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keigo you’re such a dork oh my god, but you can’t die on me now ! not yet, i have so many smooches left to give you! so many moments i want to spend with you [ clutches your shirt dramatically as i sit on your lap and brush your hair back ]

i should have known, the waddle was adorably dangerous, i would never hurt you like that on purpose, please forgive me my love im so sorry ! i certainly hope that this one very big smooch i have saved specially for you can bring you back to life [ i cup your cheeks and tilt your head up to deliver a soft peck to your lips ]

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reminder that if u need help getting revenge on someone im a scorpio moon

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We love you Dada Disco!
Your the best!
Disco Bear
Well at least you two recognize my levels of swag.
Uh Disco Bear?
Giggles and Petunia
Swag levels 1%.
Funky and Shaky
You don't have any.
Giggles and Petunia
Swag levels 100%
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passes it 😍😍 stop i once watched that on Repeat it’s so addicting let’s watch it together

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suki has a blog 😌😌 go follow him or burn

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haha wait so is got7 disbanding

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keep doing it please v much needed ! 😄

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hehe muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muah muahhhhhhhh

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not shy not me mitski

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Don’t judge me….. i’m sorry for the spam of chris evans all day but I can’t help it lol. But look at him how can you not love him. Love his giggles🤣😆

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kisses you all over !! you’re my pretty boy :(

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Headcanon: Despite her appearance, Giggles is actually a tomboy. She changes how she looks sometimes so she can fit in with others. She’s also really close friends with Toothy and likes playing video games and playing pranks with him.

This is not Giggles x Toothy, sorry.

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