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#gill’s kinktober 2021
pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 21- a/b/o
alpha!remus lupin x omega!fem!reader. a/b/o dynamics, knotting, pressure points/marking/mating bites, casual discussions of sex, sex is kinda normalized (at least amongst the marauders), d/s, praise, cockwarming (kinda, but rlly just knotting), smoking
“You two done in there?” Sirius calls through the door, his voice barely audible through your cotton stuffed ears. You’re still floating in post orgasmic bliss, the effects drawn out by the fact that Remus’s knot is still swollen inside you, and you’re sitting in his lap with your chest against his. You nuzzle into his neck, whining when he raises his voice to respond.
“Yeah, we’re done! Come on in.” With his permission Sirius turns the doorknob and waltzes inside the boys’ shared dorm, James close behind. You don’t look up from where you’re cuddled into Remus, unfazed by the two males seeing your nude form.
“Sounded like you lot had fun.” Sirius quips as he sits heavily on his bed, grinning at Remus and waggling his brows. Remus chuckles, the low sound reverberating through his chest, and his large hand rubs up and down your back.
“Sure did. The little one was good t’night- has been ever since I set her straight the other day.” He says with a smirk, hand stroking down from your back to your bum that he’d spanked raw two days prior. James laughs.
“‘M not surprised, she couldn’t sit till this morning.”
“It’s what she needed. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?” Remus murmurs, looking down at your dozing form.
“Yes, alpha.” You immediately respond, fingers curling around his sides. Sirius scoffs.
“She’s only sayin’ that cause she’s drunk on your cock, mate.” The raven haired male scorns around the cigarette he’s lighting in his mouth. Remus rolls his eyes.
“She’d say it anyway. She’s m’good girl.” He insists, giving the top of your head a kiss.
The three continue conversing and you tune out their voices, content to succumb to the fog in your mind as you sit in Remus’s lap, your skin against his, filled with his cum while you wait for his knot to slowly go down.
Eventually, though, you do start to get antsy- it feels like hours have passed, and you’re tired of being in the same position- so you squirm. The action makes Remus’s cock shift inside you, and his large knot tugs at your tender entrance, making you whimper.
“Shh, sit still, bunny.” Remus mutters, one hand grasping your shoulder while his other arm wraps around your waist to hold you in place. “Gotta wait for it t’go down, alright?”
You only whine louder, continuing to squirm, and Remus sighs. Knowing you’re too fucked out to listen to reason, he just tightens his arm around you and rubs between your shoulder blades, attempting to calm you.
“She gettin’ fussy?” Sirius pipes up, watching the display with light amusement. Remus hums his assent.
“Still got a good fifteen minutes till my knot’s down.” He mumbles, pressing a kiss to your head in an attempt to sate you. In your bleary desire to change positions, you continue to squirm.
“Give her mark a bite, mate. That’ll calm her down.” James suggests.
Quizzically Remus leans down, and when you feel him nosing along your jawline, his warm breath fanning over your sensitive skin, your crane your head back, instinctively baring your neck to him.
You feel his teeth against your tender glans, pointed canines digging gently into the flesh he’d first bitten to claim you. You immediately go lax against him, the nip sending a wave of calm over you. Remus laughs at the way you’ve become a rag doll in his lap.
“That’s a good omega.” He murmurs, reaching up to thumb over the area he’d just bitten, making you keen softly. “I’ll have to remember that trick.”
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novasdarling · a month ago
Mermaid Problems
Kinktober 2021
Summary: Swimming in the water you grew up maybe wasn't the smartest idea while a certain desperate creature in need of a mate lurks beneath the waves.
TW: Mermaid, yandere ideas, water, kidnapping, noncon, breeding, sex.
Tumblr media
It was a calm day in terms of weather. Nice and sunny, the water was calm. Everything had pointed to a nice relaxing day at the beach. And everything had been great until you decided to take a swim. It wasn’t far out, you knew that it was best to stay by the dock or the shore. However, the water was too nice and you kept spotting more shells further and further. It should have been obvious that admiring the water could become dangerous. The rules from when you were young of having grown up near the sea didn’t seem to apply to you today. It was foolish, but it was the truth.
Your admiration of the water and the things it was what almost caused your death. It was supposed to be safe at least a kilometre offshore, predators just never seemed to come any closer for some reason. Maybe that explained your obliviousness, your carelessness of your surroundings and of your survival. The shark nearing your whereabouts was proof of how little attention was given to the water. You were too occupied admiring the small fish and the shells that littered the seabed to see the danger. Though you had missed it, another predator hadn’t. Tamaki was there to help you.
Humans weren’t rare around the shore, no they were common. Whether in boats, swimming or standing on the shore close to the water. He used to them, despised them, but nonetheless use to them. His hatred of them was what surprised him the most when he got the shark to head away from you. Knowing the shark wouldn’t have seriously harmed you, probably only given you a bite and then swam off. But then there was the blood and panic that would have destroyed his peaceful day.
Normally he would have swum because away from humans, ignored their presence as much as possible. But here he was, watching you swim around, admiring his world. You were something else, something inhuman. Different than the rest. How you swam as if you were made for the water. You were not like him, you didn’t have a tail with fins, you didn’t have gills yet here you were, Adapting in the water.
He wasn’t sure what sparked in him, what set of such a need for you. Could it be because Tamaki had been alone for all these years. Or was it cause he had reached the age of maturity a while ago and still hadn’t found a mate. But here you were, practically begging for him to take you. Take you far away from here and keep you safe. After what he just saw, safety was what you needed from him.
Swimming was so relaxing. The water against your skin, the fish that swam by. It was all so nice. Thank goodness you hadn’t thrown away those goggles from all those years ago. It made it easier to see the beauty the way around. Unfortunately, they were no help in aiding you to see the creature swimming towards you.
Arms were wrapped around your waist. Fear was beginning to set in. It was too fast to react, everything happened too fast for human reaction. Not long after arms were wrapped around your body, you were dragged through the water by something you weren’t able to fully see. Only feeling a human chest pressed against your back. Along with the arms that looked semi-human, with scales, securing your body against its.
The question of where you were headed had quickly been replaced with how you will breathe. The air was slowly running out. Instead of air, the pain was residing in your chest instead. This was how you died. Drowning. Not swallowing water was becoming harder and harder. The pain of being dragged and the lack of air was becoming painful. Becoming worse by the second. Why was this happening? Or better yet what was happening?
It was long until you passed out. Swallowing water along with passing out. Tamaki felt bad, but this needed to be done. Only he could provide you safety and soon you’d see this was all for the better.
The feeling was terrible, waking up and coughing what you felt like was a whole sea worth of water. As if it would never end. Realizing just how dark it was where here was. Feeling around to help you assess where this was. Rock, sand, water. Crawling around, trying to gain an understanding of where you were. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. You were cold, sick, and tired. The worst part was the unfamiliar surrounding. Your coughing hadn’t seized either. You weren’t sure
if it was still the water or maybe your anxiety taking on a physical form.
Rustling was coming from behind you. Freezing in place, waiting for any more movement. It was quiet for a moment. then more noise came. It sounded like it was all around. Not staying in one place. Then your eyes were blinded. Abruptly light had appeared. Was, was this a cave? It looked like one.
Once the shock of the lights had worn off, that’s when he became visible. Tamaki was sitting across from you, hiding in the shadows, but you could see him. He looked like a man, at least from the waist up. Some odd scales covering parts of his arms. Scars adorned his body as well. Moving up his neck you noticed more of his features. Where are those gills on his neck? He wasn’t human, but yet his face looked like he was. Mostly. His eyes were terrifyingly piercing. As if they could stare into you. Then there were his teeth. They were extremely noticeable when he gave you a grin. Sharp.
“I-I, I am Tamaki.” His voice was strained. Speaking must not be something he’s too used to. Then he began to move. That’s when you fully noticed his tail. The memory of the swim over had suddenly come back. He was the thing that brought you here.
“Where am I? W-what happened?” You were terrified. What did this thing want? “P-please I just want to go home.” Tamaki frowned at your words, confused about why you wanted to leave. Instead of letting you go, he made his way to you. Dragging himself towards you. There was nowhere you could go once you hit the wall behind you, yet he kept coming. Moving across the cave floor towards you. Avoiding eye contact at all costs. You realized something. The light. The light from the cave roof. That meant that some part of this cave was above water. So either it was breaking one of the tiny holes open. No, looking closer the rock was too thick. There had to be some other way. Tamaki was almost right in front of you when you noticed the water. A little bay. That's how you guys came in, maybe that’s how you could leave. But he had you trapped now. One hand is placed on your waist while the other stroking your cheek. Tears had begun to stream down your face. “Please, just please don’t hurt me. I wanna go home.” He began to shush you as his hand stroked your cheek. Rubbing away at the tears. It would have been a sweet gesture if he hadn’t been some creature that had kidnapped you for who-knows-what.
All you could do was whimper and beg him to let you go, but either he didn’t understand or didn’t care. He continues to coo and hush you. Mumbling under his breath, some words sounding like English and others not.
“Your name?” Tamaki pointed his finger in the middle of your chest and asked. “Oh” Maybe he did understand you and was just ignoring you. Introducing himself, hoping that would make him more likely to show mercy to you. “Pretty” Tamaki practically purred in response.
Leaving was not possible, he had made that very clear. You were to stay here and be with him. Asking him why had gotten you nowhere. All he offered in response was a smile and a blush. Hours went by and nothing had gotten clearer. No, instead you were now still wet and cold.
Tamaki only noticed you were cold when he saw you shivering in the corner. His heart sank. You were cold, of course, humans were so easily affected by temperature. He was being selfish with keeping all his body heat to himself. Moving closer to you, feeling worse when he saw how you flinched at his movements. You were his poor little baby, something he needed to protect and take care of. He could prove it to you, prove how he will be so good for you.
Wrapping his arms around you, pulling your body down in a spooning position. So soft, that’s all he could think of, all he could think of until you moved your ass against him. You awoke something in him. Something primal. Something he was hoping he could have kept at bay for at least tonight. To let you ease in. But how could he when you were being so tempting? He knew another way to warm you up.
You were flipped over suddenly. Layed on your back by Tamaki. He stared into your eyes, the look was something you couldn’t recognize what it was. But it was something dark and primal. Crawling away from him was not possible, his arms had you cagged in. Not to mention he was your only source of warmth. You two simply stared at each other. His large eyes scanning your face. His had lust, while yours held fear. Swiftly his lips were crashed onto yours. It was messy and wet. Desperate. Like he was trying to get closer to you, pushing his body as close to yours as possible.
The bathing suit you were wearing was no longer on your body, they had been ripped off. That’s when you were aware of just how dangerous Tamaki was. He could end your life with those claws so easily. It would be better to just stay still and try no to anger him. Hopefully, this will be over soon, then you could be safe at home. A thought that you weren’t aware of was never going to happen.
The feeling of his hands roaming your bare body was hard to ignore. A reminder of how espoused you were to him, how helpless you were in a cave with no easy exit and with a creature you weren’t sure what it wanted. Those breathing techniques you learned to help stay calm were useless. Nothing could save you from him, it was a fact you hated to admit.
While you were shaking at his touch, Tamaki was exploring your body with his hands. Taking in how your skin felt against his. How different the textures were. Coos and moans escaped his lips and his hands trailed to your breast. He knew what these were, even his species had them. For feeding the young. Yes, that meant you could produce young as well and nurture them. Oh, Tamaki couldn’t hide his excitement at that prospect. You with his young, being a mother to his offspring. Watching you grow a life inside of you, a life he would put there. Yes, that meant he would have to put it inside of you. fill you will his seed so you could be fully his. Proving to others who you belong to with your womb swollen because of him.
The excitement had gotten to him, there was no holding back now. In Tamaki’s eyes you were already his, the moment he decided he had to have you. That was how his kind was, if they wanted something they got it. Proved to their potential mate they could care for them, protect them and fill them with young. His lips latched onto one of your nipples, sucking and swirling his tongue around it. Tamaki had a hard time understanding human reactions, so he mistook your back arching in surprise as it arching in pleasure. Urging him to continue his onslaught on your chest. Hands pushed against him did no good, he simply batted them away or ignored them. This is all he had wanted for so long and now he had you, he had his little mate.
It felt like hours that he was at your chest, sucking and playing with them. Switching between each breast. Moaning into your skin. Then you felt him grind against your leg. He was going to try to have sex with you. This creature was going to try to fuck you. You weren’t sure what you were more scared of, the fact he probably wanted more than just sucking at your chest. Or how he was going to do it. He has a fish-like tail, how on earth was he going to do it? That’s when he answered your question for you. Letting your chest free from his grip and mouth he sat up. “G-good girl.” An odd smile adorned his face. Tamaki’s hand dragged down his body to below his hips. He released his dick from its confinement. It was hidden behind a few scales but was now fully out. The blush that now adorned his face was extreme, red to his ears. You could swear he almost looked shy as he showed himself off to you. But what really caught your attention was what had just come into view. He was large, at least larger than any man you had seen before. Your fears were coming to reality. Scurrying back away from Tamaki, until his hand gripped your ankle tightly. Pulling you back towards him as he crawled on top of you. “No, please. Be good for me. Please y/n” he was going to enter you without any preparations. Sure his attack on your chest had gotten you a bit wet, you hate to admit. But that was nothing compared to what you needed for this. “No, please no. I-it’s too much. It’s going to hurt.” It was wishful to think your pleas would do anything to him when he was in such a state. Instead, Tamaki cocked his head to the side confused. It would seem his kind don’t need to prepare the other. “Too much? Hurt? Why?” He looked sad, like the idea of hurting you could end him. If he only knew just how to hurt you already were from everything he had already done.
“You can’t just, uh” The words were difficult to find. How could you explain to this creature who was laying on you and looking straight down at you? That he won’t be able to get in without either tearing you, or he needed to prepare you. The thought made you realize you had accepted your fate. He was going to have his way for you. Then maybe he’d let you go or leave so you could find your way out. “It’s just. I, humans, need to be prepared before. Before things go in…” Confusion was written across his face. “Prepare?” You were going to have to show him. Gently grabbing his hand you guided it down to your cunt. Trying to get him to move his fingers around your clit. Your back arched and a moan escaped your lips when his finger found it. Trying to help him move them was difficult. He was so still, when you looked up at him you noticed his features. The shock was on his face and he stared at where his fingers were. “I need you to do this.”
With those words, his fingers began to move on their own. Picking up speed. Your moans only aided him in his attempt. He needed to see this, see what he was doing to you. Lowering his head to meet your cunt. He watched as his fingers rubbed your clit, he could see it. Looking up he watched as your face scrunched and moans escaped his lips. Yes, this was it. This is what he so desperately craved. A mate, a mate who had obviously accepted him. Tamaki could learn how to please you, how to make you feel good and want him.
You couldn’t stop yourself, your hand found Tamaki’s hair. Grabbing at him to push his face fulling into. You wanted his tongue on your clit. “Please Tamaki, please u-use your tongue.” You wanted him to taste you, oh he would happily comply. It would be a lie if he said that he wasn’t thinking of it himself. His kind usually doesn’t use their mouths down there. But he knows a few of his old friends use to talk about how it felt better for yourself and your mate when you found some land and used your mouths on each other. Leaving marks on your mate's body was normal, but a bit hard to do underwater. So the land was typically found when two wanted to try things. His lips were attached to your clit in a second. Moans caused vibrations around your clit. He was lapping at your core, trying to taste every inch of you. It wasn’t long until his tongue began to roam around your entrance. Pushing past it to tongue fuck you. it felt like he was going deeper than was possible. Then again, he wasn’t human so who knows how long his tongue truly was. Shifting your focus on his unnatural aspect, you focused on the feeling. The pleasure he was giving you. It was amazing. You could feel the pressure building up in you. Squeezing your walls, causing Tamaki to moan. He was going to make you cum. It was close, so close. All it took was him adding his fingers to your clit. Your moans had turned to screams as you finished on his face.
While you were coming down from your high Tamaki was shocked, he was slowly cleaning you off with his tongue, but was confused about what just happened. You had tasted so good and he was just trying to get more of you when you screamed. Then suddenly he was tasting more. He liked this and it seemed to have made you feel good. Tamaki wasn’t sure what just happened, but he wanted to do it more. He needed to make you do that again, but this time not on his face. “Are you okay? Ready now?” You nodded in response. In a rush, he suddenly laid in the position he was in before, where his face was against yours. The notion that this was all to warm you up was gone from his mind. Now, now this was for him. To claim his mate and have you. As he lined his dick up with your entrance. Pushing in, he slowed his pace when he saw how you grabbed his arm and whimpered in pain. He didn’t want this to be painful for you, no, he wanted you to enjoy this like he was going to.
The pain was harsh, even after he had made you cum on his face. There was still a burn happening. The stretch he was causing was bad, but at least he slowed down. This could be more bearable. Finally, he was fully in. Scales pressed against your hips and he waited a moment. Moans and grunts were falling from Tamaki’s lips. Pushing his face into your neck. Muttering how good you felt and how you were such a good girl. Praising you for taking him so well. Then he began to move. First, it was slow, but something must have switched in him as his pace picked up. Hips snapping against yours at a harsh rate. It felt nice, but the pain was outlaying the pleasure. Your pleas of mercy fell on deaf ears as Tamaki was busy pleasuring himself and trying to get another orgasm out of you. He was in a state of bliss right now. If only you could see his face. He already looked like he was fucked out and drunk on your cunt. Though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was enjoying it a bit too much. Feeling his drool makes its way onto your neck and shoulder.
The full pleasure eventually came, the pain had ceased. He was filling you up more than you had ever been. As if his dick was hitting all the right angles. Moans from both of you had filled the cave. The slap of skin and scales could be heard at a deafening volume. It all felt so wonderful that you almost didn’t want to believe this wasn’t against our will.
Things weren’t slowing down, Tamaki had his head still buried in your neck while violently hammering into you. His fingers suddenly moved down your body. Gliding across your skin until it reached its destination. Your slit. His fingers began to work at it again, trying to build you up once more. Your moans got louder. Swearing you could feel Tamaki smile against your skin. You arched into him, trying to get more. More of his fingers working on you. More of something to push you over the edge. And Tamaki was more than happy to comply. “Please. Please again. I want it again. I want more.”
His thrust got wild as he got close to finishing. He just wanted you to do what you did before. Make a mess on him and squeeze him again. Tamaki was desperate for you to cum on him now. As his fingers pushed you over the edge, he felt it. Your walls squeezing his dick, pulsing around it. This was bliss, the most bliss any creature could feel. To be fucking their mate and have them do this to them. Oh, it was perfect and he’d reward you. Pausing himself to catch his breath again. Then he continued his onslaught. His mouth got to work nibbling at your skin, sucking and biting. Leaving any kind of mark he could as he fucked into you as fast and hard as he could. He was going to fill you up. Fill you with his seed. You were his mate and he needed to breed you. Cries left his mouth and he desperately railed you. Trying to get deeper with every thrust. Tamaki ignored your whines of pains and pleas to stop. This was just too good for him. Little whimpers of “mine.mine.mine.” could be heard from him when he finally finished.
The feeling of him pumping you full was shattering to you. Feeling his cum coat your walls. It felt like forever that he laid on you pumping his seed into you. But in a way comforting. At least he was done. This was all done. You could leave now. Once you felt him stop you asked. “C-can I l-leave now?” Your voice was scratchy from all the moans and screams from earlier. Tamaki’s body suddenly moved, he was now facing you. Analyzing your face. He looked so confused and hurt. “No. You stay with me now. You’re mine.” His grip on you tightens as you tried to move away from him. “No. Stop. You’re mine. You’re my mate.” The word mate made you freeze. If he saw you as his “mate” that meant this wasn’t a one-time thing. He really was going to keep you here. “I’m not your mate.” You wanted to sound commanding, but instead, your voice sounded more like a plea. Tamaki’s hands began to hold you tighter. Anger was boiling in him. Anger and sadness. Thrown to the middle of the cave, he was back on you. Holding you down while yelling in your face. “No. You can’t. You can’t leave. No. Stay with me.” Yells of how you were his and his mate filled your ears. When tears escaped your eyes is when his voice softened. Kissing away the tears as his hands roamed your body. Stomping by your stomach. “Shh, shh, shh. It’s fine. You’re safe. You and our babies are safe.”
Tamaki’s words ringing in your ears, “You and our babies are safe.” He had just bred you. Even if you left this cave, you’d be leaving with a reminder of him. Escape only seemed further away from you now. He had laid his claim on you. You were his mate.
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bearseungmin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[ glistening. ] — his different world finally pulls you into it. but when sparkles from his own body collect on yours, jeongin can't get enough of how you look. 
rating: mature! pairing: siren! jeongin x human! gender-neutral! reader  genre: siren! au, smut, supernatural word count: 1.3k [warnings]: mature content, sexual content, marking kink, intercourse in water, slight possessiveness, unprotected sex please note!: this drabble was originally from my main writing blog, but i have taken it and re-vamped it (much like minho's kinktober drabble) because it fits the theme! do not interact with this if you are under 18.
Tumblr media
— kinktober 2021 masterlist
Tumblr media
The cavern was welcoming, the moon outside breaking through the cracks in the rocks. A pool of water in the middle of the space, Jeongin’s eyes settled on the one place he felt safest. Now welcoming in you—the person that has his heart. Your body thumped with wonder at just how the situation would pan out, blue light from the moon hitting the rushing sea allowing you to see the secret he hid from you for so long.
His head turned towards you, eyes pleading and leery as his hand rose over the pool of salted water around him. Foam from the constantly moving waters outside of the cave sweltered in, covering his lower half and what you anticipated since he asked you to join him here. “Are you sure about this?” His voice nearly stuttered at your hesitated but significant nod. “What will it change?”
“Absolutely nothing.” You breathed out, almost laughing at how blown his pupils had grown.
The man’s eyes shut tight, frame lining up just before the edge of the rocks. Bracing himself, his body swayed through the foam in the blink of an eye, a line drawn where his tail dragged through it and followed him down. Diving deeper into the heated water, his body seemed to submerge so far in that your human sight could no longer see him: but his bright tail shimmered in the moonlight.
You stood in astonishment, the things he told you ringing in your mind. Scales, fins, and gills—the basin igniting with steamed water had you bending your knees to get a closer look. Jeongin's body didn't quite need the oxygen he sucked in as he came back up from the water, sight of your stunned form making him blink innocently. Finding the time of the moon at its peak to be the perfect moment of fulfillment, you could only release a heavy sigh of relief.
"You called it a curse." The moving water splashed against the rocks before it halted in one abrupt motion, cooling and returning to the turquoise color it was originally before he delved down deep.
His tail was illuminated, the abraded black and colored scales flaring from the salty water startling you but gifting you chills that would bring him in closer to you.
Even in the darkness of the cave you could see the ridges on his sides, his abdomen carved with the ripples of a fish. Dark hair floating with the water as only his eyes poked out from the warm liquid all around him, you tilted your head at him.
"But I only see you.” Voice faulted, his smile gleamed in the blue moonlight. His head lifted for the water line to be at his chin, mouth opening as his teeth clamped down on his tongue. “I'm just—curious.”
“Do you want to touch me?”
Your eyes grew wide at his question, his innocent eyes paired with his gleaming smirk causing a spark to rush through your limbs. The anxious feeling boiling in your gut was enough to have his torso leaning him forward, a single pulse of his tail bringing him to the edge of the rocks where you sat. He blinked gently up at you, the sparkles along his skin telling that he wasn’t exactly human beneath the moon and within the ocean waters—but he was still himself.
His hands lifted from the water, small drops still holding onto his plump skin as the air blew against the limb. His palms met the back of your shoes to pull them and your socks off. Tossing them to the side, as he smiled up at you. Hand cupping and grabbing at your ankles, he lunged you forward, chest pressed against your knees.
Hands still trapping your ankles, his hold swiveled around to the front of your legs, palms hot against your skin. You moved so slowly, raising your hand into the air like a touch to the man would make him turn to dust. His eyes rolled, smirk becoming more extravagant. He had touched you in more ways than one, balanced by your own needs, and here you were—too afraid to even place a finger on his skin.
“Wh-What if-” you stuttered. “What if I rub off some of the sparkles? Will it hurt—like when you rub a lizard too hard or something?”
“Not at all.” He cackled with the tone of his voice getting deeper, a delightful smile on his lips. Curtain bangs falling over his eyes, his fingers surged into the long locks, pressing them back against his head as the salt of the water adhered the strands to his mane. “Just touch me. I don’t bite.”
“Yes you do.” You whispered beneath your breath. The man tapped at your knee for you to get your mind out of the gutter, his own eyes clouded with lust as your palm met his cheek.
“See—no harm done.” He breathed out slowly, sides growing skinny with the intake before his cooled breath fanned your thighs.
You laughed gently, running the pad of your thumb across his face. Your eyes squinted, pulling your hand back to see the amount of glitter that had transferred from his skin to your own.
All while you were distracted, his large hands against your skin made his sight capture something wondrous and new to him.
His eyes wondered the exposed limbs of your form, pupils narrowed at the small specks cascading your skin. A marking on himself from the fabrics of the sea, crystals from rocks broken down by the salt that helped create a shine to his scales now left the pattern on your own body. The moonlight only gave them more power, skin reflecting in all directions from the access on his scales now collected on your skin. Each limb now shined just like himself, almost making you appear the same as him.
Hands toying with your ankles, your thighs were aligned with his face, his grasp leaving your lower legs to hold onto your outer thighs. Without missing a beat, you already knew what he was up to—the man enclosing his glistening face with your legs as he breathed you in. His tail lightly thrashed underneath the water, the bubbles regaining as his eyes peered up at you through his long lashes, an innocent look on his face.
"The look of me on you," You watched his eyes darken with the dullness in his voice, too captured by your body now to notice how tense his body had grown. "—I want it to stay there."
The jagged rocks all around didn't give him any discomfort as he rushed from the water and pulled you in, two-legged limbs returning to his form as his lower-half fell just where he wanted you. "To never wash away."
Arousal growing and tension tightening, it didn't take the science of exchange to tell you that Jeongin seeing the glitter from his own scales on you made him crave you even more. It had never wandered in his mind, and as you felt him press a kiss to your neck as you nodded frantically at the feeling of his head at your entrance—it was only relief filling you to feel him stretching your walls.
Your chest rose with every heavy pant, his pull and push of short thrusts only helping the specks of his skin rub onto your skin more. Gasping at his strong hold, his hips pressed against yours as you felt him deep within you.
"If I make you cum—" He sucked in another unnecessary breath, chills growing across your skin making him throb inside of you. "—will you promise not to wash any of it off for a while?"
The blue light had become blinding, his cock held within you as it swelled and bucked with his uncontrolled hips making your body beg for a release. Water thrashing with every small movement, the rough panting of your breaths made it harder to hear your own response. His wet hair had dried slightly, short waves to the locks as your fingers ran through them, arms clinging to his shoulders for support in the hot water.
"Depends on if we do this again—outside of the water so they really stick."
Tumblr media
© copyright bearseungmin 2021. all rights are reserved. do not modify, repost, or translate without my permission. please.
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
kinktober day 5- uniforms
stepdad!james x cheerleader!reader. dark fic, reader is 18+, stepcest, daddy kink, uniform kink, cheerleader kink, skirt kink, penetrative sex, innocence kink, size kink, possessiveness. THIS IS ALL OVER THE PLACE I SQUEEZED IN SO MUCH STUFF I KINDA HATE IT AJDISOSJ
“Hi daddy!” You chirp cheerfully as you stroll inside, dropping your backpack beside the counter with a thud. Your stepdad turns around, and you don’t miss the way his eyes darken as he takes you in.
“You have practice today, kiddo?” He murmurs, gaze trailing up and down your body, eyeing your miniskirt and sleeveless top. You nod, grinning.
“Uh huh. Coach said I did really well!” You walk over to him, and as soon as you’re close enough his hands are on your waist, thumbs rubbing your sides.
“Yeah?” He’s still not looking at you, eyes trained down on your uniform. “Good job, sweetheart. ‘M proud of you.” The praise makes your heart soar as he reaches up with one hand to take your chin between his thumb and forefinger, finally meeting your gaze.
“You are, daddy?” You murmur, looking up at him innocently. James nods, and his touch slides from your waist to the small of your back. You gasp when he pulls you into his body and you feel his hard-on press against your abdomen.
“I am. You want me to show you just how proud?” His gaze is hungry, and you bite your lip, nodding bashfully.
“Yes, daddy.” In the next second you’re being lifted up by your waist and your stepdad’s mouth is on yours as he brings you over and seats you on the countertop. The kiss is rough and heated, making your skin tingle, and James’s large hands roam all over your body- groping your clothed breasts, trailing over your curves, snaking up under your skirt as it rides up your thigh and ghosting over your sensitive skin.
You gasp when his touch reaches the apex of your thighs, fingers rubbing firmly over your panty-clad slit.
“Fuck, peanut.” His voice is low and gruff. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy, y’know that? You must’ve, skippin’ in here in this slutty little uniform. You acted so innocent, but y’knew what this would do to me, didn’t you?” He murmurs against your neck as he nips and sucks there. You let out a breathless moan, shaking your head.
“N-no, daddy, I didn’t know.” You whimper honestly, and your words only seem to spur him on.
“Christ, of course you didn’t. My sweet little girl- you really are innocent, aren’t you? Never knew an innocent cheerleader in my goddamn life, but here you are.” His fingers retract from you, and you whine in complaint until you see him reach down to work open his trousers and free his hard cock. You whimper when you see its size.
“See what you did to me, sweetheart? See how hard you made me?” He gives his length a couple strokes as you nod. “Y’gonna finish what you started now? Gonna help daddy cum?”
“Yes, daddy.” You moan, reaching down with shaky fingers to pull your cotton panties to the side. James moans when he catches sight of your wet folds.
“What a good girl.” He steps up to you and immediately lines up and pushes his head in firmly, making you cry out at the stretch. James groans lowly at the tightness of your walls.
“D-daddy, it’s so big!” You cry out, head falling back limply as James continues to push in, slow and steady. Your elbows dig into the marble countertop almost painfully, but you ignore the uncomfortable position in favor of enjoying the feeling of your stepdad’s cock inside you.
“I know, princess.” He coos, leaning down to kiss you, one big hand returning to grope at your chest. “My cock’s almost too big for your tight little pussy. But don’t worry, kiddo- we’ll make it fit.”
You whimper at the words and squirm slightly as he pushes in to the hilt, but he holds you firmly in place with a grip on your hip.
“There we go, see? Good girl. Look how pretty you are, in your cute little uniform, filled up with your daddy’s cock.” You moan at his words, but the sound is cut off by a gasp as he pulls out to start thrusting. “Fuckin’ hell, you feel so nice and tight. ‘M I the first one to use this little cunt, sweetheart?”
“N-no…” you murmur shyly, heat rushing to your cheeks. James’s eyes darken and his nostrils flare, and he pushes into you with a hard thrust that steals all the air from your lungs.
“No? Y’let some pimple faced kid fuck you?” Your eyes widen at the possessiveness in his tone, and you barely manage a nod. He’s thrusting hard now, his pace picking up with his anger.
“Well, princess, don’t you worry. I’ll make you forget all about him.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 8- formal wear
royal guard!remus x princess!reader. Exhibitionism, semi public sex, degradation, praise, penetrative sex, against a wall
“Please,” you’re almost embarrassed by your pathetic, needy tone as you tug Remus towards the doorway, begging him to leave the crowded ballroom. With a growl he finally gives in, grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the room, head turning as his gaze scans the room to ensure you both make it out unseen.
“Are you out of your mind, Y/n?” He whispers heatedly once you’re in the (near) privacy of the empty hallway, his brows furrowed as he gazes down at you. He maneuvers you so you’re pressed against the wall behind the grand door, out of sight to those dancing inside. “If anyone saw you all over me like that-“
“No one did, Remus,” you point out hastily, hands already reaching towards the buttons of his trousers. You whimper when long fingers curl around your wrists, stopping you with a firm grip. “Please. I need you. We’ll be quick.” You gaze up at him pleadingly, eyes wide and shining in the light of the candles lining the hall. You can see the moment Remus loses his internal battle, and he lets go of your wrists.
“You really are out of your mind.” He mutters as you work open his trousers and pull down his underwear, freeing his slowly hardening cock. “And so bloody needy. It’s honestly unbecoming, princess.” He grits out, and you shoot him a grin.
“You love it, sir.” You feel his cock twitch in your hand at the title. “Don’t pretend you don’t.” His hands reach out to start bunching up the poofy skirt of your gown, hiking it up to your waist, before pushing aside your panties with his free hand. You throw your leg over his clothed hip, hooking it around his body.
“You won’t be such a wise ass when someone finds us like this and I lose my position. I’m sure you’d hate to have someone else as your personal guard, wouldn’t you?” He taunts lowly as his hand replaces yours on his cock, pumping it quickly before positioning it at your folds and swiping it through them teasingly. You whimper, at both the sensation and his words.
“No one will find us. We’ll be quiet.” You murmur, voice already shaky.
“You fucking better.” He mumbles before pushing forward, sheathing himself inside you fluidly. You bite your lip to stifle the moan that threatens to spill from you, your head crashing back against the stone wall with a thud.
Usually he takes it slow with you- at least at first, giving you time to adjust to his size and get used to the overwhelming sensation of him inside you- but right now he can’t afford to grant you that luxury. He thrusts into you, quick and brutal, and your mouth gapes open in a lewd moan despite your efforts to stay quiet.
Remus’s large hand clamps over your mouth quickly, his eyes narrow. “What ever happened to quiet, princess?” He growls, hips still working quickly, and you wonder how his voice doesn’t shake. “Should’ve taken off your fuckin’ panties so I’d have something to gag you with.”
Your eyes roll back at the dirty words, your walls pulsing around him. He leans down, kissing and nipping at your jaw and neck, and his mouth is close to your ear when he speaks lowly.
“Everyone in that ballroom thinks you’re such a sweet little princess, and here you are, taking your guard’s fucking cock right in the hallway. Imagine what they’d think if they could see you.” You moan behind his hand, shivering as his breath fans over the shell of your ear. “You like that, don’t you? Naughty girl.”
It doesn’t take either of you long, with his quick pace and rampant dirty talk, and soon you’re crying out into Remus’s palm as your walls clench and milk his cock, leading him to his own release. He finally pulls his hand away, letting you suck in labored breaths, and he rests his forehead against yours as you both struggle to fill your lungs with air.
“See?” You pant softly, chest heaving. “Perfectly quiet.”
“Yeah,” he scoffs, shaking his head, “you have my hand to thank for that.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
see the kinktober prompts i used here!
day 1: face sitting- anthony bridgerton
day 2: against a wall- newt (tmr)
day 3: exhibitionism- lucius malfoy
day 4: role reversal- aaron hotchner
day 5: uniforms- cheerleader!reader x stepdad!james potter
day 6: food play- sirius black x puppy hybrid!reader
day 7: object insertion- doctor!anthony
day 8: formal wear- guard!remus x princess!reader
day 9: angry sex- haymitch abernathy
day 10: gagging- sheriff hassan
day 11: sleepy sex- thomas (tmr)
day 12: thigh riding- fred weasley
day 13: sensory deprivation- loki laufeyson
day 14: swallowing- finnick odair
day 15: gun play- bucky barnes
day 16: accidental stimulation- peter parker
day 17: pegging- ginny weasley
day 18: sex work/prostitution- fred and george
day 19: impact play- aaron hotchner
day 20: anal- sirius black
day 21: a/b/o- remus lupin
day 22: size difference- remus lupin x fairy!reader
day 23: squirting- benedict bridgerton
day 24: hunter/prey- remus lupin
day 25: titty fucking- ron weasley
day 26: cock ring- poly!marauders
day 27: training- newt (tmr) and puppy hybrid!reader
day 28: whipping- loki laufeyson
day 29: period sex- wanda maximoff
day 30: praise kink- father paul
day 31: piss kink- lucius malfoy
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 18: sex work/prostitution (kinda)
fred weasley x george weasley x fem!reader. stranger x fem!reader. dark!fic, implied kidnapping, auctioning/selling, forced prostitution, non-con, dehumanization, degradation. Seriously, this is dark. Read at your own risk.
in many ways this was inspired by @babyjordy ‘s gloryhole fic w the twins, so huge shoutout to her, go check her out!!
“Make sure she’s lookin’ nice, George.” You hear Fred call from behind the counter where he’s restocking the register. “We wanna get her sold today.”
You’re trembling slightly as George tends to your nude body- clicking a collar around your neck, neatening up your hair, using his thumbs to rub oil onto your nipples so they’re hard and appealingly shiny.
He crouches down, tapping your thigh. “Open your legs.” You press your knees together with a whimper, and his tap turns into a pinch, making you yelp and spread your legs. “That’s better. You oughta listen to us, sweetheart, it’ll make things far easier on you.” He mutters, hands reaching up between your legs.
You gasp when his fingers grasp your pussy lips, pulling them apart so he can peer at your exposed cunt. He inspects it closely before bringing a thumb inwards to start circles on your clit, and you whine despite yourself.
“Gettin’ her nice and wet?” Fred asks as he walks up to stand beside his brother, his eyes raking up and down your nude form in his own examination. George nods.
“Figure they’ll wanna see she’s responsive and willing. Even if that’s a bit of false advertising.” He quips, and while Fred laughs your stomach churns. Though you can’t ignore the pooling arousal gathering under George’s skilled touch.
“I think she’ll sell fast, she’s already soaked.” George reports, rising back to his full height and towering over you. “And she’s real pretty.” You have to force yourself not to flinch away when he reaches out to grasp your chin, knowing such a move would lead to punishment. “We may wanna up our price.”
“We’ll see what we get offered and go from there.” Fred decides, reaching out to stroke a hand down your back, relishing in the way it makes you shiver. You gasp when he reaches your bum and trails a finger down your crack, his touch ghosting over your unused back entrance, and this time you can’t help but flinch away. It only makes the male smirk. “Never taken somethin’ there, have you?” He taunts condescendingly. “We’ll make sure to mention that. Gods, you’re gonna make us a fortune.”
Your heart pounds in your chest at the statement.
“Should I tie her up? Doubt she’ll stay still on her own.” George asks Fred, and the way they talk about you as if you’re not even there makes your stomach knot.
“Use the rig on the ceiling by the back wall and put a spreader bar on her, reckon that’ll do the trick. I’ll open up.” Fred responds, and at George’s nod he turns to walk back to the front of the store.
George grabs your wrist and leads you to the back, approaching thick red rope tied to a metal ring in the ceiling. There you’re tied up as Fred had instructed, and despite your tense resistance George easily overpowers you to pull your legs apart and put a spreader bar between them. He finishes things off with a ball gag in your mouth.
Some time passes with customers coming into the store, milling about, looking around at all the many sex toys the twins have to offer. All are entirely unfazed by your presence, strung up at the back of the store, eyes brimmed with tears; the only indication that they even notice you is the occasional lingering stare or vulgar remark.
Eventually a tall man- somewhere in his late thirties, you’d guess- seems to take particular interest in you. And you hate to admit it, hate that the thought even crosses your mind, but you can’t deny that he’s attractive.
He approaches, a sickening, appreciative smirk on his face, and you whimper when he reaches out with large hands to roughly grope at your exposed breasts. His fingers knead your tender flesh, tug at your sensitive nipples, and with your restraints you can do nothing more than squirm slightly.
“Ah, I see our new girl’s caught your eye.” You recognize the charming purr to be Fred’s. You look up from the spot on the floor you’d been staring at to see him stepping up beside the man, a sly grin on his face.
“That she has. She’s a beauty- got fuckin’ perfect tits.” The man says, voice low and gruff. Fred whistles.
“You should see her pussy, mate. We got her nice and wet this morning, bet she’s still soaked just from bein’ on display.” Heat rushes to your cheeks at Fred’s words, only worsened by the fact that they’re true.
“Is that so? This one’s a real slut for it, eh?” The man asks casually. You jerk when warm, thick fingers reach down, stroking through your folds to test the moisture gathered there. “Bloody hell, you weren’t kidding.” The man’s smirk morphs into a predatory grin. “Any chance I can test the merchandise?”
“Be my guest.” Fred says, and the man’s touch leaves you, his hands moving to undo the fly of his trousers. You watch with wide eyes as he pulls out his thick erection.
Fred reaches out to grasp your face, bringing your attention back to him, and once you hesitantly meet his gaze he gives your cheek a rough pat. “Be a good girl for the nice man, hm? If he likes you you’ll get to go home with him.” He tilts your head, forcing your gaze back to the man’s leaking member. “And I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you?” You swallow as best you can around the gag, trying to ignore the pulse of arousal between your legs at the sight of the sizable cock. Fred smirks at your poorly masked anticipation before he turns back to the man.
“Once you have a go at her we’ll discuss a price.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 12- thigh riding
fred weasley x hufflepuff!reader. d/s, thigh riding, degradation, teasing, kissing
“Please,” you whine, lip jutting out in a petulant pout as you squirm atop Fred’s lap. All you want is to get off- but you can tell by the glint in his eye that he’s in the mood to tease. His large hands grip your waist, guiding your movements and turning them from sloppy wiggles to purposeful ruts.
“Please?” He mocks your high pitched tone, wearing a mock pout that morphs into a grin. “Poor little princess. Y’so needy for me, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” You grumble, brows furrowing and lip protruding even further in a scowl that Fred finds simply adorable. “Don’make fun of me.”
“Awww, did that make you grumpy?” He taunts, cupping your chin and running his calloused thumb along your distended lower lip with a click of his tongue. “What a huffy puff.”
“I’m not huffy.” You, admittedly, huff out, brows furrowing further as you continue to grind on the thick of his thigh. Fred’s grin only widens.
“No? Not huffy? How ‘bout whiny?” You shake your head. “Really? Well, what if I told you I don’t feel up to letting you get off on my thigh, and you’ll have to make yourself cum all on your own? Hm?”
“Freddie.” The male chuckles at your whine of his name, and he reaches up to give your head a condescending pat.
“That’s what I thought, my little huffy puff.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 26- cock ring
poly marauders x fem!reader. sub james, sub reader, switch/dom sirius, dom remus. edging, cock rings, d/s, punishment, crying, teasing, hand jobs, blowjobs
“Gods, Remus,” James grits out as the lycanthrope works the ring onto his soft- though quickly swelling- cock, his face contorted in discomfort. “I’m sorry. Please, y’gotta let me cum.”
“We don’t have to do anything, baby boy, especially not after the attitude you gave us earlier.” Sirius retorts, gaze severe as he pulls your shirt over your head then moves on to help you step out of your skirt and panties, leaving you nude.
“‘M sorry.” The male whimpers, his tone already turned breathy and weak. Part of you feels for him; James is usually so good, it’s not like him to act up- and when he does, punishments are rough for him.
“It’s too late for that, angel. Its been decided.” Remus says, sounding not mean but firm. He turns to look at you where you stand a few feet away, right in front of Sirius, his cool hands resting on your bare hips. “Now come here, bunny. You’re gonna help us punish James.”
“I feel bad, daddy.” You mumble as Sirius guides you closer, your gaze fixated on James’s pouting lips and furrowed brows. Remus scoffs.
“No need to feel bad, darling, he deserves it. We punish you when you’re bad, yeah? ‘S only fair he gets the same treatment.” He explains, nodding his head in James’s direction. “So c’mon, I want you on your knees in front of him.”
You frown but do as Remus instructed, shooting James a sympathetic look as he whimpers and his cock throbs at the sight of you lowering to your knees before him.
“Gods, she looks pretty down there, doesn’t she, baby boy?” Sirius taunts with a low whistle, smirking as he sits beside the bespectacled male and slings an arm over his shoulder. James lets out another whimper.
“Go ahead and touch him, doll. Stroke that pretty cock.” You pout at Remus’s command but again obey, spitting in your hand before reaching out to grasp James’s reddening shaft.
“Fuck,” James grits as you make contact with his heated skin. You can feel the member throb in your grasp as you give it a slow, firm stroke.
“The ring makes you all sensitive, doesn’t it?” Sirius croons, smirking as he watches the way James’s abdominal muscles twitch with his effort not to thrust upwards. “So sensitive, but you still can’t cum. Poor thing.”
James only groans in response as you speed up your stroking, relishing in the way his cock strains within the restrictive silicone. The head is turning almost purple as he’s continuously stimulated and denied any release.
“Use your mouth too, bunny.” Remus instructs. You flash James an apologetic look before leaning forward to lick a stripe up his stiff length. Then you run the very tip of your tongue through his slit, tasting weak traces of precum there. James lets out a choked sob at the attention to his sensitive tip, and you notice tears pricking at the corners of his pretty blue eyes.
“Daddy,” you whimper upon seeing the oncoming tears, sounding remorseful. “He’s gonna cry.”
“‘S okay, bunny.” Remus assures with a smirk as Sirius chuckles. “This is a punishment, remember? A few tears’ll be good for him. Might remind him to be a good boy for us.”
“I’ll be a good boy, daddy!” James gasps out, fingers curling desperately in the duvet below him. “Please.”
“A bit longer, James, you’re alright.” Remus dismisses his plea for mercy, resulting in another sob from the submissive boy. “Keep going, Y/n.”
You lean forward once more, now taking the head of James’s cock between your lips, suckling gently and swirling your tongue around it. James cries out at the feeling, and fat tears spill from his waterline to roll down the expanse of his rouged cheeks.
You suck for some time- feeling his shaft pulse and twitch inside your mouth- until he’s reduced to continuous, pitiful sobs. Sirius is rubbing his back, cooing condescendingly about what a “poor thing” he is, and how “if only you’d been good, then you’d have cum already.”
Eventually you hear the metallic zip of a fly from behind you, and Remus’s voice pipes up.
“Alright, bunny, that’s enough.” You pull off James’s cock with a pop and he lets out a relieved sob. His face is red and tear streaked, his eyes are glistening with fresh tears, and his chest is heaving- he looks absolutely debauched.
You turn your head and see Remus taking his long, hard dick out of his own trousers. “Now Jamesie’s gonna watch you make Pads and I cum.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 24- hunter/prey
remus lupin x fem!reader. kiiiinda cnc vibes maybe? but i didnt intend it to be cnc. hunter/prey kink, slight fear kink, chasing, primal play, heavy d/s, degradation, threats of punishments/leadup to punishment, brat tamer/brat. Safeword is in place!
You’d known teasing Remus would end in a punishment for you. You’d known this the whole time it took you to change into your prettiest set of lingerie, prop up your phone camera, lay out on the mattress, and take an erotic set of photos of yourself, a hand between your spread thighs. You’d known when you’d picked the most enticing one of the bunch, when you’d attached it in a text to Remus, and when you’d hit send. You’d really known when after fifteen long seconds of a pulsing ellipses a message reading “I’ll be home in ten minutes.” popped up on your screen.
What you hadn’t known is just how angry Remus would be. You were waiting by the door for him, still wearing the lingerie, with a coy smirk on your face. But when the doorknob rattled and the door flew open and the tall, imposing form of your boyfriend stepped inside, your heart skipped a beat. You weren’t expecting to see his jaw set quite so firmly, his nostrils flared with anger, a cold yet burning fury in his eyes.
You were so caught off guard that as Remus set down his keys, his other hand in a fist, curling and uncurling at his side, you turned tail.
You hear a low, terrifying growl of “little brat” from behind you as your feet make you fly down the hall. Remus’s heavy, dress-shoed footsteps follow right behind, making your blood run cold.
“Get back here!” His voice is raised, and you can hear that despite his long legged strides you’ve made up some distance between you. The realization spurs you on.
You pass through a door and manage to throw it closed behind you without losing any time, and you sprint up the stairs, triumphing when you hear Remus’s frustrated growl as he’s forced to fumble with the knob.
By the time Remus gets the door open and makes his way upstairs you’ve ducked into the spare bedroom a couple doors down the hall and slipped under the large bed. The duvet hangs down over the side of the mattress, leaving only a narrow open gap above the floor.
Your heart pounds in your chest as you hear the tap of his shoes against the hardwood floor. He’s stalking around slowly now, checking for you inside the rooms you passed by.
“Come on out, Y/n. You know what you did, and ‘m not gonna let you get away with it. Might as well come face it now, hm? I’m only gonna get angrier.” You hear him calling out as he searches, voice eerily cold and calm, something you know is a bad sign. Despite the truth of his words your nerves keep you from revealing yourself, and you stay pressed to the floor under the bed, peeking out at the floor of the hallway.
Your breath hitches when his feet come into view, only able to see his shoes and the bottoms of his slacks from your place beneath the bed. You hold your breath as he walks into the room you’re in, turning to open the wardrobe and check inside.
“Where are you, you little slut?” He growls, closing the door when he finds the wardrobe empty and pacing over to the bed, his feet inches from your face. You let out a soft gasp when he pauses and crouches down, making him chuckle lowly.
“Is bunny hiding under the bed?” He coos mockingly, his voice that which you can picture the predatory grin on his face. “Isn’t that adorable. Well, it’s time to come out, little girl. If you do I’ll take it easy on ya. I may even decide against the belt.”
“No, please,” you whimper out, the words almost a whisper. Remus clicks his tongue.
“No? You don’t want the belt? Well come on out, then.” His voice is somewhere near a coo- though it’s still dark and taunting- and part of you wants nothing more than to give in. But you’ve come too far, and fearful anticipation grips too strongly at your heart for you to willingly crawl out to your own doom.
“No.” You whimper out again, slinking backwards when you see Remus’s hand reach out to pull up the duvet.
“Y/n.” More and more irritation is bleeding into his tone. He peers under the bed, his angry expression making blood pound in your ears.
“No!” You cry out, turning around and making to army crawl the width of the king-sized bed, hoping to press against the wall as far from Remus as you can. You yelp when you feel long fingers curl around your ankle in a firm, bruising grip.
You nearly scream as Remus yanks you back, easily dragging your form out from under the bed as you helplessly scramble against the floor in an attempt to get away.
Your struggle proves useless, as in an instant Remus as you out on the floor below him. He lets go of your ankle in favor of grabbing your wrists, easily manhandling them behind your back and holding them down with one hand. He pins you to the floor like this, your heart thrumming in your chest against the hard wood below you, and he leans down to growl in your ear.
“Was it worth the fight, bunny?” You shiver at his low, dangerous tone, his warm breath fanning over your skin. You squirm, but his tight hold doesn’t let up- he has you at his mercy beneath him, cornered like prey. “Cause all your little game of chase did was piss me off.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 22- size difference
remus lupin x fairy!reader. extreme size difference (reader is like barbie doll sized. maybe a bit smaller?), finger grinding/riding, some dehumanization, cock rubbing, d/s, dirty talk, degradation, praise
You can’t get enough of the rough, firm feeling of Remus’s finger against your bare cunt. You’re laid on your back, your body barely sunken into the pillow you’re atop as Remus holds his index finger between your legs. The digit is wet from your fluids as you rut upwards against it- though it’s a mere drop of moisture to him- and the prettiest moans spill from your lips like the jingling of a little bell.
“Look at you, such a dirty little thing.” Remus breathes out, holding his finger steady and forcing you to work hard to raise your own hips to meet it. He’s wearing a cocky smirk as you hump upwards, bucking almost as if you’re trying to push the tip inside your tiny entrance. “Can’t even take ‘m finger- but you want to, don’t you? Bet you’d try if I’d let you.”
“Please,” you whine out in your sex driven fog, unaware- or perhaps just uncaring- of the pure impossibility of your request. Remus tuts at your high pitched plea.
“It’d split you in half, little fae. We can’t have that.” He coos condescendingly. You whimper, brows furrowing in discontent as you gaze up at his large form- but soon your displeasure is long forgotten as he presses down ever so gently against your delicate pelvis, increasing the delicious friction.
Your hips lose their rhythm and your fingers curl tightly in the material of the pillowcase below as your orgasm nears- but the sloppiness of your movements leaves you unable to fall over the edge. You squirm, frustrated whines leaving your lips.
“Oh you poor, pathetic little thing.” Remus croons, brows furrowed in mock sympathy to match his teasing pout. “Can’t get y’self off? Not even when I give you m’finger?” He brings his other hand down, his thumb pressing against your middle to pin you in place and subdue your squirming.
“Guess I’ll have to do it myself, hm?” He murmurs. Then he’s starting up circles- tiny, almost imperceptible movements to him, but to you it’s a firm rocking sensation against your core that has you crying out and throwing your head back in bliss.
It takes Remus no time at all to have you unraveling beneath his fingertip, his thumb holding you down firmly as you tremble and moan with the force of your orgasm.
“Good girl, doll. Bet that felt good, hm?” You can only nod in your post-orgasmic haze, and Remus smirks. “Well, now ‘s my turn.”
He releases you, and you bounce with the movement of the mattress when he lays down on his back, his head beside your body on the pillow. Before you can do anything he’s reaching over and scooping up your form in one huge hand. Your limbs are limp with fatigue from your exertion, making you whimper.
“Don’t worry, little thing. I can take care of this part too.” He chuckles, pulling down his sweatpants to reveal his leaking cock. At full hardness it’s almost as tall as you, and it’s a bit wider. You gasp when he presses your nude body against it, the shaft radiating heat into your skin.
“All you have to do is look pretty and be a good little toy f’me, okay?” He grits out, moving his thumb so his fist is wrapped around both you and his cock. He gives a shallow thrust, and you whimper as his shaft rubs against you, gliding over every inch of skin on your front. You’re eye to eye with his tip, a bead of precum the size of your palm forming there, and you can feel his balls against the bottoms of your feet. Remus moans before thrusting again, starting up a rhythm.
“That’s a good little fairy.” He grits out as he fucks against you, using your small, soft body as a toy for his pleasure. His movements are firm and well practiced, his hips rutting upwards and his fist dragging you up and down on his cock. He’s groaning at the sensation, and you just let him do as he pleases with you, a ragdoll in his grip.
“Fuck, sweetheart- ‘m gonna cum-“ the growled words are all the warning you get before he’s shooting off. Hot, thick ropes of cum spill from his tip, landing on you as well as Remus’s chest. He works himself through his orgasm, his release coating your head, face, neck, and chest as what to you is a flood of seed empties from his balls. You reach up to wipe away handfuls of the substance with your palms, clearing it from your eyes.
He lets out a groan at the sight of you covered in his load, the way it drenches your small form making his cock twitch heavily against you before he finally pulls you away.
“Gods, look at you.” He breathes out with a smirk, using the thumb that holds you to rub his release into your chest. “Maybe I’ll keep you like this, hm? Covered in my cum, just like a little fuck toy should be.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 20: anal
sirius black x fem!reader. first time, stretching, anal sex, d/s, praise, a bit of size kink. Light possessiveness at the end. This is probably unrealistic (i doubt you can go all the way your first time but idk maybe u can)
“Easy, pup.” Sirius murmurs as he traces your lubricated hole with his finger. His other hand strokes up and down your back in an attempt to soothe you. “Y’gotta relax, if you’re tense it’ll only be more uncomfortable.”
You nod, gripping the sheets below tightly and taking deep, shaky breaths, attempting to calm yourself down. You keep your back arched elegantly, ass pressed in the air so Sirius has access to your back entrance. He croons when your hole relaxes a bit with your breathing, unclenching and allowing him to slip the tip of his finger past the tight ring of muscle.
“Good girl doll, look at you. Calmin’ yourself right down.” He praises, cock throbbing in his pants at how tight you are, even around one finger.
He gently fucks you with it for a while, allowing you to adjust to the foreign feeling, before the tip of his ring finger prods alongside his index, vying for entry. You suck in a sharp breath.
“It’s okay, you’re fine.” His hand leaves your back, dipping down to toy with your clit. You let out a pleasured whimper at his cool touch against the tender nub. “That’s it. Feels good, huh? Focus on that, ease up.”
He’s able to slip in a second finger, and you let out a moan- somewhere between shocked at the odd feeling, pained from the slight stretch, and pleasured from his attention to your clit. He gently thrusts them in and out, and once your walls slacken enough, he begins to scissor them.
Soon enough he slips in a third finger, and you adjust to them, all while he draws slow circles on your clit, slowly turning you into a trembling, whimpering mess. Arousal churns in your stomach, and you find yourself feeling a desperate need to be filled.
“Please, Siri. I’m ready.” You whine, neck giving out and causing your forehead to collide with the soft mattress below.
“Yeah, puppy? Ready f’me to stuff your arse with my big cock?” You nod, and you can hear the arousal in his tone as he slides out his long, slender digits. He admires the way your walls flutter at the loss of his fingers. “Gods, y’little hole is hungry for it.”
He braces with a hand on your ass as he lines himself up, and your breath hitches when you feel the blunt head of his cock sponge over your tight entrance. Sirius lets out a soothing shushing sound and ever so slowly pushes forward.
Your head swims with the overwhelming sensation of him filling up your narrow cavern, the stretch deliciously painful as you clench around him, and you let out a long moan. Sirius himself is growling and grunting with the way you squeeze him.
“You’re so fuckin’ tight, bloody hell. ‘S like you’re sucking me in.” He grits out, voice strained. Your body is rigid as he continues to sink in, until finally you feel his pelvis press against your flank, and he comes to a stop, fully seated inside you. You both let out synchronized breaths you’d been holding.
“Feel good, pup?” He murmurs lowly, one hand resting on your ass, thumb stroking your skin, while the other moved up and down your back.
“So good.” You breathe out, mind foggy with bliss. Sirius hums.
“I’ve taken all your pretty holes, baby. Now you’re really all mine.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 15- gun play
bucky barnes x fem!reader. guns+ heavy gunplay, teasing, d/s dynamics, slight dark!bucky, sliiiiiiiiiight cnc vibes? Maybe?, fear play, bondage, safewords are in place!
“Are you shaking, doll?” Bucky taunts as he eyes your bound form, gaze dark. You whimper, shaking your head despite the fact that it’s an obvious lie- the trembling of your limbs is unmistakeable. Bucky chuckles.
“Don’t lie, baby, I can tell when you’re lying.” He stalks towards you, and your eyes fixate on the black handgun he holds in his right hand. “You’re nervous, aren’t you?” You swallow, offering him a nod so small he almost misses it. Almost.
“Mmm… and why’s that? You don’t think this gun is loaded, do you?” He drawls, and you shiver as he lowers the weapon to your calf, the metal cold against your balmy skin as he drags the front of the barrel up your leg. “You think I’d risk it?” The tip reaches the apex of your thighs and your breath hitches as he runs it through your wet folds. He coaxes a shaky moan from your lips when he ghosts the gun over your clit.
“Well, doll? Do you?” He urges, eyes flicking up from your pussy to meet your gaze, brow raised in question. You swallow, trying to collect yourself, but your voice still comes out shaky.
“N-no, sir.”
In the next instant the cold touch of metal leaves you, Bucky pointing the gun at the sky. A deafening bang rings out as he fires it, making your entire body jolt in your ties, and a shriek tears from your lungs. Your eyes dart up to the circular hole the bullet left in the ceiling, chest heaving and eyes wild with fear. When you look back down, Bucky’s smirking.
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 16- accidental stimulation
peter parker x fem!reader. dubcon exhibitionism, voyeurism, public sexual experiences, washing machines, accidental stimulation, masturbation
Peter’s grateful for his enhanced strength as he carries his hefty basket of dirty clothes down the many flights of stairs from his dorm to the laundry room. He’s sure his arms and legs would be feeling it by the time he reaches the lowest level if it weren’t for that.
He rounds the corner and enters the long corridor that houses the laundry room, the last door on the right. He’s not surprised to hear the familiar rumbling of a machine as he approaches, but as he gets nearer to the room, the door slightly ajar, he tunes into a sound that does surprise him.
Choked gasps and soft, not quite muffled whimpers float through the air and to Peter’s eardrums as he comes to a halt, just outside the laundry room door. He’s struck by their familiarity, eyes widening as the noises bring him to restless nights in his dorm, reminding him of what spills from his own lips when his fist moves anxiously beneath his covers as he fucks into his own hand. He swallows the lump forming in his throat. Against his better judgement- all judgement seems to have been thrown out the window somewhere in the past five seconds- he leans forward, peeking through the crack in the door.
There you are, sitting on top of a washing machine as it thunders away, clad in tiny pajama shorts and a spaghetti strapped cami. Your head’s thrown back, your hands grip the machine’s edges, your legs are spread slightly, your hips are angled downwards to press your clit into the vibrating surface below you. Peter’s mouth runs dry at the sight.
He flushes when he realizes his gaze is lingering on your breasts as they visibly jiggle beneath the thin material of your tank top, and he looks away in a weak attempt at being gentlemanly. It makes little difference, however, as the gorgeous image of your pleasured form is burned seemingly permanently into his retinas, and your soft, blissful sighs are still clearly audible.
He can feel his cock hardening, his pants slowly becoming uncomfortably tight. His rational mind is screaming at him to turn around and walk away and pretend this never happened. It takes a few seconds, and another glance at you- lips slack, eyes squeezed shut, chest heaving- but somehow rationality manages to win out. He turns on his heel and takes sure strides away, cheeks still burning hot as he tries to clear this whole experience from his memory.
He only makes it a few paces down the hallway before a long, erotic moan resonates from the room behind him. His breath hitches at the sound of your voice, unabashed in ecstasy and unaware anyone’s there to listen, and he can’t help but stop in his tracks as he processes the fact that he just heard you orgasm.
After a beat of silence passes he starts down the hallway again, more hastily now. As he makes his way back to his dorm, quickly scaling the many flights of stairs, the scene replays over and over again in his mind, your moan echoing in his head.
Peter throws open the door to his dorm and immediately drops his basket of laundry to the floor without care. Not even bothering to move to the bed, he leans against the door and pulls down the waistbands of his sweats and boxers. His hard, aching cock springs free, and his fist wraps around it, stroking fervently.
He pictures your blissful face and imagines groping your bouncing tits as he shoots hot ropes of cum all over his hand- because while rational thought may have won out, and while he may have walked away, there’s no way he’s pretending that never happened.
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
kinktober day 4: role reversal
aaron hotchner x fem!reader. failed attempt to dominate, role reversal, degradation, heavy d/s dynamics, pet names, daddy kink, size kink/size difference
As you make out with Aaron, straddling his torso and leaning down to meet his lips, you’re sure he’s thinking this will be like any other time you’ve ridden him. You hadn’t told him your plans when he’d laid down and you’d climbed atop him- you both have safewords and have expressed a liking for trying things on a whim, so it wasn’t necessary. And the fact he’s unaware of what’s to come only makes you all the more excited.
It starts when he reaches out to grip your hips with big, strong hands, controlling your movements and guiding you to start grinding against his bare abdomen. Normally you’d let it happen, even enjoy the show of dominance, but not tonight. Still kissing him you reach down and grab his wrists, tugging them off your hips and pushing them onto the bed beside his head. You hold them there, as firmly as you can, and you can feel the soft gasp that spills from Aaron’s lips into yours. He pulls away.
“What are you doing?” He asks in his low voice, brow raised in question. You swallow, trying to stifle your nerves.
“I didn’t say you could touch me.” You’re impressed by the steadiness of your own voice, proud that it didn’t come out a weak tremble or whine. Regardless, Aaron lets out a chuckle.
“Oh? I need your permission now?” He asks, a grin playing at the corner of his lips. You scowl.
“Yes. Don’t give me attitude.” You say, repeating the phrases you’ve heard Hotch direct at you countless times. His grin comes out in full force now.
“Are you trying to dominate me?” He sounds incredulous, like it’s the most far fetched idea he’s ever heard, and it makes you scowl.
“I’m not just trying, Aaron. Stop being a brat.” You mutter, glowering down at him. Your irritation grows when he lets out a laugh- outright laughs at you- but arousal also stirs in your belly.
“That’s so cute, baby. You’re adorable.” Your scowl deepens. “Now come on, be a good girl for daddy and let go of my wrists, hm?” You know he could easily overpower you, but he’s asking you to give in willingly as a show of control. Well you’re not going to give him the satisfaction.
“No. Certainly not when you ask like that. Where are your manners?” You chastise, raising your own brow now. Aaron rolls his eyes- a move you’d never get away with- and lets out a scoff.
“Really, sweetheart. This was a good attempt, it truly was, but give it up.”
“No.” You glare down at him, tightening your hold on his wrists. “Listen to me, Aaron. You have to be a good boy-“
“Don’t call me that.”
“Don’t interrupt me.” You say in your best growl, and one of your hands leaves Aaron’s wrist to land a light smack against his cheek in reprimand.
You instantly realize it was a mistake when the action makes Hotch’s eyes darken. His jaw sets and his nostrils flare, and there’s a terrifying, silent moment where he just stares at you, clearly furious.
He has you flipped over before you can even think, throwing around your smaller form so he’s on top of you. It’s your wrists that are pinned now- your hands gathered in only one of his large ones, and you find you can’t dislodge them even when you squirm.
“You think you can fucking hit me?” He growls- far more intimidating than your growl, you realize, as it’s low and angry and makes your heart rate spike. “You should have just quit while you were ahead, kid. Stopped while it was still cute.” He reaches out with his free hand, grasping your cheeks and making your lips jut out in a pathetic little pout. You whimper, pulling against his hold on your wrists again, but it doesn’t budge.
“Just look at you. You’re so little, I can hold you down with one hand.” He chuckles. “And you thought you could control me? Hm? Guess I have to remind you who’s really in control.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
kinktober day 1: face sitting
anthony bridgerton x fem!reader. light period typical misogyny, dom/sub, innocence kink, face sitting, cunnilingus, praise, brief overstim
“You cannot be serious,” you mumble, fingers playing anxiously with the hem of your slip as you gaze at Anthony’s form, clad in only his trousers, where he lays back casually on the bed. He smirks.
“I assure you, I’m entirely serious. Come here, my love.” He gestures with his fingers, again signaling you to move over to his face, and your head spins.
“You wish for me to sit? On your face?” You gape at him, disbelieving. You can tell he’s growing impatient by the hard set of his jaw, but he manages to keep his voice even.
“That’s what I said, and I don’t believe I stuttered, did I?” You shake your head dumbly. “No. So come here, Y/n. You know I don’t enjoy repeating myself.”
“Yes, my Lord.” You murmur, mind still reeling at the prospect of what’s to come. Anthony rarely uses his mouth on you at all- and never had he asked you to climb on top of his face. The whole things seems frighteningly improper and downright filthy, but you can’t deny the coals of arousal that glow in your belly as you approach him.
He helps guide you up with steady hands on your hips, coaxing you to throw one leg over so you’re straddling his head, your thighs framing his handsome face as you gaze down at him. You swallow.
“Like this, sir?” You murmur, eyed wide and innocent, making his cock stir in his pants.
“Yes. Just like this.” His hands trail down your sides to the hem of your slip, lifting upwards, and you raise your arms to allow him to remove the garment from your body. Now fully nude, a shiver passes through you- though not because you’re cold.
“God, look at you. Bloody gorgeous.” He mutters, large hands kneading at the flesh of your thighs. “I cannot wait to devour you.”
That’s all the warning you get before he’s tugging you downwards, slamming your cunt into his face and making you gasp as his tongue slides through your quickly moistening folds. He laps at you eagerly, pulling a slew of whines and moans from your lips, and his strong grip holds your squirming form in place.
“Oh god, my lord-“ you can’t form a coherent thought- let alone a complete sentence- and your words devolve into unintelligible sounds when his lips attach to your clit, sucking vigorously.
He keeps that up for a while, eating you like a man starved, until finally you’re falling apart above him as pleasure overwhelms you. You rut against his face without even meaning to, hips acting on their own accord to chase your release and ride out your high, and Anthony eats you right through it, growling into your cunt all the while.
He keeps right on going once your orgasm subsides, and the continued sensation of his wet tongue laving over your clit makes you whine and squirm.
“My lord- please, that’s too much. No more.” You whimper out, voice high and breathless. He finally lets up, using his hold on your waist to pull you back so you’re sitting on his chest. You look down at him, and heat rises to your cheeks when you see how wet his face his, his cheeks and mouth- even his sideburns- drenched in your juices.
“See, angel? Was that not enjoyable?” He questions, smirking and raising a cocky brow. You bite your lip, nodding bashfully.
“Yes, sir, it most certainly was.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
kinktober day 2: against a wall
newt x fem!reader. risky sex, exhibitionism, light hair pulling, exhibitionism, kiiiiinda fuck or die but not really (they kinda pretend it is), penetrative sex, dirty talk, degradation, d/s, rough sex
fuck you for sending me this idea @gxtitobxby :/
You aren’t really sure how you ended up here.
Naked, bare breasts flush with the cold stone, Newt pounding into you with a hand tangled in your hair, both your clothes strewn across the dirt around you, forgotten. But you suppose the details don’t really matter, because now you’re here, getting fucked against the wall of the maze before the sun has peeked over the horizon, and it feels so damn filthy that you’re more aroused than ever.
“Y’like this, you fuckin’ slut?” Newt’s growl is low and gravelly, his breath fanning over your ear. You can barely manage a nod with his tight hold on your hair, but your lewd moan is answer enough. “So fucking dirty. Anyone could walk out and see you getting used like a little whore, y’know that? Anyone could wake up early, especially with how bloody loud you’re being.”
Your eyes screw shut as you imagine it- Thomas or Minho or Gally peering out of their hut to see you both in the distance, caught right in the act. It only makes you moan louder.
“Oh, you do like that.” You can hear the grin in his voice, can picture his cocky smirk in your mind’s eye. “Naughty girl. Reckon it’s a good thing you’re enjoying this so much. We don’t have much time until the doors open up.”
“Fuck, Newt.” You gasp out, hands grappling at the wall, nails scratching down the stone for purchase as you tremble with each of his brutally hard thrusts.
“Yeah, baby. We gotta finish quick, wouldn’t want a griever to snatch you up, would we? You’re so sweet ‘n little, wouldn’t last a second.” You don’t know why the words arouse you when they should frighten you, why they make your blood run red hot and your walls flutter, but maybe it’s because fear and arousal often go hand in hand.
The air from Newt’s exhales tickle your neck, and his hips never stutter as he continues to drill into you. He has one hand holding your hair and one holding your hip, bracing you against the stone wall, supporting you so you aren’t left reliant on your weak, trembling legs.
Then the loud, mechanical rumbling begins, drowning out your pleasured moans. You know what that sound means; a winding labyrinth of sinister creatures, endless dangers, guaranteed death for all who enter. Yet somehow, in spite of all that, as the formidable doors you’re pressed against prepare to open and reveal the horrors within, you experience the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had.
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 29: period sex
wanda maximoff x fem!reader. fingering, kissing, liiiight d/s, teasing, fluffy smut. Wanda has her accent 😤😤
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” You ask softly as you situate yourself atop the dark towel, lying back on the bed. You watch as Wanda climbs up the bed below you, her brows furrowing.
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“I don’t know… lots of people find it gross.” You murmur with a small shrug, heat rushing to your cheeks.
“It is just a bit of blood.”
“From my vagina.”
“Yes, and I love your vagina.” Wanda smirks as you giggle, moving up your body so she can lean down to give you a quick, firm kiss. “I do not see the issue here.”
“If you say so.” You reply with a smile, heart soaring as she returns it. You gasp as her dainty, skilled fingers slip between your thighs, teasing gently at your slit.
“I do say so. I also say you’re going to eat my pussy after you cum.” You gasp when she starts circling your clit, though your eyes gleam with amusement as you look up at her.
“Do you now?”
“Mm.” She hums in affirmation, grinning playfully. “My services aren’t free, you know.” She gently slips two fingers inside you, crooking her fingers to sponge over your g-spot.
You sigh dramatically, as if eating her out is truly a high cost and not something you practically beg for the opportunity to do. “I suppose that’s only fair.”
Wanda laughs, well aware of how much you truly enjoy pleasuring her with your mouth. “Brat.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 months ago
kinktober day 3: exhibitionism
lucius malfoy x fem!reader. semi public sex, dressing room sex, lingerie, praise, penetrative sex, sir kink, degradation, praise
“Show me, darling.” Lucius’s voice calls out from where he waits on the other side of the dressing room door. You shyly open it just a crack, peeking out, and when you confirm that no one else is nearby you let it swing open the rest of the way.
Lucius’s icy eyes rake over your body, appreciatively inspecting the way the lingerie adorning it hugs your curves and accentuates all your assets. It really is a gorgeous set, you’d known that the moment you’d put it on, and the smirk that plays at Lucius’s lips only confirms that.
“Oh my, you look ravishing.” His voice is lower than before, huskier, and it makes you shiver. “I’ll certainly have to buy this one for you, won’t I?” He rises from the leather chair he’s in to step towards you, gaze still skimming up and down slowly. “Absolutely breathtaking.”
Your own breath hitches when he crowds into the small room, your eyes wide as without turning around he reaches back to close the door behind him.
“Lucius… what are you-“
“Do you really need to ask that, dearest?” He asks with a raised brow, smirking. He backs you up until your spine presses against the back wall of the tiny room. “I think you know what I’m doing.” He leans down, connecting his lips to your neck, and you let out a gasp.
“Here?” You murmur, a thrill shooting through you at the risk. You feel his smirk against your skin now, rather than see it.
“Yes, love. Right here. Do you think you can handle it? Do you think you can be a good girl and stay quiet? Or will the whole shop know what a whore you are?” He taunts lowly, hands coming out to rest on your hips, stroking up your sides. You shiver.
“I can handle it, sir.” You murmur, breath catching in your throat as one of his hands moves to his belt buckle.
He quickly gets his hard cock out of his pants and moves your panties aside, and you let out a pleasured gasp when he slides into you in one firm thrust.
“F-fuck, Lucius-“
“Shhh.” His hand comes up over your mouth, muffling your noises and covering half your face with the size of it. What did I say, you little slut?” He’s thrusting in and out of you, slow and deep, and your eyes roll back in your head at the pleasure. “I said be quiet.” He growls, voice far more low and controlled than your own.
You nod behind his palm, the movement unrefined in your haze, and Lucius smirks. “That’s right. Unless you want the whole shop to know what a whore you are for me. I bet you do want that, don’t you? Do you want them all to hear your wanton moans?”
Again you nod, his words adding fuel to the fire of your arousal. He keeps driving into you, the only thing keeping you quiet being his hand over your mouth, and it doesn’t take long for you to be falling apart around him.
“That’s a good little slut.” He rasps as you ride out or orgasm, his hips still rutting into you to work you through it.
Finally your body calms to a subtle tremble and heaving chest, and you’re surprised when Lucius removes his hand from your face and pulls out of you- his cock still hard and balls still full. You look at him questioningly, but before you can ask what he’s doing he speaks.
“Come on, Y/n, let’s go buy this pretty set. Then we can go home, and I can ruin you in it.”
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
kinktober day 23- squirting
benedict bridgerton x fem!reader. squirting, embarrassment, praise, fingering, probably some d/s elements
“Oh god, Benedict.” You groan as his thick fingers pump in and out of you, crooking expertly to stroke over the spongey spot that makes you see stars.
“Does that feel good, darling? Do my fingers feel good?” The man practically purrs, smirking as he continues to thrust. He’s draped over you, supporting himself on an elbow with his other arm snaking down between your legs. You nod, and his eyes flick to your lips, slack with pleasure.
He leans down to kiss you deeply, his tongue exploring your open and willing mouth as pleasured sounds spill from you.
Suddenly you feel something building, and it’s almost familiar, a feeling akin to an approaching orgasm, but not quite.
Before you can say a word, or ask Benedict what’s going on, a pleasureful peak overcomes you, and you feel a satisfying release. Again, not quite one of the orgasms you’re used to, but it feels fantastic, and you let out a keening moan.
“Fuck, gorgeoys.” Benedict breathes out, slipping his fingers from you easily. You glance down and your eyes widen when you see the state of his forearm: glistening and dripping with moisture. You gasp, feeling the trickle of liquid down your backside, seeping into the sheets below.
“Oh my god-“ embarrassed panic starts to bubble up inside you, and Benedict lets out a shocked laugh, drawing your gaze up to his face. You’re surprised to see no trace of disgust or confusion in his expression; instead he looks hungry, and almost proud.
“Look at that, darling. Made a pretty mess, didn’t you?” He doesn’t sound disgusted either, but you can’t quite quell your nerves.
“I don’t understand, Benedict- what happened?” You murmur, blinking unsurely at the wetness coating his fingers, hand, and arm.
“I made you feel good, love, did I not? That’s all. No need to be embarrassed.” He assures, sensing your unease. He leans down to press a kiss to your cheek. “That was incredible, you know. Absolutely beautiful.”
“Really?” You murmur, still feeling a fog of confusion over the new, unexpected occurrence. “Is it normal? That has never happened before.”
“Entirely normal, I assure you.” He leans down to plant another kiss on your face, this time your forehead. “It felt good, yes? Did you not enjoy it?”
“Well, no… I suppose I did. It felt very good, acrually.” You murmur, a small smile forming on your lips as you gaze up at your clearly prideful husband. He grins.
“Good. Then spread your legs, I should like to have you do it again.”
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