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#ghost shows
Would Charleston react any way to his bf Gabriel who’s fascinated with ghost investigation shows? Would he watch them with him?

Charleston wouldn’t understand the fascination with a bunch of humans who are not truly a part of the supernatural community. The shows are gimmicky and show how easily humans are frightened of things that go bump in the night when most of them have no idea of what lurks there. However he would watch them in order to spend time with his bf. Expect much grumpy commentary and annoyed huffing, however.

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the ghost hunting community about to be at war after grant wilson gets ghost hunters back on tv to only find out that jason hawes, steve gonsalves and dave tango made their OWN ghost hunting show like bring on the skeleton wars

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The world needs more paranormal reenactment interview shows!!! I’m watching Haunted on Netflix AGAIN after watching Paranormal Survivor AGAIN and I just!! Need!! More!! I wish I had access to all the episodes of A Haunting!! So bad!!

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I was watching some stupid ghost/haunting show on Destination America. The channel that shows all the ghost shit.

Anyway, this woman has one son who was like 7-8 and she was pregnant. He started acting up the closer her due date got and having nightmares, creaking in the house and she jumps to: haunted.

After her second son is born the first starts hitting her and acting out in school and not listening to her. She jumps to:oh no he’s possessed.

Hires a ghost hunter or some shit. This lady says that the JOLLY ROGER ON HIS PLAYMAT LET IN A DEMON.

“Skull and cross bones are associated with evil.” Claims the ghost hunter.

Lady gets rid of it, her son goes back to normal.

I was so annoyed. Lady, you were pregnant and your kid lashed out. It got worse when the baby was born cuz most kids do that shit when a new baby pops up.

And why the fuck is it always a demon? What, is it a pirate demon?

“Argh, give me your soul.”

Fucking. Just. Stop.

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Some Ghost Adventures episodes are okay. You watch them and you don’t get suck in, you laugh and you keep your emotional and intellectual distance.

And then there are the others. The episodes that you watch clutching a pillow to your chest, glancing every minute behind your shoulder. You have no explanation for the things the crew says they’ve seen and shows you. You don’t wanna believe in all this, most days you don’t, but at this moment you’re ready to get the salt, the iron and the holy water because heavens above you’re starting to get scared.

It’s an experience.

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I made this short clip from a ghost show with my phone because this woman is insane, lol. And also to use in a friends humour group, where I commented that the fictional character of Uncle Anton showed it to me, cracked another beer, laughing, and said “I bet that’s the sound she makes, when she opens your bedroom door (furtively) in the middle of the night.” ;)

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Ghost shows that are like “We’re investigating this house that was built on an ancient American Indian burial ground” are so fucking dumb (as are ghost shows in general) because like, it’s America… the whole U.S. is built on ancient American Indian ground lmao

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Certainly there are some who have shows who do this and do it for good reasons, and try and help others. That said…

TV shows are 99.99999999% entertainment. The history channel is not interested in pure accuracy and unwhitewashing history. Discovery does not do true hunts for knowledge. 

Yes, there are some shows that try and reveal the truth, supernatural or otherwise, but in the end, they are out to make a buck through entertainment. And their target audience? Is not pagans. It’s not those of us that go: well yeah, if you’ve been hearing footsteps every night for the past year and your doctor says you’re sane, maybe you’ve got company you can’t see. It’s those that are shocked and titillated and gasping as they imagine what it would be like to have a demon in their house.

So don’t let it get to you. Either watch it for fun, and laugh at it - Ghost Adventures has a drinking game that will get you wasted in half an ep. I learned this the hard way - and let it be entertainment (just as we would Harry Potter, Bewitched, TVD/TO, SPN, etc…) or let it be and let them make their buck. The’re going to do it anyway. AND AND AND if you have the chance/opening, try and educate others. It might be the perfect time/way to open up those avenues of conversation.

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Me and dad: *watching a show about ghosts and hauntings*

Show: “and the doors were shut, even though we always have them open. We thought nothing of it, but then we heard a loud crash and when we went back we saw that the doors were open again”

Me, a believer: so, dad, how do you explain that?!

Dad, a sceptic: I don’t have any explanation because anything can happen in America, I only have explanations for here (Sweden).

Me: *bursts out laughing because that’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard*

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