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#ginny weasley

Calling Ginny Weasley a bully is particularly ridiculous because:

1) She literally never bullies anyone, and

2) She is the only character we see consistently defending/being protective of people. Even when she is still awkward around her crush Harry, her impulse to defend cannot be restrained.

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Romione and Hinny are the best ships in hp and they were made for each other and nobody can tell me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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this one goes out to all the sapphics 😌💕✨


for @arctickid’s DTIYS on ig!!

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I often forget that the first wizarding was in the 1980’s and that the marauders would look something like this:-

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just a note here, i try to be explicit in my reposting of fanart that it isn’t mine (and the reason i post it in a way that may contradict that is because i find it on other social media platforms that don’t tag the creator, so i only have the picture and no way to reblog the creators post as i don’t know who it is) im alwayssss willing to tag the creator—if anybody knows the creator of the various fanart i post pleaseee let me know so i can give them credit.

i only repost in that it makes me happy, and i thought it might do the same for the fandom. i’ve been getting some pretty shitty comments calling me ‘a piece of shit’ for reposting fanart without tagging the creator—even when i explicitly state that it’s not mine and i simply don’t know the creator and will tag as soon as i know.

dunno don’t really enjoy being called a piece of shit for sharing a picture that makes me happy when i’m not profiting in any way off it? like im just circulating the picture?

bottom line is i’m gonna post what i want, but i try to do it in a way that is respectful to the creators (when i repost something that isn’t mine) so if you don’t like what i post you can always just not look at my page 🖤

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Anyone know any good Hinny fics set in HBP after they start dating? I’m desperate for something from those few weeks.

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“It was Good While it Lasted”

A Hinny Prompt

Summary: Harry is leaving on his Horcrux Hunt, and is thinking about Ginny while he goes to meet her one last time.



Originally posted by suddenlysomewherethatsgreen


Harry had been dating Ginny only for a little while when all this happened, first his Horcrux Hunt with Dumbledore, then Dumbledore dying, and now him leaving to look for those Horcruxes himself.

He could feel his heart shattering as he got ready to leave his dormitory, he had to tell Ginny that he was going, and that he might never come back. All that he hoped for right now, was to go back in time, and tell Ginny that he had always liked her. He would give anything get himself just a little more time with her, just one more day.

Everyone, including Ginny herself, thought that only she fancied had Harry since the beginning, but the truth was that, Harry had always found her likeable, and had fancied her since his fourth year, especially since they went to the Yule Ball together…as friends, but he had never allowed himself to think about it, mostly because he was terrified of Ron’s reaction to this thought.

He still remembered a brief conversation between Ginny and her brother, George from that day, which he was sure he wasn’t supposed to hear.


“Wow Ginny! Quite the bullet you’ve dodged, isn’t it? Just your first ball and already with your celebrity crush!” George snickered.

Ginny turned bright red and smacked her brother in his face, “First of all, he isn’t a celebrity crush, he’s my friend just like he is Ron’s. And second, we’re here with each other because we did not have dates. We came to the ball as FRIENDS. Now bugger off before I hit you again.”


He couldn’t forget how much he’d enjoyed at the ball with Ginny and how hard he’d hoped that they’d become something more than friends one day. That ball was one of the very few good things that happened to him that year.

Harry came crashing back to reality when he heard Hedwig flapping her wings on his bed. She was sitting there, waiting for him to take her with him. He signalled his owl to fly up and sit on his arm and started walking out.

Well, he thought, it was good while it lasted, as he headed to tell Ginny that they would have to leave each other, once again.


Hi! This is a Hinny prompt, on the request of @bleurandwolfstararethebestships

I hope it met your expectations, if it didn’t, please forgive me because I’m new to writing and not very good at it as of now. If you like the story, please like and reblog, it would be helpful. Thanks!

Tagging some people: @queen-kt @the-biggest-fangirl (yea thats it)

(Should I do Ginny’s POV on this?)

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i made a picrew of Hermione and Ginny because why not

Here’s the link

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Are you seriously telling me that after all those thousands of years of wizard culture, they still rely on glasses??? Like, seriously, there hasn’t ever been a wizard who flicked his hand and created a spell that cures bad eyesight or something???

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after the holidays ─ ginny weasley

─ “are those handcuffs.”

summary ─ y/n and ginny began dating in their 5th year and after a holiday things get steamier than usual.

request ─ Can you do a dom Ginny x female reader with smut prompts 80, 114, and 122? If it’s too much could you just do 80 and 114? Thanks! 😊

warnings ─ smut (18+), fluff

a/n ─ love writing for ginny and haven’t barely written any gxg smut

word count ─ 2.1k

tags@hey-there-angels @omnienigma @chokemepansy @amourtentiaa @inglourious-imagines


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I’ve been so excited to put up the next bit of Chapter 1. Actually, I do believe it is the last bit of the chapter, so thats fun and exciting!


*Insert general and exasperated gesturing*

My brain got hung up on a creature I put together and I couldn’t seem to let the bug bite of a notion out of my head. So in I went with a friggin magnifying glass and a few revisions in mind.

I just, I need it to make sense. I need to be able to look at it and say okay yes, this all works. Maybe I’ll post both the origional concept and then the revised edits. Mayhaps!


Originally posted by thenoaidi

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Got a Ginny smut in the works. might be our tonight or tomorrow which ever time I finish it

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