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knightobreath · 2 days ago
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gamer girls get gamer girlfriends!
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crestofshame · 2 days ago
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Edelgard get serious. we have to be serious
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kalanchoeblossfeldiana · 3 months ago
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animatedtext · 9 months ago
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iskarieot · 9 months ago
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me looking for frodo baggins
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weaver-z · a year ago
Help girl these CGI dalmatians are trying to fucking kill me
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reallybadblackoutpoems · 9 days ago
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il principe dei satrici veneziani (1887) - vittorio malamani
“its morbin time”
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eddiemvnsnluvr · 5 days ago
be quiet || eddie munson x fem!reader (smut)
warnings: smut, 18+, masturbation (m), that’s really it, he tries to be quiet without you noticing teehee, if there’s any mistakes or errors pls lmk <3 ok enjoy
something about the way eddie would fist his cock while watching you get ready for bed…
fresh out of the shower; hair wet, nice smelling lotions and face creams, smooth legs, smooth pussy, etc.
you’d put on one of his very old black sabbath t-shirts, it’s so big that the bottom of the shirt comes down to the middle of your thighs and the collar of the shirt is close to revealing your entire left shoulder.
you’d be minding your own business, so focused on getting ready for bed, humming to yourself and not paying attention to eddie.
him, on the other hand, would just be watching you from under the covers on your bed (he sleeps over a lot — whether he sneaks in through the window or through the door when your parents are asleep). one arm under his head, the other…
he’d bite his lip and travel his free hand under the waistband of his boxers and grip himself, slowly staring to stroke. he tries to be subtle and not make too much movement because he knows you just want to get to bed.
his tummy would flex and his hips would slowly start to fuck up into his hand, chasing the pleasure he’s giving himself, almost imagining it was your face or your cunt. he whimpers quietly — so quiet — that you can’t hear it. he closes his eyes for a second, welling in the euphoric feeling. he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you no matter how hard he’d try.
but then he’d notice that you’re almost done in the bathroom — slowly starting to clean up your stuff, putting each product away one by one. and he’d curse to himself that he wasn’t quick enough. his cock is leaking and hard and he’d be embarrassed if you saw him like this — saw him acting like a teenage boy trying not to get caught by his parents.
so he starts to fuck up into his hand faster but still maintaining (no one knows how) to be quiet. slick ‘snicks’ sound from his wet cock and hand as he speeds up. his head is slightly thrown back, his mouth agape, his throat trying so hard to suppress the moans, groans, whines and whimpers that are begging to be let out.
“you okay?” you sound from the bathroom. he freezes, thinking he’d been caught. his hand squeezes the base of his cock, head shooting up from the pillow, eyes wide.
“uh — yeah, why?” he manages to grit out. his hand slowly, so slowly, manages to keep stroking his cock.
“dunno, you just haven’t said anything really in the past five minutes or so… didn’t know if you’d fallen asleep or got lost in thought.” you reply from the bathroom.
‘lost in thought’ he stifled a small laugh. “wouldn’t you like to know.” he’d reply.
you’d chuckle and continue finishing off your night routine; brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, face and hair oils, etc.
once you hadn’t given him a straight reply, he’d curse to himself and end up fucking his fist like his life depended on it. from his end, he can see into the bathroom perfectly. however, you’re unable to see the spot he’s laying in. just barely misses it. if you were to step just one or two inches to the left…
his mind was reeling; thinking about your cunt, your mouth, your hand, your thighs, tits, — god even your damn eyes. his free hand travels to his balls, toying with them while his other hand is wet — squeezing his head and down stroking just the way that has him feigning.
he whimpers and bites bottom lip, the feeling oh-so good. his mouth slowly opens, jaw going slack, hand practically dripping with precum that’s profusely coming from the top of his dick, chasing that feeling, trying so very hard to not let out the most guttural moans —
his world stops for what feels like ten years when it was maybe ten seconds. he paints his fist, stomach and even his chest. his jaw is practically on the floor, eyebrows furrowed. his hand slowing and firmly grasping his cock while riding out his orgasm. he throws his free hand over his face, eyes in the crook of his elbow.
his breathing slows, hand still on his cock that’s now softening. however, he’s startled by you jumping into bed, the bathroom light now off and signaling that you’re done in the bathroom.
he quickly acts like he’s just been ‘awoken’ and that he’d ‘been asleep for a few minutes or so’. you chuckle and kiss his cheek before turning over and quickly falling asleep.
he closes his eyes and curses himself before slowly reaching over on the bedside table and grabbing a tissue to clean himself up.
after he’s done and has thrown the used tissue away in the small trashcan in your bedroom, he lies awake for a few minutes and can’t believe he really got away with that.
a few minutes of silence pass and all of a sudden, you say, “you aren’t as subtle as you think you are, ya know?” you smirk without him seeing and close your eyes.
his eyes jerk open. you’ve got to be kidding me.
hay bffs <3 hope u like. i wrote this in maybe twenty or so minutes. i had to keep changing my wording and it got me frustrated hahahaha.
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litttlehelper · a month ago
Mk: Are you two done fighting or-
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corruptedbonecharm · a year ago
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bleuskais · 3 months ago
Our Flag Means Death 1x05 The Best Revenge Is Dressing Well
Me: there is no heterosexual explanation for this
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tinfigs · 9 months ago
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Happy October 3rd lads
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pcktknife · 26 days ago
" im gonna get better at art I'm gonna improve I'm gonna get better ''
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dilftarossideho · 2 months ago
Heating pads aren't enough I need to throw my uterus directly in the microwave
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talitokenart · 6 months ago
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prettyboynightwing · 24 days ago
Watching the original Top Gun, I was like yeah okay Iceman and Maverick probably had some really hot hate sex in the locker room at least once. Maybe some post-mission quickies through the years.
And then watching Top Gun: Maverick had me like, oh okay wow. They are clearly deeply in love with each other. They love each other so so much
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samsquatchem · 5 months ago
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and bonus jimmays
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reallybadblackoutpoems · 14 days ago
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francis forever (2014) - mitski
“i dont know what to do”
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sosaysdean · 3 months ago
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fox-guardian · a month ago
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[ID: A mostly uncolored comic of Jon and Martin on a gray background. Martin is a tall, fat, white man with shoulder length hair pulled into a ponytail, scruffy facial hair, freckles, a tooth gap, body hair, and round glasses. He is wearing small earrings, a t-shirt, sweatpants, and socks. Jon is a shorter, thin Arab man with long curly dark hair with lighter streaks pulled into a low bun over his shoulder, a full beard and mustache, and his skin is covered in various scars. He's wearing a long-sleeved shirt and half-moon glasses and his lower half is covered by a blanket.
Jon is sitting on a couch, humming and drawing in a sketchbook as Martin walks by, curious, and leans over the back of the couch.
Martin: What are you drawing?
Jon jumps and holds his sketchbook to his chest, blushing.
Jon: Err... Martin: Can I see? Jon: It's not finished...
Martin sits on the couch and Jon turns away with sparkling eyes.
Martin: That's okay! Jon: Mmmm.... Martin: Please~? Jon: ... Alright.
Jon shows the sketchbook.
Jon: It's still in the ugly phase....
The drawing is a work in progress of Martin wearing white drapery, holding the bottom up to expose his legs while his other arm is raised by his head, with more drapery hanging over his arm. His chest is partly exposed, his hair is undone, and his expression is soft, looking down and to the side. His freckles and body hair haven't been drawn yet, but he is partially colored in with red bits for his hair, blue shadows on the drapery, blush and skin tone partly rendered, and a golden background.
Martin stares at it, awestruck, blushing with his mouth hanging open as Jon presents it with his eyes closed. A note says Martin is having "many thoughts, head full". He looks at Jon with the same expression. The final panel shows his head drawn massively as he yells, gesturing at the sketchbook. His text is in all caps.
Martin: That's the ugly phase?! Jon: I-I mean it's far from finis- Martin: Jon.
end ID]
i think jon is an artist and the beholding beams all kinds of art knowledge into his brain at the safehouse to help him out with that. i think he uses these powers to express his love for his boyfriend by drawing him a lot in increasingly flattering ways and he's a lil shy about it
also i am VERY tempted to like. finish jon's drawing some time because like. it turned out better than i was intending to make it aklsjdhajdh
edit: i finished it. full version of jon's drawing of martin HERE
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