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#gffa politics
padawanlost · 6 months ago
So I've seen you mention that the prequels are based on a corrupt era of american politics... What makes you say that? I would say that there are far more parallels to pre WWII germany. There's definitely a lot of Vietnam in there, but the fact that a Chancellor loved by the public for bringing stability and "peace" to a post war republic rings pretty familiar.
George Lucas makes me say that :P
The prequel trilogy is based on a back-story outline Lucas created in the mid-1970s for the original three “Star Wars” movies, so the themes percolated out of the Vietnam War and the Nixon-Watergate era, he said.
Lucas began researching how democracies can turn into dictatorships with full consent of the electorate.
In ancient Rome, “why did the senate after killing Caesar turn around and give the government to his nephew?” Lucas said. “Why did France after they got rid of the king and that whole system turn around and give it to Napoleon? It’s the same thing with Germany and Hitler.
"You sort of see these recurring themes where a democracy turns itself into a dictatorship, and it always seems to happen kind of in the same way, with the same kinds of issues, and threats from the outside, needing more control. A democratic body, a senate, not being able to function properly because everybody’s squabbling, there’s corruption.” [x]
George Lucas has admitted that one of the biggest influences on the series was the Nixon era. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Lucas said Star Wars “was really about the Vietnam War, and that was the period where Nixon was trying to run for a [second] term, which got me to thinking historically about how do democracies get turned into dictatorships? Because the democracies aren’t overthrown; they’re given away.”
Lucas has also expressed that Emperor Palpatine, or Darth Sidious, was directly inspired by Nixon, which makes a lot of sense given the the nose. In “The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” when asked if Emperor Palpatine was a Jedi at one point in his life, Lucas responded, “No, he was a politician. Richard M. Nixon was his name. He subverted the senate and finally took over and became an imperial guy and he was really evil. But he pretended to be a really nice guy.” [x]
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lukegarmadon · 7 months ago
okay yeah, i have been having huge feelings over clones and thought I would document them here.
here we go —
the clones were a slave army and the jedi hold part blame for this. a controversial statement for sure seeing how some are die-hard on defending the jedi but hear me out.
the clones did not have a choice to make whether they wanted to be soldiers , they were indoctrined to be the perfect soldiers and that disobedience and even the smallest mistakes may lead to termination of them. most of the republic dismisses them - to them, they were nothing more than property.
near the outbreak of the clone wars, the jedi council made the decision to accept them. palpatine tried to convince them but ultimately, they were the one who chose to use the clones. yes, they were in a pressed situation but so many others were too and they made good choices i-e luke. The thing is there is no such thing as a good slave owner or bad slave owner. all slave owners are bad. Because you are infringing a basic human right of freedom and choice and using them for another’s gain without their explicit permission. Yes, the Jedi treated them right but ultimately, they were wrong to use them in the war. Indeed, they would agree to it even if we asked them but the thing is they were indoctrined and had no other choice — the tragic thing is that’s all they know. They were forced since young to believe nothing but this and their whole purpose is being expendable bantha fodder; they grew up too fast both mentally and physically for the gain of the republic without them fully understanding what they are signing themselves up for.
The clones are slaves. and, I will vehemently say that no matter what everyone else says. the Jedi chose to accept them and thus, they should shoulder the fault for the slave army being used in the republic. Even worse, there’s laws against slavery in the republic but quite literally, no one bats an eye. what happened to the defenders of peace, what happened to protecting the innocent , what happened to being diplomats - to resort to negotiations before war. what the ducking hell happened to being protectors ? how are the clones any less deserving of protection more so that an average republic citizen ?
the jedi enabled slavery not only by active choice— if you disagree though, let’s take it as apathy. apathy is the worst thing you can have— you are enabling evil through your own selfishness or you just don’t care enough when you are able to do it. so many people are able to call it out, including the Jedi. You need to start caring that the clones aren’t just cool concepts but a sign of corruption of the republic. they are brave , loyal men who deserved so much more than to have their individuality and morals overridden by a measly chip. speaking of which , the jedi obviously decided to keep the thing that they were made by the enemies secret and if they had actually considered it, maybe they would have found out the chips. they were the victims of order 66– it’s plain genocide. and that is not their fault. it’s their fault when they accepted the slave army to fight a war.
the take away is that they were wrong to use a slave army; you can’t defend it, you can’t take it away. they infringed not only a law but they also infringed their moral codes. doesn’t matter how desperate you are, if you chose wrong, you are to be hold accountable just like anakin was for his wrong doings.
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teagrl · 8 months ago
Whether for personal reasons or in exchange for trade favors for their home systems, more than half the senate’s delegates answered to the powerful corporations, which, in return, asked only that certain motions be quashed, or others be supported. Time and again Valorum was made to appear weak by being overruled, and that perceived weakness had made those who should have known better to consider him to be ineffectual.
Ineptitude, of course, was the unexpressed goal of the corruptors themselves. Where a weak leader would have been replaced, and a strong one counterproductive, one who had simply given up the fight was seen as the best of all possible solutions.
-Cloak of Deception (Luceno)
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captaingondolin · a year ago
Do you think the armour gives non-human Mandalorians human-passing privilege? Me know Mando is human, but Mandalorians can be of any species. If they are similar enough to humans to wear standard armour, would they be presumed human by outsiders and treated accordingly, do you think?
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legobiwan · a year ago
While I love Dooku, I hate when people say the CIS were the good guys. Like, the Jedi went against them because they had tried to assassinate a senator , they were lead by a collection megacorps that wants to create their own corporate state like Space!Nestlé on crack, its military was lead by war criminals like Durge and Grievous and Dooku was pretty evil (allying with Zyggeria and pillaging Ryloth anyone?) The GA was flawed but it was the best of bad options (apart from Palps).
Oh, I mean, I adore Dooku’s character and motivations, but he was kind of a dick, to be certain, and he committed some pretty atrocious acts, albeit mostly indirectly. (Obi-wan’s accusation that Dooku never does his own dirty work is not unfounded, and you have to wonder how much of that was spurred on by some kind of latent guilt about his turn. Anyway…)
Certain parts of the CIS, I imagine, bought into Dooku’s rhetoric of rebellion as a means to a better life. How else would he have built support if there had not been that initial discontent with the Republic in the Outer Rim and more-neglected territories?  I mean, for those regular beings whose planets joined the Republic, who perhaps voted to join the Republic, or who were being pressured to join the Republic - it was a means representation, of protest, so I can’t really fault them. 
But then we have the Trade Federation, the Banking Clan, the TechnoUnion (and I can’t unsee Wat Tambor as Jeff Bezos, it’s just too perfect) - as you rightly say, Space!Nestle. What to make of it?
Like so many governments, there was a distinct disconnect between the people and its political leaders. No doubt, Dooku engaged with some horrific individuals and organizations in the aim of consolidating power, of defeating the Jedi and the Republic. And I would believe that his original intentions were probably not as dark - he just wanted to do right by Serenno, by those planets in the Outer Rim ignored by the Republic, left to suffer under, at best, inept leadership, at worst, willfully criminal leadership. 
But politics has few places for idealism. 
The GA was flawed, for certain. And it, too, made deals with space corporations like Czerka, entered into partnerships with the Banking Clan, Trade Union, and TechnoUnion, overlooked many of the flaws of its leaders, the human rights abuses and general corruption of even the Core Worlds. 
By the end, in my opinion, no one was the good guy. The Republic had grown bloated and gangrenous - Dooku wasn’t wrong about that. But the Separatists dealt with the devil himself and even if it had been a partnership of convenience, a triumphant CIS wouldn’t have been able to cast away corporate influence any better than the Republic without a major restructuring that would have been impractical at that point. (Of course, that was never Sidious’s end goal, but let’s pretend for a moment he’s out of the picture.)
My personal impulse is always to say, “blow that shit up, burn it to the ground, and start again.” Not really the best course of action when dealing with institutions as far-ranging as the Republic, or even the Separatists. 
Did the heart of the Separatist insurrection raise good questions about the Republic? Yes. Were they without fault, especially with their leadership? Oh gods, no. And the further Dooku fell to the dark side, the further the Separatist government fell with him. 
The GA was flawed, but it was only the slightly better of the only two rancid options of the time (the others being governance by the criminal syndicates or planets of Wild Space that were isolated). At least in my mind. 
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fialleril · 2 years ago
Hey, question: In HP, when you have Anakin refer to Padme as a Core Worlder, is that because from a Tatooinian perspective EVERYBODY is a Core Worlder, or is Naboo being Mid Rim ignored since they never say those words onscreen? Cos in EU there's Core (~= RL economic 1%), Inner, Mid, & Outer Rim (~=9, 40 & 50%). Makes more sense why the Senate needed prodding to care about the TradeFed blockading then invading Naboo (aka Outer Rim practices), since if it was a Core World they'd be up in arms!
Yeah, from a Tatooine perspective there’s the Territories, and then there’s the Core.
“Core Worlder” therefore becomes a kind of multivalent shorthand, somewhat dependent on context. It can be a purely neutral statement, but it can also be used as an implied judgment or even an insult. Some uses include:
someone who literally comes from one of the richest worlds in the Republic
someone from any planet that’s a full member world of the Republic, who is therefore a Republic citizen with full rights (unlike people from the Territories)
someone who is obviously an outlander and demonstrates a lack of basic knowledge about the Territories
any representative of a multiplanet corporation or agency, even representatives who were themselves born in the Territories
anyone who professes an interest in “developing” the Territories, but never seems willing to address the issues of emancipation or full membership for the Territories in the Republic
the colonial governors or other Republic government representatives nominally in charge of the various sectors in the Territories
I don’t really make use of the Expanded Universe’s full schema of the galaxy, but we do actually know from the movies that Naboo is close enough to Tatooine for the Queen’s starship to get there in a relatively short period of time without a functioning hyperdrive. So Naboo is obviously not near the Core. We also know from AOTC that Kamino is fairly near both Naboo and Tatooine.
But there’s really nothing in the films to help us nail down the location of any of the other planets. We don’t even know that “Core worlds” actually refers to planets closer to the literal center of the galaxy. It’s just as possible (and imo maybe more likely, given human patterns of exploration and naming in the real world) that “Core worlds” refers to those planets which are politically, economically, or otherwise the “center” of galactic society, and that Coruscant is perceived as the central point around which the entire galaxy orbits, whether or not that is literally true in the realm of physics.
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spicolithemouse · 3 years ago
Something I noticed about the Jedi titles in The Clone Wars
{A Star Wars Meta (ish)}
So, Sidious pulls some either very well orchestrated or very lucky shit, and the Jedi have to start leading the GAR- the Grand Army of the Republic, right? And suddenly, their titles changed. To themselves, even maybe to the public, they were Jedi; “Master” and “Padawan” first and foremost.
But to the ranks of cloned Men they were charged with, they were “General” and “Commander”. The only times in the show I can recall hearing someone refer to a Jedi by “Master” or “Padawan” are certain Senate members and members of the Jedi Order; and never in ear shot of someone who isn't part of one those two groups.
That’s the only time they use the title they worked their entire lives for? That they were proud to have acieved? In private? Using military titles in a miliatry setting isn't odd in of itself, its the norm. But this isn't a normal army and these aren't normal soldiers. This is a slave army, and these are manufactured, disposable, growth-accelterated, enslaved soldiers with absolutely no constitutional rights and nothing to return to once the war ends.
So is there a less obvious reason to make use of military titles during the war effort? They easily could've continued to go by "Master Jedi" rather than "General". Right?
What if the reason for this title change isn't just formality? What if the switch was decided on by the Senate/Palpatine so that the Troopers wouldn't realize what they were?
When you don't have to call your owner "Master", I imagine it's easy enough to not think too hard about it.
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shatouto · 5 months ago
anakin: i don’t think the system works.
every fanfic writer who has ever tried to figure out the fuckery that is gffa politics: YEAH ME NEITHER
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padawanlost · 7 months ago
But while the Republic seemed strong, its institutions had begun to rot. Greedy corporations sought profits above all else and a corrupt Senate did nothing to stop them, until the corporations reduced many planets to raw materials for factories and entire species became subjects for exploitation. Individual Jedi continued to defend the Republic’s citizens and obey the will of the Force, but the Jedi Order to which they answered grew increasingly out of touch. And a new Sith mastermind, Darth Sidious, at last saw a way to restore Sith domination over the galaxy and its inhabitants, and quietly worked to set in motion the revenge of the Sith …
Introdution to the Old Republic novel on Michael Reaves’s Battle Surgeons.
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one-real-imonkey · 3 months ago
Do you think there are Star Wars versions of Late Shows or panel shows like Mock the Week, all the TV shows that take the piss of the news and politicians and whatnot.
Cos I feel like this is a medium the fandom hasn’t really touched on yet, at least I haven’t seen it, and has potential to be hilarious.
Comedians taking the piss of electoral candidates for senate positions or chancellorship, literally all the jokes we make about Palpatine from within the universe, looking at the Separatists and vice versa, policies not being met, politicians messing up, what they’re wearing, all of it.
Some space comedian has definitely joked about Palptatine secretly being the Sith at least once.
Oh and then the same on Mandalore. One of the Mandalorian broadcasting agencies being called out for being biased against one of the factions on social media or something similar. All sorts of jokes about the Kryze government, about Death Watch, and before Galidraan about the True Mandalorians. Jokes about scandals and hypocrisy and all of it. Just the mess that is Mandalorian politics but in the evening have a panel show of comedians taking the piss.
Just comedy shows like that within the Star Wars universe.
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teagrl · 8 months ago
Normally the Jedi were not asked to intervene in trade disputes, but the attempt on Valorum’s life had had less to do with trade than with preserving law and order. Because the Jedi answered to the Supreme Chancellor and the Judicial Department, their assistance could now be solicited, and in that sense, the assassination attempt had been a blessing in disguise.
-Cloak of Deception (Luceno)
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captaingondolin · a year ago
it’s interesting to me that we always see star wars politics on an interplanetary scale but like what about within the planet itself? starfighters of adumar goes into this on an “underdeveloped” planet but what about like, kuat’s cutthroat elites? bothan backstabbing? corellian idiots? i wanna see THAT STUFF like how a planet interacts with just its own people and the internal messes that manage to present themselves as a functioning government on a large scale
(continuing) like even with planetary systems. the corellian trilogy is a series about THE CORELLIAN SYSTEM and yet... it’s done from a new republic pov. same with hand of thrawn! that’s dealing with a ton of bothan stuff but it’s still not the main focus, and we see maybe 1 other bothan aside from borsk fey’lya who is actually... important. (we see many bothans in general because we go to bothawui and NONE of them are good.) i am not done with this thought but i forget where i was going with it
i like how you list political stuff and then “corellian idiots”. their form of government is idiots. 
...sorry, this was, for once, a serious ask and i bullshit my answer.
i don’t know! i think internal politics is hard. in leia princess of alderaan, i just saw the line “there was no real poverty on alderaan” which is great and all, and i want to believe it, but it really sounds like we’re working to make the good guys 200% perfect (with the tech they have, it’s entirely possible, just like it would be possible in our world tbh, but... i’ve been so low-level angry and sad for so long, i’m now unable to believe in utopias, which is disappointing when i think about how, deep down, sw is all about hope and shit and idek where this is going?) and not like an Actual Planet
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chamerionwrites · 2 months ago
I love Cassian Andor with all my heart. I also have several brutally honest opinions about him:
1. His dedication to the rebellion is motivated by deep and sincere ideological conviction...and it’s also a coping mechanism for trauma. He has subsumed himself in The Cause because it’s easier for him to process grief and rage about vast galactic injustice than grief and rage about all the ways that Cassian Andor specifically has been wronged. In the film he only ever refers to his personal pain obliquely (“You’re not the only one who lost everything”). Even that spills over through gritted teeth, in the midst of an argument, at the emotional rock-bottom of his character arc. And he pulls back from it almost immediately - literally, he physically retreats from the conversation - to focus again on the political big picture (“Some of us just decided to do something about it”).
“I’ve been in this fight since I was six years old” is full of hurt, and so empty of specific detail, and I have a lot of feelings about that.
Anyway I don’t think this makes his dedication one iota less real, but I do think that unfortunately it stacks the odds in favor of a pretty severe emotional crash when the war that he’s been throwing himself into body and soul ends. In the AU where he lives to see that ending I think this is probably the mental health work of the rest of his life, tbh: learning to negotiate the line between working for a cause (which is a meaningful and admirable part of who he is and how he sees himself) and drowning himself in one.
2. He is exactly the sort of earnest and dedicated revolutionary who ends up being a wee bit too revolutionary for the revolution, once the fighting and sweepingly idealistic declaration-making are over and the government-building starts. In the AU where they survive Scarif I do not see him parting ways with the Alliance on 100% comfortable terms. Based on everything we know about him and about the New Republic I think the best case scenario is that he resigns from intel to do some kind of fulfilling activism/reconstruction work that doesn’t make him hate himself. The less-good but imo not-unlikely scenario is that there’s a repeat of what happens in the film - Local Man Doesn’t Precisely Go Rogue So Much As Continue On The Exact Same Path He’s Been Following While The Powers That Be Waffle - and that however poorly this goes down when one is part of a ragtag volunteer army, it goes down at least 10 times worse when one is a government employee.
TL;DR the premise of this fic is that Cassian sees the end of a war he hoped-but-never-fully-expected to survive and gets sledgehammered by several decades’ worth of compounding trauma at once, set against the backdrop/further psychological and emotional strain of messy New Republic politics. Or: vaguely akin to what you’d get if the final chapters of LOTR were the story, with a heavy side order of me exorcising feelings about space politics. In my head it does have a (more or less) happy ending, it just...takes a while and there are some casualties.
This would be deeply rewarding but emotionally grueling to write, and possibly also to read. It’s also not, imo, the particular brand of emotionally grueling that fandom tends to appreciate? So this story has a vague outline and even a couple of scenes roughly sketched, but as of now it’s one of those fics I really want to have written but not one I’m actively writing.
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someone-hug-obiwan · 7 months ago
ted cruz abandoning texas for mexico during a major crisis is as horrible as it is hilarious but like it’s just making me think of which Republic senators would do the exact same thing.
orn free taa you are first on my list.
EDIT: Please donate to Texas here
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praetor-canis · 2 years ago
You know, I don’t think people, including in-universe characters like Padme, recognize just how hard it must have been for Anakin Skywalker, someone that has never truly participated in an election or voted for anything, someone that came from feudalistic Tatooine and grew up in a dystopia-like paramilitary group, to fully embrace the values of democracy. And to be able to sacrifice everything in protecting it.
Clearly, the transition is a lot harder than it seems in theory. We see this in real life too
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redrikki · 3 years ago
When you really think about it, Anakin played a more pivotal role in the destruction of the Empire than he did in the downfall of the Republic. 
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ternaryflower53 · 3 months ago
📔 for a star wars fic?
(send me a book emoji and i'll tell you about a fic i daydream about writing)
oooh hell yes. okay so. consider: anidala soulmate au, but padme leaves anakin and rejects having to be in a relationship with her soulmate
this would probably be set in some post-war au where the sith don't take over and the war doesn't end with order 66, just because like...i think that's more fun. but like. please consider padme talking about being happy without a partner. pushing back against the narrative that your soulmate is perfect for you and that those relationships are always worth it. padme talking about how relationships take work and soulmates don't have to mean love.
i love the idea of exploring padme's relationships with her handmaidens and her colleagues like bail and all that too? like gimme padme in supportive relationships with others and just. fjkdsgfdkj
(also consider this happens after anakin leaves the order for padme and he's left floundering)
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part-timewizard · 9 months ago
Roll with me for a second,
So in clone wars it’s established that there's a kaminoan senator.
According to Wookieepedia, the kaminoan senator, Halle Burtoni, only got representation in the senate because they were supplying the clones for the clone wars. 
Alternatively, it would be absolutely hilarious to have everyone watching Obi-Wan “I Don’t Get Involved In Politics” Kenobi running around the galaxy looking for a planet called Kamino that everyone is telling him doesn't exist knowing full well that there is a kaminoan senator on Coruscant. 
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legobiwan · a year ago
idk who you support but i’m really scared about biden getting the nomination cause he so would not beat trump
(Fair warning, real-life politics mini-rant incoming).
Sigh. I'm really disappointed (and surprised, tbh) that so much of the electorate seemed to go for the "safe" candidate. I wonder how many Biden voters went for Hilary vs. Trump in 2016. I also wonder what those demographics were. (No one in my social circle of 30-something professional artsy liberals was going for Biden, that's for sure.) Then again, if the more conservative arm of the Democratic party is willing to go for Biden, maybe he'd have a better chance in 2020? I don't know. I personally would love Bernie or Warren to get the nomination, but seeing as Warren hasn't gained any traction (that's a different story for a different day) I've been all in for Bernie at this point. If Biden gets the nom, I'll vote for him because the alternative is far worse, but I won't be thrilled to do so. How this will play out in November is anyone's guess. Our system is a disaster and I'm counting more on state/local than federal government to keep the sanity. Luckily, I live in a place where that's a possibility.
For my fellow American followers who are also unhappy: VOTE IN YOUR LOCAL ELECTIONS. Do your downballot research. The only way we're going to really change things is from the ground up.
This has been a lego psa. Now back to Star Wars.
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padawanlost · 3 months ago
Do the Jedi ever get paid? I know that they are supposed to forego material possesion but how do they afford the temple? Who gives them food to eat? I know some Jedi go and do humanitarian projects like farming so is that where they get supplies they need?
No, they don't get paid.
The Jedi Order is funded by the Republic and wealthy donors and supporters (mostly from Core worlds).
JUDICIAL ARCOLOGY, CORUSCANT - The Judicial Department has denied the People's Inquest demands to reveal budgetary information regarding the Jedi order. The People's Inquest, a Coruscant-based lobbying group built around enforcing the accountability of the Jedi order, began the formal petition for information following last week's unveiling of the new Jedi starfighter.
"We, as the tax-payers that subsidize the Judicial Department and the Jedi order have every right to see how those credits are spent. How much is this new fancy toy costing us, the people who are now finding it difficult to clothe and feed our families?" said Inquest leader Thrynka Padaunete through a loud-hailer before a vociferous crowd of supporters gathered at the steps of the Jedi Temple.
Citing security concerns, the Judicial Department denied the request. "Especially in such times, security takes precedent. There are enemies of the Republic that could exploit such information," Judicial Department Information Director Laddinare Torbin told HoloNet news.
The People's Inquest, which has set up a temporary camp outside the Jedi Temple last month, will continue its pursuit of information, said Padaunete. Their petition has already garnered "several million" signatures, she told her followers.
The popular movement has been gaining support since Jedi public opinion plummeted following their failure to prevent the Battle of Antar 4.[x]
Jedi TradeChips Spark Controversy
JRADE DISTRICT, CORUSCANT - As the Spotts TradeChip Company is set to launch the first-ever set of tradechips to feature history's most famous Jedi Knights, the Jedi Council itself is attempting to block distribution of the unauthorized product.
"The Jedi are guardians of peace and justice. We are servants, not celebrities," said Jedi Master Coleman Trebor. "To have our faces on garments, food containers or sleep covers like common holo-feature action characters would be to dishonor the nature of the Force." To date, the Jedi Order have flatly denied all offers for the creation of officially licensed products and services.
"In these uncertain times, overpaid sports figures simply don't cut it as role models for the galaxy's children," says Spotts marketing manager, Wil Jhonems. "Kids aspire to be a Jedi."[x]
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