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But deep inside these walls were the same
There will never be two of me
Deep inside I know one is more than enough
So have you seen enough or shall
I do some more works of art
To convince you that this is right
To join me in some clean sing of my reich…

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Meli... Picture this... Pidge, the mischievous little scamp, hacks into Shiro's new floaty arm and causes mayhem all over the Garrison. Shiro runs around after it and just as he's about to catch up, the fingers pinch Allura's bum and Shiro slides to a stop right before a very shocked, blushing face. There's a cute pause where they smile at each other... before a mob of pissed off Garrison teachers and faculty barge in. Pidge sips her juice box, leans back and laughs at her screen. Aaaaand Scene.

LMFAOOO!!!! Whyyyyyyy am I only just seeing this?!?!?! 

You always think up the best things Fen! It’s so inspiring! Can I write a fic for this for yesterday’s Follow/ Lead prompt? Pleeeeease <3 <3 

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So like... Are you buying yourself those tidy window sweaters or are we buying it for youuu orrrrr? I'm good with either just saying. Just saying sergle

listen to me… if someone’s OFFERING. you will not catch me complaining about a gift

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What's up with madonna ?

she said that whitney houston had the career she deserved and that she was mediocre lmao

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