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#gintoki x tsukuyo
kiroz · 25 days ago
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#GINTAMAWEEK2021 - DAY 7: “ENTERING THE FINAL CHAPTER!” ↳ Favorite Bond [OTP]: Gintoki & Tsukuyo ♡ “I want to fight alongside the man I love, what other reason does a woman have to meet a man if not this one?”
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sukkonbbu · a month ago
gintama besto ships
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🎐okita sougo x kagura
aaaa yes my otp!! 😭😭
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🎐gintoki x tsukuyo
my otp too!! tsukki best girl omg ❤️
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🎐kondou x otae
goris 🐵❤️
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🎐hijikata x mitsuba
oh what it could have been :((
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🎐zenzou x sacchan
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🎐shinpachi x pandemonium-san
ofc this ship shouldn't be left out 😂
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seigibathala · 2 months ago
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“Even though it’s midday, the time where traffic was the heaviest and people stared from afar, those two, stay like that for a while” - From Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Comics by loveatthirdsight.
Hello, it’s been 3 months since I posted this comic, so I guess I am allowed to show the spoiler lol. Here’s the clean version of their kiss in the street <3 check my pinned post if you haven’t read the short comic from this fanfic in AO3, link is also there.
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sak-am8 · 4 months ago
I have been thinking about Gintoki since quite a while and the conclusion I have reached is that the goofier a man, the more intimate he can get.
Here's something I've never tried before. It starts with my perception of Gintoki's kinks and collapses into a narrative about how a particular kink will play out when he's with his female SO.
(I think what I have done here is called an "HC" but I am not sure. All HCs I've read are in bullet points and this is... not in bullet points. So idk... I'm just out here tryna get this fucking concept OFF MY CHEST.)
Anime: Gintama
Characters: Sakata Gintoki x whoever you imagine his female SO to be!
Genre: Smut, explicit sexual content, kinks 🥵
Rating: M
Synopsis: Gintoki melts at the sight of her in a plain white t-shirt and panties
Word Count: 2,386
Minors, click here.
I think, above all, Gintoki has a MASSIVE kink for going bareback. But it manifests itself a little differently for him. Internally, he absolutely refuses to cum anywhere else. But he's also super conscious of his partner's needs and will cum anywhere his babe wants him to. It delights him that she's so eager. Even though it leaves him feeling a little unsatisfied, it's not a big deal because he feels so strongly for her. He does love cumming deep in the back of his partner's throat because it feels so similar to what he thinks it would feel like cumming inside her.
It's a tricky kink to work with because under his lazy-bum facade, he actually has a super strong sense of responsibility. This is also why he refuses to have casual sex with just anyone. He's the kind who has a deeply intimate, committed, and long-term relationship with his partner.
His "kink" is a completely unsaid thing though. He will never explicitly talk about it. He loves dirty talk (anything goes, really) but this is one thing he will not say out loud. So, essentially, his partner will never hear him say stuff like "let daddy fill you up/I'm gonna cum inside you/ Daddy's gonna fill up that tight, pretty cunt".
No, he's not shy. Nor is he a prude. He's just a sucker for the quietness around the act of him filling up his partner. He digs the submission of a woman just taking him in fully, without making it into a "kink" or reducing the act to something they both occasionally get off on. He wants his woman to treat it as routine, ordinary, and natural. Almost like aftercare. Nobody says out loud that they want to be taken care of after a rough fuck. It's expected and unsaid. The unsaid but sure nature of filling up his partner is what makes it unbearably initmate for him.
He absolutely can not control the pleasure of being nestled inside her in his most tender, vulnerable, yet powerful moments. He breaks and lights up at the same damn time. His focus is sharp and only on the way her body reacts, not the words they share. He stares intently and deeply into her eyes when he cums inside her, making her flinch at the intensity he is capable of. It is in these moments she fully grasps what he means when he says he owns her.
If his partner does mention him cumming inside her, (eg: I want you to cum inside me/ fill me up Daddy) he will grind his teeth and cover her mouth instantly and harshly, maybe put a couple of fingers in her mouth so she can't speak. If he says something, it'll be along the lines of, "Just shut up and take it," as he thrusts harder and deeper.
He will twitch inside his partner, grow slightly bigger, and cum sooner than usual. Subtle but controlled cues like his grip on her hair getting harder will let her know that this is actually something he really digs.
The first few times his partner and he get down and dirty, he will do anything to please her and in turn, himself. He'll lazily make her sit on his face in the mornings, finger her a lot (anywhere, anytime), make her fool around with toys for him, ask her to rub herself while he stares intently and licks his lips, and let her suck his cock. He'll fuck her when he wants but it'll always be with a condom. He'll let her ride the brains out of him, too. But, always with a condom.
When he absolutely can not take it any longer (say, about 4 months into a relationship), he will break. He will break at the sight of her in plain white panties and a white t-shirt, doing her own thing.
He'll be sitting on his chair, behind the desk. He'll clear his throat to grab her attention. He'll beckon her with his thick finger and she'll think it's going to be their usual fucking and loving. She'll bite her lips and exaggerate the sway in her hips as she walks towards him. The performative nature of the sensual way she walks towards him will make her breathe slightly heavily and the first few baby spots of wetness will bloom in the crotch of her panties.
When she finally reaches him, a smirk will be playing on his lips and his eyes will look sleepy at first. He'll hold her waist lightly and look up at her. She'll look down at him, smiling, a coy finger in her mouth and her other hand on his shoulder.
She'll notice a difference in the way he handles her. She'll notice that he's looking at her with such greed that it's making her falter. She'll sense something is off and ask if everything is ok.
"Hmm," he'll say in a deep voice against her stomach.
He'll slowly turn her around and make her sit on his lap. She'll turn back to look at him wide eyed and smiling shyly. It usually takes a solid 12 minutes of kissing, biting, and frantic touching to get him this hard. She'll still be a little taken aback by Gintoki's seriousness. He's usually goofy and playful or an outright sadistic and sexy beast.
He'll open up his zipper and its cool metal will make her squirm. His warm and fat cock will spring out and she'll feel its sweaty stickiness against her lower back. She'll gasp at and throb for his unusual, unprovoked arousal and quickly reach for his desk-drawer where he stashes all the condoms. She'll take one out and start to open up the wrapper only to have Gintoki take the half-opened condom from her delicate hands in between his teeth and spit it out far into the corner of the room; his hands will never leave her waist.
Her eyes will widen again and she'll start to say something but Gintoki will tilt his head and give her a look that'll make her shiver and shut up. A mix of fear and anticipation will make her stomach drop. She'll be dripping by now and surprised at how less it takes for her to be utterly slick and ready for him.
She'll find it unbearably intimidating to look him in the eye and will turn her head, only the find herself reflected back at her in the mirror next to them. Her nipples will be hard through her t-shirt, her naked legs will be between Gintoki's clothed ones.
Gintoki will use just one of his fingers to slide her white panties to the side and position the tip of his cock at her wetness.
He'll slowly breathe into her ear "I'm going to fuck you raw and deep..."
He'll wait just a moment for her reaction before saying, "or not at all."
He'll put his hand around her chin and make her turn her head to look at him.
“And, you will stay shut about it the entire time, yeah?"
She'll nod her head ever so slightly with parted lips and then bite her lip nervously and unconsciously. She'll have already started moving against the tip of his cock, making it completely slick with her wetness. Her clit will be throbbing in an anticipation she has never felt with Gintoki.
Without another word, he'll thrust himself inside of her in one long and quick motion. A silk moan will escape her mouth; she's never actually felt his warmth inside of her.
He'll fuck her painfully slow; she'll feel his girth stretch her out inch by inch. The sloppy and messy sound of the base of his cock rubbing against her clit after every stroke will be loud and clear in the afternoon quiet; it won't be covered by the usual frantic slapping of his balls against her clit. He'll be holding on to her waist so she doesn't try to move and change the rhythm or speed.
“Do you feel it?”
"Yea.." she'll moan.
“Do you like what you hear?”
“uhum..” is all she'll manage to say. She usually has no issues keeping up with conversations and dirty talk but she'll find it extremely hard to keep up with this particular conversation.
"Let me look at you pinching your nipples."
She'll catch him looking at her in the mirror and will immediately get to work.
"Harder. Don't cheat."
"Yes, sir."
"That's a good girl."
She'll falter at this and her legs will buckle. She'll feel Gintoki's hands hold her as he'll get up from the chair. He'll sit on the floor right in front of the mirror, still buried deep inside of her.
He'll snake his hand around to her clit and rub her agonizingly slowly, all the while fucking her with slow and deep thrusts. His other hand will be on top of her hands cupping her breasts. Her head will be thrown back on his shoulder and her waist and hips will match Gintoki's movements and rhythm. Everytime she'll be about to cum, he'll kiss and nibble at her jaw and stop rubbing her clit, edging her for hours on that day.
They'll eventually stop moving. They'll be panting because they can't take this relentless teasing anymore. He'll pull out and stand up, pick her up in her arms and take her to the futon where he'll lay her on her back. She'll spread herself wide and thrust her hips forward, holding his gaze all the while.
Gintoki will lick his fingers and stroke her swollen clit a few times before he starts to fuck her hard and deep. But, he'll still maintain a slow and steady tempo. The moment she'll start arching her back, he'll pull out and grin at her. Every time he'll pull out, she'll see his cock twitching, aching to be back inside. She'll notice it's equally hard for him to be edging for so long. She'll smirk. Gintoki will narrow his eyes at her. How dare she.
He'll start fucking her again, painfully slow, waiting to strike at the right moment. The moment he feels her back arching again, he'll pull out again. But, this time, instead of grinning at her and waiting for her to stop writhing, he'll slap her clit hard and then immediately rub it hard and fast. She'll go into a frenzy of screams and moans and her entire body will shiver, she will pull him down towards her and wrap her legs around him, his hand still not relenting her clit.
When she'll be completely spent, swollen, and sweating, her hair stuck to her breasts and neck, Gintoki will turn her around. She'll arch her back a bit, just for him. He'll guide his cock in the tight folds of her thighs, straight into her beautiful cunt, and start to fuck her at a slow pace all over again. She'll moan deep into the pillow, her face will be flushed from all the work, and her hands will be trying to reach at the back for his thighs. Gintoki will lie on top of her as he fucks her from behind. The moment she'll feel his weight on her, his sweat on her back, she'll cum around him, gushing, and the noises will get sloppier and louder.
She'll groan his name out loud in the pillow and he'll have turned her to her side by then. He'll put her head on his arm, spooning her. He'll hold her leg up as he'll thrust deep inside of her from behind. He'll hold her chin and turn her face to his to look at her flushed face, her mouth shaped a perfect small o, her eyes closed, eyebrows raised, in a kind of pleasure she's never felt before.
"Open your eyes."
She'll fling open her eyes and find him looking at her with an expression that makes her weak in her knees. She'll buck and jerk as she'll feel him finally going slightly faster with harder and shorter strokes. She'll feel him twitching inside her and she'll clench tighter around him, never breaking from his electrifying gaze that tells her he owns her completely.
A wild guttural sound she's never heard will escape Gintoki's throat. He'll moan her name hard as she'll feel his warmth spreading inside of her in bursts. She'll move to kiss his petal like lips, only to be thrusted once again with such force that her eyes will widen with the suddeness of it. He'll ease out of her slowly, in short thursts, and once he's fully out, he'll lift her leg higher to get a better view of her cunt, messy and slick with his cum dripping out. He'll throb, and be unable to control himself, and give her one last deep and hard thrust again. She'll make a high-pitched squeak at the suddeness again.
He'll stay inside her for a while, throbbing still. He'll be too spent to move but he'll kiss her face and feel her sweaty body with his firm hands fervently.
They'll both fall asleep, exhausted, in each other's arms.
Gintoki will wake up before her. It'll be dinner time. She'll wake up to him by her side in a towel, wet and fresh from his bath. He'll be wiping her legs and thighs with a warm and wet cloth, and smiling while he watches her wake up. She'll start to say something but he'll cut her off and say, "Dinner's ready, doll." He'll kiss her jaw and then her forehead and leave the room.
She'll sit up in bed, her entire body will be aching. She'll notice a packet on the corner of the bed. She'll pick it up and see that it has a morning-after pill, a pregnancy test, and a follow-up appointment with her usual gynaecologist. She'll blush a deep a red when she sees a glass of water by her bed-side.
"When the fuck did he become so...un-lazy? Where has he been hiding this side of him?!" She'll say out loud in disbelief.
In the first few months, Gintoki will make a conscious effort to get accustomed to his partner's menstruation cycle. He'll make sure he knows the days she's least fertile so he can minimize the risk of her getting knocked up. If that's not intimate and hella caring idk what the fuck is.
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pwapuri · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Ginpachi and Tsukuyo sensei is my religion
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strawberrymoon2021 · 18 days ago
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🍓 Strawberry Moon 🌙
3rd October 2021 - 10th October 2021
We are getting closer to a fan event that will group together GinTsu Artists and Writers for a special week full of stories concluding with Gintoki's birthday!
..and you can join us!
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gintoki-sakata · a month ago
Finally, I can give my opinion on the animation of the very latest movie.
Love it. The animation is beautiful. I'm glad Sorachi sensei left us an open ending. Any Gintama fan can make their own ending and I like that.As I thought, Takasugi's death didn't impress me. Died. It's okay with me. When I read the manga, I had the same feeling. The movie didn't make me feel any emotion in this scene Pause the forks is my subjective opinion.
As always, I have to complain and the only thing I don't like is the cut thread from Tsukuyo, Sarutobi and Zeznou. It really was an important scene as Sarutobi becomes a GinTsu shipper. I've been waiting for an animation of this, but what only consolation is that this scene is in the original manga. Just read it.
I am thankful to Sorachi for the unique manga. He created the best female Tsukuyo(also Kagura) character and the best GinTsu ship in the world.
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mahiwaga-bghn · 2 months ago
June Bride Collection: Chibi-Yome Edition ⓵
Ngl I was anxious it wouldn't look good as I imagined it would be and even thought about stopping but this was really worth it 💖
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hand reference ^^
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gintokisimp · a month ago
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From what I understand.. you want more GinTsu?
We aren’t active enough?
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claymorecut · a month ago
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seigibathala · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
This gift is for one of my favorite gintsuki writer and shipping pal loveatthirdsight. She is cool, talented and sexy I am glad to meet her and meet more artist/writer in gintama fandom. She is very supportive and deserve more recognition.
If it’s not for her and for other writers I interact with, I wouldn’t be more motivated to improve myself. I still want to make more collab with other writers too, so I am looking forward for more content to this ship.
This is the link to her AO3 account, she just don’t write for gintsu, so please check it out.
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alexiethymia · a month ago
Gintoki: Tsukuyo and I don’t have pet names for each other.
Kagura: Oh really?
Kagura: Hey Gin-chan, what do bees make?
Gintoki: Honey?
Tsukuyo: Yes, darling?
Kagura: Don’t ever lie to my face again. 
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pwapuri · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Die in the arms of the man you love Die with the woman you admire
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