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headcanon: ron picks one of harry’s previous year books by accident and he sees the initials GW surrounded by heart doodles all over it. the weasleys discreetly try to figure out wether he has a crush on Ginny or George
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What the family doesn’t know (Reader!Weasley x Harry Potter)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Goodnight Harry!” – Hermione said already heading up the stairs. Harry lifted his head up to nod at her, a way of saying goodnight. Ron stretched his arms out with a loud squeak. – “Night Ron.” – Hermione said softly with a cheeky grin only Harry noticed. She hurried upstairs as Ron lowered his arms. – “I am exhausted!” – he spoke. – “Look at me Harry. I have bags under my eyes.” – he pointed out leaning in closer to Harry. Harry smiled faintly keeping Ron on a distance. – “Alright I believe you, no need to show me.” – he answered. Ron pulled back collecting his books. – “Next time I’ll call in sick if Hermione has another mental idea like this.” – He groaned out, stacking his books. 
He got up from the sofa moving his books under his arms. – “I fear I might have a nightmare about studying.” – Ron exaggerated. Harry collected his books as well, getting up. The common room was slowly clearing out. The last students that had a late night study going off to bed. Ron continued to ramble about the torture Hermione put him through, heading for the stairs. Harry followed as he looked over his shoulder. You caught his attention. Harry frowned as you hadn’t moved. The common room was deserted except for you and them. He wondered if anything was amiss. – “Ron… Ron…” – Harry whispered tugging him on his coat’s sleeve.
“What Harry?” – Ron replied with a yawn. He was already halfway up the stairs, his bed calling for him. Harry swallowed deep not wanting to bother Ron with it. – “I’ll be right up. Give me a moment.” – Harry said as Ron yawned loud. Ron shrugged his shoulders dragging his feet up the stairs. Harry waited until Ron was out of sight. He then went back down the few steps he had already taken. Harry approached you, placing his hand on your shoulder. – “Y/n?” – he said. You hummed loud as if his touch had awoken you from a dream. You turned to look, surprised to see Harry. – “Oh Harry!” – you called out with a smile. 
Harry frowned briefly. – “Aren’t… aren’t you getting to bed? It’s late Y/n.” – Harry informed you. Perhaps you hadn’t realized it. You looked around the deserted common room. – “Oh…” – you whispered out realizing you were the only ones. – “In a minute… maybe.” – you quietly said. – “You can head for bed Harry. Don’t worry about me.” – you reassured him. Harry quirked his eyebrow up, knowing you wouldn’t get up in minute. – “Is something wrong?” – He asked curious. You shook your head. – “No… I…I just like to stay here a bit longer.”
“In… in the dark?” – Harry responded making you chuckle. – “Sounds delighted.” – He added bringing out a real laugh from you. Your laughter died away folding your expression into something sad. – “I… I can stay if you like?” – he suggested already pulling back a chair. – “The chosen one wanting to stay with me. I feel so special. Beware for all those girls that would get word of it.” – you said with flair making Harry chuckle. – “Good thing I know you for a long time or that joke wouldn’t have passed.” – Harry replied taking a seat beside you. – “I think it would’ve.” – you answered, your elbows resting on the table to admire Harry. 
You gave him a cheeky smile, letting your hands rest under your chin. Harry laughed loud at your comment. – “What would make you so sure of it.” – he wanted to know, one arm of his laying on the table. You fluttered with your eyelashes drawing him closer. – “Because I am overly charming. No one can resist it.” – you said staring into his eyes. Harry got drawn even closer to you. – “Is that so.” – he teased waiting for you to take the bait. You hummed loud your smile suddenly dropping. Harry was close. Closer than he had ever been, and he noticed it as well. Harry staring deeply into your eyes, slowly letting his gaze drop. They fell on your lips as a funny thought crossed his mind.
It lasted for a second as he pulled himself together. She is Ron’s sister! He told himself. Ron would kill me. Still despite the thoughts he didn’t pull away. He staid right there admiring you. Allowing the atmosphere to do its trick. Harry gazing at you made a warm creep up inside of you. How was it that he could admire you so lovingly as if you were the only girl in the world. His entire universe and more. – “Harry…” – you softly said, knowing this was wrong. Whatever was brewing between the two of you in this moment it was wrong. – “Yes…” – Harry answered quietly, barely a whisper. You swallowed nervously still not pulling back. What a hold he had over you. Harry brought his hand closer over the table to you. He let his feelings take control over him. 
You closed your eyes, knowing perfectly well it was wrong. Probably the moment as it would mean nothing, but you still wanted it. His lips were close as your tingled with desire. – “Harry…” – you spoke opening your eyes again. – “We can’t do this.”  – you continued creating more distance between you and him. – “This… this is a fantasy.” – you got up not wanting this to be ruined in your mind. – “Its… this…” – you mumbled out loss of words, throwing your hands up. – “Have you stopped and considered that you have this all backwards.” – Harry announced getting up as well. 
You stopped pacing around as Harry walked up to you again. – “Y/n.” – he said placing his hands against your cheeks. You swallowed nervously as Harry was close again. – “You are my fantasy.” – he confessed. You gasped in shock, staring lost at him. Harry drew you in, kissing you. Your toes curled up as you grasped for Harry’s neck. You wanted him close, closer then ever. Harry was surprised by your eagerness that you reflected in the kiss. You pulled away feeling as brand new. You smiled at him till suddenly your eyes widened. – “My family can’t know!” – you forced out. Harry chuckled a bit nervous till he saw that you were serious. – “They would give you a hard time.”
“Here.” – Harry said offering you a book. – “Thank you.” – you replied hiding your smile. You took a hold of the book, his fingers touching yours. You stared at him for a moment, for as long as you dared. Harry and you quickly looked away as he let go of the book. You inhaled deep bringing the book to your chest. With a soft clear of your throat headed you to your seat. Hermione frowned slowly figuring things out. She nudged Ron hard in his rib. – “Au! What!” – Ron called out. Hermione poked Ron again eyeing Harry. Ron adverted his gaze to his friend. Harry was staring in your direction with a goofy smile on his lips. – “I don’t know what you.” – Ron sighed out as Hermione jammed her elbow in his side again. 
“Au! Will you stop that!” – Ron blurted out, making sure the professor wouldn’t hear it. – “Look at where he is looking.” – Hermione whispered. Ron sighed looking at Harry again. He then let his eyes go around to where presumably his eyes would land on. Ron furrowed his brows at you. You were smiling shy. – “Its obvious isn’t it!” – Hermione said in his ear. Ron couldn’t follow as Hermione had to make it very clear with hand gestures. – “No…” – Ron said shaking his head. – “No…no” – he laughed out finding it ridiculous. – “They are just friends.” – Ron reminded her. – “Are they? Are they really?” – Hermione answered. – “No… I would know if my sister… no… there is no way…” – Ron chuckled out not sure if it was real. He observed a bit closer his nervous chuckle fading out.
“I’ll kill him!” – Ron called out as Hermione had to hold him back. – “Ron! Calm down.” – she would hiss in his ear, keeping a close eye on the professor. – “How can I calm down? You are the one that told me!” – Ron answered waving his fists around. Harry looked over his shoulder at Ron and Hermione with a deep frown. Harry eyed Ron curious up and down wondering why his friend was acting so defensive. – “I’ll kill you, Harry!” – Ron called out making Hermione yell out his name to calm him down. Harry gulped widening his eyes. – “Please don’t take this the wrong way Harry.” – Hermione said to sooth things over. 
“Ron calm down!” – she insisted pulling him away from Harry. You got up from your seat curious. You looked at Harry for information. He shrugged his shoulders at you having no clue. Hermione dragged him out of the great hall. – “Will you stop it now!” – Hermione said loud letting go of him. She had enough of his pushing and fighting back to her grip. Ron grunted storming off. – “Where are you going?” – she yelled loud. – “Ron?!” – he ignored her as Hermione started to doubt if she did the right thing.
Fred and George were throwing small fireworks at each other. Ron plucked it out of the air. – “Hey!” – George called out his arms wide. Ron called it out his fingers burning from the fireworks. He dropped it as Fred pointed his wand to it. The fireworks got sucked back in. – “Nice going Ron!” – George said with a huff. – “Who spitted in your butterbeer?” – Fred questioned at his brother’s sour face. – “Where is Ginny!” – he wanted to know, looking furiously around. – “Why are you…” – Fred started but couldn’t finish his sentence as Ron grabbed him by the coat. 
“Where is Ginny!” – He forced out, shaking Fred back and forth. – “Easy Ron.” – George said to interfere. George pulled his grip of Fred. Fred touched his head feeling a bit dizzy. – “What has gotten you all wired up?” – George asked audaciously. – “Did… did you know?” – Ron replied. – “Ron, you have to be more specific.” – Fred spoke after straightening his tie. – “Yeah, we can’t look inside that head of yours.” – George joked out, tapping Ron against his forehead. Ron groaned pushing his hand away. – “Harry is snogging our sister!” – Ron told.
“Ginny?” – Fred questioned with a deep frown. – “No Y/n!” – Ron spitted out. Both Fred and George said a long oh before realizing what he had said. – “What?” – Fred called out. – “Harry is snogging Y/n?” – George asked to be sure. Ron nodded. – “Hermione pointed it out to me.” – he said. Fred cracked his knuckles. – “The betrayal.” – he hissed out. – “Like a brother stabbing you in the back.” – George continued with a glare. 
Fred quirked his eyebrow up to his twin. – “You like Harry as a brother?” – Fred cried out playing the dramatic twin. George rolled with his eyes, patting Fred on his back. – “Don’t worry you are still my number one.” – George said in Fred’s ear. Fred sniffed loud nodding. Ron was so done with his brothers childish acts. The Weasley brothers found Ginny by the common room dragging her along. Hermione had disappeared not wanting to be a part of it. Your siblings roamed the hallways in search for you and/ or Harry.
Harry and you were walking beside each other. Hands almost brushing against each other. – “What do you think overcame Ron?” – you wondered. Harry shrugged his shoulders. – “I don’t know.” – Harry answered taking your hand. You smiled flustered to hold his hand. – “Harry!” – the two of you suddenly heard loud. It made Harry let go of your hand, creating more distance. You gasped seeing your siblings march over. Fred grabbed your wrist, pulling you over to their side. – “Your knife in the back hurts Harry!” – George wailed out. Harry frowned as Ginny rolled with her eyes. 
Ron pushed George to the back furious. – “Tell me are you and Y/n a thing?” – Ron demanded to know. – “What?” – Harry replied looking over at you. – “Oh no! you don’t get to look at her.” – Fred exclaimed moving his arm over your head. You were blinded waving your hands around. – “Is it true?” – Ginny asked on a softer tone. – “Fred let me go!” – you groaned out. – “Harry you were like a brother to me.” – George whined as Ginny pushed him back to the background. – “Oh shut up George.” – Ginny called out thinking he was being way too dramatic. You were able to removed Fred’s arm from over your eyes. – “What is wrong with you all!”
Fred pulled you behind him not wanting you near Harry. – “You are being ridiculous.” – you told him with a snarky undertone. – “I don’t care! Harry should’ve asked us first.” – Fred responded loud. – “This isn’t the middle ages, Fred! Also my love life is none of your concern!” – you bit back. Fred pretended to be struck in the heart. – “Now I know how it feels.” – he said looking over to George. You pushed Fred against George pushing your way back to Harry. – “You are all being ridiculous.” – you came standing beside Harry. You took his hand as George gasped loud. – “Oh get over it!” – you said to him with a roll of your eyes. 
“Yes, Harry and I are together.” – you confessed. – “You…You!” -Ron started to wave his fists around as Ginny had to calm him down. – “I…I love Y/n very much. I would never hurt her.” – Harry said. – “You better not!” – Fred pitched in. You sighed deep thinking how you ever put up with them all. – “Alright listen! I appreciate you all jumping to my aid, but I am alright. I love Harry and that isn’t going to go away just because you say no., I know the idea of me dating anyone unsettles you.” – you glanced brief at Ron. – “But shouldn’t you be pleased it is Harry. Someone you know. You know how he is. He wouldn’t hurt my feelings so easily.”
“I agree.” – Ginny said. – “We know Harry. If Y/n wants to date Harry… I’ll say… fine by me.” – you smiled at your sister. Fred and George puffed loud but settled down. – “Fine… I guess Harry is not so bad.” – Fred said. Harry and you shared a look, smiling. – “Ron?” – you let go of Harry’s hand moving closer to him. – “It’s weird… I don’t want it to be weird.” – Ron mumbled to you. – “I promise you it won’t.” – you reassured him. Ron smiled faintly when you placed a kiss against his cheek. – “Alright…” – he said looking at Harry. Harry nodded relieved Ron was okay with it. You ran up to Harry kissing him. – “Hey wow no!” – Fred and George called out breaking the two of you apart. – “We might approve but that doesn’t mean we agreed on letting you kiss.” – George spoke making you laugh.
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I love Hinny, but like, Hinny where their relationship doesn’t immediately work out after the war. Hinny where they’re both a mess and traumatized and not yet ready for a stable committed relationship despite trying to go for that. Hinny where they love each other and care for each other but don’t necessarily know how to communicate or how to be there for each other. Hinny where they’re patient with each but not always and where they get into conflicts and fights on the regular before coming to the heartbreaking realization that maybe it might not work? Hinny where maybe they split up again or drift apart for a while, finding themselves individually, learning to cope, and learning to heal first, before eventually trying again at a relationship. Hinny where they don’t get married or have children in their early twenties because they’re not yet ready for that. Hinny where they both drown themselves in and dedicate their time for their respective careers for years before having children. Hinny where even after getting married, the idea of children frightens both of them and it’s not all smiles, but they learn to accept that and work together to provide a happy, stable, and healthy environment for themselves and for their children.
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Both Ginny and Voldemort has yew wand. What is the significance of this? Or it was just coincidence?
Please share your thoughts
I love this question so much.
This is my most recent ask but the moment I read it my brain went into overdrive and I next thing I knew I was researching yew trees.
I highly doubt it is a coincidence because while we know the wood of Voldemort's wand from PS, we only found out Ginny's in 2016, when Rowling was already well aware of people's assumption that every detail in the series had meaning. Plus, Rowling wrote herself on Pottermore, which is now Wizarding World but in my head will always be Pottermore, the meaning of the wood of the wands. And, actually, I think we should start from there, so here is what she wrote (as Ollivander) about yew wands:
Yew wands are among the rarer kinds, and their ideal matches are likewise unusual, and occasionally notorious. The wand of yew is reputed to endow its possessor with the power of life and death, which might, of course, be said of all wands; and yet yew retains a particularly dark and fearsome reputation in the spheres of duelling and all curses. However, it is untrue to say (as those unlearned in wandlore often do) that those who use yew wands are more likely to be attracted to the Dark Arts than another. The witch or wizard best suited to a yew wand might equally prove a fierce protector of others. Wands hewn from these most long-lived trees have been found in the possession of heroes quite as often as of villains. Where wizards have been buried with wands of yew, the wand generally sprouts into a tree guarding the dead owner’s grave. What is certain, in my experience, is that the yew wand never chooses either a mediocre or a timid owner. -> source
[Can we take a moment to think about the imagery of a beautiful tree emerging from Ginny's grave once her time comes? Especially considering that she was born and raised in the countryside.]
I think we can all agree that neither good old Tom nor Ginny can be considered average people and are both notorious. Tom is, well, Voldemort, and Ginny is a war hero, wizarding royalty according to Rita Skeeter, a celebrated Quidditch player and the most authoritative voice in wizarding sport in Britain considering that she became editor of the sports section of the Daily Prophet, the most read newspaper in the British wizarding world.
The yew wands seem to have owners who are particularly skilled in duelling and dark magic. In Tom's case [I love calling him Tom] is quite obvious what we are talking about, but Ginny too is a gifted duellist and her signature move is indeed a hex that she casts with such mastery that Slughorn invited her in his very exclusive club after seeing her casting it once. Obviously, being able to master a dark branch of magic doesn't necessarily mean being evil. As we have just read, yew wands have been just as much of villains as of heroes. What particularly interests me is that reference to the possessor of this type of wand who chooses the path of light being proven a fierce protector of others. I've talked on more than one occasion at this point of Ginny's arc as a protector of others (here and here), and apparently, her wand fits quite nicely in that narrative too.
So in short we know that this kind of wand goes to people who can't be considered average or timid, and are skilled in duelling and are generally naturally powerful. Clearly, it matches both Tom and Ginny but let's go into the specifics of why these are the only two characters that we know have a yaw wand.
If you have guessed it, clap yourself on the back, it's symbolism time!
As we have read in JKR's piece, the owner of the wand is said to have the power of life and death, this comes from the folklore around yew trees:
Yew trees were used as symbols of immortality, but also seen as omens of doom. For many centuries it was the custom for yew branches to be carried on Palm Sunday and at funerals. -> source
Drooping branches of old yew trees can root and form new trunks where they touch the ground. Thus the yew came to symbolise death and resurrection in Celtic culture. [...] The themes of death and resurrection continued into the Christian era. People buried yew shoots with the deceased, and used boughs of yew as ‘Palms’ in church at Easter. -> source
Tom and Ginny in the story, and therefore in Harry's life, are representations of diametrically opposite things. Tom is death, destruction of any future, and despair. Ginny is life, creation of a future, and hope.
Such opposite concepts and yet their power comes from the same source: yew, which in fact represents both. Because life and death do come from the same source. After all, can you die if you can't live? And can you really live if you can't die?
And so Ginny and Tom are often connected in the series and always put in plot points that bring up the themes of life and death.
In CoS, Tom is the bringer of death, the drainer of life, and Ginny constantly fights against him in the name of living, of light, and when all hope seems lost, she survives. And because she was on the verge of death, in a way it can be considered a rebirth Ginny's one, a resurrection, a second chance at life. And even more interestingly, what was leading Ginny to death was an object Tom had created due to his obsession with eternity. Yet it's when part of Voldemort's soul gets destroyed, dies, that Ginny "resurrects".
In OotP, the "lucky you" scene has the obvious interpretation of Ginny being connected just as much as Harry is to Voldemort's darkness. But it also puts us in front of the reality that on one side we have Tom's darkness and evil, and on the other, we have Ginny's strength and will to live to such a powerful degree that it becomes easy to forget she was connected to that darkness. It becomes easy to forget that life is so linked to death.
HBP is a whole book based on a binary structure that brings a juxtaposition between darkness and light. If on one side we have Harry diving into the dark story of Tom Riddle and his many terrible acts, and on the other, we have the beauty and the light and joy of Harry discovering his love for Ginny.
At the end of the book, Voldemort and Ginny are linked again in the break-up scene. Harry starts his journey to kill Voldemort, takes his first step towards death, leaving behind Ginny, life and love.
In DH, when Harry and Ginny kiss, Ginny is reminding Harry that there's life waiting for him after the darkness of a path that seems destined to end up in death. When Harry thinks, not long after that, about marrying Ginny, there's once again the contrast between Voldemort on one side, and on the other Ginny marrying, a representation of future and life. Obviously, the whole thing is quite depressing because Harry thinks he won't marry her, and that his destiny is in death.
And then there's Harry's death scene. Voldemort is once again the perpetrator of death, but Harry's last thought is of Ginny, of life, of the future, of what he would be leaving behind by dying.
Ginny and Tom in Harry's story are the opposite of one another, isn't it therefore quite fitting that their power comes from the same wood? Just like Voldemort and Harry, two enemies, having wands with the same core.
So, while the characteristics of the owners of yew wands fit perfectly Voldemort and our dear Ginevra, I think this authorial choice has more to do with their symbolic roles in the series.
Tumblr media
Because of their symbolic link to life and death, yew trees are often found in graveyards.
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Reminder that Snape told a crying hermione who had been attacked by another student, that her inhumanly growing teeth (which was an effect of the spell) made no difference to her face and mocked her for something she was insecure about, and never punished the attacker
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it's going to be alright
Summary: After the war, they heal back together. But it's a long time before he sees her scars. Hinny, hurt/comfort
A/N: This was requested by @chef-hagrid a long, long time ago. I'm sorry it's taken so long to write, but I hope you like it :D
When the rain stops, then darling, what will I do? And I know I go all in, but why do I? You give me a reason, something to believe in, I know, I know, I know. You give me a meaning, something I can breathe in, I know, I know, I know.
When he woke up, Harry found Ginny’s arm over his chest, his head tucked under her. Ginny was asleep, her soft breaths lulling him into a daze. Harry allowed himself to close his eyes before he realised why they were in such a position. The nightmare.
Lately, in the mornings; Harry struggled to recall everything that had happened the previous night. The nightmare. What he had seen. What he had done. The first time it had happened, Ginny had been there to calm him down. Somehow, the prospect of not remembering anything terrified him. It had taken weeks for him to get used to the idea, but he had finally come to a point where he didn’t immediately burst into full blown panic upon waking up.
Harry sighed, then gently eased Ginny into a more comfortable position. Part of him felt guilty that she had had to stay in that position all night, but he gently pulled her up, caressing her hair as her back tensed. 
“Go back to sleep,” he whispered, gently kissing her forehead before pulling up her covers for her. 
Harry smiled as the sunlight fell over her hair, rendering it into a soft shade of red that reminded him of the sun peeking through a million falling autumn leaves. She was beautiful, he thought, his eyes flickering over her body, before they rested on the small cluster of marks peeking through the nape of her shirt.
His eyebrows furrowed as he reached forward, gently nudging her shirt a few centimetres to get a better look at what he hoped would not be what he was thinking. 
And it seemed as if his whole world stopped for a silent moment.
From what Harry could see, they were all over that small part of her back, and he could bet they spread all over her back too.
How had she gotten those? Why….why hadn’t she told him about them? What the hell had happened to her?
Harry collapsed back on the bed, his heart stricken by what he had seen, his mind conjuring up a dozen wild scenarios of Ginny being in pain, or being tortured, and he gulped down his panic, willing the thoughts to go away.
Is that why she had insisted on wearing oversized shirts the entire summer, never opting for anything else? Now that he thought about it, Ginny had never really spoken about that past year, what had happened in Hogwarts, what had happened to her. She had always only told him about the routine searches or the interrogations that the teachers had subjugated them to, and that was it.
How had he been so dense as to not suspect something else? Because he was damn sure those scars had not been there when he’d left.
“You awake?” he heard Ginny’s voice, and he let his hand drop from over his eyes, turning to look at her.  Her eyes shone brilliantly, gazing into his as she smiled. 
Somehow, Harry couldn’t bear to smile back.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowing just slightly and Harry sighed, pulling her into his embrace, as he wrapped his arms around her, the covers haphazardly over them. Ginny smiled into his shoulder, and Harry, once again, couldn’t help but let his eyes flicker over to the place where he had seen her scars. Again, they had been covered, and he shut his eyes, letting his head rest against Ginny’s.
Somehow, he just couldn’t bear to ask.
The weeks after the war had been especially hard for the Weasleys. Even Harry, being a mere observer could see that. Every morning, as he got himself up and made his way to the table, it was plain visible that there was an absence. An absence that the Weasleys felt hard.
While George had resorted to making home at his shop, Percy kept him company while also making sure he remained alive. Bill and Charlie had left soon after the second week, helping at Hogwarts, at the bank, at Diagon Alley. So, that left the two youngest Weasleys taking care of the family. And it was clear that they were drowning.
It was after Harry had found Ginny lying motionless on her bed, tears falling from her eyes without sound when he offered they move into 12 Grimmauld Place. The months had passed quickly, very quickly after that. And right now, mid-November, what they had was everything they could have ever asked for. So, there they were now, Harry beating up four eggs for breakfast and Ginny furiously cleaning up the muck that the wind had blown in. Now that she was officially of age, the wand was at her leisure and in no time at all, she was gazing into the hot pan, where the eggs were cooking.
Harry smiled fondly at her, before looking away, chopping the bread up furiously. The incidents of the morning still played in his mind, as his knife thudded on the chopping board.
“You know I’d cook,” Ginny started, “but I’m afraid I could possibly set the house on fire.”
Harry chuckled, dropping the bread into the same pan.
“Kreacher would kill me,” she finished dramatically.
Ginny walked slowly over to where he was standing, and gently placed her hands over his. “That was your cue to tell me what’s wrong, you know,” she said, and Harry looked at her, taking note of the all too knowing look in her eyes.
But before he could say anything else, Ginny reached forward over the counter and turned off the gas, placing a lid over the pan in the process.
“It’s about the scars, isn’t it?” she said, looking away from his eyes.
Harry’s eyes flicked up in shock, and Ginny laughed softly. Her laugh seemed forced, and Harry couldn’t help but notice her sudden change in demeanour.
“I know you saw them this morning, Harry. So, if this is about them, it’s your cue to ask.”
“Why didn’t..,” Harry stopped himself. “What happened, Gin?”
Ginny remained silent, as Harry walked over to her, lifting her chin up until she looked into his eyes, brown to green. 
“Like I said, Harry,” she began, “the past year was not exactly what I expected at Hogwarts.”
“You need to tell me something more than that Gin, please,” Harry begged. “What really happened to you, Gin?”
“They….,” Ginny sighed. “ You know what they did. They tortured us, Harry. They tortured us at every moment they got. It was like a sick sadistic pastime of theirs, because they knew it was the only way they could break us.”
She leaned on the counter, looking up at Harry. “I remember, there was a girl, a Muggleborn. It started with her, I think. Amanda Seyheir, she was called. The Carrows somehow learnt that she was one and they,” her voice broke. “They killed her.”
She closed her eyes, turning her head away from Harry. “I couldn’t save her Harry, and because I couldn’t save her, I had to save the rest of them.”
Harry remained where she was, because it was the way she was speaking that got to him. As if it was something that she had gotten used to saying, something she had become used to seeing.
He stepped forward, but he had no idea what he should have said. 
“The Carrows….once they had no more Muggleborns to torture, they started with us. Neville, Luna…Luna, she escaped, we helped her to, what with everything her father wrote for the Quibbler and all. But the rest of us stayed.”
And Harry understood. What she was leaving out. Why, in those long months, she had never spoken about it. 
“What did they do?” he asked, his voice hoarse. 
“The usual,” she answered flippantly, but Harry could sense the slight tremor in her voice. “The Cruciatus mostly, hexes; they once went through a phase of using something called Serpent - “
“Serpentsortia,” Harry ended, his heart clenching in horror. 
Ginny looked at him, her eyes having a far-away look in them. “Was that the one that Snape…Draco….”
“Yeah,” Harry admitted, his eyes blazing with anger. If he had known, if only. “Can I,” he asked hesitantly, “can I see them?”
Ginny looked away, her eyes blazing with emotion. “They’re not exactly something I’m proud of,” she said darkly, turning away from him.
Harry stepped forward towards her, then let his hands pull Ginny towards him, her back against his chest. Ginny let out a breath, and rested her head on him. As Harry touched her arms, he could feel a slight tremor going through them.
“I love you Gin,” he whispered. “I’ve got you. It’s going to be…,” Harry hesitated. “It’s going to be alright.”
False promises may be, but when Ginny entered the room that night, in nothing but a tank top for the first time in a long while, Harry let his eyes caress over her arms, over her scars that started from her neck and went all the way over her back.
Ginny shuddered as his fingers traced over the long jagged scar on her shoulder, the remains of a badly performed splinching hex. 
“Do they hurt?”
“No,” Ginny replied. “It’s been a long while since they’ve hurted.”
She wouldn’t look at him, he noticed. So Harry gently cupped her face as he made her look into his eyes. 
“Gin, those scars,” he said, “they mean you fought a battle you won. You told me that, remember?”
“We,” she said, her voice shaking. “We fought a losing battle for a very long while. You don’t realise Harry, but for eight months we heard nothing. Absolutely nothing. And every single day I woke up thinking it would be the day I heard the news you were dead. We,” her voice broke. “We didn’t think we’d survive.”
Harry’s heart clenched as he watched the woman who had been strong for both of them for so long crumble before his eyes. 
“And the worst part of it was that,” her voice shuddering, “that every day I woke up thinking ‘again? I had to do this all over again? Had the world not had enough?’” She closed her eyes, then whispered. “And that’s why….I’m not proud of this Harry. I’m not.”
It was Harry who closed the dwindling space between them. Because he needed her to know that he loved her. With her scars. She had been strong for so long. He needed her to know that it was his turn now, if she’d let him. 
“I love you as you are,” he said. “Exactly as you are.”
And as her tears started falling, it was Harry who held her close to him, making sure to wipe away the tears now and again.
And that was the way they spent the night, in each other’s arms, fully aware that a part of them were broken, but right now, they knew they could lean on the other to get through the storm.
So, as the quiet rustle of the leaves coloured in different shades of gold ceased, the soft white dust started falling on the upper side of them. Just like that, their world seemed to get slower. A little turbulent perhaps, like the icy cold wind that entered their house sometimes as the temperature dipped even lower, but hadn’t it been that way since the beginning?
They needed each other, Harry realised. Though a part of him had known this since the moment he had kissed her in their Common Room.
He still wakes up at night, riddled with nightmares. 
Ginny’s the same, her horrors seeming to engulf her entire purpose at times. 
They still pull each out of the water, keep each other afloat.
But there will be one day, Ginny says to him, when they’ll look at their scars and have a story to tell. It might not be now, but it will be.
He’ll love her forever, he tells her then. Ginny laughs, telling him forever’s longer than what they’ll live for. 
But he doesn’t tell her that what they have is forever for him. So he’ll love her forever as long as he lives, their scars shining brighter every day.
And that’s the way it will always be.
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hermiones-amortentia · a day ago
Harry: let's play a game. I am gonna mention some people's names and you will describe each of them in one word but you cant waste time thinking. You have to be quick.
Ron: okay. Go on.
Harry: Neville
Ron: brave
Harry: Luna
Ron: insane
Harry: Molly
Ron: bossy
Harry: Malfoy
Ron: coward
Harry: Snape
Ron: git
Harry: Harry
Ron: Leader
Harry: Hermione
Ron: mine
Harry: what?
Ron: what?
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getawayfox · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pirate Ginsy 😌 for @hp-bodiceripper
Link to AO3: Lay Your Armour Down (The Seduction of a Pirate)
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ravenclawsweety · 15 hours ago
Little girl
Prompt: When Lily Luna asks if she has permission to date, Harry and Ginny need to have a conversation.
It all started at lunch.
The day after Rose had finally told Ron that she had a boyfriend, and he didn't react very well to it (good thing she didn't mentioned it was Scorpius Malfoy or he would have passed away).
As rumors fly, the whole family knew about it, specially Harry and Ginny, since Harry is the first person to recieve a letter from Ron when something happens, such as Ginny is with Hermione.
But still, they respected their children's privacy, so the whole story didn't came out. Except for Albus, who was Rose's best friend since they were born and they told eachother everything, so he had the details, and (with permission of Rose because she trusted her godparents) he told his parents and sibilings what had exactly happened.
Aparently, Ron told Rose that Hermione and him had never given her permission to have a boyfriend, wich Rose didn't react very well to since she was sixteen years old and thought she didn't need it. And of course the story went on, but that was when something came to Lily's mind.
Her look had remained in a random spot of the table and her curious expression didn't scape her mother.
"What do you have, Honey?". Ginny said, in low voice, but they where five people so it didn't work so well.
"Can I have a boyfriend?"
Harry choked on his juice.
"Im sorry, what?" Asked Ginny, fighting back a smile.
"Do I have permission to date?" Asked Lily again, this time more clearly.
James and Albus exchanged akward looks and decided to focus on they're food.
"Why would you even ask that?!" Said Harry, as if his daughter's question sounded really useless and nonsence to him.
"Well, just to make sure, you know, to avoid something like that happening in the future" She explained, nodding with her head to Albus sitting by her side, refering to Rose's incident.
"Well... I-I... Gin, help me with this" Harry was so nervous, wich wasn't common in him. It seemed that all those awful things he had to face during his whole life didn't compare to the horrible idea of his daughter having a boyfriend.
"We don't want to decide such things, Honey", Ginny told her, "You are your own person and we trust you and your feelings"
That seemed enough to Lily, who just normally went back to her food, James and Albus let out a breath they didn't know they were holding, and Ginny could imagine what expected her later.
"Can she?" Harry asked all of a sudden. Entering in the living room where she had been writing and article she had to finish on a couple of days, after they finished lunch and the kids had gone to they're respective activities
She let the quill and paper down on the coffee table and looked up at her husband's troubled expression. "What do you mean, Love?"
"I mean", he sat down, "She's just fourteen, do we really trust her feelings?, like, I know mi daughter is no fool, of course, but she's a little girl, all the dating and- and boyfriends and stuff are kinda serious, don't you think?"
Ginny moved closer to him on the couch and put her arms around him, "Love, she's not a little girl"
"She's fourteen!" Said Harry in an obvious tone, as if his wife had suddendly forgotten their daughter's age and thought she was thirty.
"She is a teenager," Ginny explained, "this things are going to happen, it's normal"
"Well, I don't understand it" he crossed his arms.
She raised an eyebrow "You don't now, but you had it very clear when we were teenagers"
"I was sixteen!" he replayed, almost offended "and you were fifteen and this is not helping me to process the situation because I do not want any boy thinking of my daughter what I used to think of you."
"Of course you don't, Harry, me either, but we can't stop it. She is going to fall in love and hace hormonal feelings either we want it or not, and I think is better to let her live her experiences than to lock her in an anti-teenagehood cage full of rules."
He didn't replay, he needed to think about it. She was right, he knew their children would grow up since the moment they were born, but he never thought it would happen so fast. And he didn't ment to stop it, of course not, he thought it was beautiful that his children learned about life, but it just seemed so... early. Like, falling in love, Merlin, that was so mature. And the hormones, no, the only thought of his daughter having the same feelings her mother had for him around that age maked the anti-teenagehood cage sound not that much of a bad idea.
He finally accepted his derrote and huged his wife by the waist.
"It wasn't this hard with James" he mumbled.
"Of course not", Ginny laughed, "that was hard for me, because he likes girls. Lily is going to have boys and you're going to hate it because she's your little girl even though she's a teen. You're playing jelous dad, wich is pretty normal, ¿Why do you think Ron is freaking out so much about Rose having a boyfriend?"
She always explained everything so well, Merlin, she knew everything. He hugged her tighter.
"Also," she spoke again "I think you being protective is kinda hot"
"That's all then, bring up the cage!" he joked and they both laughed to then kiss.
Being a father was terrifying, but having her by his side definitly made it better.
This is the first thing I write, aaahh, here we go! (Also sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first lenguage)
I really like protective dad Harry, though I tryed not to make it toxic
Harry and Ginnys parenthood just <333
Omg hope you like it byeee
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the-darling-badger · 4 months ago
Crookshanks being an unpaid intern for Sirius Black is my favorite thing about Prisoner of Azkaban. He had that cat running ERRANDS. Ordering the Firebolt for Harry, stealing Neville's list of passwords. Crookshanks was Booked and Busy
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ygreczed-hp · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I just remembered I loved Harry Potter so I am reading the books again after like 10 years -in english, cause I’ve only read it in my native language before
And I asked myself, how come I’ve never drawn ANY HP fanart before ?
Here come some drawings, (aka me trying to get some consistency at drawing the characters)
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upthehillart · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Frens 🥰
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missmrah · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Regency themed Harry Potter featuring dubiously researched costumes and furnishings (artistic license was liberally taken). And in case anyone was wondering... yes, I did just binge Bridgerton season 2 😅
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weaslxtte · 7 months ago
Snazzy parts of the books that weren't in the movies:
Harry beating up draco
Ron punching draco
Harry and ginnys ACTUAL first kiss
"Theres no need to call me sir professor"
Charlie weasley
Ted and andromeda
Angelina yelling at harry for getting detentions
"Have a biscuit potter"
Ron and hermiones ACTUAL first kiss
"Hello are you an imprint of a departed soul?"
Roonil wazlib
Harry trashing dumbledores office
Lavenders bunnie died wait thats not snazzy
"I forgot" "lucky you"
Harry using crucio on one of the carrows when they spat at mcgonogall
Harry telling krum that ginny has a boyfriend at bill and fleurs wedding
The Hogwarts kitchens
Stan being a deatheater wait thats not snazzy either
Harry calling umbridge a cow in front of dumbledore
Remus pretending he's not 110% involved in making the marauders map
"They hated each other" "nah they didn't"
Freds death scene THIS ISN'T SNAZZY
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snarkyships-drarryside · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy b-day, Draco 💕
Part two of a commission for @kantanruru !
<< Prev [Muggle Date]
Extra >>
*I forgot Luna! I’m an idiot 😩
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itsgrangerweasley · 2 months ago
Minerva McGonagall: [to Molly Weasley] Your children are unruly, disrespectful, volatile, and highly unpredictable. I am quite fond of them.
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hermiones-amortentia · 4 hours ago
*Ron removes his sweaty T-shirt after playing Quidditch*
Molly: Merlin Ron! What are those on your back?
Ron: what?
Molly: it looks like someone has scratched you violently. Ronald Bilius Weasley, how did those happen?
Ron: umm... mum its nothing.
Molly: do not say it's nothing, young man. Those look awful. Tell me right now what happened?
Ron: I- umm... Crookshanks. Crookshanks attacked me yesterday. It was my fault too. I stepped on his tail in the darkness.
Ginny(grinning evilly): are you sure, Ron? it was Crookshanks or someone who is close to Crookshanks?
Molly: what does that mean?
Ron: nothing mum. Ignore her. I told you the cat attcked me.
Molly: I am gonna prepare some murtlap essence for you. Tell Hermione to control her cat(leaves)
Ginny: yeah Ron. You should really tell Hermione to control... her cat I mean.
Harry(laughing): yeah mate. Tell her to control her cat.
Ron: fuck you both.
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