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#gilmore girls
clarkgriffon · 2 days ago
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ULTIMATE SHIPS CHALLENGE - [5/5] Gazing at Each Other Scenes ↳ “So, things are good?” “Oh, yeah. Really good.” “School?” “Good.” “Still gonna do the Harvard thing?” “Yeah.” “Good.”
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nikov · a day ago
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richard silken, planet of love / gilmore girls, 03x01 / taylor swift, the way I loved you / victoria pedretti / charles bukowski, once in a while / hozier, wasteland, baby! / new girl, 01x22 / ml rio, if we were villains / maggie stiefvater, the raven king / the vampire diaries, 03x22
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lovehimidont · 2 days ago
it's actually kind of so ridiculous how rory simply cannot win with this fandom like this isn't based off of anything in particular just the general attitude towards her but... she can't do anything right in like 75% of the fandom's eyes. she's too perfect, but she has flaws that make her a horrible person. she's overconfident, but she isn't allowed to lose her confidence. she's too nice that it's fake, but she's super inconsiderate. she literally cannot win.
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stellaluna33 · 20 hours ago
Now I'm thinking about the very fact that Liz HAD an ashtray to throw at TJ's head means that she or they are smokers... And look, that's not illegal or anything, and doesn't make someone a "bad person." Plenty of people have smoking addictions and can still be good parents. But what I AM saying is that, with this in mind, the fact that Jess was also smoking as a teenager is not a coincidence. He'd already been breathing it in every day anyway. Was he also "acting out"? Yes. Was he self-medicating for anxiety and stress? Probably also yes. But this was also how he'd seen his mother cope with her own problems (drinking, tobacco, pot... That's the bare minimum, officially "canon" substances involved), and can you imagine, with a kid of Jess's temperament (always curious, questioning, stubborn, and by this time, hurt and resentful), Liz trying to tell Jess that he's "not allowed" to drink or smoke, while she herself is smoking and "binge drinking"? Yeah, that's not going to work real well. And if she felt she couldn't "control" Jess, at least part of that was because she couldn't control herself either.
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when i was randomly browsing the gilmore girls subreddit, i saw a few people say that luke and lorelai aren’t a good couple because they have nothing in common (i think maybe even ... in comparison to lorelai and christopher? D:), which struck me as a very simplistic read on the “two people outwardly seem like opposites because one is a grumpy introvert and one is a lively extrovert” thing, so may i just say, here are some things that luke and lorelai have in common:
very devoted to being there for their loved ones (though in a way that can get problematic/tricky due to their own flaws)
lost their parents at a young age, in different ways, and had to grow up practically before they were able to really grow up emotionally
love stars hollow, which is important because it’s good to, you know, enjoy living in the same community as your life partner
hard workers and small business owners
very independent (which leads to some relationship issues for sure, but i think also allows both of them to have a kind of relationship they like where they aren’t super mushy and joined at the hip)
same sense of humor
enjoy each other’s company and conversation every day
passionate about food (yes, this is important enough to go on my list!)
i think they’re both also kind of familiar with the feeling of not being everybody’s cuppa tea/being kind of weird, which makes them appreciate the other really getting them
like, just because luke likes to go outside and lorelai likes to stay inside and watch tv does not mean that they are unfixably dissimilar! not that i have to tell you guys that. but i just had to say it somewhere! and to me, ‘somewhere’ is always
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leossmoonn · 2 days ago
Enough [Jess Mariano]
pairing - jess mariano x fem!reader
type - angst, fluff
note / request - request by anon “Hi! Can you write a Jess fic where his girlfriend meets his ex (Rory obv not Shane) and kinda gets jealous and insecure because Rory seems perfect and everything. And feels like Jess may not be over her so she wants to break up with him. You decide how it ends. Sorry if it's too detailed and it's okay if you don't write. I love your work btw you're really talented.” thank you so much for this request! i hope you liked the ending,,,, enjoy! 
summary - can you believe jess when he tells you he’s over rory? 
warnings / includes - mild and suggestive language, fighting, crying, heavy make out scenes + alluding to sex, this is like 7 years into the future (yall are like 23 lol)
*gif isn’t mine*
Tumblr media
she was perfect. even more perfect than jess had made her out to be. with her baby blue eyes, soft brown hair, and cute, little smile, no wonder why jess had fallen in love with her within the second he met her. hell, if you liked girls, you were sure you would do the same. but instead of falling in love with her, you were worried about jess falling in love with her again. 
“ror, this is y/n. y/n this is rory.” 
ror — that nickname that you could tell held so much meaning to him. 
“hi! oh, my gosh, it’s so nice to meet you,” she smiled. 
of course she was nice. only bad boy delinquent jess would fall in for nice girls. 
“you, too,” you gave her a tight smile. 
“he finally found someone to settle down with, hm?” she teased. “y/n’s great,” jess smiled, wrapping his arm around your waist. 
you glanced at him, chuckling at his words. you turned back to rory, nervously playing with your necklace jess had given you. 
“so, how has writing been going?” rory asked. “great. how about journalism?” he asked. 
“it’s been great. my boyfriend, logan, actually got me an internship at his dad’s office. he’s somewhere, i don’t know where,” rory chuckled, looking around the apartment.
“wow. it’s nice to have connections,” jess said. “you know, i could get you an internship, too,” rory offered. 
oh, great. and now she was trying to dazzle him by offering him a well-paying job. 
“oh, no, no. i’m happy where i am now. y/n’s job helps pay rent,” he looked at you proudly. 
“what do you do, y/n?” rory asked. “oh, um, i’m a lawyer,” you answered. 
“i bet that’s fun,” rory joked. “it can be,” you nodded. “it’s lots of reading, though.” 
“oh, i love reading,” rory smiled. “so jess has told me,” you laughed sourly. 
“tell them about your recent case, baby,” jess nudged you. 
“oh. well, i saved a kid from being sentence to twenty years in jail,” you said. 
“wow. that’s amazing!” rory exclaimed. “thank you,” you chuckled. 
“there’s more to the story. y/n just doesn't like to talk about work after hours,” jess said. 
“oh, i don’t blame you,” rory said. “how long have you been working at your boyfriend’s father’s office?” you asked. 
“a couple years now. i’m looking to move to a bigger place,” she said. 
“well, i hope you can make that happen,” you said. “if you’ll excuse me, i have to use the ladies room.” 
“no problem. it’s down the hall, to the left,” she directed. 
“thanks,” you nodded, slipping away from jess’s warmth and walking quickly to the bathroom. 
you put your glass of champagne on a random tray a waiter was carrying, storming into the bathroom and locking the door. you washed your face, looking at your reflection as you dried your skin. you wanted to punch the mirror, break all the stupid statues and pictures on the walls and shelves. and most of all, you just wanted to leave, but you couldn’t. you just got there.
you didn’t want to ruin jess’s night either just because you were feeling insecure. it was obvious that he didn’t care for rory. his eyes had been mostly on you the whole night, his arm around you, his lips pressing little pecks to your cheek every time you left a conversation to join another. but something in your brain told you that he was trying to make rory jealous and that this was all for show.
he never was this touchy with you in public, anyways. well, he was, he just never was this sincere in public. it made you worry. was this his game plan all along? dazzle rory with his independence as a writer, show you off as a trophy, and then leave you to “go to the bathroom”, only to go to rory’s room with her? it was unfair to think this way. you knew jess was a little bit of a playboy, but throughout your two years, he had been nothing been faithful to you. this was all in your head, right?
“y/n, baby? are you in here still?” jess’s voice sounded on the other side of the door.
“y-yeah. sorry, i drank a little too much,” you chuckled.
you threw the paper towel away, adjusting your dress and jewelry before you opened the door. jess stood there, looking worried sick.
“are you okay? you’ve been off ever since we got there,” he said.
you chuckled at his bluntness. “yeah, i’m okay. you know me, i don’t like these types of parties. everyone is rich and snotty and just not my crowd.”
he laughed, nodding in agreement. “i understand. i hate these types of people, too.”
you rolled your eyes. “please, you fit right in.”
“oh,” he gasped, putting his hand on his heart. “how dare you group me in with these low-lives.”
you smiled, “sorry. it had to be said.”
he smiled back, reaching his hand out and clasping yours. “do you want to leave?”
you shrugged, “we’ve only been here for an hour.”
“but it feels like three, right?”
“you know me so well,” you smiled.
“well, that’s why we’re soulmates, right?” he hummed.
your heart warmed at his words. he only ever said this to you at home while you two were in bed, usually when you two were naked and cuddling. to hear him say something like that when you two were surrounded by people with all the lights on was so special. all your doubts seemed to disappear in an instant.
“right,” you nodded. “let’s go then, shall we?” he suggested.
you nodded, letting him lead the way. you two stopped a few times to say goodbye to people, finally reaching rory and her boyfriend, who were the hosts of the party. it would be rude to leave without bidding goodbye to them.
“hey, i’m logan.” the blond shook both of your hands, flashing you a charming smile.
“nice to meet you,” you smiled back politely.
jess’s hand tightened around your waist as he gave logan a tight smile.
“so, this is the infamous jess mariano,” logan stated.
“guilty as charged,” jess laughed.
“well, you have an amazing taste in women,” logan looked to rory and then you.
rory blushed in response, nudging logan and telling him to play nice. you gave him a flattered smile, definitely not expecting him to be such a flirt, but it wasn’t surprising. rory most definitely had a type.
“what can i say. she’s beautiful,” jess gushed.
you turned to him, a little shocked he was staring at you. you didn’t know why you were so shocked, of course, he would be staring at you. it just made you even more relieved.
“oh, you guys are so cute!” rory squealed.
you turned back to her, giving her the first genuine smile you had given anyone the whole night.
“thank you. so are you two. what a good looking couple y’all are,” you returned the compliment.
“it’s all her,” logan hugged rory, looking down at her.
your smile grew wider. logan was truly in love with rory. it was heartwarming to see that, especially after a long and boring night.
“well, we’re gonna get going. thanks for inviting us, ror,” jess said.
“oh, no problem! you know, we should all have lunch together,” rory suggested.
“um, sure,” jess nodded, looking to you. your words got caught in your throat for a second. you gulped, looking back to logan and rory’s expectant faces.
“yeah, sure. that’d be great.”
“i’ll call you when we set something up,” rory said.
“looking forward to it. see you soon,” jess put his hand up and waved.
“see you guys,” you said, turning as quick as you could to walk out.
“are we really gonna have lunch with them?” you asked as you got into the car.
“why not?” jess shrugged. “you really want to have lunch with your ex?” you asked.
“i mean, it might be awkward, but we dated like, six-seven years ago. i’ve moved on, she’s moved on. no need to be worried.”
and there he went, talking straight to your insecurities. he looked at you and you could tell he had noticed your distrust from the moment you had left the house earlier that night.
he put his hand on your thigh as he started the car, not taking it off the whole car ride. as soon as you got into your apartment, jess pushed you against the wall and kissed you.
you gasped in surprise, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer. his hands wrapped around your waist, clutching your sides and dipping you down slightly, deepening the kiss.
you went to stand up straight, grabbing his tie without breaking the kiss and leasing him to the bedroom.
you two took off your clothes, only breaking the kiss when jess had to pull his shirt over his head. you sat down on the bed, putting your hands on his face, cradling his head. your fingers ran across his jawline, giving him butterflies with the tenderness of your touch. meanwhile, you kissed him roughly.
you scooted up on the bed, taking jess with you. he crawled on top of you, settling in between your legs. his hands ran across the seams of your underwear, enjoying the feel of the lace on his fingers and your soft skin.
your hands went down to his boxers, beginning to pull them down, but he stopped you. he set his forehead on yours, looking you straight in the eyes. you gave him a quizzical look, waiting in anticipation for his words.
“i know you were a little intimidated by rory, i just want you to know —”
“i wasn’t intimidated. sure, i was insecure, but —”
he cut you off with a quick kiss. he then looked back into your eyes. you smiled in embarrassment, deciding to stay quiet this time.
“i just wanted to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. i love you, i am in love with you. you are unmatched, and i never am going to leave or whatever for rory, not for anyone. you’re mine, baby.”
tears welled up in your eyes. you blinked them away, jess wiping them away as soon as they slid down the sides of your face. he pressed a gentle kiss to your nose.
“you’re all i could ever ask for, y/n,” he whispered.
“you’re so sweet,” you laughed quietly.
“only for you,” he hummed.
you sniffled, a bright smile lighting up the pitch-black room.
“kiss me,” you demanded in a whisper.
he did as you told, sweeping your lips into the best kiss of your life.
“you think this looks okay?” you asked.
“you look gorgeous,” he said.
“ugh, you’ve said that about every dress!” you groaned. you slipped the dress off, shoving it roughly down your legs. you stepped out of it, folding it up and placing it back onto your bed in the pile of rejected dresses.
“i think you should wear that,” jess pointed to your lingerie.
you looked down at the black strapless bra you had on. you looked back up at him, giving him a sexy smirk. you sauntered over to him, swaying your hips and working the matching black panties. you put your knee in-between his legs and placed your hands on his shoulders.
“you think? i don’t know, i feel like i’d be cold,” you cocked your head to the side.
“i could keep you warm,” he said. he put his hands on your waist, his thumb running along the top of your underwear. “man, you look so good. too good, really.”
“i can’t help it,” you shrugged with a smile.
“good,” he smiled back. he pressed his lips to yours, kissing you slowly.
you moaned softly in his mouth. your hands ran through his hair, messing all the hard work he did up for the lunch you two were supposed to be leaving for.
“you think they would mind if we’re late?” jess mumbled as he kissed you.
“i think so,” you nodded. you pulled away, sucking on his bottom lip and pulling it out ever-so-slightly before releasing it.
he opened his eyes, seeing that they were in a daze and clouded with lust. you smiled cheekily, stepping away and walking back to the closet.
“don’t go,” jess whined.
“sorry, lover boy. i gotta get dressed,” you said.
he got up from his spot on the bed, walking over to you and wrapping his arms around you from behind. he set his chin on your shoulder, pecking your cheek.
“i could be your clothes,” he whispered.
you giggles, holding his arms close to you. “maybe after lunch.”
“is that a promise?”
“we’ll see,” you smiled. you craned your head back to kiss his lips. you pulled away, focusing on picking out an outfit.
you spotted a dark sea-green dress. its material was satin-like. it was light and breathable, but you knew it also would hug your body in all the right places.
“i think i’ll try this on,” you said, picking it out.
you handed the hanger to jess, unzipping the back and stepping into his. jess helped you zip it up and you tied the little strings into a bow that sat in the middle of the dress, right on top of your breasts. you made sure it was tight as the strings weaved up from the waist. you didn’t want your boobs to fall out.
the sleeves puffed up and went off the shoulder in an elegant, medieval-type way. the dress went just past your knees, flowing gracefully as you twirled around.
you faced jess, wanting to know his opinion on the dress. you didn’t even have to ask what he thought. it was written all over his face.
“w-wow. you look… wow,” he gasped.
you giggled bashfully, looking at him through your lashes shyly.
“”wow”, huh?” you teased.
he nodded vigorously. “wow.”
“well, thank you. it’s nothing special, though. it’s just a solid color with some ruffles on the sleeves,” you turned back to the mirror.
“no, babe. it’s wow. man, please wear this dress more. you look amazing. when did you buy this? i’ve never seen you in this,” he said.
“i bought it a couple months ago, i think. i bought it for a work party, but it got cancelled so i’ve never gotten to wear it,” you explained.
“well, i’m glad you agreed to this lunch.”
“like rory gave me any choice,” you snorted.
“you’ll have fun. you always do when there’s food involved. are you ready to go?” he asked.
“yeah, let me just get some shoes on,” you nodded.
you went back to your closet, slipping on black heels, and grabbed a black purse, swinging it over your shoulder. you met jess at the front door, using the elevator to get down to your car.
jess drove you two to the restaurant. it had only been a week since the dinner party. rory had called jess to invite you two out to lunch to a fancy-sounding place in new york. jess parked in a parking garage once you got there. you two walked down a couple of blocks to the restaurant, telling the hostess who you were with.
“they’re seated right over here,” she said.
you and jess followed the hostess to a table right next to the window.
“hey!” logan exclaimed, jumping out of his seat.
“hi,” you smiled.
logan gave you a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, shaking jess’s hand briefly before letting rory greet you two. rory gave you a side hug, pecking your other cheek lightly. you watched as she hugged jess, pulling him close and kissing his cheek, her lips lingering.
jess pulled away in a timely fashion, immediately sitting down next to you.
“i love your dress, y/n,” rory gushed.
“oh, thank you. i love yours, too.” you looked her up and down. she looked beautiful.
she was wearing a dark purple dress that came just above her knees. the sleeves sat right on her shoulders, the neckline was square and dipping down to show her flawless skin. it brought out her blue eyes, making them even brighter than you remember.
“you clean up nicely,” logan smiled at jess. “thanks. i don’t have many, uh, fancy clothes,” jess admitted.
you looked over your boyfriend, biting your lip unconsciously as you admired him. he was wearing a black shirt with a navy blue blazer and jeans. he wasn’t in a casual suit like logan was, but he didn’t need to be. jess was handsome all on his own. 
“nah, you don’t need them,” logan assured him. 
jess gave him a smile in reply, averting his gaze to the menu. 
“so, any new and interesting cases since we last spoke?” rory asked you. 
“nope. just a few simple murder trials,” you said. 
“you seem so casual about that,” logan chuckled. you shrugged, “i’ve been doing this for a year. you get used to it.”
“oh, i could never get used to that. i could cry on the stand all the time,” rory said. 
“yeah, you have to have thick skin,” you nodded. 
“do you have anything in the drafts, jess?” logan asked. “a few things,” jess said. 
“mind telling us one of your ideas?” jess sat up in his seat, trying to shake the uncomfortableness he felt while being put on the spot. “i don’t know… maybe another —” 
“no, i bet they’re amazing! i remember one of the short stories you wrote when we were together. man, i still want a copy for that if you have it,” rory raved. 
you raised your brows, looking at jess. “you’ve never showed me any of your works.” 
“oh, well, they’re a lot worse now that i’m older, weirdly enough,” jess chuckled. 
“tell us about the one you showed me, then,” rory urged. 
“yeah, jess, tell us about the one you showed her,” you taunted. 
jess looked at you, giving you a small glare. you raised your brows at him, challenging him. your patience was already growing thin.
“alright. well, it’s a love story,” jess started out. “oh, i love those!” logan smiled. 
“yeah,” jess chuckled. “it’s about this guy who is an asshole. i mean, he is the worst. but one day he meets a girl who changes him forever.”
you had to hold in a scoff. of course, this story was about rory. it was all over his face, and hers. jess stared at rory while telling the summary, earning smiles and laughs from her every time he made a joke. you looked at logan, trying to see what his reaction was, but it seemed like he wasn’t bothered at all. he had more confidence in his relationship than you did. 
you looked back at jess, your heart tearing to shreds at the way he was looking at her. he was looking at her the same way he looked at you, even more in love, if anything. his pupils were wide and filled with nostalgia. the smile on her face was one you wanted to slap off. she looked so happy, so smug to hear him inadvertently talking about their relationship. you didn’t know if you could sit here for another hour and a half. 
“anyways, it’s a silly story. it was never really going anywhere,” jess shrugged. 
“i think it’s good. it’s cute. it reminds me of first love-type relationships,” logan commented. 
first love: what rory was to jess. 
“i’m going to go and use the bathroom.” you stood up suddenly, not wasting any time. 
you went into a stall, shutting the door and collapsing to the ground. you started to break down. 
a few moments past and you heard heels clicking on the floor. 
“y/n? are you okay?” rory’s voice echoed. 
oh, great. just what you needed.
“yeah. sorry, my stomach just really hurts,” you said, trying to clam yourself down. 
“can i come in?” she asked. 
you sighed and stood up. “i guess.” you opened the door for her, reveling her shocked and remorseful face. 
without saying anything, she pulled you into a hug. your eyes widened and you hesitated in hugging her back. she didn’t seem to notice or mind, though. she pulled away after a few moments, leading you to the sink. she grabbed a few paper towels, wetting them and cleaning up your running mascara. 
you swiped the towels away from her, giving her a glare and turning around. “i can clean myself up, thanks.”
rory sighed, “i know you don’t like me that much, but i just wanted to come in and explain myself.” 
“what do you have to say? this is between jess and i,” you spat. 
“i know, but i want to make you sure that i don’t mean any harm. i just get really nostalgic when i’m with old friends. i like to reminisce and whatever you saw back there was not what you think it was. i don’t love jess, i love logan,” she explained. 
you let out a sour laugh, turning around slowly. “this is not about you.”
“it kind of is, i —” 
“no, no, you see, i know you don’t love jess. i know you’ve moved on and that you’re with logan now. it’s just that… jess is still i-in love with you,” you said, voice cracking. 
rory gasped, “what? no.”
“yes,” you nodded. “that look her gave you when he was talking about that story. you probably didn’t notice, but man, he is whipped.” 
“y/n, he doesn’t love me. he is over me,” rory tried to convince you.
“bullshit,” you muttered. “and not that i blame him, though. i mean, look at you. you’re perfect. any guy would be lucky to have you.”
rory chuckled, “i am far from perfect, y/n.” 
“stop being so modest,” you rolled your eyes. “no, i’m serious,” she looked you in the eyes. 
“i home wrecked my ex-boyfriend’s marriage, i screwed up the plans my mom and i have made for me since i was like, 5 because i wanted my own identity. i went behind my mom’s back and threw our relationship in the trash. i cheated on my first boyfriend with, um, jess, actually. i-i left my childhood best friend and never made the effort to stay in touch,” she explained. 
“thank you for giving me a list of why you’re an asshole. it really helps,” you said. 
“no, but don’t you see! i’m not perfect, no one is! but you, you are. you are perfect for jess, you are so good for him. you’re the one who changed him,” she said. 
“no,” you shook your head. “yes,” she nodded. “sure, i showed him what a real relationship entailed, but i have never seen him so committed and so happy. i mean, we all know his home-life was never good and that he is insecure, but he lights up when he’s with you.”
you sighed, sniffling as tears ran down your face. “you think so?”
“i know,” she nodded.  “thanks,” you gave her a small smile. “of course. i would never try and get in-between something as special as what you and jess have,” she smiled. 
“have you guys ordered yet?” you asked. “yeah, jess ordered for you,” she nodded. 
“okay. give me a few moments and i’ll come out,” you said. 
“take your time,” she smiled. she squeezed your hand as she left. 
you looked into the mirror, cleaning up your makeup and calming down. you walked out, wearing new confidence.
“hey, babe,” you smiled at jess.
“hey. you okay?” he asked.
“yeah, period cramps, you know,” you chuckled.
logan laughed, “glad i don’t have to deal with those.”
“oh, they’re the worse. you know, the first time i got my period my stomach hurt so bad, i had to call my mom and pick me up from school,” rory giggled.
jess’s broke into a half-smile. he looked at you with distress. you weren’t due for your period in two weeks. did the story upset you that much? he wondered.
he slipped his hand into yours, squeezing your hand lovingly. you looked at him, smiling a little and letting him know you were okay with your eyes.
you turned back to rory and logan, conversing with them like you actually wanted to be there.
it wasn’t until you were saying goodbye when you got shot down again. jess hugged rory, giving her a longing look. your heart sunk in your stomach. rory was wrong. he wasn’t over her.
“come by the apartment sometime!” logan suggested.
“we definitely will,” you nodded.
you began to walk away, not bothering to wait for jess. he eventually caught up with you, slipping his arm around your waist and pulling you close as you walked to the car.
“did you have fun?” he asked.
“yeah,” you nodded, not looking at him.
“what’s wrong?” he asked.
“nothing,” you said, swiping the keys from jess and unlocking the car.
“wait,” he stopped you from getting into the car. “you only drive if you’re mad or we’re running late. i think this time you’re mad.”
“i’m not mad,” you said. “then what’s wrong?” he asked. “i know you’re not fine.”
“i’m not mad,” you repeated, then looking him in the eyes. “i’m hurt.”
his jaw dropped, brows furrowing into a confused, helpless look. “why, baby?”
“because you still love her.”
he sighed in irritation. “this again? i’ve told you —”
“the way you look at her!” you exclaimed.
“you cannot say i love her because of the way i look at her,” he argued.
“there’s something about the way you look at her. you-you miss her. you want her,” you stated.
“that is bullshit and you know this. why are you doing this? you want to rile me up or something? because if that’s what it is, then it’s working.”
“no!” you groaned, exasperated. “i am being serious. you are not over her. you want her back because you let a good thing go, and she was that good thing.”
“that doesn’t matter! i don’t care about her! why can’t you believe what i say? do you see how i look at you? god, i am so in love with you. just believe me,” he begged.
“i can’t,” you shook your head.
“stop being so difficult! please, i beg you, open your damn ears and listen to me!”
you pushed him away, tears rolling down your cheeks like a waterfall.
“ask logan and rory to take you home. maybe you can have your chance with her.” you swung the car door open, slipping in and slamming it shut.
“wait, shit. y/n! open the door, please!” jess banged on the window.
you ignored him, backing out and driving away. jess looked at the car with tears in his eyes.
“dammit,” he muttered.
“it’s not your fault, man. if she doesn’t believe you, then that’s her problem,” johnny, jess’s friend, said.
“it’s not her fault,” jess shook his head.
“you literally are telling her the truth and she’s acting like a b —”
“watch it,” jess glared.
johnny sighed, “look, if anything, she’s letting a good thing get away.”
jess shook his head, running his hands over his face in agony. “i just don’t know what to do to let her believe me.”
“just make love to her,” drew shrugged.
“this isn’t about sex, drew. it has to be special,” jess said.
“what is more special than sex?” drew asked.
“everything,” jess muttered.
“has she called you back yet?” johnny asked.
“no, but she texted me last night saying she wants to break up.”
“did you answer?”
“no,” jess sighed. “i-i don’t know what to say. i don’t want to break up. she’s the love of my life for christ’s sake! i can’t lose her because i yelled at her instead of working it out like adults.”
“jess, this is not your fault, i’m tellin’ you. she was acting all crazy, like girls do,” johnny said.
jess shook his head once more, trying to think of a way to make it up to you. it’s not like it was your fault per se, but he didn’t want to lose you because of your insecurities.
then, an idea lit up the lightbulb above his head. 
he got up from the couch, grabbing his coat and keys.
“where are you going?” johnny asked.
“win her heart back,” jess answered before fleeing johnny’s apartment.
“he’s insane,” drew muttered. “if i had the girl of my dreams, i’d do anything for her, too,” johnny sighed.
jess went to the supermarket and bought a bouquet of lilies, your favorite flower. he then went home and grabbed the mixtape he had made you. he had never shown you it as he was waiting to give it to you for your birthday, but he figured there was no better time than now to give it to you.
he drove back to your guys’ apartment. you had been staying there since the lease was in your name. he had moved out for a week and stayed at his friend’s, but tonight he was hoping he could move back in.
he unlocked the door, stumbling in and falling over his own two feet.
“hello, who is — oh, it’s you,” you frowned, standing in the doorway of your bedroom. “did you get my text? i assume you’re here to get the rest of your stuff.”
he shook his head, running over to your cassette and putting in your mixtape.
“hey! what are you doing?” you exclaimed, stomping over to him.
“just one second,” he said.
“you can’t just waltz in here acting like you own the place. you don’t…” your voice faltered as you heard the instrumental opening to louis armstrong’s what a wonderful world.
“wha-what is this?” you asked.
jess turned to you slowly, giving you a warm smile. he held out the bouquet of lilies to you. you took them in shock, putting them up to your nose and smelling them. you smiled at their sweet scent, making jess’s heart soar. it had been so long — too long — since he had seen your smile.
you looked to jess, putting the lilies down on the coffee table.
“what are you doing here?” you asked.
he didn’t say anything. he took your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours. he slipped his arm around the small of your back and started to sway along to the music.
“i don’t want to dance, jess.” you tried to pull away, but he just pulled you closer.
“please, let me make it up to you,” he begged.
you looked into his eyes. man, did you miss getting lose in those umber eyes. you missed all of him, honestly, so you nodded and relaxed with the music.
the next song started to play, making your heart grow ten times. it was elton john’s your song. it was the song that you and jess had your first dance to.
“i remember this moment,” you whispered, more to yourself than him.
“yeah, me too,” he nodded. “it was our second date and i had the radio on. i had just cooked the worse dinner for you, but you ate it anyways, complimenting my work as you attempted to eat burnt potatoes.”
you giggled, the taste of those burnt potatoes taking over your mouth. “yeah, they were awful.”
“and i remember feeling so awkward and so stupid. why did i agree to cook you dinner? i guess i wanted to impress you. boy, did that plan fail,” he chuckled.
“but then you made up for it by taking my hand and getting me out of my seat. ‘your song’ came on and we danced the whole four minutes and one second,” you said.
he nodded, looking deep into your eyes, making butterflies fly through your chest.
“you looked so beautiful that night,” he said in a whisper.
“i was wearing those ugly brown pants and a blue sweater. it clashed so bad,” you cringed.
“it doesn’t matter what you wear. you always look amazing. just like tonight. i love these pajamas.” he took his eyes off of yours for one second to look at the polar bear pants and tank top you had on.
“thanks. i was just getting ready for bed,” you chuckled.
“glad i came just in time, then.”
“yeah, you have great timing,” you remarked.
“you say that like it’s a bad thing.”
you shrugged, “sometimes it is.”
jess chuckled, not saying another word. unchained melody by the righteous brothers started to play right after elton’s song. you swayed to the music with jess, turning in slow circles to the beat. without really thinking about it, you put your head on jess’s shoulder, breathing in his scent and relaxing into his arms.
your hand came up to his back and you held him close. you closed your eyes, enjoying what you thought would be the last moments of your relationship with him.
“i love this song,” you hummed.
“i know,” jess said. his words vibrated through his chest, sending shivers down your spine as you felt them.
you put your head up as the saxophone sounded. you mouth fell open and you started to laugh.
“what?” jess asked. “y-you have carless whisper on this CD?” you giggled.
“well, it’s a mixtape. what’s wrong with it?” he asked.
you erupted into a fit of giggles. “i thought you hated me after that one time at the ice skating rink. remember? this song was playing with all those kids started making fun of you for falling so much.”
he shrugged with a small smile. “well, i know you like this song.”
you nodded, “that’s true. it’s weird that all these songs are from our memories.”
jess smirked knowingly. “yeah. so weird.”
you looked at him, giving him a confused look. “what? why’d you say it like that?”
he played it off. “say what like what?”
“you were like “so weird”. what am i missing here?”
“nothin’. are you tired?” he asked.
“yeah, i’m exhausted,” you sighed, laying your head back onto his chest. “i stayed up all night working. jill is so incompetent.”
“i’m sorry, baby,” jess said. he placed a sweet, long kiss onto your head.
you closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling.
“yeah, it’s fine. she’s getting fired soon.”
“are you going to celebrate when she does?”
“oh, hell yeah,” you nodded.
jess chortled, “mind if i join?”
you sighed, “i don’t know.”
jess stayed quiet, biting his lip so he wouldn’t speak. he had a whole speech he had been calculating in his head the moment he started to dance with you. he wasn’t about to fuck this up.
you didn’t even realize that the song had changed until jess started humming the tune. this time i can’t help falling in love by the famous elvis presley started playing.
“this is my favorite song,” you sighed happily.
“mine, too,” jess agreed. “it’s our song,” you smiled, a little melancholy.
“it can stay our song, you know,” he stated.
you hummed, debating whether or not to say yes. you were unsure of what was happening with your relationship now. you had acted like a paranoid bitch to him the other day and you had been embarrassed about it ever since. that paranoia didn’t leave, though, it just got worse.
there was just something about jess looking at rory at lunch that you couldn’t shake. and maybe your eyes played tricks on you, but you swore you could see it. you swore you could see the look of love on his face, and him denying it made you feel crazy and stupid. you wished you could just forget about it all now, but it was etched deep inside your mind. jess would have to dazzle you to make you believe him.
“i know that you think i’m not over rory,” he started.
it was like he had read your mind.
“i am, y/n. i am over her. i understand how you might feel a little insecure. i mean, when logan was complimenting you and whatnot at the dinner party, i wanted to rip his eyes out. but i know you and trust you. i love you too much to let a man simply flirting with you break what we have.”
“i love you a lot, too,” you mumbled. “i don’t want us to break up over this stupid thing, either. it’s just, i’ve heard a lot about rory from you and your uncle. you both made her out to seem perfect, and she is. i’m scared that one day you’ll think that i’m not enough and go after her and think she is.”
he listened to every word you said, hanging on to them and processing them. this was the first time you had opened up to him on the subject. you were almost as bad as him at talking about your feelings he was thankful you decided to speak your truth tonight.
“luke adores rory. everyone in that god forsaken town does. she’s their pride and joy, so don’t listen to him, but listen to me, okay?”
you lifted your head, facing him. you nodded, waiting nervously for him to speak.
“i did love rory. the story i told today was about her and me. she was my first love, admittedly. i know you hate to hear that, but it’s true. i don’t want to just sugarcoat stuff and act like what you were saying earlier was wrong, because it wasn’t. i did love rory. i was very much in love with rory. it took me a little while to get over her. i even tried to get her back a couple of years after we broke up. but i saw that she was happy with logan, and you know what? that was all i needed to get over her,” he explained.
he was right. you didn’t like hearing about this, but you had a feeling you would like the end of his speech. so you didn’t interrupt him or anything. you listened intently.
“then, three years later i met you. and man, were you something else,” jess chuckled. “you were always two steps ahead in making moves. you were so assertive and confident, i’ll be honest, i was so intimidated. i told johnny and drew how amazing you were every night, how lucky i was that you even looked in my direction. and when you kissed me the night after the first date, i was in. i think you knew that, too.”
you smiled sheepishly, nodding in admittance. “i did.”
he smiled back, holding your hand a little tighter with these next words.
“i am so in love with you, y/n. that look you saw me give rory, that was merely just my body reacting to the fact that i do love rory, i always will, but i’m not in love with her. but let me tell you,” he licked his lips, looking you straight in the eyes. “you are enough. you are so much more than enough. you are crazy smart, witty as hell, so supportive, sexy, confident, equally as horrible at cooking as i am. and you are just a sight for sore eyes. that’s the cherry on top.”
you smiled, your heart bursting at his words.
“please believe me, baby. as whitney houston said, “i will always love you.” he sang the words horribly, but tried his best nonetheless.
you couldn’t help but laugh. you nodded furiously. “i believe you.”
“thank you. i promise i will spend every minute of every day proving you are enough.”
“you don’t have to do that,” you smiled. “you’d like it though, wouldn’t you?” he smirked.
“i would,” you admitted.
“i love you so much, y/n. i will never get tired of saying that,” he said.
“i love you, too, lover boy,” you said, leaning in and pressing your lips go his.
you two swayed to the beat of the whitney houston song, kissing each other tenderly, as though it was your first kiss.
jess’s voice started to talk on the mixtape, surprising the both of you.
“happy birthday, my love. i hope you like this mixtape i made for you of all our songs. you deserve it.”
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rorygilmoregf · 2 days ago
do u have any Hot Takes on how the writers handled literati during their actual relationship? i'm always so conflicted bc i LOVE them so much during the buildup but once they actually get together it feels like all of the things that make them so very them kinda fade out into the background just to highlight their conviction that Jess Is Bad.... and it's just like no i don't think he'd have made a perfect boyfriend considering his history he'd definitely struggle at some points but aside from a few stray scenes they framed him like he was just a total asshole to rory most of their relationship and i feel like that just isn't them? they had SOOO much potential as a couple not to mention so much potential for them as a rekindled love that never quite died off seasons later or in ayitl but asp was so clearly not team jess </3
okay so many valid points here and i agree w most like. the build-up was SO fucking good it gets me every time, but yeah, when they actually get together most of their scenes just highlight turbulence in their relationship. idk if it’s a hot take exactly bc I’ve seen a lot of people say it, but they easily could have conveyed to the audience that jess had a lot of shit to learn as a bf without only showing their fights. they did a lot of telling rather than showing where the good side of their relationship was concerned (like lor saying jess spends all his weekends w rory, and the implication that they have a lot of movie nights together, etc). however! even though there was a lot of focus on bad stuff with them, i do think there was some good. for example, when rory’s hanging out and being friends with dean again and she lies to jess about it, he doesn’t get mad or scream at her or manipulate her into feeling bad about it, he just shrugs it off really and asks her to be honest with him in the future. there’s kind of a subtle emphasis on how surprised rory is by that, bc she’s been trained (for lack of a better word) to expect yelling and anger from dean. there’s also clear effort made by jess to listen and grow and be a better boyfriend. he makes undeniable mistakes, but he takes the feedback from rory and does better. in other words, i think the intention behind all that was to demonstrate that jess had the potential to be a great boyfriend, but he had a long way to go before he could be calm and steady and confident enough to actually live up to said potential. either way it was kinda badly executed on the writers’ part. i do think that asp leaned team jess in some ways, and intended for jess to be the person that understood rory in ways no one else really could, not even her own mother. and considering the fact that the show is about lor and rory, that’s really, really significant. and if you look at the revival i do think it means something that jess is the one to pull rory out of her rut (again) and give her encouragement, and like. the look. idk i sort of think it’s reasonable to assume that asp intended to go further with them but never did, or at least have the ending imply that they’d find their way back to one another at some point. even when you look at their characters individually—what they value, what they believe in, what they like—they clearly compliment one another way better than rory and any of her other bfs. shit, you could even consider lor and luke’s relationship as slightly evidentiary of rory and jess’s undeniable chemistry, considering that rory and lor are so similar and so are jess and luke (and there are intentional character parallels between jess and lor & luke and rory too). idk, there’s just a lot pulling them together and a lot of reason to think that no matter what, just the way luke and lor did, jess and rory will end up together too.
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asadfangirlbitxh · a day ago
Hello for December. I'm going to be annoying and make posts everyday till Christmas.
December 1st_
- Spotify Wrapped Songs-
In honor of Spotify wrapped, I'm going to take different couples and the songs remind of from my 2021 top songs playlist
1) Monster in me - Little Mix
Joker and Harley
Tumblr media
2) Paper Rings - Taylor Swift
Jackie and Hyde from that 70s show
Tumblr media
3) Pov - Ariana Grande
JR and Petra
Tumblr media
4) Green Light - Lorde
Nick Miller and Jess Day
Tumblr media
5) Defenceless - Louis Tomlinson
Jess and Rory - Gilmore Girls.
Tumblr media
6) Small Talk- Niall Horan
Ruby and Otis
Tumblr media
7) strawberries and cigarette
Simon and Bram
Tumblr media
8) They don't know about us- One Direction
Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger
Tumblr media
9) Sweat - Zayn Malik
Morticia and Gomez
Tumblr media
10) Best Friend- Doja Cat and Saweetie
Santana and Brittany
Tumblr media
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love-geeky-fangirl · 2 days ago
Perhaps the biggest similarity between Literati and Jacey is that both of these relationships work the best when they're in their own little bubble away from the external pressures of families, exes and their nosy small towns. Pacey and Joey were the happiest in season 3 while they were sneaking around and no one knew about them and then in the summer between season 3 and season 4 when they were at a boat far away from everyone. But as soon as they got back to Capeside and had to face Dawson and Andie and everyone else, problems arose. Same for Rory and Jess when they were hanging out alone everything was perfect. It was just them and their intellectual discussions about books. But when they wanted to go on dates to town events and meet each other's families like other couples do, problems arose. Maybe that's why they were a sweet old agoraphobic couple.
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stellaluna33 · a day ago
I love how Liz threw an ashtray and several other heavy objects at TJ's head while she screamed at him to get out and told him he'd never be a good father, and then told Luke that TJ was the one who had "left" her. And this is how Liz is when, as Luke himself said, she's "the best she's ever been." Again, this is BETTER than how Liz was when Jess was a kid, as per the actual dialogue of the show.
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louisandthedagger · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Milo Ventimiglia in West Hollywood (APRIL 5th 2021)
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leossmoonn · 2 days ago
what do we think abt jess (mariano) having sex w reader in the library….
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