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#gintama imagines
goldenlaquer · 10 days ago
still sad about his death so… may I request a very desperate and longing sex as a goodbye with takasugi? also I've notice that you only have few content for this man. I'm glad that you want to write for him today😘 love ya!💕
This is the problem with Takasugi Fuckers; I ask for a request and instead, am given a reason to cry. But you are very gorgeous to me because of it— thank yeeeeww 😩😩💕
if this does not read like headcanons yes it do bc it doesn't yes it does ❤️
Takasugi Shinsuke NSFW Headcanons:
Somehow you’ve always known. How could you not? It’s the savage flame that burn the brightest. And the shortest. Time was never on your side, but you’ve ignored the gnawing feeling because facing it felt too much like giving up.
So this is it? The end? You demand answers despite already knowing what he refuses to tell you. He shrugs a shoulder in silence, his eye dipping close for a moment before opening, the meadow in it clear and calm.
Calmness before the terrible storm, you think as dread hollows into your very being.
That can’t be right. None of this is right. Takasugi is a fighter, a rager. He should be howling, or scheming, but the man before you sits idly, tapping the ash from his pipe and indifferently savoring the sight of the full moon hanging in the open window.
It’s like he’s already accepted the inevitable. Seeing it makes you want to rush to him. To cling to him and beg, like a child. But you hang back in hesitation, staring at him, too scared to make a sudden move, like he might disappear if startled. Sensing your thoughts, the corner of his mouth wrings up and Shinsuke huffs a barely-there sigh, before putting out his pipe and holding out his arm to you, palm outstretched. His eye flashes at you, an unspoken challenge.
“Come to me.” He says, and you need no other encouragement, you’re already running before he’s finished speaking.
It’s a graceless collision. Entangled feet and eager hands. He and you to the floor, clothes somehow divested before the impact to cushion your bodies. He falls laughing at you, amusement coloring his handsome face before his hand slips behind your nape, pulling you to meet his hungry mouth.
You choke back tears as he kisses you. If Shinsuke will not acknowledge it, then you won't either. But your eyes stay open, wide and glassy. You don’t want to miss anything; you want to remember this last precious moment in all of its entirety. Everything there is to remember about the Shinsuke that only you have gained the privilege to know. The firmness of his ravaging mouth, the taste of smoke and ash on his tongue. The black velvet of his hair, the smooth planes of his face, the stretch of his long fingers as he finds your entrance and pushes in, the low growl from his chest when he finds you wet and welcoming beyond belief.
then his cock filling you, burning, deep, fast, hard, fingertips worrying your pulsing clit, mewls spilling from your swollen lips, his hands bruising, your hair pulled out of the way for his teeth in the meat of your shoulder, his tongue in the hollow of your throat, his bandage unraveling, one eye— two, sweet smoke, green, moonlit scars, whispers of rumpled fabric, quiet groans, night breeze, perfection, this humbling wholesome perfection
There is too much to remember and simultaneously not enough. Never enough. But it all belongs to you anyway, this night, this moment, Shinsuke. Shinsuke. He belongs to you, he’s yours.
He's yours.
A sob lodges as a solid lump in your throat as you reach your end, trembling like a kitten around his cock as he spills in you, his head buried in the crook of your neck, his lips lightly touched to your ear. He fits so perfectly to you, a cruelty. If you try to imagine anyone else in your arms, you’ll come up with aching emptiness— there will be no one else, you belong to Shinsuke as much as he does you.
After the spasms subside, you feel terror eclipse you despite your best efforts. You grip him tighter, digging your nails deep in his shoulders, so deep that you might've drawn blood, as if this will be enough to keep him to you, it has to be, but Shinsuke gives no indication of pain, stilling with his body pressed tight to you to let you pull yourself together, his cock still nestled between your folds.
Stay, a whisper comes from you, and it sounds dull to even your ears, because you already know the answer to this too.
Slowly, he lifts his head up to meet you.
Oh god, the look in his eye. How could you have ever mistaken him to be resigned when it burns so angry and bitter, the flinty moss iris a stormy force. This is a man still so unwilling to let go, a man still ready to fight unyielding fate. His thumb comes to trace the salty path of tears you didn't know have fallen, following down your cheek, to your quivering bottom lip. His eye narrows and his lips curl down into a snarl. You feel the weight of him as he presses your forehead with his.
Flashing eye stilled locked with yours, you feel a tremor in Shinsuke's shoulders and hands as he murmurs harshly, possessively, a promise. "Have you forgotten, you beautiful fool? In this life or the next, even if I have to crawl through dirt and shit and hell, I'll find you. Not even Enma himself could stop me from tearing the earth to reach you. It doesn't matter if you've taken another lover, I'll kill him, her, anyone who has touched you with their filthy hands, I'll kill. You can't get rid of me, I'm yours. You've agreed to this the moment you've given yourself to me. Don't forget."
Sorry, Takasugi said no goodbyes, those are the rules.
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imagininggintama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ok, so I'm sending a gif i made to go along with this hc request. This is a collaborative request by myself and @chaos-night. We would like to request that reader is in the sauna with Toshi and Gin during this scene in episode 48. Toshi and Gin are competing like they did in the episode, but the reader gets dragged into their argument and the two men decide to continue competing by seeing who can fuck the reader the best. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks a bunch! 😘
Content Warning: Threesome content under cut, double penetration, rough bites, oral (reader receiving)
We're assuming this is a co-op sauna, so anyone of any identity can be in the same area 👀
Sex is not specified, so... you can imagine what you will with all of that. (especially the double penetration 👀)
I hope you like it.
Gintoki Sakata & Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
You had suggested to go to the sauna to relax and get everyone's minds off of some things. It had certainly been stressful recently, so you thought it might help Gin and Toshi--everyone knows they need to chill (Toshi more often than Gin, but you get the idea).
What you didn't expect was the two to start competing... You didn't exactly know what they had even begun competing over, but you couldn't deny that you enjoyed watching the two.
Their muscles twitching with each movement, the grunts and groans they made... Your eyes would've been glued to them, but they weren't exactly close enough to enjoy both of them at one time...
That was until, Gin made a snide comment... "I can please Y/N better than you, dog food breath!"
"You wanna bet?!" Toshi would growl back.
Gin would grab you and kiss deeply, hand moving between your legs--
"Nuh-uh, you got the top half," Hijikata scolded, spreading your legs so he could see everything beneath the towel.
His lips and tongue made quick work on pleasing you, making you moan and whimper his name. Gin bites you, mad that he couldn't have you all to himself.
"Gin...! Not so hard..." you whined, biting your lip at the new rough sensation.
Soon their horniness trumped their competitiveness, switching where each of them was pleasing you until they knew you were more than ready for them.
By this point they had locked the door so it was just the three of you, all completely nude by now.
Their brains way too fuzzy with lust, they couldn't figure out who would take you first... When you tried to suggest they chill out a bit and share...
They took that a bit differently than you initially expected.
Neither of them could wait, and somehow silently agreed to take you at the same time... Needless to say, it was not unwelcome in the slightest.
You were an absolute mess by the end of the trip, blissed out from the pleasure and exhausted between the two of them being so eager.
They felt bad, really, so now that they had their post-nut clarity they were able to see that they went way overboard. They cleaned you up, got everyone dressed and took you home.
Gin held you in bed while Toshi went to get take out for you to eat.
When you were feeling better, you warned them never to do something like that again...
Without letting you know in advance at least.
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cornfarm · 26 days ago
below the moon
Tumblr media
sakata gintoki x reader
word count: 1.2k
synopsis: tsukuyo observes your playful, tentative relationship with gintoki.
cw: alcohol use
genre: fluff
reader is gender neutral!
super nervous for this one, but i really like it ;-; pls be nice to me heh
i wrote notes earlier but i lost them sad face. first gintama fic in a while! i really like this one, i like writing about subtle ways affection is given, and gintoki is a great person to do that with because he's notoriously insistant on being lowkey about stuff, even when he's clearly not.
anyways, gintama is eating me alive atm. rest in peace cornfarm... but i'm gintoki's self proclaimed girl wife so.... happy marriage! lol, jokes only!
peace of mind!
your name always comes up plenty of times during gintoki's occasional visits to yoshiwara. always an, "oh, y/n would know about that!" and "i saw y/n there doing some shopping there other day!", or most commonly, "y/n would have laughed!”.
spoken like you were some golden statue, tsukuyo was almost disappointed when she first met you. quiet, a bit shy and awkardly polite. you trailed slowly a few feet behind gintoki, hands clasped in front of you as you prepared to give her a hello. you certainly didn’t really seem as “strong-willed” and “wild”, as he had put it.
you seemed like an outsider to what was supposed be such a close knitted group of people, she wonders how you even got wrapped up with all of them. no normal person would willingly want to hang out with someone like gintoki, and you seemed a little too normal.
she wonders, with both honesty and raw entertainment with you, what kind of person you really are. gintoki isn’t the type to be this antsy when emotion racks through him, and she’s never seen him like this before.
she watches gintoki pick out all the azuki beans from your meal, one by one, for minutes on end, as you portioned the dessert you ordered with skillful precision. she watches you lean over to him, say something quiet and inaudible, with such a neutral look on your face, only for him to burst out laughing.
she watches how he outstretches his hands towards you when he doesn't know about something, and how he marvels at how there's nothing you seem to not know. she watches how he walks just a bit in front of you, seemingly done out of simply walking speed, but upon a closer inspection, an intentional, protective way of keeping you close to him.
the sly, snarky grins he'd flash at you whenever he had an opportunity to tease you. it's almost like a silent, "you should be thankful i kept my mouth shut." and she could tell he liked the way you'd pout at him, turning to him with this conflicted, embarrassed look on your face, before you'd turn your body back to her, wobbling to finish your sentance. if he didn't, he wouldn't be doing it so much, and certainly without that fond smile.
she watches how you begin to relax. a question she asked about what type of work you do seemed to loosen you up, shoulders drooping and your words coming out a bit more fluid. she watches how expressive your hands are when you talk, raising them in circles and pointing as you annunciate whatever joke or story you tell.
she’s very amused by the quiet, judgemental glance you give gintoki whenever he says anything out of line. most people, herself included, would act out in comical displays of annoyance, but you shoot him this judgemental glare that shuts him up in seconds. once, he actually audibly said the words "i'm sorry", to which he smiled at your own amusement.
she watches how whenever he talks, you take a chance to continue eating and drinking, staring at the wall a little dazed and wide-eyed. you’re not quite zoning out, because you always have something to add to whatever stupid thing he rambles about, but she wonders what goes through your head during those moments.
she watches as you tug at his sleeve, a small movement as to not draw attention to yourself. he takes the cue and leans over, face almost touching yours, his shoulder and arm leaning against yours. he carefully listens to what you have to say, and turns to gruffly whisper a response to you.
you excuse yourself for a moment, a little wobbly after your first drink. he holds a hand to hold your arm as you stand, making sure you don’t topple over. his eyes follow you out, before returning to his almost empty cup of liquor. she raises a brow at him, holding up a pinky.
"so? are you guys...?"
he looks dumbfounded, an exaggerated look of shock- how could she ever assume that he would date anyone? but she watches at how he flushes, just a bit, and sheepishly leans away from you when you return- perhaps out of embarrassment for her sudden breach of privacy.
and when gintoki bends down and roughly hoists you up by the legs, repeating again and again to her that he's taking you home so you don't get lost, she pauses and takes a good look at you.
cheeks flushes, eyes gently closed, with tears of your bouts of laughter still clinging to your eyelashes- hair unkempt and shaggy against your skin, she realizes how pretty you really are. a breathy laugh escapes your lips as your arms find their way around his neck.
"they always get like this when they drink." he says, voice low.
and the next time she sees him, he comes alone to yoshiwara. the first thing she does is ask where you are. it dawns on her, that that's why they all like you so much. shy you may be, but your impact is everlasting- charm and generousity that you all know he doesn't deserve. perhaps that's why you're worshipped so greatly.
so she smiles at him, "when are you gonna say something to them?"
"about what?"
"how much you like them. better do it now before someone else does."
she can't help but sigh when he begins insisting, that from the bottom of his heart, he really doesn't have any feelings towards you. "gin-chan wouldn't lie!" he says.
but he leaves yoshiwara with a gift. it’s a small one, just a small, 12 oz bottle of liquor, but it’s hand picked by gintoki himself. she asks who it’s for since that’s “not usually the type of liquor either of them drink,” and again, for a brief and honest moment, he flushes. it’s almost cute how bashful he can be, she thinks to herself while carefully wrapping it in a box. if only he didn’t try so hard to convince those around him that it’s definitely not for you, and for his other friend nobody knows about.
but as tsukuyo watches him tuck the wrapped box of bottled alcohol carefully in his yukata, a look of contemplation finds its way on his face.
"things right now," he begins, right before he heads home, "are fine like this. we're just waiting."
"waiting for what? is something gonna happen?"
he shakes his head, "until neither of us can take it anymore."
"well," she starts, beginning her goodbye, "if you need anything, you know who to ask."
he nods, staying quiet this time instead of spitting out some stupid rude remark about how he never needs any help.
“and gintoki, tell them to visit on their own next time. i’d like to see them again.” he looks surprised for a moment, but he nods nonetheless. he jolts, realizing his confirmation of her request gave it away that this gift is for you. tsukuyo smirks at him.
she watches him leave, the way his hand comes up to wave a “goodbye”. the placeless trudge of his boots against the ground finally replaced with a purposeful skip, as he hastily makes his way back to the surface to find you, wherever you decide to be.
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ah0rmone · a month ago
Tumblr media
sakata gintoki x gn! reader
warnings: suggestive, thigh riding, friends with benefits
just a concept i had in mind~
Oh, to be with Gintoki after Kagura and Shinpachi left to run some errands. You're really horny and want to have a quickie with your friend but he's "not in the mood". Apparently his mood is to read Jump while sitting on the couch.
You scoff and keep on moving closer to him.
"Come on, Gintoki, it won't take that long," you whisper in his ear putting your hand on his thigh.
Gintoki's lazy eyes follow your movement, an idea comes to his mind, so he turns to you. A smirk is apparent on his lips.
"Well, lovely, i don't feel like moving much. But if you're that eager," he points with his palm at the thigh. "Feel free to help yourself."
And with that he's back to his magazine.
You could have gotten offended but why would you do that? Your gaze is drown to Gintoki's thighs. Fit, muscular, strong. If he thought his passiveness would make you lose your enthusiasm he was wrong. It's quite the opposite actually, now you feel even more aroused then before.
You quickly hop onto his left thigh and after finding the most comfortable position you start moving. Back and forth, chasing your relief. Soon enough there are man's hands on your waist.
"Poor baby, can't do anything without me, can you?" Sakata purrs, his eyes are shining with hunger.
This man just can't sit back and ignore when such a needy baby is grinding on his thigh nor matter how hard he tries to pretend he doesn't care. Guess, you're now under his control. Again.
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gintamaxreaderimagines · 5 months ago
What would be Hijikata, Shinpachi, Gintoki and Kamui reaction(separately) to their partner giving them a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Would they like the gesture? Or hate it😂? Thanks!
Well let us see shall we!?
Reaction to receiving flowers from their S/O
Tumblr media
Gintoki.exe has stopped working.
It’s less about getting the flowers and more about how cute his S/O looks as they give him the bouquet.
They just look so precious holding it towards him and it makes him go crazy a little bit.
“Is that the bouquet or are you the bouquet?”
Tumblr media
“I should be the one getting you flowers Y/N.....Thank you.”
Shinpachi has a small blush on his face, which would have been ten times deeper if this was the beginning of the relationship, but you two have been dating awhile so he’s gotten a bit more used to the romantic stuff.
He would love the bouquet and put it in a vase in his room and take care of it well, he would also show his sister too.
He would of course get you a bouquet of flowers in return too though when he can!
Tumblr media
If this was in public he would probably automatically run away, especially if Sougo is there, then apologize later (although still manage to nag his S/O to at least give him a hint next time).
If it’s just him and his lover he would just be a tiny bit flustered.
“Do I look like I need flowers?....You’re good enough.”
He’s trying to act cool but you can tell he’s freaking out over what he just said because he’s now lighting twelve cigarettes at once!
Tumblr media
“Now, what am I going to do with these?”
He says it like getting flowers is an annoyance since he doesn’t have anywhere to put it, but by his expression there is a hint of fondness.
Possibly because it reminds him of his mother so flowers, especially from the person he loves, means a lot to him.
He would pretend to throw the bouquet away but would actually keep it, and if someone were to accidentally (or on purpose) ruin or destroy the  bouquet let’s just say they might not live to see the next day.
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doki-doki-imagines · 7 months ago
Gintoki & Kamui transformed into dogs
Sakata Gintoki:
Tumblr media
-As always something went wrong with his actual work and some old hag transformed him into a dog. -He didn't understand he become a dog until a boy screamed at his mom "how cute is that samoyed! Can we get it?!" -No -Gintoki is a free dog, he doesn't need anybody, he's gonna solve the problem by himself! -"Ohhhh you're so cute~" -Ohhhh, his partner. Gintoki isn't a free dog, he is a couch dog, his partner's couch to be specific. -It didn't take much coaxing to convince his partner to take him home with them. -"Just for today, okay? Then we will search for your owner." -He just arrived and he's already treated like a king. "Maybe I should remain a dog forever" Gintoki thinks -They don't have dog food at home, but they dealt with dogs before so they know what a dog can and cannot eat. -Let's just say that the food that Gintoki is eating right now is better than most of his usual meals. -He gets cuddles, cuddles and even more cuddles. He can go in the bathroom when his partner is there and won't be called a pervert. -He doesn't have to work, nobody is gonna ask to pay the rent. -Dog’s life is the best. -"No! You can't eat sweets, they are toxic for you! Don't give me sweet eyes I'm not gonna give you my chocolate!" -Dog's life is shit. -At that point it's already night, his partner is in bed, him next to them. -"I really liked having you here, tomorrow we'll have to search for your owner...maybe I should buy a dog too, I'm sure Gintoki will like it too!" -No. Sadaharu is enough a pain in the ass and he doesn't need another, but for now, the only thing he can do is getting even near them with a sad look in his eyes. -"Ohhh are you sad dear? You must miss them a lot mh? C'mon get under the blankets, for tonight I'm gonna let you." -And who is Gintoki to say no? Tomorrow he'll have to run around the town to search for that hag and he is already tired, better sleep now. -"G-Gintoki?!? What are you doing here??" -Mh? He hoped to be greeted by a pat on the head, some sweet compliment...wait, is he back to normal? That curse must have been temporary! -But the look on his partner's face may last longer than a day. -"What. Are. You. Doing. Buck naked in my bed?" Gintoki started to sweat "It is a long story you see..." "Then make it short." A loud gulp echoed in the room. -After the situation got explained... "So you following me in the bathroom wasn't a casualty or your instinct. Or pushing your face between my legs. You didn't want cuddles, you only took advantage of the situation." Their voice monotone. Gintoki was sweating from head to toe. "Maybe?" -Yatos are powerful? Try to get hit by Gintoki's partner, you'll find yourself passed out on the ground before you can blink.
Kamui Yato:
Tumblr media
-Kamui wanted a fistfight, for sure he didn't expect that man to turn him into a dog.
-He won btw. There is no way he's gonna lose, as a dog or not.
-Well, for sure the fact that he kept his strength even in that form helped him out.
-It was Abuto that directly delivered him to Kamui's partner.
-"But don't you need him?"
The look on Abuto face tells them that they don't need him. The first free day for Abuto and the crew, this may become a national holiday.
-Kamui still smiled in his puppy form, but his eyes told him a way different story.
-Kamui’s partner took him inside and laid him on the ground.
 "So now you're a puppy, mh? Does this mean..." They were slow in their movements, after all, they didn't want to hurt Kamui "I can beat you?!" They only wanted to put his back on the ground. 
Poor them.
-They could see Kamui wagging his tail, sat like a statue, clearly happy, from the bathroom, the room he threw them into, breaking the living room wall.
-Then they tried to take him out for a walk, leash on "Kamui I don't wanna lose you in the crowd!", but they found themselves face on the ground more often than not; he pulls like crazy.
-"Wait a moment...a second more...Tadaaaa! Now we should be able to walk".
Kamui upgraded to sled dog! Thank God it has been snowing a lot or they wouldn't know what to do.
-They were so proud of themselves, everything was going smoothly..."H-Hey Kamui! Where are we going?! OHI! SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN!"
He did. He stopped. The fact that they broke into(sled included) the Chinese restaurant he took them to, breaking a window and some tables is a detail.
-Look at him. Smiling, cute as hell, tongue sticking out, like all of this wasn't his fault. There is no way they were going to buy him food. NO. WAY.
-They bought it. Because they are too weak. So now, between the food and the money to repair all the broken things, their wallet is empty. WEAK.
-"Pls Kamui this time let's just do a normal walk, I'm destroyed"
Did he listen to them? No. But at least nothing else was broken apart his partner's spirit.
-At least when at home he calmed down.
-He followed them everywhere, the bathroom, the kitchen ("I'm not gonna give you more food! Now is my time to eat!"), on the couch, then sat on their tummy.
-In the end, they understood that he just wanted cuddles. The moment they touched his fur they reached paradise.
-"Oh God you're so soft, so cute, so beautiful, please stay like this forever."
He bit their nose. He would have done that in his human form too.
-Kamui wanted to shower with them. And when Kamui wants something he gets it. It was a funny experience for his partner, for him? Not at all, now he understood why dogs hate baths. After two minutes he was already out, his partner laughing at him.
-And then, when they had to dry him?? HELL. He didn't stay still and his partner risked a finger more than once.
-Thank God the day ended and they went to sleep.
-The next morning, his partner woke up alone. Kamui was already in the kitchen eating everything that was inside the fridge.
-"Oh you're finally awake! I already started eating, hope you don't mind!" He said, eating on your lunch table and emptying the fridge like it was his.
They mind, but they also know Kamui doesn't care about it. But at this moment the question was another one.
"Are those my short? And that my fave t-shirt?"
"Ahahaha yes. I got them dirty while eating, I'm sure it's not a problem."
They wanted to cry.
"After lunch I'm gonna meet Abuto and the others" They could sense it wasn't going to be a peaceful meeting "meanwhile why don't we take a shower together?"
Now he was dangerously near to them. It wasn't really a question, his hands were already on their hips, ready to lift and carry them as a potato sack in case of a negative answer.
"This time it's gonna be my turn to laugh." Voice deep, a voice that told them what was going to happen to them soon.
But how could they say no to that voice?
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lucauali · 5 months ago
Back at it again with another request! \(≧▽≦)/ Feel free to work on this at your own pace, of course! Alright, here goes: how many five year olds can the Joui4 take in a fight? No hold-backs. No morality. This is WAR. Will our boys emerge victorious or succumb to the little devils? Come on, Luca, I need answers >:D
I’m finally back for a bit to write some requests!! I won’t make any promises on how many I can do, especially with exams coming up. However, I’ll try to update as much as possible.
Anyways, this one made me LMAONFJSJ 
If he’s alone, I could see him being petty and knocking the kids over like this
He wouldn’t actually hurt them, obviously, but I can see them ticking him off a bit to the point where he would square up LMAOFSNUFN
Gin wouldn’t win because knowing him, the kids would trample him, but it’s not because he lost to the kids; some outer factor like Kagura or Okita would K.O. him or something HAHAHSH
I’ll be honest, baby doesn’t stand a chance; like yes he’s extremely strong and a force to be reckoned with, but he wouldn’t hurt them, not even a slight pat
We know he has a weakness to cute things, including children. I can see him doting on them instead, but kids are mean ngl
Sadly, Katsura would get wrecked; I’m talking bruises and stuff from how violent those little devils are FFJADHJA, but don’t worry because Elizabeth is rescuing him asap
He’s harder to interpret for this one, I’ll admit. If it was Mutsu, she would destroy the children with no hesitation. Honestly, she still might if Sakamoto is getting beat LOL
Baby is literally deemed an idiot by everyone he meets, so the kids might think that too and take it to their advantage; I can imagine him in another dilemma like when he was drifting in the ocean in a box
Like always, he always finds a way back and turns it around. He wouldn’t hurt them, but he still wins 
Straight up merciless, JK JADAHADJ okay maybe not
Idk I can see him having no patience for them, but just butting them away with the hilt of his sword or something pls taka you can’t do that
For sure wins, that’s all I know. Takasugi is the type to make kids that age cry for no reason or the weirdest reason. I also like to think he would lowkey try to help the kids like find their parents but he’s a scary man and makes them cry
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chaos-night · 7 months ago
Gintoki trying for kids
Sakata Gintoki x fem!reader
CW: impregnation, breeding kink, creampie, some honorifics (Gin refers to himself with a polite honorific)
✨NSFW drabble thirst below!✨
Tumblr media
You and Gintoki had been discussing having children of your own for awhile. Kagura and Shinpachi were all grown up and the house felt empty without them. Every since you mentioned it to Gintoki he has been on you nonstop. Every chance he gets, he has his cock in you pumping hard and fast, whispering in your ear about how he’s going to fill you up.
“You want my kids, y/n? I’m going to give you all of my seed--” he grunts into your ear, “there will be so much you’ll be having twins and twins!”
“Gin, isn’t that just quadruplets? Also that’s not how that works,” you correct him but he silences you with a kiss, finishing inside for the sixth time that day.
“Cum for Gin-san, y/n, let Gin-san take care of you.”
He cums so much it’s hard to keep it all in. He’ll slip his hand in your pants throughout the day just to push everything back inside. “Careful y/n, those are my future children. Can’t let any of it go to waste.” You could hear the smirk on his lips. He was having too much fun with this.
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mygintamagines2 · a year ago
Hello there 😗 headcanons for sleeping in the same bed with their s/o for the very first time , for Gintoki , Kamui and Sougo please? And sorry if this sounds weird , English isn't my language but I hope you're understanding what I'm asking for
Hi there! Please don’t worry about your English, your grammar and spelling is perfect! I admire you for your fluency, I’m only partially fluent in French, but I don’t really interact with anything French so I know I’ll lose my touch on it someday. I try to do my requests in order, but yours was so so cute I couldn’t help myself >3<
Sakata Gintoki
The first time that you slept with him was very natural and spur of the moment. It’s not really a big deal for him. He’s not really nervous, I mean he’s had flings with strangers so I doubt he’d be nervous.
If you’re nervous though, he’ll bug you for days about it. He’ll tease you in the moment, and he’ll tease you in the morning. He can’t help himself! He thinks it’s cute, but you can kick him if it gets annoying.
He’s the type that likes to lay down and chat, so even if you’re tired, he might keep you up a bit longer just to talk to you. He doesn’t know how you’d like to cuddle when you sleep so it might be a bit awkward. He doesn’t want to ask because he thinks he’ll look lame, but he doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable.
Kamui would be very giddy about the idea of it. He gets to touch you while he’s sleeping?! Sign him up! 
He has absolutely no nerves, but he struggles to fall asleep because he quickly realizes that he can’t move around too much. He’ll express to you his frustration, he feels so restless… What ends up happening is he’ll fall asleep a little separated from you, maybe he’s holding your hand, and then later in the night when he’s deep asleep, he’ll roll over and snuggle into you. 
Ever since he started sleeping with you, he’s been more awake and alert during the days.
Though, his favorite thing to do is to eat a big meal, and just crash into each other's arms.
Okita Sougo
Sleeping with Sougo for the first time would feel very natural. It feels almost routine despite it being the first time! Sougo would probably never consider “sleeping together” to be an exciting event, but winding down for the night had never felt as relaxing. 
When he first climbs into bed with you, his nerves shoot up. He’s wide awake, his hands are sweating, and his heart is pounding so hard that he feels like it’s going to pop out of his chest. His senses are so heightened. He’s flustered, and he doesn’t know how to calm down. He’s never been that intimate with anybody before, so he’s in shock of the intensity of it.
However, he’ll try to play it off cool, and your only real indication of his flusteredness is if you can feel his heart pounding. You definitely can. If you’re nervous, he’ll tease you about it, and that makes him feel a bit more relaxed. 
He’s the big spoon. Generally, he probably wont do anything else but lay there, but if you’ve started dozing off, he’ll stroke your hair.
He wakes up feeling embarrassingly refreshed. His nervousness goes away quite quickly (unfortunately).
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Sorry to bother you if this isn’t a good time, but could you do 🤐, 💋 and ♦️ for Gintoki? I’m a really huge fan of him and I hope it’s not too much to ask.
*pretends i didn’t forget abt this account for 3 years* Gintoki
🤐Would they ever confess their feelings first?  Not deliberately, no.  He’s too convinced that he doesn’t deserve is not cut out for romance, so he’ll never approach you with the intention to confess. But if he’s extremely drunk, high on adrenaline due to a desperate fight or simply too high from winning in pachinko It might slip from his lips without him meaning to.💋Are they more sensual or sexual?  Sexual definitely. Idk what to say, he’s a actions speak louder than words kinda guy and that includes sex.♦️Are they concerned with the social status of their partner?Yes, the broke curlhead that cannot pay rent for two consecutive months definitely cares about social status. Jokes aside, whether you’re just as poor as him (or worse) or filthy rich it does not matter. Sure, it definitely affects how many parfaits he can get from you, but that’s hardly a deal breaker.
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imagine-gintama · a year ago
I love all your posts! Can you please do gintoki, okita, hijikata and kamui asking someone out?
Headcanons of Gintoki, Okita, Hijikata and Kamui asking someone out.
What a cute request! ^^ I’m back from my unannounced hiatus! I took a very rigorous summer school course, but that’s finally over, so I have time to write again! Thank you for your patience!
Sakata Gintoki:
Gintoki is far from shy, in fact some would actually call him shameless. Although, the way he acts when he’s contemplating whether or not to ask his crush out may be mislabeled as timidness, it’s actually his insecurities that are holding him back.
Constantly running through his head are thoughts of whether or not he’s the one that they deserve. Gintoki is painfully aware of his shortcomings, his flaws, his poor habits, they’re what’s holding him back from asking them out.
Whenever he feels a bit courageous, those same few thoughts run through his head all over again., stopping him. Eventually, if it gets too obvious that not being with them is hurting him in turn, Kagura and Shinpachi will give Gintoki a lecture about it. Gintoki would shrug it off, but eventually he understands, and decides to give it a shot.
At first, it starts out with Gintoki extensively planning it out. He’s by no means a romantic, but hey, he’s seen his fair share of television. A walk at the park, dinner together at one of their favorite places, and then he’d walk them home is what he has in mind.
As Gintoki finds himself at their front door, Gintoki’s palms get slightly sweatier, as he feels butterflies in his stomach. “Don’t chicken out now. What are you, some high school girl?” He curses to himself. He would ultimately ignore his fears and ask them out.
Okita Sougo:
Sougo isn’t romantic at all, in fact, sometimes a few social nuances and social cues fly past him. This isn’t because he isn’t aware of them, but rather, he couldn’t find it in himself to care. It was never like him to try and fit in anyways.
Just because he isn’t romantic in the sense of the word, doesn’t mean he doesn’t try when he knows he needs to. To put it simply, he has his own way of being romantic and affectionate. Asking the person he likes out is one of those times where he goes the extra mile.
Sougo doesn’t want to be the one making the first move, at least not until he’s got at least an idea of how they feel about him first. Relationships aren't a priority to him right now, so if Sougo finds out that they aren’t interested, he doesn’t want to spend useless time and effort trying to court them.
If they are interested, Sougo would find himself frequently visiting them, usually during his Shinsengumi shifts. If his shift is at the other side of Edo, he would switch with someone who has sifts near them. If they’re free, Sougo asks them to tag along, if not, Sougo would hang around where they are. Close enough that they’re in sight, but not close enough to be considered a stalker.
Once Sougo finds himself comfortable enough and ready to take the next step, he would visit outside his shifts, loitering around them. Eventually, on one of his free days, without notice, Sougo takes them somewhere homely, probably a food stand, for a light meal, where he asks them out.
Hijikata Toshirou
Hijikata is a bit of a disaster, an emotional disaster. He’s sure about how he feels towards the person he likes, however, a variety of things are constantly weighing his mind. This results in Hijikata never really deciding whether or not he wants to ask them out.
He’s not one to prioritize relationships, he’s more of the ‘married to my work’ kind of guy. Plus, with his dangerous line of work, he questions if he’s even ready for any relationships. Thus it will take a while, who knows how long, for Hijikata to be vocal about his emotions.
That doesn’t stop him from being embarrassingly obvious about his feelings though. Hijikata can’t help it, his body is honest. Redding cheeks and ears are usually a tell tale sign that the person he is pining for is nearby.
If and when Hijikata finally comes around to asking that person out, he wants to be smooth, but yet true to himself. He wants the person he likes to like him for who he is. If they don’t, well, maybe it wasn’t meant to be anyways.
Hijikata would ask them to go on a small walk with him. He’s a bit awkward at first, but he gets his act together quickly. After a while, he would just ask them out, straight to the point without any fluffy or flowery words.
This mans isn’t clueless, he knows what love is, he doesn’t live under a rock. Its simply that Kamui didn’t expected that he would be the one to like someone.
Kamui is a man who is confident. In the sense that he wouldn’t hesitate to ask someone he liked out, because he isn’t afraid of rejection. However, Kamui doesn’t have a very good understanding of romantic relations between people in general. He never really saw it as something essential to his life.
He would likely seek help from Abuto, as Kamui views him as a person who understands human interaction better than he does. He wouldn’t know what to do with his emotions in the beginning, hence he would take it out on the battlefield to distract himself.
Courting people is still a foreign concept to Kamui, and, quite frankly, he’s found himself unsure of how he himself would act. Thoughts of them starts appearing to him while on the battlefield, that’s when he knows its more serious than he expected.
When push comes to shove, Kamui will appear nonchalant and assertive as he asks them out. His signature closed eyed smile conceals the nervousness and uncertainty behind his eyes as he waits for the answer.
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goldenlaquer · a month ago
may I request playing strip poker with abuto? nsfw obviously 😏 and thank you so much for sharing your amazing writing and art! 💕💕
Noo, thank you for having such a humongous brain to send in this request!! But please, I must ask you to ignore any atrocious mistakes because I'm terrible at understanding the rules of poker meself.
Reader with petty competitiveness over the littlest things and a compulsion to cry at everything, and especially when things don't go her way, in other words a brat, playing strip poker with Daddy Abuto? 😫👌 AFC meeting start
Abuto NSFW Headcanons:
Abuto is devastatingly good at strip poker, you come to find. How? He's so bad at math, can't even recite his table of six even with the aid of his fingers, and to your mind, this somehow translated to him being bad at card games too (which is totally the reason why you even challenged him in the first place and nothing else), but Abuto is absolutely crushing you.
You put down a two pairs, he puts down a three of a kind. Off goes your shoes. You play a straight, he has a full house. Off goes your socks. You manage to win a round with a three of a kind and Abuto peels off his boots, but by the next round... With teeth gritted, you show your hand, a no pair, and Abuto shrugs in apology, flipping his cards over to reveal his royal flush. With trembling fingers, you unwrap your obi, let it dangle to the floor, and draw the loose flaps of your remaining clothes up to your armpits to cinch it there. With how the game is playing out, it won't be long until you're as naked as the day you were born and a month's salary poorer for it.
As you stare at your hand, which is yet another terrible one— plip. To your horror, tears are starting to fall off your face. It's a reflex of yours, one that you've never been able to correct. You growl quietly, trying to force the upcoming tears from breaking, and hurry to discreetly wipe your face, angry at yourself for crying and hoping that he doesn't notice. But he does, of course.
Woman and their tears, Abuto thinks as he awkwardly rubs his neck, are the strongest weapon in the whole wide universe. "Hey, we don't have to do this," he begins as gentle as he can, lowering his cards down to the table. "Let's stop. You've got nothing to prove here."
But you're so far gone that calling it quits is simply not an option. "No, this is more than clothes, this is my dignity on the line!" You say wetly, waaaay beyond reason, furiously shuffling the deck with trembling fingers. And then, for apparently no good reason: "Get ready, old man!" You sniff, glaring at him as the cards are dealt.
See, he was gonna resolve himself to start throwing winning cards and relinquish victory to you. Let you have the rights to gloating and his paycheck, because he feels bad that you're crying. It's a juvenile game meant for randy youths anyway, and he should feel ashamed for feeling so eager beneath his best deadpan. Even if he's throwing away the chance at quelling the wonder of what your skin looks like (warm and soft, surely, if the skin on your delicate neck and hands is any indication) under all those clothes, what's it to him if it'll make you happy again? But...
... Old man? Abuto looks up at the ceiling and tries to draw strength from dimmed lights. Yeah, he can admit he is one but being taunted with that by a sore loser is rich. If you were a man twice your size and twenty-three (or is it twenty-four?) times less cute, he would've been inclined to kill you for the disrespect. Luckily for you, Abuto's nursing something sweet for your eyes and smile, even when you're being a chit, like now.
But for that snide comment, he picks his cards up and he's gonna keep it fair.
And so you continue your losing streak as sullen tears courses its way down your cheek, smudging the ink on the cards. The outer layer reveals a white shift underneath. And underneath the white shift
Miraculously, the tables are turned and Abuto starts losing. And the reason for this is because Abuto's not thinking with his sensible head anymore, he's starting to think with his Yato dick.
And the reason for that, is this: Your tits, squishing against the confinements of your bra. The slope of your vulnerable tummy, heaving up and down with each shallow breath. The plumpness of your thighs, accentuated as you squeeze them together tightly, trying very hard to not draw them up into your chest to hide your goose-fleshed body. Holy shit, those panties—
His cock is uncomfortably swollen to full capacity from skin, lavender, and lace, and he's losing his clothes at a rapid rate. His socks, then his shirt, then the arm (you begin to protest this, but Abuto tears it off, crumbles the metal, and tosses it to the floor without much ado).
Then he wins a round again, and you visibly fluster, hands wringing, eyes shy and shining from tears (from embarrassment and arousal at this point because Abuto's bare chest is doing fucking wonders to you), there's only your bra or panties left, and you're not sure which would be better, so you
slide off your panties, wiggling your hips side to side (and if Abuto thought his dick is as hard as it was ever gonna get, then he is wrong), but it's hard to completely remove it without parting your legs a bit, and both you and Abuto blankly stare as you slither the panties away and something clear and liquid strings from the sodden fabric, connecting to your flushed folds peeking between the mess of your thighs.
"You win." Abuto breathes out with a bark of laughter, collapsing back into his seat. "You win, you little shithead."
I can't stop writing so damn much for Abuto. So. Damn. Much. But I can't condense this shit despite my best wishes, sorry.
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imagininggintama · 2 months ago
Hey so how do you think Hijikata and Gintoki would react to where crush got asked if they like anybody. Gintoki/Hijikata are in same room. Maybe Kondo or Kagura asked. “Who is it? Is it Sougo?” Instant: “No”. “Hijikata/Gintoki?” Crush is quiet and looks over at the named person and then looks back at person, bluntly, “yes”?
Gintoki Sakata
Tumblr media
Kagura would definitely be the one to pester Gin's crush, which kills him inside.
For some god forsaken reason, someone gave her a copy of one of those... teen magazines. Curiosity got to her and she went up to you, since she knew about Gin's and knew Shinpachi wouldn't be interested in anyone other than Otsuu.
"Hey, y/n, do you have a crush?" You'd have to get her to explain why she wanted to know and afterwards give a sheepish "yes".
"Ohhh? Is it someone I know?" yes
"... Is it Shinpachi?" Kagura he's too young for me
"What about that police dog you're around?" No, Kagura
"Gin-chan?" Gin spits out his strawberry milk, having been listening despite not wanting to hear another person's name be who you ended up having a crush on.
You looked Gin dead in the eyes before looking back at Kagura. "Yes. Yes it is."
"I... wha... me? wha?" He's gawking at you, face bright red.
"... can we date?"
"... yeah."
Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
Sougo was actually the one to initiate the questioning. He knew how much Toshi was crushing on you, so he wanted a reason to tease him.
He brings you over when everyone is having lunch, making sure Hijikata would be able to hear the conversation.
"So you've got to have a crush on somebody, right?" ... Yeah, what about you?
"Nah, not really. But, your crush, who is it?" Guess asshat, you'd tease, simply because he was being so pushy.
"... Me?" No way
"Kondo?" No.
"Odd jobs?" Nah
"... What about Hijikata?" He smirked, glancing between the two of you. You looked over, watching him trying to act like he wasn't listening to you two this whole time. He looked up at you briefly before looking away, cheeks tinted red.
"Yes, actually. Good guess." He nearly swallowed his cigarette in surprise. You giggled in reply.
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cinnamongerine · 8 months ago
making out with hijkata ...... the worst. ferreal imagine how u gon survive that with all his mayo and cigarrette breath?????????? i respect u hijifuckers tho more power to yall
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cornfarm · 2 days ago
idol of worship
Tumblr media
sakata gintoki x reader
word count: 0.4k
synopsis: you and gintoki both have different idols of affection.
cw: implied sexual content, unrequited love, sad fee fees, gintoki is definitely not sad
genre: mild angst
gintoki wanted it, but not really like this. but he wasn't the type to really think things through, accepting that the consequences of his actions will come later. act first, think next, repair later.
but even if he thinks your desires are misplaced, perhaps he only thinks so because of wanton jealousy. he doesn't really blame you, no, he can understand the way you feel. perhaps the irony is that you're thinking of someone else- he's really thinking of you.
"just once, if it's too painful for either of us we don't have to do it again." you were frowning the entire time you spoke. "i just want to-" the words were stuttered out, anxiety ripping through your muscles as you trembled, "i want to try. maybe i'll feel better. maybe i'll finally get over them. i should allow myself to have a bit of fun- just like you do."
he sighed, a smile forming on his lips. his heart pounded in his chest. his smile was one of disappointment, or perhaps acceptance, that this is only a momentary arrangement. this was his chance. he might as well take it, he thought.
he reached out, a hand coming to take yours, thumb stroking at your palm. he leaned a bit closer, meeting your gaze through downturned eyes.
"i get it, no feelings. i can do that." a hand came up, a tender gesture of affection as he strokes your cheek. "i can do that." he repeated.
but he lays next to your spent body, still trembling from aftershocks.
"y/n? you there?" he murmurs, trying to raise your limb form off the futon. he wanted to do this, his heart had skipped a beat at your words. it was of excitement.
he watches you, as your eyes creak open and you smile at him. it's a bit bashful, very characteristically you- he missed it. he wanted to do this, he had thought about it plenty of times. every moment he got to get closer to you was interrupted by someone or something. this was his chance.
his hand comes up, wiping a tear that escapes your left eye.
"i didn't kill you, did i?" you chuckle at his words.
"no, i'm alive." he huffs at yours.
your eyes close again, a hand coming up to touch his, insisting his hand stays. he wanted to do this, he reminds himself. he's content.
gintoki sighs, yeah, he's fulfilled. he's satisfied- he came, didn't he?
he removes his hand and makes his way to the bathroom, ignoring your small whimper.
he releases the inside of his bottom lip from his teeth.
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doki-doki-imagines · 5 months ago
gintama kamui with a normal human reader? i feel like he would be really soft and careful not to hurt (ToT)
-Kamui may have a pea-sized brain that works only on fight-fight harder mode, but he understands that he can't treat his partner like he would do with a Yato. -Let say that at first, he was like a bull in a china shop. -His fingerprints were everywhere: neck, back, waist, thighs, ass. -An hug, a friendly pat, a not so friendly pat on the butt and BAM! Marked. -People dear to them don't know if they should worry about them having a violent partner or about them being some kind of secret pervert, with a "big passion" for bruises. -At first, it was funny seeing how easily he could bruise them, but the smile soon died when he understood how much he was hurting his partner. -And Kamui doesn't like hurting them. At all. -It's like "Would you find it funny if someone broke an object dear to you? No. Even less if it's you doing the damage" -Yeah, Kamui can be like that. -It took months, but in the end he achieved the delicacy of a feather. -At times he is a little too much, he treats his partner as the finest porcelain, as the best living being in the world. -and it is a pretty nice feeling. -Others time he laughs at them being so fragile in comparison to him. -Anyway, it's incredible how much he improved! He doesn't even seem himself. -All Harusame is flabbergasted by their captain soft touches towards his partner. -Then Kamui likes to remind them that it is a special treatment for his partner and if they hoped he got softer, they are gonna be deluded. -to say the truth, he got a bit softer, but that is deep down his asshole heart... -At times, when his Yato instincts take over, he likes to remind them how strong he is. -After all, his partner really had a big passion for bruises...
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lucauali · 5 months ago
Hi hi may I ask a headcannon with kamui and kagura with a big sister reader (I want these two as my little brother and sister even if this family is a mess lmao)
I love this family with my whole heart <3
He’d be clingy, no way around it; you were there for him n kagura, you took care of them when their mom and dad couldn’t
Kamui would feel indebted to you and try to pay back that kindness once he’s older, but in his own way (getting you a bunch of tasty food and eats most of it)
I can see him being protective of you. If you happen to go with Kagura to Earth, he’s not going to let Gintoki, Hijikata, Kondo, Okita, or any man get close to you. 
If you stayed on the ship with Kamui at any point, I think he would terrorize Abuto for going near you, even though it’s bound to happen LMAOOOO; if it was like Takasugi, I think it would be tense and hostile like when those two first met
She’s also very clingy, but she’s much more obvious about it and she simply doesn’t care to hide it
Drags you to meet Gintoki, Shinpachi, and the others because she wants one of the most important people in her life to meet the others who hold a big place in her heart as well
I don’t think she’ll be protective over you, but she would be wary of certain people maybe; I can see her being okay with Gintoki (obviously) and Hijikata being 
Will absolutely tear Okita to shreds, he would for sure be petty and flirt with you just to piss Kagura off; however, I can see her being elated if you befriended Tsukuyo or Otae since she loves them
All in all, these babies absolutely adore you <333
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chaos-night · 4 months ago
part 3
Tumblr media
★彡 part 2 ~☆~ part 4 ミ★
Summary: finally on a distant planet, you and Sakamoto are in the first phases of a business negotiation. Things don’t go as planned, but you uncover some aspects of your boss that he’s hidden away.
Word count: 1.6k
CW: alcohol, a little bit of angst and a little bit of fluff.
Tumblr media
You’re not sure what your purpose of being here is. So far all you’ve done is sit next to Sakamoto while he speaks with an amanto from a distant planet. Apparently, he is some elected official wanting to bring some new goods to his home planet. You listen to the clicking sounds Sakamoto makes with his tongue, skillfully moving it to communicate with the other foreigner.
You’re almost sure you’re just there for show, especially since Sakamoto seems to have everything under control. He eventually stands and bows to the amanto.
“Oh is it over?” you ask.
He laughs, “No no, this deal will take a few days. But I think we have the first negotiations down!”
“Oh, what are they?”
“I have no idea! Ahahah!”
You’re absolutely stunned. How does he not know?!
“S-Sakamoto-san, how do you not know?!” you voice your concern.
“I have no idea what he was saying. Plus, I forgot the dictionary to translate! Mutsu is gonna kill me,” he says with a laugh while rubbing the back of his neck nervously.
You cannot believe you just spent three hours sitting there while your boss was completely winging it in a negotiation in another language that he doesn’t know. 
“Anyway, let’s grab some food. I’m starving!”
You can’t believe how easily he brushes off the endeavor. You follow him to some restaurant down the road. The meal is comprised of strange meats and vegetables in colors you’ve never seen before.
“This is some of the healthiest food in the galaxy,” he informs you.
“Sir, what are you going to do about the negotiations?”
“I’m going to do them, if that’s what you mean,” he laughs.
That isn’t what you mean, and you have a growing concern that Mutsu will also be kicking your ass for not keeping your boss in line.
“Don’t worry ya pretty head about it! Eat up!”
You nod, trying the food despite your lack of appetite. It’s savory with a note of sweetness as an after taste. You’re eating your meal when you notice a large scar on Sakamoto’s hand. You’re hesitant to ask about it, not wanting to offend him or push boundaries, but he’s an observant man and speaks up.
“I got it in the war.”
You notice a hint of solemness in his voice.
“The Joui war? You fought in that?”
“Yeah, many years ago. This scar is the reason I became a merchant! I’ve always wanted to travel in space. Earth just feels too small for me,” he says with a wink.
He tilts his head lower just enough for you to catch the brightness of his eyes. His words sound like an old dream, and his eyes linger on your own gaze for some time.
He looks pretty, you think. 
You blink to bring yourself back to the present. Sakamoto is slurping down some green colored noodles. He takes a sip of alcohol, which you politely refused, wanting to be sober in case he got too drunk.
When you’re finished eating, he pays the waiter and you help him stumble to a nearby hotel. The two of you spent too much time enjoying your meal and getting to know each other a bit more. Sakamoto was happy to regal you in silly details of old business trips. Apparently, he has found himself in many unforeseen predicaments.
When you get to a hotel, Sakamoto tries booking rooms for each of you. It appears to you that even though he’s been a space merchant for an entire decade, his skill at speaking anamto languages is absolute garbage.
“Sorry, one room,” the lady at the front desk tries her best to explain in Japanese.
“Is it your room?” he flirts.
You have to stop yourself from physically face palming at him. You roll your eyes, inserting yourself into the conversation.
“The one room, does it have two beds?” you ask.
“Sorry, one,” she answers simply.
“I’m sure we can find another hotel,” you say to him.
“Sorry, no, only one,” she says again.
“I know there’s only one room,” you confirm again, you turn back to your boss “Come on, let’s just go find another.”
“Sorry, holiday, no room.”
“I think she means there’s no rooms at other hotels either,” Sakamoto laments, “This must be our only option. We will take it!”
He adds a laugh and you wince internally. At least we will each get a side of the bed, you think.
Well you thought wrong, and found out fairly quickly. The bed is the size of a standard twin on Earth, maybe just slightly bigger.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” you whisper to yourself.
Sakamoto laughs, definitely awkwardly this time, and sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. There isn’t even a couch in the hotel room, nor is there a single chair.
“I’ll take the floor,” he says.
You’re surprised, but it could just be the alcohol speaking. You quickly use the bathroom, washing your face and brushing your teeth. When you return, Sakamoto appears to already be asleep on the floor, curled up with one arm tucked under his head. He’s taken off his jacket and draped it over himself as a blanket.
You suddenly feel a bit bad for him. Sure he’s an idiot, but he doesn’t deserve to sleep on the cold floor.
You pad over to the small closet at the entryway. You open it to check for a spare blanket, which—thankfully—you find. You carefully cross to his sleeping form, removing his coat and replacing it with the blanket. It’s thin, but it’s better than his coat, which you hang in the closet.
You make yourself comfortable in the bed, shutting your eyes and hoping sleep will overtake you.
Hours pass and you can’t sleep at all. Whether it’s the foreignness of the room, or the stress of the business deal, or the fact that your boss is sleeping just a few feet away on the floor, you’re not sure. You lay in bed, staring at the darkness of the ceiling. The air is cold and you can feel the chill in your toes. You suppose that’s what the spare blanket is for.
“Sakamoto-san,” you whisper, wondering if he’s awake.
You hear a mumble in response.
“Sakamoto-san, can I ask you a question?”
You hear a quiet laugh come from the floor, “Yeah, shoot.”
“Sorry if this seems like I’m prying, but why did you choose to come to space? There are plenty of merchants that live on Earth, so why did you leave?”
“Ah, well if I’m being honest, it just felt like the place to be. I had to keep moving forward after all. Earth just feels too small for me.”
“Yeah, you said that earlier. That makes sense. Keep moving forward and all...”
You let the silence grow between you. After all, it’s not often there’s silence around Sakamoto Tatsuma. 
“I had to leave, actually,” he says solemnly. There’s a bit of sadness in his voice that you don’t think you would’ve caught if it weren’t for the deafening silence of the room.
“I was badly injured. I couldn’t fight anymore. I didn’t want to see my comrades die anymore.”
“Your comrades from the Joui War?” you ask.
“Yeah. I can’t believe it’s been so long already. I haven’t seen those guys in many years.”
You’re not sure who he means, but you lean over the side of the bed and catch the sad smile on his face. He isn’t paying attention to you, instead, he glances down at his right hand.
“Do you ever feel like an outcast? Because you left?” you ask, studying him as he reminisces on his painful past.
“I suppose sometimes I do.”
“Is that why you made something for yourself?”
"No one's ever really asked me how I feel. Thank you,” he says, turning his head to look up at you.
Despite the sorrowful nature of the conversation, he smiles at you. You look into his deep blue eyes. There’s a slight mistiness to them, like he’s holding back the urge to cry.
“Sakamoto-san...” you begin to say, but are hesitant to finish.
He hums in response, looking at you still. The look in his eyes makes your heart ache and for some reason all you want to do is something to take that pain away.
“Do you want to join me on the bed?” you finish.
Surprise crosses his features before quickly flashing his usual expression.
“Only if you’re comfortable with that.”
“I’m ok,” you tell him.
He gets up, picking up the extra blanket and crawling into bed with you. You shuffle over, making room for him. Once he’s situated, he layers the extra blanket over both of you. Instantly, you feel much warmer.
You’re not sure what possesses you, but you take his right hand in yours, pressing a soft kiss on the inside of his palm at the end of his scar. 
People don’t often offer Sakamoto Tatsuma kindness. Behind his goofy exterior, is a man who desires to be cared for. He’s carried the weight of his burdens for many years. You finally offer him some understanding and compassion. That’s all he could ever ask for.
Sakamoto Tatsuma really is a wonderful man.
He swallows the lump forming in his throat as you turn away from him, acting like the encounter didn’t happen. He smiles nonetheless, grateful to have you here with him on this cold night. Your presence makes him feel just a bit warmer.
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Tumblr media
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mygintamagines2 · a year ago
love the blog! bruh i feel like they'd be the worst with this, but gintoki, toshi and sougo's reaction to a bad panic attack from reader 👀
BRUH they would.. and thank you :) Also, I’m just assuming that reader is their s/o because you didn’t specify, I hope that’s okay!
Sakata Gintoki
I actually think Gintoki is better at dealing with your panic attacks than most would think. He’s very observant, and he recognizes when you’re beginning to panic. If you start crying, he’ll panic then, trying to ease you to stop crying. He goes to humor first, trying to get you to separate from your emotions. 
If you’re out in public, he’ll do whatever he can to not cause a scene. He’ll pull you somewhere private and quiet, and firmly consol you. It doesn’t matter where you two are though, he’ll still let you cling onto him if you need it. 
He feels really pained watching you. He knows what it’s like to feel like that, and although he’ll never admit it, he hates having to watch you suffer. It makes him very angry, and once you’ve calmed down, he’ll excuse himself to go cool down.
Hijikata Toshiro
Hijikata is the worst, he’s not good with all the emotional stuff. He freaks out if you start crying, so if you’re having a full blown panic attack, he’s on alert. He’d be kinda aggressive with you, grabbing your shoulders so you look at him properly. He’ll raise his voice on accident, and when he sees you shrink away even further, his heart breaks. 
He’ll be desperate for you to tell him what to do, but if you can muster the strength to request anything from him, he’ll do it with immense intensity and efficiency. Hijikata’s next move is to hold you as tightly as he can. 
It would be best to have a long discussion with him about what he should do because he will feel quite lost.
Okita Sougo
Sougo wouldn’t catch on right away that you were actually having a panic attack until it was too late. Even if he didn’t cause it, he’d still mock you as you’re breaking down. He’d play his sadistic game with you, prodding and poking at you, saying “ah, [y/n]-chan, crying isn’t gonna make me pity you”. When you ignore him, and don’t give him the response he wants, it hits him that “oh shit, this is serious.” 
I seriously think he’d double down and start apologizing. We’ve seen how he is around Mitsuba, and I think he’d simulate that behavior with you as well. He wouldn’t know what to do, hovering over you. He’d gently put a hand on your back and try to talk to you. To him, it's less about what’s wrong, and more about how to get you to calm down.
He’s surprisingly good at grounding you. He doesn’t panic like Hijikata does, and he’s good at keeping his cool. He’ll probably feel kinda bummed the rest of the day/night, and he’ll only go back to regular mean Sougo if you clue him in.
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💕, 💚, 🛏,😡 for sugi?
cw for nsfw mention i guess (??)Takasugi 💕Are they open to threesomes or a polyamorous relationship? I can see younger Takasugi being into threesomes or even orgies back during war times to relieve stress and sexual urges, but a person he cherishes and loves? He’s not sharing with anyone and i don’t see him for falling for more than one person at a time. 💚Are they prone to jealousy? Yes, extremely so. But he’s not the type go after you and make you fess up, instead his jealousy comes from a feeling of inadequacy, and it’ll make him distance himself before he has to see more of what makes him jealous. Though there is also a chance he will just expose of whatever is causing the jealousy be it person or object.🛏What is their favorite bedroom activity to do with their partner? Non-sexual : Reading a book with his s/o on his lap or just holding them tight and watching them sleep. Sexual : Bondage play. 😡What are their deal breakers? If you’re in any way affiliated with the government, messy eaters, no manners, acts too childish or noisy.
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