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last week was the international sign language week. during this time, there were events happening everywhere in the world to celebrate all sign languages.

let’s spread the word about these languages that are so underrated and yet that could help many people.

we see you, you’re not alone.

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🎡- i had my first therapy appointment since last year. i hope i can get used to this new therapist. maybe she’ll help me manage my school stress? here are some philosophy notes! - 🎡

🎧: bury a friend by billie eilish

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🍃 - i’m on week 4 of school and i am already feeling a bit hopeless. i’m sure we’ll make it through, though. here are my introduction to critical thinking notes. - 🍃

🎧: saturn by sleeping at last

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oh wow, well since i’m back on this account, i’m going to make a new intro so that people who started following me can learn more about me!

so heyaaaa, i guess.

my name is aly, i’m 22 and i live in paris, france. i have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in english, majoring in translation. i’m starting another master (remotely) in translation studies! i’ve had this account for 4 years, but i have been inactive for a while. so new master, new begining, i’m starting this studyblr again!

i speak fluent french and english, and i’m taking (french) sign language lessons. i’d love to be an interpreter or just a regular audiovisual translator (dubbing/subtitling). 

approx. once a month, i work as a translator for events with actors so i got to translate famous people, which is amazing! translation is really my passion. otherwise i work part time in a hotel.

also i’m a huge shakespeare nerd, i love drama and poetry but tbh i get interest in everything :)


i don’t know anyone in this community anymore and i’m a very friendly and talkative person so if you ever want to chat, feel free to message me!

i have a 5years experience of university, i live on my own, so this studyblr will feature pictures of my notes and school stuff but also life tips! and i check my tag daily, feel free to tag me :  #heyaly

i guess that’s all, i’ve included a piccrew that looks like me if anyone was wondering what i look like! see you around,

aly x

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hallo meike, das französische Brot ist besser bye bye xx

französisches brot kann sich sehen lassen tbh aber hat im großen und ganzen zu wenig vollkornbeteiligung auch wenn eure weizenbasierten brote die meisten anderen in den schatten stellen könnten xx

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meike, tell me, why are we still awake? i've been seeing your posts saying you were trying to sleep early and there we are, almost midnight, still on tumblr, look at us

alyyyy don’t call me out like that, i’m hoping that no one knows my timezone and just assumes that it’s afternoon for me lmao 

i was also literally just about to send you an ask for your sleepover and was debating to write something very similar haha! so, why are we awake? i slept until noon and now i’m not tired. i have my thesis notes out on my desk so i can pretend i’m working on them when in reality i’m stalking tumblr and making an ikea wishlist. what about you? 

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congrats on your 1k, fellow english teacher friend, you truly deserve it! i hope we’ll get to be friends one day because our study paths are quite the same! (oh and i’ll have a four, please) xx

thank you so much!! you’re one of my favorite blogs pls I would love to be friends!!

url: 9/10

icon: 10/10

mobile theme: 10/10

desktop theme: 9/10

posts: 10/10

compliment: your original posts and advice are goals and I’m in love with your poetry! thank you for your hard work and contributions to the community <3

1k celebration!

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helloooo, i’m joining the sleepover! tomorrow i have to go to a party to see my old friend but the problem is that she lives in a very bad district of paris known for thieves etc.. i’m a bit scared because no one can pick me up so it means i’ll have to go home alone!!

Oh, no! So you can’t get a cab or something to take you from her place back to yours? I guess if you really must go, let someone know that you’re leaving and that you’ll text them when you get home. 


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I’ve had a few people ask me how I structure my bullet journal, since I use a daily setup rather than the weekly one that seems to be so popular! 

Each new day is set up as a brand new page in my journal. This helps me balance a busy class schedule with lots of daily assignments! That said, this is simply the method that works best for me, but it may not fit everyone’s needs! 

More under the cut:

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studyblr community!! please like / reblog..

if you are an active(!) studyblr. i am pretty new to the community and would love to follow and get to know more of you :))

like/reblog so i can check your blog out! thanks!

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Best Study Tips

1. VARY YOUR METHODS. Do not rewrite handwritten notes if you don’t feel it is beneficial and the point is not to get neater notes. Maybe there’s the teacher’s PowerPoint you can look over again, Khan Academy/Crash Course videos on your subject which could be entertaining as well as informative, even practice tests online! Don’t limit the word “studying” to mean looking over notes.

2. FOCUS MOST ON WHAT YOU STILL FIND CONFUSING. If you find yourself studying and you get annoyed because it’s like you are repeating a concept word for word in your head when you look at your notes, don’t bother with that part of the subject. Find the part where you were most lost in class or parts that really need the refresher and spend the most time on these.

3. TRY THE POMODORO TECHNIQUE BUT MAKE IT WORK WITH YOUR ATTENTION. I know the pomodoro technique can be great but sometimes your mind is just not in your studying as much as you want it to be. If you find yourself loosing focus in a short 30 min work period and it happens more than once maybe it means you should stop and take a longer break to collect yourself. I’ve noticed this happens to me the longer I’ve been studying and that’s ok, it just means you’re getting a little overtaxed. Going on a walk, eating a fulfilling meal, or taking a quick shower can do the trick.

Let me know if you like these tips and if I should add any more, hope you have a great day 💙

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November Study Challenge Day 7 // Book you’re currently reading/ studying

So basically, I had a bit of a break down and my pastor essentially prescribed this book, and banned me from doing anything on Monday nights so I rest, because rest is important and I’m so terrible at it. Anyway, this book is genuinely so relevant to me right now it physically makes me cringe

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11.15.17  [ Day 15 / 30 ] 


Re-joing the @getshitdonetbh #novemberstudychallenge because today’s prompt is just too relatable. My main confession is that I almost never put effort into making my notes look pretty because I actually don’t take much handwritten notes in high school (I’m a senior). Most of my teachers now go over powerpoints in class and then link them for us on google classroom to study. 

Anyway, here are my flashcards for AP Psychology which my teacher requires to be handwritten and I wanted to come up with a nice way of organizing them by module and unit. Last year I bought hella washi tape because I thought I was gonna plunge into bujo but that still hasn’t happened (more on that later), which means I needed a use for the tapes and I actually really enjoy decorating the cards and it doesn’t take as long as some might think. I prefer to only make things pretty in a case like this where I am having fun with it and find value in it, otherwise it just feels like I am trying to compete with the really aesthetic studyblrs with perfect handwriting and I don’t want that. 

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