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Gintama Stills for Every (Canon) Episode → [094/316] “When Riding A Train, Make Sure You Grab The Straps With Both Hands”

↳ “Oh yeah, and about that rope. I’ll bring it next time I come. I have no intention of getting you a rope so you can hang yourself. But… If it’s a rope to pull you out of hell, then I’ll bring you as many as you want. Just remember that.”

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Gintama The Final



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🧁Gintoki will sometimes cook for you (like make a main course or something) but most of the time he’ll just be lazy and beg for sweets. And you’ll have to tell him to eat his vegetables first. 😂

🧁Might also beg you to make some super cool dessert he saw on t.v./in an ad.

🧁He’d LOVE it if you baked him a big birthday cake! Something special designed just for him!!

🧁Gintoki obviously doesn’t have the money to pay you or anything, but he’s still super appriciative of your work! He’ll probably smother you in hugs and kisses no matter what you make him 🥺 (even if it’s small).

🧁I know they’re not technically baked goods, but make him strawberry parfaits. They’re the way to that man’s heart! FRFR!!*

🧁I don’t care what your level of experience is with baking (beginner or pro) Gintoki will ALWAYS tell you that your food is better than store bought stuff.

🧁Always encourages you! Even if you mess up he will still eat the food and tell you it’s good (he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings).

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it's the darkest of all before the dawn - episode342 - Gintama [Archive of Our Own]
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moshimoshibe 1 / 2 」 ☆
⊳ gintoki / kagura (gintama)
✔ republished w/permission
⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter

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Hey guys, The time is finally here to announce another gintsu week! This year, Gintsu week festival will be held from 9th February to 15th February. We’d like to make some special announcements for this year’s event:

◇ There will be two new prompts everyday. The first prompt will be a word/phrase and second one will be a dialogue prompt. Creators can follow any one of the prompts or both.

◇ There is also going to be a week long prompt you can follow

◇ Tag your creations as #gintsuweek or #gintsukiweek within the first 5 tags so that they can be reblogged

◇ You can submit posts as well

Reposting is not allowed under any circumstances. Please only upload something you’ve created yourself

!☆== CATEGORIES == ☆!

  • Fanart
  • Fanfiction
  • Still edits and animated edits (gifs)
  • Others

These are the common categories, but you are free to follow any other category you life :D

!☆== PROMPTS == ☆!

[ DAY 1: 9th Feb ]

Simple prompt: Star gazing

Dialogue prompt: Love is too difficult with you

[ DAY 2: 10th Feb ]

Word prompt: First times

Dialogue prompt: You have bewitched me, body and soul

[ DAY 3: 11th Feb ]

Word prompt:  Ice-cream

Dialogue prompt: You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die

[ DAY 4: 12th Feb ]

Word prompt: Daydreams

Dialogue prompt: You make my body forget it has knees at all

[ DAY 5: 13th Feb ]

Word prompt: Shopping together

Dialogue prompt: Swoon, I’ll catch you

[ DAY 6: 14th Feb ]

Word prompt: Valentine’s day

Dialogue prompt: I think of you twice a day - when I am alone and when I am with someone else

[ DAY 7: 15th Feb ]

Word prompt: Meant to be

Dialogue prompt: I have loved you, am in love with you and shall love you every tomorrow

DAY 1 - 7: 9th - 15th Feb [ WEEK LONG PROMPT ]

It’s you,

It’s always been you.

!☆== OTHER NOTES== ☆!

  • Please be nice!
  • Please tag all NSFW posts
  • No stealing/plagiarising/reposting of other users’ works
  • You don’t have to stick squarely to the prompts, as long as you show your love for the Gintoki x Tsukuyo pairing
  • Please reblog this post to spread the word
  • If you have any further questions, please send in an ask! :D
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Too sad Gintama was not able to do a “COLLAB” with Kimetsu no Yaiba (Except Sorachi giving illustrations of Kimetsu no Yaiba drawn by him to fans who watched the first screening of the Movie which is so Hilarious😂💯)

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Sorachi Hideaki is the real Pirate King🔥🔥🔥

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It’s been a long run😥❤️

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There’s a first for everything, dear! 🤗 And thank you!💖

7. Is that my shirt you’re wearing?

Gintoki 🥄

If there was one thing you had learned from living at the Yorozuya for the last few weeks, it was that it was never quiet. Throughout the day, the trio would bicker, laugh, argue, talk about idols, weathergirls, and wrestling amongst other things. At night, Kagura’s loud snoring and Sadaharu’s occasional whine would keep you up until you tired out and finally fell asleep, only to be woken up by a stirring and dreaming Gintoki. You were grateful for them taking you in despite being the ones who were the reason behind your current living arrangement. Gintoki said he and the kids would fix your plumbing easy-peasy and for free (free, in this case, meant they’d do it for food). It ended with a flooded apartment and an angry landlord throwing you out on your ass, which led to Yorozuya taking you in.

You sat up with a sigh, tired after a long day of hard work and few breaks, having your boss talking non-stop about his homebrew and how revolutionary it was, that it would change everything people knew about homebrew.  It didn’t help that you came home to a warzone. Kagura had taped over Shinpachi’s tape of one of Otsuu’s many concerts with a show about the paranormal and supernatural. Gintoki had taken Shinpachi’s side for selfish and obvious reasons to nobody’s surprise while Kagura demanded that they get her a TV of her own or a MAC so this wouldn’t happen again. Whether she meant it as a threat or not was hard to say.

“You really think we have that kind of money, you idiot! We ate dogfood for dinner yesterday!”
“It was high-grade dog food, I checked the bag, Gin-chan, don’t you try to deceive my pure and good heart with your gross lies!”
“The only thing that’s gross here is your delusion of our current economic situation. Seriously, does it look like we got any money, huh?”
You managed to break up the fight that had turned somewhat physical and offered to lend Kagura your laptop so she could watch her horror show in peace while Shinpachi got to watch Otsuu’s other concert which he had seen multiple times already. He didn’t complain as long as he got to see his Idol sing and dance to songs that were impossible to sing or dance to, though.

Looking for your t-shirt you discarded earlier you found Gintoki’s green pajama shirt, instead. You picked it up and sniffed it before deeming that the distinct smell of sweat wasn’t too hard on the nose and put it on quickly. Heading to the kitchen you could hear Kagura thrash a little in her closet, mumbling incoherently every now and then, probably dreaming about pummeling the guys. You grabbed yourself a small clean glass from the dishwasher and poured some strawberry milk from the carton Gintoki had left on the counter. It wasn’t hot nor cold, and it had a bit of a sour taste, but it would do, and so you went back to the bedroom, spotting Kagura’s foot sticking out of the closet as you passed by.

“Oi…that’s my strawberry milk you’re drinking,” Gintoki yawned, rubbing his eye, starling you as you closed the sliding door behind you.
“You left the carton out on the counter, besides there was next to nothing left, didn’t even fill this little thing,” you said, taking a sip as you got down on the futon on your knees.
“My strawberry milk isn’t the only thing you took.”
“What?” you swallowed the last few drops looking him straight in the eye, knowing he’d take offense, but it was just so much fun to tease him.
Is that my shirt you’re wearing?
“Yeah, so? I borrowed it so Kagura wouldn’t see me naked, there are things she doesn’t need to know or see, and my naked torso is definitely one of those things.”
“You could have worn your own shirt,” he mumbled, his eyes locked on your chest. “I need it back right now; my nipples get so sensitive when it’s cold. If you need help taking it off, I guess I can lend you a hand.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes, not doubting that he’d be more than willing to help you get undressed. He had scooted a little further down on the futon, the cover bundled by his feet, and hooked a finger under the only button you bothered to button, unbuttoning it in one quick motion. The shirt opened, revealing the valley between your breasts.
“I thought you were tired?” you smiled, shrugging the shirt off.
“Nah, I can stay up for a little while longer,” he said and closed the gap between you.

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15. I love you

Kondo 🍆

Kondo never held back when it came to telling you how much he cares about you, he’ll tell you in every way possible that he adores you. He doesn’t know how to limit his displays of affection towards you – whether it’s public or private – he holds so much love and endearment for you that he simply cannot hold it inside. He very publicly and loudly exclaims that he loves you without thinking about his surroundings, and it’s only on the rarest occasions that you ask him to be a little less loud, but you never condemn his actions since you know they come from an honest and loving place.

You never once doubted Kondo’s affection for you, he made you feel safe, desirable, loved, and incredibly happy. There were people who doubted your affectionate feelings for him, whether they were true or not, but having been with Kondo for a while you quickly learned how to block them all out. Their opinion mattered so little to you, the only person whose opinion you cared about was your boyfriend’s, and he didn’t seem to have any doubts, whatsoever. If anything, he was certain the two of you would be together forever, living together in Soul Society. Though, for that to happen, he believed you had to get married and you weren’t ready for that quite yet.

“There are practically no downsides to being married – we’ll get to share a name, we’ll see each other every single day and night, I can bring Shinsengumi sausages home whenever you want, we can have lazy Sundays every Sunday, eating pancakes and other western-type breakfasts!” he engulfed you in his arms, pressing his lips to your cheek before opening the door to the boutique. After ruining your jacket by accident, he had promised to buy you a new one, a better and more expensive one. It didn’t matter what you said, he was getting you a new jacket no matter what it cost.

“But I don’t like the Shinsengumi sausages, there’s too much chili in them. It’s like someone went mad and put all the chili in the world in one tiny sausage. What’s up with that?” “What’s up with you ignoring lazy Sunday’s, I was certain that would change your mind right away.” “You almost did, but the sausages ruined everything.” “Ah, damn it, once again my plans have been ruined because of sausages…”

You watched him as he walked around the small boutique, looking, and touching everything he laid his eyes upon, feeling the fabric between his fingers as if the fabric were the most important thing when choosing a piece of clothing. The clerk had to ask him to not touch everything, that he’d either buy it or just look at it. You felt a little bad, but then again you were certain about your choice to wait a little longer.

You followed him to the corner where he was eyeing a rather creepy mannequin, and said, “You know I love you, right? It’s not that I don’t want us to move forward in our relationship, but I think taking too many steps too fast it’ll come back and bite us in the ass. And I don’t want that.” “I know, and I love you, too. I’m just excited about the idea of living with you, no matter how long it is I’ll wait until you’re ready.” He pressed his lips against your forehead, giving your arm a firm squeeze as if it was a confirmation of what he said.
“Good, I’m looking forward to waking up every day with you next to me, seeing your sleepy face, and checking the bed for any shed hair.”
“Hey! I don’t shed, I’m not an animal!” “Sometimes you are, if you know what I mean,” you elbowed him in the gut carefully and wiggled your eyebrows before laughing at his dramatic reaction. He scolded you, although his mouth betrayed him, smiling ever so slightly.

He kept trying to keep you quiet as you made all kinds of animal sounds, but both were giggling and laughing. You couldn’t say if it was the sounds or the nasty looks the clerk gave the two of you that made you laugh, but you knew that you wanted every day to be like this with Kondo, to be able to fool around and laugh, and talking about your future together. If you could have that forever you wouldn’t need anything else. Except for a new jacket, you really needed a new one…

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