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soooo many of you wanted me to talk about how i make super cute rolling weeklies in my bullet journal so here we are!!!! the photo directly below is my finished spread. in this post i’ll walk you through how i made this spread :) 


so here is what i started with. ok well i started with a blank page of course but the first thing i do is choose some pictures and other media. i arrange it without glueing anything down first just to come up with something i like. then of course i glue it down. after that, i start in the top left hand corner and write down what day it is and then i start my to do list. 


a couple days later and this is now what my spread looks like. tbh i’m not that big of a fan of the top because i think it looks a little too squished. too late now. i like to change up what font and color i use for the day’s “header.” that’s what helps make it look cooler in my opinion. 


moving on. i spaced my daily spreads out a little more because of how cramped it was before. when choosing where to start each day, i kinda do it like you would see it in a magazine??? so skinnier “paragraphs” that restart. i hope that makes sense. let’s just say i don’t go straight down or side to side, i kinda judge what space would look best next. that is also decided with how much stuff i write down for each day. ahh i feel like i’m rambling i hope that makes sense. 


officially finished one page so now moving on to the second! i didn’t have much of a choice on where to put each daily so that was honestly kinda nice. as you can see, i’m continuing to change up what font and color i use. what makes it look cohesive tho, in my opinion, is the fact that all the tasks are in black pen. 


and here we are at (almost) the end! there was that huge space at the bottom that i had NO IDEA how to divie up. so, i slapped on a picture as well as a torn piece of book to kinda break up the space. there’s still a lot of space at the bottom but i end up filling most of it up. 


and here’s the finished spread!!! there is still some space in the bottom that i didn’t end up filling but that’s ok! remember that you can do literally whatever you want in your bullet journal and in your rolling dailies (dailys? daylies?). also, it’s ok to not write down every single day!!! i didn’t end up skipping any this time around but if you do, that’s ok!!! also, know that you don’t have to fill up every single space. it’s good to have empty space. 

you can literally do whatever you want. hope this was informative and it helped! if you want, i can do more of these just to show the process! i know it’s a little intimidating when you see these super pretty spreads but don’t know where to start. it’s just adding things daily that make it :) 

OH! also note that this spread took almost two weeks to finish!! i did not do all of this in one go (duh they’re rolling dailies). i worked on it little by little and that’s what wins the race. if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!!!

xo- gg

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i thankfully don’t have any finals this year because i’m a senior in high school. at my school, if you’re a senior and you have at least a 90 in a class, you don’t have to take the final. but anyway, i’ve def taken finals in my life so here are my tips for you!!

1. use a grade calculator. my friends and i always do this to see what we can get on the final to still have an A or pass the class. i would suggest the one from roger hub :) this can be either really nice because you won’t have to study that much or really scary because you’ll find out whatever your hoping for is not possible. 

2. do the study guide. if you have one of course. this is just a given

3. use flashcards or quizlet. this is a good one if you need to memorize certain information like vocab words or dates. 

4. do something interactive. for ap us history last year, i made a timeline with the majority of events in it. yes it took forever but it helped me look at everything in relativity of each other. it may not have been the best study tool but it helped me see just how much we had covered. 

5. do practice problems. this is important for math and science classes :) it’s just a given

6. look back at your notes. but don’t just read it and not soak up the information. aka don’t gloss over like a zombie while you’re reading them and “studying.” actually process what you’re reading. 

7. quiz yourself! this is the best way to see if you actually know the information you’re studying. 

8. teach it to someone. they say that when you teach something, you know and understand it. teach the information to someone. it could be the wall, a stuffed animal, your dog, anything. say the words outloud. yeah you might look like a crazy person but it’ll be worth it. 

9. pinpoint what’s difficult. if you figure out what you’re having difficulty on, STUDY THAT. don’t study stuff you already know like 2+2=4. 

10. make it fun. come up with some sort of revision technique that actually makes studying fun. but make sure it’s productive and it’s actually helping you. 

studying is such a personal experience. not everyone learns the same and not everyone needs to study the same thing. there could be something that you completely understand but one of your friends might find that the hardest part of the unit. do what you need to do. if you don’t think you’re prepared enough, continue preparing. also, please please please please take breaks and get enough sleep. you still need to care for yourself during these rough times. 

best of luck everyone :)

xo- gg

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so my school year is coming to a close really soon. that means i won’t necessarily have original content any more like notes and stuff. so, what do you guys want to see?? more masterposts but not as frequent??

let me know please!!!

xo- gg

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lol i don’t remember if i ever posted these notes. i probably did but i forget. anyway, here they are. 

xo- gg

p.s. how are we halfway through may already literally what the heck

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oops extra post. i don’t think i ever posted this photo of my cover page for march in my bujo. i was artist of the month at my school so that’s why it was a camera theme :) little did i know what would happen in march. 

xo- gg

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so i am a current high school senior and i think that, around this time, you juniors are starting to pick out the classes you’ll be taking for your last year of high school. well congrats! you’ve made it. 

1. a study hall. if you have one at your school that is. you’ll be a second semester senior and you will NOT want to do anything. 

2. the classes you are required to take. um this is a no brainer. it’s mainly gov, econ, an english class, and a math class. 

3. fun classes! like art or music! this just spices the day up a little and it can be something you look forward to. 

4. DON’T take a bunch of ap classes. unless that’s your jam (like me). you don’t have to take the ap test if you’re in an ap class but it’s recommended. maybe don’t take 5 ap exams tho (like me lol oops). 

5. that class that you’ve always wanted to take. who cares if you are a senior in a class that’s mostly underclassmen??? it doesn’t matter!!! as long as you are having fun and enjoying that class, it’s fine!!! 

6. a class that will benefit you in college or just real life. this could be a class that will provide good background knowledge for college (like a certain math class or a science class). or, at my school, we have personal finance and other classes like that that kinda apply to real life. 

just have fun your senior year!!!

xo- gg

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