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Tumblr media
No Fun in Fortifying
As a practising sorcerer, you were at the top of you game - you had to be, if you wanted to become a master of the mystic arts and protect the earth from mystical threats. Mental strength, endless patience and willpower were the most important strengths you could have to train under the sorcerer supreme - but can it withstand the intrusion of the Scarlet Witch?
By request; you know that guy in MoM(mommyyyyy) who gives up bc Wanda whispered in his ear? Imagine if the reader gives up through a little more persuasion? A praise kink maybe but no rush!! Thank u💞
No Fun in Fortifying
You frowned slightly at the sight of America Chavez walking through the grounds, wondering exactly what it was that made Strange feel the need to protect her. Sure, you had heard about the ‘Scarlet Witch’, but you had also fought alongside Wanda against Thanos’ army. You had remembered, despite the situation, finding her quite beautiful to look at, watching the scarlet energy twirl across her fingers; it really was enthralling and, under different circumstances, you might have allowed your thoughts to have developed further - but no, the feared ‘Titan’ had to send his army towards you all as soon as you exited Strange’s portal.
The next time you had seen her, she had Thanos in the air with her magic, peeling his armour from his screaming self as though he was some great big purple tangerine - until she had been lifted into the air herself, thrown by a blast from Thanos’ ship. Thankfully, you had managed to break her fall by using your Eldritch magic and giving yourself a little time to catch her should she injure herself; she was only human after all. You remembered her flustered self staring at you in your arms, those emerald eyes wide in surprise at her saviour. “Hi,” you had nervously said, as though there wasn’t an entire fucking war ongoing around you both.
She hadn’t responded, just continued to stare, until you saw two of your colleagues throw up shields to protect your allies from above and, reluctantly, you helped Wanda stand before doing the same. “Thanks,” you heard her shout, but when you turned your head back to her, she was gone. That was the last time you had seen her - so you definitely found it difficult to believe that the woman who had fought beside you all was the same woman seeking to harness the powers from an innocent child.
As if on cue, a roll of dark clouds began to roll into sight and your heart dropped, the tension in the atmosphere very quickly changing. “Everyone,” your sorcerer supreme began to call out with unmistakeable edge in his voice. “The Scarlet Witch is here. Get into positions. Do not act until ordered to. The child must be protected.” You had a heart, and it was a damn big one, but you couldn’t help but question why, if the Scarlet Witch was truly as powerful as you had all been warned, America had been brought here when half of you were still only practising sorcerers. You knew it would have something to do with Strange. You had always found him a little selfish and definitely careless.
Nevertheless, you moved with your colleagues as Strange flew up to meet her. She looked different; darker, more menacing - yet admittedly, still fucking breathtaking. You very quickly reminded yourself, however, that she was here to abduct an innocent teenager and you were here to protect them. That was your job, and at the moment, it was your only job - but you still struggled to connect this Wanda to the Wanda you had met all those years ago. You then quickly realised that whatever conversation they were having was turning sour as Strange backed away from her.
“Defensive positions! Now!” Wong’s voice rang out across the courtyard and you immediately obeyed, conjuring your own magic in the shape of symbols and circles, uselessly hoping that this show of defiance would be enough to make the Scarlet Witch think twice. Of course, this was fruitless.
Your heart stopped as, even from on the ground, you could see the witch conjure up a red ball of energy - the same magic you had seen before - and cast it straight towards Strange. Phew. Apparently, those who were still in training had learned enough to make the shield durable. “Hold! Hooold!” You heard Wong call, and you remained focused as Strange began to return. Whatever he had said obviously hadn’t achieved much. You weren’t surprised.
For a split second, as Wanda paused, you almost believed that this little show had been enough - which certainly wouldn’t have coincided with what you had all been told of the powerful being. Then- “Enforce the shield!” Wong yelled into the courtyard as the spare and more specially trained sorcerers stepped forward to assist; you had never heard your sorcerer supreme so panicked before, and it did nothing to help the adrenaline in your body as the witch began to twirl through the air, sending blasts upon blasts of what you knew to be called ‘chaos magic’ upon the air around you all. A type of magic not originally believed to exist - and the most powerful across all magic wielders. Yet, here you were with your colleagues, keeping her attempts at bay; you couldn’t help but feel damn proud of yourself.
You kept your entire concentration upon your sorcery, matching your colleagues in effort and determination. Wanda had stopped, now, instead choosing to hover there. This certainly confused you a little - until you barely heard Strange’s voice. “She’s trying to get in their heads…” “Sorcerers! Fortify your minds!” Immediately, you put all your attention into the shapes of your Eldritch shield, watching how the circles within the circles rotated perfectly, ensuring your mind was nothing but fortified and sharp.
Until you glanced up to see what the witch was doing.
You almost jumped - her eyes were intently upon yours and she bowed her head slightly to hone in on you. You’re not getting in here, Wanda, you thought to yourself as you began to feel a form of… warmth within your mind. It was a strange feeling - almost a craving, to cease all what you were doing to give into it. But you had been here a lot longer than most, and often achieved high standards within all your training and education. Wong even often referred to you as one of his top students. There was no way she was getting in your mind, and judging from the Eldritch magic still projected by both your hands, it was working.
Until you had to force yourself to keep your eyes upon her and not spin round in shock as you felt a body against your back and a breath upon your neck. “I remember you.” It was still the soft voice you remembered, only a little less Sokovian and you swallowed. No one else seemed to notice that the Scarlet Witch was literally pressed upon your back, but then you could still see her above, too; so you knew this was nothing more than a projection.
“Projection?” The voice whispered into your ear and you almost shuddered. She was in your fucking head. As though this was all some weird game or training, you actually worried that she could see your thoughts about her; the way you had found her breathtaking two years ago at how her corset naturally accentuated her perfect body, or how she had a literal Titan begging for help, or how her wide emerald eyes had stared into your own as you held her against your chest. The way that, even now, you couldn’t help but be ashamedly aroused.
“Tell me… can a projection do this?” You clenched your jaw as you felt a hand snake around your waist and to your lower belly, the tips of her blackened fingers digging into you slightly as she moved lower still. Yeah. She saw. “You can have it all if you let me in,” she murmured before grazing her teeth at the nape of your neck and dipping her hand beneath your robes - right where you were already soaked for the damn witch. But you did not budge. In a way, this was a game, a test, and you were not going to fail your sorcerer supreme.
“Fine.” Before you could try to think of any way out of this, you felt her take your earlobe between her teeth as she explored further between your thighs, a single finger quickly finding and parting your slick folds. Fuck. You couldn’t help but groan in your throat before your breath hitched and you stopped yourself, refusing to take your eyes off the woman above you in the sky; if you could keep reminding yourself none of this was real, then maybe you could push her out. “It’s real,” she whispered, her delicate fingers exploring your wetness further still, her free hand now holding your hip firmly to prevent you from moving. She very quickly found your clit and firmly pressed against it, her lips back upon your neck and gently sucking against your skin. This time, you groaned willingly at the touch.
“Good little girl,” she cooed against your neck and you screwed your eyes shut, the ‘warmth’ you had felt earlier only increasing at each continued touch. “Lower your hands,” she ordered breathily and, for a second, you wondered if she was enjoying this, too. You still did not obey. You cannot risk the Sacred grounds. Despite this, you saw your magic flicker - and you fought harder still.
But that didn’t stop your body automatically arch against her as she vigorously massaged your now-swollen clit, picking up the pace and you found yourself begging. “I can’t,” you breathed, your eyes screwed shut once more at the growing ecstasy within your abdomen. “You will.” You almost cried out when you felt her slip further down and expertly dip inside of you, once, twice, then again as she soaked two fingers in your wetness before plunging herself into you - hard.
That almost did it for you, if you were honest. You felt your arms move to drop to your sides and it took all your might to stop them. “Give in to me,” she whispered, her lips half an inch from your ear as you began to moan at the feel of her fucking you knuckle-deep. “Cum for me and I promise you’ll be spared,” she had to hold your hip hard now to keep you in place as you attempted to wriggle from her grasp, the growing fire in your abdomen spreading as she continued to move inside you. “Good girl, that’s it,” she continued to praise, but you realised you weren’t the only one enjoying it when you really shouldn’t be.
The witch let out a moan in your ear as she pushed as deep as she could. “You feel so good for me,” she hissed, pulling you firmly against her with her free hand, picking up the pace with the other. You couldn’t last much longer. “So good,” she repeated, now using her thumb to massage your clit in circular motions. “Cum for me- good girl-“ that was it. You watched in despair as the Eldritch magic wrapped around your hands began to flicker as you faltered at her touch and felt euphoria explode within. You cried out in pleasure as Wanda groaned gutturally, your messy relief now evident upon her hands. “What a… good girl,” she groaned, pressing lips upon your shoulder as though, despite what she was actually here for, you mattered, too. “Now run.”
When you opened your eyes and caught your breath, you realised the warmth against your back and the fullness inside of you had disappeared. You shot your hands up to replace the shield, waves of ecstasy still washing over you - but it was no use. Your failure to uphold the shield had resulted in just enough weakness for Wanda to break it open and force her way in - just as she had done to you. You could see she had tilted her head at you, a proud smile across her lips, before her voice sounded in your head once more and she conjured up a scarlet ball of energy - but she did not immediately fire it at you as your racing heart from her earlier interaction wasn’t slowing anytime soon.
Now, behave for me and safely get out of my way.
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Pop cat present mic at different intensities. Feel free to use in your discord servers.
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jamie & claire + hour of the wolf
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Hawk x Reader *SMUT*
Warnings: Smut, hate sex with hawk.
A Burning Passion
Tumblr media
Oh how you hated him, your body burned with the fire and rage of how much you hated the new and 'improved' Hawk. Every inch of you despised the young teenage boy. As did he, he also loathed every part of you. He hated you with a burning passion, or so he taught himself to hate you.
Though you hated him, your body craved him, your body called for him, your body begged him to do all unholy things to you. You hated him for that. You hated being so vulnerable for another, it was so annoying for you.
You were mostly so angry at your body for wanting to taste him, feel him, oh how badly you wanted him inside you. This is how crazy and mad he made you, and it was just about the last straw for you.
Hawk could say himself of how much he hated you, your snarky remarks and comments. But oh- your beautiful body, made him hate you less and himself more for taking such a mad liking to you.
Wouldn't you know it the universe just so happened to have you both join the same dojo, not only did he annoy you inside of school; but outside of school too. Oh it was so tempting to swipe that annoying smirk off his face, but every time he called you princess, oh you melted and withered by his feet. Though you didn't show it to him, you could tell he knew it.
  A loud 'Quiet!' comes from sensei Lawrence as everybody's chatters immediately fall silent. Your day dreaming beginning to fade out as reality strikes you once again. You couldn't help but look at Hawk, it was a usual thing you would find yourself doing.
  You would check him out in his gi before starting a match with another cobra Kai. I guess he could sense someone staring at him so his eyes immediately met yours, you quickly looked back at sensei but you could tell he knew you were looking at him by the side smirk that slid across his face.
  "Today we're going to be doing matches, Hawk and Y/n; you're up first" Sensei says, your eyes internally widen as you look over at hawk to see him stepping his place on the mat with a sinister smirk.
  You clear your throat and place yourself in your spot on the mat in front of him, Miguel puts the flag up before quickly throwing it down "fight!" He yells as we get into our stances.
  "You're going down princess" He smirks as he trips you with his leg and pins you to the ground, earning him a point.
  "Point! Hawk" Miguel yells out, scoring the board.
  You both get back into stance before you land a kick in with your leg, catching him off guard as you trip both of his legs, pinning him down on the mat "I wouldn't be so sure about that 'princess'" You mock, with your own satisfied smirk.
  Hawk grits his teeth together as he glares up at you, "Point! L/n" Miguel adds your point to the score board as you and Hawk get back into your places.
  "You're gonna regret that 'Princess'" He says emphasizing the 'princess' with more venom and hate in his voice.
  Something about that catches you off guard as he lands a kick to your side and pins you down so your front is smushed up against the mat, he uses his hand to keep your back pinned and straddles half of your body with just one knee, he leans down to your ear "told you" he whispers sending chills down your spine causing you to get goosebumps, your body leaning into him to which he notices and chuckles before freeing you.
  You stand back up as the other point goes to Hawk, you started to not only get frustrated; but sexually frustrated. Your chest was heaving up and down as sweat started dripping down your neck and to your chest causing hawk to follow the movements, getting distracted by your chest letting you land a punch on him, roundhouse kicking his side and pinning his arms behind his back.
  "What? Loosing focus babe" You sharply finish, gritting your teeth as your lips hover over his neck causing him to gulp.
  "Point! L/n" Miguel yells placing your point on the board as you forcefully push hawk off of you.
  "Last person to get this point, wins" Sensei says with a harsh nod.
  Hawk lands a kick to your side to which you block, grabbing his leg and twisting it; pulling him closer to you before letting him go. Hawk almost growls like as he lunges for you landing punches left and right so fast you almost didn't make the blocks.
  You bend on your hand and knock him over, straddling his waist and pinning his hands over his head. Both of your chests heaving with sweat pouring off your body's.
  Johnny congratulates you on your win, everybody else claps along with him as Hawk forcefully pushes you off of him causing you to stumble back only slightly. He curses under his breath as he walks away, leaving you with your own bundle of thoughts.
You scoffed at his actions before angrily throwing yourself up from the floor but not before sending a smirk towards Hawk on your way back to your spot causing him to scoff and bite his lip annoyedly.
You smile, half way proud of yourself on your win and will to anger Hawk more. "Alright, take a 10 minute break everyone" Johnny says as he walks to his office, with Miguel following.
Everyone sprawls out to their original break seats with their friends, it just so happened that you and Hawk had the same friend group. That being Aisha, Miguel, and Tory who wasn't absent today because of her mom.
Miguel comes back from Johnny's office as you both walk towards Hawk and Aisha, Hawks eyes almost immediately find yours causing him to scoff as you sit in front of him and beside Aisha and Miguel.
"Do you really have to sit here?" He asks rudely.
"Well of course I do darlin" You playfully tease in a country accent, causing him to roll his eyes annoyed by your antics.
"Oh come on guys, can't you for once stop hating each other" Aisha says sincerely.
"Never." Hawk harshly says as he throws daggers your way, his piercing eyes looking through your soul; only slightly making your heart leap a few inches.
You throw your hand up, his way "see there's your answer" You half agree.
Only if he knew the truth. Only if they all knew the truth.
Though out of the corner of your eye you could see hawk admiring you, and for the first time that actually made you confused on his true feelings for you. Using this to your advantage to hopefully get what you wanted, you purposely lean back on your elbows pressing your chest up; the gi slipping from your chest a little.
Only Hawk noticed as Aisha and Miguel started up a conversation on what to get Sam for their one month anniversary. Hawks eyes widened slight as his lips parted, his eyes following your movements; still gazing at your chest though.
Finally you decide to make yourself known, that you had caught him. You look at his eyes causing him to meet yours, his whole body freezing as he knew you seen him. You raise an eyebrow at him in 'question' as your lips turn into a tight side smile.
Noticeably he catches on and scoffs looking away, running his tongue over the edge of his lip. You noticeably bite your lip out of habit as your eyes focus on his lips, before trailing down his body and to the slight bulge in his white gi.
Luckily for him the gi was a little big on his waist so it wouldn't be noticeable unless you tightened the gi. Soon Johnny rushes out of the office in frantic, alerting us all that he had somewhere to be.
You rush up to check on him as he walks out the door, you high on his heels "Sensei, is there anything I can do?" You question in an attempt to be helpful as Hawk walks up beside you.
In a rush Johnny hands you the dojo keys, "you and Hawk close up, and please if you don't mind put the mats and stuff up for me" You give him a gentle nod as he rushes in his firebird, but not before giving a second glance as some of the students start leaving already.
Soon almost everyone is gone except for Miguel and Aisha, they walk up to you both "I wonder what that was about" Aisha says as every shakes their head clueless.
"Well we're going to wing stop, wanna come?" Miguel offers, you look at Hawk as you jingle the keys in your hand.
"We'd love to but we're gonna clean up the dojo... so we'll meet you there afterwards?" You question, Miguel nods as Sam pulls up and lets them both in.
Once they drive off you walk back into the building, not bothering to leave the door open for Hawk as you place the keys on a random shelf. "You're so unbelievable" Hawk scoffs as he walks through the doors, already folding some of the mats.
"I'm unbelievable? Then what does that make you?" You scoff as you fold up the other half of the mats, following Hawk into the back room.
Throwing them down to the side Hawk turns to you "oh come on, don't tell me you didn't know what you were doing in there!" He raises his voice as you smirk.
"Oh don't tell me you didn't enjoy it, because your friend say other wise" You point downwards as you place a hand on your hip.
He lets out a growl as he walks towards you, forcefully pushing you against the wall; resting his hand on your arm firmly. You let out a slight gasp as his eyes squint from anger, your breath slowly getting heavier as you lean into his touch; Hawk doesn't realize it yet though.
"You are so f*cking difficult Y/n" He says your name with such hate as he pushes you harder into the wall, his flame covered eyes staring daggers into your soul.
  You breath hitches as you feel yourself becoming very turned on, Hawk eyes you for a second before it downed on him. You were horny. A smirk plays on his face as he knows he's got you wrapped around his finger.
  "You know Y/n, if you wanted me you should've just said something" He laughs, as he brings a hand to your cheek, lightly stroking your cherry red cheeks.
  "I-I don't want you" You stammer, trying to deny him. Key word; trying.
  "Oh yeah, what would you do if I did this" He says as his hand drops to your middle untying the waist part of your gi before running his hand over your stomach, causing goosebumps to rise on your skin and a very light moan to release from your lips from the contact of his skin on yours.
  Your eyes turn to a pleading look before you snap out of it and push him away from you, he stumbles back "don't touch me" you glare.
  Hawk smirks as you tie back your gi with a huff, "oh come on princess, don't fight it" He walks closer to you, this time you let him as he puts his hand on the wall behind you.
  Your eyes trail down to his lips before looking back up at his eyes, "just say the word" His eyes trail to your lips as he starts to lean closer, teasingly slow.
  "Please..." You beg, barley above a whisper.
  Hawk smirks as he connects his lips with yours, closing the gap between you he puts his hand on your cheek as you place your hand on the back of his neck, desperately pulling him closer to your body.
  Hawk tries to deepen the kiss but you deny it, he gets more desperate as he grips your thighs and carries you over to a smallish table in the corner of the room, he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth as you had parted your lips lightly.
  You start untying his gi, as your legs spread for him before wrapping around his waist. He breaks the kiss with a smirk as he looks down "look at you, already spreading your legs for me" He laughs as he places a hand on your thigh.
  Your eyebrow raises in anger "shut the f*ck up" You lightly push his shoulder, he couldn't tell if you were serious, but neither could you; he finally decided on a decision which meant you were very serious.
  His laughing demeanor changes as his face holds more of an angry expression from your attitude, he forcefully undoes the knot on your gi pulling it down your middle to be met with your white lace bra.
  You gasp at the sudden action but let out a little moan as he leans down to kiss your neck, forcefully he grabs your hair that's in a ponytail and yanks it back, his lips still hovering over your neck.
  "You won't talk to me like that princess" He growls out as he wraps his hand around your throat, you were so turned on by his actions as you started grinding your hips against his bulge becoming needy.
  You let out a far fetched whine when he holds your hips down, stopping you from moving. "So desperate, don't worry princess.. I'll make sure you cum... eventually" He smirks darkly as he lifts your waist up so he could pull your gi down along with your underwear in one go.
  You let out a hiss as the cold air hits you, Hawk looks down as he runs a finger over your glistening pussy... already so wet. He gathers wetness from your entrance before bringing it back up to your clit, creating slow circles with the pads of his fingers as you let out a couple of moans already.
You felt a burning sensation in your clit that meant you would be close to cumming soon, the burning only made it better as your head rested against his shoulder and your eyes rolled in the back of your head as he slowed down and sped up until he removed all touch from your needy body.
You groan at his actions, "hawk if you don't stop playing around and just f*ck me I will make you regret it" You scoff, unknown confidence coming from some where.
"Easy princess, don't worry... I am going to fuck you" He whispers huskily into your ear, nipping at your neck leaving little red bites.
Hawk starts to untie his own gi as he lets it fall down, his pale skin and lightly toned abs now ashore as he throws his gi with your pile of clothes. He's only left in his boxers for a second or two before he slips those off too.
His hard cock slapping against his toned stomach causing him to let out a groan at the cool air, quickly you jump down and get on your knees. You had waited long enough to taste him and now that you had him in your grasp you weren't turning it down.
His eyes widen slightly as his hand automatically goes to your now low ponytail as you grab onto his length slowly pumping his veiny cock. The tip of his cock was a deep red while the base of his cock showed deep blue veins as pre cum starts dripping from the tip to the base.
You practically drool as you fasten your pace with your strokes before running your tongue around his tip, his hands fall to your bra clip trying to fiddle with the clip, groaning once he couldn't get it.
You mentally smirk as you move your hands to your back, sucking on his tip before going all the way down, balls deep with no hands as you tug your bra off, your perky breasts being now free as your nipples harden.
"F*ck princess" Hawk moans at the sight of you using no hands as you gag on his cock.
"If I had known this mouth would've been good for anything other than talking we would've done this awhile ago" He smirks as he tugs at your hair.
You start sucking inwards, now becoming greedy with how fast or slow you suck him off. His head falls back as his hips start jutting into your mouth.
With a pop you let his cock fall out of your mouth and stand up bending over the table, but not before getting to see his angry expression when you stopped sucking him off.
He gets the memo as he comes up behind you, gripping your waist he spreads your thighs further apart so he could get a better view. He bends down to kiss your back before going to your neck "it this okay?" He asks as the tip of his cock points to the entrance of your pussy.
You nod eagerly as he finally bottoms out and stuffs his whole cock into you, only letting you adjust to his size for a minute as he starts full on pounding into you, moans fall out of your mouth constantly as he keeps hitting the best spots in you.
"Your so tight princess, Damn~" Hawk moans out as he lifts your right leg so it's resting on the table, hitting your g-spot straight on because of the new angle causing you to cry out in pleasure.
"You know all these years I thought you hated me... turns out you were only sexually frustrated" He laughs as his grip tightens on your waist.
"F*ck you" You hiss out, a moan slipping past your lips.
He chuckles "you are... well more like I'm f*cking you princess" He teases as he thrusts purposefully deep into your wet pussy.
His thrust seem to deepen even more which really surprises you seeing how so much deep he already is as the room starts to fog up slightly from the tension and sexual actions, the room smelling like sex as your boobs bounce with every thrust, your nipples only hardening more as they rub against the textured small table causing you to moan out.
The pit of your stomach starts burning as you feel your high approaching, as does Hawk when his cock starts twitching inside of you; indicating that he was indeed close to his high.
"You close?" He hums as your pussy starts clenching around his cock, only making him closer to his high.
"Mhm!" You moan out desperately as your answer as you grip onto the edge of the table.
The knot starts to get unbearably tight as his thrusts fasten, soon that knot snaps. Your core clenches against his cock as you cum around him, his cock twitching when he starts to pull out.
"Cum in me Hawk" You moan out desperately as he starts jerking his length off to get him there still breathing heavily.
"Are you sure princess" He moans as he continues to jerk himself off, you nod rapidly knowing you were already on the monthly shot which worked better than the pill.
He stuffs his cock back into your pussy, moaning once he cums inside of you. The warm liquid filling your insides up as your mouth falls open, eyes rolling back into your head... it felt so good~
"Y/n..." he moans out as his hips still from overstimulation, his nails digging against your back leaning red marks with each drag.
And they say only girls give scratches~
He pulls out of you as he watches his cum slowly fall out of your wrecked pussy, both of your breathing seized down as you both rested for a second from the previous activities.
You turn around grabbing your clothes and slipping them on in silence as does Hawk, not a word said between you for a couple minutes.
"So uh- what was that?" Hawk asked, as a lump forms in the back of his throat, waiting for your answer.
"It was just sex... nothing more" You state, and as soon as it leaves your lips you regret it.
Hawk scoffs "really? Just sex." He squints his eyes in anger as you hesitantly nod.
"Yeah. We hate each other, remember" You put your hand on your hip.
Hawk scoffs as he turns to look at the side, "alright, it was just a fuck." He says plainly as he angrily walks out of the dojo.
Here’s a lil something to cure your boredom ;)
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Burn (Alec Volturi x Reader)
WARNING: Fire! Mentions of Trauma! Injuries!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Volturi had made many enemies in their reign but they didn't need three guesses as to who started the fire. The guards and the Volturi escaped one by one, some clinging to each other. However as the fire raged on, consuming everything in its wake, the more the reality of the situation sank in. 
Alec had tugged you out hard by the wrist and you coughed violently. The others didn't, after all, they were vampires and they didn't need to breathe. Relief washed over you knowing you were safe. However, whilst trying to catch your breath you barely noticed Alec gradually growing louder and panicked. You walked forward as he began to scream and that's when you realised what he was saying. Jane was nowhere to be found. You immediately thought the worst just as Alec had. The twins were terrified of fire, if anyone was going to leave a burning building before anyone, it was the twins. "(Y/N), calm him!" Caius ordered and you didn't need to be told twice as you hurried towards Alec. "Alec, hold it together- we still have to get out of here!" You pleaded, taking his face in your hands. "My sister...my twin." It was a dry sob but it clawed at your heart. You had never seen Alec so distressed and broken. "I know, keep it together, just a little longer." You begged. Alec couldn't go off the rails, not now. "I have to go back and get her!" "You can't!" Suddenly Felix and Demetri were holding him back as the coven tried to reason with him as he wailed. 
You couldn't bare to see Alec like that. It wasn't over. Not yet. You looked at the castle. No humans had come lurking around the back yet so there was some time. They were too busy with the front of the castle as it had only hit the top floors. Everything in you told you if you went in there there was no guarantee you'd find Jane and there was no guarantee- despite your gift- of survival. Suffocation probably but burning to death? Surely there were just some thinks rapid cell regeneration couldn't handle. It wasn't as though you had intended to push how far your gift could go. You looked back at Alec. You had to try. You had to try for him. You took the opportunity whilst everyone was distracted with Alec to run towards the building. 
It was Felix who barely caught sight of you running through the flames of the door. "Oh hell." His jaw dropped as he was unable to believe what he had just saw. That caught the attention of the others who noticed you were no longer standing behind them and Felix was staring down the door. It didn't take long for anyone to piece it together. Alec included. He suddenly struggled against Demetri and Felix. He let out an anguished scream of your name begging anyone not to let you die. Begging Aro not to let him lose you. It was a horrible situation made worse by the knowledge Alec could very well lose a sister or a mate...maybe both. 
"Jane!" You cried out before coughing violently. "Jane where are you!?" You screeched as a loud bang was heard as something crashed down to the floor inches away from you. It was unbearably hot. You didn't dare look at your body, afraid of the damage as the flames licked at you. "Jane!" You cried out again. 
You went from room to room and you found her frozen in horror by the flames climbing the walls before her. The twins had a fear of fire, more than any other vampire had, given their past. "Jane!" You yelled out between coughs. "Come on! We got to get out of here!" Jane's gaze snapped to you as you reached out a hand. You grabbed a blanket. "Put this over you! It'll catch any flames! You need to come with me somewhere safe!" Jane was frightened and made small stiff movements as she debated. "We're running out of time, this place is going to collapse!" You yelled reaching out to her.  Finally she trusted in you took your hand. You covered her with the blanket and guided her. The two of you moved towards the exit when suddenly the floor gave out under you and trapped your ankle. "(Y/N)!?" Jane tugged at you. "Go! The exit is right there! Take the blanket off as soon as you're out!" "What about you!?" She cried out. "I'm right behind you! Go!" You demanded and that was when the ceiling broke before the two of you. Jane screamed and ran out the door. 
Aro sighed in relief as the twin girl burst out of the castle doors. She dropped the blanket to the ground that had, as you promised, caught any flames. She ran towards Alec in terror as the twins clung to each other. However, you were nowhere to be seen. Jane told her brother over and over again about how you saved her. However that didn't give him any answers as he screamed at no one in particular about your whereabouts. "We need to go." Caius said sharply. "The humans will be coming this way any moment.” "I'm not leaving them!" Alec cried out as a figure burst out the same exit Jane had. 
The person was almost unrecognisable had it not been the eyes and height. The figure was covered in dust, ash and soot. Their lips were gone, revealing teeth and a lot of skin was missing within the body as it walked towards the Volturi. The humans clothes had burned away to scraps that loosely hung upon the body only revealing more missing skin and bone. The heartbeat pounded but was slowly calming down. As the person continued towards the Volturi, only then did they recognise who they were looking at. Your scent had been completely overpowered by the smell of smoke and burning. Alec screamed, terrified of the sight before him. This was his nightmare, if he could ever dream. This would be the worst. He screamed and wailed in horror, anguish and then relief. It was his one fear and fire had touched you, so much so that the damaged, had it been anyone else, would be fatal.  Your eyes drooped slightly, exhaustion kicking in as your lips began to reform, the red patches of exposed flesh had begun to heal. The bones of your ankle and arms hidden once more, slowly but surely, you began to look more like yourself. Alec fell to his knees, unable to handle the sight any longer. Even seeing you in that moment, he still worried endlessly. Jane pulled him up and Alec immediately dived out towards you, the moment you were barely feet away from him. He pulled you into him tightly as he sobbed. 
The force hurt but you could ignore it. You coughed it come out as a croak. Alec pressed his face against the newly exposed skin upon your shoulder. "Never do that again!" He cried. "Don't do that!" Your hands were lightly upon his back. It was the only energy that remained within you to comfort him as you bent back slightly as the crushing pressure Alec was pressing on you. Suddenly Jane was also hugging you. "You saved me." She said filled with emotion as Alec continued to sob although there was no tears. "You could have died." "Alec...can't...lose...you." Your voice was hoarse and croaked making them worry that your throat was still recovering from the fire. That reminded them that even if you had healed on the outside, you were likely still healing on the inside. Alec felt you go limp and immediately held you up with a panicked cry of your name. "'m here." You grumbled. "They'll be exhausted, they've never had to fix something like this. They shouldn't be alive, Alec." Demetri reminded him. You raised your arms higher around his shoulders, beyond the smoke, you could still smell him when you focused upon it. Demetri unbuttoned his jacket. "Take my jacket." Demetri said as Alec stepped back to allow Demetri to help you into his jacket. Alec knew you'd be embarrassed later about almost being half naked in front of the leaders and showing too much skin but he couldn't care about that. Not when he almost lost you. In fact, he hadn't even noticed how much was showing until you had healed and he had stepped away.  Alec wasted no time once again pulling you into his arms. This time was less painful. He kissed the side of your neck, jaw, cheek, any skin he could reach with relief. He doted his full attention to you, a chance he thought had been ripped away the moment he took his eyes off of you. Yet here you were back safely in his arms. "'m tired." You mumbled. "I know, sweet-face." His reply came out as a whine as he held you to him. You barely felt Jane plant her own few kisses to your cheek. She owed you a life-long debt and any doubt of you was long gone. You were her brothers mate and therefore she was your sister too. You were family. 
"I believe the surviving Romanian coven members have gotten too comfortable and perhaps we were too generous with letting them live this long." Aro said icily. "We nearly lost a few our valued dear ones on this day." Marcus said somberly as he looked between you and Jane. "I believe an example is in order." Caius smirked darkly, his grip upon Athenodora tight. "I do believe Alec will be rather eager for some justice." Aro agreed. "I won't go through that again." Alec said icily, holding your to him tightly as Jane held your hand. "I won't show any mercy." Jane smiled at her brothers words. Her eyes twinkled with excitement. "Have we ever, brother?"
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Tumblr media
This right here is my favourite thing in the world.
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gameraboy2 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Star Trek (1966), “The Savage Curtain”
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 10 months ago
Bruhhh I want to just ride Thor. That man just does things to be and I just 🤤🤤🤤
Oh he makes me feel a lot
Sit Down, Stay a While
Warning: noncon/rape, rough Thor, this got out of hand
Tumblr media
Loki's away again. He does this every now and then. He likes to just fuck off but he always comes back. You wait around, that's what you vowed to do. As much as you could hate him, you love him to. Him and his tricks. He just had to be sparse until his brother forgot about his last one.
The thought conjures the elder of the princes. So seems the habit of both of them. They would appear just as they cross your mind. The knock is so soft, you think it's the maid.
Thor asks after his brother and without result, he asks if he can come in. You get along, you always have. You're the mediator between him and the darker haired Odinson. You ask if he wants a drink as he sits on the sofa.
"Ale?" he inquires.
"Loki only keeps wine," you sigh as you near the glass cabinet.
"Red," he affirms, "thank you, lady."
"He's been away for--"
"A week, yes, I know why," he chuckles, "I see the humour in it now. I think it worse he leaves you behind."
"Sometimes I need the respite," you say as you cross to him and set down the goblet on the low table.
You pour his glass and put the bottle beside it. You turn awkwardly between his long, thick legs and the table but you're stopped by him. He catches your hip and stills you before him, bringing you to face him.
"You're not lonely?" he crinkles his brow.
"Not at all," you say as you lightly touch his wrist, "I know what I promised at the altar--"
"An empty bed? A husband who is as good as air," he grips your other hip.
"Not quite," he purrs, "oh, come on, he is away too often."
"He is my husband and you are his brother, thence mine," you try to push his hands away from you, "your concern is flattering."
"My concern is of mine own," he smirks, "it is more suited to vengeance."
Pulls you towards him and you catch yourself on his shoulders. Even sat down, he is too strong for you.
"I am not part of your games," you insist as you try to shove yourself away from him.
His hands slide down your ass and your thighs as he pulls your legs around him.
"Let me go," you hit his shoulder, "Thor, you have made your point. I will be sure Loki--"
"Oh, he will know all of it," he snakes his arm around you and pulls you close as his other hand tugs your skirts from beneath your knees, "I will know all of you."
"Stop! You beast!" you slap him across the face and his head snaps back. He chuckles and shakes out the shockwave.
"Oh, don't act so sweet, princess," he taunts as his hand crawls beneath the layers of fabric.
You flinch as you struggle against his thick arm and he tickles the inside of your thighs with his knuckles. He picks at his breeches as you squirm in his lap. You push on his shoulders desperately as you try to lift yourself on your knees.
He sighs as he frees himself and you feel his smooth tip rub against your leg. Panic sparks and you drag your nails across his cheek and leave raw scarlet lines. He growls through his teeth and forces you down until he prods your folds.
"Nggh noooo," you yank on his hair and tense as he search for your entrance.
He chuckles as he squeezes you tighter and forces his tip against your cunt. He retracts his hand from beneath you and thrusts you down on him. You cry out as he stretches you painfully, forcing himself to his hilt as he angles his hips below you.
"Th-Th-Thor," you whimper and try to elbow away his arms, "get--"
He slips a hand under your ass and the other frames your side as he begins to move you. You bare your teeth and swipe at him again. He catches your wrist and then the other as he bucks his pelvis meanly. He holds your hands up, his grip threatening to snap the bones.
"Keep going," he snarls, "you're done when I am, princess."
You groan as your hands pulse from his grasp and you rock your hips, his size too much to handle as your walls ache around him. The pressure mounts and you slicken around him with each tilt. The pain slakes away and turns to a fullness you can't resist.
"I may be wrong, princess," he rasps as you speed up and he presses your hands to his chest, "you may finish first."
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Tumblr media
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skippyangel16 · 6 months ago
Warning..All that Glitters is not Gold!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And will never give you as much happiness as 👇
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So is the oscars going to be more like this with PA running behind you…
Tumblr media
Instead of a certain person joining you…
Tumblr media
The one that makes you light up…and shine!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please don’t do it without him!
Tumblr media
You can’t turn back time, but you can re set the clock…🙏
Thanks to all gif makers named and unidentifiable
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a-haunted-passion · a month ago
Tumblr media
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fatmagic · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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chibibakudeku · 2 months ago
꧁•⊹٭|𝙱𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚐𝚘𝚞 𝙸𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚜| 𝙱𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚐𝚘𝚞 𝚡 𝙵𝚎𝚖!𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛٭⊹•꧂
Chapter 4: Accidental Burning
Tumblr media
`✵•.¸,✵°✵.。.✰ 𝕂𝕒𝕥𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚 ✰.。.✵°✵,¸.•✵´
*warning* if burning is a trigger skip this chapter
He is coming home and is pissed because a different hero took out the villain he was about to take care of and then he got called to the other side of town to get a shit load of documents to fill out. When in reality they could of been emailed to him because they have to be faxed to different hero agencies. To sum up his day, he is pissed and in a very bad mood. 
Meanwhile with you, you are patiently waiting for your firecracker to get home like usual. You hear the jingle of his keys, so you get up and wait for him to walk through. He walks through the door and you let him set down his stuff and take off his shoes first before you approach him. Before you even get the chance to say anything to him he walks past you. Your smile falters. You turn your head, “Hey Katsu! How was work?” you ask ignoring his usual rudeness. “Not now dumbass” he quickly says trying to hide the irritation from his day because he doesn’t want to seem irritated with you. 
You stop for a moment before approaching him again. “Did I do something wrong?” you ask placing your hand on his shoulder. Without thinking……he turns around and grabs both of your wrists and pins you to the nearest wall. His grip is tight and it is sort of hurting you. 
“Dumbass I just said not now! So leave it! And you’re an idiot if you think you did something wrong. Now leave me the fuck alone!” his grip tightens and as he said his last word, an enormous amount of heat from his hands made its way to your pinned wrists. You weren’t usually scared of your normally angry boyfriend but right now he was scaring you and the heat from his hands were hurting you. You winced in pain and tears were starting to form in your eyes. 
Katsuki’s expression immediately changed from an angry one to a very concerned one when he heard you wince and saw the tears in your eyes. He looked to see what was causing you pain and when he realized that he caused. He immediately let go of your wrists and as soon as he did you ran to the bathroom locking the door with many tears spilling from your eyes. 
Meanwhile, Bakugou is standing in the same spot shocked at his own behavior. ‘Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck I didn’t mean to take it out on her’ he is roughly gripping his hair as he thinks this. Immediately after you locked the door, Bakugou made his way upstairs quickly and knocks the door. “Teddybear, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. Please open the door.” he pleads as he repeatedly knocks on the door. He waits for a moment to hear any movement and all he hears is the running water of the sink and sniffles. He is about to knock again, but he hears you unlock the door and turn the knob. He sees your puffy red eyes and enormous guilt can be seen in his crimson eyes and in his slouched posture.
You open the door silently and turn to sit on the closed lid of the toilet seat. Katsuki walks in and takes the already open first-aid kit from the counter. As gently as he possibly can, he grabs your wrists to apply the appropriate ointment to help with burns and wraps bandages around it. He sees you wince and asks you if he wrapped it to tight. You shake your head no and he nods in return. He takes a seat on the edge of the tub as you turn facing the same direction.
“You really scared me Kat” you say softly. He gently holds your hands before speaking. “I know baby and you don’t understand how sorry I am. I was having the worst day at work and didn’t mean to take it out on you” his head is down not looking at you. You remove your hands from his and bring it to cup his face guiding it to look at you. “It’s okay Katsu, I forgive you” you say with a small smile. You also peck his lips and then hug him. 
Kat always appreciates any kind of affection you give him and he smiles into the hug. To end this emotional rollercoaster of a day, you and Kat leave the bathroom and head to the bedroom. Kat changes out of his work attire and takes a quick shower before joining you in the bed. You guys spend the remainder of the night cuddled together watching Marvel movies.
A/N: leave me some ideas in the comments if you like this little series I got going on.
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You are Mine (Yandere!Volturi x Reader)
WARNING: Dark themes! Fainting! Anxiety! Abuse!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Caius took his time going to the tower with the small infant cradled in his eyes. The baby was fast asleep for now. He couldn't help but be in awe of the small child. They weren't his biological child but that didn't seem to matter as much as he had thought it would. Not now that he had the baby in his arms. It took longer by a few minutes to get to the tower but it was worth it. Caius took every moment he had alone with him and the baby.  Athenodora had clearly been confused when he was approaching because her jaw dropped when Caius entered the door. She had heard the small but fast heartbeat but didn't know what it was. Although it was getting closer, along with the scent of her husband. Caius moved closer with a soft smile meant only for his wife. "They're ours." He said gently. 
It was a somewhat rocky start at first. Nothing they couldn't take care of but even at your age, you knew something was wrong. It was surprising really that even in infancy you seemed to have some awareness. For starters, bedtimes were near impossible. You were afraid to fall asleep, even when there was a light. Every night had become the same process, your shrieking and tears overpowering those in the dungeons by far. 
One night, Caius had an idea. He wasn't sure where it came from but he figured it wouldn't hurt. He held you in his arms and you clung to him as much as your tiny limbs could allow. A surprisingly strong grip for someone who had barely gotten the basics of walking. Your head was resting against Caius' shoulder as he swayed you slightly, holding you to him. The hand that wasn't holding you up brushed up and down your spine from the nape of your neck to mid back. He made a step or two and barely twenty seconds passed before your fussing stopped. You had grown limp and Caius looked to his brothers for confirmation who were astounded. You had fallen asleep almost immediately. Clearly the lack of sleep had been getting to you. 
Caius couldn't help but smile as he moved further into Marcus' room. The sight before him was heartwarming after everything that had just happened. Marcus lay upon his bed. The small baby barely looking to be three months old, curled up upon his chest. "My sincerest apologies to intrude on such a tender moment." Caius smirked. Marcus shot his own smile back in return. "Judging by the heartbeat, it didn't take long for them to fall asleep at all." He said. "Where everything is all nice and calm." "Well, what do you think about them brother?" Caius asked. Marcus smiled again as Caius gently put a hand upon the baby's back, rubbing slightly. "They're perfect." Marcus said quietly. 
Names quickly became an issue because you had begun to copy those around you. It wasn't too bad for the guards. Demetri had become 'Dem-me-tree'. Alec was 'Al-wec'. Afton was 'Ahf-tin'. Those weren't the issues- it was that you were calling Caius 'Cai-yuss' and Aro 'Mastah.' Whilst Marcus was 'da-da-da-da'. Caius sent you an unnoticed sharp look when they discovered it. Your calling of Aro was amusing and Marcus' name was somewhat sweet but why are you calling him by first name? "No, that's not my name." Caius said firmly, as he moved down the steps before kneeling down. "What's my name?" You seemed puzzled. "Mastah?" Felix barely stifled his laugh. "No." Caius shot Felix a dark look. "I’m your father. You can call me many names like: papa, dada, father, mon pere- you can even call me daddy but you can’t call me anything else." It didn't stick at first but after what felt like an eternity. You got it right.  
 You even had a good bond with the guards. Demetri and Felix were the most common but upon occasion you saw Alec too. Although you felt close to him, most times you were simply afraid of what he'd do. He was always the one your parents used as punishment when your anger took hold. They say it's for your safety but you thought it was torture. Dared you say it, you couldn't help but think Alec enjoyed it too. So you really tried to avoid him most times. 
You thought back to one of your most earliest memories. The three leaders smiled slightly as you pined for Demetri's attention. All the while, Demetri was happy to oblige, even sharing a laugh with Heidi and Felix as he bent down and carefully spun you 'like the dance!' as you had declared many times.  Another time came to mind, some time after that when you got Aro solely to yourself. Having only one parent spending time with you was rare. Having Aro or Caius spend time with you alone was unheard of. You could remember the day Aro took you to paint with him. Aro was always excitable and eccentric. So out of the three, he was the most playful. He had scattered canvases all over the room some stacked upon each other. The floors covered with old sheets so that the room wasn't completely wrecked. Aro seemed to have came up with the idea when he noticed some of your clothes were getting a little small on you. You looked to be around seven at most. However the highlight of the day had to be the moment Aro picked you up and smeared the paint of the canvas using your back. You screeched in laughter as Aro declared that you were his paintbrush. Caius, Athenodora and Sulpicia nearly had a fit when they say you were covered in paint. 
Caius wasn't the most emotional person. In fact, some would presume he didn't have any if it wasn't for is perpetual anger. Although what was clear was that Caius didn't have much love for the world. His love was for his wife and now his child. Caius knew of Athenodora's want for a child since he had met her. His heart ached at the reality that this was one thing he simply couldn't give. He could give her the whole world but what did that matter when he could fulfill her one wish? Even after you arrived, such guilt wasn't easily forgotten. Caius knew Athenodora would have wanted a child of her own biology. He too would have liked the same. 
Caius entered his chambers shared with his wife when he was stunned into silence. He was interrupting something but it was one of the most beautiful sights he could have ever laid his eyes upon. First thing heard was your laughter followed by Athenodora's own soft laughter. The two of you were spinning, hand in hand. Caius leaned against the wall, silently, watching the two people who had captured him in heart and soul. Athenodora picked you off your head and spun faster making you screech more with laughter. He softly smiled. Everything he did to make it to this point, it was all worth it. He couldn't help but wish you'd stay so young forever. Not quite ready to face that whilst you aged slower than the average human, you were still growing.  You looked to be about eight years old after a few centuries. Even an incredibly slow aging process was too short for him.  "Daddy!" The call for him, made him retreat from his thoughts, just in time to catch you as you ran to him. He picked you up immediately with a smile as his wife, moved towards him with a smile of her own. 
By all accounts, you had a good life. You had a great childhood. You were close to your parents, even considering yourself lucky that you had five of them. Your life was perfect. The thought had your full attention, making you grow quiet during your time with Marcus. You had been walking through the gardens and took a seat upon the concrete seat. You didn't notice Marcus' stare and his smile as hew knew you were distracted. Marcus lightly nudged you. "What is on your mind, little one?" You jolted slightly, snapping back into reality. "Oh sorry...I was just- nevermind, it'll sound silly." You shook your head. "Never think like that, little one. Go on, tell me." "I was just think about how lucky I am to have five parents who love and protect me." You said slightly embarrassed. Marcus' smile grew. “You know, when I first laid my eyes upon you, I knew you were the one. You would be the person to change my life for the better and you did.” Marcus smiled at you as you looked down, somewhat shyly. He continued. “I always found it so bizarre how this small little being that hadn’t even stood on their own two feet could have such a strong impact.” You let out a small laugh and so did Marcus. “When you looked at me for the first time...I knew.  I didn’t have so much as a question, my whole life was you. You were a blessing, my blessing and I wouldn’t take it for granted.” Marcus took your hand in his. “Not even for a moment, did I ever do that and I never will.” You squeezed his hand with your own that was smaller than his even after so much growing. “I’m lucky to have parents like you.” You smiled.  “That’s a sad thought, my dear.” He said softly and you tilted your head ever so slightly in confusion. “That’s the job of a parent. To love and protect you from this world. For anyone to have anything less than that...it’s sad. Some wrongs fix themselves. The twins father wasn’t around even towards the end, the world wouldn’t allow it. We hardly remember our own parents but...not everyone had the most nurturing parents and with that I decided by brothers and sister, we decided, not you. Never you. Never would you ever have to face that.  I just hope you will stick around in return. For you dear old father.” You smiled.   
There were many times that you got bored in the castle. There were times your parents just weren't available and by extension neither were the guards and that left you alone for your own entertainment. Most times you had learned to entertain yourself but there were the few occasions that just wasn't an working for you. That led you to wandering through the halls almost aimlessly. Truth be told, it didn't help your boredom in the slightest. 
You couldn't help but linger outside the dungeons. You weren't allowed down there. Not under any circumstances and you faced many punishments for even considering the idea alone. Sure it was dangerous down there but maybe a little bit of danger wasn't a bad thing every now and then. It definitely could serve as a cure for boredom. Even for a little while. You looked around to find no one in sight. It was silent. A five minute peek couldn't hurt... Right?  With one last glance around you swung open the heavy door and closed it. 
It was dark. Much darker than some of the corridors that were constantly in darkness. Although there were some dim torches at the bottom of the stairs. Slowly you descended the stairs, with every step was an echo. You couldn't help but notice how silent it was. Was no one in there? Perhaps you were wrong, perhaps it was dangerous not for the people possibly in it but the structural integrity. Was it falling apart? No, that couldn't have been it. Not by far. If that were the case then why would there be posted guards upon occasion? Perhaps it was only empty now. Then that couldn't hurt, right? 
At the bottom of the stairs you found that to be a very wrong assumption indeed. You jumped when you heard a low growl beside you. You weren't alone in here. Not by a long shot. The dungeons were narrow and every barred cell was almost in complete darkness. In most of those cells, held a vampire who was curled up in a ball or facing the wall. It seemed like they didn't dare move. Were they waiting for something? Or someone? "You...shouldn't be here." A voice croaked. You stifled a scream turning towards the source. It was a woman who looked to be in her fifties. She was curled up in a ball, holding onto the bars with a vice grip. Her eyes were black and clouded over slightly. "You...should not be here, kleiner." She said again, struggling. "Marie! Don't talk to the child! It could be a trap!" Another hushed voice called out. "They...wouldn't bother..." The woman replied. "We will die here. Nothing else." She looked at you. "You are the...the..." She growled in frustration. "Was ist das wort für ein kind auf englisch!?" "The word, you're looking for is child, Marie." Another make voice called out. Suddenly you had a face to match the voice. A man, also curled up pressed against the bars, his eyes also black and clouded pressed his face against the bars to get a better look at you. "Could it be?" You noticed the slight Swedish accent. "What's your name, sweet little thing?" He asked. "Enough out of you, Elias!" A deeper, Romanian voice rang out. "Uncle Stefan, don't be so rough around the poor thing. They shake like a leaf as it is." 'Elias' craned his neck passed you. "If you know what's good for you, Elias. You'll cease that talk now." Another male Romanian voice growled out. You jumped, the sound coming from the vampire in the cell in front of you. However you couldn't make anything out other than he was sitting against the wall. "Or what? You'll rip out my tongue and feed me it? You're just as powerless as the rest of us in here!" Elias shot back with a grin. "Leave them be or you'll find yourself very mistaken." The voice growled again. "Come on, papa! Aren't you curious? Come and say hello to the poor thing. They're frightened." Elias grinned. 
The vampire before you shifted and rose to a stand and moved to the front of the bars. You caught sight of his platinum blonde hair and black milky eyes. "Pay him no mind. His whole existence is to do nothing but make useless comments." The blonde said and Elias behind him scoffed. "Marie is correct, little one. You shouldn't be here. What are you doing down here?" The blonde asked, curling his fingers around the bars. "I got bored." You said quietly through trembles. Some, including the blonde seemed to find amusement in your statement but your eyes were fixated on the blonde who smiled slightly. "All of the space up in the big castle and you still couldn't occupy yourself?" The blonde tilted his head. "Can only count the windows a few times before it gets old." You replied, a little braver and this time you received a few chuckles. "It's their fault for not keeping an eye on you nor keeping you occupied." The blonde smirked. 
You looked over your shoulder towards Elias. "Is that your son?" You asked the blonde who immediately looked repulsed by the idea. The others -minus Elias- laughed quietly at the idea. "Absolutely not." The blonde replied. "I pity the poor man and woman cursed with Elias as a son." Elias hissed making you jump. "Then why did he call you 'papa'?" You asked. Suddenly you heard Elias smug behind you. "Oh yes, Vladimir, do tell them." 'Vladimir' snarled at Elias over your shoulder. "Would you like it to be your eyes next, boy!?" The other Romanian voice rang out. "I have a child, dear. That's why." Vladimir replied, slightly softer. "Where are they? They aren't locked up, are they!?" You hurriedly looked around. "Be calm, child. No, they are not locked away." "Where are they?" You asked. "You're very inquisitive, aren't you?" Vladimir tilted his head. "Sorry...it's a habit of mine." You said softly, looking down slightly. "They're no longer with me, my dear. They were taken from me long ago." Vladimir said softly. "Oh...I'm sorry." You said. Elias scoffed. "Are you joking? You're seriously not going to-" "Silence!" The other Romanian voice snapped. "Honestly, Elias- leave it alone." Marie chastised. Your face contorted in confusion. "Ignore the boy. He is a waste of space." Vladimir told you firmly, his jaw clenched. "Ignore me, huh? Tell me, what kind of father are you that teaches their child to be rude to others?" Elias said louder. "You insolent, arrogant, impulsive, irresponsible sorry excuse of a man! You don't even deserve the title of a boy!" Vladimir snapped at Elias before searching your eyes whilst the other prisoners spoke up. "Zur Hölle mit dir! Why would you do that!?" "îți vei dori să nu te fi născut niciodată când voi termina cu tine!"  All the while you felt your stomach drop. "W-What?" You stammered. "Ignore him." Vladimir insisted quickly. "You... you're my dad?" "Look at what you've done!" Marie snapped at Elias. "I-I was told I was abandoned." You told Vladimir shakily as tears brimmed your eyes. "T-That I wasn't being taken care of- that- I don't understand." 
At first Vladimir was quiet and your words seemed to quieten the other prisoners. "They told you that? That is what they told you?" Vladimir seemed taken aback and disgusted. "I knew they'd lie and come up with something but to say that..." Vladimir trailed off. He was clearly shocked but also angered. A part of him clearly thought he shouldn't have thought anything less but for that to have been the reason still disgusted him. "Was that not true?" You tried to take a deep breath but failed. You had to know more. Vladimir opened his mouth to speak but shook his head, seemingly changing his mind. "No but that doesn't matter- you need to leave before you are caught. You can't be found talking to me-" "Tell me what happened!" You insisted. "I deserve to know." You said shakily, a tear escaping and running down your cheek. 
After a moment of silence, Vladimir seemed to prepare himself. "I lost you twenty eight hours after I lost your mother. I remember it vividly because it was the worst twenty eight hours of my existence. You had just been born and hybrids weren't heard of. You were the first I ever knew to be possible. Your mother died during your birth and I had changed her. During that time, we were at war with the Volturi. They were rising to power and we were the most powerful coven. Once Aro had the witch twins, we were picked off one by one. Our armies, didn't stand a chance. Stefan and I were the only survivors...and you." Vladimir nodded to the cell beside him and another man pressed himself to the bars separating himself and Vladimir. He looked up at you and you realised he was the source of the other Romanian accent. Then you remembered Elias' words 'Uncle Stefan'. Your attention moved back to Vladimir. "They killed her." He said quietly. "They set her body on flames during her change. She didn't survive and burned away to nothing. Then they found you. I thought they had killed you and it wasn't very long until I was captured and have been held here ever since. One day...I found out you were alive." 
Vladimir could remember it like it was yesterday. Barely a few years into his captivity. The twins came down the stairs and Vladimir thought it was time for yet another torture session. Yet he was also met with the leaders. He couldn't say it was a pleasure, he and Stefan could only snarl at anything the three had to say. That was...until Vladimir was the infant in Aro's arms. They barely looked to be six months old and Vladimir knew those eyes anywhere. He gasped immediately reaching out for his baby. "(Y/N)! Give them to me!" Aro hushed him. "Really now, you don't want to scare the poor thing, do you?" "How is this possible? How are they still so young after all this time?" Vladimir ignored Aro, continuing to reach for you. Aro kept you out of reach much to Vladimir's frustration. "They seem to grow slowly. Very slowly. That just means we'll have you around for a long time, won't be, cara mia?" Aro bounced you slightly and you smiled in amusement. "We're here to check something." Aro smiled wryly at Vladimir. Aro tilted you towards Vladimir slightly. "Who's this, (Y/N)?" Vladimir darted his hands out towards you again. His heart sank when you didn't reach for him or look at him for very long at all. Your tiny hand curled on Aro's clothing a little tighter but you didn't seem to know who Vladimir was and weren't too interested either. Vladimir's heart shattered. His baby was in his enemies arms and didn't remember who he was. Aro stroked your cheek gently. "Nothing." He said quietly with a smile. "It seems they don't remember you anymore." Vladimir let out a strangled cry. You jumped and fussed slightly, tears welling in your eyes. Aro kissed your head softly. "There, there, it's alright. Father has you." Vladimir's head shot up in horror. Aro passed you to Marcus, mumbling about you going to papa. "No..." Vladimir pleaded. "...not my baby- not my baby!" Vladimir sank to his knees whilst Aro and Marcus nodded to each other. Marcus left with you in his arms whilst Vladimir screamed for him to come back. Aro kneeled to his level with a wicked smile. "You took her from me. So I took what's rightfully mine." "She never loved you!" Vladimir ground out. "That's alright..." Aro said lightly. "...because her child does." Aro rose to a stand. "Don't worry. Little (Y/N) will have a wonderful childhood. I'll ensure they'll never know about you." 
You felt the large lump in your throat, swallowing against it. Vladimir had been down here this whole time? "It was a long, excruciating process, losing the love of your life isn't easy. It isn't simply sadness, loneliness or anger. It's your whole centre of gravity shifting and you're trying to stay balanced.” Vladimir’s gaze dropped, his eyes glazing over slightly as he seemed to recall the memory. "I lost my whole world in one night but so did you. In my heart, I began to realise that you lost your mother and were taken from your father. Forced to call those people your parents because you didn't know any better. Children are always so innocent. It only makes the act much more brutal. To survive all of this, I had to stop thinking about myself, my feelings as I lost my love and the feelings I had upon losing my only child to two very different outcomes. I had to think about you. Like a delicate fawn trying to find their balance, wobbling and discovering their centre of gravity, you were forced to adapt in a cruel world that I couldn't protect you from. That's a pain that hasn't left me and I don't think it ever will. Yet here you stand, looking at me as though I was a stranger but in those beautiful teary eyes, I can see that want to tap into the part of your brain that holds me in it." Vladimir smiled sadly as your shoulders trembled, holding back the tears. "The memories of our time together may be short but they are worth everything I have ever had. I'll hold them dearly in my heart. You don't have to do that because that is confusing for any child." "How did you know... it was me?" You said quietly through tears. Vladimir reached through the bars and brushed away a tear that had escaped. "You look so much like your mother." 
The small statement is all it took for you to fall to your knees. Vladimir broke your fall, gripping you and lowering you both to the ground. He mumbled something in Romanian, something you couldn't hope to even guess. Vladimir held your face in his hands. After a moment you mouthed the words to him. 'You’re my dad.' Vladimir nodded slowly. You both knew you couldn't say that out loud not at the risk that someone would hear you. Vladimir leaned into your ear and whispered quietly. "You will always be my child. My world. So if being here is what keeps you alive, healthy and safe then so be it. You are worth everything. I stand by that. I always have."  "Can we get out of this?" You asked. "Together. Is there any way?" Vladimir shook his head. "I'd love nothing more but it cannot happen. This is how it must be and seeing you'll always be taken care of. That'll have to be enough for me." "What do you mean?" You asked.  "I couldn't take you back, not when I had nothing to return to. Especially knowing that you had no idea, that you were happy. I won't be around for much longer and, my sweet child, if it means you can go on with a happy life without suffering, then I will take death willingly." "They hate you." You whispered. "They hate you so much. Why?" "We were in power first and we fought them. Multiple times." Vladimir replied quietly. "They grew stronger because they were afraid of you." You murmured. "I know...as they should. We were a force to be reckoned, little one, I promise you that." Vladimir responded. You heard movement directly above you and looked up, panicked. If you were caught down here...who knew what would happen. Not to mention with your newest discovery. You looked back at Vladimir who had also looked to the ceiling. He took your arms. "You need to go." He said firmly. "Understand? "W-What about you?" You said quickly . "Don't worry about me. Not for one moment. Never worry for me. Go back up stairs and tell no one about me. As far as anyone is concerned, you don't know about me. It will be easier for you that way." Vladimir let you go. "Go on, hurry along." You took a step back. "I'm sorry." You said. "Go!" Vladimir urged you. You hurried up the stairs and slammed the dungeon door shut. 
You took a deep breath, leaning against the door for a moment before turning the corner. You gasped, nearly colliding into Demetri. "Now what do we have here?" You struggled to meet Demetri's gaze. "Were you in the dungeon?" Demetri asked plainly. "No." You shook your head. "Darling, I don't recommend lying to me. I'd rather not make a fuss about this but if you insist on lying them I'll have no choice. You know your father's will not be pleased to hear you've taken up a habit of lying. So I'll ask again. Were you in the dungeon?" After a moment of silence you finally muttered. "Yes." You said softly. "I got bored and thought it would be harmless." "You know that we don't think it harmless. Not with the type of people down there. Did something happen? You look a little off." You shook your head. "No, it just...creeped me out." "Are you sure?" Demetri pressed. "I think I spooked myself mostly. It was dark and...the people down there were curled up as though hiding from me. I thought it'd be fun but...I didn't like it down there." You said quietly. "So I can trust that your lesson is learned and you will not be down there again?" Demetri asked. You nodded. "Never again...are you going to tell my father's?" You asked. "I must. Although seeing you were honest. I believe you helped your case greatly." Demetri replied. "Off you go, I've taken up enough of your time." You didn't think twice as you immediately left. 
Nausea was slowly taking over whilst you tried to process what just happened. Who you had just discovered. As the day continued and you were summoned by your parents. You couldn't help but fear for the worst and that didn't help matters at all. Seeing them all now your mother's and father's, it was too much. You were confused, you were scared. Your ears were ringing. Your heart was pounding. You had pins and needles in your lips. You could breathe but a piece of you felt like you were going to be sick. Athenodora turned to look at you. "(Y/N), darling, are you alright?" "Mhmm..." You had wanted to say yes but had almost forgotten how. Too focused on the odd sensation in your lips. Athenodora wasn't convinced, getting Caius' attention. "Dad, I'm going to be sick." You said to anyone. Anyone that would hear. A cold chill went up your legs. Caius turned just as you collapsed on the floor. 
Caius got to you first. Your parents suddenly surrounded you. Marcus being sure to tug Aro and Sulpicia back to give you some space. Caius pulled you to sit you up. Athenodora hurried to sit at her husbands side as he cradled you in his arms, making you sit up but having you lean against the crook of his arm. He leaned in slightly, listening to your breathing. He tilted your head up. "(Y/N), look at me." He coaxed you quietly as he smoothed away your hair. "Look at me." Your eyes fluttered and moved side to side until finally landing on Caius. Even though you were still not completely conscious. He held you close to him, looking down at you as he spoke softly. "I'm here. It's your father. I have you. Breathe." You stared at him for a while. "Breathe." Caius said softly. "Father has you." Slowly a tear ran down your check and then another and you blinked, your glassy expression gone with a blink as you took a deep breath. "Good, little one." Caius said softly as Athenodora let out a cry of relief. Suplicia squeezed herself into Aro's side squeezing her eyes shut. Aro rubbed her arm, pulling her in that much closer as he watched you. "W-What happened?" You managed out, shakily. You were frightened. "I was hoping you'd tell us, little one. It appears you fainted. Do you remember what happened?" You did. As much as you wished you hadn't. You remembered everything that led to now, even remembering when your body gave out on you. Slowly you began to cry from the memories. Your fingers curled on his sleeves and Caius quickly pulled you into a comforting embrace as you sobbed into his shoulder. Thankfully no one pushed it, deeming that you needed to rest and answers could come later as to what possibly caused this. 
After a nap, you told them before they could go searching any further. You didn't have much choice after Demetri catching you leaving the dungeons. You disobeyed and went down there because you were bored. Got frightened and left. That's when Demetri had found you. You got a wicked lecture from all of your mother's and father's. They were furious and in their eyes you had completely broken their trust. You apologised and like you had hoped they pushed no further. You weren't ready to face your discovery, not yet. You had hoped that would be the end of it but it wasn't. 
The discovery plagued you instead. It wouldn't leave you for even a second. It made you feel sick with every day as it only got worse and worse. Even your parents noticed the difference in you. You asked that they didn't push and they did their best not to but you knew it wouldn't last long. Then again, neither could swallowing your emotions. You felt another wave of nausea rush through you and paused, glass in hand. Demetri and Santiago looked at you ad they sensed the shift within you. "Darling, are you alright?" Demetri looked you over from the other side of the room. You nodded. "I'm fine. I just...don't feel well." You put the glass on the counter and left before they could ask anymore questions. You swallowed against the tears and the lump in your throat. You practically marched to the tower, immediately met with Afton who was standing guard. "I need my mum." You said quietly, tears threatening to fall. Afton tilted his head slightly with a look of concern but moved aside and letting you pass. "Thank you." You said quickly before you hurried up the stairs. Chelsea and Corin took one look at your tear filled eyes before opening the doors. 
You rushed to the first mother you could see. Athenodora. "Honey?" Athenodora said with alarm, wrapping her arms around you. She tried to look at you but you hid your face and clung to her like your life depended on it as you sobbed. "Sweetheart, what's wrong!?" Athenodora grew frightened immediately, looking at Corin and Chelsea who had no answers as the two of you moved to the floor. Sulpicia moved from her vanity immediately, crouching at your level. All the while, Athenodora grew more distraught by your crying. She was so afraid. "Please, tell me!" Athenodora begged you. "Please!" 
After that, once you had calmed down, you were summed by your father's in the throne room. Although a very different person greeted them. The truth had finally sank in and now there was no hiding from it. You were ready. To really know the truth, you'd have to confront them. "We know you were down there, (Y/N). We're certain you haven't been honest about what happened down there. After some investigating, we believe you spoke to someone. Are you going to tell us who or does this need to be difficult?" Aro said flatly. "You already know." You said quietly. " I want to hear you say it." Aro said firmly. "This is more important than you realise. I want you to tell me because I will not be in a good mood if I have to find out for myself." You finally met Aro's gaze momentarily. "You know who I met down there." Aro and Caius stiffened whilst Marcus grew concerned. "You should have told us immediately! Why did you speak to that man!?" Aro snapped. "I didn't know who he was. I hadn't met him before...or so I thought." Aro's gaze snapped to yours, almost fiercely staring at you clinging to every word you said. You knew this wasn't entirely out of anger in that moment. It was fear. “Is it true?” You asked quietly.  “What?” Caius asked.  “Did you take me from the Romanian coven?” The leaders stayed silent and it felt like the blood drained from your body. Shakily, you said the only thing you could think to ask. "Why? Why would you do this?" Aro was fighting back his anger. Suddenly, he spun on his heel. He gestured to himself. "You were supposed to be my child!" You jumped back in surprise. Tears rushed to your eyes.  Aro continued. "You should have been mine! So I corrected her wrong doing! She should have chosen me!" Tears ran down your face freely. "We had our individual reasons." Marcus spoke up. "I agreed because they took my mate from me. It was an eye for an eye." "I never could give your mother a child, not until you came along." Caius finished. Your heart pounded against your chest. Greed. Selfishness. Revenge. That's what this was about? This was why you were even here? You knew enough of the Romanians background to piece where you came into the picture. The history of it all that inevitably shaped your future. You weren't kept out of love. Did they even really love you or the idea of you? Did they love dangling Vladimir's child over him? Both covens were known to be cruel but for the Volturi to be this cruel to you...it hurt. You hurt for the life you could have had and you hurt for the life you thought was perfect until now. You thought you had gotten lucky. That you were abandoned and saved by the Volturi. You weren't. You weren't saved at all. 
Your whole body shook as you stared down the men who raised you and took your affection, knowing what they had done. What made matters worse was just how easy they made it look. Even now, they didn't seem concerned about anyone but themselves. They had justified their actions and knowing that made something within you snap. No longer was your body in your control. You marched forward and Felix and Demetri moved with you ready to stop you at their masters signal. It only turned your wrath to them. Specifically Felix. You kicked and screamed, wanting to hurt both of them for daring to stop you. You lashed out, screaming   “Enough!” Aro ordered as Felix and Demetri moved forward. It was Felix who grabbed you, seizing the opportunity as you turned thinking, Demetri would be the one to grab you since he was closer. Marcus moved forward. 
It wasn’t the first time you had a tantrum. You weren’t very good at dealing with emotions, your anger the worst of it. People often joked that you took after Caius but given your new discovery, perhaps you were more like Vladimir. Caius nodded to Alec who stepped forward, his hands outstretched.  “Not too much.” Aro said softly. Frustration showed in your face as your screeching began to muffle and slur. You tried to lean away from Felix but were slowly losing the ability.  “I’ll take them.” Marcus said quietly. Felix relinquished you to Marcus and you threw your body to the side, trying to get away from Marcus. Your cries growing in pitch but not in volume. Aro and Caius watched as your eyes glazed over.  “I’m here to help stop trying to move away.” Marcus said quietly. “Stand up. I’ve have you.”  This hadn’t been the first time Alec’s gift was used on you. It was rare and only in severe situations where they thought you couldn’t control yourself. It frightened you to no end, even if he never used his gift completely. So much so that your way of handling it was to hold your breath. You’d rather pass out than endure Alec’s gift.  “No, no, breathe.” Marcus said gently. It was Caius who moved closer to step in if needed. Marcus maneuvered his shoulder under your head before straightening to his full height, making you do the same. He cradled the back of your head, making sure you were situated properly before bringing one of your swaying arms around his neck. Caius, with a gentle grip, did the same and brought your other arm around Marcus’ neck.  "It's alright." Aro said softly. They thought you'd eventually grow silent, a sign you had calmed down. You didn't.  After some time passed they figured you needed to rest, willingly or not. Marcus lifted you with ease. 
As Alec followed to Marcus room. The whole time, you slurred, grumbled and groaned. He lay you down on the bed, covering you with the blankets before putting your head upon his chest, his fingers weaving into your hair in a soothing manner. "Relax, little one. That's enough. You know nothing will be resolved through tantrums." It wasn't okay. You weren't okay. You couldn't contain your terror and confusion. You wanted to scream, you wanted to kick and pull from him but couldn't muster a coherent word nor could you move beyond tensing your muscles. You hoped Marcus would make Alec stop, yet as time passed. He didn't. Seemingly the two waiting for you and you grew frustrated with what cognition you had left. It was hard to think. You felt the tear run across your nose and onto Marcus' jacket. Marcus noticed. "Don't cry, little one...no tears. You're safe. We wouldn't let anyone hurt you.” That wasn't the point. It was far from the point. It was that you were raised by your kidnappers and your father is now in the dungeons. "Get some sleep, you'll feel better when you wake up." 
You had kept yourself shut away for a few days until your parents grew tired of this and instead had you staying with them at all times so they could keep any eye on you. You had become much more reserved and showed little emotion. Always giving them the bare minimum. "They're just processing. They need time." Marcus said smoothly, a futile attempt to keep the peace when you had gone to bed one night. Athenodora was pacing and it was Sulpicia who was first to react out of all of them. "Process what!? It changes nothing!" She said with exasperation. Athenodora was too busy in her own thoughts, distressed and only pacing more. "Athenodora, calm down." Aro tried to soothe her. She spun towards them. "They won't even refer to me as their mother anymore!" Athenodora cried out. That was true. You had since avoided calling her anything as well as the leaders and Sulpicia. It drove Athenodora to the brink of madness. 
They tried to speak to you about it, make you understand but the conversations were always the same. "My whole life- the best parts of my life- were fake! It was a lie! It was built upon cruelty and war, revenge!" "You were never supposed to know-" "Was that supposed to be for me? To make me feel better about it? Or was that for you so that you had you're precious child who loved you unconditionally and never guessed anything different!?" 
In the end the Volturi wanted to forget and move on, they wanted you to forget. Only problem was, you couldn’t forget, not for one second. ‘I just hope you will stick around in return.’  That conversation was fresh in your mind and now you could only wonder just how you hadn’t seen it. Those words were sweet and loving but they came with extreme conditions. 
At one point in your life, you were afraid of failure and the consequences that came with it. It was something trivial. You were frustrated about something Caius was teaching you. You weren’t sure if it was Italian, but you remembered the crushing frustration and fear of disappointing your parents. So you wanted to give up, condemning Italian, expressing your loss as to why they’d ever have you learn the language. Aro had watched your outburst, silently. Suddenly, he leaned forward in his throne and hooked a finger under your chin, forcing you to look up.  “There is no need to be afraid of the challenges ahead, my child.” Aro said in a soft voice that always had you attention. He seemed sympathetic as he saw things through your eyes. He put his hands on your arms. “We do what we do because we love you. No matter what we do, we do to take care of you and ensure you have the best life anyone could ever have- remember that.” You bit your lip, exhaling as the pieces of your life began to fit together. The evil undertone behind every good thing in your life.  ‘No matter what we do, we do to take care of you and ensure you have the best life anyone could ever have- remember that.’ 
Not even spending time with your ‘parents’ was the same. You listened all the while the borderline lectured you about it, somehow making everything your fault and deeming you being overdramatic. You simply couldn’t take it. "Nothing any of you say changes anything. It doesn't change that you took me for revenge and made me think you were my real parents." You felt the tears build in your eyes, clearly growing distressed to the vampires in the room. "You know you are not of our blood. You are ours regardless." Sulpicia said without emotion. You covered your face. "This whole time you've been flaunting me around, raising me! You wanted to hurt the man down in the dungeons that you took everything from!" Sulpicia slammed a hand down upon the table, small cracks protruding under his fist. She rose to a stand, a fierce look upon her face. "I won't sit here and listen to you act like we didn't give you a good life. We treated you as our own and we gave you more than anyone ever could. So don't you dare, come to us now and act like a victim!" "Oh I find it incredibly hard to believe right now." Your jaw quivered, the first sign of how distraught you truly were. Your heart, slowly but surely breaking into even smaller pieces again and again. "You didn't take me because you love me. You took me because you wanted to. How could I not feel betrayed by that? That I am a trophy to be won!" "You are twisting our words!" Athenodora rose to a stand. "Let’s not overlook that you disobeyed us to begin with, (Y/N). We've always told you under no circumstances are you to be down there. Yet you did." Athenodora stepped forward. "Perhaps you keep that in mind before you decide to speak to us this way." "That's not fair!" You cried out. "You can't just-" "I can do what I wish and I will. I am your mother and you are my child. You do not get give me orders-" Athenodora began sharply but you cut her off. "Athenodora!" The room froze, pointed stares from all angles and Athenodora was the first to move as she spun on her heel and spoke up. "What did you just call me!?" You stared her down. "Is that any way to address your mother!?" She demanded loudly. Slowly you shook your head. "You're not my mother." You heard the smack before you felt it. However it wasn't Athenodora who had hit you across the face. It was Caius. His eyes burned in fury, as your cheek burned in pain. You clutched the right side of your face. "Caius!" Athenodora hissed just as Marcus and Aro did too. You staggered back as Athenodora took a step forward. She simply stared at you. "Look me in the eye and say that." She said calmly, but you could see the emotions in her eyes. She was shocked you could have said such a thing, she was hurt and she was angry. Whether it were at you or her husband for striking you- you couldn't be sure. "Look me in the eyes and, say that again!" She said sternly. You didn't dare. "Go to your room." Marcus said firmly. "We need to have a conversation." He continued, looking to his brothers and sisters. You left without a word. 
You checked your face in the mirror. On the right side, your cheek was red but there wasn't a hand print. You weren't stupid. Caius hit you hard enough to startle you or put you in your place with the after effects of a sting but he could have hit you harder. He could have slapped you so violently your neck snapped or even fell off your head fell off. 
It wasn't long before Marcus entered your room. He didn't knock as he usually did. "Let me see your face." He reached out for your face but your turned away quickly and covered it with your hand. Marcus forced your hand down. "Let me see." Marcus said firmly as he forced you to look at him. Marcus had never grabbed you so hard. It didn't hurt but it was tight, maybe bordering a little too tight. He gently ran his cold thumb across it making you inhale sharply at the small sting. "We have given him hell for this." Marcus spoke without any emotion. "Whilst your words were very upsetting, striking our child is not appropriate." You wanted to snap at the phrase. You weren't their child. They stole you. "Let me be clear, as I am the only one calm enough to say it." Marcus began. "You will apologise to Athenodora. You will show us respect. Like it or not, child, you are ours. We raised you. Whether you are by blood or not, you are ours." "But it wasn't by choice." You said weakly and Marcus took your shoulder firmly. "No one picks their parents. We treat you as our own. Parents rarely choose to leave their children but some do through death or poor choices. We are your parents." 
Marcus practically dragged you back to the room in the tower. This time, only Caius and Athenodora were there. Athenodora sat by the window, her hand covering her face as Caius stood with his hand upon her shoulder. His eyes moved towards you with a stern look but said nothing. Marcus pushed you forward before closing the door behind you, taking his own leave. "Come forward." Caius said firmly. You did so. Caius looked at you expectantly. Athenodora hadn't so much as looked up to see you. Her hand still covering her face. "I'm sorry." You said quietly. Caius' eyes narrowed on you. "I-I know you raised me as though I were your own and you didn't have to. I didn't mean for it to come out so harshly, I just-" Tears began to well up in your eyes. It wasn't as thought you didn't still love them, of course you did, but you were hurt. "I don't know how to deal with this." A tear ran down your cheek, your voice quivering. Athenodora looked up at you then. "I'm scared. I-I don't know how to feel. I don't know what to do and I-I lashed out and I didn't mean to and before I knew it, I said it and-" Sobs wracked your body and you covered your face. It felt good to express your feelings in that moment, even if you were expressing it to those who were the reason you were in pain to begin with.  "You are our child." Athenodora spoke up. "We did what we thought necessary to keep you safe. Even if that has caused you pain. We didn't tell you and didn't feel the need to because in our eyes, it wouldn't change anything. It doesn't change that you are our child." In a second, Caius tugged your hands away from your face. He looked at the remains of the red mark upon your face. "My emotions got the best of me. I'd never want to hurt you, sweet child." He cupped your aching cheek. "You are our child and we love you. Everything we do is because we love you.” 
Once you had left, Caius and Athenodora had their own conversation.  “They’re afraid.” Athenodora sighed. “Afraid of us.”  “We have done nothing to ever make them fear.” Caius scowled.  “Perhaps not, not until now.” She replied. Caius turned his head towards her.  “You raised your hand to our child.” She said flatly.  “They disrespected you in the most inconceivable way.” He replied. Athenodora’s arm shot out, tightly gripping Caius’ arm as she leaned closer to him from her seat.  “Never, raise your hand to our child again. Not for me, not for anyone. They’re frightened and if this is the path we take, we will lose them in heart and soul. They’re right to feel betrayed. No matter how many rights we make, it won’t change such a wrong. We took them. Now we need to show that we are better than Vladimir. So, I’m telling you. Never raise your hand to them ever again. No matter how we were raised, we must never.” Caius sighed.  “I meant every word I said, Athenodora.” Caius finally said softly after a moment of silence. I’d never want to hurt them.” He put a hand upon her knee, twisting his body towards her. Her grip on his arm loosened to an act of comfort.  “I can’t lose them, Athenodora. Perhaps I’m not the best father but-”  “Never think such things.” She said in a hushed tone. “You are my mate, my husband and you are a magnificent father. Parents make mistakes, this never came with instructions.” 
"(Y/N), my dear, your mother is looking for you. She and Athenodora haven't had your visit. You've been promising them you would." Aro said with that not grating pleasant voice. "I can't go to see them today. I'll go another time." You said stiffly as you passed the throne room, barely casting a glance to your father's. "Stop!" Caius clear demand rang out. "That is not how you greet any of us, we taught you better." The sentence along rubbed you the wrong way but you bit your lip. How could they act like everything was fine? That everything was normal? You had to keep it together. You wanted to cry but didn't want to cry before them. "You dare to keep your back to us? Face us now!" Caius ordered and you did face them but couldn't look at them. "I..." Your voice wavered. "I just want to go to my room, please. Can I be excused?" "No." Aro responded. "Why?" You said against the lump in your throat as the three leaders rose to a stand. "Because you're upset." Aro was the first to descend the stairs, Caius and Marcus following suit. You couldn't do this. Perhaps they could pretend everything is fine but you couldn't. "I'd like to deal with it alone." You replied. "Or you could be mature about it and tell us when your father's are asking what is wrong." Aro said. Mature? After everything? Could he really talk? "I'm trying to stay calm and collected." You said through a clenched jaw, staring at one part of the floor. "You can help me by letting me leave instead of boxing me in and wondering why I lose my temper." "I don't want my child suffering in silence. Is that so terrible? You can conduct yourself in a manner appropriate." Aro replied smoothly. "Yes, because you always get what you want right?" You couldn't stop the words from escaping you. You looked up at him with tears in your eyes. Hurt and anger filled them as tears spilled over. It came out much more forcibly than it should have. "My dear, if there is something you have to say to me then by all means, I am listening." Aro narrowed his gaze upon you. His silent warning. Although you couldn't take his warning. His warning meant nothing to you in that time. Nothing he had to say helped. In fact, you wished he would stop talking. You wished all three of them would stop talking. "Do tread carefully." Caius said sternly, watching your every move. If it was a fight you were looking for, he was always the one ready to give you one. "I'm trying to be calm." It was almost a plea. "That's not an explanation." Marcus said, he didn't seem as angry as his brothers. You huffed. "I don't know why you want to provoke me right now but isn't there someone else you can take your sadistic thrills out on!? Are you that eager to use Alec on me just because I passed by!?" "Why would you ever think we'd want to do something like that?" Marcus seemed bothered by that. He didn't like that implication at all. You let out a noise of frustration. "Can I please be excused? I want to leave. I don't want to speak to you right now. I don't want to speak to any of you right now. I don't want to talk to people who put me here!" "What exactly did we do to you? All I seem to recall is taking you in as our own for all these years." Aro said icily. That was enough to push you over the edge. You ran your hands through your hair in frustration. Tears streamed down your face. "You just take what you want! You take what you can get at any given moment! Did you ever give a damn about what you've done!? Or do you just take everything you want and ask for forgiveness and to hell with permission!?" That question was rhetorical. You knew the answer already. "Is that why you keep Chelsea?" You laughed bitterly. "Keep us all here as your pretty little puppets?" "You will not speak to me this way!" Aro bellowed, warning you with his finger. You took a step back, recalling what happened the last time one of them lost their temper.  “I do not regret one damn second of being your father. I’d do it again over and over again to keep you!” Aro growled out.  “Keep me?” You mustered through a clenched jaw. “Keep me!?” Marcus rose a hand to Aro, stepping forward. Silently telling his brothers that he'd deal with you. "(Y/N), I can imagine this is all very distressing for you. Perhaps our wording isn't what you'd like right now. However it doesn't change the truth, little one. You may not believe us but you are ours, regardless of how you came to be here. We don't care because you are worth every bit of it. We cannot be apologetic because we'd have to regret your time with us. We can't." He was in front of your face in seconds and reached out to cradle your face in his hand. You flinched and your 'fathers' noticed. "Come now, my dear, do you really think we could ever hurt you?" Your lips trembled, eyes full of tears. "You already have." You said shakily and Caius was full of outrage. "I refuse to listen to anymore of this." "Brother-" Aro began. "No." Caius cut him off sharply. "You may coddle to this behaviour but I will not. Not upon behalf of that scum in the dungeons! I will not have it!" Caius turned to you, pointing at you. "You will not defend a man that you do not know. You are deluded if you think we'd have kept you for all this time as our own and didn't care!" You mustered every little bit of patience in you as tears threatened to fall. Marcus reached for your wrist. "Darling-" You couldn't keep in your emotions. "You don't understand!" You yelled out, pulling away from Marcus. "None of you understand! You will never understand, no matter how many times I try to tell you!" You stormed out. Aro and Caius moved to stop you but Marcus raised a hand. The two halted, looking at their brother questioningly. "Let them go." Marcus said softly. "I'm sending for Alec, this behaviour is not acceptable!" Caius snapped. "You will do no such thing. What they said was important." Marcus said smoothly. "What?" "They're trying to tell us. That means we still have them. They are hurt but they are still bound to us." Marcus smiled slightly. "They take after you with this anger, Caius. Following them will do nothing but cause them to lash out. They need to calm down but we cannot calm them, nor can my sister's."  You stormed down the corridor and barely missed walking straight into Alec who hissed. "Watch where you're going! What on earth are you doing!?" "Get lost!" You snapped, barely slowing down. "Excuse me!?" Alec said incredulously. You spun on your heel, marching up to Alec. "You heard me! Let me guess you've been sent by them already hm? Here to cut me off and torture me right here and now in the damn hallway because why would any of you give a damn about me!?" "What are you talking about!?" Alec yelled in complete confusion but you couldn't stop. Not now. Not when no one else seemed to for your benefit. "You! You sit and wait for the moment I do something wrong and need punished so you can use your ability on me! You do it with a sickening smile. I bet you're loving this aren't you? You're loving-" He didn't let you finish. Alec pressed you against the wall. "Stop fighting me or take away all of your senses for a week!" He growled and you stiffened. You stared into his black eyes. Alec was livid, barely keeping himself from his own tantrum. "Enjoy it, hm? Is that what you think? You think I like knowing you wince at my presence because of my orders? Then allow me to make myself crystal clear." He spoke through a clenched jaw. "I was there when you were growing up. You don't remember the times I was there when you needed me but I was. Every time. Every cut, scrape, bruise, broken bone you had in this damn castle, I was there. I took your pain. I was the first couldn't handle hearing your pain. There was a time that you clung to me because you knew that I could make you feel better every single time and I did. I did it every time. Even when I came back from missions, when I found out something was wrong I'd take your pain and you'd be comforted by that." He said icily. "That doesn't matter to you does it? All you chose to remember were the bad times. The times I had to follow orders and my gift became a punishment that you fear to this day and you have never looked at me the same again. I thought I could handle it. I did handle it. I could take it- I've had so much worse." You felt his grip tighten and you winced slightly. "Do you know what I can't handle, (Y/N)? I can't handle your pain now because nothing physical is causing it! I can't protect you from your own mind and you're torturing yourself!" Alec raised his voice, his frustration, exasperation and his own pain coming through. "Do you know what it does to me knowing that you're in the worst pain of your life and for the first time I can't do anything but watch! It kills me, (Y/N)!" Alec tugged your wrists towards him. "You're one of us. You're family. Through all of it. Even if you don't want to be, you are a part of this coven. So no, I'm not loving it. I never loved any of it and I certainly don't love watching you suffer. If you ever say that again, I will make your life hell. I will show you what it is to suffer by my hand when I want you to!" Alec could have been lying to you for all you knew. Could you really put it past anyone when your whole life has been nothing but a twisted fantasy? Nevertheless, you were swarmed by lies that, could it hurt to believe them for even a little while? Although you couldn't lie. As much as you wanted to, the next words that left you were completely the truth. "It hurts so much." You said weakly. Tears began to stream down your face. "I know." Alec said quietly. "I don't understand." You began to sob. "I don't know how to feel. It feels like my whole life was a lie." To your surprise, Alec pulled you into his arms and into a tight hug. "It wasn't." He said softly. "Being with us might not have been honest in terms of beginnings but every bit of it has been real. You are ours and you have been cherished every day from the moment we had you." You held him tightly, almost squeezing him and he continued. "You believe me don't you? Everything I've said? If anything, I need you to know that it hurts to see you like this. It hurts all of us." You said nothing squeezing your eyes shut. Your silence was like a punch to the gut for Alec. He could have sworn he could have felt his heart break all over again. "(Y/N)..." He said quietly, squeezing you further into him. 
Something had been on your mind for a while. It made you quiet once more. You were calmer since you had stormed off a week ago. Although you seemed more distant, the more you thought. Once again, you gave the bare minimum and wanted to be alone. 
Marcus had sat with you for a while, trying to coax you into speaking but you didn't say much. Mostly nodding or shrugging into your lap. They even tried with your mothers after you refused to go to the tower. It was a major sign of desperation on their part. For the wives to leave the tower meant putting them in danger in the leaders eyes.  Naturally the had two guards outside your door as well as themselves, watching you from the doorway. Yet the wives also had no luck. "It's okay, you don't need to be here. I appreciate that you were willing to come down here." Athenodora lifted your chin to look into your eyes. "Of course, sweetheart. You're my baby. We love you dearly. We don't like seeing you so sad and lonely." She said gently, kissing your forehead and to everyone's surprise, you allowed it. "I'm not sad." You assured her flatly. She lovingly stroked your cheek with her thumb, saying nothing and clearly no one in the room believed you. "My dear," Aro spoke up. "Do you remember that book I gave you some time ago? I can't seem to find it so I assume it's still with you." Aro moved forward. You thought for a moment. "Oh, yes. I do, actually. Sorry. I've been meaning to put it back but I kept forgetting." 
You rose to a stand and moved towards the drawer in your nightstand. "How very like your mother." Aro shot Sulpicia a glance who huffed in response. You said nothing, choosing to pretend to be more occupied getting the book. You held it up. "Is this the one you're referring to?" "Indeed it is. Might I have it? I recommended it to our dear Corin." Aro tilted his head. "Have you finished it?" Aro asked. You nodded. "Yes." You moved forward holding out the book.  Your fingertips brushed Aro's hand for barely a second and you looked to him, startled. Yet he didn't do anything. He didn't react, he instead carried on his motion. 
The idea in itself was terrible but it seemed that with every passing day, the Volturi, the whole coven, began to smother you. Everyone was on the lookout for you. It seemed like it was time to create some distance. Was it a good thing or a bad thing to be separated from them? You didn't know. You just had to try. You had to come up for air. 
"(Y/N)?" You nearly bit your lip as you halted turning to be greeted by Alec in the billiard room. He slowly moved forward. "Forgotten how to talk?" Alec smiled slightly. "Hi, Alec." You said carefully, moving into the room. You couldn't let anyone get suspicious. "Your father's have been looking for you and your mother's. You have them a little worried." In contrast to his words, Alec didn't seem to concerned. "Oh, I...I wasn't informed." You said almost hurriedly. Alec looked back at you. "Yes, because none of us have been able to find you. Even Demetri is falling behind trying to keep up with you." Good. That was good news. "Regardless, they're worried." Alec finished. "Sorry, didn't mean to cause any bother." You tried to be reassuring but it just sounded forced. Alec tilted his head slightly. "Are you alright, (Y/N)?" Alec asked. "Yes, why?" You were mentally kicking yourself. You had to calm down. "You seem a little disheveled. I hope our little talk the other day hasn't upset you." "What? Oh no, not at all. It kind of helped actually." You replied. "It did?" Alec raised an eyebrow moving to stand a few feet from you. "I'm glad, even if a little confused." "Confused?" You asked. "Well, we've all been told to keep an eye on you since you're thinking of leaving." You could have fainted. You felt the colour drain from your face as your legs turned to jelly. You felt like you might faint. Alec simply stared at you. "A-Alec..." You stuttered. "Relax, I just want you to talk to me. You said our conversation helped before perhaps it will again and you can cast this silly idea from your mind. You don't really want to leave us after all.” You looked at him with uncertainty, taking a quick look at the door behind you. Alec sighed. "You know that if I was going to immediately turn you in that I'd have done so by now. You might as well talk to me. Perhaps it'll help. Your parents are very distraught." "Please try to understand where I'm coming from." You said gently. "I need space. I can't breathe in here. I'm scared." "Isn't that all the more reason to run to us than from us. We can help, (Y/N)." Alec replied. "I can't help but think you would take advantage of the opportunity and manipulate it into keeping me, into your own personal gain. Like a trophy or a prize to be won." You said hurriedly. "You think that of all of us? Of me?" Alec asked. "I...I don't know." You said quietly. "No matter what I tell you. You don't believe me or anyone for that matter. You're so determined we're fooling you." Alec placed his hands on your shoulders. "So much so that you want to abandon us." Alec searched your eyes for any doubt. "You'd really leave us?" You didn't respond and you silence was enough for Alec.  Suddenly you were spun into Alec's tight hold, your back to his chest as he held you to him. "I have them!" He yelled out and you screamed in terror, realising what he had done. Your kicking and struggling meant nothing to him and Alec said nothing. You felt his mist crawling down your legs, forcing Alec to hold you up. Before everything went black the last you saw were a few guards and Aro looking down at you. 
Your eyes fluttered open. You were met with the sight of a ceiling. You sucked in a deep breath and then were aware of the hand on the top of your head. You looked to your right to see Alec. "You're alright. Deep breaths.” You got feeling back and felt it slowly travel up your ankles. It was always a slow process in attempt not to overwhelm you. "W-What did you d-do to me?"  Suddenly Athenodora and Sulpicia leaned over you and into your line of sight. "It's alright." Athenodora said gently. "Your mother is here. We're both here." Athenodora kissed your forehead. "You frightened us." Sulpicia said smoothly. "Never do that again." "What's happening?" You croaked, your body still heavy. "Don't worry. We're taking care of everything." Athenodora said softly. "What's happening?" You said again. 
Reluctantly, Athenodora finally spoke. "Vladimir of the Romanian Coven will no longer be a problem. He won't bother you ever again." "What?" You began to feel your legs again. "You've been acting like this since you went down there. It has made you sick and believe us or not, we know what's best for you. As your mother's and father's, we came to a decision. Your father's are seeing to it now. Vladimir will be executed and then we can help you heal from him." Athenodora's words were frightening. It was frightening to think after all of this, no matter how many times you spoke, they always came back to the conclusion that it wasn't them it was him. It was Vladimir who was the problem and that with him gone, they're actions could be forgotten. "Wait, what? No...no, mother! Y-You can't. No!" You sat up suddenly, finding the will power to move. Sulpicia moved to your bedside. "Dearest, let us take care of this. You're our child and we know best." "I'm not a child! It's not his fault, it's mine!" "Darling-" Before Athenodora could touch you, you leapt out of bed sprinting for the door and to your surprise you made it. 
You burst through the throne room doors to see Vladimir in the middle of the room. Felix and Demetri on either side of him. You immediately ran towards Vladimir but Demetri blocked you almost immediately. "No!" You cried out, struggling against Demetri who quietly urged you to stop. "Stop, stop, darling. You'll hurt yourself." He murmured. Marcus nodded to Demetri allowing him to release you. Demetri did so and you sprinted towards Aro. You immediately clung to him. "Please..." You whispered with tears in your eyes. "Please don't do this. Don't kill him. I beg of you." Aro stared back at you. "Please dad, please!" The three looked surprised. "You're my dad. Please don't kill him. Please. Don't kill him because of me. I'll stay with you. I'll stay with you forever. I won't fight, I won't run. Just please, don't kill him!" Aro said nothing, except he gently stroked your cheek with his thumb. Marcus stepped forward and took you from his arms and began to walk you away from the scene. "Where are you going?" Caius asked. "Our child is in distress. I am removing them from the situation." Marcus replied. You suddenly stopped. "Please, dad, please." You cried to Marcus. "He won't be harmed. Be calm." Marcus ran a hang through your hair. "He didn't raise me- you did! That can't be replaced! I'm sorry if I ever made you think-!" Marcus hushed you gently. "It's alright, child. It's over now." He turned to his brothers. "Release him back to his cell now, and come. Our child needs us." Marcus held you close to him as you sneaked a peak at Vladimir. He gave you a discreet nod. He understood what you were doing. You quickly looked to the ground, a fresh wave of tears spilling from your eyes as you felt Marcus' hand upon the back of your head.
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