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crepusculum-rattus · 2 days ago
neutral ghostbur i sowed some seeds
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midnighthasstruck · 2 days ago
You ever wonder if Ghostbur said “have some blue, please, calm yourself” specifically cause of that one time Tommy spooked Wilbur and Tommy went “have a carrot, please, calm yourself”?
…cause I sure do
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axe-of-ender · a day ago
Ohhh I have so many but I do not want to overwhelm u so here is one
Wilbur (whichever form u think fits best with the song)
Tumblr media
let the breeze wipe away your tears / there’s no need to cry
i wonder if ghostbur remembers doomsday…!
[reblogs appreciated!] [ask game]
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0rphan-obliterator · a day ago
“I miss the disc saga” “I miss L’manberg” “I miss Ghostbur”. Y’know what else is you’re missing? 7 overdue assignments. Stop watching Minecraft and go do your fucking homework.
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coolghost420 · 2 days ago
old art dump ??? old art dump.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my ghostbur, fundy and foolish designs! :)
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ghostly-tart · 2 days ago
ghostbur w/ the new minecraft frogs/fireflies?
Tumblr media
fireflies in tha limbo <3
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mocha-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A ghost and a baby
Here’s some soft before pain
Feel free to ask questions on the au context
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the-local-scp · 20 hours ago
"what if ghostbur is actually on grians g train thatd be so cute-" NO!.... what if ghostbur is on the train thats in the s7 gaming district. its literally a train coming out of the nether aka hell
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yailea · a day ago
Tumblr media
i should stop cause he's dead and shit but also ghóst
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dyketubbo · 2 days ago
evil ghostbur you did awful everyone is making fun of you
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cloudys-transmission · 2 days ago
alot of the people in my school are annoying so i draw ghostbur to cope <3
Tumblr media
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