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bebeplum · 10 minutes ago
Diavolo General Headcanons + Psychological Analysis
Tumblr media
There are no redeeming qualities about this man. He has climbed his way to the top of Passione, well aware that his organization was the reason that many have tripped and fallen into the loophole of drug addiction, and he showed indifference. He had no remorse whatsoever. To Diavolo, the most important thing was himself. To keep his identity a secret from the world, even if the gates of heaven narrowed before him.
One of the most bizarre things about Doppio/Diavolo, is the fact that he was born with his eyes open, and that he did not cry after being birthed. Non-crying infants are usually non-breathing, and if they are breathing, they stop doing so a minute in. He survived, without facing the need of being resuscitated.
Tumblr media
As his mother couldn't keep him, he was not breastfed. Like I mentioned before in my Giorno post, infants who were not breastfed grow to be hostile and aggressive adults. In addition, their intelligence levels are lower than those who were breastfed as babies. It's actually clearly stated in his backstory that Doppio was described as cowardly and slow.
Tumblr media
Diavolo tries his absolute most to be the opposite of everything that he was in his past. As he was raised by a priest in a Christian household, he avoids religious practices like the plague and does not partake in them whatsoever. Hell, Doppio's alternate personality is named "Diavolo", meaning devil.
Tumblr media
His foster father was a traditional man, believing that men shouldn't present themselves "femininely".
Diavolo does not use perfumes or colognes, only antiperspirants and non-fragrant soap, as he doesn't want people to associate him with a distinct scent anywhere he may visit.
From the beginning, he was obsessed with keeping his identity anonymous. He kidnapped his own biological mother and sewed her mouth shut, thinking that she had probably been running her mouth about how she had given birth to a baby boy, making people wonder about his whereabouts.
He did not have a fixed residence in which he lived; he only ever moved from motel to motel across the whole country.
Despite technically being the same person, using the same body as a vessel, Diavolo is so adamant about keeping himself secret, even from Doppio, his most trusted "subordinate".
He is extremely narcissistic. Diavolo craves and needs power and superiority like a man stranded in the middle of a desert needs water. He has repeated many times how he is worthy of being chosen by the requiem arrow, not anybody else, as he is superior.
Stands are the manifestation of the user's soul, and his epitaph ability is an allegory to how he strives to avoid mistakes in order not to ever be discovered or defeated.
This man is the definition of a psychopath.
His preferred drink is whiskey. Although, he doesn't like to get intoxicated. He likes to be fully aware of his surroundings as he is very paranoid.
The primary emotions he feels are fear and anger.
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bebeplum · 2 hours ago
Requests are open for parts 1 to 5!
I do reader inserts, SFW and NSFW!
I will not be able to write about anything related to childbirth or pregnancy as I have Tokophobia and it makes me feel uneasy, so please forgive me! 🥺💘
Current masterlist:
Bruno Bucciarati:
Bruno Bucciarati/Buccelati General Headcanons
Giorno Giovanna:
Giorno Giovanna Headcanons/ Psychological Analysis
Diavolo General Headcanons + Psychological Analysis
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malewifepannacottafugo · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
this guys never seen a mirror before lol
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nucleusbucciarati · 4 hours ago
Ooo- what about something soft? We love soft! I love soft 🥺 How about Giorno's crush being super duper nice to him the minute he joins the Bucci gang and they get really close to one another and they're pretty much inseparable most of the time and he's getting used to getting affection and touch- she just hugs him a lot, holds his hands to do a little dance with him, kisses his face, and shares gossip, drama, and confidential information about herself to him including trauma- get me a therapist pls😔. Also gets him choccy milk so they can sip together while looking at the city's view🥺💖💕 thank you bubs
Fem! Reader! cursing! read with little caution!
“GIORNO!! GUESS!!” she slams her hands on the table, sitting down, “WHAT HAPPENED TODAY..!” Giorno smiles signaling for her to start talking. “So, I was at the store today and I saw this bitch from when I was in school and ugh... she gave me the dirtiest look ever! So, I look her straight in the eyes... and... and you know how Narancia says I have killer eyes... I did the look and she looked away and walked out of the store. She was always being rude to me because I was at the top of the class and was probally jealous because I’m better then her.” she finishes. Giorno has a loving look in his eyes, arms rested on the table, looking her in the eyes while she explains everything that happened today. “That’s good.” he smiles. “OH! So sorry I was rambling again, haha!” she smiles, face rose coloured. Giorno reaches over the table and grabs her hands. She bashfully looks up into his green eyes. “What??” she asks sweetly. “Nothing... you’re cute..” he responds, smiling. 
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nucleusbucciarati · 5 hours ago
Headcanons of Giorno with a crush that dances happily when he walks over to say hello to her and she's just really happy to see him I'M SOFT 💖💘 MUA THANK YOU
Tumblr media
gn! reader! shorter reader!
- when giorno walks up to s/o, they shake their hands around, scrunch up their face with a huge smile and twirl around.
- s/o runs into giornos arms with lots of giggles.
- he hugs them back with a warm smile, picking them up and twirling them around.
- he sets them back down and s/o kisses his cheek with a sweet smile 
“I see you did you’re little happy dance again, amore.” he smiles softly at them. “mhm! mhm!” they reply, hiding their face in his chest. 
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mrsgiovanna · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
When dreams become nightmares (Don Giorno x Wife!reader)
Starts off a bit angsty, I hope this was able to meet your expectations lovely nonnie and @passionescuppycake 🐞♥️💕💭
TW: mentions of injuries, blood, anxiety, nightmares
The air is clammy and cold in the villa, everything around him shrouded by a thin veil of mist. As Giorno walked around looking for you and the children, an unfamiliar sense of dread filled his core, drawing goosebumps along his skin. Unbeknownst to him, his glossy emerald eyes had taken on a dull jade color with a triangular glint. Walking along the mirrored hallways, his singular goal is to find his family, but his anxiety increases exponentially the longer he meanders around looking for you all. In the midst of his search, his attention is drawn by a deeper version of his own voice beckons him to turn around. Eyes widened, he slowly turns around to meet his reflection, but he was not ready for the sight that greeted him.
His golden curls and braid, slowly transformed into pink, spotted locks as they unraveled about his shoulders, revealing a Diavolo-esque version of Giorno.
“What? What is this? Who are you?”
There was panic evident in the timbre of Giorno’s voice, his heart now beating so fast that he thought it might jump out of his chest.
“I am you Giorno… don’t you remember? Look at your hands…” when Giorno looks down, his now pink locks fall into his line of vision, partially obscuring his sight of his bloodied, trembling hands,” The smirking reflection in the mirror, relishes in Giorno’s horror.
“Now… nobody will ever find them… or you!”
Giorno jolted awake, sitting up in bed, which in turn woke you up as well. You see your distressed husband sitting with his fists balled up against his temples, lightly rocking back and forth, breathing ragged and uneven. You sit up facing him, holding both his wrists in each of your hands, and you try to talk to him in a calm even voice.
“Gio, my love… it’s okay… I’m here,”
“Why does this always happen? Perhaps it’s a warning of things to come… maybe you need to take the kids and run…”
“Giorno, you are nothing like him. You are good man who cares about people, you’re an amazing father, and a wonderful husband. I know… everyone knows that you would never, ever do anything to hurt us. You are not him and you never will be,”
“Bella… I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking...” it broke your heart to see Giorno wrapped in so much of self-doubt.
“Don’t apologize my love… you have nothing to be sorry about, come here,” kneeling in front of him on the bed so that his head just reached underneath your chin, you wrapped your arms around him, weaving your fingers into his soft, damp hair. He returned the embrace with such intensity, it felt difficult to breathe, but you continued to reassure him that everything was going to be alright for you all, feeling slightly more at ease when you felt his breathing return to a more even pace and his heart stopped racing.
Your moment of comfort was interrupted by the sound of your bedroom door opening, followed by a few muffled hushing sounds. Realizing it was too late to hide or leave unnoticed, the little scamps come into the room, the younger of the two making a beeline towards her father while the elder child took his place on your lap.
“Why is papa sad?” asked your pouting little daughter.
“Papa was just being silly, fiore, the real question is what are you both doing out of bed?”
Watching as Giada dodged their father’s question, Giordano piped up, explaining that his sister had just had a bad dream, and as he tried to take her back to bed, she sprinted towards your room. You and Giorno exchanged a warm look, proud of how caring your son was towards his little sister.
You get out of bed to get Giada some water, knowing that she’s just delaying having to go to her own room, but you indulge her whims anyway after seeing the change in Giorno, just from being flanked by his family.
Softly padding through the hallway to return to your room, you realized from the silence that everyone was already asleep, confirming your guess as you entered the room, seeing a peaceful Giorno, sound asleep, surrounded by those who loved him most, you got into bed too, determined to protect them no matter the cost.
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mrsgiovanna · 6 hours ago
Over the past few days I've come across a few memes comparing Giorno and Jonathan, and an edit of Giorno with Jonathan's pallette, and it made me realise how underappreciated Jonathan's influence on Giorno actually is.
I find that in general we tend to get swept away by the "Mudas", "Wrrryyyyys" and that lovely golden mane all being attributed to Dio, but if you look beyond that, you'll see how closely the two are linked.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Firstly, Giorno’s stand ability. GE has the ability to imbue life into inanimate objects, hasten the lifecycle of living objects and later on he learns of the "healing" ability. We've seen Jonathan's hamon ability make flowers bloom on a branch he touched, similar to how little Giorno's (Haruno) latent stand ability made flora grow just enough to conceal the gangster and save him, and accelerate the lifecycle of the tree during the black sabbath fight. I'm not saying that GE is a hamon stand, I just feel its serendipitous that there were so many similarities in the first manifestations of their abilities.
Just as a side note, it's repeated throughout the series that stand abilities are a manifestation of one's soul. The fact that Giorno discovered that he could turn inanimate objects into little flowers and animals first is heartbreaking for me. I'd imagine he could have made small critters to keep him company when he felt lonely. - cries-
He was also aware of GEs defensive ability, warning Luca and Koichi to no attack his creations, but not of its attack prowess. One has to wonder what under circumstances he would have discovered this.
Many times when GE materializes, they take a protective or affectionate stance in relation to Giorno, and the requiem ability of GE is basically resetting an action to 0, allowing no harm to come to Giorno, which I think is quite formidable, that even outside of his own consciousness, his ability is aimed at protecting its user.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I also love how they both fought when necessary. Jonathan was fighting to protect his family, and fought with such integrity that even his enemies acknowledged and respected him for it. Up to the encounter with Bucciarati, Giorno didn't know what kind of effect GE had when attacking because they weren't used in that manner before. After he had joined Passione though, he fought whatever and whoever he needed to in order to realise his dream, and didn't want to fight people he believed were good (Koichi and Bruno), but didn't hold back with enemies who he felt were beyond reproach.
Tumblr media
This leads we to the last point, which was their resolve. Call it an indomitable will, or an unshakable resolve, both Jonathan and Giorno didn't allow their beliefs to be shaken, regardless of the circumstances regardless of whether it meant that they entered into losing battles.
None of this is to disregard the traits Giorno picked up from Dio, like his natural charisma, his intellect and his ambition, it's just acknowledging the presence of Jonathan as well.
I could go on and on, and these are just my beliefs, but I just feel that these two "Jojos" (well one Giogio 😂) often get the most hate, being called boring and lacking in personality, but I believe that there's a lot that gets overlooked because they perhaps aren't as boisterous as some of the other characters.
Congratulations if you made it this far 😂😂😂😅😅😅 - mindless rambling done-
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ookamihanta · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4 5 & 6 trio but in suit tops <3
Patreon l Commission info l Twitter l dA l Instagram l Ko-fi
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jjbafoodzine · 7 hours ago
🧀 We're cheesed to announce the results for the Interest Check! 🧀 
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trublmakinsimmer · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After an exciting first day of being parents, Simona and Pedro manage to get both girls to sleep and get some rest themselves!
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bebeplum · 8 hours ago
Bruno Bucciarati/Buccelati headcanons that nobody asked for!
Tumblr media
Bruno is one of those people that you cannot replace. It's hard to find somebody like him. Ever since he was a youngster, he's had a heart of gold.
He chose to stay with his father because he knew that his dad would face a heavier burden after the divorce. He knows it with all his heart that his father loved his mother and provided the best that he could. It makes his heart ache when he thinks about how kind of a man his father was.
There isn't a day that passes where he doesn't think about his father. He looks at himself in the mirror and recognizes how much he looks like him and it fills his heart with a heavy feeling, a mixture of happiness and longing.
He certainly misses his mother but cannot help but feel a bit angry at her as she didn't attend his father's funeral, neither did she really bother to ask about her own son.
He has a tendency to think with his feelings rather than his head. He's a very emotional person, and because of that, Abbacchio worries about him greatly. Fugo, however, doesn't mind it that much because he thinks that without Bruno's kindness and acceptance, Narancia would've been alone and malnourished.
His hair is actually natural; he doesn't straighten it.
When he's feeling sad, his back is hunched over. It makes him look defeated and it's heartbreaking.
Contrary to Fugo and Giorno, when speaking English, his Italian accent is on the thicker side. Often, he has to pause and try to remember certain words in English. It's absolutely adorable.
His favorite Italian curse word is "bastardo".
He uses perfumes that remind him of the sea. Think a light, soft fragrance that is reminiscent of a chilly breeze infused with the scent of sea salt and jasmine.
Has great spice tolerance, unlike Narancia.
One of his favorite alcoholic drinks is a classic Negroni. He loves the mixture between the bitterness and fruitiness.
Everybody in the gang thinks it's really cute when somebody says something shocking and he puts his hand over his mouth.
Tumblr media
His laundry-folding skills are immaculate. Having to live on his own starting twelve years old forced him to grow up too fast and learn how to take care of himself.
Despite his androgynous nature and fashion sense, there is nobody manlier or more macho than Bruno. He firmly believes that there is nothing more masculine than a man who isn't afraid to be in touch with his feminine side, striding confidently in his unique attire and lace undergarments. He is absolutely correct because he can feel women and men devouring him with their eyes anywhere he goes.
Bluest eyes you've ever seen.
Lets Trish do her makeup in the same room as him while he's doing paperwork in his office.
Is a huge fan of crude humor.
His genuine laugh is loud and breathy, and he often wheezes when he finds something really amusing.
Has a guilty pleasure for buying antique tea sets. He thinks the tiny tea cups are cute. Him and Giorno often have tea-time with one another.
He owns different colors of his infamous polka-dotted suit; namely dark blue, black, and navy.
The gang often has days where they stay home and wear casual clothes. His go-to is literally just a pair of sweatpants and nothing else. Shirtless and barefoot.
Will smack Mista on the back of the head and call him a bastard if he makes a sexual joke towards Trish.
Stray dogs love him.
Closeted weirdo.
Adores seafood. Seriously. Adores seafood. He loves fish and scallops.
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kai-queen · 8 hours ago
Abbacchio: I'm Giorno's emergency contact.
Nurse: So you're here to pick him up?
Abbacchio: I'm here to remove myself as his emergency contact.
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