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#gg anon

lmaoo hey!! welcome to the club of rich white children with way too much time on their hands (lol i could never; i’m Asian & broke). but yeah, that phrase really stuck with me & now it’s like a mantra. have fun with the Logan era!!

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I can’t take credit for “crybullies”, I’ve seen the term somewhere and it always stuck, so spread the term far and wide!

“Cancel” is just a buzzword, it lost all meaning because it’s become an umbella term to cover anything and everything that hurts one’s fees-fees.  It’s why we see people wear tee shirts saying “fuck your feelings” because people are fed up  progessive snowflakes relentlesslly adding to their mushy rules and moving the goal posts.  Make no doubt about it, it’s a new religion the progressives are trying to install.  But the thing about religion is the tenet isn’t supposed to change  That’s why there’s only 10 Commandments, it’s not the 10 Commandments and 101 Amendments.  Its why activists judge suck, they’re supposed to uphold the Constitution, not undermine it.  So Trump is on a bender to appoint a record nummber of constitutionalist federal judges (read: conservative), and now we have reason #4985 why Democrats and progressives hates Trump to the point of encouraging street protest mobs to take him down.

If NBC lose their collective mind and bow down to the mob and cancel Brooklyn 99 then I will truly form my own mob and riot really hard.

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This is the only picture I found of Dean Forrester with bangs:


As long as I can see eyebrows I won’t be compelled to set the bangs on fire.  Like this SPN season 1 picture:


“I love your blog man”

Thank you, friend.


You too, sir, have a great weekend.

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I didn’t watch GG so I’ll take your word that they cleaned him up and gave him good lighting for his scenes.  The early SPN seasons’ lightings did no favor to Jared’s angular face, plus they made him have bangs.  From my dash it looked like GG banned bangs on Dean Forrester so that helped. Some readers know my feelings about bangs, especially on women.(x) (x)

I think *now* Jared looks good, he’s even sometimes beautiful when the right lighting hits his face like it did in “Peace of Mind” in the milkshake diner and having tea in the boarding house.


Since this doesn’t often happen I was unprepared and had to rethink myself for a sec or two.

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Hi Sweet pea!! How are you doing?? 🌻💛

I did but he’s sick (I think he was before I even got him) so i took him back to the pet store so they could take him to the vet, and they just told me he hasn’t even gone yet… Its been 3 days and he’s suffering, in furious

But other than that!!! I’m SO happy for Jongdae!! He deserves love, just like every other idol does 🌻💛 I hope he had a long happy life

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Hewwo adorable gg anon, its nice to hear from you again! 🌻💛 my new year is okay 💞💞 I got a bearded dragon! His name is Hemingway. I call him mingming for short 😔✊ and AHHHH I’m so glad you stan! Its what a.c.e deserves 😤 I miss them so much! I told Byeongkwan that they were my first kpop concert and I was glad it was them

How is your new year going so far?~ I haven’t heard from you since last deca- just kidding I’m not going to say that joke 💀 lest all of my mutuals and followers strangle me

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Sable waved their hands excitedly, stomping their hooves on the ground. This was literally the best thing ever!!! Different timelines and universes just for every choice??? So many to look through! So many to see!!! They just nodded enthusiastically to the anon.

“THATS LITERALLY AMAZING!!! And you anons- you just- you live there??? Out there??? That’s nuts!!!” They rambled happily. Anons were cool. They’re calling it right then. “So you just- decided to come say hi? To me? Because you could? That’s mighty flatterin, with all the different places you coulda picked!”

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“M-maybe I can do it! A whowe week wit’out a paci is easy! I can jus suck my t’umb ow eaw, wight?”


Ah! T’umb! T’umb!”

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Ajkakaavjskeieihe gg anon here! I'm so excited! It's probably the first time my dumb drinking decisions have a good ending! Btw now I'm gonna rewatch it too in preparation 💕

so drinking is good for something after all!! sgdhdhdhhs

the show is so good, thank you for reminding me! 💙

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Im vry drunk and should sleep and all I can think of is a trixya Gilmore Girls au

listen you can’t just leave me with this concept and not elaborate!!!

is Trixie the straight A student and Katya the rebel is sent there to stay with her uncle and Trixie ditches her boring boyfriend for her? Or is Katya the one with the crazy mom who goes off to college and meets spoiled rich kid Trixie who she finds absolutely infuriating until she doesn’t????

I’m gonna need some answers here

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Mara yelped as the anon crashed into her. She promptly tossed them into the nearest wall, holding up her clawed hands. Nothing like demon reflexes to get the job done.
Once she realized what’d happened, though, she dropped her defensive stance. “… next time you wanna cause a little havoc, maybe don’t… i dunno… randomly tackle someone???” she huffed. 

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Oh My Girl: Twilight, Sixteen, and Step by Step Dreamcatcher: Sleepwalking, Wonderland, and Mayday Hello Venus: Whisky, Love Appeal, and Just the Same I hope you at least find one song you like in here (also just suggesting 3 songs have me a good excuse to listen to a lot of these again so thank you for that ahahah)

ohh thank you!!!!! i’m excited to listen!! i’ll probably start a gg playlist to listen to on my way to work <3 thank you so much!!! 

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Actually the anti “community” (lmao all ten of you) is horrible at arguing anything. Spewing huge long essays of hateful diatribe where you say the same stupid things over and over is not the same as intelligent arguing. You think by bullying others with tons of words that end up meaning nothing, that you’re somehow “winning”? You’re like Trump on his toilet tweeting out the same things over and over, bashing everyone on the head with the same dumb stuff. Sorry not effective, just ugly.

dfgdsdfgdfg this is so funny. supporting your dislike of tony stank with arguments is now a form of bullying

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