they stick to him
gojo needs that
he lives off of the feeling of being needed by someone, to feel like their protector.
he also wants to be as close to his partner as possible. he will always be kissing your cheek/face, always has a hand wrapped around yours and if you're not okay with PDA, he will simply hold your hand and kiss the top of your head
hes just grateful that you're his<3
geto suguru
just like satoru, he needs someone who's the exact opposite of him aka gojo lol they should just date each other atp
as much as geto appreciates the silence he surrounds himself with (which isn't really that often tbh, he's always with satoru and gojo =/= silence.
he wants someone who appreciates him. he knows his worth but it feels great to be appreciated for the things he didn't even notice like the small scar on the tip of his fingers that you kissed because you noticed it was red and angry
or how you made sure to remember his coffee order
he wants someone that he can openly love behind closed doors. he is okay with pda like gojo but he prefers the intimacy of cuddling with you or being affectionate behind closed doors. no one can know what you two do or how in love you are with each other and that stirs something in his stomach. he lives off of the feeling of being secretive and private
he doesn't mind if you kiss him in public, in fact he would appreciate it a lot but hold his hand or put your hands in the pockets of his sweater and he will melt.
toji fushiguro
toji is a rough person
he looks rough, sounds rough and is overall someone who doesn't let life throw him around
and just like satoru and suguru, he needs someone who's opposite of him but not entirely
by that i mean, he definitely needs someone who's gentle, caring, nurturing, motherly if you wanna say
but you also have to be tough, strict in a way
he would obviously come to your rescue if something happens to you but he wants you to stand up for yourself
he wants you to be capable of doing things on your own, he's attracted to someone who's independent and doesn't wait on other people to do stuff for them
but it can get tiring and overwhelming so he definitely wants to feel like his person is his home
he wants you to be able to lean on him the same he can lean on you<3
nanami kento
we can all agree that he's someone whos very domestic
he wants someone who'll wait for him back at him, someone who will greet him with kisses and hugs and make him feel warm but kento isn't that selfish
as much as he likes the idea, he knows it's impossible since his job isnt sufficient for both of you
he loves a person who has a duality may i say
by duality i mean: serious at work, loving and caring behind closed doors
like suguru, he cherishes the intimacy and privacy of the moments that you two share behind closed doors. it makes him feel like it's just you and him and no other person in the whole world
he wants you to scold him if he's ever distracted at work which rarely happens but also scold him when he doesn't take his meds when he's sick
it sounds like he has mommy issues but he's genuinely so tired everyday and seeing you seems to be the only thing that keeps him sane
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2022 © all works belong to slttygeto. do not repost my work anywhere else.
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getoswhore · 2 days ago
𝓛𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄, the state of being infatuated with another..
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the crystal pond that stills near the humble and luminance garden grows a pool of fresh minerals, making it transpire as if it was a rainbow sea of jewels. and that glimmer and shine it floods with, always seem to cascade against the smooth of his porcelain skin when he leans a hand down to dance along the skirts of the water.
always watching, entranced as the ripples shake along the hem of the fortress. watching how the crystal ponds pure spring kisses around his skin with such beauty, as if the two were enchanted together when he would dip more of his futile skin in. watching, almost hypnotized when his head would dip beneath the blanket of water, only to rise back up; droplets of the fountain tumbling off the curves of his muscles, and the fine strands of his woven hair shine just a little more beneath the night's torch when wet.
his feathered out locks, like black utopias, fine loose threads of infinite space, and inked skies stick down the bare of his strong back and broad shoulders. and that tough skin of his settles with silver trails of triumph stories marking down, raw, and intense, yet looked sweet to the touch, which always hungered at you for just a wisp of your fingertips to trail along them, to connect your skin with his.
but when the curtains of new light awaken the birds to hum out their melodies is when you disappear into the tall woods, leaving behind the man you've fallen for, and taking the images you've created in your mind with you.
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keniaku · 2 days ago
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divorcees in ur area
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wobubling · 13 hours ago
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The boy who was swallowed by curses
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72-5-blog · 15 hours ago
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cherryrobber · 2 days ago
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getoseasons · a day ago
Feast your eyes on the cover reveal for SEASONS!
Tumblr media
Pre-orders for this DIGITAL-ONLY fanbook are open for both the Free and Extended versions on gumroad—grab your copy now! https://gumroad.com/getoseasons
Cover art is a collaboration between: elien (@_neile) sesshomoru (@sesshom0ru) xed (@halveablock)
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blackgrlficsnthings · a day ago
Roommate Things: That Time of the Month
Pairing: Geto Suguru x reader x Gojo Satoru
Summary: A one-off set after the three of you get together and you're going through your cycle for the first time since starting your thruple.
Requested by: @isayyay
Roommate Things Master List
Warnings: mentions of blood, conversations about sexual subjects, making out, heavy petting
Gojo walked into the house ready to go find you or Geto to cuddle. He went for Geto first mostly because he didn’t feel like going upstairs, but as fate would have it, Geto wasn’t in his room. He huffed then stopped by his room to change clothes before he sought you out. You hated when he got in your bed with his “outside” clothes.
He opened the door to see you were laying in the most awkward position he had ever seen. It did not look comfortable and your ass was slightly in the air and the side of your face was smashed against your pillow. You had your eyes closed, but the frown on your face made him believe that you were awake. Either way, he came over and smacked your ass.
Your eyes snapped open and you glared at him sharply, “Now what if I smacked the shit out of you?”
“Yikes. Someone’s in a bad mood,” he grumbled, watching as you pushed up to sit on your knees.
“I’m in pain. Sug went out to get me more pain meds.” You readjusted your pillows a bit more aggressively than strictly necessary. Since Gojo chose to startle you, your previous position was no longer comfortable.
“Well, what’s wrong, mochi?”
“Menstrual cycle,”
“Oh, ew,” his concern dwindled, “shouldn’t you be used to that by now?”
You got the urge to kick him in the balls and ask why he wasn’t used to that yet but decided not to stoop to violence, “Get out.” You pointed to your bedroom door.
His jaw dropped, “Noooo, I want to cuddle! I’ll be good!”
“No you won’t.”
“Uh huh. Come on, I know you want to be held,” he opened his arms to you and you glared at him. You did really want to be held but you also could not give up your heating pad. However emotionally, a hug would probably help.
“Okay. But I’m putting my heating pad on top of you.”
He climbed in bed as you picked up your heating pad. He seemed a little confused by how you wanted him to lie down so you simply grabbed him and started repositioning him. The moment you pushed him down on his back he let out an effeminate little yelp.
“Be gentle with me,” he breathed, pressing the back of his hand to his forehead. You ignored him in favor of putting your heating pad on top of him and then pressing your lower stomach to the heat and laying on top of him.
“Ow, that’s hot!”
“Shut up,” you responded, tucking your face against his neck as you tried to relax your body.
“Stop being mean before I fuck you.” He wrapped his arms around your waist as he spoke, hugging you gently to him, but when you made a sound of discomfort at the pressure he settled for just letting his hands rest on your back.
“Not happening. My vagina feels like it’s gonna fall off the bone.”
“Ew what the fuck?” He laughed.
“Every time you say ew at me I literally want to cry. I cannot take this from you right now.”
“What am I supposed to say to that? That is a horrific visual!”
You sat up a little to look at him.“Yeah! But don’t say ew at me! I’m bloated, my boobs hurt, and I’m bleeding. I already feel disgusting.”
“Okay, okay my little ketchup package.” He lifted his hand to stroke your cheek lovingly. You pushed his hand away.
“I fucking hate you,” you groaned but at the same time you wrapped your arms around him to really get comfy. His hands were warm and he started rubbing your back in slow soothing circles. You closed your eyes, trying to mentally block out the pain.
Before long, you’d fallen asleep in Gojo’s arms. He’d be lying if he said you weren’t cute like this. Sure, you seemed more than a little haggard, and his lower stomach was probably getting 2nd degree burns but he kinda liked that you wanted to be held and you would likely spend the rest of the day in his arms. He was always the most happy when you were needy, and that extended to all corners of your relationship with him.
Geto came into the house with two bags full of things to help you get through the next week or so. You were usually able to function after the first two days but there were bad months. This was the kind of thing Geto was kinda used to, just from being your friend. This is not the kind of thing you would bring to Gojo for any reason whatsoever before all of you were dating. Geto understood why. Gojo could be an asshole, and your tolerance for that went out of the window when you were on your period. He wondered how that would work out now that you were dating him. Geto was still the one trusted to get emergency snacks, more pain meds, and sanitary products. At this point he knew exactly what to get, and what foods you would be craving. He went up to your room only to find Gojo rubbing your back as he scrolled through his phone thoughtlessly. Geto could see your face and how peaceful you looked while sleeping. You had the hood of his hoodie pulled over your head, and your cheek squished against Gojo’s chest while you slept. It was adorable.
“She’s got you pinned, huh?” Geto said quietly.
“Yeah, I’m afraid of what would happen if I moved.”
“Oh yeah, you’re locked in,” Geto nodded, “If she’s found a position comfortable enough to sleep in there’s no way she’s letting you up.”
“Been here before?”
“I’ve been in your position almost every month for years. It’s kinda nice to have someone to tag in.”
“What’s in the bag?” Gojo asked.
“The essentials, a good mix of salty and sweet snacks, extra strength pain killers, and some other stuff. Plus I called in an order at her favorite take out place.”
“Should I wake her to eat?”
“Absolutely not. Sleep is the only relief she gets. If you wake her up I’m not going to stop her from killing you.”
“It can’t be that bad.”
Geto gave him a dubious look, “It’s bad. I had an ex who hooked me up to a TENS machine, and it ‘simulates’ period cramps by making your muscles clench like theirs does and it was awful. And then she told me that some women actually use those machines for period relief. Of course that’s just the cramps. I want you to google all of the other symptoms.”
Gojo did as he was told, and the longer he read the more horrified he seemed. The list just kept going on and on. By the time he got to the end of it, he simply kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back with a bit more purpose.
When you woke up, it was because you sorta felt like you might throw up. You groaned a truly miserable sound before getting up and going to the bathroom.
You didn’t even notice that Geto was home. When you came back though, you noticed him and for some reason seeing him made you a little emotional. You frowned as you felt tears coming on. He opened his arms and let you hug him. His face was already in a sympathetic little frown. At the best of times, Geto would dote on you, but when you were sick and in pain it was like he dialed it all the way up to 100. Which was perfect, you wanted to be babied.
“I feel so terrible,” You groaned to him as he gathered you up in his arms.
“I know, princess. I think eating would make you feel better.”
“Yeah, but I feel nauseous.”
“What have you eaten today, my love?”
You went to answer confidently but then you had to think about it. You couldn’t bear to get out of bed at all after Geto left so all you had was breakfast, and that was kinda forfeit because you barely ate any of that before you just wanted to lie down.
“Breakfast,” you said guiltily.
“You are so ridiculous,” he sighed, “I got your favorite, I’ll go heat it up for you. Go latch on to Satoru.”
You opened your arms and let yourself sorta fall over on top of Gojo. He received you easily, and pulled you over into his lap.
“My poor little strawberry gusher,” he cooed, kissing your face.
“Stop it with the names,” you grumbled, but notably did not move away from him or tell him to stop kissing your face. He held your face in both of his hands and pulled you in for every kiss. Each kiss was nothing more than a quick peck: one to each cheek, then your nose, across your forehead. Then finally he pressed his lips to yours, and he deepened the kiss immediately.
You melted into him, letting your body turn to putty in his arms. You hummed a content sound as he hugged you close. The contradiction between the seriously painful ache between your legs and the needy ache residing there now was incredibly maddening. The two emotions shouldn’t be allowed to live together at once.
“Satoru,” you whined as he abandoned your lips to kiss your neck.
You moaned instead of speaking. You’d be a liar if you said Gojo didn’t always know how to turn you on no matter the circumstances. One of his hands went under the hoodie you were wearing. You sucked in a sharp breath as he grabbed your boob.
“Gently please,” you breathed out hastily, “they’re a little tender.”
“Aw,” he cooed mockingly, “Need me to kiss it better.”
You nodded, brain already giving you an idea of how good it would feel to have his mouth on your chest, the way it would ache and yet still feel like heaven. He pulled your hoodie up to reveal your bare body. He immediately latched on to your nipple, sucking gently. The increased sensitivity in your nipples made the experience so much sweeter. You slipped your fingers into his hair.
“Satoru,” you whined. He grazed his teeth against the achey bud before letting you go so he could look at you.
“Stop saying my name like that, princess because I don’t mind making a mess with you.”
“Why is that so fucking hot?” You huffed.
He smiled, “You just can’t help how badly you want me.”
You huffed feeling a harsh cramp squeeze in your lower stomach, “My head is definitely there with you but my lady parts deeply disagree.”
“Me and your lady parts usually get along swimmingly.”
“She’s temperamental right now. Don’t take it personal.”
“Well your boobs are in so I’m just gonna…” he opened his mouth to suck your other nipple.
Geto came back to see you in Gojo’s lap topless. The hoodie you were wearing was at the foot of the bed.
“Of course,” he breathed, “you are relentless, Satoru.”
Gojo lifted his head from your chest with a cocky smile as he licked his lips, “Just trying to help our girl feel good. Why don’t you come over and cover the other one?”
“She needs to eat. That will actually make her feel better.”
You huffed a resigned sigh,“He’s right. I’m hungry, Toru.”
“Fine,” he grumbled, “Why do you wait so long between meals anyway?”
“I forget!”
“How do you forget to eat?!” He exclaimed.
“I’m in pain! I have other things to think about!” You said just as loudly as he did. Geto could only laugh as you pushed Gojo away from you and snatched up your hoodie.
“Are you mad?” Gojo asked incredulously.
“Don’t talk to me,” you grumbled, reaching out to Geto who had food. The smell of it was making your mouth water. He gave you the plate and you smiled to see the most unhealthy meal in the world in front of you. You puckered your lips at him and he kissed you.
“Thank you, sugar.”
“No problem. You can take two more ibuprofen after you eat. It’s been enough time.”
“Ugh amazing. I wanna rip my uterus out and toss it across the room.”
“If you let me, I could stop your periods for about nine months,” Gojo said.
“I’m gonna beat your fucking ass! Don’t say stupid shit to me like that right now. Matter of fact, get out.”
“Babe.” He complained.
“No get out. Good bye, Satoru.”
“Nooo. I’m sorry. I’ll be good!”
“You said that last time. I don’t believe you.”
“This really was not the time for your weird breeding kink,” Geto said.
“His what?” Your eyes widened.
“You haven’t put that together? He’s always talking about getting you pregnant.”
“I thought he was just trying to annoy me! Satoru!” You turned to stare at him with surprise written all over your face.
“Hey I’d rather literally die than continue this conversation!” Gojo said in a cheery voice.
“We can talk about embarrassing kinks. This is a safe place. I wouldn’t have been so harsh if I knew you were just being horny.”
“I really doubt that. You are cruel by trade.”
“He likes that too,” Geto said with a teasing smile, he leaned in to hug you and squish his cheek against yours.
“Right, well while we’re at it we should talk about Suguru’s Daddy kink.”
Geto did not seem in the least bit ashamed. He smiled calmly, “It’s not necessary but always appreciated.”
“Yeah and your corruption kink?”
“I wouldn’t call it corruption. But maybe it is considering the horny little monster we made out of Y/N. She’s a proper brat now.”
“Hey!” You complained around a full mouth, “How did I get pulled into this?!”
“You’re right. You’re not a brat. You’re a good girl through and through.”
You scrunched your nose to keep from smiling at that.
“You’re praise kink is obvious,” Gojo rolled his eyes, “It’s not even embarrassing to you is it?”
You shook your head. Though you had a few kinks that were probably better left unsaid but you were sure they could guess at them with only the smallest amount of self awareness. With that in mind… Gojo was not likely to guess correctly. He had already moved on to trying to embarrass Geto. Which was a lost cause. Geto could not be embarrassed by his sexual appetite. You sat back and kept eating as Gojo kept pestering Geto.
“Oh so you really are a brat, that’s why you always acted like a bitch when you weren’t getting any! You just needed someone to put you in your place!” You exclaimed as the puzzle pieces clicked together. Before the three of you were dating, Gojo would get super snippy when he’d been too busy to go get his dick wet. It was such a thing in the household, that you and Geto would warn each other when it had been more than a week since Gojo slept with someone.
“No one was putting me in my place!” Gojo yelled back, obviously scandalized by your conclusion.
“Obviously,” Geto murmured, rolling his eyes.
You smiled, “It’s okay, Satoru. I don’t like to be in charge either-“
“That’s because you’re indecisive and inexperienced. I know exactly what I want. And how to get it.”
“There’s no shame in it. I like to be told what to do, and praised when I do it well. You like to cause trouble until you get your way or get something better. It’s fine. We know this and we love you.”
“See? Why can’t you be mature about it like Y/N?” Geto asked.
You did smile that time.
Gojo wasn’t in the least bit amused by the two of you ganging up on him, “Because she has obviously been at the bottom our whole life.”
“So have you,” Geto responded in a deadpanned tone.
You nodded, “Yeah, I figured you liked women dominating you long before we started dating. And it’s true. Your ex told me after she asked if we could have a four way.”
“What?! … which ex?” Gojo said.
“Kama. The one super into me. I told her we three were exclusive though so you better stop looking so damn interested before I do something crazy.”
“Yeah something like what?” He smirked.
You blinked at him wondering if he was self aware enough to realize how thoroughly he’d just proved you and Geto right about him.
“Brat,” Geto said under his breath.
Then he realized, “Alright fine whatever! But you still come last-“
“I cum first. I always cum first. You usually cum last.” You said.
“That’s not what I mean. I am on top in this triangle.”
“Nuh uh! Sugar tops.”
“I’m most important!”
“Wrong again. There would be no us without Y/N,” Geto shook his head, “Plus, bottoms hold the most power. We only go as far as she lets us. You should be more appreciative that she aims to please. Now stop pouting. You’re the only one making this a hierarchy. I’m perfectly content with the fact that this woman is the center of my world. In fact I welcome my adorable overlord. Life’s been great ever since she took over.”
You laughed and kissed his cheek, “I love you,” you cooed.
“You both disgust me.” Gojo complained, crossing his arms in front of his chest. Notably though, he was peeking at you out of the corner of his eye. You leaned over to rest your head against his shoulder.
“That’s okay, because I still love you,” you cooed.
“You’re both lucky I love you even though you constantly treat me so cruelly. I feel like the punching bag of the relationship.”
“Noooo!” You lifted your head to refute that, “No! We love you so much! Sugu, tell him how much you love him.”
“I love you so much, punching bag,” Geto grinned, an arrogant expression that shouldn’t have been nearly as hot as it was. Like clockwork Gojo bit back at him and they started bickering while you ate. In the middle of Gojo arguing with Geto, Geto grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was almost funny just how quickly Gojo melted into the kiss. You leaned back so as not to be in their way. Geto was just as sweet and careful with Gojo as he was with you.
When they pulled away, they both glanced at you reflexively only to laugh as they realized you’d been watching them make out while eating.
“Keep going, I’ll get out of the way if you want.” You offered around a bite of food.
“Why do you have to get out of the way? You know your period just means it’s blowjob week.” Gojo wagged his eyebrows at you.
You sighed, “Yeah? Well Sugar, drop your pants, apparently Toru’s giving out blowjobs.”
“You know that’s not what I meant.” Gojo pouted.
“My mouth is busy,” you filled your mouth with enough food to make your cheeks swell.
“I’m not going to say no to a blowjob, but you’re not getting dinner and a movie, princess. You’ll have to finish your food first.”
Despite your cheeks straining as you chewed you managed to look saddened by this news. Since you couldn’t properly plead, you just looked at him imploringly.
“If I look up and see you deepthroating an egg roll it’s going to take me out of the moment.”
“I also did not volunteer to give a blow job.” Gojo said.
“Oh? Then you should have asked Sugu for one. Don’t know why you said that to me. I thought you were too shy to ask Sugar to put his dick in your mouth.”
Gojo gave you a withering glare.
You continued, “I know you weren’t trying to get me, on this the first day of my period, to suck you off.”
Geto snorted before he devolved into giggles.
“I knew I shouldn’t have let you watch The Godfather,” Gojo grumbled.
“I’ll fuck Gojo later,” Geto assured, “you just relax.”
After you finished eating you were tired so you happily curled into Geto’s side to fall asleep again.
“Are we gonna fuck or…” Gojo trailed off.
Geto threw a withering glare at him, “I said later didn’t I?”
He huffed before settling to spoon you instead. You made a soft sleepy sound, before moving his hand to press against your stomach. He rubbed it in soothing circles for you.
“Thank you,” you grumbled sleepily but your tone was so sweet if practically melted Gojo’s heart. He looked to Geto alarmed by how cute you were.
Geto nodded knowingly, “Yeah you can’t move now.”
“Of course I can’t move now.” He hissed back.
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in the dream i don’t tell anyone,
Tumblr media
you put your head on my lap
Richard Siken, I had a dream about you
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Jujutsu Kaisen x Bikkuriman collaboration presents Geto as Super Devil and Gojo as Super Zeus
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my stupid little gay heart still hopes that gege is a liar and geto will get his body back, do a gojo box unboxing and will run away together to heal and be together
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satoru & suguru quick sketch
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