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#gilles villeneuve
illegalferrariengine · 11 days ago
here are some of my favourite facts about the most equivocally ferrari driver to ever exist, gilles villeneuve.
instead of karting, he made his start in snowmobile racing which is why he was so rapid in corners and ballsy in the wet.
he mortgaged his house to buy a helicopter that he flew to races. to announce his arrival to the paddock he would do a fly-by as low to the ground as possible.
when he wasn’t flying helicopters he used to park his road cars by doing a 180° skid into the parking spot which drove enzo ferrari MAD.
once he drag raced his 1981 car (big red cadillac my beloved) against a supersonic airfighter, won and did a bunch of high speed doughnuts at the end of the runway.
this one time he took a couple of his sponsors on a joyride around toronto in one of their shitbox sedans. he literally went on verges and shit to go past traffic.
he played the trumpet bc why not.
literally just the entire zandfoort saga. crazy little man.
also i cannot express this enough; EVERYONE loved him. literally the drivers, team bosses, mechanics, you name it. the og small chaotic pleasant guy of the grid. we miss you gilles and ferrari are still not over you!!
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k-ky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh to be a mechanic carrying my petite malewife driver
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frenchcurious · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Gilles Villeneuve - Ferrari 312T4 Ferrari 015 3.0 F12 - Grand Prix de Monaco 1979. - source F1 Old and New.
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1337wtfomgbbq · 2 months ago
Hold onto your butts, and find out how Niki and James wound up with twelve kids...
Bruno: Dad. Where do we all come from?
Niki and James: *Confused looks *
James: What do you mean Bruno?
Bruno: Well, Niki already explained to us where babys come from. But he said you nead a man and a woman for that. And you are both men, so... *gears in brain scraping *
Niki and James exchange a knowing look.
James: Well, you see Bruno, we all got you guys from somewhere. You for example were found by uncle Jackie.
Everybody perking up.
Bruno excited: Really?!
James nods: Uh hu. But you know, uncle Jackie and uncle Francois weren't sure if they were quite ready to have a child so they decided to give you to old Niki and I. After all, we already had Nigel and Elio.
Nelson mumbling to Gilles: That doesn't sound fake at all.
Gilles: *hisses for Nelson to be quiet *
Gilles: Wait, and where did uncle Jackie find Bruno?
James cryptically: He never told us.
Gilles: And me? Where did you get me?
James easy going: Oh you, we found you in the dumpster.
Didier starts laughing and Gilles looks horrified.
James chuckles: Yeah, and Didier liked you so much that he talked us into keeping you. He called you his 'trash brother'.
Didier laughs: I don't even remember that, but I'm okay with that.
Gilles glaring: And where'd you get that hyena from *nods at Didier *
James: Oh, some auction. Niki wanted a plane but, you see, Didier was much cheeper.
Gilles starts laughing and now Didier looks horrified. He looks over at Niki for some support but Niki just shruggs.
Niki: He was quite cheep.
By now, everybody is laughing or snickering and really interested in the story.
Andrea: And me?! Where'd you get me.
James: Well, you see--
Niki butting in: We were at the zoo one day.
James: *stares *
Niki: And at the erm... sea lion exhibit with Jacques and Elio, and there was this lone kid there as well. Just sitting in a stroller, with a paper clip pinned to it that read, 'take if you want'.
Andrea stares in shock, and James has to fight to suppres his laughter.
Jacques: And I? What about me?!
Niki: You know those storage auctions.
James catching on: Yeah, when you rent a garage or something to store your stuff in. If you stop paying the rent, at some point they're just gonna auction the garage and all the stuff in it.
Jacques nods slowly.
Niki: Well, we went to one of those auctions for a weekend and *shrugs * you were in the unit that we got.
Jacques: *stares with big eyes *
Alain thoughtfull: I don't know... That doesn't really sound right.
James catching on quickly: Don't tell me you don't remember how we got you Alain.
Alain shakes his head and quietly stares at James.
James pretending to be shocked: You don't remember how you just dropped out of the trees when we were hiking in the woods?
Niki nods: I don't know for how long you've been living there all by yourself. But we really managed to integrate you nicely.
René: Wait, Alain was a wild child? Like Mogli?
Niki nods.
René, almost afraid to ask: And me?
Niki: Well, we went to the bakery one day.
James: And you were there too, all by your lonesome, staring at the cakes with eyes all big and teary. We couldn't not pick you up.
Gilles, totally enraptured at this point: And Nelson? *pointing at Nelson *
Niki snorts: Nelson? He was just there all of a sudden.
Gilles and Nelson simultaniously: Huh?
Niki: I was grocery shopping one day, with Alain and Elio, and when I got back into the car he sat in the passenger seat. Just said, 'you're my new family now' and crossed his arms all pouty.
Gilles snickers: You were pouting.
Nelson: No I was not! *pouts *
Patrick excited: Me. Me. What about me?
Niki: There was this carnival one day.
James: That all the kids really wanted to go to.
Nelson rolling his eyes: And let me guess, you won Patrick at one of the stands. Can knockdown maybe.
James frowns: No, Nigel won.
Niki: And it wasn't can knockdown but duck fishing.
Elio excited: And Nigel and I? What about us.
James: Oh you two are adopted *waves him off *
Everybody laughs, except for Elio and Nigel. Elio looking quite hurt.
James hurries: We adopted you from a witch.
Elio excited: Really?
Niki: Well Nigel. You we adopted from a fairy.
Elio: *heart eyes *
Riccardo meekly: And what about me?
James: Well... *rubbing his chin *
Niki: Erm... *scratching his forehead *
Years later:
Gilles: Hey, do you guys remember those storys you told us, about how you got us all. Just so you didn't have to tell us that we're all adopted?
Niki over the newspaper: I don't know what you mean trash baby...
Gilles: *stares, contemplating his life *
Elio: You know, you never told us where you got Ayrton from though.
Niki and James exchange a look.
Niki and James: Well, there was this shooting star one night...
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motorsport70 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Gilles Villeneuve Monaco 1981
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vroomvroom-autoauto · 2 months ago
A few day ago i told ya about my stupid brain which can't remember correct names, (ayrton prost, amazon senna, Mika Raikkonen)
Now get ready for: Villes Gilleneuve
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das-croissant · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Sorry enzo for deleting you from the original photo ... i just did it so that gilles and didier can have a moment
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l0ura9 · 2 months ago
Some F1 photos that I love, taken by Ercole Colombo. part 1 (B/W)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ercole Colombo is an Italian photographer, mainly known for his stunning motorsports photographs; he has spent more than 40 years wandering around the F1 paddocks and that's where he had the chance to meet and witness with his photos the various talents that graced the older generation of Formula 1.
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felixa2728 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 2 of ?
Do with it what you want
I hope you like it
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frenchcurious · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Gilles Villeneuve (Ferrari) Grand Prix d'Afrique du Sud - Kyalami. - source F1 History & Legends.
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1337wtfomgbbq · 29 days ago
Niki: So it was James' birthday yesterday and we had a little bit of a party.
Niki: *long suffering sigh *
Niki: René was upset that it wasn't his birthday and that the cake wasn't for him.
Niki: He got even more upset when Nigel started eating James' cake.
Niki: Nelson and Gilles started messing around with the whipped cream, and when Didier tried to stop them Nelson held him down while Gilles force feed him whipped cream.
Niki: And while I stopped Didier from choking to death on whipped cream, Andrea somehow got a hold of James' beer, and after one sip of it put a bucket onto his head and ran full tilt into the tv set.
Niki: Alain and Ayrton started fighting about who's present was the better one.
Niki: Which also upset Bruno.
Niki: So the three of them were just yelling at each other.
Niki: Jacques and Patrick's present involved an airhorn, loads of confetti and some fire crackers.
Niki: Long story short, James almost had a heart attack.
Niki: Then Elio started playing the piano, which was really sweet.
Niki: *sighs *
Niki: Until Ayrton started yelling that his present was better and he and Elio started having a screaming match.
Niki: Thankfully Riccardo's present came in handy there.
*clip of Niki splashing the kids with a super soaker, while James laughs his ass off before asking if he can have a turn too. *
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