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#getting thinner
pastellaments · 8 hours ago
Throwback to that post where I was like "gotta eat 1200 calories else I'll store fat" because I got freaked from gaining weight
Well ✨SYKE✨ I'm on my 400-800 cal a day *SHIT* again, doing 10k steps, morning and nightly workouts while drinking 10 glasses of water a day. Catch me on them scales been losing 1-2 pounds per day and I'm ready to fight god OR BECOME HIM.
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nooneskinnyyyyy · 9 hours ago
So I’m drinken that monster ultra for the first time
And now I get how people are so into it
It really fills you up
Yeeeeeeet got a new lunch
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waterhas0calories · 11 hours ago
I deleted the other fasting app and got this one. And since I'm heart broken, I want to starve so I'm going to start with this 48h fast.
Wish me luck.
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sleepingopal · 13 hours ago
Me:*looks in the mirror *
The world can't spinn around you,
if you look like that...
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nooneskinnyyyyy · 16 hours ago
It’s not the same anymore
And idk what to do
Everything is my fault and I just don’t want to wake up anymore
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Morning weigh-in: 118.2
Water intake:
Breakfast: 945
-Honey butter chicken biscuit (755)
-Hash brown sticks (190)
-Diet Coke (0)
Lunch: 275
-Wrap (chicken, hummus, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese) —— (275)
Total: ???
I decided to upload this to motivate me next time I want to binge. Yesterday was such a bad day for me and I just kept eating and eating :(( this isn’t even all I ate yesterday because I stopped tracking once I knew I was past 1,000 cals. This morning I weighed myself and I had gained .6 lbs already :\\ fasting most of today for sure!
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