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#gintama scenario
imagininggintama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ok, so I'm sending a gif i made to go along with this hc request. This is a collaborative request by myself and @chaos-night. We would like to request that reader is in the sauna with Toshi and Gin during this scene in episode 48. Toshi and Gin are competing like they did in the episode, but the reader gets dragged into their argument and the two men decide to continue competing by seeing who can fuck the reader the best. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks a bunch! 😘
Content Warning: Threesome content under cut, double penetration, rough bites, oral (reader receiving)
We're assuming this is a co-op sauna, so anyone of any identity can be in the same area 👀
Sex is not specified, so... you can imagine what you will with all of that. (especially the double penetration 👀)
I hope you like it.
Gintoki Sakata & Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
You had suggested to go to the sauna to relax and get everyone's minds off of some things. It had certainly been stressful recently, so you thought it might help Gin and Toshi--everyone knows they need to chill (Toshi more often than Gin, but you get the idea).
What you didn't expect was the two to start competing... You didn't exactly know what they had even begun competing over, but you couldn't deny that you enjoyed watching the two.
Their muscles twitching with each movement, the grunts and groans they made... Your eyes would've been glued to them, but they weren't exactly close enough to enjoy both of them at one time...
That was until, Gin made a snide comment... "I can please Y/N better than you, dog food breath!"
"You wanna bet?!" Toshi would growl back.
Gin would grab you and kiss deeply, hand moving between your legs--
"Nuh-uh, you got the top half," Hijikata scolded, spreading your legs so he could see everything beneath the towel.
His lips and tongue made quick work on pleasing you, making you moan and whimper his name. Gin bites you, mad that he couldn't have you all to himself.
"Gin...! Not so hard..." you whined, biting your lip at the new rough sensation.
Soon their horniness trumped their competitiveness, switching where each of them was pleasing you until they knew you were more than ready for them.
By this point they had locked the door so it was just the three of you, all completely nude by now.
Their brains way too fuzzy with lust, they couldn't figure out who would take you first... When you tried to suggest they chill out a bit and share...
They took that a bit differently than you initially expected.
Neither of them could wait, and somehow silently agreed to take you at the same time... Needless to say, it was not unwelcome in the slightest.
You were an absolute mess by the end of the trip, blissed out from the pleasure and exhausted between the two of them being so eager.
They felt bad, really, so now that they had their post-nut clarity they were able to see that they went way overboard. They cleaned you up, got everyone dressed and took you home.
Gin held you in bed while Toshi went to get take out for you to eat.
When you were feeling better, you warned them never to do something like that again...
Without letting you know in advance at least.
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y-uuta · 4 months ago
Gintoki has a size kink. We've seen how built he actually is and I just imagine how he likes to corner his s/o and towers over them with a smirk plastered on his lips, one hand casually placed against the wall next to their head as he leans down to whisper the filthiest things into their ear (and then, after he's made them horny by caging them between his body and the wall, lingering touches here and there, ghosting between their legs, he just leaves them like nothing happened and goes on about his day)
brain rot brain rot brain rot
dear anonie i love you thank you for blessing me with this. i hope both sides of ur pillow are cold in the warmer months <3 mwaaah
pssst! you new here? read my disclaimer here. this is a nsfw work and may contain some of the aforementioned tags.
i think that the best part about this is the fact that we’re blatantly reminded time by time how oblivious and “unattentive” gintoki seems to be, it’s shoved in the viewers faces ever since the very beginning, ranging from him listening into conversations especially throughout serious arcs and not making the effort to act on the situation, to minor things like him acting as though he has the mental age of a teething toddler.
and yet, isn’t that what makes it so satisfying?
what’s the point in being told outright?
you know, i bet that you wouldn’t even notice it. gintoki would let you think you’re acting all slick. please this guy breathes the definition of size kink he knows you have one too lmao
for example, giving him these lingering stares as you take in his shoulders and broad frame. like you don’t let out a quiet squeak unbeknownst to you whenever he sits with one arm around you. as though he can’t feel you gawking at the expanse of his back, outlining his shoulder blades through his outfit.
he wouldn’t say a single word and his facial expression would give you no indication whatsoever to let you know that he’s caught on. maybe his gaze would linger once or twice to first process the information, but after that, he’s got clockwork turning in his brain.
it’s interesting to note that after all the years he’s spent with takasugi, gin-san managed to pick up his manipulative prowess and yet he converts it to use it for something completely different. how else do you think he ‘pays’ the rent? if it’s to negotiate and wriggle his way out of paying money or using calculated movements to his advantage, at the end of the day, the bastard’s got a pretty amazing poker face.
he’ll start off small, you know? little things here and there, lightly acknowledging the facts that you’re dying to bring up. harmless small notions that make your heart skip a beat.
lets say, exhibit a:
you whip around to the sudden call of gintoki’s voice, orientation spinning and the room glides by in an endless blur because you turned around too fast.
“when’d you get here? almost gave me a heart atta-“
“how big are your hands?”
“excuse me?” you blurt out in disarray. maybe you’re having auditory hallucinations? you don’t recall this to be a particularly normal conversation starter to have with someone.
gintoki lets out a huff, rolling his eyes. he scratches the back of his neck with one hand, giving you a sheepish gaze out of his crimson orbs.
“you said your hands get cold easily, some store out by the fifth street’s having a sale on gloves. i dunno your size, that’s all.”
smooth. very intricate.
you don’t give it much of a second thought and you hold your hand up to the fluorescent light in the living room. studying the physique of your finger width and palm shape, you’re unsure which exact measurement to give him.
“i’m not sure, to be honest? i don’t really buy gloves.”
gintoki lets out an oh so elaborately planned hum of thought as though he has not ran through with this particular scenario at least a hundred times in his mind. he should be awarded an oscar with the performance he’s putting up.
“let’s see, if i buy a size in large and shinpachi always gets medium…” he plasters his thumb and index finger to his chin in thought.
“ooooii! kagura! c’mere a sec!” he yells out, tilting his head back.
“huh? gin-chan, what do you want? i was taking a nap you know-“
“a nap in the middle of the day? what are you, jobless?”
“i’m practically jobless if you don’t pay m-“ “-anyways! kagura-chan, could you be so kind to tell me what size you wear in gloves?”
“gin-chan, that’s really creepy.”
you snort in response to the repulsion on kagura’s face.
“wh- creepy!? hell no! whatever you’re thinking in that broken head of yours, shut it up! you see, i’m trying to be, you know, considerate? by buying gloves for (y/n) over here?”
“what are you even talking about? she clearly wears the same size as me. see?”
kagura outstretches her palm and aligns it with yours to compare, all while giving gintoki a nondescript facial expression that screams ‘how obvious can you be?’
still, he perseveres.
gintoki slings his right hand out of his yukata before reaching it out in a similar fashion. he notices your hesitation and gives his fingertips a slight wiggle as an act of encouragement.
you attempt to line your palms with his, gulping when your longest finger ends at the base of where his digits start and connect from the tissue below. there’s a very minor wince that pains you because of the electric shock you receive from him, yet you doubt that it’s just your imagination.
his hands are warm to the touch. calloused from years of fighting and handling katanas. his digits are slender and bony. there’s something unique about the way his knuckles pop out and the deep blue veins that clash against his fair skin.
“you know what? i’ll just grab one of each and i’ll haggle with the old hag for a refund if it’s too small or big.”
“actually- oh- maybe i can resell them for higher prices and say they’re limited edition givenchy or something-“
by then, kagura already grew bored of the conversation and returned to her nap in the closet.
you were subconsciously already lingering onto his touch when the comparison was no longer necessary.
even after that, gintoki still continued to weave an intricate web of your failure.
“hey, shinpachi-kun, have you seen my clothes lately? you usually do the washing, right?” you inquire in a daze, peeking your head out through the frame of the door.
“oh, um, your clothes? i’m not sure. maybe kagura-chan took them again.” he scratches the back of his head, giving you a small smile of sympathy before apologising. you offer shinpachi a dismissive half wave, informing him to not worry about it.
“kagura-chan, have you seen my clothes?”
“nuh-uh! what makes you think i took them? just because i wore one of your dresses once doesn’t mean any-“
“okay, thank you.”
“hey. have you seen my clothes? no one’s seen my damn clothes. i haven’t got any t-shirts left to wear ‘cause the rest of them are soaking wet. i swear i had way more clothes than this- wait, what was i on ab- oh, right. you seen my clothes?”
“i haven’t, though if i said i did i’m sure i’d have the police knocking on the front door any second now.” gintoki shudders.
you groan. as you spin on your heel to leave, you hear shuffling.
“wait.” gintoki calls out. he seems to be looking through a wardrobe of sorts.
you turn around and face him to see a scrunched up ball of black fabric in his left fist. he hands the deformity over to you.
“wear that until your shirts dry.”
you figure it’s just an old shirt of his so you thank him with a warm smile before leaving to change in the bathroom.
clicking the lock shut (just in case), you can feel your knees weaken and heart hammer when you unroll the shirt.
it’s his black uniform shirt that he always wears, ornate with deep red seams and a popped collar. you bring the fabric up to your nose, inhaling. it smells like milky rice soap, brand cologne and laces of laundry detergent. the under arm section still smells like deodorant, so you figure he must have worn it yesterday. you move your nose away from his shirt when you exhale, afraid that you’ll disrupt the delicate barriers of his musky yet soft scent.
you let your current shirt fall to the floor before applying some, but not too much, of your own toiletries. enough so that he can smell it lingering on the fabric after you return it.
slipping the shirt over your head, you glance at yourself in the mirror. it’s more, well rather, it’s definitely a dress on you compared to gintoki’s physique. there’s no part of the shirt that matches your figure to his, making it reminiscent of wearing a bed sheet. still, you flip the collar and slide the zipper up.
you study yourself in the mirror, completely awestruck by the size difference. you chortle thinking about how his yukata would look like one of those flowing train dresses on you.
but it’s not long before your mind wanders.
you stare yourself down in the mirror, following your every movement. you move your hand up to curl your petite fingertips around your breasts whilst the other snakes down to your underwear. you bite a mouthful of gintoki’s shirt, whining against the fabric as you inhale.
there’s something about it. it almost feels like he’s there with you.
you wouldn’t know it, no, of course not. you were too busy with other matters to notice. and even if you weren’t, i’m sure gintoki’s physical abilities and common sense wouldn’t allow it.
after he sent the kids packing on short notice, telling them to grab some food to eat and how he’s not hungry, what else would he do?
through the other side of the door, where gintoki was only supposed to give a polite knock to ask you whether or not you cared sleeping in the same shirt or if you wanted another one- a rare turn of events occurred.
of course, he had a stippling suspicion about it for the longest time. he was 99% sure it was true, but there’s always the 1% that was a force to be reckoned with.
he couldn’t confirm it fully.
until then.
leaning against the bathroom door with one hand stuffed in his mouth, bite marks fresh on his palms as a means to stop himself from moaning as well as busting down the god damned door and taking you right there and then, gintoki could only fist his cock through the fly of his pants, memorising your every pant and whine.
gintoki’s jaw falls slack and he tilts his head up, screwing his eyes shut. he literally cannot remember the last time he was this aroused.
the tip of his pretty pink cock is throbbing and enlarged even more so than usual.
and, shit, it hurts him. it physically pains him. he can feel the blood pounding and screaming in his dick. he knows that even if he reaches his climax, it won’t be enough. not with all the things he wants to do to you.
he can only curse himself, mumbling profanities under his breath.
he will persevere. even so.
because he knows it will be worth it,
to see the look on your face when he walks away.
subsequently, the thing that becomes most convenient for him is the weather. it sounds absurd, but it gives him leeway.
it’s when the temperatures depreciates into singular digits (i’m sorry all you fahrenheit babes the uk uses celsius), that sets everything rolling.
the icy cool wooden floorboards lick and kiss the soles of your feet, sending shivers traversing up your spine. it’s bad enough that the wind is howling outside, especially when the rickety old yorozuya household was built many periods ago. not to mention the casual destruction it endured over the years, the insulation in that rickety ‘ole shack is probably at an all time low. every step feels like you’re out in the blizzard, without the special addition of heavy snow slapping your face.
you grimace at the cold, pawing through your closet to find additional layers to put on. even if you put on two or even three more layers- it’s no use if you’re already cold and struggling to regulate your body temperature. perhaps you should have thought about this earlier and dressed up whilst you were still warm.
throwing the door open, you storm into gintoki’s room. you snarl and scoff at him, realising he’s hogged the space heater in front of his futon.
“you bastard! now you’ve done it! are you kidding me? you really took the entire space heater? what is wrong with you?” you narrow your gaze in fury. there’s nothing you won’t do for a bit of warmth.
“huh? why the hell are you so pressed?”
“because it’s cold as all hell and you’re taking the entire space heater! i was drying my futon and now it’s frozen into a state of rock because of you!”
gintoki props himself up onto one elbow, leaning his face onto his right palm. he shifts onto his side and gives you a nonchalant look.
“so? if you’re that cold then come here.”
“what?” you sputter.
“i said, if you’re so cold then come here. you need a hearing test?” he pats the futon beside him. it’s barely enough to fit him alone, there’s no way the two of you will fit.
gintoki shrugs before shifting to face the space heater on his side.
“if you wanna freeze to death, be my guest. i’m not paying for an expensive funeral, so take it or leave it.”
you debate for a while with yourself, though when you can no longer feel the warmth in your extremities, you reckon it probably can’t be that bad.
you climb into the futon and pull the blanket over yourself. when it envelopes you up to your chin, it only just covers up to gintoki’s shoulders. as suspected, it’s an extremely tight fit. you’re not sure where to put your feet, so you curl up into a fetal position and cling onto the energy radiating off of him.
if he were to turn around, your faces would be centimetres apart.
if he were to turn around, then it might just be all over for you.
there’s a small pool of drool that oozes out the corner of your lip and onto the pillow as you gawk at gintoki’s back.
“how is it?”
“huh? how’s w-what?” you stammer, feeling like you were caught red handed.
“the space heater… are you even listening you fool?” gintoki scoffs.
“you’re shivering.” he remarks casually, shifting around. you attempt to scurry away further from him when he turns to face you.
gintoki uses his left arm as a pillow, looping it underneath so that his forearm rests against the back of his head. you glance at the outline of his triceps and pecks through the fabric of his shirt.
at this exact moment, that’s when you notice.
why the hell is he wearing that damned black shirt in bed? doesn’t he usually sleep in his light green yukata-
“hey. what’s with the look on your face?”
his nose brushes against yours, the tip of it circling and bumping into your delicate skin. his soft and plush lips vibrate against the shell of your ear.
“are you scared? intimidated, even?”
the silver haired samurai loops a few of your locks in between his right index and middle finger, rolling the strands carefully.
“is it because i could crush you at any given moment?”
“aren’t you worried that my bare fist could crack your skull into two? hm?”
“no, you’re not, are you? besides-“
gintoki’s fingers unlatch from your hair. instead, he trails down the fabric of your shirt, icy cold fingertips clash against the smooth valley of your thighs. his long middle finger prods and curls against your underwear. he emits a hum of awe before pulling back from your ear to glance at you.
“you’re really starting to enjoy this, aren’t you?” gintoki sneers, peering down at you. some of his silver strands get caught in his gaze, thus further illuminating the crisp crimson pigment in his irises. there’s a smirk that tugs at the corners of his lips as he grabs ahold of your wrist.
gintoki lines your palm, smoothing it flat over the outline of his hard cock. a meek whimper hisses out of you and he drinks it right up, rewarding you with a moan as he slowly ruts into your hand.
“you’re so small, i’m actually kinda concerned what’ll happen if i stuff you full with my cock.”
“will you split apart? will you take it? shit, will you cry for me?
“so why don’t we find out? you’re more than ready for me.”
you try to catch your breath, but by the time you do- gintoki’s already got you pressed up against the wall. you cry out over the immense bitter cold walls that send instant shivers over you. it doesn’t make sense. not at all. it’s too perfect, there’s no way.
your breasts feel cold as shit, but you’re thighs burn like they’re lit ablaze and within the depths of hell themselves. you can feel the drip oozing out of your slicked and pretty glistening cunt, thighs stretched apart with one leg bent. gintoki holds you so carefully, one arm looped to support you. you can smell him all around you, feel his broad frame all over.
it’s over when gintoki slides his thick veiny dick inside your warm cunny, tip kissing your cervix and girth massaging your plush walls. he fills you up to the brim—
but that’s it. just one thrust and gintoki pulls out. you can hear the metal buckle of his pants clang as he dresses himself. your leg falls and you stumble and stutter with the utmost portrayal of confusion and disbelief, watching him pull on his yukata.
his eyes are nondescript.
like he’s oblivious and unattentive.
“remember to help pay the rent.”
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goldenlaquer · 3 months ago
Hey titty master how about Kamui with the word "ribbons"~ ;-D
TITTY MASTER- now that's a name I haven't heard in years
This was just itchin' to be NSFW, so I made it NSFW, cheers!
Warm fingers glide over the section of the ribbons that cross over your lower stomach, curiously perusing the contrast in the softness of naked skin and the coolness of silk— then, without warning, the whole palm slides down your stomach, down to there to cup fully against the curve of you.
It's like 0 cracked up to a full 100. Warmth to blistering heat. You flinch from the sudden overwhelming contact, sucking in air for a strangled gasp and craning your head to get a better view at what's being done to you, but before you can, the ribbon wrapped around your throat is grabbed and you're unceremoniously pulled back by the neck against the firm body behind you.
"I thought I told you to be still," Kamui says, cheerfully admonishing, his fingers playfully tugs at your neck, just to hear your breath rattle in your throat again. His other hand nestles itself firmer against your mound, thumbing tight teasing circles against your aching clit. A long finger finds its way to your soaked slit, cruelly pushing right in— oh fucking hell, how the fuck are you going to be still now? "How can I enjoy my gift if my gift can't listen?"
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chaos-night · 7 months ago
Gintoki trying for kids
Sakata Gintoki x fem!reader
CW: impregnation, breeding kink, creampie, some honorifics (Gin refers to himself with a polite honorific)
✨NSFW drabble thirst below!✨
Tumblr media
You and Gintoki had been discussing having children of your own for awhile. Kagura and Shinpachi were all grown up and the house felt empty without them. Every since you mentioned it to Gintoki he has been on you nonstop. Every chance he gets, he has his cock in you pumping hard and fast, whispering in your ear about how he’s going to fill you up.
“You want my kids, y/n? I’m going to give you all of my seed--” he grunts into your ear, “there will be so much you’ll be having twins and twins!”
“Gin, isn’t that just quadruplets? Also that’s not how that works,” you correct him but he silences you with a kiss, finishing inside for the sixth time that day.
“Cum for Gin-san, y/n, let Gin-san take care of you.”
He cums so much it’s hard to keep it all in. He’ll slip his hand in your pants throughout the day just to push everything back inside. “Careful y/n, those are my future children. Can’t let any of it go to waste.” You could hear the smirk on his lips. He was having too much fun with this.
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plurple-rose · a year ago
Prompt #1
Here are the first prompts! I came up with these myself. There will be 15 prompts each time. There may be some that already exist but I haven’t look into it much. Anyway! I’m ready for all your requests!
“Don’t say that with tears in the eyes.”
“I can’t let you go like this!”
“And you thought I wouldn’t care?”
“Please come back, I don’t want to be alone again.”
“Don’t think you can just go like this!”
“I don’t see those imperfections you are talking about.”
“It makes me think of you, it’s lovely and beautiful.”
“Please, let me hold you a little longer.”
“You can hold my hand if you want.”
“Sometime, you smile can be terrifyingly stunning.”
“Going to the bedroom seems like a wonderful idea to me.”
“Don’t look at me like that, you know I can’t resist it.”
“Your touch feels like heaven, my darling.”
“Let me hear your voice, it turns me on so much.”
“I wish I could kiss you and not only on the lips.”
You’re all free to use them as much as you want!
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crossroadsimagine · 2 years ago
I absolutely loved those Hijikata Headcanons you wrote!!! May I request a scenario of him asking shy!s/o out on a date? Thank you!!! 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
It was a chilly afternoon as a cool breeze blew through the air only a few clouds lingered in the sky and not many people were out and about either, which made it a pretty peaceful and quiet day. It had been nice and made your time at work go by quietly with no problems, it was a bit rare but you certainly weren’t about to complain as you finished up and clocked out as your shift ended.
Stepping outside the cold breeze hit you and made you shiver a little, though you didn’t get very far when you looked up and noticed a familiar face as though they were waiting for you. It was Hijikata while you hadn’t known him very long you did feel fairly comfortable around him, or at least you trusted him for someone you hadn’t known for long. Though at the same time you always felt quite shy and rather awkward around him, though you wrote it off as mostly being your social awkwardness. The idea that he was waiting for you to get off work had you feeling shy, but you didn’t really know why. 
Glancing up at him you met his gaze and couldn’t help but blush a little, you didn’t say anything as he walked over to you. It’s not like you knew what to say you didn’t even know what he was here for,
“What’s wrong?” he asked seeming to notice how nervous you seemed to be, it had to be fairly obvious after all you weren’t good at hiding it when you were shy or nervous.
“N-nothing.” you said stumbling over your words as you glanced down at the pavement. Even you knew you didn’t sound convincing but what were you suppose to say? Just admit you were a nervous wreck? But he didn’t call you out on it.
“I guess you’re on your way home?“ he asked, you couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a bit distracted, maybe he had something else on his mind you couldn’t help but wonder but you were far too shy to ask.
"Yeah, I was, why?” you asked, wondering if maybe he wanted your help with something and you didn’t mind helping people with things when you could.
"I needed to talk to you.” he said in a plain tone and suddenly you could feel the anxiety inside you bubble up. He needed to talk to you? about what? why? so many questions rushed through your mind that you were rendered speechless as you looked over at him.
“Unless you’re busy.” he said giving you a curious look. Of course, you couldn’t say no you wanted to know what he wanted to talk to you about after all.
“No, no I’m not.” you said nervously glancing at him.
He began walking you home which he had done a few times before, you liked the company to some degree but since you were shy it also made you feel a bit awkward. There had been a few minutes of silence and you didn’t want to push him to talk, but you were curious about what he wanted to talk to you about though you couldn’t bring yourself to ask. Instead you stayed quiet and looked out at the path in front of you, maybe it was just your imagination but he seemed shy for some reason today.
“Are you working tomorrow?” he asked after a long period of silence, it was the weekend tomorrow so you weren’t but for some reason you hesitated before answering.
“N-no, I’m not.” you explained quickly, "Why?” you asked tilting your head slightly you looked over at him.
“Do you want to get lunch with me in the morning?” he asked, his question caught you by complete surprise, was he asking you out? how could you tell? You felt your face getting hot as you blushed and quickly looked away from him and down at the ground in front of you.
“O-okay, sure.” you said quickly, you surprised yourself by answering so quickly, but you did like him and though you felt your heart beating quickly the idea sounded like fun and you looked forward to it.
“Really?” he asked, he seemed just as surprised as you were by how quickly you answered.
“Yeah,” you said with a smile nodding as you stopped in front of your home.
"Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then?” he suggested, and you nodded again before turning and heading inside you could feel butterflies in your stomach and you were filled with excitement for tomorrow.
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glittermegay-blog · 2 years ago
Taking requests my beans
My last scenario answer blew (my heart) up, and I have only two asks left so you can send in some requests!! The rules are in my bio, and I mostly write for ikesen rn!!! (I also know about haikyuu!! Yoi!!! And manwhas like killing stalking and gintama but I'm currently not completely in the story, so i will only take headcanons for these)
Feel free to be creative and ask all the weird stuff you might like!! Nsfw is okay!
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kohi-zeri · a month ago
Tumblr media
in a quaint little town in miyagi, off the main road and to the right of the trendy cafe, there is a flower shop. white paint and light wood, a tame yellow awning, and a dozen or so terra cotta pots lining both sides of the entrance, emerald leaves pouring over the rims and waiting to say hello.
it's beautiful, really.
but the shop doesn't get much business.
you walk past it every day on your way to the train station. and every time you glance through the windows, it always seems to be empty—aside from the plants, of course. there's plenty of greenery inside to keep whomever owns the place company. that's not the point of a shop, though, and so on your next day off you bid the plants outside good morning, walk beneath the yellow awning, and open the door.
the clear chime of a bell rings through the air as the door falls shut behind you. the first thing to catch your eye is not the flowers, curiously, but the miniature kites by the window. there's quite a few of them, each hung from the ceiling by string at varying heights so that none overlap. they look as if they contain shards of stained glass, glowing with all the colors of the rainbow, and upon closer inspection you see that within the black border and random criss-cross pattern on each one (done with construction paper, you note), there are squares of tissue paper. red, blue, green, orange—all kinds of colors, painting sunlight and casting a kaleidoscope of shadows on the tile floor.
a rustle draws your attention from the kites to the front counter. you had been alone when you entered, but now, behind the counter, stands a man. he's of considerable height, broad shoulders adorned with an black apron tied at his waist. given the way it's stretched across his chest (flattering, you think offhandedly), it must be a bit small for him. in his hands is a bouquet of flowers, which he presumably just finished putting together. your eyes trail up from the bouquet to his face, and you find that's he's met your gaze. he looks a bit tense—very tense, actually—, with his deep set frown and sharp eyes, but then you smile in greeting and some of the tension seems to lift from his shoulders. you take it as a good sign and make your way over; he blinks in acknowledgement.
"hello! this is a lovely shop you have," you say with all the niceness you can muster. this man strikes you as the kind whose bad side you'd very much like to avoid.
"thank you." his voice is deeper than expected, but nice. soothing, almost.
"those kites by the window—did you make them? they're lovely."
he shakes his head and looks down at the bouquet—which he's still holding—before replying, "the children from the elementary school down the road. they made them."
"ah, I see," you hum. "that's very nice of you to display their work here—they must be rather fond of you."
at this, he remains silent, and it then dawns on you that perhaps young schoolchildren are not too fond of scary-looking men. you silently chastise yourself for being insensitive and rack your brain for a new conversation subject before you realize the obvious: you're in a flower shop. his flower shop, at that.
"um, do you have any recommendations for houseplants? preferably something not too high maintenance; becoming a plant murderer is not on my to-do list." you follow the last part with a laugh, desperately hoping he can't tell how nervous you are. he doesn’t seem to; rather, his eyes appear to soften as he glances at you and nods. he sets the bouquet off to the side, scans the shop (looking very focused while doing so), and apparently finds what he's looking for, for he holds up a hand as if to tell you, "stay here", and promptly walks off. you stay where you are, facing the counter in silence. after a couple of moments you begin quietly fretting about your hair and clothes. going to a flower shop isn't usually an occasional that calls for self-consciousness, but something about the way he looks right at you has you wishing you'd put a bit more effort into your appearance today.
just as you finish adjusting the strap of your bag, he returns with a bundle of green craddled in his hands. upon closer inspection, you spot a few flower buds—white, just like his hair. he gently sets the plant down on the counter, and it is then that you notice there is no flower pot. instead, the roots are buried in what looks like a ball of moss, with strands of twine weaved around and securing it in place.
"what is it?" you ask, still marveling at its lack of flower pot.
"kokedama," he responds. "this one is a peace lily."
"it's beautiful." you glance up at him, and are surprised to find that he is already looking at you. he seems surprised as well, if the slight widening of his eyes is any indication. with a smile you nod your head, having made up your mind.
"I'll take it."
he returns your nod, collects the plant in his hands again, and heads to the back of the shop. you decide to wait for him by the register.
a few minutes pass, and then he is in front of you once more. the plant is now placed on a small ceramic plate, a brochure titled "how to care for your kokedama" at its side. you watch as he grabs a brown paper bag, opens it, and carefully places the plant down inside, slipping the brochure in afterwards. you exchange your debit card for the bag, cautiously holding it from the bottom as your card is swiped and receipt is printed. he hands you both, and you haphazardly drop them in your bag, opting to organize it later.
"thank you so much—ah, I never did get your name," you state, a bit embarrassed you hadn't realized before.
"aone," he answers quickly. "aone takanobu."
you smile, very happy with your decision to stop by. "thank you so much, aone-san. I'm [your name]. it was nice meeting you."
he nods, this time a bit more firmly than he had before, and then bows. "please come again."
from this angle, the colored shadows from the kites settle in his hair, dying tuffs of it beautiful rainbow. then he lifts his head to look at you, and if you didn't know better, you'd might think the pink tinting his cheeks was blush.
I just might have to come back, you think to yourself, grinning as you exit the shop. just to make sure.
and if that meant you'd get to spend more time with the kind shop owner—well, that would just be an added bonus.
Tumblr media
note: this is what I imagined the kites to look like, and this is the peace lily kokedama!
Tumblr media
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ah0rmone · a month ago
Tumblr media
sakata gintoki x gn! reader
warnings: suggestive, thigh riding, friends with benefits
just a concept i had in mind~
Oh, to be with Gintoki after Kagura and Shinpachi left to run some errands. You're really horny and want to have a quickie with your friend but he's "not in the mood". Apparently his mood is to read Jump while sitting on the couch.
You scoff and keep on moving closer to him.
"Come on, Gintoki, it won't take that long," you whisper in his ear putting your hand on his thigh.
Gintoki's lazy eyes follow your movement, an idea comes to his mind, so he turns to you. A smirk is apparent on his lips.
"Well, lovely, i don't feel like moving much. But if you're that eager," he points with his palm at the thigh. "Feel free to help yourself."
And with that he's back to his magazine.
You could have gotten offended but why would you do that? Your gaze is drown to Gintoki's thighs. Fit, muscular, strong. If he thought his passiveness would make you lose your enthusiasm he was wrong. It's quite the opposite actually, now you feel even more aroused then before.
You quickly hop onto his left thigh and after finding the most comfortable position you start moving. Back and forth, chasing your relief. Soon enough there are man's hands on your waist.
"Poor baby, can't do anything without me, can you?" Sakata purrs, his eyes are shining with hunger.
This man just can't sit back and ignore when such a needy baby is grinding on his thigh nor matter how hard he tries to pretend he doesn't care. Guess, you're now under his control. Again.
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hotdudeswhump · 3 months ago
An Extensive list of MOST/ MY FAV Gintama Whump! (Cause I love my all my 43 followers😌❤)
Episode 13: Stabed in the gut, had a nightmare, and broke his ribs as well as injured his left arm to point where he can't move.
Episode 31: Gets hit by a car and as a result he losses his memories.
Episode 58: Stabbed in the gut again and passes out. (Aftercare is provided here)
Episode 61: injuries from episode 58 are causing pain and hindering with his ability to fight. Cause of this, he gets injured further and passes out yet again.
Episode 87: Gunshot wound to leg.
Episode 97: High fever.
Episode 107: Gets poisoned and shot in the arm and gut. He passes out and falls in a river.
Episode 145: stabbed by a Kunai.
Episode 178: has like 20 Kunais thrown into his back and also has his back ripped open by a sword.
Episode 07-08 of Gintama's: Enchousen: has needles thrown into his pressure points. As a result, he's temporarily paralyzed but, the needles also contain poisen... slowly eating away at his body.
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shiroyeesha · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Joui 4, but as Idols… known as Joui 4
Shinsuke is the quiet and somewhat aloof one in the group. He does his own thing, preferring to work on his music alone, occasionally asking Tatsuma what he thinks, but he finds more pleasure in doing it alone, and rather showing it to the group later for feedback. 
Tatsuma is the lively and the one who’s always got a smile for everyone. He prefers upbeat and funky pop over slow or sad ballads and techno-rock, though if the members want to try those genres he’s not going to go against their wishes. What matters most to him is that everyone is having a good time and are enjoying themselves. 
Gin both love and hate being an idol, he finds the attention put on him to be a little too much, but when he doesn’t get enough attention he’ll do a live session on Insta, yearning for some love and attention from his fans. He doesn’t have a preference as to what music they make, but he doesn’t like dancing and would rather not dance, at all, since he’s the worst dancer of them all. 
Zura is the most approachable of the group while also being the most outspoken one, not afraid to comment on societal issues. He often has to take on the leadership role of the group since the others are either monkeying around or are too lazy to, but he doesn’t mind. Somebody has to show the people that this group isn’t just a bunch of idiots. 
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imagininggintama · 2 months ago
Hey so how do you think Hijikata and Gintoki would react to where crush got asked if they like anybody. Gintoki/Hijikata are in same room. Maybe Kondo or Kagura asked. “Who is it? Is it Sougo?” Instant: “No”. “Hijikata/Gintoki?” Crush is quiet and looks over at the named person and then looks back at person, bluntly, “yes”?
Gintoki Sakata
Tumblr media
Kagura would definitely be the one to pester Gin's crush, which kills him inside.
For some god forsaken reason, someone gave her a copy of one of those... teen magazines. Curiosity got to her and she went up to you, since she knew about Gin's and knew Shinpachi wouldn't be interested in anyone other than Otsuu.
"Hey, y/n, do you have a crush?" You'd have to get her to explain why she wanted to know and afterwards give a sheepish "yes".
"Ohhh? Is it someone I know?" yes
"... Is it Shinpachi?" Kagura he's too young for me
"What about that police dog you're around?" No, Kagura
"Gin-chan?" Gin spits out his strawberry milk, having been listening despite not wanting to hear another person's name be who you ended up having a crush on.
You looked Gin dead in the eyes before looking back at Kagura. "Yes. Yes it is."
"I... wha... me? wha?" He's gawking at you, face bright red.
"... can we date?"
"... yeah."
Toushirou Hijikata
Tumblr media
Sougo was actually the one to initiate the questioning. He knew how much Toshi was crushing on you, so he wanted a reason to tease him.
He brings you over when everyone is having lunch, making sure Hijikata would be able to hear the conversation.
"So you've got to have a crush on somebody, right?" ... Yeah, what about you?
"Nah, not really. But, your crush, who is it?" Guess asshat, you'd tease, simply because he was being so pushy.
"... Me?" No way
"Kondo?" No.
"Odd jobs?" Nah
"... What about Hijikata?" He smirked, glancing between the two of you. You looked over, watching him trying to act like he wasn't listening to you two this whole time. He looked up at you briefly before looking away, cheeks tinted red.
"Yes, actually. Good guess." He nearly swallowed his cigarette in surprise. You giggled in reply.
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y-uuta · 3 months ago
this will sound odd but bear with me,,
gintoki's s/o (female?) has a huge appetite and constantly whines about food and how she's hungry, and won't shut up. and then when gintoki finally gets her food she doesn't finish it...and let's say it sets him out to teach her a lesson?
haha jk unless?
Tumblr media
did not sound odd my dearest anonie <3 thank you for the food.. speaking of food... gintoki really said sumn about not wasting food but- he really went and did that huh
happy sunday and enjoy :)
perhaps he had a plausible viewpoint. maybe for once, you should have listened to him. you should have memorised to discern those prying crimson eyes of his, the way he’d give you that lengthy stare before deterring his gaze and huffing out a ‘fine, you brat. you better eat my money’s worth, you’re really draining my wallet out here. you know that, right?’
it was appropriate to assume that he had enough. whether that was your insufferable whiny attitude whenever you got hungry, with a stomach rivalled to kagura’s; or if he enjoyed grabbing a rise out of you.
those long and thick eyelashes that you batted at him, plush lips downturned into a fresh pout, blush tinted cheeks and the way you’d fiddle with your fingers behind your back, chest flushed out and gaze averted as you coaxed the poor man into acquiring yet even more food.
sometimes, he hated every living second of it.
“please, just take my wallet. i don’t wanna see it. i don’t wanna see the damage, just take it and go- hell, don’t come back! ever! you’re going to chomp everyone out of business!”
“really? you mean that?” you gawked up at him, eyes all wide and glossed over in the beginning slick of your tears.
fuck you and your stupid shitty foxy act. that’s all gintoki could think in that moment.
he knew you had a grip on his big old heart.
he’d teach you better than to play with him like that.
“if there’s one thing that’s frozen, it’s not time. what the hell are you standing around for? go before i change my mind.” gintoki unleashed a huff of defeat, one you’d grown so accustomed to hearing. he analysed your features, the way a twinkle glimmered in your irises, complexion glistening with vast smiles as you pulled him in for a hug.
“thankyouthankyouthankyouuuuuu~! thanks! i’ll be back soon, ‘kay?”
it would be okay, he thought. he consoled himself, stopping to take a breather and praying to whatever gods that were out there for strength.
no biggie, right? it’s just like feeding another kagura.
“oh? is that a dango stall-“ you hitched onto your tiptoes, interest piquing and tone rising in curiosity.
“here we go again…” shinpachi released a discontented sigh, a shiver licking him visibly.
“how the hell do you still wanna eat dango? you’re holding a whole damn year’s worth of desserts right now! this ain’t the apocalypse, woman!” gintoki snatched you away by the arm, heaving your lingering self away from the dango stall. when you hissed out a squeak of gripe, the least shinpachi could do was offer gintoki a prayer before vacating the crime scene.
“let go! i wanna eat the dango! it looks so good!”
“you’re not going to finish it! look at all the shit you haven’t finished eating already, what makes you think dango’ll be any different? come on, we’re going home.”
“i can tell, i swear! i can see myself eating it!”
“of course you can.”
“gin-san, pleaaase! it’ll be the last one for today!”
“you said that about the last four things!”
“ugh! just let me go! what do you know about what i can finish eating and what i can’t? get off!”
and that’s when you ignited the fire, sent into a piping ball of flames visible from the sun itself.
right in public, too? damn. you must want to get dicked down.
your face whipped around to gintoki, whose voice came out at an unnatural, or rather unfamiliar deep tone. his large hand progressed from your arm where it snaked down to rest on your waist as he pulled in to murmur into your ear.
for anyone passing by, it would’ve looked like a simple display of pda between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
his warm lips melted against your ear, but his voice was raw and laced with impatience.
“i won’t ask you again. we’re going home.”
“you can cry and bitch all about it once i’m done with you.”
the cling and slick rustle of his belt rang throughout the air. the fabric kissed and bit at your skin as he used the garment to restrain your wrists above your head.
you only ogled him in grievance, struggling as he reached over for the cup of your shaved ice.
“thought you’d at least have half the brain to settle down when you’re like this. i guess that just makes my job easier.” he hummed, glimpsing at you through his peripherals from over the table.
“please don’t eat i-“
“-i’m not using this to eat it. and it’s not for you, either.”
“huh? what’re you- aaack!” you jolted, goosebumps spanning your body, bones rattling and spine arching when gintoki doused the bitter ice onto the bud of your breasts. eyebrows crinkled in alarm and mutiny, you could make out the wonder that swirled behind gintoki’s half lidded bordeaux gaze.
“feels good, huh?” he noted with a small smirk, icy cold fingertips lingered down to the delicate underside of your thighs. he pried your limbs there open, slapping his digits flat against your hot and warm cunt. you hissed out objections, tears flicking your eyes with reflex.
the temperature difference between your body and his left you in a state of fidgeting and hiccups as you implored gintoki to give you a second to maintain your body heat. in turn, he simply cracked up before prodding his pale and bony middle finger inside your heated and wet mess.
you could feel the cells and the skin there tingle and burn against him. it felt peculiar, disgusting almost. enough to make you cringe and tremble with how amusing this was to him.
“it’s about time i taught you some goddamn manners.”
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goldenlaquer · 8 months ago
NSFW for the Tatsuma freaks because idk im just horny: 
I'm wholly convinced that Sakamoto Tatsuma is exceptionally good at praise. Not just exceptionally good-- slap his ass and call him THE god of Praise, because phew, the way this man can use his words. No need to fight me on this. I know I’ll win. Same guy who, when not being a dedicated moron, could probably scam you out of your lifesavings to invest in his latest, rhetorical get-rich-quick ponzi scheme if he tried. From jewelry to kidneys and shoddy purses to air, he could sell anything he puts his mind to. It’s not strange to think Sakamoto’s got quite a tongue on him. 
An admission from you. Well, not exactly an admission. You think you know what you’re talking about when you casually mention in conversation that you’re not beautiful. It’s a small, little phrase that makes Sakamoto pause because he hears the hidden layers to that phrase. What do you mean? It’s a strange question and you think as much as you answer uhhh, means I’m not really that pretty. Kinda scary how he sobers right up, all semblance of laughter and good cheer disappearing from his face. He looks cold and serious, a side you don’t see often and didn’t certainly think you’d encounter during an after-dinner conversation. He stands up, blocking the light. Sakamoto’s tall, but you’ve never thought his height as imposing. Until now. 
Tatsuma? You nervously laugh, a subtle invitation for him to join in, as he always does. But not tonight. 
I don’t think so. Long fingers reach out, closes around your chin, tilting your face slowly left and right. You can’t see his eyes-- they’re covered by his shades, the only thing you can read is your reflection in the darkness. You’re beautiful, he says quietly. 
Your lips are dry, tongue suddenly parched. You try to go for humor, anything to tilt this weird energy back to normal. Thanks, but that’s because you’re actually in love with me. 
But Sakamoto’s fairly sure he‘s right on the money with this, regardless of him being in love with you. 
No. He declares firmly. No. You’re beautiful. 
If you still don’t believe, then he’d like convince you. 
You forget that he wasn’t always a tradesman, that he was a soldier too, and that for years, he fought to survive with not just mental strength, but with physical prowess as well. You’re in the kitchen, and then in the next moment you’re blinking at your reflection in the mirror, which stands in your shared bedroom. In the midst of the move, Sakamoto had taken off his shades, and your eyes meet his in the reflection. Not a single sign of fatigue from the sudden physical exertion, his face still sober. 
All he says to your wide-eyed gaze is: Look. Not at me. Look at her. What do you see? 
There’s you. There’s him. Sakamoto is your display that you sit primly on. The both of you are leaning on the edge of the bed. It is what it is. After moments of simply staring, you still don’t get it. You don’t understand what Sakamoto’s getting at.  And you tell him as much.
Sakamoto looks disappointed by this response, a teacher disappointed in his star student. A hand lightly taps the top of your thigh, almost like a reprimand. You jump. 
Shall I tell you? This is whispered into your ear, low and polite. Your ear burns, having never heard this sort of tone before.  You nod, entranced
He’ll tell you, but first he wants you to remove your kimono. Please, is added as an afterthought. You comply. Oh how could you not? Does a snake disobey its charmer? Leaning back against him for support, you peel back each layer, letting it drop to the ground, until all that’s left is your panties and your hands covering your breasts, for a semblance of modesty you’re suddenly eager for, shyness closing your eyes. But Sakamoto’s having none of that. What happened to that confidence of yours? The same one that had pushed him into the mattress and had eagerly rode him until she came, which happened just last night? He knows this suddenly meek creature isn’t you. 
That’s where his silver tongue comes in. Usually reserved for tough negotiations, he cajoles and croons, nuzzling your shoulder and caressing your sides until you slowly ease your hands down and open your eyes, your mouth parted in blossoming arousal. 
Don’t look at me, he tells you. Look at her. The mirror, you’ve almost forgotten about it. 
When you face your reflection again, Sakamoto asks once more: what do you see? 
Heady eyes. Glossed lips. Swollen, heaving breasts. Thighs clamp shut. Toes curling. 
But how can you tell him that? You shake your head. 
Sakamoto’s not deterred. If you won’t, then he’ll tell you for you, whispering like it’s a wonderful secret, that there’s a woman in the mirror, she has her thighs parted (as he speaks this, he nudges you with his legs and you part for your gaze, transfixed by his lilting voice) look, look how wet she already is (his fingers trail the line of your inner thigh, edging the soiled seat of your panties). Her soft skin. He moves up, large hands leaving trails of warmth and need behind. Look at her breasts, her nipples, can you see how receptive they are, how sensitive? (to prove his point, he brushes across your peaks and you gasp, arching your back. Still, you do not close your eyes.)
Sakamoto finally slides your panties off. And together, the both of you stare, silently stunned from the flushed pinkness, the wetness stringing, practically dripping. 
See? Sakamoto’s fingers slide through, and you yelp loud and high, the small stimulation almost too much. He doesn’t stop, dipping momentarily into your slit, collecting slick so he can gently rub at the little tumid nub at top, ignoring as your legs flail out and throaty whimpers escape you. His hardness rubs at your squirming bottom, begging to the fill the little hole in the mirror that twitches invitingly, but it not about him. It’s never about him. Who wouldn’t want her? How delightfully honest, her body is. And for that, she deserves all the pleasure, all the praise. So nice. So pretty. 
She’s magnificent. Lovely. Beautiful. She’s you. He wants to laugh. How could you not realize that? Until you do, he won’t stop, using every word in his repertoire to convince his toughest client yet.
TL;DR: Sakamoto selling you to you.
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chaos-night · 4 months ago
part 3
Tumblr media
★彡 part 2 ~☆~ part 4 ミ★
Summary: finally on a distant planet, you and Sakamoto are in the first phases of a business negotiation. Things don’t go as planned, but you uncover some aspects of your boss that he’s hidden away.
Word count: 1.6k
CW: alcohol, a little bit of angst and a little bit of fluff.
Tumblr media
You’re not sure what your purpose of being here is. So far all you’ve done is sit next to Sakamoto while he speaks with an amanto from a distant planet. Apparently, he is some elected official wanting to bring some new goods to his home planet. You listen to the clicking sounds Sakamoto makes with his tongue, skillfully moving it to communicate with the other foreigner.
You’re almost sure you’re just there for show, especially since Sakamoto seems to have everything under control. He eventually stands and bows to the amanto.
“Oh is it over?” you ask.
He laughs, “No no, this deal will take a few days. But I think we have the first negotiations down!”
“Oh, what are they?”
“I have no idea! Ahahah!”
You’re absolutely stunned. How does he not know?!
“S-Sakamoto-san, how do you not know?!” you voice your concern.
“I have no idea what he was saying. Plus, I forgot the dictionary to translate! Mutsu is gonna kill me,” he says with a laugh while rubbing the back of his neck nervously.
You cannot believe you just spent three hours sitting there while your boss was completely winging it in a negotiation in another language that he doesn’t know. 
“Anyway, let’s grab some food. I’m starving!”
You can’t believe how easily he brushes off the endeavor. You follow him to some restaurant down the road. The meal is comprised of strange meats and vegetables in colors you’ve never seen before.
“This is some of the healthiest food in the galaxy,” he informs you.
“Sir, what are you going to do about the negotiations?”
“I’m going to do them, if that’s what you mean,” he laughs.
That isn’t what you mean, and you have a growing concern that Mutsu will also be kicking your ass for not keeping your boss in line.
“Don’t worry ya pretty head about it! Eat up!”
You nod, trying the food despite your lack of appetite. It’s savory with a note of sweetness as an after taste. You’re eating your meal when you notice a large scar on Sakamoto’s hand. You’re hesitant to ask about it, not wanting to offend him or push boundaries, but he’s an observant man and speaks up.
“I got it in the war.”
You notice a hint of solemness in his voice.
“The Joui war? You fought in that?”
“Yeah, many years ago. This scar is the reason I became a merchant! I’ve always wanted to travel in space. Earth just feels too small for me,” he says with a wink.
He tilts his head lower just enough for you to catch the brightness of his eyes. His words sound like an old dream, and his eyes linger on your own gaze for some time.
He looks pretty, you think. 
You blink to bring yourself back to the present. Sakamoto is slurping down some green colored noodles. He takes a sip of alcohol, which you politely refused, wanting to be sober in case he got too drunk.
When you’re finished eating, he pays the waiter and you help him stumble to a nearby hotel. The two of you spent too much time enjoying your meal and getting to know each other a bit more. Sakamoto was happy to regal you in silly details of old business trips. Apparently, he has found himself in many unforeseen predicaments.
When you get to a hotel, Sakamoto tries booking rooms for each of you. It appears to you that even though he’s been a space merchant for an entire decade, his skill at speaking anamto languages is absolute garbage.
“Sorry, one room,” the lady at the front desk tries her best to explain in Japanese.
“Is it your room?” he flirts.
You have to stop yourself from physically face palming at him. You roll your eyes, inserting yourself into the conversation.
“The one room, does it have two beds?” you ask.
“Sorry, one,” she answers simply.
“I’m sure we can find another hotel,” you say to him.
“Sorry, no, only one,” she says again.
“I know there’s only one room,” you confirm again, you turn back to your boss “Come on, let’s just go find another.”
“Sorry, holiday, no room.”
“I think she means there’s no rooms at other hotels either,” Sakamoto laments, “This must be our only option. We will take it!”
He adds a laugh and you wince internally. At least we will each get a side of the bed, you think.
Well you thought wrong, and found out fairly quickly. The bed is the size of a standard twin on Earth, maybe just slightly bigger.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” you whisper to yourself.
Sakamoto laughs, definitely awkwardly this time, and sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. There isn’t even a couch in the hotel room, nor is there a single chair.
“I’ll take the floor,” he says.
You’re surprised, but it could just be the alcohol speaking. You quickly use the bathroom, washing your face and brushing your teeth. When you return, Sakamoto appears to already be asleep on the floor, curled up with one arm tucked under his head. He’s taken off his jacket and draped it over himself as a blanket.
You suddenly feel a bit bad for him. Sure he’s an idiot, but he doesn’t deserve to sleep on the cold floor.
You pad over to the small closet at the entryway. You open it to check for a spare blanket, which—thankfully—you find. You carefully cross to his sleeping form, removing his coat and replacing it with the blanket. It’s thin, but it’s better than his coat, which you hang in the closet.
You make yourself comfortable in the bed, shutting your eyes and hoping sleep will overtake you.
Hours pass and you can’t sleep at all. Whether it’s the foreignness of the room, or the stress of the business deal, or the fact that your boss is sleeping just a few feet away on the floor, you’re not sure. You lay in bed, staring at the darkness of the ceiling. The air is cold and you can feel the chill in your toes. You suppose that’s what the spare blanket is for.
“Sakamoto-san,” you whisper, wondering if he’s awake.
You hear a mumble in response.
“Sakamoto-san, can I ask you a question?”
You hear a quiet laugh come from the floor, “Yeah, shoot.”
“Sorry if this seems like I’m prying, but why did you choose to come to space? There are plenty of merchants that live on Earth, so why did you leave?”
“Ah, well if I’m being honest, it just felt like the place to be. I had to keep moving forward after all. Earth just feels too small for me.”
“Yeah, you said that earlier. That makes sense. Keep moving forward and all...”
You let the silence grow between you. After all, it’s not often there’s silence around Sakamoto Tatsuma. 
“I had to leave, actually,” he says solemnly. There’s a bit of sadness in his voice that you don’t think you would’ve caught if it weren’t for the deafening silence of the room.
“I was badly injured. I couldn’t fight anymore. I didn’t want to see my comrades die anymore.”
“Your comrades from the Joui War?” you ask.
“Yeah. I can’t believe it’s been so long already. I haven’t seen those guys in many years.”
You’re not sure who he means, but you lean over the side of the bed and catch the sad smile on his face. He isn’t paying attention to you, instead, he glances down at his right hand.
“Do you ever feel like an outcast? Because you left?” you ask, studying him as he reminisces on his painful past.
“I suppose sometimes I do.”
“Is that why you made something for yourself?”
"No one's ever really asked me how I feel. Thank you,” he says, turning his head to look up at you.
Despite the sorrowful nature of the conversation, he smiles at you. You look into his deep blue eyes. There’s a slight mistiness to them, like he’s holding back the urge to cry.
“Sakamoto-san...” you begin to say, but are hesitant to finish.
He hums in response, looking at you still. The look in his eyes makes your heart ache and for some reason all you want to do is something to take that pain away.
“Do you want to join me on the bed?” you finish.
Surprise crosses his features before quickly flashing his usual expression.
“Only if you’re comfortable with that.”
“I’m ok,” you tell him.
He gets up, picking up the extra blanket and crawling into bed with you. You shuffle over, making room for him. Once he’s situated, he layers the extra blanket over both of you. Instantly, you feel much warmer.
You’re not sure what possesses you, but you take his right hand in yours, pressing a soft kiss on the inside of his palm at the end of his scar. 
People don’t often offer Sakamoto Tatsuma kindness. Behind his goofy exterior, is a man who desires to be cared for. He’s carried the weight of his burdens for many years. You finally offer him some understanding and compassion. That’s all he could ever ask for.
Sakamoto Tatsuma really is a wonderful man.
He swallows the lump forming in his throat as you turn away from him, acting like the encounter didn’t happen. He smiles nonetheless, grateful to have you here with him on this cold night. Your presence makes him feel just a bit warmer.
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Tumblr media
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plurple-rose · a year ago
Prompt #2
More prompts for request scenarios! You can use them as much as you like!
“I don’t want to see you again.”
“He’s dead, isn’t it?”
“Stop pulling me away!”
“I just want to be with you! Is that wrong?”
“I’ve cried way too much because of you.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”
“Can I… hug you?”
“Please, don’t push yourself too much.”
“I’m always there for you.”
“You are not alone sweetie.”
“My my, do you want me that much?”
“You’re mine and I’ll show you tonight.”
“You like it, don’t you?”
“Don’t think about anything and let me pleasure you.”
“I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.”
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lucauali · 5 months ago
Back at it again with another request! \(≧▽≦)/ Feel free to work on this at your own pace, of course! Alright, here goes: how many five year olds can the Joui4 take in a fight? No hold-backs. No morality. This is WAR. Will our boys emerge victorious or succumb to the little devils? Come on, Luca, I need answers >:D
I’m finally back for a bit to write some requests!! I won’t make any promises on how many I can do, especially with exams coming up. However, I’ll try to update as much as possible.
Anyways, this one made me LMAONFJSJ 
If he’s alone, I could see him being petty and knocking the kids over like this
He wouldn’t actually hurt them, obviously, but I can see them ticking him off a bit to the point where he would square up LMAOFSNUFN
Gin wouldn’t win because knowing him, the kids would trample him, but it’s not because he lost to the kids; some outer factor like Kagura or Okita would K.O. him or something HAHAHSH
I’ll be honest, baby doesn’t stand a chance; like yes he’s extremely strong and a force to be reckoned with, but he wouldn’t hurt them, not even a slight pat
We know he has a weakness to cute things, including children. I can see him doting on them instead, but kids are mean ngl
Sadly, Katsura would get wrecked; I’m talking bruises and stuff from how violent those little devils are FFJADHJA, but don’t worry because Elizabeth is rescuing him asap
He’s harder to interpret for this one, I’ll admit. If it was Mutsu, she would destroy the children with no hesitation. Honestly, she still might if Sakamoto is getting beat LOL
Baby is literally deemed an idiot by everyone he meets, so the kids might think that too and take it to their advantage; I can imagine him in another dilemma like when he was drifting in the ocean in a box
Like always, he always finds a way back and turns it around. He wouldn’t hurt them, but he still wins 
Straight up merciless, JK JADAHADJ okay maybe not
Idk I can see him having no patience for them, but just butting them away with the hilt of his sword or something pls taka you can’t do that
For sure wins, that’s all I know. Takasugi is the type to make kids that age cry for no reason or the weirdest reason. I also like to think he would lowkey try to help the kids like find their parents but he’s a scary man and makes them cry
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hereliestimothydrake · a month ago
So I've been really into Tim Drake isekai fics (pls recc me some) And lately I've been really wanting to write a Batman x Gintama crossover but I dunno if anyone would be interested in this xover? I'd love to at least have someone to about it, haha
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cinnamongerine · 8 months ago
making out with hijkata ...... the worst. ferreal imagine how u gon survive that with all his mayo and cigarrette breath?????????? i respect u hijifuckers tho more power to yall
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