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#giorno giovanna
yanderememes · 2 days ago
yandere giorno gives off jay gatsby vibes imo lol
Tumblr media
Here are the similarities:
highly idealistic views/beliefs of their darlings
self-aware enough to know they don't deserve to be in love given their background
obsessed. Nothing can shake them off
confident in their skills, regardless of money (darling will love them in the end)
a fool in love. No matter what darling does to them (threaten, hit, cheat, sabotage their careers, etc) Giorno/Gatsby will always forgive their darlings even when they're deeply hurting
There are quite a few quotes from Gatsby where I could easily imagine yan!Giorno saying:
"I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love..."
"If there's anything that you want, just ask for it"
"I'm certainly glad to see you, as well."
There's this one quote Gatsby says that's just one of my favorites!
"Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!"
In my version of yan!Giorno, I revised it to this:
"Can’t force someone to fall in love with you?… Why of course you can!"
But F. Scott Fitzgerald summed it up way better than I ever could. In totality, this is who yan!Giorno is:
He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.
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dhampirgiorno · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“...Gold, don’t look at me.”
((A/N: Thank you soo much for the questions guys, I'm trying to work on posts as fast as I can and I couldn't be more excited! <3))
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jotaros-left-nut · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poor scolippi he was just trying to explain to mista that he’s innocent and his stand has a mind of its own and he’s he recently lost his girlfriend and got roughed up for it
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weirdostyping · a day ago
Hmm, may I ask for headcanons of giogio accidentally confessing?
I don't mind if it's short, I've wanted to write it myself, but I'm pretty busy on other writing projects
A/N: I am always happy to write for Giorno and help out a fellow writer! Hope you enjoy this! I'll also tag you in this as I imagine you would like to know when it is done! @angelina-nero-giovanna
You two had been close since the moment you met
Never separated from each other when you could help it
Years passed and Giorno's feeling of friendship had changed, deepened into feelings of love
He was so good at keeping his feelings to himself that no one around him knew how he truly felt
He never planned on slipping these feelings out, no, he planned on telling you when the time was right
But not everything works out to how we plan
Especially in his case
You had invited him over that night to eat a homemade meal-made by you of course-and work on some things
Both work related things and school related things
A knock beckoned you to the door
"Hey, Gio! Come on in, foods almost ready!"
He stepped in and sniffed the air
"Hm, smells as good as always."
You were rushing around the kitchen, keeping an eye on everything you were making from the caponata to the fresh lemonade
"Do you need help with anything, y/n?''
"No, no, no. I'm okay GioGio, I've got this! Just take a seat at the table, I have some work layed out there."
He sat and looked over the work as you finished the meal
Once it was prepared you two began eat, discussing the work before you
By the time you two had finished the work to perfection, it had been past midnight
"Damn, it's getting late. Why not stay the night, Gio?"
His heart skipped but his face stayed neutral
"Sure, it is late and you never know what's going to happen."
As you two left to your rooms, him heading to the spare room and you heading to yours his tired brain let words slip from his mouth
"Good night, y/n, love you."
You stopped in your tracks stared at him blankly
"What was that, Gio?"
You grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug
"Love you too, Gio. Good night.."
You let him go with a small peck to the cheek and left to your room
As tired as both of you were, your happiness and joy kept you awake for hours
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mrsgiovanna · a day ago
Tumblr media
Changes(Don Giorno x wife! Reader)
A sweet scenario requested by a sweet nonnie🥺. I hope this was worth the wait my love. A look at how the Don's wife celebrates his birthday, (I need to remember this for next April lolol. Thank you for the sweet ask 🤲🥺
Warnings: none, only fluff
WC: 1.5k
What to get the man who has the whole world in the palm of his hand… it was the golden haired don’s birthday and after thinking carefully about what you could do to celebrate him, any hopes for elaborate plans were thwarted by an emergency that had reared its ugly head in the upper echelons of Passione.
So much for the mini vacation to North island, you thought to yourself, taking care to not allow your disappointment to show. You knew that whatever had been tugging at his otherwise serene features must have been serious enough for him to tear himself away from his precious family on a day as important.
To soothe his overactive mind and give him a tiny surprise to start his day you had woken up early to make him a special breakfast of all his favourite foods, brewed his favourite mocha latte, musing about how the most powerful man in Italy could be brought down by his affinity for chocolate.
"Happy birthday Don Giovanna," you teased, knowing full well of the effect that the epithet had on your husband.
"Feeling brave this morning aren't we… haha, thank you bella mia, although, when you get to my age-"
"Before you complete that sentence, Giovanna, remember that we are the same age…" you cut him off before he could make a damning statement, and met his sheepish gaze with one of your own.
"I was going to say that they become even more precious…"
"Good save… come tesoro, sit, I've made all your favorites,"
Giorno sat next to you with a smile and started to scarf down the delicious food, discussing the measures he's had to put in place to buffer the consequences of the events leading to the crisis he faced.
"I could always come to help… use my special methods to make them comply," the Don chuckled at your suggestion, knowing that you were only half joking seeing that you were truly capable of carrying out your suggestion.
"I don't want you hurting these pretty little hands… I've got it covered… this is delicious amore, I've always loved the things you've made yourself the most,"
"Haha, charmer; don't let Henry hear that, the way that man slaves to create the things you love, I swear, how do you get people to just devote themselves to you so effortlessly?" you asked while reaching over to tame a stray hair that had worked its way out of his braid. Giorno just smiled and leaned into the touch, prolonging the moment he had with you, he was fully aware of the arduous task that awaited him when he left.
Delaying for as long as he could, he finally gathered his things and wrapped you in a long, tight embrace, sighing into the crook of your neck, it felt as if he were trying to memorize the contours of your body with his own.
"I must go now tesoro, I will be back as soon as possible," Giorno reluctantly tore himself away from you and got into the awaiting car. No sooner than he left, did your son wake up wanting for his father. Doing your best to placate him, you played a few games and eased him into his morning routine. As you sat on the plush carpeting of your bedroom playing peekaboo with the toddler and blowing raspberries into the soles of his feet, your thoughts drifted to how much your life had changed in just a few years.
Your days of accompanying Giorno to these intense meetings were now replaced by playful interactions with your son and all of the wonderful things that came with being the wife of Italy's most influential titan.
"Mama, when is papa coming home?" he asked, crawling into your lap.
"Well, it won't be too long, do you know what today is, piccolino?"
After thinking for a bit the toddler threw his arms up and looked at you with expectant green eyes further reminding you of his father.
"Today is papa's birthday! I need your help to make the day extra special for when he comes home, can you do that for mama?" With an emphatic nod from him you both set off about your day.
Giorno's words had stuck with you when he said that he preferred your cooking the most, so you decided to take all the preparations into your own hands, giving 0the kitchen staff at villa Giovanna the day off so you could meander about at your own pace and unwind as you channeled your inner domestic deity. It was easy enough to prepare Giorno's favourite meal; baking the cake, however, was something you'd need to spend a little extra time on. You set up a small area at the table for the little one to "complete his mission" , having asked him to draw his father a special picture while you mixed the batter for the chocolate cake Giorno loved so much.
The deliciously sweet scents of just-baked buttery, chocolate sponge cake had wafted their way towards a cute button nose, and soon you were hoisting your son up and into the bespoke marble countertop to help you decorate the homemade confection. You allowed his artistic flare to shine through admiring the charming appearance of the irregularly decorated cake. His proud, frosting-covered smile as he looked up at you made the arduous cleanup a little less tedious.
After erasing the evidence of your domestic adventures you had shifted the focus on yourself and your son, making sure you both were washed up and changed by the time the golden haired don would grace those hallways again. Having stayed awake through his mid-morning nap time, all it took was a warm bath and few back rubs for the little one to fall into a deep sleep, allowing you to shower and get changed yourself, slipping on one of Giorno's favourite outfits on you.
You examined the present you had gotten him- it may not have been the getaway you were hoping for- but the beautiful golden timepiece you held in your hands would suffice. Giorno had taken to collecting one-of-a-kind watches such as those, so you were certain that it would be utilized and appreciated. Staying true to your sentimental self, you had the watch inscribed with an inside joke that only he would understand, allowing him to always carry a piece of you with him.
A little wail roused you from your daydreams and prompted you to go to your son, soothing him as you went downstairs to make him a bottle. No sooner had you reached the kitchen did you feel a strong pair of arms encircling both you and the boy.
"It seems like I arrived at the right time, no? Look at that grumpy face, here, let me take care of that, let him adjust to his surroundings again," suggested Giorno, taking over your spot at the kitchen counter.
"Thanks tesoro, so tell me, how did everything go today? Are you okay?"
"Everything is finally under control… oh amore I was so angry, but seeing you two makes it all better now. You look beautiful by the way, I always love that colour on you," His soft words would have brought a broader smile to your face but when you saw his slightly messy hair and slumped shoulders, you chased him to the bathroom to take a long long relaxing shower, using the time to get all the elements of his surprise ready.
It didn't take too long for Giorno to return, looking so much more relaxed than when he had left. Exchanging his suit for comfortable, soft loungewear and letting his golden waves cascade over his shoulders as they finished drying, he was the picture of serenity, somehow still managing to make your heart skip a beat. Even your little one was more sprightly than before, and had wiggled his way out of your grip to run into his father's.
"Oh there's my boy!" cooed Giorno, playfully roughhousing a bit, before carrying him to the table and seating him on his lap.
"Are you ready to eat my love, I've made your favorites once again… ah before I forget, here you go, it's not what I initially wanted for you but I think you'd like it nonetheless. Happy birthday Giorno," you said, placing the ornate box in front of him. His eyes widened slightly while he examined the beautifully crafted watch, a knowing smile adorned his face after reading the inscription.
"Tesoro… This… this is so special… I love you,"
"I love you too Giogio, here, your son's been beside himself wanting to give this to you"
Addressing his excited son, he asked for a full commentary on what the picture was about, sensing the excitement from the little boy, who sweetly explained the scene depicting the three of you at the trip you all had taken to the coast to visit a certain former Capo.
"This is the best picture I've seen, thank you piccolino,I'm going to put it on my desk so I can always look at it,"
By the end of the evening, after devouring the delicious food and cutting up that charming cake, Giorno's heart felt so full. He watched as you tucked the exhausted but elated little boy to bed, and mused at how much his life had changed… It was now complete, and he was happy. In the past, birthdays passed unnoticed, but all that changed when he had taken over as Don and started his life anew… Suddenly growing older wasn't a pain anymore, as long as he was growing older with you.
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fugos-fork · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s a vampire :D typical vampire giorno fings :)
vampire fugio is either:
fugo read a romance novel and suddenly needs to be bitten by a vampire or
“why is my don looking at my neck like that guys why is he staring at me please help oh my god”
i think mista would be scared at first when he finds out giornos a vampire because he’s superstitious so giorno and fugo play pranks on him like fugo plays dead or pretends to be turned, or giorno shows up in his room at 1am pretending he’s going to eat him
also i think it would be funny that because giorno cant see himself in the mirror, mista and fugo dress him up in sunglasses and makeup like shizuka so he can lol
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itsyaboieerie · a day ago
I am not safe from mudadad propaganda
Tumblr media
Very simple and fast drawing but it’s nice and funky
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yanderememes · 11 hours ago
if it’s not too much to ask, can we get some brando family hcs? 🤍
I'm assuming you're referring to the Brando family harem that a previous anon asked? If not, sorry in advance! 🙏
Under the cut are my hcs! Thanks for the ask! ❤️
Nicknames for darling: pet, dear/dearie
Biggest rival: Diego. Of course, the only threat he perceives is himself from a different universe. With both of them having the same stand, it'll be hard to deal with.
Since he was the one who found darling, Dio thinks darling should belong to him. In the same vein, because darling belong to him, he can do whatever he wants to them
Darling lives with Dio in his mansion. They have their own room but sometimes Dio will have them sleep in his room
Uses darling as both a food source and little toy for nightly pleasures~
he has darling wear lingerie. One: because it's nice to look at but two: easier access
puts a collar around your neck with his name on it
he's a sadist, so he likes to see darling cry and squeal. A petty drama king that makes every little thing a "crime against him" just so he could punish you
likes to use The World to play pranks on you but mostly to piss off Giorno and Diego
For example, darling is talking to Diego and then all of a sudden a random Dio appears out of nowhere and Diego is nowhere to be found!
will play along with Giorno and Diego's rivalry but at the end of the day, Dio doesn't like being his authority being challenged. If he told them no then they should back off from darling. Yet they still persist?
he can understand Diego because he's him but from a different universe. It's a bit complicated with Giorno. Like father, like son right? But still, Giorno should listen to his father
Dio to Giorno: "I didn't want it to come to this. But so be it."
Nicknames for darling: amore, Cara, tesoro, Fiore
Biggest rival: Dio. Not because he thinks Dio has a chance with darling but because he knows his father is stubborn (like him) and doesn't take no for an answer. Giorno would have never imagined his father would be a romantic rival
Giorno loves his father but not enough to give up on darling
He thinks Dio just sees you as one of his many hookups. He's not serious about you, so why does Dio care that much? Giorno could treat you way better, he thinks to himself
He'll even try and convince you to move in with him but Dio always intervenes and tells him no. They end up arguing, causing a rift between them
Giorno would visit Dio from time to time but after he met darling, he would stop by Dio's mansion more frequently to see you
Completely ignoring his father, he goes straight to you and sparks conversation
When Dio tries to interrupt, Giorno just gives him a blank stare and goes back to talking to you
He'll send you gifts on the days he can't come to visit. Things like flowers, letters, luxury brands, anything really.
Over time, Giorno becomes wearier of his father and concerned about your general safety. He genuinely thinks Dio will just dispose of you like all the other women once he deems you boring. Or worse, use his flesh buds on you. To prevent that, he imbued a small fraction of his GER into the extravagant necklace he gave you. If Dio tries anything, the remnants of GER in your necklace will protect you and alert Giorno.
But when Giorno finds out that Dio is actually serious about darling, that's when his Brando possessiveness kicks in
"I'm prepared to kill you if it means I can have y/n, father."
Nicknames for darling: duck (British term of endearment), love
Biggest rival: none. Diego thinks he's better than the rest and could easily kill them.
He's just a moocher off of his alternative self. He randomly got plopped into this universe, so he needs a place to stay
surprisingly, Dio doesn't kick him out
so darling lives with 2 Dio's
Doesn't pay for rent or anything, but will mess with Dio and flirt with darling
And by flirting, I mean he'll get handsy with you. Like Dio, he doesn't care about "consent" or if you're comfortable. He wants a piece of that ass
blatantly insults darling. It's his way of showing affection? Although there's always an integration of suggestive comments woven into them
Diego sleeps everywhere in the mansion. Floor, basement, rooftop, couch. Anywhere but Dio's room. More often than not, he'll sneak into your bed while you're asleep. You often wake up finding Diego sleeping right next to you
He'll touch you while you're asleep but you don't need to know about that
likes biting darling. It's his way of marking them. This pisses off Giorno and Dio. Dio will bite darling harder to make a deeper mark while Giorno heals your wounds to "erase" any ownership the Dio's tried to put on you
Diego seems like he's the least serious about darling, but rest assured, he's very serious. He hates people but darling is different. That Brando possessiveness comes out a lot in the form of little gestures.
"this Dio will be the victor!"
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