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thinking about my howls moving castle wangxian au…….

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I think about that post where op had a dream about making soup that tiny little capybaras kept bathing in like….. 24/7. it literally lives in my brain rent free there isn’t a second of my life that I’m not thinking about that post

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My sister has me playing Fire Emblem: Echoes but she insists that I never move forward in the plot unless she is present so she can see how I experience everything which makes gameplay slow, but decent bonding time, so won’t complain.

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Got bored, put duct tape on my arm, forgot that i stopped shaving my arms and had a great time reliving the reason I hated bandaids as a kid

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most, if not all, of the hlvrai discords currently open seem to overwhelm me Quite a bit so am i now making my own one and am too terrified to advertise it because hhhhh no ones gonna join and i’ll look like an idiot? yeah, i am

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was like oooh I’ll just take a little nap :^) cuz I didn’t sleep last night and now I wake up to my housemate blasting simply Awful music

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me, checking the notes on my art every five seconds: validætion?

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anyway I really galaxy brained when I put good old fashioned lover boy on lan wangjis playlist

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oh so NOW I can draw lan wangji.. okay.

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so i was thinking about a post-canon domestic style au, no real plans just thinking Thoughts, and…

tommy loves soda very much. 

tommy has a dog who, for very simple health and safety reasons, cannot drink regular soda 

darnold is a chemical whizz who specialises in creating new kinds of soda

im just saying…

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I was just reading scary occurrences by other people, and it reminded me of one of my own.

So one day, a few years back, I was sleeping in my parents room. It was about the middle of the night when I woke up with a burning feeling on my face. I cracked my eyes open, and I could only see the blury black figure of a man standing next to the bed. I could see the hallway nightlight through his figure. I slammed my eyes shut again, hoping it was just the darkness playing tricks on my mind, but I cracked my eyes open again a second later to confirm, and his body was quickly fading from the head down. After he was completely gone, the burning feeling left and I sat up. I sat there for a second, and I swear I could hear a man’s voice whisper something.

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