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Originally posted by kitarogifs

So I just watched the Animal Crossing movie for the first time today! What can I say, fashionably late again, as always. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in the end I loved it! I laughed through most parts and even teared up a little when Sally sent Ai that apology letter. I’m a sucker for emotional moments and this movie is just filled with them, both happy and sad. It has older animation, but it looked amazing regardless, and I felt like it really captured the spirit of the games very well.

When it was over I wanted to play ACNH so badly

But I did notice something that made me scratch my head - that bit where Apollo seemed upset with Ai for messing up his roses. To be honest, he didn’t look that mad to me. If anything, he just seemed a bit withdrawn, introverted. Like he doesn’t always know what to say in certain situations. Perhaps he even has a bit of anxiety, although that’s just a guess. So it’d be easy for someone to misinterpret his actions as an angry response, I suppose, but I never saw it as such.

And here’s what really threw me about that whole scenario. It took Apollo a literal year to realize that Ai thought he was still upset with her. I get it, you don’t always visit every animal in the village unless you’re one of those thorough types who likes to see everyone before you save and quit. And sure, it’s possible that Ai was avoiding Apollo a bit because she wasn’t ready to face him yet, or she wasn’t sure how to apologize (and didn’t know if he’d even accept an apology). Apollo could have forgotten about the incident too, and it’s possible that he just assumed it was easy to tell that he wasn’t upset about the roses anymore.

Whatever the reasoning, it took a year to resolve that one issue. We watched the seasons pass as Ai continued to live her life, never quite acknowledging all of the villagers although we can surmise that she’s at least met them once, and somehow that feels like both an added bit of accuracy and a slight inaccuracy in comparison with the Animal Crossing games. Personally, I made sure to talk to everyone at least once in my New Leaf village. And then there were times when I only talked to a few of my villagers before signing off. But if I did that a lot, then the animals I didn’t visit started asking after me. They didn’t do what Apollo did, and just continue on as if I’d been there all along.

… Anyway, not that any of that matters. I just thought it was interesting, and kinda funny that the movie went that far over wrecking the roses. I’m probably gonna rewatch it again for enjoyment’s sake, and to anyone who has yet to see Dobutsu no Mori…

If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, then I would wholeheartedly recommend watching this movie. 10/10⭐️


Originally posted by okfhnasfjnoajnj

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