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#getting married

I’m the happiest woman alive Matt woke me up really early this morning and said get dressed he said he wanted to show me something and had clothes out for me I got dressed and we got in the car the sun wasn’t even up and Matt wasn’t telling me anytime it was all a secret I do have to say he picked out some cute clothes and my hiking boots so I figured we were walking when we got there and when we pulled up we were in the middle of nowhere but Matt took my hand and we walked up this pathway and got to the top of a cliff look out just as the sun was rising Matt took my hands turned me towards him and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and put the ring on my finger it’s so beautiful I started crying of course and said yes and Matt picked me up and hugged me and we kissed as the sun was rising behind us I may have cryed like 5 times from happiness we took some pictures and we went back home Trish and James were just getting up and when Trish seen that I was crying she asked what was wrong and why we went out so early I put my hand out and she jumped up and hugged me and we all talked and everything and after a while I said I need Matt in the bedroom I need to show my man a little love🧡

I took Matt by the hand and pulled him to the bedroom locked the door and said I’m horny and I love you more then anything in the world I grabbed him by his cock and kissed him then pushed him on the bed and ripped off his pants and stripped naked and crawled up between his legs and grabbed his hard cock and said mommy’s in charge you lay back and enjoy baby and I started loving on his cock sucking on his balls and licking up and down his cock and when I kissed the head of his cock I was dripping wet and when I made eye contact with Matt I kissed up his body and lined hit cock up with my vagina and just teased his cock rubbing head of his cock on my clit and just letting him side in just a tiny bit I could tell he wanted to take control and pound my little pussy like a little whore but I was hold his arms down Matt looked at me and said Jennifer I like this side of you I said ya you like when I’m in charge baby and I sat down hard on his cock Matt let out a moan and I reached back and grab his balls and said your all mine daddy and slowly grinded on his cock it felt so good I was holding back my orgasm trying to be dominant I locked fingers with him and put his hands over his head still riding his cock he knows I can’t hold back my orgasm for to long and Matt knows it his cock makes me cum everytime and I can’t control myself once I start cumming 🧡

I was working his cock and he was loving it and I couldn’t handle it and started cumming my body started shaking I pushed back on his cock pulling his hands to my chest and Matt said that’s my girl your so cute and he took control flipping me onto my back lifting my hips and I screamed fuck me harder and Matt did just that he showed me why he’s in charge fucking me senseless and cumming deep inside me and when he pulled out I got between his legs and licked and sucked his cock clean getting every yummy drop of cum from his cock and then I layed on his chest as he held me and we cuddled as he played with my hair as my shaking stopped and I looked at Matt and said you have made me the happiest I’ve ever been he kissed me and said I knew from the second I layed eyes on you that day that I would make you my beautiful wife I rubbed my head on his chest and he hugged me I couldn’t be happier 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

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Life update: I’m Engaged!!

It happened on my birthday in February.

You guys were here for me when I posted depressing poems about my exes and I thought I’d never find someone…

Well I did! He is my other half and soul mate. Just proof when things seems so dark and your hearts broken to pieces that you can find love again, sometimes in a more true form.

Going through a painful breakup? Take time and mourn but know there is light at the end of the bleak tunnel. They say you can’t love someone truly until you love yourself. I don’t know if I 100% agree with that but I will say it enhances your ability to love them with all that you have. My breakups led me to my fiancé and they led me into a cycle of self-growth and self-love.

Remember that with every drop of rain, flowers continue to grow.

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I am goddamn tired of this covid-19 craziness. I take back all my coping-with-life apocalypse fantasies

It’s distorted my sense of reality and now I want to just curl up in a hot bath at midnight and pretend I’m in a healthy, non dystopian world

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✔Asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding

✔Picked a date (October 17!)

✔Picked colors

✔ Found my wedding dress

✔ Got fitted for my wedding dress

✔Paid for and ordered my dress

✔Got engagement photos done

✔Created our guest list

Coming soon next month…..

- Finding bridesmaids dresses

- Finding flower girl dresses

- Cake tasting

Here’s some of the photos from the engagement photos

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“Together can never be close enough for me – feel like I am close enough to you. You wear white and I’ll wear out the words ‘I love you’ and ‘you’re beautiful’. Now that the wait is over and love and has finally shown her my way, marry me today and every day. Marry me. If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe, say you will, mm-hmm. Say you will, mm-hmm.”  

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I don’t exactly know when jake fell in LOVE with amy, maybe it was before they started dating, maybe during their relationship. I’m sure everyone’s got their own feelings on this (and there’s no right answer but I’d be curious to hear anyone’s thoughts!) but i’ve had many crushes in my life and if i was leaving for a dangerous undercover mission for six months and unsure if i’d even survive, I STILL wouldn’t feel the need to tell them about it. if you ask me, jake’s feelings for amy at the time were so much stronger than a ‘crush’.

I’m not saying it was love this early on, this is only a couple episodes after he acknowledged his feelings after all. but I do think that once he acknowledged them, the dam opened and he was a goner. I know jake can be impulsive but i do think this was a situation where as soon as he found out about the assignment, he couldn’t stop thinking about how he had to tell amy and can we talk about the the weight of his words when he says “if something bad goes down i’d be pissed at myself if i didn’t do this”??? Like that’s some death bed shit he’s talking about!!!!! that’s deep man!!!!!

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