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Why? Why do I even bother. Now I’m talking to spirits and don’t even know if there demons now one of them just woke me up at 3:33 am an it’s just fing terrifying

If anybody willingly is a medium on this site and can see through a camera or some shi please contact me cuz I’m now completely out of it

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im trying to find a horror movie that i watched years ago, it was like a town where there was like a curse or some shit?? and like every year somebody disappears?? or someone got possessed by the ghost of a murderer?? and it follows a group of teenagers and by the end theres only two dudes left and theyre like childhood best friends and one of them knows hes possessed and makes his friend kill him to save him?? i think??

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Follow ups on the Ghost post, ‘cause we are quick on this one tonight.

Aight so first off, my old house was a hotbed for bullshit and I have several stories ranging from creepy uncomfortable to hilarious. The play doh story went as follows. I think I was 7/8 ish, and mom had a recipe to make homemade playdoh cause it was cheaper. So I had a ton of it. I liked to think myself a sculptor. I was not. I got very angry when it wasn’t turning out and threw the lump of “play doh” across the room. It smacked the wall, landed on the dresser. I glared at it for a hot minute than turned to find something else to do. Next thing I know, I’m getting smacked upside the head with a big ol hunk of play doh. I was very offended.

Now that that’s out of the way, Cowtale stuff.

Ghost OC would be a blast. Something to consider; what kind of ghost are they? Poltergeist? Wisp? Skinrider?

More ambient magic can make a ghost stronger at creation. They can also theoretically absorb more magic to grow stronger as well, but most humans die not knowing how to do this, and often don’t find out as ghosts. 

Wasn’t asked but, if a ghost “runs out” of magic, or surrenders it, they disperse and cease to be. They then rejoin the cycle as the would have had they not become a ghost.

One could choose to become a ghost, but it takes a lot of will power, a strong enough source and a lot of knowledge. Death tends to do odd things to the mind, so often if one doesn’t have another “set of hands” so to speak, to guide the soul, the attempt fails. Humans also typically simply don’t have the ability to sense and therefore locate a strong enough magical source. And finally, again, death is a difficult thing for most humans, mustering up the will to allow oneself to die into a different existence can prove quite difficult. Most end up fighting to stay alive instead which muddies the process. So yes, but without help, not easily.

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This took a while to finish, but it’s finally done. My first $40 commission for an anonymous client. They only wanted a generic ghost design, so I tried for a Haunted Mansion-type thing. Not too bad, I think.

I have 2 more slots currently open so feel free to dm me!

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Ghosts are so cool. Except when they throw play doh at your head. Less cool. Anyway the ask.

Monsters do not become ghosts. In a roundabout way, arguably, if you squint and tilt your head, all monsters already are ghosts. Ghosts are, essentially, concentrated soul energy and magic. What are monsters made of? Soul and magic. Humans become ghosts when the body withers but the soul latches onto enough ambient magic, or an external magical source, and becomes a proper “ghost”. Of course by this logic one could argue all human ghosts are monsters, but again, tilt your head and squint. All squares are rectangles, not all rectangles are squares, if you will. The major difference there is in how the being in question is formed. Human (and in some rarer cases animal) ghosts are accidental acts of magic, while monsters are made by a deliberate reproductive act. So Naptstablook, Mettablook, Wraith and Shade, are all traditional monsters, who’s magical form happens to manifest in a “ghost-like” way.

Hope that answers your question, lemme know if you have more!

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Nobody believes Charles, when he says, that he can still hear his father, when he’s visiting him in his study. He later learns, that he can not only hear his father, but all of the dead, willing to speak to him. His power strenghtens as the years go by and he befriends the dead from the neighbouring graveyard. From them he learns that death is not the end – the body might die, but the mind goes on.

The dead continue to improve and expand in death what they loved in life. From him, the once silent majority learns to communicate amongst themselves, and love him for it. In turn, they offer him their knowledge: a deceased teacher named Hank McCoy helps him with his developing mathematics talent and the ex-army sergeant Howlett, imparts self-defense skills. Then a new arrival, the ghost of one Edie Lehnsherr, is begging Charles to find her son Erik.

The last time she has seen him: In company of no other than her murderer: Dr. Klaus Schmidt.

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Currently in the middle of creating a new page for my #Folklore & #Haunted Locations Guide: #PortHuron, #Michigan. Hope everyone else is having a great afternoon! 👻❤️

#ghosts #ghoststories #trueghoststories #paranormal #supernatural #folklore #halloween #horror #spirits #apparitions #scary #creepy #spooky #weird #scarystories

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Spook Of The Day #130 • The untold story of the Loch Ness Monster

Nessie deserves a much bigger post, and she will soon get that recognition on this blog - but for now, here are some of the lesser known but awesome facts about the Loch Ness Monster:

Firstly, she was first sighted in 565, in the River Ness. Only in the 1870s was she reported again, and many reports all claimed it was like something big was trashing underneath the water like a whale.

My favourite sighting, however, occurred in 1933, when a husband and wife saw an incredible creature lurch along the road by the loch like a big snake. It was 25 feet long and had no feet. In 1934, a motorcyclist saw the same thing, and drew a sketch showing it to be similar to a gentle giant dinosaur.

In 1954 another breakthrough was disocvered, when sonar readings of a boat showed something kept up with them for 800m at the same depth.

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Noticed it was abnormally quiet and was able to get the audio track recorded for next week’s #YouTube #Video about the Top 4 Most #Haunted Places in #Utica, #NewYork! The last few weeks have been really difficult to find the quiet time but this time I was ready!! 👻

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I think it’s about time Bungie further explores the theme of evil Ghosts, you know, the ones who would kill you for a blue engram. Even maybe start hinting at the possibility that all Ghosts, even the friendly ones, have their own agendas, motivations they don’t even disclose with their Guardians. The Drifter was right (as usual) , we lower our guards too quickly over a friendly voice and a cute shiny eye.

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The Shining

One of the first books I read, about five years ago. It was truly scary and it sparked in me the interest for an amazing genre: horror, which had remained unexplored by me at that time.

When I began reading it, I was pretty casual about it as my past experience with books of this genre had been ‘goosebumps’ which, let’s face it, had not been a good experience.

As the story continued, I found myself spellbound. The book was something I could not put down. When you watch a horror movie, you see things and there is an element of surprise in the experience but when you read a good horror story, you can feel every little thing and there is a constant chill running down your spine.

This book was truly worthy of all the popularity it got and if anyone ever asks me for a recommendation, I never fail to suggest this one.

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