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Tom Keen Appreciation Week, Day Seven: Most Meaningful Quote/Line

This was a tough one for me because Tom has some great lines through the show, but this one hits home for me because while he was popping off at Jolene and trying to make her think that Liz meant nothing, she had become and would always be his whole world. He would give up his job, his security, his safety, and everything he’d known for her. He would risk prison and death for her. He would fight for her with no promise of receiving anything in return other than her safety and a chance to give her a little piece of happiness.

She was his family. She was everything.

Sure, he made her think it, but he made her think it because it was true. He just didn’t want Jolene to know that, and the moment it was clear she suspected it she was a dead woman walking. 

I do have a few fun, snarky lines that I love for Tom though. Find those under the cut :D

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