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The house was cheap and far enough away from any consistent social interaction that made Maxwell feel at home. He had only seen pictures of the interior and it was fitted with antiques dating back the 1910s but he could make it work – anything to get away from her. Everything he had ever owned was tossed into the back of a rental car and he took the scenic route to a new ‘home’. Did he leave things behind? Yes and no; Maxwell left an alcoholic father and a gravestone for a mother but took the family photo that was taken three years prior. Classmates were left for an aging community that would give him no bother unlike many that were Maxwell’s age, always fretting over who was dating who or who was married or who was the most successful – you know, the materialistic stuff. He left behind an office job which had good pay, even if it was only for middle-aged Tories, for a stay at home job with the local village newspaper. It wouldn’t pay much but it gave him time to pursue other interests and play with his dog which, might I say, was a gorgeous golden retriever. Anything to get away from her. There would be no haunts from people of his past, nothing.

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Kanata Satsuki, I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! Volume 2
No matter how amazing their military exploits are, plenty of people don’t take kindly to those who’ve made a so-called deal with the devil. Spellcasters are people who weren’t born into their rank, whose skill can’t be measured by the sword, who can do something most people aren’t capable of… An unfathomable existence as fearsome as a ghost.
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Happy #Thursday, folks! I hope you’re all having a great week! I’m planning to have my new video about the most #Haunted #Bars & #Restaurants in #NewYork done by tomorrow, then I’ll start working on my next one! Have you checked out my #YouTube channel yet? 👻

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Music is usually my go to for helping me calm down.

At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of Ghost (Swedish rock band), and also Yungblud (British pop punk artist). He’s recently released a single for his new album and is doing a world tour all based on a 17 year old transwoman he met on his last tour. I think the stuff he’s doing is really awesome! Also went through a Bowie and Rolling Stones phase in highschool where that was literally all I would listen to.

Fun fact: I use music on repeat and “headbanging” as stimming. Always have since I was a toddler. My brother says this gif describes it perfectly,


Usually when I’m angry I just chuck on some Black Sabbath or Metallica though. Really depends on what kind of “calm down” it is.

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I’d rather like a female villain character that has a well written story and much intimidating to the audience (such as the ones below, but it depends on you if they are annoying or not) than a female villain character whom the canon must force me to love because she has “a sad backstory” and just stated to be “intimidating” when she’s actually making me wanting to shake her head like a maracca due to immeasurable amount of anger.


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Commission sale!!

From now until Christmas, the purchase of any 3 or 5k fic gives you the option to receive either 1k additional words for FREE or to let me write a 1k fic with a character of your choosing!!

Free 1k fic will be entirely my creation with your chosen character, no guarantees of smut apply.

1k additional words to your already chosen fic will be a guaranteed addition to your word count, with the subject you chose.

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Since I’m such a fan of chamber music in general, I’ll stick to that theme for my second selection in this week of Beethoven celebration! Is there anything more satisfying than the sound of a piano trio? Maybe it’s just the nostalgia from Sunday morning classical radio in my house growing up, but there’s something about the mixed timbre of piano and strings that warms the room and lightens my mood on any day of the week.

With that, I offer up this Piano Trio in D major, Op. 70 No. 1 “Ghost” played here by Emmanuel Tjeknavorian (violin), Harriet Krijgh (cello), and Magda Amara (piano). That opening movement, friends! The joy of it! It brightens my whole being. The same could be said with the final presto section. But my soul truly belongs to the haunting largo in the middle. That’s the stuff my inner world is made of, and that’s the reason I chose this work to share in particular. I guess I’ve always been a fan of ghosts.

Now I’ll hand things back over to our editor-in-chief to finish off the week! I hope you’ve been enjoying it! - Melinda Beasi

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