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Ya know the whole “Archer class is made of Archers” thing? I think I just figured out why some who don’t use bows get stuck it that class. I think it might be I because of Gilgamesh, the first hero and king of heroes, who has said he is the rules/makes his own rules, basically told the grail or throne of heroes, Fuck you I’m can be an Archer if I want, and now the grail/throne can classify people who yeet blades or sometimes are just long range attackers in general as Archers. It’s just a theory though and I was and am pretty sleep deprived when I thought of it.

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After several months of playing Fate Grand Order I decided to draw my own Master(-sona?). I ended up combining my looks with Gudako/Ritsuka’s so it’s still familiar but “me” at the same time. So here’s a reference of sorts with a couple doodles on the side, including my favorite and strongest servants, Caster Gilgamesh and Berserker Lancelot!

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You know what I always find fascinating about Gilgamesh, is that no matter how much he gets his ass kicked he still manages to stand on his feet just with the help of “his superhuman pride alone”.


Like this dude took a direct hit from Excalibur and remained standing until he turned to dust.



Even after his fight with Shirou, even though he was almost cut in half and lost an arm, Gil would have been able to continue the fight if he hadn’t been sucked into a “black hole” of Holy Grail.



That whole scene in the novel just speaks for itself. That dude is just a beast.



Hell even caster Gil or wise king Gilgamesh [whichever you prefer:)] after being sniped by Tiamat was able to fight back till his last breath.

The sheer stubbornness of this guy is just beyond anything. And it’s one of the things that I like about his character.

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Gilgamesh is alluded to in Star Trek when Jean-Luc Picard is trying to communicate with an alien race that only speaks in metaphors concerning mythology and folklore. He uses the epic to try to explain that he wishes to be friends with the alien. I like this use of the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, as it emphasizes the bond formed in the epic between two highly different individuals.

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