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#gif warning
dinbeskarbaby · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This right here is my favourite thing in the world.
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cades-outsider · 2 months ago
Hawk x Reader *SMUT*
Warnings: Smut, hate sex with hawk.
A Burning Passion
Tumblr media
Oh how you hated him, your body burned with the fire and rage of how much you hated the new and 'improved' Hawk. Every inch of you despised the young teenage boy. As did he, he also loathed every part of you. He hated you with a burning passion, or so he taught himself to hate you.
Though you hated him, your body craved him, your body called for him, your body begged him to do all unholy things to you. You hated him for that. You hated being so vulnerable for another, it was so annoying for you.
You were mostly so angry at your body for wanting to taste him, feel him, oh how badly you wanted him inside you. This is how crazy and mad he made you, and it was just about the last straw for you.
Hawk could say himself of how much he hated you, your snarky remarks and comments. But oh- your beautiful body, made him hate you less and himself more for taking such a mad liking to you.
Wouldn't you know it the universe just so happened to have you both join the same dojo, not only did he annoy you inside of school; but outside of school too. Oh it was so tempting to swipe that annoying smirk off his face, but every time he called you princess, oh you melted and withered by his feet. Though you didn't show it to him, you could tell he knew it.
  A loud 'Quiet!' comes from sensei Lawrence as everybody's chatters immediately fall silent. Your day dreaming beginning to fade out as reality strikes you once again. You couldn't help but look at Hawk, it was a usual thing you would find yourself doing.
  You would check him out in his gi before starting a match with another cobra Kai. I guess he could sense someone staring at him so his eyes immediately met yours, you quickly looked back at sensei but you could tell he knew you were looking at him by the side smirk that slid across his face.
  "Today we're going to be doing matches, Hawk and Y/n; you're up first" Sensei says, your eyes internally widen as you look over at hawk to see him stepping his place on the mat with a sinister smirk.
  You clear your throat and place yourself in your spot on the mat in front of him, Miguel puts the flag up before quickly throwing it down "fight!" He yells as we get into our stances.
  "You're going down princess" He smirks as he trips you with his leg and pins you to the ground, earning him a point.
  "Point! Hawk" Miguel yells out, scoring the board.
  You both get back into stance before you land a kick in with your leg, catching him off guard as you trip both of his legs, pinning him down on the mat "I wouldn't be so sure about that 'princess'" You mock, with your own satisfied smirk.
  Hawk grits his teeth together as he glares up at you, "Point! L/n" Miguel adds your point to the score board as you and Hawk get back into your places.
  "You're gonna regret that 'Princess'" He says emphasizing the 'princess' with more venom and hate in his voice.
  Something about that catches you off guard as he lands a kick to your side and pins you down so your front is smushed up against the mat, he uses his hand to keep your back pinned and straddles half of your body with just one knee, he leans down to your ear "told you" he whispers sending chills down your spine causing you to get goosebumps, your body leaning into him to which he notices and chuckles before freeing you.
  You stand back up as the other point goes to Hawk, you started to not only get frustrated; but sexually frustrated. Your chest was heaving up and down as sweat started dripping down your neck and to your chest causing hawk to follow the movements, getting distracted by your chest letting you land a punch on him, roundhouse kicking his side and pinning his arms behind his back.
  "What? Loosing focus babe" You sharply finish, gritting your teeth as your lips hover over his neck causing him to gulp.
  "Point! L/n" Miguel yells placing your point on the board as you forcefully push hawk off of you.
  "Last person to get this point, wins" Sensei says with a harsh nod.
  Hawk lands a kick to your side to which you block, grabbing his leg and twisting it; pulling him closer to you before letting him go. Hawk almost growls like as he lunges for you landing punches left and right so fast you almost didn't make the blocks.
  You bend on your hand and knock him over, straddling his waist and pinning his hands over his head. Both of your chests heaving with sweat pouring off your body's.
  Johnny congratulates you on your win, everybody else claps along with him as Hawk forcefully pushes you off of him causing you to stumble back only slightly. He curses under his breath as he walks away, leaving you with your own bundle of thoughts.
You scoffed at his actions before angrily throwing yourself up from the floor but not before sending a smirk towards Hawk on your way back to your spot causing him to scoff and bite his lip annoyedly.
You smile, half way proud of yourself on your win and will to anger Hawk more. "Alright, take a 10 minute break everyone" Johnny says as he walks to his office, with Miguel following.
Everyone sprawls out to their original break seats with their friends, it just so happened that you and Hawk had the same friend group. That being Aisha, Miguel, and Tory who wasn't absent today because of her mom.
Miguel comes back from Johnny's office as you both walk towards Hawk and Aisha, Hawks eyes almost immediately find yours causing him to scoff as you sit in front of him and beside Aisha and Miguel.
"Do you really have to sit here?" He asks rudely.
"Well of course I do darlin" You playfully tease in a country accent, causing him to roll his eyes annoyed by your antics.
"Oh come on guys, can't you for once stop hating each other" Aisha says sincerely.
"Never." Hawk harshly says as he throws daggers your way, his piercing eyes looking through your soul; only slightly making your heart leap a few inches.
You throw your hand up, his way "see there's your answer" You half agree.
Only if he knew the truth. Only if they all knew the truth.
Though out of the corner of your eye you could see hawk admiring you, and for the first time that actually made you confused on his true feelings for you. Using this to your advantage to hopefully get what you wanted, you purposely lean back on your elbows pressing your chest up; the gi slipping from your chest a little.
Only Hawk noticed as Aisha and Miguel started up a conversation on what to get Sam for their one month anniversary. Hawks eyes widened slight as his lips parted, his eyes following your movements; still gazing at your chest though.
Finally you decide to make yourself known, that you had caught him. You look at his eyes causing him to meet yours, his whole body freezing as he knew you seen him. You raise an eyebrow at him in 'question' as your lips turn into a tight side smile.
Noticeably he catches on and scoffs looking away, running his tongue over the edge of his lip. You noticeably bite your lip out of habit as your eyes focus on his lips, before trailing down his body and to the slight bulge in his white gi.
Luckily for him the gi was a little big on his waist so it wouldn't be noticeable unless you tightened the gi. Soon Johnny rushes out of the office in frantic, alerting us all that he had somewhere to be.
You rush up to check on him as he walks out the door, you high on his heels "Sensei, is there anything I can do?" You question in an attempt to be helpful as Hawk walks up beside you.
In a rush Johnny hands you the dojo keys, "you and Hawk close up, and please if you don't mind put the mats and stuff up for me" You give him a gentle nod as he rushes in his firebird, but not before giving a second glance as some of the students start leaving already.
Soon almost everyone is gone except for Miguel and Aisha, they walk up to you both "I wonder what that was about" Aisha says as every shakes their head clueless.
"Well we're going to wing stop, wanna come?" Miguel offers, you look at Hawk as you jingle the keys in your hand.
"We'd love to but we're gonna clean up the dojo... so we'll meet you there afterwards?" You question, Miguel nods as Sam pulls up and lets them both in.
Once they drive off you walk back into the building, not bothering to leave the door open for Hawk as you place the keys on a random shelf. "You're so unbelievable" Hawk scoffs as he walks through the doors, already folding some of the mats.
"I'm unbelievable? Then what does that make you?" You scoff as you fold up the other half of the mats, following Hawk into the back room.
Throwing them down to the side Hawk turns to you "oh come on, don't tell me you didn't know what you were doing in there!" He raises his voice as you smirk.
"Oh don't tell me you didn't enjoy it, because your friend say other wise" You point downwards as you place a hand on your hip.
He lets out a growl as he walks towards you, forcefully pushing you against the wall; resting his hand on your arm firmly. You let out a slight gasp as his eyes squint from anger, your breath slowly getting heavier as you lean into his touch; Hawk doesn't realize it yet though.
"You are so f*cking difficult Y/n" He says your name with such hate as he pushes you harder into the wall, his flame covered eyes staring daggers into your soul.
  You breath hitches as you feel yourself becoming very turned on, Hawk eyes you for a second before it downed on him. You were horny. A smirk plays on his face as he knows he's got you wrapped around his finger.
  "You know Y/n, if you wanted me you should've just said something" He laughs, as he brings a hand to your cheek, lightly stroking your cherry red cheeks.
  "I-I don't want you" You stammer, trying to deny him. Key word; trying.
  "Oh yeah, what would you do if I did this" He says as his hand drops to your middle untying the waist part of your gi before running his hand over your stomach, causing goosebumps to rise on your skin and a very light moan to release from your lips from the contact of his skin on yours.
  Your eyes turn to a pleading look before you snap out of it and push him away from you, he stumbles back "don't touch me" you glare.
  Hawk smirks as you tie back your gi with a huff, "oh come on princess, don't fight it" He walks closer to you, this time you let him as he puts his hand on the wall behind you.
  Your eyes trail down to his lips before looking back up at his eyes, "just say the word" His eyes trail to your lips as he starts to lean closer, teasingly slow.
  "Please..." You beg, barley above a whisper.
  Hawk smirks as he connects his lips with yours, closing the gap between you he puts his hand on your cheek as you place your hand on the back of his neck, desperately pulling him closer to your body.
  Hawk tries to deepen the kiss but you deny it, he gets more desperate as he grips your thighs and carries you over to a smallish table in the corner of the room, he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth as you had parted your lips lightly.
  You start untying his gi, as your legs spread for him before wrapping around his waist. He breaks the kiss with a smirk as he looks down "look at you, already spreading your legs for me" He laughs as he places a hand on your thigh.
  Your eyebrow raises in anger "shut the f*ck up" You lightly push his shoulder, he couldn't tell if you were serious, but neither could you; he finally decided on a decision which meant you were very serious.
  His laughing demeanor changes as his face holds more of an angry expression from your attitude, he forcefully undoes the knot on your gi pulling it down your middle to be met with your white lace bra.
  You gasp at the sudden action but let out a little moan as he leans down to kiss your neck, forcefully he grabs your hair that's in a ponytail and yanks it back, his lips still hovering over your neck.
  "You won't talk to me like that princess" He growls out as he wraps his hand around your throat, you were so turned on by his actions as you started grinding your hips against his bulge becoming needy.
  You let out a far fetched whine when he holds your hips down, stopping you from moving. "So desperate, don't worry princess.. I'll make sure you cum... eventually" He smirks darkly as he lifts your waist up so he could pull your gi down along with your underwear in one go.
  You let out a hiss as the cold air hits you, Hawk looks down as he runs a finger over your glistening pussy... already so wet. He gathers wetness from your entrance before bringing it back up to your clit, creating slow circles with the pads of his fingers as you let out a couple of moans already.
You felt a burning sensation in your clit that meant you would be close to cumming soon, the burning only made it better as your head rested against his shoulder and your eyes rolled in the back of your head as he slowed down and sped up until he removed all touch from your needy body.
You groan at his actions, "hawk if you don't stop playing around and just f*ck me I will make you regret it" You scoff, unknown confidence coming from some where.
"Easy princess, don't worry... I am going to fuck you" He whispers huskily into your ear, nipping at your neck leaving little red bites.
Hawk starts to untie his own gi as he lets it fall down, his pale skin and lightly toned abs now ashore as he throws his gi with your pile of clothes. He's only left in his boxers for a second or two before he slips those off too.
His hard cock slapping against his toned stomach causing him to let out a groan at the cool air, quickly you jump down and get on your knees. You had waited long enough to taste him and now that you had him in your grasp you weren't turning it down.
His eyes widen slightly as his hand automatically goes to your now low ponytail as you grab onto his length slowly pumping his veiny cock. The tip of his cock was a deep red while the base of his cock showed deep blue veins as pre cum starts dripping from the tip to the base.
You practically drool as you fasten your pace with your strokes before running your tongue around his tip, his hands fall to your bra clip trying to fiddle with the clip, groaning once he couldn't get it.
You mentally smirk as you move your hands to your back, sucking on his tip before going all the way down, balls deep with no hands as you tug your bra off, your perky breasts being now free as your nipples harden.
"F*ck princess" Hawk moans at the sight of you using no hands as you gag on his cock.
"If I had known this mouth would've been good for anything other than talking we would've done this awhile ago" He smirks as he tugs at your hair.
You start sucking inwards, now becoming greedy with how fast or slow you suck him off. His head falls back as his hips start jutting into your mouth.
With a pop you let his cock fall out of your mouth and stand up bending over the table, but not before getting to see his angry expression when you stopped sucking him off.
He gets the memo as he comes up behind you, gripping your waist he spreads your thighs further apart so he could get a better view. He bends down to kiss your back before going to your neck "it this okay?" He asks as the tip of his cock points to the entrance of your pussy.
You nod eagerly as he finally bottoms out and stuffs his whole cock into you, only letting you adjust to his size for a minute as he starts full on pounding into you, moans fall out of your mouth constantly as he keeps hitting the best spots in you.
"Your so tight princess, Damn~" Hawk moans out as he lifts your right leg so it's resting on the table, hitting your g-spot straight on because of the new angle causing you to cry out in pleasure.
"You know all these years I thought you hated me... turns out you were only sexually frustrated" He laughs as his grip tightens on your waist.
"F*ck you" You hiss out, a moan slipping past your lips.
He chuckles "you are... well more like I'm f*cking you princess" He teases as he thrusts purposefully deep into your wet pussy.
His thrust seem to deepen even more which really surprises you seeing how so much deep he already is as the room starts to fog up slightly from the tension and sexual actions, the room smelling like sex as your boobs bounce with every thrust, your nipples only hardening more as they rub against the textured small table causing you to moan out.
The pit of your stomach starts burning as you feel your high approaching, as does Hawk when his cock starts twitching inside of you; indicating that he was indeed close to his high.
"You close?" He hums as your pussy starts clenching around his cock, only making him closer to his high.
"Mhm!" You moan out desperately as your answer as you grip onto the edge of the table.
The knot starts to get unbearably tight as his thrusts fasten, soon that knot snaps. Your core clenches against his cock as you cum around him, his cock twitching when he starts to pull out.
"Cum in me Hawk" You moan out desperately as he starts jerking his length off to get him there still breathing heavily.
"Are you sure princess" He moans as he continues to jerk himself off, you nod rapidly knowing you were already on the monthly shot which worked better than the pill.
He stuffs his cock back into your pussy, moaning once he cums inside of you. The warm liquid filling your insides up as your mouth falls open, eyes rolling back into your head... it felt so good~
"Y/n..." he moans out as his hips still from overstimulation, his nails digging against your back leaning red marks with each drag.
And they say only girls give scratches~
He pulls out of you as he watches his cum slowly fall out of your wrecked pussy, both of your breathing seized down as you both rested for a second from the previous activities.
You turn around grabbing your clothes and slipping them on in silence as does Hawk, not a word said between you for a couple minutes.
"So uh- what was that?" Hawk asked, as a lump forms in the back of his throat, waiting for your answer.
"It was just sex... nothing more" You state, and as soon as it leaves your lips you regret it.
Hawk scoffs "really? Just sex." He squints his eyes in anger as you hesitantly nod.
"Yeah. We hate each other, remember" You put your hand on your hip.
Hawk scoffs as he turns to look at the side, "alright, it was just a fuck." He says plainly as he angrily walks out of the dojo.
Here’s a lil something to cure your boredom ;)
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 2 months ago
Bruhhh I want to just ride Thor. That man just does things to be and I just 🤤🤤🤤
Oh he makes me feel a lot
Sit Down, Stay a While
Warning: noncon/rape, rough Thor, this got out of hand
Tumblr media
Loki's away again. He does this every now and then. He likes to just fuck off but he always comes back. You wait around, that's what you vowed to do. As much as you could hate him, you love him to. Him and his tricks. He just had to be sparse until his brother forgot about his last one.
The thought conjures the elder of the princes. So seems the habit of both of them. They would appear just as they cross your mind. The knock is so soft, you think it's the maid.
Thor asks after his brother and without result, he asks if he can come in. You get along, you always have. You're the mediator between him and the darker haired Odinson. You ask if he wants a drink as he sits on the sofa.
"Ale?" he inquires.
"Loki only keeps wine," you sigh as you near the glass cabinet.
"Red," he affirms, "thank you, lady."
"He's been away for--"
"A week, yes, I know why," he chuckles, "I see the humour in it now. I think it worse he leaves you behind."
"Sometimes I need the respite," you say as you cross to him and set down the goblet on the low table.
You pour his glass and put the bottle beside it. You turn awkwardly between his long, thick legs and the table but you're stopped by him. He catches your hip and stills you before him, bringing you to face him.
"You're not lonely?" he crinkles his brow.
"Not at all," you say as you lightly touch his wrist, "I know what I promised at the altar--"
"An empty bed? A husband who is as good as air," he grips your other hip.
"Not quite," he purrs, "oh, come on, he is away too often."
"He is my husband and you are his brother, thence mine," you try to push his hands away from you, "your concern is flattering."
"My concern is of mine own," he smirks, "it is more suited to vengeance."
Pulls you towards him and you catch yourself on his shoulders. Even sat down, he is too strong for you.
"I am not part of your games," you insist as you try to shove yourself away from him.
His hands slide down your ass and your thighs as he pulls your legs around him.
"Let me go," you hit his shoulder, "Thor, you have made your point. I will be sure Loki--"
"Oh, he will know all of it," he snakes his arm around you and pulls you close as his other hand tugs your skirts from beneath your knees, "I will know all of you."
"Stop! You beast!" you slap him across the face and his head snaps back. He chuckles and shakes out the shockwave.
"Oh, don't act so sweet, princess," he taunts as his hand crawls beneath the layers of fabric.
You flinch as you struggle against his thick arm and he tickles the inside of your thighs with his knuckles. He picks at his breeches as you squirm in his lap. You push on his shoulders desperately as you try to lift yourself on your knees.
He sighs as he frees himself and you feel his smooth tip rub against your leg. Panic sparks and you drag your nails across his cheek and leave raw scarlet lines. He growls through his teeth and forces you down until he prods your folds.
"Nggh noooo," you yank on his hair and tense as he search for your entrance.
He chuckles as he squeezes you tighter and forces his tip against your cunt. He retracts his hand from beneath you and thrusts you down on him. You cry out as he stretches you painfully, forcing himself to his hilt as he angles his hips below you.
"Th-Th-Thor," you whimper and try to elbow away his arms, "get--"
He slips a hand under your ass and the other frames your side as he begins to move you. You bare your teeth and swipe at him again. He catches your wrist and then the other as he bucks his pelvis meanly. He holds your hands up, his grip threatening to snap the bones.
"Keep going," he snarls, "you're done when I am, princess."
You groan as your hands pulse from his grasp and you rock your hips, his size too much to handle as your walls ache around him. The pressure mounts and you slicken around him with each tilt. The pain slakes away and turns to a fullness you can't resist.
"I may be wrong, princess," he rasps as you speed up and he presses your hands to his chest, "you may finish first."
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like-rain-or-confetti · a month ago
The Accident (Demetri Volturi x Reader)
TRIGGER WARNING: Death! Gore! Traffic Accident! Dark themes!
This one has been in the drafts for months lmao. I finally finished it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You ran down the hall, bursting through the doors. To your surprise someone in a black cloak saw this but simply stood staring at you. You took off running once more, they'd catch up with you so why wait for the inhumanly fast vampires. You took a quick look behind you to see someone, covered in black, leave through the doors you had and make there way at human speed towards you. 
With newfound adrenaline you ran faster, pushing through anyone who stood in your way. Yet it seemed no matter how many turns you made, no matter how fast you went. They were constantly behind you. The hooded figure seemed to grow impatient, now moving into a speed walk, moving through passers by easily. You cursed that no one seemed to question why someone in a black cloak would be wandering Volterra. If anyone had, they chose not to approach and the ones who hadn't, simply chose to ignore it. ‘Maybe this is all a mistake...' You thought to yourself but quickly reminded yourself. 'but I need to stop living the same day, even if it kills me.' You couldn't stay locked in there any more and if this is what had to be done to get some freedom, no matter how long. The consequences was worth it. Seeing the cloak grow closer again you darted out into the road in front of you. You heard a screeching in your ears before everything went black. 
Tires screeching alerted everyone and made the hooded figure stop. Time seemed to stand still momentarily before a shrill scream erupted, making all swarm to the scene. The figure caught sight of the truck, which was now dented with the windshield covered in blood and shattered. The driver hurrying in panic, Italian spilling from his lips as he insisted he didn't see them and pleaded for help.  Your body was a gruesome scene. You had shards of glass in your hair. Your eyes open wide but glazed over. Jaw slightly ajar and lying on your side. Blood oozed from your ears, nose and mouth. Your limbs bent in unnatural angles. There were yells for ambulances, others in shock or crying out in horror. The figure stepped back, the blood hitting their nostrils hard. 
Once stepping into the shade, they lowered their hood. Heidi was shocked. It was as clear as day to see. She wasn't urged to catch you before you got away and caused a scene. Heidi had urgently put in the violet contacts. Perhaps if she hadn't, she'd had gotten to you quicker. There was no doubt you had died upon impact. Your empty eyes only proved that to be the case. Heidi lifted her hood to cover her once more before stepping into the sun. She briskly walked back to the castle, wondering how she'd tell Demetri of the news. 
"Where is the human!?" Caius immediately snapped when Heidi returned alone, removing the black cloak. However only few noticed how disturbed Heidi looked. "(Y/N) will not be a problem anymore." Heidi began. "Explain yourself!" Caius demanded. "Where are they?" Demetri's eyes narrowed, approaching closer. "They were hysterical when they caught sight of me and ran in front of moving traffic." Heidi slowly turned her gaze to Demetri. "I'm so sorry, Demetri. They're gone." Demetri shifted. "What do you mean?" "(Y/N) died." 
Two days passed before Demetri was willing to speak about what happened. He mentioned it after some time of silence with Felix. "You know, many of our kind think mates are people who were made to be with one another. It's laughable that mine ended up being born centuries upon centuries after me and do you know what makes it worse?" Demetri cracked a bitter smile, despite the pain in his eyes. "They'd have rather have died than be with me." "Demetri, friend, you can't think like that." Felix said solemnly. "They would have come around, it was a terrible accident. You did everything asked of you. You did everything right." "It wasn't enough." Demetri said flatly. "They weren't happy. I hoped maybe they could be with time's too late." Demetri slowly shook his head before another bitter laugh escaped his throat. "I just saw them this morning. I thought I had finally gotten through to them why I kept them here. I thought they had finally understood what I was trying to do- what I had to do. They didn't. They knew they were going to try to run today. That's why they were so kind this morning." Felix out a hand on Demetri's shoulder. "It is not your fault. They made that decision." "I'm so angry with them." Demetri mumbled. "I wish I could tell them that. Tell them what an idiot they are but I can't. I'm so angry that they chose to me to be alone forever." "There could be another." Felix said softly. "Felix, I understand you want to comfort me but at least be realistic. You know how uncommon that is. It's beyond even deeming it rare." Demetri swallowed.  Little did Demetri know that conversation was only the beginning. 
Grief was painful, and long. Demetri couldn’t help but think of how you were there and suddenly you were gone. Almost as though he had looked away and you had fallen out of the earth, but every trace of you, you had left behind. It seemed that no one else could either. Finally, Demetri found the will to return to his room. It had been many days and he sought out Demetri and Heidi's help. He'd need to start clearing out your belongings. Take your scent out of his room. Slowly, he opened his door Felix and Heidi behind him. "I haven't been back in here since they died." Demetri admitted and Felix nodded. "That's understandable. They were almost always in here. Even for me, it's strange for them not to be here." Demetri looked around. "It's bizarre, it had always been my room. (Y/N) was only here for months, doesn't feel like my room anymore. It feels like I'm intruding." "You know we're all here to help right?" Demetri looked to Felix and nodded in response. "Just remember to see it for what it is, yeah?" Felix said lightly. "Walls and a floor, with furniture. Your belongings too." "And (Y/N)'s..." Demetri mumbled. "You don't have to decide on that right now." Felix began. "I'm not keeping all of it." Demetri interrupted. 
The clearing was interrupted when Felix was summoned. However Heidi remained with Demetri. Once Felix had left, Demetri took on the room. Your scent still lingered after all this time, traces of it in the air. He grimaced at the bed, it wasn't perfectly made as usual, as a matter of fact, the duvet and pillow were crumpled, evidence someone had been sleeping there...evidence you had been sleeping there. Demetri tore his eyes away, finding the scene difficult. As he sat on a gold chest he kept at the bottom of his bed, he noticed a knocked over lamp in the corner of the room. 
"I will never stay here with you! Not like this! I'd rather die than be here with you!" You cried out in frustration and your words actually did hurt him. Your regret was evident almost immediately. However Demetri's face lost all emotion, turning to you one last time before heading out the door. "Well then it seems you'll just have to die to get away from me, won't you?" As he shut the door behind him, seconds later he heard a lamp fall over with a cry of frustration. Yet he carried on. 
It would be the last time he ever saw you. Those two sentences hit him hard in the chest. He wished he hadn't said that, he wished you hadn't said what you had said. He wished it was all done differently. 
Something caught his eye, making him look up before he froze in place. Demetri bit his lip hard when he saw you, one leg crossed over the other, hands clasped, in the chair in the opposite corner to him. Your gaze was gentle. The same look Demetri had given you when you were the one that didn't understand. Although it seemed the tables had turned now.  "It looks like I really did have to die to get away from you. You were right after all." You said simply. Demetri shook his head standing up. Yet as he did so, you were gone. There was no sign you had ever been there to begin with. 
Demetri was passing through one night. The castle was quiet as it usual was whilst during the night. Passing the window, something caught his eye. A shape. A blurred shape. Demetri turned his head towards the window before he gasped. He could make out your form, your features blurred by the dirt upon the window. Your figure leaned forward dark rings around your eye sockets. Demetri reeled back. As Demetri fell to the floor, you were suddenly inside and had stood over him with a wide, wicked grin. However within seconds, he stood up and you were gone. He wanted to believe that he had imagined it, the dark room having enough room for the shadows creeping across the room and his imagination. However you were too vivid to have been the dark playing tricks on him. Not to mention he could see beyond the dark. There was no way he could have imagined it, but it was the only logical answer. 
A few uneventful days passed and Demetri had begun to think things would finally go back to normal. The worst of things were over now. It could only get better. He heard someone call his name from behind him. He turned, to see the receptionist approaching him. He moved out of his position in the throne room. His arm behind his back. "Vivienne..." Her name glided off of his tongue. A small smile growing upon his face as her cheeks turned pink. " can I help you?" "I was sent to give you a message." Demetri sighed turning his back to her. "How...boring. Go on, darling. I'm listening. A message from who?"  “I was to give you a message, from (Y/N)? I had no idea they were fine and well.” Vivienne smiled brightly at Demetri.  “What?” He turned sharply.  “(Y/N)? They told me to give you a message that they’ll be home soon about half an hour ago-” The receptionist cut her self off with a scream as Demetri grabbed her tightly and flung her behind him. Vivienne bounced off the stone wall behind Demetri and landed on her neck with a sickening crack. She was dead instantly. Demetri’s skin crawled, Vivienne’s last words searing into his mind.  ‘They told me to give you a message that they’ll be home soon about half an our ago...’ Had that been some kind of sick joke? Maybe it was but no longer could Demetri wonder if it was Vivienne who had been joking. No longer could he keep it to himself. It was too much. 
"Felix?" Demetri raised his head to look over at his friend beside him. "Do you think death is the end?” Felix seemed surprised by the question. "I have to believe death is the end. I've done so many terrible things that...I don't think such a debt could ever be paid off." Felix finally responded. "You've never been the existential type...why does it concern you now?" Felix asked. "I can't help but wonder, friend. Especially since..." Demetri trailed off before he could get ahead of himself however, Felix was hooked. "Since...(Y/N)?" Demetri figured if anyone would have his best interest and support, it would be Felix. "Do you think the dead return to watch the living?" Demetri suddenly asked. Felix hummed as Demetri continued. "Could such a thing be possible? Even after all these years, we don't know even the beginning of what's possible?" "Where is this coming from friend?" Felix asked quietly. "Felix, if I tell you everything, need you to listen. It will sound silly but I need my friend." Felix looked over Demetri. "You got it, man. Talk to me. I bet it isn't as silly as you think." Felix prompted. So Demetri told him everything. 
Alec entered looked around Demetri's open door at the sound of unfamiliar giggling. To his surprise he found Demetri and Felix lying on Demetri's bed smirking up at you. You, on the other hand, were the one giggling and jumping on the bed. A polar opposite difference from your miserable attitude everyone had grown accustomed to. "What are you doing?" Alec asked, void of any emotion. "We're conducting an experiment." Demetri sent Alec a dazzling smile. "Corin was curious as to how a human acts under her gift and little (Y/N) here is just so boring when they're sad." Demetri pouted as you continued to giggle. "Turns out, Corin can make someone so content that they'll have a great time." Felix grinned. "They're acting like they're drunk." Alec replied, moving to the side of the bed. He looked up at you with a look of distaste that you didn't seem to notice. "More entertaining rather than the moping about they usually do." Demetri smirked up at you. Alec shook his head with an eye roll. "They're being loud." He said. "Let them." Demetri said continuing to look up at you. " Humans are so funny." Felix smirked. "I bet they love you now, Demetri. Isn't that right, (Y/N)?" It wasn't clear if you heard Felix as you clutched your head momentarily. "I can't think straight!" You said between giggles. This made Felix laugh. "How long is this supposed to last?" Alec asked flatly. "A few days, as always with Corin's ability." Alec huffed before storming off. 
"The first noise complaint." Felix grinned towards Demetri. "I don't care, you're enjoying yourself aren't you, darling?" Demetri cooed at you. You nodded with another giggle. "I think Corin went too far though." Felix said. "They're supposed to be content and they're...well as Alec said, they're a happy drunk." "Well there's no harm done." Demetri replied. "After all, she's used to using her gift on the wives. They'd be more effort than humans. Besides. I like you better like this." Demetri finished with a smile. With another giggle you stopped bouncing, landing on your knees and Demetri, straddling him. "Be careful, my love. You might hurt yourself." Demetri reminded with a smirk, thoroughly enjoying the position. "I'm fine!" You sang. Demetri's hands travelled up to your face, sweeping away strands of hair that had moved out of place. Once he had done so, his hands fell to your knees. "Your hands are cold." You giggled. The two vampires hummed in amusement. 
You hovered over Demetri, seemingly tired out. "I wish you would stay like this." Demetri said almost fondly as his thumbs trailed back and forth upon your knees. "You're really pretty." You said quietly, not acknowledging his statement and looking into his eyes. "Thank you." Demetri replied. "Not good looking enough for you to perk up and bend to his every whim, little human." Felix smirked. You rubbed at one of your eyes. "I don't know what you want from me." You mumbled. "For you to be mine without question." Demetri replied softly. You stared at him momentarily. Without warning you leaned forward, capturing Demetri's lips with your own. You heard Demetri's noise of surprise before he pushed you back gently ever so slightly. "No, not like that. You're not ready for that." You ignored him, kissing him again. He hummed slightly but once again pushed you back. "I mean it, little one." He said softly with a smirk. "See? I think Corin did a little...too much." Felix smirked with wide eyes. "Then I don't get usual." You muttered. It was a happy mutter but the sentence itself wasn't so happy given the context. "You would if you let yourself understand it, sweetheart." Demetri sighed. After a moment of silence, Demetri spoke again. "Do you love me, (Y/N)?" "I don't know." You mumbled. Demetri cradled your face with a hand. "I know." He said quietly. 
It took four days for you to return to normal, for a clear perspective to return to you. The memories didn't leave, as much as you wished they did. You screamed and cried, horrified at the manipulation. The memories of those four days being too much to stomach. Even knowing you had kissed him twice and it was Demetri who had stopped you. You couldn't help but think of what would have happened if he hadn't. It made you sick. You were sick at the very thought of what Demetri had done. 
It appeared to be that with every room, Demetri remembered a memory with you. Unfortunately very few were good memories. Now that you were gone, a part of him wished he could change that.  Demetri sat with Felix in one of the many living rooms. "So you think you're seeing their ghost?" Felix asked. The first question he had after Demetri told him of what had been happening. Demetri couldn't be sure, even now. "Do we even know what a ghost is?" Demetri asked. "Some could argue that doesn't matter." Felix replied. Demetri slowly nodded. "(Y/N) once told me in a book of theirs, ghosts were defined as wishes. Where people see what they want to see." "Yeah?" Felix said lightly and Demetri nodded. “If ghosts are wishes, then their ghost is my wish to come back to me, and forgive me.” "I can't describe it, but I felt like some part of (Y/N) was still here." Demetri was stunned by Felix’s admission. "It's denial probably.” Felix continued. “My feeble attempt of trying to feel better about when they were with us. We really made their life hell, the least we could have done was made it easier. Although that means we'd have to care." 
The conversation lulled in Demetri's mind. He inspected his room, all of your stuff was completely gone, as well as your scent. It was just his room once more. It was bittersweet. A relief he could be free of you. Yet he couldn't ignore the small pang in his heart knowing how you had suffered for his happiness. Demetri lay on his bed with a tired sigh, although he could never feel sleep take over. There was a small creak in a floorboard. Demetri’s gaze shifted to find you standing a few feet away from the end of his bed. At the wall on the left side of the room. With inhuman speed he sat up. You said nothing at first. Simply staring at him with a piercing stare. Finally, your gaze shifted from him. Instead you turned your back on him, attention moving to his desk. “I failed you.” Demetri said quietly. You didn’t acknowledge him, running your fingertips across his desk, lightly tracing patterns along the delicate paper.  “I failed you.” He said louder and you turned to look at him with a firm tone of voice.  "I heard you." You continued.  "It won't change anything. I need you to know that." You said, eyes empty of any emotion. "Nothing you have to say will change any of this but now that I'm..." You trailed off walking towards the wall looking up at the ceiling.  To Demetri's surprise, you stepped up onto the wall and began walking up it arms reaching towards the ceiling. "I used to dream of this, that there would be something in these damn walls that let me out." You said before you straightened entirely. 
Everything about you was wrong. You stood as though you were the right way up and Demetri wasn't. Not even your clothes or hair giving any indication that you were literally standing on the left wall. "There is no way out!" Demetri snapped, unable to stop a wave of fear rush through him. "Oh, well in that case." You said simply. You stepped around his window and walked down to the bottom of his wall, keeping your eyes on him until you were face down to the floor. Inches away from making contact. Much to Demetri's displeasure, his mind seemed to move with you. Once again giving him the impression that he was the one who was the wrong way around. Yet common sense told him you were the one at the wrong angle, recalling how you stepped around the window and now you leaned against the ceiling as though it was a wall. You looked at him past the gaps in the furniture of the table and chair before him. You gave him a stern look, an unforgiving one much like you had received from many of the Volturi just for being in their presence. 
A week later, Demetri had become very attentive to Heidi. He claimed he needed a distraction one night and she gave him that. She left his room the next morning with a smile. She was tending to her duties when Heidi felt hands upon her waist. She smiled slightly. Only one person did such a thing and he had done so not long ago. “Demetri?” She smiled but the smile immediately faltered as she felt the thumbs rub circles into her back. The grip tightening slightly. Demetri’s scent wasn’t there, in fact, there was no scent. Slowly, she looked down. The hands were smaller than Demetri’s, discoloured and the nails were covered in dried blood. Blood seeped through the gaps of the fingers. She pulled out of the grip with a scream, turning to face the owner but no one was there.  “Heidi?” Heidi turned sharply to see Demetri, Felix and Santiago.  “Are you alright?” Felix asked. Heidi was too shaken to reply. 
Demetri had just returned from feeding to his room when he discovered you seemingly waiting for him. He wanted to recoil. Turn his back and leave, yet he couldn't bring himself to do it. "You didn't ever hide the killings from me." You began. Your eyes bore into his. "Every week, a new group of people would come come to the castle upon the thought that they'd see a wonderful castle solidified within time. None ever realising that their residents were just as solidified under the one condition that they'd be used for their blood. They'd learn when it's too late to turn back. The feeling of dread when they realised the had smiled and freely walked to their own demise." Slowly you shook your head. "I watched them go. I knew what would happen and with every week, I thought it'd be easier, I prayed that it would get easier but it never did. I'd hear their screams. When night fell, I still heard those screams. In my dreams they'd scream at me 'Why? Why would you let me die? How could you just watch?' I could never give an answer. All I could say was that I was sorry because even I didn't have those answers. They weren't mine to give." You swallowed hard. "Do you know what everyone told me? Including you? Every time you saw me cry or flinch? You'd say. 'Rejoice. It was them instead of you.' I hated that answer. I hated all of you for that answer. Those people you tortured and killed got the better deal because once they were dead and gone, that was it. I had to sit and watch it time after time. I'd remember their faces every time!" Your mouth twisted in pain, running your fingers through your hair in distress. “I had become the invisible witness.” You continued, circling Demetri. “Every death that happened in this castle, I became an accomplice. A traitor to my own kind. If anything killed was that. It chipped away at me piece by piece. So now it’s your turn. Now you all will bear witness and there won’t be one damn thing you can do about it.” You were gone immediately.  Demetri felt like he could be sick. the hairs on the back of his neck standing. 
Vivienne had been returning to her desk when she came across you. You were curled up against the wall, trembling with quiet sobs.  “(Y/N)?” Vivienne called gently.  “Vivienne!” You cried out in surprise, wiping your eyes hurriedly. “I was just...” As you stumbled, upon your own words, she spoke up. “Are you okay?” Your bottom lip quivered. Slowly you shook your head. “No.” You said softly. “I can’t pretend that I am. He’s...he’s ruining me.” You said firmly. “I can’t forget the things i have seen. He doesn’t even care, none of them do.” You looked down at your bruised arm. “They can’t even figure out how much strength is needed to touch me.” Your lip quivered again. “We’re going to die here, you know that don’t you?” Your eyes were pleading, praying that Vivienne understood. She did, deep down, as much as she tried to bury the thought, she knew that it was very unlikely she’d live. You had higher chances being Demetri’s...mate? What exactly were you? She didn’t understand and no one paid attention to her for Vivienne to even have to pretend to understand. Vivienne said nothing at first.  “You need to pull yourself together...before they notice.” She advised. Slowly you shook your head. “I can’t. I can’t ignore this anymore.” Vivienne was still for a moment.  “I’m so sad.” You whispered, pain in your voice. Vivienne moved forward, pulling you into a hug. You cried into her shoulder as quietly as you could. She was right, they couldn’t hear. “I hate them.” You mumbled.  “I know.” Vivienne whispered. Her heart ached at your pain, knowing she couldn’t do anything, for your own sakes.  “Vivienne, you should be working and (Y/N), you are not allowed here.” The two of you broke apart hurriedly, turning to see Demetri, an arm behind his back and his jaw clenched. “I sincerely hope you aren’t speaking ill of me after our conversation, (Y/N).” There was a trace of a warning in it. You wiped your eyes again. “Of course not.” You replied. You gave Vivienne a watery eyed smile, the last smile she’d see from you. “Vivienne was actually giving me a clearer perspective.” You assured him. “You know, helping me see out within my own head, like you were saying.”  “Good. Then I thank Vivienne for her services.” He looked at her blankly. You took your queue to leave and Demetri followed you. The situation was clear, you and Demetri had been fighting again. 
Of course Demetri recalled what you had said to Vivienne. He overheard most of it and you knew you weren’t happy. Although it didn’t change that the last thing he properly said to you had been you’d have to die to get away from him only days later. 
Demetri found Heidi looking out at the scenery from the balcony. ”You’ve been quiet, are you alright?” Heidi offered him a smile and nodded quietly. Demetri didn’t buy it immediately. Firstly, Heidi had a clean opportunity to throw in any flirty look or response and she didn’t. Secondly, her smile didn’t meet her eyes. Lastly, she looked away far too quickly.  “Hey, talk to me.” Demetri said, standing next to her, looking out at the scenery too.  “Felix would kill me.” Heidi replied with a soft smile.  “I won’t tell him if you don’t.” Demetri smirked. She smiled slightly before it vanished, whatever was on her mind resurfaced quickly. Heidi looked down, Demetri had never seen her look so shaken. "It's ironic, isn't it?" She said in almost a whimper. "It's ironic the person who was around for barely a second in our perspective, is the one who haunts us the most." Demetri slowly nodded. "I know." "Felix told me to never breathe a word to you about it but I can't keep it to myself anymore. I don't know who to talk to about it." Demetri turned his head and Heidi looked straight ahead. However her facial expressions expressed a pained hatred. As though hating herself for going against her promise. "I can't describe it, but I feel like some part of (Y/N) is still here." Heidi scoffed at herself. "It's terrible, sick,  to say such things to you of all people but I'm not the only one. Corin feels it too. As has Chelsea but she's determined she's seeing things...that we all are." Demetri's eyes widened a fraction. "Seeing things?" Heidi squeezed her eyes shut. "It's glimpses. Barely a second, most of them. We even see them at the corner of our eyes sometimes." "Who?" Demetri asked quietly. "(Y/N)." She answered. If his heart could race, it would. "I see them too." Demetri assured her. "You too?" She whispered and Demetri nodded. "I'm so sorry, Demetri." Heidi said. "I'm sorry I couldn't fix it. I'm sorry they died." Demetri wrapped an arm around Heidi. "I am too. I never blamed you Heidi. You didn't kill them." 
The leaders spent their night as they always did, reading heavy books on the arts and sciences, each era being different to the next. It was fascinating to see the change documented. Only a vampire could see it. They were the only ones to live long enough. Something caught Marcus' eye. Marcus caught sight of a pair of hands in his peripheral vision. He turned his head. Low and behold there beside him were a pair of hands. Slowly his gaze lifted from the hands to the arms smaller bones jutting out and close to breaking skin, past the elbows to the shoulders, tattered clothes covering them, until he was faced with you. You were covered in blood, discoloured skin and grinning at him widely. Blood stained teeth. He inhaled sharply but before the three cold do anything you pushed the table away from them violently.  “What on earth!” Caius cried out. He didn’t see you but Aro barely caught a glimpse of you before you were gone. 
Something in the throne room shifted. The atmosphere changed putting Felix, Demetri and Santiago's instincts on high alert, like the sensation of the hairs on a neck standing. Suddenly a laugh rang out and echoed across the room. The three looked around. They didn't recognise the laugh and according to scent, no one was around. "Demetri?" Felix asked. Demetri shook his head, growing more unsettled. "No. No one's here." There was footsteps, like someone was running and then screeching tires. “You're hearing this...right?" Demetri asked. "Yeah...we are." Felix replied fighting back the urge to crouch in defense. There was another laugh, same as before. However this time Demetri and Felix saw a familiar person walk behind Santiago. The two staggered back with gasps of disbelief. "Santiago, behind you!" Felix warned and with inhuman speed, Santiago turned. He barely caught a glimpse of you before you disappeared before his very eyes. By this point Demetri was beginning to panic and Felix wasn't far behind him. "What do we do?" Demetri asked hurriedly. "Ignore it! Just ignore it!" Santiago ordered, looking to find anything out of place before he began to mumble to himself, whether it was a chant or a prayer, neither of the two guards were certain. "What if we just leave?" Felix suggested, checking his surrounding area hurriedly. "And go where? It can follow. Where we go, it goes." Santiago said lowly between mumbles. "Then what do we do Santiago?" Demetri snapped. "You give it power by acknowledging it. You're encouraging it by reacting. Ignore it and it'll pass." "That's (Y/N), I don't think they'll be so easily bored." Demetri replied. "(Y/N) is freaking me out!" Felix said loudly. "Don't encourage it!" Santiago growled. "This is what they want! They'll want to scare us but they can't physically harm us!" "How do you know!?" Felix asked. "You know Santiago's background, you don't think he didn't learn a thing or two about ghosts?" Demetri replied. "You're not welcome here!" Santiago declared. "Why are you talking to it!?" Felix snapped. "You just said to ignore them!" Before Santiago could respond, you stood in front of him. You wore a dark expression and before anyone could react you grabbed Santiago by the throat. Much to the guards disbelief and unlike Santiago's previous statements, you most certainly could physically harm him. You had brute strength but Santiago didn't feel any cracks. Although he also couldn't move. Demetri and Felix began to yell out. All the while, you stared into Santiago's eyes as he did you. Your dark expression changed to one of distress. You began to moan seemingly in agony as your jaw drooped lower and lower making your mouth inhumanly wide. Suddenly Santiago was thrown to the ground and you were nowhere to be seen. He immediately clutched his neck as Felix and Demetri hurried to their friends side. Santiago was stunned, unable to say a word at first.  “I believe I understand now.” Santiago began.  “What?” Demetri asked, shaken. “My grandmother would always tell me ghosts come from feelings; guilt, anger, sadness, happiness. We knew (Y/N) was unhappy here. They were sad all the time. So what if that sadness turned into rage when they died?” 
Aro was the first to break the silence, the first to acknowledge what had happened two days prior. “I have confirmed with Marcus, we both saw something.”  “Perhaps you’re seeing his interpretation with is fueling your own imagination?” Caius tried to shrug him off.  “Are you suggesting that we are imagining the same apparition?” Aro asked. Caius sighed. “Brother, you are theorising that a dead human pushed a table over.” He deadpanned. “Does any of that sound logical to you?”  “It’s too heavy of a table to be pushed simply by a human.” Marcus added and Caius groaned. “A dead human.” He replied. Aro pondered for a moment. "Do you think the dead return to watch the living?"  “I think the dead are simply that. Dead. That human is decomposing underground by now or nothing but ash. They can’t see because they are dead!” Caius said growing agitated.  “I cannot shake this brother.” Aro said gravely. “If you saw what we did, you’d believe the same. 
Things grew quiet once more, the somewhat shaken Volturi members returning to some form of normal. Santiago and Afton moved to close the doors, only to find they couldn’t push them. Santiago and Afton tugged on the doors, they moved. They tried to push them shut simultaneously. Yet they didn't budge. "What on...?" Santiago looked for anything that blocked them but found nothing. "You two losing your touch?" Felix smirked moving to Santiago's side whilst Demetri moved to Afton's. The four pushed. The doors didn't budge. "Okay what the hell?" Felix said in confusion looking around as Santiago had before. "There's nothing blocking the doors, they should close!" "Is there something wrong with the hinges?" Afton asked. "Afton, we're four vampires, I'm quite certain we are stronger than any hinges, working or not." Felix deadpanned. 
Suddenly, the three leaders saw someone skipping in circles at the end of the hallway. Someone all too familiar. Your hair was a mess, skin discoloured and covered in dirt. Bones protruding from your limbs, threatening to break the skin. However it was worse when they could hear crunching and cracking with every step you made. Suddenly, you stopped. You turned on your heels to stare them down. You didn't blink and a small smile grew upon your face. That was when you began to run towards them. The four guards seemed to have no idea of what was happening. Whilst the leaders were unable to tear their eyes from the sight of you running towards them. Finally, Aro spoke. "Close them...close them now!" Aro didn't even hear the guards replies that they were trying as they continued to push on the doors. You were getting too close, seconds away from running through those doors. You were grinning, the sounds of crunching and cracking growing louder along with your footsteps. Just before you could cross the threshold into the throne room. The guards were finally able to close their doors, pushing them shut on you.  However the next day wasn’t made that event look to be a breeze. 
For ten minutes, they watched the doors open and slam shut over and over again. Caius lost his patience. “That’s it!?” Caius yelled out. “You intend to frighten us with slamming doors!? We can break those very doors! You will not frighten us by slamming a door.” The repetitive slamming suddenly stopped. Silence filled the room. Heidi gasped as you stood before her. Your eyes were empty, your face wore no expression.  “(Y-Y/N)?” Demetri tried. You didn’t tear your eyes from Heidi. Suddenly a loud ‘boom!’ filled their ears at the very same time, something collided into you. You flew past the leaders as Heidi screamed. The sight making her remember how you died. Screeching tires filled their ears. “What do you want!?” Demetri bellowed as everything went silent. However you weren’t gone, you were back to the spot before them. You kept your back turned to him.  “What will make this end?” He asked quieter. You turned to Demetri, you looked just as you had before you died. Your skin tone returned to normal, you were clean, not so much as a mark on you. You responded. "This doesn't end." You deadpanned, catching Demetri off guard. You continued with a small smile. "You wanted me here, forever. With you. Here I am." By the time you were done, you wore a wide smile. "We have forever, Dem." You smiled. "Just as you wanted. I'll come and go, of course, forever is a long time to be here and it was the last thing I wanted. I got some of the control back, I suppose." You said looking around the throne room before returning your gaze to him and smiling. "I'll always come back. You'll never be rid of me and that is called compromise." You looked around at everyone in the room before once again, back to Demetri. "Bye, Demetri! I enjoyed our play date." You grinned and barely a second mater, you were gone. However Demetri knew for a fact that it wasn't over. 
That goodbye wasn't the last and you'd return to play your sick game all over again soon enough. Demetri said nothing. There was nothing he could say. This was what he wanted. He wanted you to stay with him forever. The Volturi wanted to hold you hostage, lock you in with them. However, now that they've locked those doors and thrown away the keys, now they realise they hadn't locked you in with them. They had locked themselves in with you.
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WIP of an animated icon commission
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The Day The Earth Stood Still, 1951
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Succession + bodily (dys)functions, as requested by my worst enemy, rival, and malefactor @deadpanwalking
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HI I’ve been gone for quite a while. Well not really gone I just haven’t been posting. But I’ve been wanting to start again so I will. I went to the Atlanta show on Tuesday and it definitely gave me the inspiration I needed lol. Very excited to collect pictures again😎
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Request: In the Woods (Caius Volturi x Reader)
WARNING: Dark themes!
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It had to be something of pure luck that you had escaped. By even more luck, you had stumbled upon the Cullen's, your coven before you were forced into the Volturi. All thanks to Caius that is. You clung to Carlisle's collar. "Please...don't let me go back there...don't let them take me." If you could have cried you would have and Carlisle's heart ached for you. 
Alice inhaled sharply, a vision gripping her and pulling her from reality. "I'll kill myself!" You screamed catching the Cullen's and the Volturi off guard, no one more than Caius who growled, taking a step forward. The vision changed suddenly. You locked eyes with Vladimir, relief rushing across your face. The scattered bodies of the decapitated Cullen's surrounding you. Caius snarled. You sprinted towards Vladimir who in turn sprinted towards you. Many guards gave chase as even Caius himself ran after you. You smiled as Vladimir grabbed your head and pulled. There was a 'clink!' and Caius scream before the vision changed once more. Vladimir laughed, holding up your head and showing Stefan what he had done. Stefan's face lit up, laughing before your head was tossed into the nearby fire. The vision changed again with what only could be described as a war. The Romanians had brought their all allies; the Denali, the Amazons, even the Egyptians. Rows upon rows of vampires just as the Volturi had the numbers to match.  Alice was thrown back into reality, the vision ending and the message was clear. They couldn't let you leave the Volturi. For the sake of every vampire in existence and for your own life, you had to be with Caius. 
 The guards turned their heads to see their three masters behind them. They silently waited for the order. Aro looked to Caius, who wore a cold expression. "Get them." Caius demanded through a clenched jaw. The leaders had briefed them of the guards of their task and the conditions they expected you to be returned. 
Alice caught Carlisle's arm, Edward not far behind her. "We have a problem. We can't take (Y/N) with us. If we do, we'll be dead. I saw it. We need to be tactical about this-" "Even if that means we can't bring them with us today." Edward finished. "You can't just leave me!" You cried out. "We're family!" Alice was about to say something when Alice's eyes glazed over for a moment, stiffening. Jasper was quick to his mates side, taking her arms. Edward turned to Carlisle. "Carlisle-" Alice blinked. "They're looking for them now! They just sent out the guard!" You cried out. "Please, don't leave me here!" Carlisle was quick. "(Y/N), run that way, keep running don't wait for us, don't look back.” You did so, panicked. Running as fast as you could. "Do you really think they'll outrun the guard?" Emmett asked as Esme took Carlisle's hand. "We can only do so much. This is their best chance." "And ours." Alice added. 
Everything had gone quiet, or at least, it was quiet for a forest. Other than your footsteps, animals and wind. Thanks to vampirism, you could see in the dark. If you were human, you'd have no chance. You finally stopped to get your bearings. You had kept straight ahead, like Carlisle had said. However you had no idea how far the forest exit was. You didn't feel alone in the forest with every passing moment. You knew it wouldn't be long before the Volturi caught up. 
Felix, Demetri, Santiago, the twins and Afton stood at the tree line. "Afton, go straight ahead." Demetri ordered. "Make sure you won't be seen." Within the blink of an eye, Afton was gone and then a whir as he rushed ahead. "We'll cover the left and secure the Cullen's." Jane said. "I'll take the right side." Felix smirked, rolling his shoulders. "I'll follow behind Afton." Demetri said. "They'll be blocked by all exits." 
"We are not using Chelsea." Caius said firmly. "There is nothing wrong with our bond. They love me. I know they do. It's their fear and disdain for what we do that stops them." "Brother if we tie, their bind stronger to you- this won't be a problem." Aro tried. "No, it won't. I will not mess with their feelings like that." Caius said sharply. "Yet you are willing to alter their happiness?" Marcus slowly turned his head to Caius. "It's a lesser of two evils. If they understood, I wouldn't have to." Caius replied with gritted teeth. "If you're certain, we'll have Corin sent to (Y/N) as soon as you see necessary." Aro told Caius who curtly nodded. 
There was a crunch behind you. Your head whipped around to find Santiago. "Santiago..." You breathed. "Hello, (Y/N)." Santiago said simply. "I'd have hoped to see you on better circumstances." You slowly moved back and he moved forwards in retaliation. "Is he here?" You asked shakily. "He is waiting for us." Santiago replied. "Who is 'us'?" You asked stiffly. "The guard, myself and you." He answered. You shook your head. "I'm not going anywhere with you. I'm not going back there." Santiago sighed. "Then what choice do I have? We've been ordered to retrieve you alive but that doesn't mean we can't hurt you." Santiago said and he moved slowly towards you. "You've upset Caius quite a bit, (Y/N)." 
Santiago lunged, grabbing you by the arms. You tore yourself out of his grip and pushed him back with a snarl. He growled as he moved again, he was quicker. Angrier. You cried out in pain when you suddenly felt pain in the side of your neck and head. You felt the cracks slowly travel along the area. You fell to your knees, hand to your neck as your vision blurred momentarily. 
Something within you snapped as Santiago moved forward once more. You rolled away from him before jumping to your feet and throwing everything you had into a punch. Clink! Your jaw dropped as Santiago's head detached and fell to the ground. You couldn't believe it. You had never hurt a vampire before and you nearly killed Santiago with one hit. You had no idea what to do in that moment. It's not like you didn't like Santiago, could you just leave him and hope someone finds him? You groaned, rubbing the back of your neck and feeling the cracks beginning to heal. 
Suddenly, a scent hit your nostrils as you heard clapping behind you. You spun on your heels to be faced with Felix who was slowly approaching. "Did you just rip off Santiago's head?" Felix asked, looking at the decapitated body of Santiago, his head a few feet away. "Uh, no?" You furrowed your brow. It was a bold-faced lie. Although Felix wasn't known for his brain. "I'm not even angry, I'm just impressed. He's one of our best-as you know. How did you do that?" "I punched him in the head." You replied. "You punched him in the head!? Damn. That must have been one hell of a punch."  "I didn't mean to...I was afraid." You said quietly. "No!" Felix said sharply. "Stand your ground. Stick up for yourself, kid! Don't crumble now!" Felix moved forward, standing next to Santiago's body and giving his shoulder a quick nudge with his foot. Felix sighed. "Although that is quite a number you've done to my friend, (Y/N)." "Felix..." You ground out. "Why are you here?" "I came here to being you back. " Suddenly, before you could even think about it. You lashed out, punching Felix in the face. His head whipped to the side as he grunted, a low growl rumbling in the back of his throat. He lifted his head to look at you. You nearly jumped when Felix suddenly yelled loudly. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" You took off running. "Come on, (Y/N)! Woo!" Felix gave chase. 
After some time Felix caught up with you. What made matters worse was that you had were completely lost. You had tried everything, running into bushes, plants, trees. Everything to create distance or even make him confused but his eyes were trained on you and he was always right behind you. As you moved back, Felix moved forward. "You don't have to do this." You pleaded. "Actually, yeah. I do. Don't worry, I won't bring you back to Caius with your hair an absolute mess." Felix reached out smoothing and fixing your hair. "You really don't deserve this, kid. You know orders though. Caius wants to make sure you'll never pull a stunt like this again." You had no fighting experience. Caius didn't think it necessary. Felix, on the other hand, had fighting as both a hobby and his profession for centuries. So you did the only thing you could think to do. As juvenile as it had a chance of working. 
You aimed high, right between his legs. He immediately groaned, crumpling to his knees and doubled over.  You took off running once more. "That was a perfect shot." Felix groaned. Suddenly Demetri was beside Felix. "What are you doing!? They're getting away!" "They got me in the crown jewels, what do you want from me?" Felix groaned back. Demetri sighed in frustration before he took off running after you. 
You stopped running, changing to a walk to try and reserve some kind of energy. Your neck reminding you to go easy. You should have fed before you left but you couldn't wait. You had your opportunity and took it. However it wasn't long before your senses caught into something. As far as your eyes were concerned, you were alone. Although your ears sensed otherwise. You couldn't let on that you knew someone was behind you and threw a 'meaningless' glance over your shoulder, you saw nothing as expected. That left you with only one conclusion given the footsteps behind you were slightly out of time with your own. It wouldn't be enough for a human to have picked up but your vampire senses latched onto it. You didn't dare stop walking, if you did, the person would likely strike. Although this wasn't just any person. It was a guard. You were more than certain that Afton Volturi was behind you. 
You closed your eyes, concentrating hard on the footsteps. He was arms length. Gradually getting closer as he almost matched your footsteps. You stopped a few feet away from a twig. The same twig, snapped behind you. "There you are." You whispered before throwing your fist back ad hard as you could. It hit him. He, still invisible, fell to the ground with a small groan. You wasted no time kicking leaves at him. Finally, you had an outline. Before he could move, you pounced, hitting him with everything you had. "Show yourself!" You demanded over and over again until he did so. Cracks were all over his face and that was when you stopped your brutal assault. "Good choice, you wouldn't have made it back to Chelsea, otherwise." You growled. "You can ask Santiago about that later." Afton choked on his short, laugh. "No wonder he chose you." He said as best he could manage. "You're just like him." Something about being compared to how awful Caius was made something within you snap. You growled and snapped his neck just as quickly. You let Afton off easy, perhaps too easy but if you did anymore damage, you'd only prove him right. 
However you barely got a hundred yards away before you were yanked from behind. Demetri had caught up to you quickly and grabbed you by the neck. "You think you're winning. You think that you'll get out of here but you won't. You will only have the consequences of your actions because your precious Cullen's will pay the price for it." You panicked. "N-No. Don't hurt them." You managed out. "You hurt them, (Y/N). This is all your fault." You kicked his stomach, hard, making him double over and let you go. You took off running. Although even with that kick, he was still catching up to you. He's faster than you. That was hard to forget in that moment. He was expecting you to take sharp corners or try to outrun him. He picked up speed. You did the only thing you could think off that would use his speed to his advantage.  Just as he was about to grab you, you flung yourself to the ground curling into a ball. Demetri tripped over you immediately, landing before you. That was when you took off running once more. This time to your left. That didn't last long either as it seemed you had run right into Alec. You took a sharp right. 
Just as you lost Demetri and Alec, you seemed to had found Felix who was immediately calling after you. "No, no, no, no!" You muttered hurriedly to yourself, determined to find an escape route. "You know I've actually missed you, (Y/N)!" Felix called out, slowly approaching you. "You've punched me in the face and kicked me where it hurts and now I like you more! How weird is that!?"  You sat with Caius on a couch, head resting upon his shoulder when a thought occurred to you. When had you become so happy? You recalled being miserable. Wishing you could cry for just maybe that would release some of the built up tension and pain you were enduring. Yet one day it did. All of your misery had just stopped which left you only the feeling of content. For unexplainable reasons that thought itched at you. As thought you were trying to remember something important. You raised your head slowly. "What is it, my love?" Caius asked softly. His arm was wrapped around your shoulders and his hand traced idle patterns upon your shoulder blade. "I'm trying to remember something." You said quietly. "From when you were human?" He asked. It was the most logical answer. Once turned into a vampire, your memory was perfect at recalling every moment. There was no forgetting even the smallest details as a vampire. Slowly you shook your head. "No...I just..." You trailed off looking around."... everything is perfect." You finally found the correct words. Caius cracked a smile. "Well isn't that a good thing? You deserve nothing less, my love." "But it's not realistic." You retorted. "Since when is everything in the world so perfect? It just occurred to me that one day I was simply happier than I had ever been, when before I had been miserable." "You've adapted to the circumstances. You understand now." "Do I though?" You shot back. "I don't know what changed. I..." Caius stopped tracing patterns along your back, his expression unreadable. "...I think something is wrong." You finished. 
Alec, Demetri and Afton were behind you. Felix to your right. That meant only Santiago and Jane were unaccounted for and there were only two guards. You sprinted away as fast as you can and much to your surprise, briefly, they didn't follow. That's when you reminded yourself that they were toying with you. The cliff you were sprinting towards had become a beacon of hope. The guard had made a mistake. They enjoyed the hunt too much and made mistakes. Or at least that's what you had thought until Jane moved into your line of sight and stood between you and the cliff. You stopped immediately.  
"It wasn't a bad idea." Jane said. "Jumping off the cliff but it's an easy escape route. Too easy." "Jane..." You whispered under your breath. "Unfortunately for you, I stand in your way." Jane said simply. "Why are you doing this to me?" You said weakly. "I have my orders." She replied, her tone full of innocence that simply wasn’t real. Not for Jane. "Do us both a favour and come with me quietly." "No." You said firmly. "Good. I never liked cooperative ones. It's a bore." Jane said. 
You lay against Caius' chest. One hand rested upon his chest, his own overlapping yours and his other hand idly drew patterns upon your bare spine and shoulder blade. It was the first time you had ever been intimate with him and given what you could have sworn was a sound like a purr in the back of his throat, Caius was pleased. You looked up at him. Sure enough, his eyes were soft, a small smile upon his face. "You look happy." You said softly. Caius turned his head towards you. "I am happy." "Why?" You asked. "Other than what just took place?" Caius smirked. "I have you in my bed, in my arms no less. For eternity it'll be you and I. How could I not be happy about that?" 
You screamed as agony rushed through your head and down every part of your body. You tried to remember that Jane's gift was simply an illusion. You weren't actually hurt. Jane was manipulating you into thinking you were. Every fibre of your being told you to go limp, curl up and hope for the agony to subside. It hushed your mind, begging you to do anything for the pain to stop. You couldn't listen to it. No matter how much that instinct screamed at you, you couldn't listen. Your survival depended on that. For a brief moment, you recalled how Jane stood over you, on the cliff. Your mind clouded by the agony, you reminded yourself once more you could move and you had to. You had to do something. Under any circumstances, you could not give in. So you didn't and did the first thing that came to mind. It took almost all of your brain power to move against the pain and kick Jane hard in the stomach. She was caught off guard as she stumbled back, falling off the edge with a yelp. Suddenly the pain was gone and your muscles begged you to rest. However there wasn't any time for that. You groaned as you moved to a stand. Your muscles protest before they too seemed realise that nothing was wrong. You wasted no time taking off running. By that time, you barely caught Jane's scream. "Alec!" 
You finally stopped running. You needed a plan. Something to stop you walking into your own demise. You needed to think back upon everything. As it stood you had seen Jane, Santiago, Afton, Demetri and Felix. Jane screamed for Alec. There was no doubt Demetri was around. He was the tracker. They aren't grouped. They are already out. You knew that because you always found at least one of them no matter which way you turned. That would also have explain why Felix has been toying with you. He's under no rush to get you. He must know you're surrounded. You have been injured. Your neck no less. You put a hand to your neck. It had healed but without blood, it'll remain a weakness. It's easy to hurt. You can only run so much. You bit your lip as the thought hit you. There's a chance you could catch them surprise but it would have to be a perfect shot. The head. Their reaction times will be quicker and they will be a difficult target. Anything other than a head shot will not be enough to reasonably slow them down. Perhaps find the Cullen's, strength in numbers. No. That wouldn't work. The guard are still stronger and if they have you surrounded then it's likely they already have the Cullen's. The guard are prepared and have centuries of training. You have no training at all. They have the advantage. If you make a run for it, it's more than likely someone like Alec will come up behind you, already having been watching you. 
You could picture it, seeing the edge of freedom before being yanked back by Alec before everything goes black. Next option would be hiding. Tree tops, forest floor, underground. All that is needed is a sense of smell. All of it is open, nothing to use even as a barricade or something to block your scent. No tight corners to tuck yourself into. Day or night is irrelevant, vampires can see in both. In that case, the best case scenario was that they eventually gave in or got memory loss and forgot why they were in there. Both were unlikely outcomes. Furthermore it would mean you had to reside the rest of your existence in that hiding place. Swapping one prison for another. Could try spreading your scent, confuse them. You've tried that before. Demetri's gift will eventually figure out the strength of the scent and eventually, you. If you bury yourself and eventually your scent underground it means their isn't much moving space. If they figure out you were there-. You couldn't finish the thought, your imagination running wild as you pictured being dragged out of the ground, screaming, by Felix. Tree tops, that's only a matter of time until someone finds you. They'll search high and low. The more time passes, the more the guard are closing in and you were running out of time. How long before Caius grows impatient and sends even more guards? Sooner or later the guard will find you. Once they are all here, it is over. Felix, Demetri and Santiago are collectively bigger, strong and faster. The twins are more powerful. Still, none of that includes the major advantage of their experience. You can't run, you can't hide and you certainly can't wait. That was a lot of endings, all with the same outcome. That left you with an impossible yet unexpected ending, even for the guard. One that will still likely going to end in failure but a better chance than any of the rest. You couldn't believe what you were thinking. You couldn't run, hide or wait. So what was the only option? The answer was in three simple words. Ones that were difficult to stomach, given the circumstances. Take them out. 
"Choose your next words very carefully." Caius said lowly, his eyes narrowing on you. "You don't love me. You never have." "How dare you!?" He snapped. "How dare you say such a thing after everything you and I have shared!" "The Cullen's were right, you manipulated me." You said hurriedly. "Don't listen to them!" Caius stormed up to you, eyes full of fury. "They are clueless. You know me better than them, than anyone!”  
It wasn’t long until they had boxed you in. You couldn’t get them to split again. You were surrounded by them. Santiago, Afton, Demetri, Jane, Alec and Felix. "Playtime is over now." Jane said. "Caius will be growing impatient." You shook your head in frustration, stepping back and your heels hit a fallen tree trunk. "It's time to bring you home." Alec said. "Although, for old times sake..." Felix said as he and the twins smirked. "...Run." Jane said simply. "One last chase." Demetri smirked slightly. "Oh...well then." You said before throwing a fallen tree trunk at the twins.  They weren't quick enough to dodge it. The two grunted in pain, falling to the ground when the tree trunk hit the twins in the face. "To the face!" Felix yelled, as though cheering you on even as you took off running. 
You heard their footsteps behind you almost immediately. You pushed forward with everything you had. Your freedom depended on it. "You can't control me, Caius!" Your echoed wail rang out in your head, recalling the man who wanted you at his mercy. "Can't I?" He had replied, seemingly not even bothered by your growing distress. You couldn't let him win. You couldn't prove him right. "No matter what you think, I do love you and I always will." That couldn't be love. Having you bound to him couldn't be love. You knew you loved Caius on your own but you knew it wasn't all you that was in control. You knew it when you recognised Corin seemed to appear almost routinely. Whenever you began to question, she was there and suddenly you couldn’t really remember why you were questioning things in the first place. This happiness wasn't entirely yours. It was artificial and you knew it. Once you began to see things a little clearer, once the rose-tinted glasses had faded, you knew you had to find out for yourself. So you smiled at Caius with every waking moment. Enjoyed everything he had to offer. Seek him out as he sought you out. Whilst inside, remember why you struggled so much. With each passing day you remembered how brutal Caius could be. How much he demanded from the world and how he forced your respect. You were under his control and in the end, you were his prize. So with each passing day you didn't kick, you didn't scream and you smiled. Letting yourself love him and letting the reality slowly creepy back into your mind. Although even with all of that, two things didn't change in the end. One: you still loved Caius with every fibre of your being. Two: Demetri was still faster than you. 
You were tackled to the ground with a screech, Demetri pressed your head into the ground. Your eyes widened as you sucked in an unneeded breath. It was over. "No! No!" You screamed. Suddenly you couldn't feel your legs. You screamed in fear, knowing what came next didn't make it any less horrible. "Relax kid, it's over." You heard Felix as he stood over you. Your screams began to die down before your eyes glazed over. 
You came to on the ground. Although you weren't surrounded by trees anymore. Instead, it was legs. Demetri and Felix stood on either side of you and when you looked up, you locked eyes with ones lit up in fury. Caius took a few steps forward. "Back to where we started. You and me...and you're on the wrong side." You swallowed. He was angry, even if it barely showed upon his face. You looked down, unable to speak or even look him in the eyes. "Keep looking at me! Don't look away!" Caius snapped and you lifted your gaze to him once more. Aro stepped forward with a sweet smile. "Don't you see? We have done you a kindness." Aro said sweetly, sickeningly sweet. "If anyone else found you, they'd have killed you slowly and painfully. You're lucky that it is us. What better way to show you than be a little...rough." Is that what you were to think of it? A warning rather than the guard playing games with you and a man hunt in general? 
 You looked around to see the Cullen's also being held by the Volturi. Panic began to set in. "Please..." You whimpered. "Please what?" Caius said icily. "Please don't bring me back there!" You cried out. "Y-you can't! Don't make me go back there! I don't want anyone forcing me to feel anything anymore!" You tried to bolt, take one last dash in hopes of escaping but Felix and Demetri had stepped in before you could. You screamed in terror. 
Caius couldn't believe what was happening before his eyes. He watched as Felix and Demetri forcibly pinned you down. All the while you cried out in hysterics. He couldn't believe what was happening before him and it filled him with rage. Caius moved forward. "Why are you being like this? You're coming home!" He shouted, trying to get through to you. You struggled against the hold the two guards had upon you. Crying out as though terrified. Caius couldn't help but think of all the days before you left. You seemed happy, smiling at him. Giving in and enjoying every little second and touch given by him. The smiles you shared, the kisses, the laughs. Everything. Yet here you were now, screaming in terror at the very thought of returning to him. It only made him more angry as he longed for those moments now more than ever. 
Caius stepped in between your legs, pinning you down himself, the other two guards releasing their hold as Caius pulled your hands into his own between your chests. Caius leaned down pressing his forehead against yours mumbling to you only words you could hear beyond your cries and sobs that held no tears. You begged him. Begged him to let you go. Yet he didn't want to hear it. "Wake up!" He said loudly, over your cries. "Whatever fantasy you're clinging to- wake up! You were happy! I'm bringing you home! They aren’t your home!" This only seemed to make you cry more, despite no tears being able to fall. Unable to make your pleas be heard. 
His hair had fallen onto your face at both sides as he continued to try to get through to you. "I'd rather die than go back there!" You cried out and Caius groaned, hiding his face into the side of your own, hurt by the words and even more so, frightened. "This is not you! This is not you!" He yelled before straightening his back. "This is you!" He growled at Carlisle. "What have you done to my mate!?" Caius bellowed in fury. "What have you done to them!? What have you done to them!?" Caius got no response so he turned back to you. "What did he do!?" He yelled. You tried to maneuver your wrists and hands free from his grip but failed when Caius tightened his grip on them. Borderline painfully. He groaned in pain, clearly trying to cover his own emotions. "Oh my mate, my poor mate." His pained words muffled against the side of your face once more. He straightened up again. "Get Chelsea!" Caius screamed. You shrieked in protest as you tried to kick him off but he was stronger and more experienced. "You're confused and I'm going to make it better." He said to you before returning to mumble of his 'poor mate'. 
Chelsea was quick. She didn't even have to be told what to do. At the sight of her you tried to wriggle out of Caius' hold again begging him to stop. All the while, Caius continued to tell you that it was for the best and it would all be alright. Chelsea began to speak to you quietly and slowly you grew quiet. Quiet sobs escaping you. Caius pulled you to sit up by your hands and held you close. Chelsea continued to speak to you quietly as Caius weaved his fingers into your hair, your head pressed against his chest. He glared at Carlisle, with every bit of hatred he had in him. Chelsea straightened and took her leave. 
You cries were miniscule. Although you didn't fight Caius off. Instead, you clung to him. "Caius, why don't you take dear (Y/N) to your private quarters? They need you right now." Aro suggested with a sickeningly sweet tone. You struggled to really pay attention to what was happening after that. 
As Caius left with you along with Chelsea and Afton, Aro looked to the Cullen's. "Aro, we were just passing through." Carlisle began and Aro raised his hand. "I know, my dear friend. The timing of this was inconvenient. I apologise for this. This is a rather difficult situation for you. We'll have this issue tied up in no time." Aro reassured Carlisle. His words seemed comforting, however they were called into question when he softly said. "Alec?" 
Before Carlisle could react, Aro had his head in his hands and twisted. Clink! Esme screamed before she, as well as her family dropped to the ground. Felix and Demetri moved towards Emmett and Jasper. Two resounding clinks were heard. Demetri moved towards Esme. Clink! Felix grabbed Rosalie. Clink! Felix and Demetri hesitated at the three remaining Cullen's. Alice, Edward and Bella. "Go on." Aro said softly before turning to Marcus. Clink! Clink! Clink! Aro sighed. "Such a waste of gifts, Caius best appreciate this." "Why have you done this?" Marcus asked looking at the bodies of the Cullen's. Aro replied. "With Chelsea's influence they'll never leave again. However this is incentive, they'll have no one to remind them where they came from and no one to turn to. After all...Carlisle did originally decide to help them. A betrayal to us." Marcus slowly nodded. 
The next clear thing to you was when you lay in Caius' arms, in his bed. He had your face buried in his chest, his arms around you as the two of you lay on your sides. "You will be alright now." Caius said quietly. The most you could really do was grip the back of his shirt. Every now and then you subconsciously pressed into him breathing in his scent. Each time Caius would quietly purr, holding you tighter. "I nearly lost you." He whispered between deep breaths, breathing in your scent with another squeeze that he quickly returned after your own.
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animeomegas · 6 months ago
Omega!Naruto Characters - Death from a broken heart.
Anon:  I don't know if you do, but some aus say that a person can't sruvive after their mate dies, like they die from a broken heart. Do you have that in yours, can you write who would be most likely to die mayeb please xx
(I love this headcanon! In my au, I think that if a person feels like they have nothing left to live for after their mate dies, they die with them. This is my ranking for how the boys would react when you had been mated for a while, but before having children. 
I wrote a Naruto one first, but I’m already half way through a BNHA version, so look out for that.)
Warnings: Suicide, major death, depression.
Tumblr media
1. Naruto – ALIVE – He is in mourning for a long time, but ultimately, he manages to turn your death into something meaningful. He memorialises you with a beautiful shrine in your home that he can’t bear to leave. He tries to ‘solve’ whatever it was that killed you. For example, if you died from sickness, he would assign lots more funds into the hospital and medicinal research. It’s not easy for him at all, but he could move on someday and take another mate, many years down the line. He has so much love to give and he wants to receive love in return, and he knows you would want him to be happy. However, he would never tolerate a new mate who was jealous of you or wanted him to get rid of your shrine. He could never do that to your memory. He picks a mate he knows you would love.
2. Iruka – ALIVE – He is deeply depressed when you die. He throws himself into his work as much as he can, distracting himself until he has a complete breakdown. He relies on his friends a lot during this time. Iruka eventually learns to distract himself in healthier ways, processing with your death in smaller increments rather than all at once. He might get another mate, but it would be very unlikely I think. It would be more likely that Iruka decides to adopt an orphan and throw himself into raising that child with as much love as he can. He would raise the child knowing you as their other parent, telling them stories about you, showing him pictures and visiting your grave with them.
3. Gaara – ALIVE – He is angry. It has been a long time since he was this angry. Gaara blames himself for a long time, which sends him down a dark path. Ultimately what saves him is his siblings. They keep him sane and happy to the best of their abilities and Gaara throws himself into his family as a result. It’s the only place where he can feel okay, if only for a little bit. If his siblings ever have pups, Gaara is committed to being the greatest uncle of all time and the pups love him. However, he can’t help but get lost in his thoughts sometimes, wondering what your children would have been like. He misses you every second of every day. He would be extremely unlikely to get mated again.
4. Shikamaru – ALIVE – He is furious. With the situation, with himself, and with you, for leaving him alone when you promised you wouldn’t. Another one who leans a lot on his friends and family to get him through the darkest time in his life. He lashes out at people and is very difficult to deal with after you die. I definitely see him as the kind of person to take on one of your hobbies to help him deal with your loss. Whatever it was you loved to do the most, he will start doing as a way to ensure that he will never forget you. He may get mated again, he may not, it depends a lot on if he meets someone he falls in love with again. But if the clan elders ever try and push him to mate again so that he can have an heir, he will flip his shit big time. He sees it as a direct attack on your memory.
5. Shino – ALIVE – He withdraws into himself. He speaks to no one other than his father for about a month after your death, refusing to go about his life as normal. Because it’s not normal and it will never be normal again. He takes a long hiatus from missions which he spends sorting through his thoughts and memories of you. The things he never said, the things he never got to do, the things he should have done. He tortures himself for a few weeks before his father pulls him out of his slump by force. They go for walks together, trying to find certain bugs, just like they did when he was a child. They cook together, Shibi closely monitoring Shino’s diet, knowing that hunger takes a big hit after the death of a mate. This is what saves Shino, but he will never mate again. He refuses. He couldn’t do that to your memory, but he also couldn’t do it to himself. Not again.
6. Neji – ALIVE – He gets so close to death. He stops eating, stops getting out of bed, stops working. He just lays there wasting away. He is convinced that he’s going to die and he feels weirdly happy about that. He doesn’t fight it at all, but instead embraces all his misery. It’s when his teammates come to visit him that everything changes. They find him close to death and panic. They rush him to the hospital, making sure that someone is with him at all times. They tell jokes, they organise games and read to him, anything to make him feel better. And it works enough that he can leave the hospital in a fortnight. Even after that, they keep up around the clock supervision for him, making sure that he is never alone with his dark thoughts for too long. Slowly, but surely, he recovers. But he never forgets. And he certainly never mates again.
7. Itachi – DEAD (kind of) -  Itachi shuts down, but he doesn’t die, at least not immediately. He hyper focuses on his plan, following the steps automatically. He’s happy with every step he completes, because he knows the final step is his death. He clings to the knowledge that he will die soon, which ironically is the only thing that keeps him alive. He is colder than ever. From an outsider’s perspective it might not seem that he is that affected, but when he’s alone he just sits in silence, sometimes tears run down his face. When he is finally an inch from death at the hands of his brother, he smiles. He doesn’t think he’ll see you again. He doesn’t think he deserves that kind of happiness. People like him don’t deserve that. But at least, he hopes, it might stop hurting.
8. Kakashi – DEAD – He’s been through so much, that he thinks he should be able to cope by now. He knew this was going to happen after all. He waited so long to get mated, because he was scared, because he knew that you would leave him or be taken from him like everyone else. He’s tired. He’s so tired. He’s probably at least nearly 40 at this point, he’s far older than he ever thought he’d be. You taught him what it meant to truly live, not just survive. He can’t go back to how he was, he can’t. He goes to your funeral and stands there in silence. He accepts every condolence and offer of help with a silent nod. He promises his friends that he will go to a specialist therapist first thing in the morning. When everybody leaves, he sits by your grave all night, asking you for forgiveness for everything. For not being quick enough to save you, for pushing you away so much at the beginning of your relationship, and finally, forgiveness for what he’s about to do. He knows you would tell him to fight and survive the heartbreak, but he can’t. He heads back to his apartment for the final time, breathing in the air and taking in the sights. He piles everything he has that smells like you onto his bed and lays down in it. He apologises one final time before closing his eyes, knowing that he won’t be waking up.
9.  Sasuke – DEAD – He should have known his would happen. Everything he loves gets ripped away from him, so why would you be any different? He’s furious when he hears the news. He destroys your house, throwing and smashing everything he can get his hands on. And when he’s destroyed everything, he just sits down in the middle of the living room floor and cries. He knows that people will show up soon. He knows that everyone knows he’s at risk for hurting himself, but he won’t let them take away his choice. He doesn’t want to do it anymore, he just wants to be with you. So he collects himself for a moment and then he runs. He doesn’t pick a place he just runs where he knows no one will think to look. He ends up sitting in between some trees on the floor of a training ground no one uses. He watches the stars for a few minutes, remembering every time he would do that together with you. He talks to you quietly, closing his eyes and convincing himself that you’re laying beside him. In the end, he doesn’t wait to die from his broken heart, he does it himself.
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Tumblr media
There are a couple things you should know.
Chapter six will be the last one, and it is going to be
B R U T A L  &
Twice as long (think of it as a two-hour special lol)
The ending you will read is the one I’ve thought about since I posted the first chapter. I didn’t know what was going to happen in between, but I did know how it ended. When it’s posted (Saturday May 22 2021), please take your time reading it because there’s a lot going on.
Also, you will not see me here after it’s posted. I will be leaving for a while. (a week or two, i don’t know yet.) 
There are things mentioned in it that you might need to familiarize yourself with to make it easier to read and imagine.
Here are the Venetian masks:
Tumblr media
The Palace of Versailles and its gardens:
Tumblr media
The Water Parterre:
Tumblr media
The Lower Gallery:
Tumblr media
The Hercules Room:
Tumblr media
The Hall of Mirrors:
Tumblr media
The Royal Opera House of Versailles:
Tumblr media
And lastly, the seven drum beats in the bridge of “Master of Puppets” that come after 3:30.
There’s mentions of props and events from the previous chapters, and a moment that was only mentioned in chapter 4 but hasn’t been explained. A conversation you’ll finally get to read. 
Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading this and those who take the time to send me feedback. You’re a big part of this and you help me grow. ♥ This is the hardest thing i’ve written so far and it’s been a wild ride that I am deeply thankful for. This story began on March 20 2021. So thank you for accompanying me these last two months.
Stay golden. 
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