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No tears until the end Anon. I’m sorry for that last part but here is the ending to a long story of … Mer! Ghia x Ombra - helping a mermaid.

I was so cold, I couldn’t stop shivering in Risotto’s arms and I couldn’t fight the sleepiness. I just wanted to see Ghiaccio face, tell him that I don’t care if am a human and he’s a mermaid. I just want to be with him.

Those were Ombra’s last thoughts…

Prosciutto: Judging by the winds direction… It should be to the east.

Risotto: Alright, let them all know. Risotto looked at Ghiaccio, he was still caressing her face gently. No one has ever seen Ghiaccio like this. He finally had someone, and now he was willing to do anything possible to bring Ombra back.

Risotto: Ghiaccio… We’re gotta get her back.

It took days to swim to the island, they all took turns carrying Ombra on their back to keep her body safe above.

Sorbet: Ghiaccio…

Ghiaccio: …What is it?

Sorbet: I’ll carry Ombra for you. You’ve been holding on longer then anyone else.

Ghiaccio:…and I plan to keep it that way.

Gelato: Ghia, please listen to Sorbet. You gotta save your strength for later!

Ghiaccio: Oh, now you care?! Where were you when I asked for your help? Huh?! I— She needed us…

Sorbet: I didn’t want to… I didn’t think she was gonna die.

Gelato: She comes off as a strong human… But I let my fear get to me. I’m so sorry.

Ghiaccio: … It your turn onto hold her Gelato. I’m gonna need my strength.

Gelato agreed and helped carry Ombra. Meanwhile swim ahead was Risotto, Iluso, Pesci, while Prosciutto, Melone and Formaggio stay in between.

Formaggio: Ghiaccio is really looking down.

Melone: Ombra is just so nice for her own good.

Formaggio: Why do you say that?

Prosciutto: He’s mean that she puts others first before her own well being.

Pesci: Come on Aniki.

Illuso: No, he’s right. I’m not saying it makes her bad, but if she would have focus on herself first…

Risotto: …I would be the one dead instead.

It was a mostly quiet swim to the island, but they did it. They finally made it. They had to hurry and bring her back.

Somewhere dark…

Ombra: Risotto? Where did you go?!

What happen? What is this place? Where am I?

I look around but saw no one ear me. I can’t remember too much that happened, but I got to find everyone first.

Ombra: Is there anyone there? Melone? Formaggio? Illuso?

I don’t know where I am. The last time I remember feeling cold and closed my eyes.

Ombra: Pesci? Prosciutto? Anybody? Please, I’m scared. Sorbet? Gelato?

I trip running around this empty void of a place. There is nothing here, nothing but endless darkness surrounding me.

Ombra: …Ghiaccio, Please… I need you. I’m so afraid. I’m afraid of being alone.

I realized that it was possible, I really did die back there. I died without getting the chance to tell Ghiaccio, I just wanted to see him again. I missed everyone. I lay down on the floor, there nothing for me to do. I don’t know how long I’ve been here, hours… days maybe? Was this really it? So this is how it’s gonna end for me. I always heard that you see a white light when you do die…That was probably a lie.

Ghiaccio: …Ombra?

Ombra: Huh? G-Ghiaccio?

I heard him! I heard Ghiaccio calling out to me. But where was he? I couldn’t find him. I just kept hearing his voice call out to me. Then there was this small light in front of me, every time Ghiaccio called out to me it grew just a little bit more.

Ombra: Ghiaccio, I can hear you but I can’t see you.

Then I heard more voices, it sounds like Pesci. They were calling out for me.

Pesci: Come back Ombra.

Prosciutto: When you get back you are never putting yourself in danger like that.

Melone: We can’t have you die in us now? I know you can be stronger then this.

I could also hear Formaggio and Illuso too. They were calling me, telling me to hurry up and get back.

Illuso: Come back to us. I need you to help me with my hair.

Formaggio: Please do, Ombra. I don’t want to deal with him or his hair.

Hearing each of there voices was putting a smile on my face. They were calling me back and I could feel the lights warmth. It was getting stronger each time.

Risotto: Died protecting us, and now we want you to come back to us. Hurry and come home Ombra.

The light was so bright , it blinded you for a moment covered your eyes and it completely sucked out the darkness away for good.

I could feel my body getting warmer. I rubbed my eyes and realized that I was looking up at the guys. They were looking down at me with there goofy grins, smiling at me.

Ombra: Hi…

Gelato: Hey sleepy head.

Sorbet: Welcome back.

Maybe it was just a dream, a dream were I died and they were calling out to me.

Ombra: I had the strangest dream ever…

I dreamt that I died and you guys were calling me back.

As I sat up I had realize that something was different about me. I looked a my side where the bruises were. They were gone, but what really shocked and surprised me was the tail that I had.

Ombra: I’m a… a—

Melone: A mermaid? That’s right.

Ombra: Wait! But how and, and where is Ghiaccio?

As soon as I called for him, Ghiaccio came crawling my way. We just both stared at each other for a moment until the other’s took the hint and left. Except Melone who then got yanked away by Prosciutto.

Ombra: Hi.

Ghiaccio: Hey.

Ghiaccio sat next to me and explain what happened. Instead of coming back as a human I was reborn as a mermaid.

Ghiaccio: Ombra… I sorry, it was selfish for me to bring you back like this.

Ombra: You saved me. You all saved me. All I heard was all of you calling for me to come back. I did wanted to come back. I wanted to see you all. I really want to be with you Ghiaccio.

I hold his face and give him a smile, I reassure that I am not mad at him. He didn’t give up on me.

Ombra: I wanted to come back to you… because I want to be with you. Forever and ever…

I lean in close and kiss Ghiaccio for him, kiss me back an hold me close to him while we shares moment together.

Ghiaccio: … I love you Ombra.

Ombra: I love you Ghiaccio.

The end.

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Big Walrus will Adopt any Child She Sees!!!!

  • Mara swims in the frigid Arctic water weaving through the ice flows without a care in the world. All is peaceful here save for the occasional Skua that likes to peck at her head just to be a nuisance.
  • But that peace is interrupted when the smell of blood makes her nostrils flare. The Walrus stops to look around, perhaps a Polar Bear has made a fresh kill or there’s a human hunter nearby, regardless, Mara swims with caution.
  • She rounds the ice flows following her nose to where the smell of blood is coming from and to her surprise it is not a Polar Bears dinner or a hunters catch that she sees, but a boy with blue curly hair floating half dead in the icy water.
  • At first she thought that this boy was a human but a she swims closer she cant see the all too familiar seal skin wrapped around his body. He is a Selkie, just like her.
  • Mara swims underneath him and sees that the blood is coming from a rather large cut of his forehead, she grimaces as she takes him into her flippers and floats on the sureface of the water with the boy resting on her stomach.
  • It’s not safe out here especially with the sun setting, so, Mara starts swimming back to her cave so she can give this Selkie the help he needs, and when he wakes up a bowl of her delicious fish soup.
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Omg I’m so sorry. But please don’t worry it because it’s not over just yet. I won’t end like that. I’m gonna draw out the ending after I get another ask from my other main account. I’m gonna write it out there and draw it on here.

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… With all these wounds, all I could do was to grab a near by stick and use it as a support. The only thing that was not completely destroyed was my garage. But I’m so lucky to have a spare first aid kit there. I look at my house and think to myself. What can I do? I have no home, no place to live. I can worry about that later, I need to deal with Risotto’s injuries and then mines.

Ombra: Risotto!

I collapsed right next to him, getting everything ready. I have to stitch him up and stop the bleeding. But I feel so weak, It’s because the amount of blood I lost. I did my very best to focus because I didn’t want any to mess up. Risotto’s life was on the line and I had to help him.

Risotto: Thank you.

Ombra: I should be the one thanking you…

Risotto: What are you going to do now?

Ombra: I don’t know. I don’t have a home now… Ugh… I just… I don’t feel so good.

After the she finished, Ombra could feel herself get much weaker then before. She lay on the sand, feeling shivering cold.

Risotto: Ombra? Ombra!

He had almost forgotten that she had a bullet on her right leg. Risotto had to save her. She can’t die here, not now. Not when they come so far. He was looking through her first aid kid, in their had a medical book. I was a step by step, explain how to remove a bullet. He had to use her tools to remove it and stop the bleeding.

After some screams of pain, Risotto actually did it. He wrapped up her wound, and stopped the bleeding. But there was still a problem. She was still cold, in fact her breathing has gotten worst.

Risotto: No… No, no. Ombra? Ombra, wake up.

Ombra: …Risotto?

Risotto: Yeah, it’s me.

Ombra: … Is Ghiaccio here?

Risotto: He’ll be here soon. Just don’t close your eyes and stay with me, okay?

Risotto try to keep her warm in his arms, but it didn’t help much. She needed help for one of the human doctors, But they were too far from everything.

Ombra: …Ghiaccio.

Risotto: That’s right. Just stay with me, he’s gonna be real happy to see you.

Ombra stopped her breathing…

Risotto: Ombra? Come on, You gotta stay awake. Ghiaccio will be here soon.

Risotto heart was beating at a rapid pace, he never once felt this afraid. Her skin was so cold, and her body was lifeless, he checked on her heart. But he heard nothing…

Ghiaccio and the others finally found Risotto and Ombra. He was laying next to her, hold her in his arms. She looked like she was sleeping, at least that’s what they had hoped it was. Ombra sleeping and she would wake up.

Pesci: I-Is she..?

Melone: No… she can’t.

Risotto didn’t say a word, he just let him men realize that she was gone. Ghiaccio crawled next to Risotto and him let him take her in his arms. He wiped away a strand of her hair out of her face.

Prosciutto: Damn it!

The rest were trying there best not to cry, Pesci couldn’t hide his tears. Sorbet held Gelato who cried on his shoulder. They felt like this wouldn’t have happened if they listen to Ghiaccio. He didn’t cry, he was just quite as he stared at her lifeless body.

Ghiaccio: …This wasn’t what I wanted. Why didn’t you swim away with me?

Risotto wanted to do something but he didn’t have the power to bring her back to life… But their was one mermaid who they could go to.

Risotto: …There’s only one person who can undo this.

Prosciutto: Risotto…?

Risotto: We must meet with Giorno.

They all haven’t heard that name in a long time. He just may have the power to bring back Ombra, but at what cost?

Illuso: Capo, have you gone crazy?

Risotto: She risk her own life to save us… I’m just returning a favor.

Risotto asked Prosciutto If he still remembered the direction how to get to the island where their original home was.

To be continued…

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la squadra finding out your dirty secret

❣️ repost cause tumblr is being a bitch

anonymous said: Hello… May sound kinda weird, but… I’m just thirsty for a lil’ bit jealous(Gee, not sure, did I write it right?) Squadra guys. S/o, that has a secret life, as a model at different social networks, and oh… Not all of the photos are SFW! You can really see errything, except for s/o face or real hair colour, since they’re so careful… But oh, they’ve thought, their lover wouldn’t recognize that body… So what comes next?

it takes risotto a literal second to recognise you in the photographs, and he’s even quicker to hide them before anyone else gets a chance to see. he’s calm and composed on the outside, but his heart is beating a mile a minute. whatever he’s doing, whether it’s having a meeting with the others or going through some paperwork, he continues all the while thinking about how he’s going to bring this up to you. your beautiful body…he has it memorised in his mind’s eye. turns out he’s not the only person who’s been appreciating it. he calls you into his office later and says nothing, just sets the pictures in front of you with the blankest look on his face. he takes your explanation pretty well, but is kind of upset that you didn’t tell him…you’re easily forgiven though, when your hands reach for his broad shoulders and you settle on his lap, spending the whole night in reminding him that you’re all his.

prosciutto is a little less forgiving…in fact, he’s pretty pissed off. embarrassed, humiliated, you name it. first of all, why would you leave these pictures out for the squad to see?! why would you let others see you naked, and come home to him where he kisses you and fucks you without a clue in the world? you’ll have to let him rant before you can get a word in. he feels like a fool, but you both know it’s not just his pride that is making him react this way. when he pauses for air you step in, telling him that you just needed to make money on the side and apologising for not letting him know in the first place. his stare is hard, his hands on his hips and chest heaving beneath his unbuttoned shirt. he will get over it eventually, but doesn’t want you to continue in the future - he says it’s because he makes more than enough money to take care of you, but honestly? he just loves you A LOT and wants to protect you. 

being the idiot he is, formaggio is slow to catch on when he spots the photos. he wolf whistles loud enough for the others to take notice, so don’t be surprised if illuso or melone (or even ghiaccio) go bounding over to get an eyeful. sigh. it’s not until he shows the photos to you that he notices the familiar features. he probably says something dumb about how much this chick looks like you before putting two and two together and asking if it is in fact you. his reaction….is pretty normal. goes through different stages of surprise, shock, denial (cause he thinks you’re joking or trying to sus him out) and then acceptance. i mean do whatever the hell you want to do as long as you aren’t fucking anyone else, right? he showers you with compliments and asks if he can keep the photos so he can rub one out whenever he misses you on a mission. it’s endearing, to the say the least. you definitely don’t refuse. 

wow. pesci has eagle eyes, i’m telling you. he spends so much time appreciating your body in bed, he could recognise it anywhere. he freezes in place when he sees the photos, unable to avert his gaze as prosciutto talks mindlessly in his ear about something or other that he’s completely lost interest in. he feels like his heart is in his throat and the sound of blood rushing through his ears is damn near dizzying. pesci will excuse himself while his bro is talking, which is something he never does mind you. he wants to talk right away, cause he’s pretty upset :( who took those photos of you? are you seeing someone else? yeah, his insecurities are kicking in big time. he listens to you explain your situation and won’t push much further. if there’s one thing he’s learnt, it’s that he has no right to control what you do…you’ll have to give him a little bit of reassurance so he doesn’t have a complete meltdown when he leaves the room. 

melone finds the photos and all of a sudden you kind of wish he didn’t. this man has no shame so don’t think he’ll start now. you hide them on purpose when it comes to him, because you know he will recognise your body and you don’t want to deal with his shenanigans. so unlike the others, he finds them in one of your pockets and absolutely LOSES his mind. probably ends up showing everyone at base what your birthday suit looks like and also tells them what he plans to do with you that night, not that they even want to know 😐 until you grab them out of his hands and punch his face drag him away. you’ll have to explain that you don’t show your face for a reason - you had wanted to keep this as private as possible as it was just a side job and not something you were planning on continuing for long. of course he apologises, but LET HIM KEEP THE PHOTOS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE-

illuso is known for being a gossip and a loud mouth, but he’s surprisingly quiet about this revelation. he finds them, grins, and puts them in his back pocket so he can show you when he sees you later. he wants to show you at night, when everyone else is asleep. unfortunately for you, you’ll have to deal with his shifty smirk and his ‘i know something you don’t’ attitude for the rest of the day. when he finally shows you, it feels like a predator cornering his prey - he has you right where he wants you. he’ll take a lighter and burn the photos in front of you and if you try to fight him he’ll easily overpower you, smiling like the cheshire cat as he tells you that he wants to retake the photos with his own camera, erasing the memory of someone else getting the chance to watch your body. it’s a wild night…you’ll get a few stares in the morning but it was kinda worth it LMFAO. 

it probably takes ghiaccio around two or three double takes for him to finally clock on to what’s going on. his face flushes the deepest red before he can even think about controlling his emotions, and if it’s in front of the others it’s game over. dude, he even made a disgruntled sound in his throat. could he be any more obvious? someone will end up asking him what’s wrong and he will move faster than the speed of light, picking up all the photos and stuffing them in his pockets before storming off to find you. he’s a man on a mission at this point. and he. has. words. don’t be surprised when he kicks your door open and stands there like an angry gremlin, fists bunched and gritting teeth. he’s loud when he asks you what the fuck those were, so everyone at base probably knows your business by now :D enjoy that. you will get teased later. he honestly has no reason to get so worked up though, so all you have to do is put him in his place and he calms down enough to let you explain. you tell him he can keep them if he liked them so much, pointing down at his raging boner. 

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RIP Ghiaccio. You will be missed. Lmao

  • The seal sits outside of Risotto’s cabin, twiddling his flippers. He can hear Prosciutto talking inside. He hears nothing from Risotto.
  • Melone is beside Ghiaccio, patting his head in an attempt to soothe him. Ghiaccio cries, “Melone you’ve gotta help me out here!”
  • “Oh no, honey, you’ve opened this can of worms all on your own. Now man up and face the consequences~!!” Melone coos, “You should’ve listened to Prosciutto~”
  • “At least TRY to help me out here!!!”
  • “I am! By petting you!”
  • “Ugh!”
  • The cabin door swings open. Prosciutto trots out with his head high and stares firmly, “Risotto wishes to see you now, Ghiaccio.”
  • The seal swallows and Melone gives him a smile. “Don’t worry, he won’t kill you~!”
  • “Babe, you are NOT helping!!” Ghiaccio growls and swims into the cabin. Prosciutto kicks the door shut, snorts, and walks away.
  • The room is almost completely dark, save for a lamp on Risotto’s desk full of dinoflagellates swirling around. The light dimly illuminates Risotto’s pitch-black face. His eyes seem to glow red and his pupils are sharply contracted despite the darkness. Ghiaccio shrinks back, terrified.
  • Risotto speaks, slowly, monotonously. “Do you have any idea what you have done, Ghiaccio?” His claws tap the rotting wood, leaving little dents as they dig into it.
  • Ghiaccio swallows thickly. He’s never seen Risotto show any bit of anger before. But his face and voice, despite them being emotionless and dead calm, scare Ghiaccio.
  • Risotto takes Ghiaccio’s silence as an answer. “You disobeyed Prosciutto, my right hand man. You compromised the mission at your own accord and the target escaped.” For a moment, Risotto’s claws stab into the desk. “Now, frankly, I would be alright with mistakes. Accidents. Atypical occurrences. They are always bound to happen. However, you did this out of your own force of will.”
  • “But!” Ghiaccio barks, voice wavering, “Prosciutto told me to stay put because I’m not as good as him and he would handle everything else!”
  • Precisely.” Risotto’s tone edges on a low, subtle growl, “You are a beginner. You would stay back and learn how to be patient. Why do you think I assigned you that mission in the first place?” Risotto’s tail behind him stiffens, then slams on the floor. The wood groans beneath it. Risotto’s voice returns to a dangerously calm level, “Your impatience and incompetence must be managed or you are not fit to be an assassin.”
  • Ghiaccio grits his teeth. “It’s not MY fault it’s so boring—” He stops himself as Risotto’s stare grows more intense. The Cthulhi hasn’t even blinked yet.
  • “With your current incompetence, your best fit in our squadron right now would be a hostage who will not speak of any information to the enemy,” Risotto snarls, “Ghiaccio. Proving yourself to be disobedient and downright idiotic will lend me no other choice but to kick you out of the team, because what you did not only put yourself in danger, but your teammate as well.”
  • The seal bites his lip. Risotto continues, “Do you know what would happen as punishment if you acting out again put your teammate in danger, or worse, lead to their death?” Risotto’s eyes widen, “Let me give you a taste.”
  • Three seconds. Just three seconds of the world falling apart around Ghiaccio. He’s struck with the overwhelming chill of falling down, his mind is flooded with shadows, clawing and screaming and crying out for God knows what. He’s dying, he’s dying he’s dying he’s dying—!!
  • Back to reality. Ghiaccio finds himself on the floor, clawing at the wood with his flippers. He covers his jaws as bubbles float to the ceiling, he must have been gasping through whatever the hell that was. He looks up, Risotto has left his desk and is at the cabin door.
  • “Make sure you keep your impatience and mouth in line, or else I will rid you from this team by allowing your brain to implode on itself. You are dismissed.” Risotto leaves the quarters, leaving the door wide open behind him.
  • Ghiaccio has never swam faster out of that room in his life.
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… It’s been 3 days since the word that’s been spreading that “Diavolo” a very well-known fishermen. I’ve heard of all the rumors, he shows no mercy t o his prey, and uses any type of bait to lure them out. Yet, no one has ever seen his face because he wears a large coat and his face is very well hidden.

I look around just to see if everything seem okay. It was still day, there is no way Diavolo would try to catch them… Would he? I could hear them discuss about

Risotto: I’m sorry but that’s my final decision. Say your final goodbyes and then we’re leaving.

Ombra: Is there anything I can do to help?

Risotto: No. It’s not that I don’t trust you. But what do you think might happen if he found you with us?

Ombra: …From what I heard, he would use me as bait. I don’t want that to happen.

Prosciutto: Exactly. We appreciate all you’ve done but now it’s time for us to find a new home.

Pesci: Is this gonna be the last time we ever see Ombra, Aniki?

Prosciutto: I don’t know Pesci. It might be.

Formaggio: I really wanted to learn more about humans.

Illuso: I wanted to see her home too. You two jerks are lucky.

Melone: We would have invited you but you kept changing her hair the moment Ombra gave you all those ponytails.

Sorbet: What kinda of style is that?

Illuso: It’s my own, so shut up.

Gelato: Illuso loves those ponytails, he just won’t admit it.

I smiled weakly, I was gonna miss these guys. They really were a colorful group, but I didn’t see Ghiaccionear the others. I went searching for him.

Ombra: Melone? Did you see where Ghiaccio went?

Melone: He’s just sitting over there.

Ombra: Thank you.

I started runnin at his direction but as soon as I got closer I walked up to him until I sat next him.

Ombra: So, you guys are gonna leave soon.

Ghiaccio: Yeah…

I didn’t know what to say, I would love if Ghiaccio could say by the sea where I live. I wouldn’t mind visiting him if It was like this. I just hope and pray that could see Ghiaccio again.

Ombra: If things cool down over here and Diavolo leaves… You can come by anytime, I mean as we could meet at this bay whenever.

Ghiaccio: Yeah, maybe.

Ombra: Listen Ghiaccio, don’t think that this your fault.

Ghiaccio: But it is… If I hadn’t exposed myself to those group of human none of this would be happening.

Ombra: Then I never would have met you…

Ghiaccio: True.

I sat closer to him,reassuring that everything was gonna be okay. Or at least that’s what I really what to believe.

Ombra: Here, you don’t want to forget these.

I hand him the first gift I ever brought him. Those red glasses, he would always wear them when he was at my home.

Ghiaccio: What no. I don’t need—

Ombra: Keep them. Think of it as a way to remember me… because I’ll never forget you.

I started to cry, I didn’t want him to go but I know he couldn’t live that way with me. He’s held my face and wiped my tear. Ghiaccio isn’t human and I’m not a mermaid. I do anything to be with him.He held me in a tight embrace, I wrapped my arms around him too.

Risotto: It’s time… Let’s go.

Before Ghiaccio let I wanted to reach out to him, be he was to fast for me as he crawled and leap into the water. My voice was breaking, I couldn’t even manage to say goodbye without sounding strong. I wanted him to believe I was strong, but I wasn’t as strong as I looked.

Ombra: I’ll miss you Ghiaccio.

As their bodies faded away from my view, I went back home walking. I didn’t feel like running back home, I just took my time getting there. It was getting dark, But I smelled something off putting nearby. There was also a bright looking… light?

Ombra: That smell… it’s—!!

I looked at the distance and ran as fast as I could. My home was in flames, everything, all my personal belongings! It was gone to the flames. Who could have done this? Why?

Ombra:My home… What am I suppose to do now?

???: You could help me find your friends.

Before I could react, the person from behind held a cloth in my mouth. I tried to break free by I couldn’t. I knew how it could have been, I thought I was careful. Before I started to lose conscious I was thinking of Ghiaccio.

Ombra: Ghiaccio…

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… I really didn’t expect to have more mermaids to stowaway in my car drive back home.

Ghiaccio: How did get here?

Formaggio: I had the idea to just hide in car. Oh and Melone wanted to tag along too…

Melone: You’re not the only one who wants to see the inside of her home.

Ombra: It’s Fine. Just hurry before any other humans see you.

The all hurried inside her home, and Ghiaccio relaxed inside the mini pool. The were looking in ‘awe’ staring at what catch their eyes.

Formaggio: Is this really your home?

Ombra: Of course.

Formaggio: I wish we had one place to come to that was comforting.

Ombra: Um, would you guys like some water?

Melone: Yes please Miss Ombra.

As Ombra went to the kitchen to get a few water bottles for everyone. Ghiaccio was fussing why the heck did they have to come.

Formaggio: Your not getting jealous? Are you?

Ghiaccio: What? Hell no. I was just hoping to spend more time learn about…

Melone: You are a terrible liar Ghia. I see the way you look at her.

Ghiaccio: Hey ! I just really appreciate her.

Formaggio: Shush, She’s coming back.

After some time of them asking questions as they look around her home. She had to keep all the doors open for them as the crawl around looking at various things. First her kitchen, then the bathroom, and last was asked my Melone.

Melone: What’s this room over here?

Ombra: This? This is where I sleep.

Formaggio: I wanna see what a human’s bedroom looks like.

Melone: You’ve been to Ombra’s room haven’t you Ghiaccio?

Ghiaccio: What are you implying?!

Ombra opens her door and they both have a surprised expression on their face. Her room wasn’t as big as the others rooms but it smells nice and had a lot of posters from her favorite bands and tv shows. She also had a radio in her room, lights up around her bed and hand held video games.

Formaggio: What’s this?

Ombra: A DS.

Formaggio: The heck is a “DS”?

Ghiaccio has already seen all this stuff, but since this was Formaggio and Melone’s first time exploring a humans room. They were super interested in everything and I mean everything. As Ombra was showing the DS to Formaggio Melone was peeking at her dressers.

Ombra: Wait! Melone, don’t touch that!

Melone: What’s this? *he holds up one of her black lace panties*

Ombra: It’s something you don’t have to worry about! It’s too embarrassing to explain.

She takes it from Melone and put it back, standing in front of her personal dresser.

Melone: What are they used for? They don’t look like your pants.

Ombra: Ugh… I wear them before my pants.

Melone: Oh! Then why wear both to cover up?

Ombra: It’s just something I have to do.

Ghiaccio: Okay. You came, you invaded and now it’s time for you guys to leave.

They both groan, not wanting to leave at all. They really wanna stay over night and watch those movies and try those human snacks. Ombra didn’t mind if they stay but she needs to make space for them.

Ombra: Ghiaccio. I’ll be right back, I have to get another pool. See you soon.

As she left Melone crawls to her room trying to open it again. Ghiaccio and Formaggio followed behind.

Ghiaccio: What do you think your doing?!

Melone: She was hiding something she didn’t want use to see.

Ghiaccio: We know what you wanna see. Give it a rest!

Formaggio: I want see what was in their too. She was very protective of it.

Ghiaccio: Those are her personal belongings. Don’t even!

Formaggio: You must really like this girl.

Ghiaccio: Are we really gonna talk about this now?!

Melone: Heck yes! We wanna know how close you to are.

Ghiaccio started blushing.

Ghiaccio: Just give it a rest! I told you I just really appreciate what she’s done for me.

Formaggio: You don’t notice it… She likes you.

Melone: The signs are all there. She’s not just helping you hide from the fishermen. She’s not afraid of you, she smiles at you a lot and while swimming she doesn’t let go of you.

Ghiaccio: That’s because I’m teaching her.

Formaggio: Okay, so what reason you have to teach her to swim.

Ghiaccio: Because I… I wanted to help her.

Melone: You don’t realize it. But when Ombra is around your much different from a few weeks ago.

Formaggio: You wanted to kill a human the moment you made close contact.

Ghiaccio: Ombra isn’t like other humans! She’s caring, nice and…

Ghiaccio started to think about all the times she would smile at him. He could feel his face heat up and his heart bump faster. It’s true, Ghiaccio really was in love with Ombra.

Ghiaccio: I do love her.

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I like this one a lot Anon. It’s like seeing a friend group with that one person in a relationship and all of a suddenly their friends are suddenly comedians. 😆

I’m just sorry that took this long but here it is.

… After Risotto finally got to see for himself Ghiaccio’s new human friend he was slightly taken back. It wasn’t because she was a human, he remember her from long ago. Surprised to see her, and she’s swimming in water.

Pesci: Capo? Are you okay?

Risotto: Yeah, sorry I guess I’m a little surprise just as you are.

Prosciutto: So what do we do now?

As Risotto started thinking, Melone was trying to sneak a little closer. Trying to see Ombra’s face more closer. As he did, he thought she was much more cuter then expect. Formaggio was right behind him thinking he should just introduce himself. Everyone was freaking out, trying to stop him but he just kept swimming to them.

Formaggio: Yo! Ghia, where have you been?

Ombra: Ghiaccio?

Ghiaccio: It’s okay. He’s one of the others I told you about.

Ombra was hiding behind Ghiaccio, it wasn’t that she was scared. She was just shy and didn’t want to scare off one of his friends she just met.

Formaggio: Who’s your human friend?

Ghiaccio: Her name is Ombra.

Formaggio: Relax, I only just asked. The name’s Formaggio, nice to meet ya.

Formaggio manages a handshake from her. Ombra felt a little easy to meet Formaggio, she could tell that he was more loose about meeting humans.

Ombra: It’s nice to meet you too Formaggio. Can I ask what color it your…?

Formaggio: “Fish Tail”?

Ombra: Yes.

Formaggio: Well I don’t know the name but check it out for yourself.

Formaggio showed off his red-orange tail to Ombra, making her excited to meet not only a mermaid but a friend of Ghiaccio.

Ghiaccio: But the way, did you come with anyone else?

Formaggio: Well it’s just Pesci, Illuso, Melone, Prosciutto, Sorbet and Gelato…

Ghiaccio: Is everyone here?!

Formaggio: Oh yeah,. Risotto is here too.

Ghiaccio: Alright you guys. Stop hiding because what’s the point?!

Soon everyone one came out if there hiding spot to introduce themselves to Ombra.

Prosciutto: *point his chest* Prosciutto. It’s nice to finally meet the human Pesci keeps talking about?

Pesci: Hey Aniki! Don’t say right in front of her.

Ombra: *laughs* It’s okay. You were just worried and that’s how I felt when I saw Ghiaccio laying on the each. Your a good friend Pesci.

Pesci looked away all flustered, he’s away been so worried whenever a human was to close to him, now he’s having one praising him.

Prosciutto: Don’t worry, you just made his day. I just wanna know why save Ghiaccio?

Ombra: Well, when I was very young I fell in the ocean and was saved by a mermaid. He saved me from drowning so I wanted return the favor and help a mermaid.

Ghiaccio: You still don’t remember what they looked like?

Ombra: My memory isn’t that good but I’m still grateful because they saved me.

Questions after questions, Illuso and Melone kept asking away. Asking the most silliest questions she has ever heard.

Melone: You don’t have another mate, do you?

Ghiaccio: Melone! Where are you going with this?!

Melone: I’m just asking because I want to know how humans reproduce with each other.

Ombra: No and I never have. Next question please, and something not so personal. *blushes*

Illuso: How do keep your hair like that?

Ombra: Like what?

She touches her hair and remember she put a ponytail on earlier. She took it off and showed it in her palm.

Ombra: You mean my ponytail?

Illuso: What’s a ponytail?

Ombra started to laugh a little, this was just like the first time she met Ghiaccio. Asking what’s this, what’s that all those questions and yet she still had so much more to show him.

Ombra: You tie it in your hair and it’ll hold it together. May I put it on your hair?

Illuso: Sure. I like to try your human ponytail and see what kind of magic it does.

Ombra: Again, I am not a witch.

Ombra fixes Illuso’s hair into a low ponytail. She was having a real my nice night meeting everyone else, well almost everyone. Risotto didn’t really say much, other then his name and just watched her talked to everyone else and get along with them.

Sorbet: So will you come again?

Ombra: Of course. As long as Ghiaccio keeps teaching me how to swim.

Gelato: Can you show us a few thing for your home the next time you come?

Ombra: Sure. I’ll bring whatever I can.

As Ombra was stepping out of the water, she looked back to Giaccio talking to Risotto. She couldn’t hear what they were saying but as soon as they were finished, Ghiaccio came back with a sad kinda look on his face. She didn’t know but Risotto had told him that he could stay with her one more night but had to come back tomorrow because they were gonna leave this place and head to a new place , away from the Fishermen. This would be there last night together She waved to everyone and walked back to the car, at her home she waited to ask him.

Ombra: Ghiaccio? Are you okay?

Ghiaccio: Yeah. Just can’t wait for tomorrow.

After they left, Risotto explain to everyone that tomorrow will be there last night here. They had to leave soon before “Diavolo” would come for them. They were sad to here that they had to leave tomorrow after meeting such a nice human.

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Mer!Ghiaccio x Ombra


So recently my main account has be getting blasted with many Mer! ghiaccio and Ombra ask so I couldn’t help myself and draw what they look like together. 🥰

I put all my love into this piece. 💙🖤

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… After Ghiaccio finished the last of the brownies I made for us. He said that his stomach started hurting from them.

Ombra: I did warn you not to eat them all.

Ghiaccio: But the taste so good. Ugh…

I rubbed his tummy gently, hoping that he wouldn’t slash and get me wet. I only did it to soother the ache he had. But whoa! He’s muscles! I think I lost track at some point because I was expecting to get lost at his abs.

Ghiaccio: Ombra. Ombra? Ombra!

Ombra: Huh? Ugh, yes?

Ghiaccio: I said you can stop now, I’m feeling better.

Ombra: R-right. I’ll go get a water bottle for you and me.

Why now I’m I getting nervous around Ghiaccio? He’s been in my home for weeks and now I feeling this way.

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Ombra: Ghiaccio? Oh shoot!

Don’t worry Ombra always has that taken care. She knew the first time this would happen so she gave up a water bottle she had in hand to cool down Ghiaccio before he faints. It was a warm day for Ghiaccio, she his health was more important then herself. At least that’s what she thought.

Ombra: Are you okay?

Ghiaccio: Yeah. Did I just faint?

Ombra: Yeah. So I just gave up my water bottle for you.

Ghiaccio: You should have just kept it!

Ombra: But you needed it more then I do. I can survive a little longer, plus I don’t want nothing bad to happen to you.

Ghiaccio: Alright. thanks.

So basically whenever these two go out, she has to carry a book bag filled with nothing but water bottles. They are enough for her and Ghiaccio to share.

Ghiaccio: Isn’t that bag too heavy?

Ombra: A little, but I can manage. If I carry it everyday like this I’ll get us to it.

Don’t worry, she makes sure to put the water bottles in the freezer before going outside with Ghiaccio. She knows that he likes it cold, also after some time walking they will get warmer with the heat from the sun.

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