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Tumblr media
asmo as evelynn (evaporates into thin air)
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girl help ur vibes are rancid (and that’s so sexy of you)
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girl help 😭
ft. @sleepyeule’s and @satanicduckko’s Suns
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Late Bloomer
eddie munson x reader
prompt: eddie befriends a cheerleader who’s a bit of a ‘late bloomer’
warnings: cussing, smut, virginity (minors go away)
word count: 4k
Tumblr media
Late Bloomer.
That’s what the other girls in your cheer squad said about your romantic life, “Oh don’t worry about it babe, it’ll happen eventually, you’re just a late bloomer.” It drove you insane that no matter how strongly you yearned for a boyfriend, it never happened. You found almost all the men in Hawkins gross, not in a mean way, but if they ever advanced on you, you shied away. You hated that you couldn’t just swallow your insecurity and pounce on one of the annoying football players, desperate for a fairytale where they married their high school sweetheart who was a cheerleader. What added to the sting is you were older than them, already 19 in senior year due to being held back a grade in elementary school for not grasping reading. This was a common fact as it seemed everyone knew everyone's business in this town, another reason to not want to sleep with the first guy available.
It all came to a tipping point at the annual cheer sleepover, held every year at the head cheerleaders house, the night before the first game of the season. It started innocently enough, all the things you’d imagine cheerleaders did during a night in. Facials, eating popcorn, painting nails, and then someone had to open their damn mouth. “So someone over here had a fling with Joeee.” Penelope sang, pointing her thumb at Rachel who began blushing profusely as the other girls gasped, including yourself. Joe was the ‘hottest’ guy in school, being athletic, kind, and rich, he was bound to get with someone from the squad, but not Rachel. She was beautiful, so it shouldn’t have been a shock, but what you did know was something slightly more selfish, she was the only other virgin on the varsity team.
“Get outta here! Did you go to his house?” Chrissy, the head cheerleader, whispered as Rachel nodded followed by not subtle shrieking. What really caused the blow up was when she pulled her oversized t-shirt up to her lower bust, exposing her stomach of hickies. “I told him not on my neck because of the game, so he got creative.” Rachel smiled, letting her shirt fall down as the girls pestered her about the details, making sure she used protection, and if it was official. You hated that this made you jealous, but you couldn’t help it, especially when a comment was made about how “It was about time you got laid! Took you long enough.” Penelope’s eyes flickered to you, indicating she was the one who let the sharp words tumble out, “Shit, I’m sorry, I totally forgot-” But you cut her off, “Hey! It’s okay, I’m a late bloomer, that’s all.” You wanted to punch yourself in the face. A gentle hand touched your thigh when the attention left you, glancing at Anne, the quietest girl in the room.
“I have to run an errand, wanna come?” She asked, standing to grab her varsity sweater as you followed, knowing you needed fresh air. Both of you slipped out with not much protest as they felt bad at unintentionally singling you out, which you knew the girls meant well and that they weren’t the vicious stereotype they were painted to be. You walked down the street in silence, making your way through a field as a shortcut. “Do you smoke?” Anne broke your daze, looking up at her face that only glanced briefly at yours before looking to where they were heading.
“Sometimes, more socially. Also where are we going?” You asked as you made your way into the forest behind your school, the breeze becoming more steady, reminding you that you only wore shorts and a sweater. With chills coming up your spine and before Anne could say where they were going, a voice boomed to your side.
“If it isn’t my favorite client.”
Eddie Munson sat on the edge of the wooden picnic table in the center of the woods, black pail in hand with a cigarette in the other. Anne waved, approaching him as you froze in place. You had nothing against Eddie, only having classes with him occasionally where you mainly kept to yourself. Being at a drug deal was pretty risque for a cheerleader, especially the night before the first game of the season, except you weren’t a snitch.
“I don’t bite, sweetheart.” He said, making you laugh as you approached them, finding a seat at the picnic table. Anne was already working on rolling a joint, shockingly good at it before sealing it. She placed it between her lips, fishing her lighter out of her shorts pocket and lighting it, smoke flooding out. “Damn Anne, you’ve done this before, huh?” You smiled as she laughed, even Eddie butted in, “Yeah, she's seen me more than once.”
The three of you passed around the dope, becoming more relaxed than you had felt in months. Eddie asked what you two were up to tonight, Anne, stoned out of her mind, had words that didn’t slow due to her sublime state, “Cheerleader sleepover, this one got embarrassed for being the only one to not do the devil's tango-” “Anne!” You shrieked, covering your face as she realized her words, “Oh my God, I didn’t mean to say that, ignore what you just heard, Munson.”
Eddie, always the charmer, looked around at the vast dark space of the woods, “What do you hear something?” He stated, tumbling to an upward position as he looked through the bushes, shuffling through the brown and green leaves. Giggles abrupt from your lips, feeling less embarrassed about the ordeal, taking the final hit of the shared joint and putting it out. He jumped around various plants before sauntering over to you both, sitting on the opposing bench, “Now that the coast is clear, how much are you buying, sweetheart?”
While the name wasn’t directed at you, the title made you blush with Anne casually stating how much she’d need to make it through another exam week. You watched as his ring clad fingers fumbled with the bud, looking at the various baggies with small weights written on them. You knew he played guitar, having heard his band play at a few bars in town and he was a talented guitarist. You could almost hear the song he covered playing in the background of your mind. Once the transaction was finished, he realized you two were walking back, “Do you guys want a ride back? It’s pretty dark? I can even drop you off down the street so they don’t see my van” You thanked him, following Anne into his car that smelled even stronger of hemp than the actual drug did. Anne began going off about how she didn’t want to go back to the sleepover since the other girls were probably in bed right now, “It’s so stupid that they do this every year and go to sleep by 10:30! I get not doing an all-nighter, we don't need anyone falling during the pyramid, but still! Can you just drop me off at home? I’ll just say I didn’t feel well.”
As her complaints persisted from the front seat, you noticed Eddie’s eyes occasionally flickering to yours in the mirror, thinking it was just in your head until he winked at you. You focused your attention on the landscape outside, realizing you were on Anne’s quiet street and that he had actually been listening to her thoroughly. She said a quick thank you, leaning to the backseat to do a mutual cheek kiss before walking down the dim lit road.
“Alright, so where to?” He asked, tapping his fingers mindlessly to the beat of the song quietly playing from the radio. “Thanks for the ride, I can walk from here.” But this just made him turn in his chair, eyebrow raised, “I mean, call me a gentleman, but I don’t feel great making a girl walk home by herself in the middle of the night. Hop in the front.” For some reason, you obeyed, exiting the back to the front, telling him your address that was a few miles away. You rode in awkward silence, which you didn’t think was possible for a man with his comedic timing. Your thoughts drifted to earlier that night when the girls found out about Rachel and Joe, the way they lit up at the juicy details. Your skin crawled at Chrissy’s sad eyes meeting yours, mouthing “It’s okay.” While said out of love, it made you feel smaller than before, like you weren’t reaching your full potential, which you knew deep down was bullshit.
“Eddie, what would you rate me from 1 to 10?” You asked abruptly as he jumped slightly at the sudden voice, but also the question. “I am not answering that, no fuckin’ way.” He said, eyes going wider than you thought possible as he gripped the steering wheel. You whined, crossing your arms as you shifted in your seat to face him.
“C’mon Eddie, please! I need a guy's input and from one that doesn’t annoy me everytime he speaks.” His laugh filled the van as he stopped on the backroad, surrounded by trees. You were high enough to release some inhibitions, but not high enough to not mean what you were saying. He faced towards you, resting his face on his fist, making a thinking sound, “What am I exactly rating you on, princess?”
“I don’t know! Anything? Do you like my smile? My personality? Hell, even my tits? Just something!” You gasped, a devious smile resting on his lips with his blush not going unnoticed, feeling a bit thrown off from your outburst. “Well I’ll just say to start off, all are great, some things more than others,” He winked as you rolled your eyes, “But I’m not rating you, though your desperation is cute.” You sighed at his words, cupping your face in your hands, palms digging to your eyes.
“I’m-Ugh I’m not desperate, I’m just over being a virgin! Why does everyone in this town suck!” You expressed, flailing your arms beside you, “I mean, some swallow, if that makes you feel better?” Which made you laugh, glancing over at him as he rubbed his hands on his jean clad thighs. “In all seriousness, if you want it, just go for it. Most of the guys suck, especially the ones who go out for football, but you’re pretty and smart and worthy of having a nice first time, okay? So I’m not rating you and if any guy says he will, punch them.” He concluded, staring in your eyes seriously, not knowing he practically soaked your panties from the amount of respect he had for you. He didn’t belittle your needs, didn’t try to convince you the guys didn’t suck and you just needed to open up more. No, he heard you, he actually listened and understood. You cupped your hands around his jaw, “Can I kiss you, please?” The words falling from your lips softer than intended, but Eddie could tell you were serious and he didn’t want to pull away either. He cupped your face and gently kissed your lips, allowing your hands to fall in your lap. His lips felt like pillows with his teeth capturing your bottom lip, a moan coming from you to grant him more access.
You thought Eddie was always cute and respectful, a bit of a freak in the best way, and you just couldn’t believe it was him who you’d feel comfortable enough with first. Most guys would’ve started hitting on you the moment you mentioned sex, but he didn’t, you even knew that this kiss wouldn’t have happened unless you had initiated it. Eddie was slowly taking control as his lips moved hasiter against yours, only pulling away in a sharp breath as he realized your location.
“You wanna come to my place?”
You had never been more grateful that your parents were out of town for the week as Eddie pulled into your driveway. The ride there wasn’t as tense as you thought, mainly just banter about miscellaneous topics, which helped keep your nerves at bay, and making sure he didn’t get lost.
You grabbed your keys and walked to the front door, Eddie hot on your tail after locking the van. You turned on a light or two, greeting your small black cat, Luna. She scurried away after the initial greeting as you walked Eddie into your kitchen, grabbing a water to soothe your burning throat from the weed and nerves. You offered him a drink, but he took his time observing the scenery, “We can go up to my room if you want?”
He followed you quietly, taking time to notice all the details of your messy room, before you sat on the bed, looking up at him. He glided over, cupping your face once more to kiss you deeply before pulling off his signature Hellfire shirt. You stared at his decorated skin, wanting to trace the ink engraved to his body as you laid down beneath him. He worked his way down your neck, finding a soft spot on your collarbone that made you moan, feeling him smile against the delicate skin. You were getting impatient, grabbing your sweater and slipping it off to reveal your plain bra, quickly flinging that away too. His eyes scanned your chest, tongue sticking out as he saw your nipples, scooping down to suck on them.
“Fuck Eddie.” You whimpered, feeling his hands trail down your naval, shivering at his cold rings. He stood up, yanking his pants down to expose his black boxers, his cock already alert. You swallowed harshly as he gripped the sides of your panties and shorts, “Hey. Look at me.” Your eyes flickered to his, containing an emotion you couldn’t make out just yet.
“I need you to be honest with me, okay? Do you want this?” You nodded, “If at any time you want to stop, tell me. Even if it's on the brink of no return, we’ll stop, it’s never too late to change your mind. I won’t be mad.” He said in a low whisper, your profuse nodding not being enough, you had to be vocal. “I want this, Eddie, there’s no one else I’d rather do this with.”
With that, he yanked your last articles of clothing off, spreading your legs to see your soaking center, “Fuck me.” He mumbled, kneeling on the floor to put his face in front of your most vulnerable area, squirming when he had yet to touch you. “Sh, all in good time, just want to look.” His finger brushed your lips, spreading to find your clit and kissing it, your other hand gripping your waist to hold you still. Your weepy hole was glistening in the shining moonlight, he wished he could hang it in a personal art museum. He was barely touching you and had you falling apart.
“You look so pretty like this, all spread out for me.” He breathed, working his other fingers inside of you, the sudden intrusion making you clench and grab the hand that held your hip. He laced his fingers in yours, still pressing it against where it had been previously for stability. His tongue flicked the bundle of nerves that ached to be attended to, his slender hands finding your g-spot within seconds. He quickened his pace as he realized you were reaching your climax, not wanting to tease you your first time finishing with company. He swapped his mouth and fingers, sucking on your hole to catch the sweet release that flowed out shortly after accompanied by your moans. He glanced up at your blissed face cumming and decided it was the 8th wonder of the world. He climbed on top of you, resting his weight on his arm with his other occupied with your laced fingers.
“That felt good, sweet girl?” Your eyes still clenched as you nodded, finally opening them to look at him. His chin was glistening with your release which could’ve made you come all over again in itself, but you crashed your lips into his, wasting no time to build intensity. He quickly took control of the tempo, grunting as you sunk deeper into the bed, legs wrapping around his clothed waist. You used your feet to push them off, making him pull away with a smile, “Someone’s resourceful!”
He sat up to reach for his pants, pulling out his wallet to grab the spare condom he kept for backup, despite not getting any in over a year. It was hard to keep his composure as he slid the latex over himself, stroking while biting his lip. He would’ve laughed if someone told him he’d be fucking a cheerleader by the end of the night, not only that, but one he always thought stood out. He always noticed you when he was forced to attend a rally or game, finding you exuded energy he couldn’t pinpoint. His eyes lingered on you when he walked down the hall or saw you outside of school, not even entertaining the thought of doing anything, but now that he was here. You laid in front of him, waiting for him to do anything to you to help soothe the need you had. He wishes he would’ve done it sooner.
“Alright, this can happen two ways tonight, princess. Do you want to be on top or on the bottom?” He gritted, containing his shaking voice, as your eyes stared in his. You shrugged, adjusting to close your legs as he stood, “Uh uh, words.” His command made you want to do whatever he wanted, whether it left you in bliss or tears. But you wanted to be a good partner, deciding starting on top might be more beneficial for him, though he was grateful for any position.
“I’ll go on top” Stuttering as you sat up, giving him room to lay beneath you, his upper half resting against pillows as he helped you get your shaking hips over his. His cock was pink and leaking, resting against his stomach in front of you, letting your finger trace the vein that guided all the way to the tip. He knew he wouldn’t last long, you were ruining him and you hadn’t even done anything yet.
“Spit.” He instructed, his ring clad hand that had just been deep in your pussy, shoved in front of your mouth as you followed his directions. He began stroking himself more as you lifted yourself, shuffling over where he ached. He glided his tip across your folds, letting his eyes flutter shut at the silk like feeling before getting stopped by your hole. He looked into your eyes as both your mouths fell open as you slowly fell down. A cry left your lips with your hands grabbing at his chest, making it half way before ceasing, tears falling down your cheeks.
“It’s okay, pretty girl, let it out.” He guided your chest against his, keeping eye contact that you kept attempting to break from shyness. He grabbed your hips, rocking you gently and hushing gently as you whimpered. “You’re doing so good, you’re taking me so well.” He cooed, making sure to be as gentle as possible, which didn’t go unnoticed. Your need surpassed your awareness, shoving yourself all the way with a shriek, feeling so full you began to shake.
“Hey! Hey, easy.” He scolded, lifting your hips towards the top, only keeping his tip in. He wiped the tears beneath your eyes, taking in your face that was a mix of pleasure and pain. “Are you okay?” You nodded, remembering what he said as you gumbled out an “I’m okay.” He nodded, sliding you off as you let out a pathetic noise that you wished never came out, but he didn’t flinch, just placing you on your back. His mouth found its way to your neck as he slid in again. He found your sensitive spot, sucking on it to distract from the unpleasant ache between your legs. He used his hands to push your knees up, taking a moment to raise upwards to look at you fall apart. "Fuck, you're so pretty."
You embraced the feeling of him thrusting inside you, mesmerized by the way the same veins you stroked moments ago were inside you, causing pleasure throughout your body. Eddie found himself pulling you down all the way and holding you there as you mewled. Fresh tears released from your eyes as you fondled your own breast, shaking. His eyes darkened, replacing your hands with his as he began to fondle your tits and picking up his pace. This didn’t last long before you pulled him against you, missing the weight of him and his lips on yours.
“Thank you. Thank you, Eddie, please. Oh my God.” You whimpered, continuing the mantra of gratitude as you found yourself nearing the end. He moaned so loud you were almost positive the neighbors heard, but you didn’t care. He never considered himself a man with a praise kink, but when a girl is not only begging for you, but thank you for fucking her? There’s only so much a man can take, especially when he felt you starving off your orgasm.
“Let it out, baby, come on. You feel so good, sweetheart, I’m right behind ya.” He growled, mouth pressed against the shell of your ear, nibbling. You weren’t strong enough to hold off any longer, falling apart in his arms as he finished in sync, thrusts shallowing out as he felt you constrict. The praises left your lips without hesitation, gripping onto his chest tightly with his arms returning just as tight. Your whimpers continued for a moment before a loud shaky breath, “I’m sorry for crying, that's so embarrassing.” You groaned, shifting beneath him as he pulled away from your neck, “Don’t you dare. That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” He stated, eyes boring into yours before pulling out and discarding his protection. He grabbed his boxers, pulling them on and grabbing his tee, handing it to you with raised eyebrows, making you blushed.
“Really, that’s what makes you flustered?” He teased, laying back down with your faces across from each other. Sitting in silence, you both studied each other, almost as if you looked long enough, you’d find out every emotion you just endured. He stroked your cheek affectionately, nudging into his broad palm, nipping at it playfully. As you came down from euphoria, your worries seeped through. What did this mean? Would this be a regular thing? Would he ever speak to you again? So many thoughts ruminated that it spread across your face, his eyebrows pinched with worry when you acknowledged your surroundings.
“Did you enjoy tonight?” You inquired as he made a shocked face before smiling, “Let’s just say that if you asked me to rate this, I’d break the fucking scale.” He chuckled, moving his hand to tickle your side, making you squeal and fling your body against him. “You’re such an asshole for that, Munson.” Silence filled the room as he held you against his chest, your bodies fitting like puzzle pieces beneath your sheets. “Can we do this again sometime?” Trailing off as you traced his various tattoos, hypnotized by his body and what it encapsulated. “Hell yeah, I’m always horny.” He joked, “But seriously, yes, we can do this whenever you want, princess.”
You didn’t expect yourself to have your first time with the guy you always admired from afar, but tonight you were engulfed in his arms, feeling safe and happy for once. As you jogged out on the field the next day, ignoring the soreness between your thighs, you spotted him in the stands where he never would have been previously. With a quick wink, he stood up and hollered as you couldn't contain your laughter. You could get used to this.
hi! thank you for reading, eddie's my muse atm so please send in requests! feedback is always appreciated. have a great day!
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“You are such a good girl.”
Eddie Munson x reader
summary: you excitingly show eddie your a+ that you got on a test, and well, things escalate.
warnings: shit i’m not gonna lie this is dirty💀 smut, language, praising, teasing and begging, reader has a thing for being called ‘good girl’ so a lot of that, talk of kinks, dacryphila, degradation. eddies cocky as hell. i think that’s it??
a/n: this was requested by @marauders3rawh0re ily babe, you’ve been on this blog ever since i started it! so i hope this satisfies your needs because i love this lmao.
Tumblr media
“See Eddie? See? Oh, gosh, I can hardly believe it! I mean, I was just so nervous. I thought maybe, a B if I was lucky! Or even a C! But an A+! I can’t believe it?” There you were, hyped up on the adrenaline of a good grade, pacing the carpet in your room. You backed away as he climbed through your window, a wide smile on your face as you threw your arms around his neck.
“Whoa, there, babe,” He chuckled, patting your back. “Don’t I get a kiss first?”
You pulled away, grabbing his chin and pulling him down to yours. You have them a loud peck, and you squealed when his hand sneakily moved down to give your ass a squeeze. “See here! Look, Eddie, I can’t believe it!”
You shoved the paper in his hand, and he chuckled amongst himself as he observed your paper. He smirked, glancing your way. “What did I tell you? All that worrying for nothing. Good job, kiddo! Proud of you!” He hooked an arm over your shoulder, pulling you into his side as you both sat on the window seal.
You smiled as he kissed the side of your head, looking down as you fiddled with your fingers. Eddie always made you blush, since day one. You always caught yourself staring at his hands, the rings on them. You liked the look of the calluses on the pads of his fingers, making shapes and odd designs. They were rough, his hands, and honestly, you were sure that’s why you liked them.
But that was Eddie. He was rough. His music choice, his clothing. His mannerisms and attitude. It was a direct opposite of who you were. You two had been together for maybe a month now, but a lot of people didn’t even believe it, because it just didn’t fit. Eddie ‘the freak’ Munson with you, Miss innocent and not a hair out of place.
The kids thought maybe it was some prank, it had to of been. He even canceled dnd one night just to see a play you had been in. Dustin nearly cried. But Eddie couldn’t help it. You’d drawn him in like a fly to honey. You’d come to his lunch table one day, asking for signatures on a petition to end sexism at Hawkins High. Of course, everyone at the table signed, but it almost startled them to see you behind the sign. It was known you didn’t care much for conversation.
You asked with a small, shaky voice for signatures, and Eddie Munson fell head over heels in love with you that moment there. And the funny thing was, he’d never really noticed you before. He knew you, obviously, but it wasn’t like he’d already had a crush on you. It was something in the air that day, apparently, because your bravery lured him in.
He worked his magic and started conversations with you here and there, asking if you’d help tutor him to pass a class. You did, and he passed, but you fell head over heels with him too. And it wasn’t that the kids didn’t like you, they just didn’t know how to act around you, because it was weird for them to see Eddie so mushy around someone of the opposite sex.
Eddie brought out the best in you, though, a part of you that you were unfamiliar with. He was completely and utterly genuine with you, and didn’t treat you like a glass doll like everyone else did. The conversations you had seemed to last for hours. He also took your virginity, and that was only just a few weeks ago. That was an experience, for sure.
Your innocence to Eddie was nearly mind blowing. Your music taste, your clothing. Your attitude and mannerisms. It completely differed with his. He absolutely adored your little pink bow in your hair, your knee high socks and tight skirt. It nearly sent him to the grace.
“Thanks, I just tried to remember what you told me,” You continued, breathing in relief. “That all I needed to do was try my best, and that you had faith in me.” You blinked up at him with a smile.
“Good girl,” He tapped your nose, bumping his forehead against yours. “I knew you could do it.”
Well that was new. Your cheeks burned hotly at his comment, and god, you didn’t know why. You cleared your throat awkwardly, and you recognized that churn in your stomach. Sex was still new to you. There were so many…positions. You could do it…anywhere. It was overwhelming. Your mind buzzed with confusion, and you pulled your forehead away and cleared your throat again. “So, did you have a good day?”
He raised his brows in amusement at your tone, noticing how dark your cheeks had turned crimson. He kept his chuckle inside, but he knew damn well his little comment gave you butterflies. He’d have fun with that. “Good. The kids are preparing for the campaign tomorrow. Sinclair has another godforsaken game of laundry baskets again, so they’ll have to find a replacement. You in?” He stood, twirling around your room and observing the decor.
Your room was extremely pink. He loved it, but if he stared at an obnoxiously bright colored object too long, he got nauseas. “Oh, I- no, I’m alright.” You chuckled, pushing a loose curl back. “Truth be told I don’t think they like me very much.”
“Hey,” He narrowed his eyes. “It’s not that they don’t like you. It’s me that they’re unsure about. You’ve done nothing wrong, y/n.” He sent you that puppy love gleam as he picked up your music box.
“Well, neither have you, Eddie.” You began untying your shoes. “I guess we’re just modern day Romeo and Juliet.” Your tone softened at the realization, throwing your shoes to the side.
He glanced at your reflection in the mirror. He knew you felt guilty for not being his “type”. You even said it once. In fact, you cried. That was an ordeal of its own.
“We’re a match made in heaven, sweetheart.” He nearly sang, crouching down to your feet. “The freak and the good girl.” He watched your eyes then, and dear lord he saw them flare.
Your cheeks flushed again, your stomach fluttered at his words. Why was that sweet little phrase bothering you so? His hand was warm against your bare knee, but it sent firework sensations up your thigh from his statement.
“Ha!” He laughed in your face, causing you flinch.
“What?!” You jumped.
“You’re blushing! Again!” He clapped his hands in the musical rhythm he did when he was hyped up, dancing and shuffling his feet in amusement. “You totally like that, don’t you?”
“Like what?” You grew smaller, voice high in question. You really didn’t know what he was talking about, being confusing with your feelings yourself.
“Good girl!” He placed his hands on his knees, looking at you as his jaw hung open in amusement.
Your eyes grew wide when you realized the connection, and you straightened immediately. “I do not!” You defended hotly.
“Yes, you do!” He pointed, clapping his hands again. “Look at you! You blush every time I mention it!” He was laughing, chuckling and pointing at you as you grew utterly embarrassed.
“No- Eddie, will you shut-” You tried shouting, but crossed your arms in frustration. “Eddie, I do not!”
“Hey, I’m not judging you, babe,” He tried containing his laughter, moving back to crouch by your feet. His giggles were escaping his lips, and he pulled your hands into his. “Really, I’m not. It’s cute, actually.”
You groaned painfully loud, looking up to the ceiling. He snorted at your resistance. “No, it’s not. I’m disgusting.”
“So, you’re admitting it?”
Your eyes snapped to his. “No!” You yelped, causing him to cackle and put his hands up.
“Hey, hey, calm down,” He cleared his throat, trying to keep from embarrassing you more. “Really, y/n, it’s fine. Everyone has the stuff they like. Honestly, yours is pretty vanilla compared to what else is out there.”
Your eyes grew somewhat more curious at his words, peeking your interest. You swallowed roughly, looking down to pick at your nails. “Really?” Your voice squeaked.
Half of the time, he just wanted to laugh at how innocent you were, but it took a lot not to. He knew how incredibly shy you were, and it didn’t take much for you to crawl back into your shell.
“Sure.” He nodded enthusiastically, his black curls bouncing. “I mean, some people like to be tied up or uh- blindfolded. There’s um, choking and slapping. God, then there’s some real heavy bdsm type shit. That’s for another day. I don’t want to traumatize you.” He chuckled.
You brought up your nail to chew, thinking over his words. You couldn’t even imagine yourself in those scenarios, but you didn’t ever imagine being together with Eddie Munson, either. Your exact opposite. “But I couldn’t ever see you doing those things,” He got your attention, taking your finger away from the abuse of your teeth. “Since you’re such a good girl, and everything.” He tilted his chin at you, hooking his finger underneath your jaw. He said it with such seriousness this time, and it caused a sparking tension to electrify between you.
Your eyes flickering between his lips and his eyes, and your stomach continued to burn at the idea of being his good girl. You sighed. You couldn’t fake it anymore. “You’re right, I love it.” You breathed, smashing your lips against his.
Your arms wrapped around his neck as he pulled you both up, his hands holding your burning face. Your bodies glued together like magnets, his arms moving up and down your back as your lips danced like ballerinas. Your feet dangled slightly, due to the hold he had on you. He always had to lift you up a bit in times like these, having been so much short than him. It was either that, or him breaking his neck trying to bend down to kiss you.
Your back hit your bedroom door, and you gasped when his lips found your neck, his hands placing yours above your head. “Sex can be anything you want it to be, sweetheart,” He licked the skin below your ear, and you moaned sweetly, your leg curling around his ankle.
“You’re the boss. You tell me what you want me to do.” He sucked and nippled at your red skin, leaving pomegranate colored love bites to show off to the world. He loved claiming you that way.
It always made you feel shameful and embarrassed, asking him to do a certain thing during sex. You were too awkward for that, but Eddie was trying to chip away that wall. “I want-” Your voice broke, his fingers slowly unbuttoning your blouse.
“Yes?” He hummed.
His body pressed against yours, and your jaw fell slack, your neck craning to the ceiling as he licked a strip along your collar bone. “Call me a good girl.” You caved, a heavy, dripping sound of desperation in your voice. “Please, call- call me your good girl, Eddie, oh-”
You gasped as he swiftly picked you up by the waist, throwing you on the bed as he hovered above you. You moaned loudly into his mouth, his lips against yours once again. Kissing Eddie was like swimming inside of a painting. You could feel every molecule inside of him, and sometimes, kissing him alone was just as overwhelming as the sex itself. He would be the death of you. He settled himself between your legs, pressing his growing erection against your skirt.
“Oh, god.” You whimpered, turning your head into the pillow. The sensations alone were enough bliss for you, that’s how new it was. The sex was just going to get better and better.
“Take your skirt off.” His voice was stern, and you opened your eyes up at him in surprise. Eddie was not mean or dominating to you during sex, by any means. But on discovering your turn on, he was curious to experiment a bit. “Do as I say.” He took his hands off you, placing one on the headboard and the other by your hip.
You moved your hands to the waistband of your pink plaid skirt, but froze and looked back to him. His brown eyes pierced into yours, and he licked his lips, his mastermind moving faster than the speed of light. “Y/n,” He said firmly, yet there was always a hint of playfulness behind his lips. That’s why you were never scared, why you never had issues trusting him.
“Be a good girl and take your skirt off.” He raised a brow, and he watched as you bit your lip.
You pulled down the band, pushing it below your knees as you both sat up. He helped you push it through your ankles, and then next, went your panties. You were laid back again and you leaned up to excitingly kiss him, but he held his hand up. “Ah,” He grabbed your wrist. “Not just yet, my queen.”
You swallowed, your eyes blinking rapidly. “Why-” He shut you up with a kiss, pressing over so softly. You sighed into it, just tiny little pecks and motions he gave you.
Then, his hands brushed at your knees, and at the contact, you tried to spread your legs, but he wouldn’t let you. His grip them tightened, but his soft kissed didn’t let up. He placed one at the corner of your mouth, then dipping his tongue back to gloss over your teeth.
Then, they slowly trailed up your thighs, circling them with warm patterns. He was teasing you, but you were too dumb to realize. The puckering sounds of your wet lips filled the room, his fingers making you shiver. Your heart began to speed up when he slowly moved his fingers deeper into your legs, but it diminished quickly when he moved up to your stomach.
You curled your leg around his hip, desperate for friction. Deepening the kiss, you grabbed his hand, placing it on your breast. You were getting agitated for that sweet relief in the pit of your stomach, your thighs glistening with your arousal. You tried to reach for his belt, but he moved your hand away. You huffed, looking up. “Eddie, what the hell-”
“Watch that language,” He said sternly, eyes sharp. “Good girls don’t talk like that. Good girls don’t have bratty attitudes. So if you want me to give you what you want, you’ll have to be a good girl and behave yourself.”
Your eyes were wide with anticipation, and he hurriedly, moved down between your thighs. A loud gasp pushed it’s way out of you as he spread your legs, wrapping one leg around his neck. He placed a sloppy kiss on the inside of your thigh, and he continued his torturous pleasure.
Each thigh he kiss, slowly, messily. He sucked and bit, pulling at your sensitive skin. He blew soft air on your burning cunt, but he never touched it with his pink lips. He continued this for minutes, leaving you a shaky, sweaty and needy mess. You were whimpering like you were in pain, convulsing and arching your back, desperate for any source of friction to find. Your hands dug into the long, black ropes of his hair, pulling like rapunzel.
“Oh, god, Eddie please,” You begged, trying to pull his head up. “Please- I need you so bad, I can’t do it,”
He smiled against your skin, the shakiness of your voice pleasuring him. He came up to you, his hand going the base of your neck. “Poor baby,” He frowned, his finger wiping away the sweat on your forehead. “You’ve done so good for me. Should I reward you?”
“Yes!” You nodded furiously. “Yes, now-”
“No, no,” He tsked, holding up a finger. “Ask me nicely, sweetheart. Trust me, I can do this all night.”
You bit back a cry, throwing your head back on the pillow. “Please, please, Eddie,” You breathed heavily. “Please, reward me. I want you so bad, please- I want you inside me.”
“You want me to fuck you, is that it?” He unbuckled his belt, lifting himself up. “You want me to fuck you like the good girl you are?”
“Yes,” You whimpered. “Let me be your good girl, I wanna be your good girl so bad. Please-” He had hurriedly aligned himself at your entrance, his cock painfully hard, and thrusted into you within a second. A cracked, heavy cry spewed from your lips, and your arms wrapped around his neck like a cat, your nails digging into his back.
The headboard cracked against the wall with his first thrust, and your jaw nearly broke as you cried out. Your bodies molded together, your bed squeaking and snapping at the quick, violent movements he made. He hugged your body, burying his face in your neck. “Oh, god!” You sobbed, tears forming in your eyes.
This whole experience felt different. His attitude, the way he treated you. Each thrust was more forceful, deeper, and it was hard for you to stay conscious. “Oh, oh, my god! God, oh, god!” You repeated over and over. Your stomach had never felt so hot, so on fire with a burning light inside you. Your nails were in his skin, drawing blood, you were sure.
“Fuck.” He groaned into your skin, but you could barely hear, because you were in complete ecstasy.
He gripped the headboard, giving another thrust that made you hysterical. Tears fell down your face as you sobbed, staining the collar of your unbuttoned shirt. His lips found yours, a hard look on his face as he tried to keep from coming. He always put you first. His cock continued to drive into you with a heavy speed, and he kissed you sloppily, drinking in your sobs.
You always cried during sex, and he was far used to it. He loved it, actually.
“You’re such a good girl, y/n.” He moved faster, picking up your leg and throwing it over his shoulder. “You’re- fuck, you’re my girl. My good girl. Cum for me, sweetheart.”
And you did, with a final, sharp thrust, that tight ball in your stomach popped, crashing over you like waves. Sobs left you, holding on to him like he was your life raft. Your legs shook and your body convulsed, your pussy throbbing painfully over his cock. You fell back in exhaustion, and Eddie, all he could do was listen to you.
“You are such a good girl.”
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captainofthetidesbreath · 2 days ago
Poking around Aabria discussing Laerryn's build with D&D Beyond, and I'm obsessed with Aabria's flowchart for a Cerrit 1v1 because my personal understanding of it is:
Don't die in one hit.
If possible, cast Tasha's Otherworldly Guise. (Note: concentration spell. His Mage Slayer negates her War Caster.)
Hit him with the +2 All-Purpose Tool - Mace that Brennan allowed instead of spells to deny him Mage Slayer reactions.
Understand this 1v1 is not winnable.
Run away. (Good luck with that.)
Try to convince Loquatius to help.
Feel sad.
From the end of the segment: "The truth of the matter was if it came down to a 1v1, with the way Cerrit was built, I really don't think it was gonna be super survivable for my sweet girl just because he was built to hurt mages a lot. [...] I didn't really have a good plan for dealing with Travis's character other than crying and trying to convince Sam's character to come help me. And, so for people who are asking about that: I didn't have a good answer. It was just going to go bad."
Like, the vibes here are: "I built my girl to survive Brennan, but I am not confident she would've survived Cerrit."
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slayedx · 2 days ago
Love of the game
summary: you’re needy but chris wants to watch the game, there has to be some sort of compromise, right?
cw: choking, penetration, creampies, squirting, daddy kink, fem!reader, cockwarming
a/n: SORRY FOR THE WAIT🥲🥲🥲 hope y’all enjoy!!
@peakascum @floral-recs
Tumblr media
“babe! the game is on!” you hear chris yell out from the living room, and you internally groan.
you usually loved game day; getting to snuggle on the couch and eat pizza while watching your boyfriend get all riled up was something you would usually be up to.
he just came back from a press tour and you were pent up from weeks without seeing him; all you wanted to do was mount him so he could pound-
“princess, what’re you doin the game’s about to start” he tuts at you while making his way towards you in the kitchen. his patriots shirt tight around his figure highlighting his thick biceps. god it was like he was doing this on purpose.
“sorry baby i was putting away the drinks” you softly reply as he loops his arms around your waist and looks down at you; his chain dangling between the two of you.
he leans down for a quick peck before smiling down at you.
“let’s go sit down baby” he tells you before smacking your ass and walking away with a smirk. you yelp out before growling out his name and he chuckles at your empty threats.
he groans as his sinks down on the couch; his large frame taking up a large portion of it. he motions for you to sit next to him before stretching his arms around the couch to get comfortable.
you eventually pitter over to him taking your place by his side snuggling up to him as he moves to grab his beer off the small coffee table.
as the game begins he feels you squirming by his side. he could tell something was off when he found you zoned out in the kitchen. he didn’t quite understand what was wrong but he was hoping you would come to him about it.
however as the game continues you don’t say a word. he rests a hand on your thigh before deciding to drop it, but as he settles his hand down he feels you squirm even more before burying your face into his shoulder.
then the issue becomes clear to him.
his poor baby was pent up
“princess look at me” he speaks softly urging you from your place at his side. you oblige lifting your head so your eyes could meet his; sparkling blue eyes peering into yours.
“what’s got you so worked up little girl?” he continues as his hand moves up your thigh.
“has daddy been neglecting you? poor little thing” he coos down as you whine and tuck your face back under his arm. he chuckles at your shyness finding it adorable.
“let daddy make it up to you princess” he says as he grabs your waist hoisting you onto his lap; your front meeting the hard mass of his chest.
he spring into action; hands grabbing handfuls of your ass while he leaves a trail of kisses down your neck. you feel his stubble as he makes his way down your neck leaving a trail of dark splotches in his wake.
he leans back as he tugs on your shorts; giving you the hint to take them off. you stand up to shake off your shorts a long with your under and he does the same; freeing himself just enough to where his cock springs out.
you see him in his entirety; long and thick. even though you two have an extremely active sex life its always a stretch when he plunges into you. and yet you can’t help but feel yourself drip at the thought.
“c’mon baby sit on daddy’s cock wont you?” he says as he pouts down at you. he reaches out and moves you back onto his lap so you’re straddling him once again.
he smacks your ass before grabbing it and shaking it in his hand. his other hand moves to your pussy; finding your slit. he groans as he finds out you’re fucking soaked. you’re always fucking ready for him
“god baby your pussy is drooling, you were just waiting to get slutted out huh doll?” he groans as he moves his hands to your hips. he lifts you up before lining you up with his cock.
“you ready pretty girl?” he purrs out before dropping you down on his cock. you both moan out as he bottoms out in you instantly; the fat head of his cock already knocking against your g-spot.
you move to lift off his cock; before you feel strong arms wrap around you; keeping you still. you lean back in his hold confusion gracing your features.
“the game is on baby, be good and keep my cock warm” he says before laying a slap on your ass and reaching to grab his beer. you whine out clenching around his cock.
“daddy! please need you so bad” you wine trying to rock on his dick. he grunts and as quick as you are to start, is as quick as he is to shut it down. he hand wraps around your throat and his other comes down on your ass, hard
“don’t be a fucking needy slut” he growls out. he sees the tears begin to run down your face as you whimper and shake in his hold. his hold on your throat tightens as a reminder of his power before he finally pulls away.
“poor baby, maybe if you’re good daddy will fuck you nice and good during halftime” he coos down at you and you sniffle before nodding and settling down leaning back into his chest. he rubs your back before leaning back and starting to enjoy the game.
his pretty doll was being so good for him. as he raged and yelled, and as he cheered and celebrated; your little cunt was keeping him warm the entire time. you stayed buried into his chest letting out the occasional whine or whimper. you poor little thing but halftime was approaching and since you were being so good for him he’d be sure to fuck you full.
“aww look what time it is babydoll” he says as he pays your back. you stir before turning and seeing no players on the field fucking finally.
you feel his hands move to your ass before he plants his feet and starts a brutal pace. you squeal as you brace yourself hands wrapping around his neck. the sudden stimulation makes tears run down your cheeks as chris pounds into you.
his pace is hard and fast and he fucks into your squelching cunt. a clapping noise resonates in the room as his thighs hit your ass; accompanied by the sloshes of your cunt taking the abuse of his cock.
he fucks up into you while he holds handfuls of your ass; using you like his personal fleshlight. but how could he not when your pussy was so fucking good. you were so damn wet and tight and it took everything in him to not pump you full of his cum after the first pump of his hips. but he’d be damned if he didn’t get you to soak his cock before he finished.
he continues his harsh pace and you feel yourself getting closer and closer to your orgasm; your legs shaking as you feel his pubes knock against your clit adding to the tightening of your cunt.
“god baby your cunt’s gonna milk me dry” he groans as he bites his lip turning his head to look at your fucked out face; your eyes rolled back as tears stream down your face as a little drool slips past your lips. he chuckles at you before moving his lips to yours as you two meet in a steamy clash of tongue and teeth. the kiss nothing but steamy and rushed as you moan into each other’s mouths.
he pulls away with a groan before slamming his hand down on your ass.
“c’mon doll, squirt on this dick so i can cum in this pretty pussy” he ushers you and you respond with a cry before clamping down on his cock.
your release spraying on him in streams soaking his abdomen and wetting the patriots jersey still adorning his body. he moans at the increase of wetness, before thrusting himself as deep as he can go into your cunt. cockhead nestled against your womb as his cum pumps into you in streams. his cum flooding your abused pussy as you both try to calm down from your highs.
you move to get off of him before his arms wrap around your waist once again.
“where you going baby? the game’s not over yet” he grins at you before settling back into the couch.
“maybe if you’re good we can have some real fun after the patriots win” he smirks down at you.
and as you sink back into chris you have never rooted for the patriots harder.
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i-like-writing-stuff · 2 days ago
retirement [five hargreeves x reader]
a/n: hi guys! it’s been a while hehe, so i hope ull enjoy this short x reader with the one and only five yall know i love sm, homeboy did not disappoint this season neither lmao. season 3 just premiered and i already have finished it:( 
can i just say
either way, id b happy to discuss with yall opinions and such and also feel free to leave requests! 
ill leave warnings at the beginning of each imagine if it shall be the case
i.e. this imagine takes place right in the first episode!!
also, forgive my english, havent really spoken in a while and dont even get me started on the writing 
enjoy besties!
summary: now that the second apocalypse is over, five and y/n can finally retire and maybe finally make their moves?
Tumblr media
“You know, Five... Sometimes I do wish I’d never met you,” You took a sip from your wine, watching as the preteen in question rolled his eyes playfully at you.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re a delight as well, Y/N,” He nonchalantly dismissed you, continuing to eat his Chinese takeout.
After surviving not one, but two apocalypses alongside Five Hargreeves and his siblings, you guys wound up back in your timeline, only to find out your trip to the 60s caused some changes in the present, such as Sir Reginald Hargreeves deciding against adopting Luther, Diego, Klaus, Ben, Allison, Vanya and Five, and instead some seven other dickheads with superpowers.
Your encounter was far from pleasant. 
Six months ago you were planning to retire from the Commission, since you were almost sixty and had had your fair share of missions, so you figured one last task with your partner, Five, would be the good way to end things. Well, one thing led to another and instead of taking out JFK, you woke up in 2019, in your preteen body, in an unknown backyard with unknown people, who turned out to be your partner’s siblings.
One thing led to another and you guys bonded over the span of 10 days in an attempt to save the world, but that is a story for another time. 
After those 10 days, you time traveled once again and woke up in 1963, alone, in a school. Some teacher found you and took you in, thinking you were a lost 13 year old girl, but then again, that is a story for another time.
Six months passed until you reunited with the Hargreeves siblings in yet another attempt to save the world.
Two more weeks and you were back in 2019, but things did not go according to plan. 
“Still don’t understand how you two have not banged yet,” Klaus shook his head disappointed, as Diego and Luther couldn’t help but not in agreement.
You tried not to blush, but Klaus’ bluntness always got the best of you. Spending this time with Five on top of being a teen again took a toll on you. You’ve known Five for long before the apocalypse. When the Handler recruited him, she trusted you to be his partner, since you were basically her right hand. The bickering was there even back then, but these past six months you started seeing him with different eyes, in a different light.
“I’d rather choke on chopsticks,” You were quick to deny any indecent thought, “You’re sick, by the way.”
“And you’re sixty, so bye,” Klaus smirked, hopping from his stool.
“Too retired to even bother,” Five shrugged his shoulders, watching as his two other brothers followed Klaus.
“I’m gonna get more food,” Luther lightly shrugged his shoulders, making his way to the buffet.
“I refuse to third wheel 13 year olds,” Diego stated, scratching the back of his neck.
You watched confused as the three men all left the table, leaving you alone with Five, who did not seem bothered at all. 
“I’ll never get used to your brothers,” You shook your head, taking another sip from your wine, “You people are too much.”
“Can’t argue with that,” Five scoffed, watching as you were playing with your glass.
“So, retirement, huh?” You changed the subject, “What are your plans now that the world is safe?”
“I didn’t think much of it, to be honest,” Five shrugged, “Weren’t you supposed to retire after the JFK mission? What did you have in mind?”
You smiled softly, looking at your wine, “I was gonna buy a mansion in Italy, 1970s or so... maybe get a dog and cat, start producing my own wine... I don’t know, I didn’t plan much.”
“Of course there’s a lot of wine in your retirement plans,” Five smirked, as you playfully smacked his arm, “Ow!”
“You’re officially banned from visiting me in Italy,” You stated, biting back a chuckle.
“I wouldn’t have wanted to anyway,” Five lightly shrugged his shoulders, not once dropping his smirk, “Besides- you wouldn’t last a day without me.”
“Excuse you?” You scoffed, placing your hand on top of your chest for a more dramatic effect, “Last I checked, you were the one who dragged me along this whacky adventure.”
“Yeah, ‘cause I knew you’d be devastated at the Commission without me,” He replied with the same cocky air as usual, which made you ponder on the situation.
Is this Five’s way of flirting with you? During the time you spent together ever since operation Doomsday started back in the original timeline of 2019, there may have been a few... interesting moments to say the least. Like when he first opened up to you about being worried sick for his siblings, or when he gave you the tightest embrace after reuniting with you in 1963. There was also that time when you two held hands on your way to meet his father. 
Moments like these that you couldn’t help but cherish with utmost happiness, but not once letting yourself get sidetracked. There was an apocalypse going on, neither of you had time for this.
But now?
Now there’s no apocalypse anymore. Granted, there still are some issues that would be best to fix, but it’s not like they’d bring the end of the world if not.
So, why not?
“If I didn’t know you any better, Five Hargreeves,” You smirked, leaning in closer to the boy, with your glass of wine in one hand, “I’d say you are flirting with me.”
Five shook his head amused, watching you sip your precious wine so close to him. If the wine was intoxicating you, you definitely were the one intoxicating him. It took him some while before he could accept that he had feelings for you, but he couldn’t say either that he was surprised when he realized.
He really felt like you were absolutely perfect, no doubt in his mind. 
“And would that bother you?” Five raised a brow, resting his arm on the back of your chair, leaning in even closer.
“I can’t say it would be unpleasant,” You set down your wine, curious to see where this would go.
“You’re such a tease, Y/N,” Five rolled his eyes, “But... I wouldn’t want you any other way.”
“Will you just kiss me already?” You sighed, watching a genuine smile appear on his lips, as he leaned in, connecting your lips at last.
You cupped his face, melting into the long-awaited kiss. On one hand, you couldn’t believe this was finally happening, and on the other hand, you couldn’t believe this was actually happening. You and Five were finally done with apocalypses, trying to save the world and the Commission. 
You could officially both retire.
“Does this mean I can visit you in Italy?” He whispered, as you two pulled away from the kiss, but still painfully close to one another.
“Ah, who can’t last a day without the other now?” You smirked, pulling him into another kiss.
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rinslova · 2 days ago
ಌ including: k. bakugou, s. todoroki, e. kirishima, hawks x fem!reader
ಌ genre: fluff
a/n: I haven't really made anything like this before soo here ya go <33
before I die/play no games: Ayzha
Tumblr media
ಌ wearing his shirts
its something about you wearing his shirts, the big shirt ending at your doughy thighs. Its even hotter when you wear tiny shorts under the shirt, seeing you sit down on the couch, the shorts riding up your thighs making it seem like you only have underwear on and mindlessly talk with your friends on the phone while katsuki fights the urge to take you right there and then in the living room. So don't be surprised when you see him eye fucking you across the room, if you ask him if he needs or wants something a slow smirk with creep up on his lips. "Hell yea I fuckin do, c'mere pretty girl your gonna ride my face til I say you can stop."
ع˖⁺. SHOTO
ಌ long passionate kisses
shoto lacked affection in his child life, so when you look into his eyes with such love and honesty it makes him want more. He'll stop at any moment if you feel uncomfortable but most of the times he knows you want it just as much as him. So when he cups your cheek and kisses you back, his other hand gripping your waist and pulling you deeper into the kiss. Run your fingers through his hair and tug it a little and he's all yours, he'll moan into your mouth before pushing you back on whatever surface and invade your mouth with his tongue. "Your so addicting baby, I can't help myself. Do you mind if I have a taste of your other lips?"
ಌ sitting on his lap and pressing kisses to his neck
theres nothing that kiri loves more is being able to hang out with his friends on a game while you sit in his lap, you think it might be distracting for him to have you there but he says if anything it helps him focus more. But its when he's in the midist of a game, focusing really hard and you press sweet kisses to his neck with a "Your doing great baby." That makes him melt, Kiri is a sucker for praise and when you do it so sweetly just forces him to hold back a moan. "Yeah, uhm guys I'm gonna go, y/n needs me."
"You got my attention now baby, got s'more kisses to share? Hmm?"
ع˖⁺. HAWKS
ಌ massages, specifically near the base of his wings
its no surprise that Keigo's wings are very sensitive, so after a long day of patrol and villian robberies you'll offer a massage to soothe his aches like the sweetheart you are. Not aware of the hero's sensitive spots, after asking him to remove his shirt you start at his shoulders softly massaging his tense skin before moving down to the middle of his back. "Wait baby-fuck." His wings will ruffle slightly from the pleasure, pink tinting his face from embarrassment. "Shit angel I'm sorry its just that spot on my back is-" "Sensitive, its okay baby just relax if it makes you feel that good I can take care of that for you." You reassure him pressing a kiss to his shoulder, "That's my girl, and don't worry dove whatever you do for me I'll make sure I'll treat that cunt of yours just as good."
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fookinfandoms · 2 days ago
pairing: eddie munson x female reader
plot: During a night at your friends, it’s revealed that Eddie isn't the only one with tattoos. The metalhead is determined to find out just where exactly you're marked. 
authors note: pls let me know if he feels toooooo out of character! I hope this is okay :) Please leave some feedback! I’m a whore for words. 
NOT EDITED, I’ll do it later.
word count: 4.6k words. oops
warnings: 18+. minors dni, I'll kick you across the pacific, language, dirty talk, oral & fingering (f! receiving), grinding
another authors note: I can hear this gif. I like it. 86’ baby 🤸🏽
taglist: @starsxmoonsx​ @imconfused28 @phobles-world @that-lame-ghoul9000​ @arwen-rose​ @rogertaylorsfalsettogivesmehives​ @creepytoes88​ @manofworm @bamitzzsam​ @takemetoneverland420​ @shortstoriesbyher
Tumblr media
Everyone sat on the floor in Gareth’s basement, faint music being drowned out by the loud yelling of the boys as they fight over another game. Eddie and yourself shared a beanbag, his legs spread slightly to give you room between him. His arms lay over your shoulder, his hands playing aimlessly with the chain around your neck. 
“Would you believe it if I said I was stupidly hard right now?” Eddie mumbles into your ear, immediately grinning as you begin to laugh at his reveal. “I wouldn’t move that much if I were you.” 
“Wait,” You say through heavy chuckles. “You’re telling me that’s not your belt digging into my back?” 
His arms squeeze around your shoulders a little tighter before his hands land on your arms. He rubs them in a tender way, shrugging a little in the process. “I can neither confirm nor deny.”
You slap at his thigh from its position at your side and it was Eddie’s turn to laugh as you call him a perv. He sighs as you lean your head back on his chest, Eddie giving your forehead a quick kiss. “I’m your perv though.”
“Lucky me,” You joke, knowing Eddie was no doubt rolling his eyes. “Y’know most boyfriend’s whisper poetry or some corny shit into their girls ear, but I am so glad mine tells me when he’s got a raging boner in his friends basement.” 
“Hey hey hey, you give me a raging boner no matter where we are, I think that’s super romantic.” He joins in, the two of you continuing the back and forth for a little while as the night goes on.
Gareth’s mom had brought down pizza shortly after, and you now sat on the ground by Eddie feet, having finished a game of cards with Jeff. It was fun, but soon after the music started repeating and most of the games had been played. D&D was off the table, and you all now sat in a circle in an attempt to come up with a plan. 
Eddie couldn’t be too far away from you and he slowly scooted closer, the tips of his fingers ghosting yours before he slides his hand over to intertwine your hand with his. You flinch a little at the feeling, Eddie’s eyebrows furrowing at the reaction.
“Your rings are cold.” You answer, knowing what he was wondering. He gives you a small smile, his head tilting at your words. 
“Well now you can help warm them up sweetheart.” He replies, and before you can do the same, someone gags from beside you.
Jeff gives the two of you a disgusted look, his tongue out again as he gags. Everyone laughs at his reaction knowing he wasn’t a fan of PDA. With your free hand you reach over and pat his cheek. “You’ll know how to talk to girls when you’re older bud, it’s okay!�� 
He slaps your hand away, mumbling something as you all laugh harder at the faint blush on his cheeks. Soon enough, the laughter died down and everyone was throwing ideas for another game.
“Truth or dare?” You speak up, head tilted as you already began thinking about possible dares. “Pretty simple game in my eyes.”
A few mumbles of sure and other agreements met your ears, and you started the game. “Okay then, Mike, truth or dare?”
The teen sat across from you in the circle, and he sat backwards on his palms as he answered. “Dare.” 
“Sniff Jeff’s armpit for ten seconds.” You laughed instantly at his visual disgust, his mouth open in shock as your cruel dare. 
Gareth shakes his head at the dare whilst Eddie squeezes your hand as he beams down at you. “Now that’s super gross, I’m proud.” 
Mike reluctantly crawls over to Jeff, the teen already having his arm up ready. Mike glares at you as he reaches his destination. “I am so giving you a bad truth or dare when it’s your turn.” He says your name with malice before slowly turning his head, his nose meeting it’s doom. 
Eddie had a truth after that, having to pick a teacher he would French, Dustin choosing two elderly candidates much to his dismay. Afterwards, Gareth was dared to put on his mom’s makeup, you proving to be quite the makeup artist.
Mike stayed true to his word after all, and when it was your turn you chose dare. “Are you sure you want to pick dare?” He jests, his eyes narrowing at you from his spot in the Hellfire circle.
“Hit me with it.” You sit upright, your eyebrow raised as you wait for your dare. Before Mike can say anything, Eddie is pointing at him, a stern expression on his face. 
“No kissing, no stripping, if you even so much as think about bra’s I am taking off your fingernails and wearing them as earrings. Got it Wheeler?.” Your boyfriend threatens, Mike nodding at the Hellfire leader.
“Got it,” He answers, swallowing as Eddie gives him a thumbs up. “I wasn’t gonna’ do anything like that anyway, not towards her anyways.” “What’ya mean kid?” Eddie asks for you, and already you felt uneasy knowing you were at the darers mercy of a teenager.
“I was going to dare her to take off your socks.” 
“Well that’s not so bad all thin-“ Mike cuts you off before you can finish. Of course, there was no way he was going to go easy.
“With her teeth.” He finishes, his head turning back to you with an overly friendly smile. For what felt like the hundredth time that night, everyone laughed. It was your turn now to have a disgusted expression, your head turning towards Eddie who wasn’t sure what kind of reaction to have.
He wanted to laugh with the boys, but judging by your horrified look, he decided against it. He had to give it to the kid, he had a good revenge plan. “If it makes you feel any better, I actually put on a clean pair today.”  
“Yeah, they were clean at 6am this morning,” You whine at him, shivering in disgust at the idea of Eddie’s socks. “Those puppies have been cooking in there all day!”
“You gotta do it!” Mike pipes up, laughing at the way you flip him the bird. Eddie already begins to kick off his converses, and you cringe at the reveal. 
With heavy reluctance, you finish the dare, squealing and dry retching the entire way. Eddie squirmed at the feeling, almost feeling giddy at your touch. When it was completed, you kneel in front of Eddie, his eyes levelled with yours. His eyes were wide with humour, the complete opposite of yours as they narrowed. “If I look down and see a tent in those jeans… I am going to be so grossed out Eddie Munson.” 
He grins at you, shaking his head. “Does it count if I’m still hard from before?” He jokes, chuckling as you again fake vomit in his lap. He reaches forward, pulling you into his arms. You turn at an awkward angle, and like the start of the night you end up in his lap.
After a few more truths and dares from the nerds, you began playing with the lighter Gareth was dared to steal from his stepdad. Eddie had known you were in need of a new one and was the one to give his friend said dare. You were busy, distracted by the small flame to not notice Dustin calling your name.
“Truth or dare?” He asks as you finally stare at him, and the lighter is placed into Eddie’s pocket as you think.
“I don’t think I can handle anymore feet related dares so I’ll go with truth.” You grimace at the thought, ignoring the way Mike smirks. Evil.
“How many tattoos do you have?” Dustin couldn’t think of anything to ask, having used the tattoos on Eddie’s arms as inspiration. 
“She doesn’t have any Henderson.” The metalhead answers from behind you, to which you turn around to give him a confused look. 
“Except I do,” You say, wondering if he was in fact playing around. “Are you playing right now?” “Am I playing? Are you?” Eddie gives you a weird look, confusion more than evident in his brown eyes. 
“Oh my god,” You use Eddie’s legs as leverage as you stand up off the ground, keeping your eyes on him from his position below. “You’re being serious aren’t you?”
“I think I would know if you had any tatties.” He was hinting towards your many, many activities together that don’t require clothes, his brain trying to think over whether or not lately he had seen any new addition to your skin. 
“I was wondering why you hadn’t said anything, I actually thought you were just pretending not to notice but wow.” He was being serious right now, he really hadn’t seen it. 
Eddie’s birthday was coming up and he was adamant about not wanting anything. Not wanting to annoy him with gifts he didn’t want, you had gotten a tattoo for him. It was already a month old, and you were waiting for his birthday to reveal it was actually for him thinking he had already seen it. 
He goes to say something but you hold your finger up, not wanting to discuss it more in front of your friends. You turn to Dustin, the boy looking almost apologetic for asking. “I have one, technically six but it’s in one spot so.” 
“Six?” Eddie says rather loudly from the ground, his mouth shutting quickly as you again hold out your finger. You sit back down beside your boyfriend as he gives you a once over, his eyes scanning your arms and bare legs to spot any potential artwork.
The once usual chatterbox of the group remained quiet for the rest of the night, even when the others excused themselves to go home. Gareth had already pulled out the couch bed for both you and Eddie, sleepovers being a regular occurrence as you didn’t like driving late on a Friday night. 
Soon enough, you were left in the basement with your now quiet metal head, the music having been turned off and the host going to his own bed upstairs. Your overnight bag rested on a table and you searched its contents for your pyjamas, noticing the lack of clothing in the shared duffle bag. “Hey Eds’ did you pack m-“ “You were lying about the tattoos right?” He interrupts you and you put the bag down, turning around to lean against the tables edge. 
Eddie stands just a few metres away, he himself leaning against a beam with his arms crossed. The lights had been dimmed just a little, but they did nothing to hide the way Eddie’s jaw clenched.
“Have I ever lied to you?” It was true, you had never lied to Eddie and you certainly weren’t starting now.
“It’s just,” Eddie’s head tilts, his arm raising as he points at you in an almost teasing way. “I have seen nearly every inch of your body baby,” He says your pet name again, this time lowly. “If you’re telling me I've missed a spot, I’m going to feel very... very... wounded.”
“Well baby,” You reply, pushing yourself off the table and walking closer towards him. Slowly, you stand in front of him, raising your head to stare at him through your lashes. “I hate to break it to you, but you’ve definitely missed a spot.”
He frowns for a split second, his eyes narrowing as you give him a teasing smile. “Bullshit.”
“Cross my heart,” You do just that, swiping across your shirt to where your heart resides. “I swear on your guitar.”
“Oh shit.” 
“Oh shit indeed,” The room quickly started heating up, or more so you were at the way Eddie watched you. His brown eyes were noticeably darker, and so you reaches your hands forwards to hold onto his. He followed your movements, letting you hold his hand. “I actually got it for your birthday.” “My birthday?” He repeats, and you hold his hand up to your lips, kissing the back of his hand as you nod.
“I really am surprised you haven’t noticed, but when I think about it more I remember you’ve been a big fan of having me on my hands and knees lately.” Eddie instantly becomes flustered, knowing you were right. Doggy had become one of his favourite positions lately, purely because of the feeling and being able to watch himself disappear inside of you. Also because of your ass. Anyways.
“C-Can I see it? Or do I have to wait for my birthday?” He mumbles, cursing for almost sounding like he was begging. 
“Of course baby,” You pull back, dropping his hands in the process. He bites his lip almost in anticipation, wondering just where it could be. He knew it wasn’t on your back, that was one thing he was sure about. You unzip your skirt from the back, letting it fall to the ground in one swift movement. 
Stepping out of the pile on the floor, Eddie quickly looks around your now exposed thighs, frowning as he notices nothing. “I never thought I’d see you look so upset to see me in my panties.”
“Trust me, I am loving the Winnie the Pooh look right now,” He jests, his fists clenching in hopes you don’t notice just how much he is loving it. You were wearing his favourite pair, and he hoped you were wearing the matching bra. “Just wondering where these six tatties are hiding.” 
Without answering - you grab the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up and over your head and letting it go to match your skirt on the ground. 
Yeah, matching bra. Eddie praises you in his head, knowing you definitely had something planned for the two of you tonight. Almost focusing too much on your matching set, Eddie’s gaze follows the swell of your breasts before focusing on your sternum. His eyes widen at the art before him, your boyfriend stepping closer to you as he kneels in front of your tattoo. 
There in all of it’s glory were six little bats, matching the exact tattoo Eddie had on his forearm. “Two actually get covered when I take my bra off,” You break the silence, noticing Eddie was yet to say anything about his birthday present. “Forgot gravity was a thing y’know?”
“Do you have any idea how hot you are?” He stands tall once more before he himself reaches down to grab at his shirt, having already shredded his jacket earlier. Eddie  pulls his shirt off with ease, his hands immediately reaching for his belt. He curses your name as you drag your nails down between his pecs gently, the feeling making him shiver.  “Shit.” 
“So you’re not mad?” You whisper, not realising he would react this way towards some ink.
“Mad? My girl gets a matching tattoo and puts it in one of my favourite places,” Eddie shakes his head at your question, pulling his belt out of its loops before throwing it to the ground. “Nowhere near mad, just really fucking hard.”
“Do you, fuck, do you think we should really be fucking on Gareth’s couch?” He gives you a pointed stare for even bringing your friends name up. You shrug at him, pointing back towards the small frame of the pullout bed a few metres away.
“That old things squeaks more than you do,” God Eddie looked good like this, almost like was starving and ready to devour you. His jeans were long lost to the growing pit of clothes on the floor, the two of you standing in just your underwear. 
You ignore the comment about your noises, knowing Eddie was far from complaining. Your mouth opens to ask where he had his eyes on when he almost jumps on you, the words getting lost in your thoat. 
His hands grab at your hips, picking you up and sitting you on the edge of the table behind. Eddie keeps on hand on your bare hip, the other swiping away at your overnight bag and letting it fall to the ground with a thud. A oof leaves your lips at the action, Eddie quickly stepping in between the space of your parted thighs. 
“What if someone hears us?” There were three people upstairs that could potentially hear the pair of you, and Eddie turns his head to look at the basements door. 
He frowns for just a second, immediately shrugging as he faces back to you. “I think we could be quiet.” You just give him a blank stare to which he just shrugs again. “Just say the word and we’ll go to bed.” 
There was no way in hell you were sleeping, not with how flustered he had gotten you. You shake your head, Eddie pushing away at the hair that how fallen around your cheeks. Your legs tighten around his behind, pushing him closer towards you as you lock him in. 
He mutters your name, the hand in your hair sliding down your cheek to grip at your chin as Eddie tilts your head up, his dark brown eyes keeping you focused.
“Do you want this?” He leans forward a little, his lips ghosting your own as his nose gently touches yours. “Say the word baby and we’ll get those damn pyjamas on.”
“Something,” You pull him in for a small kiss, revelling in the way he begins to grin. You part, just enough for him to reach forward again to lick at your lips as you go to speak. “Tells me you might not want to go to sleep just yet.” 
Nodding towards his straining cock in his boxers. He shrugs, not at all ashamed at the way he had absently been rubbing his front against your own. Eddie was never embarrassed at how you made him feel, and any fears in the past had definitely gone out the window. 
You reached up to his chest, dragging your nails over the various tattoos littering his pale skin. He watches your movements, shivering as you drag a nail lightly over his nipple. “I’ll sleep if you want, s’okay, really.”
The last few words came out a little more strained, and you quirked your eyebrow at him. “Eddie, I don’t want to sleep.”
“Thank god,” He fakes a prayer with his hand, laughing lowly as you smack his chest. “Because I really wanna’ do this.”
Eddie strokes your chin, the coolness of his rings a quick shock to your skin. You sigh, and his thumb slides over your bottom lip. He tilts his head, his dark hair sliding over his broad shoulders. “You wanna kiss me?” You mumble against his thumb, hoping he’ll lean forward.  He doesn't, and you sit there anxiously awaiting his next move. His boxers itch at your thighs as he takes a closer step, his head however staying away. His eyes stay fixated on you, and he takes in a small breath. “You just look so good.”
You felt unbearably warm, your slick having already begun to dampen your panties and the front of Eddie’s underwear. He quirks his eyebrow at the small wet patch, and you fought the urge to hide yourself against his shoulder. 
Eddie curses again, taking in a ragged breath and he places his hands on the table, resting just beside your parted thighs. Within seconds, Eddie has slunk to  his knees, his eyes focused on you as he stares through his messy bangs. “Eddie?” You ask, shivering as his hands begin to slide down from your thighs, over your knees to your calves, the heat of his hands stroking your smooth skin.
He parts your thighs even wider, making sure to press a kiss to your right knee as he pulls them over his shoulders. Your breath hitches in your throat as he reaches up to the waistband of your underwear, and you wiggle around helping him remove them from under you. It would've felt awkward had Eddie not looked at you with his brown eyes, his gaze becoming darker with lust as he licks at his lips. 
You’ve been eaten out before, sure, it was one of Eddie’s favourite things to do. But it felt different now, was it the looming threat of someone possibly catching you? Doing this in your friends basement? Probably. He wraps his arms around your thighs in an attempt to pull you closer, his hair instantly tickling you. You reach down, pulling his hair out of eyes as you tuck what you can behind his ears. 
Eddie gives you another kiss, this time to your inner thigh. “S’good like this sweetheart,” He mumbles as he nips at your flushed skin. “Could spend hours down here.” 
Heat had well and truely surrounded you, the tension alone enough to make you tremble. “You really like the tattoo huh?” You managed to say, Eddie glancing up at you with an eyebrow raised. 
Goosebumps litter your skin as you whimper, Eddie choosing to reply with his lips elsewhere. He usually took his time when he was on his knees, but not wanting to push his luck, his head dips further until it reaches heaven. Your mind went empty as Eddie licks a stripe up your pussy. His tongue finding your clit as you jolt beneath him.
Thank god this table was hardwood. 
A loud whine leaves your lips as he leaves a sloppy kiss on the area above your pussy and your hips almost grind against his face in an attempt to feel him where you want him most. Eddie almost chuckled at how needy you were acting, deciding against it when he remembered this was for you after all. 
You buck your hips once more, Eddie’s hands pressing into the skin of your thighs with a powerful grip. “Eddie...” You moan as you felt his tongue glide over your cunt in a slower motion. He stops again, just so he can stare into yours as you bite at your lip. 
“I really wish you could be loud right now,” He forces out, keeping his eyes on you as he lowers his head once more. He circles your clit and trails down to your entrance, continuing his teasing pace as your hands reach for the edge of the table to keep you grounded. “S’good for me, so fucking good.” 
A small cry leaves your lips as he curls his tongue and you can't help but squirm under his tender touch. Eddie revelled in, smiling as one of your hands reaches for his hair and grips it. You tug at his scalp as he presses his tongue flat against your folds, letting your thighs lock him in. 
God the noises he made. His groans were music to your ears, and you cursed yourself for deciding to have a sleepover at Gareth’s instead of Eddie’s - where you both could be as loud as you want. 
Eddie couldn't get enough, wishing he could spend eternity between your legs. He was unbearable hard in his boxers, precum leaking from his swollen tip and dampening his underwear. He decided against releasing himself, choosing to stroke at your skin instead knowing the sight of you alone could make him cum.
Your body grew hotter as a pressing need to release formed deep inside, another whine leaving your lips as you felt Eddie’s tongue stroking your most sensitive area. “You taste so good sweetheart,” His voice sounded different, a dominating yet loving tone meeting your ears. “God I love you.” 
With a shaky breath, you whispered it back, ignoring Eddie’s wink from between your legs. The sight of him on his knees before you was enough alone to make you tingle, and Eddie’s rings left indents in your thighs as he keeps you in place.  He maintained his gaze as he licked in between your wet folds again, dragging it out as you bit your lip in anticipation.
“Eddie,” You moan, quickly shushing yourself as you felt your voice get a little louder than attended. He gives you a pointed but knowing stare. “Eddie please.” 
Your head throws back, losing his gaze as he hits a certain spot. You don't even notice the way Eddie’s hand leaves your thigh as he flicks his rings off, the small pieces of metal scattering on the floor. It’s only when you feel his tongue and his fingers at your hole do you clench around him. 
You're so unbelievably wet, both your slick and Eddie’s spit combining around your thighs and on the table below. You tremble as he pushes in a finger followed by another, tears filling your eyes as he curls them inside. “I wish I could take a photo of this.” He rests his head against your thigh as he thrusts his fingers in and out, absolutely enthralled by the way your clench around him. 
So desperate to cum, your grab at his hair rougher than before, almost begging him to keep his tongue on your clit. “Don’t worry,” He nods against grip. “I got you.” 
He repeats his assault on your pussy, switching it up a little as he licks at your entrance and rubs your throbbing clit with his thumb. Your legs shake as he teased your entrance with the tip of his tongue one again. He pressed his face further into your heat, making you cry out loud until you came undone.
His name left your lips in a silent scream, Eddie licking upwards to suck harder at your clit as you convulsed under him. He groans at your movements, his own hips thrusting into the air as you cum around his lips. Your eyes squeezed shut as you came, Eddie trying hard to keep you on the table as you shifted. Arms weakening by the second, you were certain you were going to collapse forward as Eddie stood up, pulling you into an embrace. 
He held you tightly, your sweaty forehead resting against his chest as you held one hand around his waist, the other absently trailing over the soft tuft of hair disappearing below his underwear. 
“You with me?” Eddie asks, kissing your forehead as you nod against him. He pulled away, just enough to look down at you in his arms. His face glistens with your essence up to his nose, and he gives you a cheeky grin as you wipe at his mouth with the back of your hand. 
“Don’t you want to-” “Already did.” He cuts you off, not at all embarrassed as you looked down at his now softening cock hidden by fabric. Eddie shrugs at you, his free hand moving down to rearrange himself as his cum leaked through.
A small oh leaves your lips, and his grin grew. “You make me cum even when you're not with me sweetheart, having you in my mouth is like,” Eddie makes an explosion noise, his hands mimicking the action. “It’s insane.” 
“That’s oddly cute.” You quip, reaching down to run your hand over his soaked cock. He shivers under your touch, clearly not the only one feeling sensitive. 
“Give me a couple minutes and I’m yours baby.” Eddie stretches out his arms, before pushing you back. With an eyebrow raised, he reaches around to undo your bra, letting the straps slide over your arms. Your nipples were still hard, and Eddie marvels at your breasts as if he was seeing them for the first time. 
“You were right,” Your boyfriend leans forward to kiss above your tattoo. “Two do get covered without the bra.” 
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lovecanyon · 2 days ago
STORMI BREE?! her pics with her daughter are GOALS and shes also a single mom
harry styles x reader
based on this ask!
Tumblr media
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stylesupdates Harry and Y/N seen in London last night!
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harryfan4 I LOVE THEM
harryfan6 my parents
harryfan8 the way they have been dating for years…i wanna be her 😭
harryfan2 y/n is so pretty
harryfan7 some things don’t need to be shared 💔
harryfan9 since the boys are going solo…does that mean we’re getting an album about y/n…
harryfan11 praying for more albums about her 🙏🙏
harryfan13 rolling in my grave
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ynupdates Y/N has deactivated her Instagram earlier today.
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harryfan14 did something happen orrrr
harryfan18 she’s probably taking a break!
harryfan20 the end of an era
harryfan17 first one direction and now y/n’s instagram????
harryfan19 the world is ending
harryfan21 and now she has me deactivating my instagram…😌
harryfan23 i hope she’s doing okay omg
harryfan25 i’m crying
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harrystyles Whoops.
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harryfan22 I AM SCREAMING
harryfan24 i hate men.
tessward i support this!
harryfan26 excuse me…
harryfan28 isn’t this the girl harry was seen with today…
harryfan30 wait what i thought he was with y/n
harryfan33 i am blocking harry
harryfan29 why did he cut it, y/n helping him grow his hair out was the best decision ever 😭
harryfan31 starting a riot
harryfan34 anyways 🙄
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hsnews Harry out with Tess Ward today in London.
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harryfan36 WHAT
harryfan38 he was just seen with y/n a couple weeks ago…what happened 😭
harryfan40 trust no man, not even harry styles
harryfan37 now i understood why y/n deactivated her instagram
harryfan39 harry…
harryfan41 anyways, stan y/n 😌
harryfan43 the way y/n loved harry’s long hair and he just goes and cuts it after they break up
harryfan45 when you put it like that 😶
harryfan42 sobbing
2022 *six years later*
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yourinstagram happy fathers day to the mothers doing it all.
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harryfan50 y/n comes back to instagram with this post 😨
taylorswift the best parent ever!
harryfan56 you know harry is regretting that breakup up with y/n
zendaya you have a whole kid…how didn’t i know this
harryfan57 harry liked this so quick 😭
kaiagerber i miss my favorite six year old
harryfan52 did she just say six-
harryfan55 if i did my calculations correct the child is harry’s 😀
harryfan58 they broke up in 2016 which was six years ago making y/n’s daughter six…so yeah the child is definitely harry’s
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gigihadid happy father’s day to all the amazing mothers who step up and play both roles as a parent!
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harryfan63 you can tell y/n is genuinely so happy, i’m crying
yourinstagram mother’s are truly the best
gigihadid especially you, you inspire me 💞
harryfan65 the way gigi shaded harry in her caption…as she should honestly
arianagrande oh my goodness!!! so cute!!!
harryfan68 harry’s lurking is killing me 😭
harryfan64 right, he doesn’t even follow gigi but still liked this
oliviarodrigo inner me is screaming
harryfan62 the internet is in flames right now 😀
niallhoran phoebe and y/n, the best duo
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harryfan70 taylor and y/n’s relationship is so cute
yourinstagram i love you & the song you wrote about me
taylorswift more songs written about you are more to come
harryfan74 the man being about y/n makes so much sense
harryfan78 harry is literally stalking…like ain’t you on tour 🤭
annetwist so beautiful darlings!
harryfan80 if anne is commenting, phoebe is definitely harry’s child 😌
harryfan75 HELLO ANNE???
florencepugh this is so cute
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harrystyles wants to send you a message!
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some of you have never had to help a terrified peer find a place to get a safe abortion in a state that offers little and it shows.
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shiplessoceans · 2 days ago
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You and me could write a bad romance 🖤
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hawkins-losers · 2 days ago
Pillow talk | Steve Harrington x Reader
Summary: You and Steve have sex, something feels different than the other times 
Word count: 0.5k
Request: Could u possibly do a Steve Harrington x reader with prompt 58? I’m just a slut for love confessions. Thank you! (“You make my heart feel some type of way and it’s freaking me out.”) 
A/N This request was from @chevyharvelle​ but I accidentally deleted it...
Tumblr media
The soft glow of the full moon mixed with the garden lights illuminated Steve’s room the perfect amount as you laid in his bed post-love making. You couldn’t see the color of his eyes, but you could see the glow of his skin and the beaming smile on his lips, having reached sexual nirvana less than ten minutes ago.
‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ he said in the quiet of the night, tucking your hair behind your ear as you laid on your side, watching his chest rise and fall as he breathed. 
A glowing smile bloomed on your lips, feeling pure bliss through your whole body. You had definitely excelled your daily required dose of serotonin and oxytocin.
A beaming smile bloomed on your lips, feeling pure bliss through your whole body.
You didn’t think Steve could be so affectionate and gentle in bed - he could be such an over-confident douchebag sometimes -, but he proved you wrong. He wasn’t what you’d consider a ‘rough’ person either, but it still surprised you how sensual, caring and selfless he was. He wanted to take things slow and really feel it, not just fuck. He made eye contact with you, pressed sweet kisses all over you. He made sure you were feeling pleasure, not just him.  
You didn’t know if he was like that with all the girls he’d been with, but you felt damn lucky to experience it.
“You make my heart feel some type of way and it’s freaking me out,” he confessed in a whisper. 
You scooted closer and lair your head on his chest, feeling Steve’s arms close around you. ‘’It’s called love.’’ You kissed his chest, which was still sticky and warm from your activities. 
‘’Is it?’’ he asked, genuinely questioning.
You raised yourself on an elbow, looking down at him. ‘’What do you mean? You’ve been in love before, right? You and Nancy-’’ 
He shook his head. ‘’I’ve never felt like that with Nance. It was never this intense.’’ Steve grabbed your other hand and kissed it from your reversed palm to your wrist. ‘’I’m gonna sound dumb, but when I’m with you, I feel like I’m on a fucking cloud of happiness. Nothing in the world makes me more happy than being with you.’’
‘‘A cloud?’‘  you repeated, holding your laugh. It was an odd comparison.
‘‘Don’t make fun of me. I’m just telling you the way I feel it, okay? Sorry that I’m not some romantic Shakespeare character.’‘ 
You had never taken him for one either - despite his window-climbing à la Romeo Montague.
‘‘I love you the way you are, Steve Harrington. Even when you write me stupidly cute little notes. Dear Y/N, I want you to know that I really like you. I think about you all the time and can't help but look at your beautiful face during passing period. You aren't like the other girls and I'd study science everyday if it meant I could spend more time with you. I love you Y/N and I hope you feel the same.‘‘
Steve was embarrassed, yet shocked and amazed at your excellent memory. These were exactly the words he had written to you on a piece of paper during class. He had slipped it in your locker between two periods. ‘‘How do you remember what I wrote? I wrote that two months ago.’‘
You shrugged, your cheeks flushing. ‘’I may have read it a few times...’’
‘‘I think more than a few.’‘ 
You giggled and Steve kissed your cheek down to your lips. 
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falsealtar · 2 days ago
sundress.. conrad… wearing a sundress around conrad
pairing: conrad fisher x reader
warnings: swearing.
note: absolutely.
conrad masterlist | requests
The sun was setting down on the horizon when you and Belly walked out of the house. The noise of splashing water and laughter was heard as you two walked towards the pool where the boys were playing at the moment.
The initial idea was just to pass by and say goodbye to Conrad, Jeremiah and Steven and let them know that you were going to the beach, but neither of you got the time to say a word before you were interrupted.
"Hey!" it was Conrad. He called out as soon as his eyes laid on your form, not hesitating for a single second. Well that was fast. "Where do you think you're going?"
"Jesus Christ," Belly stated in a surprised tone. "Is he always like that?"
Conrad's eyes scanned from your face and down to where the fabric of your dress ended, by the middle of your thighs. He didn't stop there, giving the exposed skin of your legs a good look.
You rolled your eyes and let out a groan at Belly's question. "No, it's the dress."
"It is quite a dress, indeed." you turned to get where did that come from, finding Jeremiah staring at you as well. He had a small smile on his lips.
Then he got hit by a pool ball right on his face. It didn't require you much to get to the conclusion that it was thrown by Conrad. You couldn't help but laugh, the sound soon followed by Belly's laughter.
"To answer your question, Conrad," she said between a fit of giggles. "Me and Y/n are going to the beach."
"You're going to the beach?" he repeated, looking at you with an expression that daid he couldn't believe what he just heard. "Dressed like that?"
"Oh, please, Conrad," you heard Steven intervene. "It's not like she's naked or something."
"No," Conrad took a deep breath, acting as if a simple sundress was the end of the entire world. "It's much worse."
Conrad pushed himself up on the edge of the pool, getting out of the water. You tried your best not to make it evident that you were staring at his glistening chest as he walked towards you.
"I'm coming with you." and those four words did enough to pull you out of your haze. You started at him, dumfounded.
"What?" Belly exclaimed. You had forgotten she was there. As well as Jeremiah and Steven. The two boys looked like they were just about to explode from how hard they were trying to hold back laughter. "No you're not!"
Conrad's eyebrows almost touched his hairline. His mouth hanged opened at Belly's statement. "Why can't I go? I want to accompany my girlfriend, you know..."
"You're just making up an excuse to keep looking at Y/n in this dress." Jeremiah interrupted his brother from the pool, making Conrad whip his head at his direction.
"Um, yeah?" Conrad admitted, no shame at all. You chuckled in disbelief. "And your point is...?"
Belly sighed. "It's just the girls for tonight, Conrad. Let us be, you can have Y/n all for yourself once we come back."
Conrad looked back at you, pondered his options. He looked from you to Belly a few times, then rolled his eyes and crossed his arms like a child.
"Fine." he grumbled with a pout. Conrad was pouting.
You released a soft laugh, then put a hand on the back of Conrad's neck to pull him down to give you a peck. You felt when his arms moved to touch your waist, probably to pull you in closer, but you grabbed his wirsts just in time to stop him.
"No! Your hands are soaking wet," you argued. "You're gonna ruin my dress."
Conrad's face furrowed with annoyance. "Who cares? I've seen it already."
"Alright, that's enough possessiveness for today, I think," Belly pulled you away from Conrad by your arm, she was rolling her eyes at the two of you. "Y/n, let's go."
You let her drag you away, waving goodbye at the boys as you kept looking at your boyfriend. You smiled mischievously you said: "See you later, Conrad."
Then you turned around and walked away from him, knowing for a fact that the action gave the boy a very good view of your ass in that dress. Even from afar, you though you heard Conrad's voice whispering: "Lord have mercy..."
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poeticandors · 23 hours ago
Morning Touches
Steve Harrington x F!Reader 
Part 2 of the TOUCH series 
Summary: After the events that occurred the previous night, you wonder just how things may have shifted between you and Steve. Turns out, things only go from there in a way you might not have expected. 
WARNINGS: 18+ Content (Minors DNI), sexual language, sexual content, mutual masturbation, fingering, curse words, mentions of alcohol
A/N: Thank you all SO MUCH for all the wonderful, positive reactions to this series. You guys are amazing and I only hope that you enjoy the future parts to this story. Song is Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money.
GIF is not mine and belongs to @semisweetshadow
Part 1
Tumblr media
Work was a drag. Nothing new. You were bored out of your mind all day, considering you weren’t scheduled to work with either Robin or Steve today, leaving you stuck with Keith the entire time. It also didn’t help that it was a slow morning, there were barely any customers until the late afternoon but you didn’t mind. Having all the time to shelve the videos, check on late returns, and rewind the tapes really should’ve kept your mind off of other things. 
It didn’t.
Rather than stay completely focused on your tasks, your mind strayed to the events from the previous night. No matter how many times you tried to push it out of your mind, you would go right back to thinking about it. 
You thought of the way you were pressed back against Steve’s broad chest while watching the lewd film. The sound of his voice echoed in your ears as he whispered those small encouragements to you, urging you to keep making yourself feel good. You could still feel the way his big hands felt as one covered your own while the other squeezed and pinched at your breast, and the brush of his lips against your cheek as he whispered against you or the way they glided against your neck as he kissed you there. The way he held you while doing all those things as you rode through your orgasm played on a constant loop in your mind.
A slight shiver travels down your back, and you shake your head as you walk to the back shelf with a stack of videos, ready to place them in their respective places. Just as you go to place one on the shelf, a hand grabs your shoulder, causing you to drop them all to the floor. 
“Shit, my fault.”
You glance up, seeing Steve giving you an apologetic look. While Steve often visited you on days you were working while he was off, you honestly didn’t expect to see him here today especially after last night. Clearing your throat, you kneel down to gather up the videos.
“Here, let me help you.”
Steve moves next to you, reaching for a few of the tapes as you stack them up. You mutter a small ‘thanks’, and stand up as you go to stack them again. Steve stands as well, leaning against the shelf as he watches you closely. 
“Jeez, it’s dead in here for a Friday,” Steve comments, looking around the shop. 
“Oh, yeah. Keith has been working at the counter all day dealing with all the customers,” you scoff, shaking your head. “All ten of them.” 
“Leaving you stuck to do the rest of the work, hm? Sounds like Keith.” 
“It’s fine. Keeps me busy.”
You place the last tape on the shelf, dusting your hands off on your pants. “So, what are you doing here, Steve?” 
“Came to see you, of course. Like always.” The comment makes you smile a bit.“Me? I feel special.” 
“You should. What are your plans for tonight?” He asks, watching you shrug your shoulders.
“Same as yesterday, I guess.” 
“Oh?” He raises a brow, a glint in his eye as he smirks. It takes you a moment to realize what the smirk is actually referring to, and your eyes widen. 
“I- no, I didn’t mean… minus that… part,” you stammer, your pulse racing erratically. “I only meant–”
“I’m kidding, babe. No need to freak out,” he chuckles, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he follows you to the other side of the store. “Anyways, I’m asking because you and I are going to go to a party.”
“Are you asking me or telling me?”
“Atta girl, you’re catching on,” he grins, lightly nudging your arm with his. “Also, do you think you can drive? I plan on having a good time tonight.” 
“Since I really don’t have a choice, yeah. That’s fine. How’s… seven?” 
“Perfect,” he walks past to the other side of you, not once breaking eye contact, and leans close to you. The closeness of his face causes your breath to hitch slightly, and he smiles. “See ya later, babe.” 
Steve soon leaves, and you watch his back as he strolls out the front of the store. You shake your head, before moving back to the counter. 
As you finish up, you think about the way Steve acted when he talked to you. Besides the little jab at you, which wasn’t even truly one, he didn’t bring up what happened last night. Part of you was grateful he didn’t, you don’t think you would have been able to handle the embarrassment. But… part of you wondered if maybe he was thinking about it the way you were. 
Did he think about the way you shook in his arms when you laid back against him, coming undone? Was he hearing the sounds of your moans constantly in his head? Did he relish in the feeling of your skin as he brushed his lips against you?
Sighing, you shake your head at the thoughts. Of course he wasn’t thinking about that night. In fact, you know he would never think about you in that way. Every other girl he came across, sure. But not you. 
He probably never would, you guys were just friends.
After finishing up with your tasks and clocking out, you head to your car so you can drive home. You only had so much time to get ready before picking Steve up for the party, so you had to hurry.  You were ready to have a good time, you normally did when you partied with Steve. The only thing you hoped for was that he wouldn’t go too crazy. 
Knowing him, you should’ve seen it coming. 
“Holy shit- that party was fuckin’ intense,” Steve claps, leaning back in the passenger seat of your car as you drive the both of you back to his house. He bobs his head along to the music playing on the radio, his sunglasses on despite how dark it already is outside. 
“Yeah, it was. Can’t believe you shotgunned that beer.” You actually could believe it. 
“Like a fuckin’ pro, too,” he raises his hand for a high five as you laugh softly, obliging. 
The song on the radio changes, and you hear “Take Me Home Tonight” start to play through the speakers. Steve fists pumps as he turns the volume up. 
“Hell yeah! I love this fuckin’ song.” 
Steve was a fun drunk, you discovered that the first ever party you went with him to. Sure, there were times he would go overboard and you would have to drag him out of the house with some help, but most of the time he knew when to stop. Tonight, you were lucky he only had enough to have a good time while not having to worry about him barfing in the morning. 
“I can feel you breathe! I can feel your heart beat faster!” Steve taps along to the beat on the dashboard, turning to you. “Come on, baby, sing it with me!”
“Take me home tonight! I don’t want to let you go ‘til you see the light! Take me home tonight– here comes your part, babe!”  
“Steve, come on–”
“Just like Ronnie sang–”
He holds his hand out as if he is holding a microphone. Rolling your eyes, you lean forward and finish the lyric. 
“Be my little baby!”
Steve lets out a loud whoot, and you can’t help but laugh. The song soon ends, just as you pull up to his house, all the lights on the inside shut off. You knew that Steve’s parents weren’t home, so you didn’t have to worry about sneaking around. 
Steve strode to the front door, dropping his keys in a tipsy haze as he cursed to himself, before you bent down to grab the keys. He leaned against the wall as he watched you fumble while searching for his house key. When you finally unlocked the door, you both made your way inside. 
“God, I am beat,” Steve stretches his arms, and you catch a glimpse of skin right under the hem of his shirt. He turns to face you as he takes his sunglasses off, tossing them on the little table in the hallway. “Are you staying the night?” 
The question was silly. Of course you were staying the night. You’ve stayed over with Steve after plenty of drunken nights. It was mostly to keep your mind at ease, since he was typically alone at home most weekends. Steve would let you sleep in his bed while he took the floor, but since then the both of you would just share the bed without questioning it. You were just sleeping, after all. Nothing more. 
“Yeah, I’ll stay.” 
“Then let’s go to fuckin’ bed.” 
You follow him up the stairs to his bedroom, and as you do he is already ridding himself of his shirt, tossing it on the floor in front of his closet before digging through his drawer for a pair of pajama pants. Steve liked to sleep with his shirt off so it wasn’t anything new to you, seeing his naked chest and toned arms. 
Steve calls out your name just as he tosses some clothes at you, which you catch in time before they can hit your face. Throwing him a playful glare, you head into his bathroom to change into the clothes. It seemed silly, considering he did see and touch your bare chest last night, but you didn’t want to make things more awkward than they needed to be. 
When you come back into the bedroom, you see that Steve has already discarded his jeans for a pair of gray pajama pants, and that he is sitting on the bed waiting for you. After setting your own clothes and shoes on top of his dresser, you make your way over to him as he gives you a tipsy smile. 
“Thanks for driving me back. Don’t know what I would ever do without you.” 
“Yeah, yeah. Get your ass to bed, Harrington,” you ruffle his hair playfully as he gently swats your hand away. 
“Hair is off limits! You know that.”
Laughing, you watch as Steve scoots over to the furthest end of his bed before you settle as well. Pulling his blue blanket up to your chest, you lie back against one of his pillows, the scent of his shampoo lingering in it. 
He groans out in relief, hugging his pillow close. “God damn, it feels good to be back in bed. Started to feel a bit busy.”
“Please tell me you’re not going to barf.”
“Nah, nothing like that,” he rolls to face you, checking you over. “Comfy?”
“Very,” you hum. Steve’s bed was bigger than yours, and the mattress was softer. You very much enjoyed sleeping in his bed compared to yours at home. “I might have to steal your mattress when you’re not expecting it.”
“You could just stay here every night. Then you won’t have to,” Steve states simply, with a shrug of his shoulders. There was something in his tone and the way he looked at you that you couldn’t quite recognize, but you shook it off. You were pretty positive it was just the alcohol talking. 
“Sure. Night, Steve.”
“Night, sweetheart.” 
After rolling over onto your side, you face away from Steve. You try not to think about how close he is, and how you can feel the warmth of his body just a few inches away from yours. Or how his scent was surrounding you from every direction at the moment. You definitely try not to think about how his chest would feel against the bare skin of your back rather than the shirt he wore last night while he helped you reach the highest peak of pleasure you’ve ever known. 
Yeah, it took you a while until you finally drifted off to sleep. 
You’re not sure what actually caused you to wake up at that exact moment. Whether it was the light shining through the blinds or just automatically rising as you usually woke up around this time. Taking in your surroundings through a sleepy haze, it takes you a moment to remember that you were in Steve’s room; the ugly patterned wall paper being the first thing you see. 
Movement next to you causes you to glance over your shoulder, and you see Steve lying next to you with his eyes still closed. For a split second, you thought that he was still sleeping, and you were about to just roll back over and go back to sleep as well. That was until you heard one of the most erotic sounds fill the room… a soft moan. 
A moan, followed by the rhythmic sound of Steve pumping his dick with his hand. 
Your breath hitches as you catch a glimpse of Steve’s hand moving at a steady pace underneath his blanket, and you quickly turn back over. Holy shit, holy shit… was this really happening? Was Steve really jerking off while you were in the bed right next to him? Did he forget that you were right next to him? Or did he know and just not care? 
Or… was he jerking off because you were in bed next to him?
Stop that, you think. Of course that wasn’t the reason. There was probably a very good explanation for what was occurring. But, you weren’t about to find out. This was a complete invasion of boundaries. You would rather stay quiet and pretend you were still asleep until Steve was done. That was the smart thing to do, right?
Trying your best to stay very still, you shakily let out a breath and try to think about things other than what Steve was doing next to you. What would you have for breakfast? Should you maybe see if Keith needed you to work even though it was your day off? Or should you–
Your thoughts become interrupted as Steve lets out a soft groan, and you can’t help the shiver that flows throughout your body. Why was your body reacting this way? This wasn’t right, listening to your best friend jerking off while he thought you were asleep next to him.
You couldn’t help it.
The sounds emitting from Steve’s mouth were sinful. Each moan released went straight to your core, and you squeezed your thighs together in response. It wasn’t enough. No, you desperately needed to touch yourself, but you wouldn’t do so with Steve right there.
You already did once before, you argue with yourself. He was there the other night and he even helped you.
Flashes from the other night came to mind and you made the mistake of letting out a soft sigh. Horrified, you freeze and try to play off still being asleep, but hear the movements from Steve completely stop. 
He says your name once, his voice rough from waking up only moments ago, and you stay still. He says it a second time, and you close your eyes before slowly turning over. His cheeks look flushed, whether from the vigorous activity he was just doing or from embarrassment at the thought of possibly being caught doing said activity. 
“...Morning,” you say awkwardly. 
“Fuck, did I wake you?” 
“I, uh… I mean… not technically? I did wake up earlier but… I’m not sure if it was from what I was hearing, or–”
Steve runs a hand down his face. “Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize you were in bed next to me until I…”
Until he heard you. He didn’t need to finish, you knew exactly what he was going to say. Rolling over onto your back, you stare at the ceiling, thinking until…
“Do you do that every morning?”
“Hm?” He looks over at you before you motion down to his covered dick. “Oh, uh… yeah. Most mornings.”
“I see,” you nod slightly, noticing the blush on his cheeks brighten a little more. You have never seen Steve this flustered before. It was kind of cute. 
He clears his throat, turning his attention back to the ceiling as he brings an arm behind his head. “I didn’t mean to do that with you right here, babe. I- fuck–�� 
“Steve, it’s fine–”
“I promise you I didn’t remember you being in my bed. I didn’t even think–”
“Steve, relax. I don’t care.” 
He sighs, turning to face you. “Are you sure? Because, like… I didn’t want to freak you out or anything.” 
“I am sure, and I am not weirded out. It’s fine. Really.” 
“...Okay, because–”
“I mean, you could even finish if you want to.” 
Steve stares at you and a tense silence fills the room. For a moment, you wonder if you said the wrong thing. With each passing second, your anxiety begins to build and you think maybe you should just take back what you said and go home. Just as you go to speak, Steve beats you to it. 
“Really? You don’t mind?” 
It’s your turn to stare and pause for a moment. On one hand, you weren’t sure if this was a good idea. Sure, he watched you do the same thing the other night, but you didn’t know how this exact moment would change things between you both. On the other hand, you honestly wouldn’t mind if he pleasured himself right then and there. It was obvious that you both were very comfortable with one another. 
Breathing out, you shake your head. “No. I… I don’t mind.”
“Cool,” he nods, bringing his arm down as he looks back up at the ceiling. “Cool, cool. Right.” 
His arm slowly snakes under the blanket, and you watch with anticipation as it does so. But then it hits you: he might not want an audience. 
“Um… I could go–”
“You can get yourself off too, if you want.” 
When he turns to face you, all you can do is blink at first. Did he really say that or did you hear it wrong? 
“You can… you know,” he motions along your body. “If you want to, I mean. You don’t have to. If you would rather leave, that’s fine too. I just want you to feel comfortable is all, babe.”
“Yeah… no, yeah. I understand, um…” 
“I just know that you… well, you were squirming a lot. And… I heard you.” 
You hold back a groan. So he did hear you. That right there should’ve been enough to make you want to leave from embarrassment alone. But you knew Steve wasn’t trying to make you feel that way at all. In fact, he just wanted you to have another chance to feel good. 
With your lips pressed together, you look around until you’re back to facing Steve. The genuine look on his face tells you he is not trying to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to. You of course already knew that, but actually seeing the sincerity in his eyes makes the choice easier. 
“...Yeah, okay. I, um… I’ll stay.” 
Steve gives you a small smile, before you both settle onto your backs, your arm brushing against his as you stare up at the ceiling. Safe to say, you were a little nervous. Despite Steve being there the first time you masturbated, this was different– this time he would be masturbating with you. 
“...S-so, do we just…”
“Yeah, um… I guess you could just pretend I’m not here if you want? Or just– fuck it, touch yorself listening to me. Whatever you want.”
“Right, right.” 
“You could take your clothes off, too. To get comfortable, I mean. Totally up to you, though.” 
You pause, really thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t, when you decided fuck it, and began stripping out of the clothes you slept in underneath the blanket. After discarding them to the floor, you keep the blanket covering your chest as you look over at Steve. He watched you undress the entire time, you realized, but the only thing he did was give you a slight nod, before turning his head. 
“Alright, then… have fun.”
Releasing a breath, you close your eyes as you slowly bring your hands underneath the blanket. It was so quiet in the room, you could practically hear your heartbeat. You could already feel the dampness between your legs as you shift, the obvious clue to how turned on you were earlier listening to Steve’s moans. 
You roam your hands along your body as a means of relaxing yourself while also trying not to brush against Steve’s arm too much. One hand slowly makes its way down, and you push your legs apart to give yourself access to your wet folds. A soft sigh escapes you, and you gather up your slick onto your fingers as you go back up, gradually circling around your clit. 
The movement next to you lets you know that Steve has gone back to pumping his dick with his hand, and for a moment, you focus on the sounds of each of your hands doing sinful things to your bodies. You bring your other hand up to your breast, lightly squeezing and teasing your nipple as you brush your thumb along the bud. 
There was no way this should be happening. You should not be lying next to your best friend naked underneath the blanket while the both of you jack off. There was no reason you should feel this turned on while listening to the way his breathing has changed because he is pleasuring himself. 
But it was happening, and you were turned on. Very turned on.
Your fingers soon travel even lower, and you push one between your slick lips, just like the way Steve taught you to. It didn’t feel as uncomfortable as the first time, and was now even more pleasurable. Adding another finger, you feel the slow stretch of your cunt soon become enjoyable and move them at a steady pace. Brushing that spot each time you rocked your finger in and out of your glistening hole you sent lustful waves throughout your body. 
How much time had passed? Had it only been a mere few minutes? Or had you both been there touching yourselves for a while? You weren’t sure. The only thing you were certain was that you were feeling so fucking good. 
Being so lost in your own euphoria, you almost forgot Steve was right next to you in his own sexual bliss. The speed of his hand pumping his hard cock increased slightly from what you could hear, and the sounds of his moans only added to your desire for eventual release. 
Part of you wondered what was going on through his mind— what type of fantasies was he imagining? Was he playing out the scenes of a porno in his mind? Was he thinking about fucking someone else? Or was he thinking about you and how you were right next to him, unclothed and touching yourself?
You desperately wanted to look at Steve. You wanted to see his hand moving underneath the blanket. You could only imagine how he looked right now: cheeks flushed, his head thrown back against the pillow, and lips parted. But you weren’t sure if he would be okay with you watching him, so you kept to your own fantasy. 
Moving your fingers back to your swollen clit, you begin to rub faster than you had when you initially started. That familiar hot pressure began slowly building up inside you, begging to be released, but you needed more. Touching yourself just wasn’t enough. 
A thought occurred to you, and you mused at the idea that thinking about something even more sexual would help you. You try picturing the beginning of the porno movie from the other night in your mind, how you got a view of the girl’s breasts and pussy, and how she touched herself. It wasn’t enough. You try thinking about any one of your celebrity crushes, how they might feel against you, but it still wasn’t enough. 
A guttural groan emits from the back of Steve’s throat, and you glance at him before stopping yourself. The sight of him was glorious. His hair was messy from sleep, and his eyes were still closed. His cheeks were pink, just as you thought they would be, and you could see how tense the muscles in his neck were as he tried biting back louder sounds. Even still, the sounds he was already making mixed with the pounding of his hand against his skin were driving you crazy. 
Turning your head back and closing your eyes, you begin to imagine every possible scenario you could that involved Steve. You imagine that instead of your hands, it was his own pleasuring and touching your body. By listening to his soft moans, you imagine how much louder and filthier they would sound if his mouth was right next to your ear and if he was whispering sweet nothings instead.
I got you, baby.
God, you look so pretty like this. 
Let me make you feel good.
Your mind went even further as to imagine Steve kissing every inch of you: your neck, your breasts, and even your mouth. You imagine Steve’s body over yours as he rocks his hard cock in and out of you, hard and fast. 
This was what you needed. This was enough. 
It was as if a tightly coiled rope snapped between the both of you, because before you knew it, not only were you finding your release, but Steve was as well. As your back arches up off the mattress, Steve’s hips buck up into his hand. Small whimpers and tight groans both fell from his mouth, while moans and whines broke past your lips– the both of you reaching your high. 
Falling slack against the mattress, you let the ringing of your ears die down as you pant softly. Your arm relaxes next to you underneath the blanket, and you feel Steve bring his own down as well, his skin brushing against yours. Blinking your eyes open, your surroundings soon come to and you glance over at Steve, who you see still has his eyes closed, and a smile gracing his face. 
“Wow…” He breathes out a small laugh, before he turns to look at you. His pupils were blown and god– you realized just how much you wanted to kiss his stupid face. 
You keep from doing so, obviously, and find yourself pulling the blanket closer around you. Steve clears his throat, bringing one arm to rest under his head. That awkward silence returns, and you gnaw on the inside of your lip out of worry. What was he thinking about? Was he regretting what just happened? 
“What are you thinking about in that pretty little head of yours?” Steve asks, breaking the silence. 
“Me? Um… nothing. Just… that was–”
“Hot as hell?”
You scoff, shaking your head. It shouldn’t surprise you that Steve was still acting his normal self as if that didn’t just happen between you both. He turns onto his side, looking you over and you really wonder what is going through his mind at this moment. 
“So, are you hungry?”
Before you can respond, Steve is already turning away from you, tossing the blanket off of him as he reaches down over the edge of the bed, and grabs his pajama pants. You avoid him, giving him some sense of privacy before he stands up. 
“I think I have eggs or some shit. I am fuckin’ starving.”
He truly was acting as if this was just any other regular morning. You didn’t know if you should be grateful about it or upset that he wouldn’t really talk more about what was happening between the two of you. The feeling settling in your chest was foreign to you, but you chose to push it deep down. 
Keeping the blanket to your chest, you reach over and grab the clothes on the ground as you look up at him. Taking the hint, he quickly turns around and you begin to dress. 
“So, do you want to stay for breakfast? Or… shit, I guess it would be brunch now.” He asks, placing his hands on his hips. 
You were conflicted. Of course you did want to stay and spend more time with Steve. But, you also needed to think about the last few days and how, despite the lack of response from Steve, things were definitely changing between you both. Whether it was a good or bad change, and whether Steve would actually sit and talk about this, you needed to figure things out first. Time to yourself was probably the best choice so you could decide how to move forward. 
“...Let’s do a raincheck on breakfast. I have to get home and do laundry, and clean the house. All that shit,” you stand up. Steve turns to face you and you wished he hadn’t, because all you wanted to do was run your hands through his messy hair and kiss those lips and– ugh. This was why you needed to leave. 
“You sure? I can make pancakes, too.”
It almost sounded like he didn’t want you to leave. But if that were true, then he would be outright and say it. That was the type of person Steve was with you. 
“I’m sure, Steve,” you force a small smile. “Plus, I’ll see you at work tomorrow. We’re scheduled together.”
“Right… yeah, right. Work.” 
He smooths his hair back and nods, watching you gather your clothes from the night before and slip on your shoes. You meet his gaze, seeing a soft look in his eyes as he doesn’t pull away. Almost as if he is waiting for you to say or do something else. 
“...Bye, Steve.”
“I’ll see you later, babe.” 
Nodding your head, you walk past him, and make your way out of his house. You didn’t look back to see if he followed you or was watching out the window as you got into your car. Gripping the steering wheel, you let out a sigh. What was happening? What was this feeling in your chest? Why did you want Steve to beg you to stay or look at you in that way he did or kiss you?
Maybe it didn’t mean anything. Maybe it was only the lust talking. Steve was the one who encouraged you to explore yourself sexually without judgement. Were you just feeling something different because he has seen you in a completely different way? 
That was it. It had to be. There was no other explanation as to why these feelings suddenly appeared. Maybe it was time to do more. To feel more, to go further than just self pleasure. Maybe… maybe all you needed to do was get laid.
Would Steve be willing to help you after doing so much with you already?
Finally starting your car, you begin to drive off, hoping that some time alone would give you some clarity about the situation. 
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blue-saaaaargent · 2 days ago
It’s so funny to think about how from viktor’s perspective the entire series has been over the course of like. maybe two months. Like the amount of shit that he’s had to process in such a short span: “Oh, I have powers. Oh, I destroyed the world. Oh, I have amnesia. Oh, I like girls. Oh, I have a family. Oh, I have powers, again. Oh, I’m a boy. Oh, the kid I helped raise in the 60s is here and he has powers. Oh, my sister killer him.” Like it’s amazing he’s any semblance of stable at all.
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ballelino · 2 days ago
♡ onlyfans with ot8
Tumblr media
↳ word count: 6k total (∼750 words per member) ↳ genre: smut, established relationship, sexworker!member ↳ warnings: smut, all scenarios include some type of sex work (posting sexual pictures, filming sexual acts, creating sexual audios); warnings listed before each scenario ↳ summary: what kind of sex content they (and you) post ↳ masterlist ♡ updates ♡ read on AO3
Tumblr media
if you want to support my writing, you can buy me a coffee here and let me know what you think about it here. thank you! ♡
warnings: camming, mentions of male masturbation, some exhibitionism, unprotected sex, use of ‘baby’, one light ass smack
Chan was struggling to make ends meet when a girl he was seeing suggested he start camming. He laughed the idea off but then got desperate for cash and decided to give it a try. That night, he earned a whole bunch of money just for showing up in front of the camera in his boxers and jerking off, his hand inside the boxers, his cock staying out of sight. 
For a guy who didn’t feel that confident in his looks, that was the ego boost he needed. Every time he’d go live, he’d earn money in an easy way—a lot easier than working part-time in a couple of places just to afford rent. With time, the boxers came off and even more money rolled in.
Chan didn’t feel right about doing it. Showing yourself naked online seemed kind of dirty when he did it, kind of wrong, like he shouldn’t have been doing it. So, he stopped seeing people because he couldn’t stop camming—it was easy money he needed.
But, Chan also needed to have sex. Getting off on his own was becoming boring, especially since it was a paid chore at the time. So, he created a dating app profile that vaguely implied he posted sex content—he didn’t want to lead anyone on. Despite that, he got some hits, but none of them worked out until you sent him a message.
He told you about his page and followers right away, not wanting you to have sex with him if his hobby was a problem for you, not wanting to lead you on. You didn’t seem to care about it. Actually, you seemed more interested in having sex with him than thinking about what he does for a living. And that’s how it all started.
Chan’s still on the site, but a lot has changed. He still posts solo videos, but you’re almost always in the room with him because that’s what makes it fun for him. You’ve told him time and time again he can stop anytime he wants to, that you live together now and share the expenses, and that he can drop this little side gig if he’s not fine with it.
But, when you’re in the same room with him, camming is not a chore—it’s a sex activity he does with his favorite person, it’s foreplay. Usually, he jerks off in front of the camera, comes all over himself, and stops streaming. Then, he goes down on you and gets you to come at least once. When Chan gets hard again, he fucks you hard, always so eager to please and put your pleasure first.
Tonight, he’s feeling extra horny. You’ve been teasing him all day, sending pictures, grabbing his ass when you went out shopping for presents, giggling when you got him hard. You even pulled your shirt down your chest in the elevator and exposed your nipple to him, asking him to lick it. Of course Chan did it without any shame.
So tonight, he wants to fuck you and he wants the whole world to hear you scream for him. You’re horny and you want him badly, which means the sex will be fantastic. It is. After his usual session, Chan stops himself from coming and starts talking to you while on stream.
“Babe, pull those pretty fingers out of yourself and get on all fours, yeah?” he tells you, staring right into your eyes with a new zeal. Oh, everyone will hear you cry out his name tonight.
Eager as always, you comply and wait for him with your ass up in the air and chest pressed into the mattress. “You guys can’t see this, but you can listen,” he informs the audience. “Pretend you’re on the receiving end of this.”
In a matter of minutes, his deep thrusts get you to come, helped by his fingers which are lazily rubbing your clit. Chan is sure all his followers hear are the sounds of sex, his skin hitting yours, your soppy pussy drooling, getting wetter with each pump of his dick, you moaning over and over again for him, begging him for more, to fuck you open, to give it to you. He is getting lost in all that too, unable to stop dirty talking, telling you how fucking perfect your cunt is for him.
Chan is sure his viewers enjoy hearing him whine when he comes inside of you, hearing him groan and tell you how warm you are, how full you feel now that he’s given you all his cum. It’s not a job—it’s the best thing he’s done.
warnings: camming, mentions of female masturbation and some cumplay, blowjob, use of ‘slut’, unprotected sex, creampie
You were the one who had an account first.
When you two got together, you told him about it in passing, not thinking it was a big deal. Luckily for your relationship, Minho didn’t either. But, he was curious to see what exactly you did, so he subscribed and heard you saying such nasty, nasty things, things that made him cum all over himself. That was his sweet girlfriend? It made his head spin.
The first time he was in the same room as you while you filmed content to post, he couldn’t help but touch himself, palming his cock over his sweatpants, running the heel of his palm all over it, focusing on the tip and almost whining when you looked him in the eye and continued with the dirty talk. He’d never admit it to anyone, but Minho came in his pants that day, realizing he’s completely infatuated with you and everything about you, including this secret hot side of you no one else knew about.
Nowadays, he’s the one orchestrating the whole thing, taking control. It used to be just you and your dirty talk, touching yourself while saying all kinds of things into the mic. Your followers got used to seeing Minho on your account—in fact, they still seem to be eating it all up. Watching you with someone is better than watching you on your own. Minho thought they were spoiled, used to getting everything from you, but not anymore.
Minho posts a video to your account every once in a while, usually of himself using your throat. Of course, there’s always a dark mask around your eyes, covering the larger portion of your face for privacy reasons. You don’t want the world to know who you are, and Minho agrees—you’re better off staying anonymous.
But, the viewers can clearly see your pretty mouth taking all of him, they can hear you gagging around his cock as Minho hisses and grunts at you, calls you his little slut, and tells you how good your mouth is taking him. They can enjoy a closeup of your pretty lips covered with cum as he smears it over your chin with the tip of his cock before asking you to stick your tongue out so he can smack your tongue with it. The videos are pretty much the same—the only things that change are the surroundings and the things Minho hisses at you.
Today, you are out on a walk, making use of the sunny spring day. Since you can’t stop smacking Minho’s ass and stopping every couple of minutes to kiss him, he decides to turn the walk into something more fun and leads you to an old abandoned building.
The second you’re inside, he grunts a quick “on your knees” at you and gets his phone out. Since you don’t have a mask on, he uses a filter and gives you a fake one. His cock gets hard the second you do as asked and reach for his pants, pulling them down his firm thighs, and taking his cock in your mouth with a grunt.
“So hard for me already,” you say teasingly, giving the head kittenish licks just to hear him groan.
“Be good and take all of it,” he instructs, sounding strict, “since you can’t keep your hands off me anywhere. Acting like a real slut whenever you’re around me.”
You hum in approval and let his cock enter your throat, sucking and hollowing out your cheeks while looking right up at your boyfriend. Minho’s sure he looks and sounds like a mess because you’re in public, so close to your apartment, in the middle of the day. It’s risky but so fucking good, and you seem to be just as eager as he is to do this.
As soon as he stops filming, Minho gets you on your feet, pushes your chest into the wall, and pulls your sweats down your ass, just enough so he can ease his cock into you and fuck you until you both blow, which doesn’t take long. Whenever you do this in public, you’re both desperate to come, completely needy and sensitive, so it’s no wonder Minho makes you come easily.
Sadly, your viewers don’t get to see the kind of mess Minho makes when he comes—partially inside of you, some of the cum shooting out and landing between and on your cheeks. He stares and enjoys the way his cum slides down your ass and out of your pussy and drips onto the floor. It serves as proof of how nasty you both are. Maybe someday you two will want to share this with people, but not today.
warnings: smut, bondage, unprotected sex, mentions of creampie and cunnilingus, use of ‘baby’ and ‘cocksleeve’
Changbin thinks you look fucking perfect like this, rendered immobile by the beige rope, little knots digging into your skin wherever he tied them. Perfect.
It’s what you two usually do, on and off camera. In fact, you’d been fucking for a long time before the filming thing even came into play. He can’t even remember whose idea it was to post online and see if you could earn money off of it, but Changbin remembers you were tight with cash then, both working overtime just to afford a life in the city.
Nowadays, you don’t really have those problems, mostly because people seem to really be into bondage, always in need of more and more videos. The two of you are happy to provide. You two have your own rules, safe words, and agreements. You edit the videos together, deciding what to cut out and what to keep, but you’ve gotten so good at this that you rarely edit anything out—it’s all good.
Usually, Changbin likes tying you up and enjoying his work of art—your pretty feet tied at the ankles, hands tied by the wrists behind your back. That way, he can easily get on top of you and shove his dick into your cunt from behind, filming every single second of it. You can’t move under him, but you’re moaning so loudly, begging him for more, even when he fucks you into yet another orgasm, all thanks to the pillow he’s strategically placed under your hips.
When he comes, he does it all over your ass and the rope, zooming in, showing the viewers just how he’s messed you up. With your permission, he zooms in on your wet cunt, still slightly gaping from his cock. “Squeeze it out for me, baby,” Changbin encourages you, getting hard all over again at the sight of you doing just that, causing cum to trickle out of your hole.
After that, he stops filming, lays down next to you, and cuddles up to you. Changbin usually kisses you a lot, runs his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp while he showers you with praise and compliments.
As soon as he can go again, he turns on the camera and fucks you. You two agree on how many times you want to go beforehand, but it’s always at least two because most of your viewers enjoy watching you with cum all over your body while Changbin continues pounding into you like he can’t get enough. He’s been with you for years, and it’s still not enough. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get enough of you.
Today, he’s getting to try something new. You are making use of the new swing you’ve installed in your bedroom, and Changbin has tied you to it, the ropes keeping you in place, legs and arms in the air. Cameras are positioned around the room, as always, so you can pick the best shots, so people can see it from different angles. Changbin likes watching too, enjoys seeing you getting ruined under him, screaming for his cock.
The new position allows him to stand on his feet, smack his cock against your folds once and enjoy the wet sound before he pushes the head of his cock inside of you, burying it between your walls. “Shit, you’re tight!”
“Fuck, baby,” you grunt, loving the position, judging by how wet you are. That’s the thing—you love this whole thing more than he does. Letting Changbin have all the control while you hang there tied up clearly gets you going. “More!”
“I’m gonna fuck you raw today,” he lets you know, a sparkle in his eyes when he sees you bite down on your lip and groan. “Won’t be able to walk tomorrow by the time I’m done with you.”
He means it too—the position allows Changbin to grab your hips and pull them back, push them away. In a way, he is using you as a fleshlight, just fucking into you, and the thought just makes his cock twitch inside of you. 
“Perfect little cocksleeve for me, hm?” Changbin asks, digging his fingers into your hips, feeling sweat drip down his back. “So good and obedient, letting me fuck you and use you however I want.”
“Yes, yes, fuck, baby, fuck!” Your moans keep him hard all the time, allow him to give you two orgasms before he blows his load all over your slit and the back of your thighs, bringing one of the cameras closer so he can zoom in and show how it slowly drips down.
This time, he wants to show you how grateful he is for letting him do all of it, so he kneels on the floor, grabs your hips, and starts eating you out like he hasn’t tasted you in years. 
warnings: public sex, mentions of handjobs and blowjobs, mentions of unprotected sexual intercourse
Hyunjin takes dick pics. Somehow, he decides to post one online and see what happens.
First, it is just pictures Hyunjin takes when he is horny and hard. It’s just him lying in his bed, boxers pulled down his thighs, hard dick in one hand, positioned straight up, picture taken with the other hand. If he does it in black and white, it looks even prettier, the vein running along his length is even more accentuated that way, looking almost artistic.
Sometimes, it’s pictures of Hyunjin under the shower from the stomach down, cock lying on his big palm, feet visible for a couple of horny followers who beg for that type of content. The cock is the main focus, always hard and ready. Sometimes, he catches moments when precum leaks and peeks out of his slit, which looks perfect in pictures. Alternatively, Hyunjin touches the drop of precum with his finger and moves it away, catching the moment when a slimy string connects his cock and finger. Perfect content for his followers.
Once Hyunjin gets bored of posting the same types of pics, he decides to sit on a chair right in front of his balcony door, taking a picture of his reflection in the glass. He is fully clothed, even though the shorts are riding up his thighs and revealing the smooth skin, cock erect and in his hand, legs spread invitingly.
People eat that one up, so Hyunjin goes out onto the balcony next time too. This time, he leans against the railing and takes a picture of his hard cock, not even touching it.
The more people ask for it, the more risque the pictures get. Nowadays, he takes his cock out in public when there’s no one around and snaps a quick one just so he can share with his followers.
It’s not even about the money—Hyunjin gets off on seeing the praise he gets, people saying they want to do all kinds of things to his dick. If he’s in a changing room at the store, he’s definitely taking his dick out and snapping a picture. If he’s sitting at the back of a business conference and no one’s around, he might take a sneaky picture of his cock. Even if clothed, he gets a ton of praise just for showing his erection straining against the material of his pants.
When you two get serious, Hyunjin feels like he has to tell you about his hobby, even though he’s afraid you’ll give up on your thing. But, the only rule you set for him is no fucking around, which was never his intention.
Because of your approval, Hyunjin now has an extra pair of hands for his pics. When you two take the train and are alone in the compartment, you wrap your hands around his cock and he takes a picture, knowing people will love it. “Just like that... They look so small around my dick, huh?”
When you’re at the cinema in the back row, you jerk him off and he takes snaps of it, especially enjoying when he gets to capture himself coming into the palm of your hand while the other one continues jerking him off. “You really do love it when I make a mess,” he tells you, shoving his tongue in your mouth to show you how horny you get him.
Other times, he takes pictures of his cock covering half of your face as he stands above you. Because he's far away, no one can see any defining features of your face, but it's clear that someone is lying under Hyunjin as he jerks off and comes.
“Look so fucking pretty like this, you know it?” he asks you as he takes a couple of pics of your cum-covered face, marveling at his work. You chuckle at him, shying away from his gaze, and Hyunjin manages to take a picture of that smile too, for his private collection, of course.
His favorite one might be the one where a bead of cum drools out of his slit, implying that the rest of it is already on your pretty face—which it is, but that sight is for his eyes only. He can share pictures of his dick online, but he wants to keep you all for himself. Nobody has to know how pretty you look with a dick in you, even if Hyunjin has the urge to take pictures of it, enjoy the way he manages to stretch you before he comes inside of you.
warnings: mentions of squirting; public sex, cunnilingus, unprotected sex, one ass smack, use of ‘baby’
Jisung posts sex videos online and makes good money off of it, it’s as simple as that.
These videos are nothing fancy. Hell, he doesn’t even bother to edit them. Why would he? His viewers eat the content up either way, always asking for more, suggesting new places or positions. Jisung has a nice body and a great cock, and because of the curvature, it can make women squirt if he really tries hard. He just has to angle it right and get them to relax and bam!—the sheets are wet, which is why he started filming the whole thing in the first place.
Jisung has shaky hands, so when he fucks you, the camera can’t stand still,. But, that’s what makes the video feel amateurish, which is what people are there for. If they wanted edited and professional stuff, they’d go to another website. In a day and age where everything is edited to perfection, his page is seen as refreshing, real, raw. His viewers know they are going to get the real deal, they will see your boyfriend fucking you, his hands shaking from excitement as your walls squeeze his cum out, they will hear real moans and cries when he makes you come.
Jisung posts videos with you on his profile, of himself fucking you from different positions. He’s a horny guy and can go anytime you’re horny, so he often posts videos of your bodies connecting in a mall bathroom or a store changing room. If you want him, you can have him—Jisung doesn’t care about the surroundings or getting caught or decency.
Oftentimes, he’s the one asking you to have sex in public, promising he’ll make it worth your while. Usually, Jisung nibbles on your neck as he pushes his erection into your back, pleading for you to let him inside of you. “Just a little bit, baby, hm? Want to be in your pussy so fucking bad.” You give in almost every time, letting him enter you raw and film it, even if you’re somewhere risky. “Just be quick, hm? Don’t want to get caught.”
Despite his love for public sex, his favorite videos are the ones you two take in the privacy of his apartment. Jisung usually gets you on the desk and eats you out, using three fingers to stretch your wet cunt, spitting on it, making you cum at least once before he sticks his dick in you and hits the record button.
Jisung uses the desk because he can stand up straight and fuck into you while holding the camera right above you, focusing on your crotch, on his dick disappearing into you. It’s so wet and warm that the video simply can’t do it justice, but it’s a good fucking video. Besides, he posts the shit that turns him on. Luckily for him, it seems that his followers are into the same things.
“Hungry pussy taking all of my cock in one go, huh?” Jisung sounds cocky as fuck, because he is—your pussy is hungry for him.
Tonight, he’s fucking you from the back in his car. You two barely fit in there and you’re outside. Even though the place is desolated, someone might walk by, which is what turns Jisung on even more. Your boyfriend eats you like a man starved, his drool and your juices dripping down onto the backseat, but that’s a worry for a non-horny Jisung.
When he sticks his dick inside you, Jisung moans so loudly you think he’s already coming. “So fucking wet for me, babe,” he says with a slap to your ass and presses ‘record’, bringing the camera up to his chest with a shaky hand. “Fuck yourself for me, come on… Show me how much you like this dick.”
When you do, he starts groaning, and not for the followers. He’s always vocal, always needs you to know how much he loves fucking you and being in you. You seem eager to make Jisung blow in less than five minutes with the way you’re throwing your ass back on him, walls clenching whenever your cheeks meet his thighs.
“So... fucking... good...hard...for...me,” you grunt a word between each slam of your hips into him. Jisung can’t stop groaning for you, entranced by the way your move your ass, take all of him into your tight cunt. “Come for me... Ji... Please—”
That’s when he loses it and moans over and over again as you fill yourself up with his cum. Oh, his followers are going to love watching this, and so will Jisung the next time he gets horny and you’re not around.
warnings: guided masturbation (thanks @linoguistics for the idea), female masturbation, use of ‘good girl’, finger sucking, cunnilingus, fingering
Felix is a shy person, especially sexually. Nobody who knows him would ever think about him and sex content in the same sentence, not even as a subscriber, let alone a content creator. He just doesn’t strike anyone as someone confident enough to do something as risky as that.
Yet, there is one thing Felix is extremely confident about—his deep, velvety voice. ASMR was always his thing, even before the content turned sexual. He used to post ASMR videos and garnered quite a big following but didn’t earn anything from it. And then, a lot of people started commenting about being turned on by his voice, asking him to post something dirty, tipping him and begging him to swear or say stuff like “slut,” “good girl,” and things he never usually said to people.
Well, that was then.
Nowadays, Felix is pretty big on the website, and both men and women enjoy his simple content. It’s just a dark screen and his voice in the background, talking people through getting off, through sex, asking them to come for him. They all swear it works wonders to help them relax and get over any barrier they might have in their mind.
It took Felix a long time to get comfortable enough to tell you about his little side gig that allows him to pay for most your dates, even though you insist on paying. When he tells you about it, he doesn’t expect you to gasp and say, “God, I love those audios!” 
He asks you to explain, and you turn out to be more shameless than him, admitting to listening to content like that. “Yeah, they’re better than porn, at least for getting off. I bet yours sound amazing. You always sound amazing anyway.”
That’s how Felix got you to listen to his videos. You like them, get off on them, ask him to tell you those things when you fuck.
Now, he’s gotten the best idea, and you, being the perfect partner that you are, decide to indulge him. You’re naked on his bed while he lays on his side right next to you with the mic close to his mouth. He usually does guided masturbation, so he will do it today, with a bit of a twist.
“Okay, baby, now spread your legs for me,” he instructs you. Felix’s cock twitches when you do as asked, thighs falling to the bed, showing off your glistening cunt.
“Good fucking girl. You’re making me happy already. I’ll let you come soon if you keep that up, baby, hmm,” he hums in a low tone, seeing how it affects you.
You touch yourself the way he asks you to, wetting your fingers by running them over your slit, between your folds, and then touching your nipples when the fingers are wet enough. “Now put them in your mouth for me. Suck. Mhm, good girl. Tastes good? Touch your pretty cunt for me again.”
When you do, you fight the urge to moan, even though Felix has told you you’re allowed to. His followers will like it. “Good. Now let me have a taste. Want to know what my good girl tastes like.”
He makes a whole scene out of sucking your fingers clean, tongue lapping at them as he moans and grunts, smacking his lips when he’s done just so they can hear. “My sweet girl is so fucking tasty.”
It isn’t a part of the original plan, but Felix ends up going down on you after you make yourself come, as per the instructions given to you in his sultry tone. You’re just too hot and he wants to make you feel even better. The mic rests on your lower stomach, close to Felix’s mouth, so everyone can hear him give you head and hum, slurp your juices, fuck you with his fingers. You’re so wet there’s no way the listeners can’t hear every second of it. Felix spits on your cunt, knowing that’s going to sound so good. Then, he finger fucks you and slurps around your clit, looking up at your face. “Feel so tight around me, huh? Want me inside?” He feels your walls flutter at his question and immediately turns the mic off, shutting the sessions down. It’s time he makes you come himself and it’s time you get as loud as you usually are.
warnings: mentions of various sexual acts (oral, handjob, blowjob, cum swallowing, cumming on body, creampie, cumplay), unprotected sex, creampie
Seungmin has a thing for taking pics.
He used to have a blog where people tipped him for the cute pics he took, even though that was not his original goal. Seungmin just wanted to share his art with people. Money was just a bonus.
With time, his focus shifted from nature to people. It was innocent stuff at first, just showing his candid work, showing how pretty people actually are. However, the more sex Seungmin had, the more he wanted to capture it, so he did.
It is usually just random shots—an open mouth drooling on his pillow, two of his fingers on someone's tongue, a pretty hand cupping his cock and balls, his hand over a breast, nipple poking through between two fingers, a mouth stuffed with his balls, things like that. Yet, people seem to enjoy these more than his usual stuff, so he takes things in that direction.
These days, the same person appears in all his sexual pictures—you—but the pics get racier each time.
The tip of his cock on your tongue after he fucked your throat, drool all over your chin, tears spilling down your face, eyes out of frame. Seungmin’s fingers inside of you, thumb pressed against your clit, knuckles covered in your juices. His cockhead resting against your bottom lip as you open your mouth to show it’s full of his cum. Both your hands wrapped around his dick right when it shoots out cum. Your cunt sprayed with his semen, some of it pooling under your cheeks. Your tits, his cock leaking cum on them as Seungmin straddles you. You sitting on his face, from the back, his hands on your ass.
Seungmin lets you take pictures too, wanting you to be a part of it, enjoying it when you take the lead. So, there are pictures of his face in absolute ecstasy, pics you take while you’re going down on him, deepthroating his cock. “Fuck, you know how to suck dick,” he grunts thankfully, fingers tangling in your hair, rewarding you with gentle caressing as he continues to fuck your face. “Look so pretty stuffed with dick.”
There are some pictures you take when he’s going down on you, careful not to get his eyes in the picture. Because of this, these are usually pictures of just his flattened out tongue on your clit, your thighs spread wide. In other pics, it’s your legs wrapped around his head tight, fingers pulling his hair by the roots. 
Of course, sometimes Seungmin gets on top of you and kneels between your legs, throwing them over his shoulders to lift your hips in the air and fuck you like that. So, you take pictures of his arms wrapped around your legs, pressed into his torso as he struggles to keep you up and fuck you as hard as he can. You two are different, though, and you let yourself get too lost in pleasure, so much that you just stop taking pictures and relax, let your boyfriend fuck another orgasm out of you.
Out of all the possible pictures, Seungmin’s favorite might be the ones he takes when you lie on the bed and let him fuck you from the back.
The pictures come out perfect—your gorgeous ass and thighs, Seungmin sitting on the back of them, and his cock disappearing between your ass cheeks, buried deep inside your wet cunt, so wet it's just sliding in and out. “God, baby, I'm gonna cum... Gonna paint you with my cum. Want that, hm?” It’s embarrassing how easily he gets lost in you, how you always manage to get him to moan, how you can make him come so fast when you try to.
“Please, I want it,” you grunt, which is enough for him to give it to you. “Seungmin, please.”
The next picture: cock resting against your cum-covered ass, drops of it all over the skin. Perfect. He leans down and bites into the flesh of your butt cheek, feeling the need to lick you all over, to thank you for how pliant you are.
Sometimes, Seungmin smears the cum all over your lips with the tip of his cock and takes pictures of that, or of the moment when you stick your tongue to lap his stickiness off them. “You're so so good to me... Take perfect care of me and my dick... Did you swallow it all?” Seungmin waits for you to stick your tongue out and show him. With a pat on the cheek, he hums, “Good. My turn.”
warnings: fingering, squirting, unprotected sex, use of ‘good girl’
Jeongin’s followers don’t know what he looks like. They’ve never seen his face, his body, not even his dick, even if most people expect that on the site. Yet, new people keep swarming to his account, eager for new content from their favorite creator, dying to see the next video.
It’s all you, and he always lets you know that. Yes, the account is technically his, but it’s the fact that you want to be filmed and watched while he touches you that makes the whole thing possible. The only thing his followers know about Jeongin’s body is that he has nice, manicured hands, with long, soft fingers. They also know he uses those hands well when he has to make you come. And, they also know Jeongin sometimes moans and grunts when you come for him, unable to contain it.
In his defense, he can’t—not when you look so delicious all spread out on his bed, letting him film you while he fucks you with his fingers. Sometimes, it’s just slow rubs of his thumb against your clit. Each rub makes your cunt clench, makes you grunt, gets you wetter. Jeongin goes at it for a long time, making you impatient, making you beg and plead. It must be torture, lying there wet and aroused, and your boyfriend only grazing your clit over and over again.
When Jeongin doesn’t cave in, you buck your hips into him. If he tries to move his thumb away, you lift your hips and chase after his touch, wanting more of him. He gets you to come, of course, but it takes a long time because he’s not even trying. Instead, he’s just slowly rubbing your clit, enjoying the way your cunt clenches around nothing and drools for him.
Other times, he is in the mood to be nicer so he fingers you. If Jeongin wants to be mean, he doesn’t even flick your clit and focuses solely on fucking you with fingers. You mind that, but not that much, not when Jeongin can make you come so fast, fingers curling inside of you just right. If he doesn’t stop after an orgasm or two and keeps pushing his fingers in and out fast, he gets you to squirt, which is when he usually almost loses it and talks to you. 
“You’re being such a good girl for me today… Showering me with your cum like that,” Jeongin tsks at you, even though he fucking loves it when you make a mess. “Wetting my sheets, huh? Like my fingers that much? You’re letting me see how well I’m doing… Maybe I should reward you.”
Of course, all the teasing he does affects him more than you. By the time you’re done filming, you’re practically spent after coming time and time again, and Jeongin’s still rock hard in his pants, precum staining his boxers. He doesn’t let you catch a break, not if you’re not completely ruined. 
Instead, he shuts the camera off and smacks his cock against your folds a couple of times, basking in the wetness. “Got you so wet, huh?” he asks, even if the answer is obvious—you usually end up lying in a small pool of your juices by the time he’s done with filming. “Can take my dick now?”
His cockhead pushes against your hole and slides up to your clit a couple of times, up and down, just to get you both needy again. Jeongin then slides in, the stretch making you both gasp and grunt. “Fucking finally,” he tells you, now balls deep inside of you. “Been wanting to fuck you all day.”
“You feel so good,” you croak, body going limp against the bed, letting him do whatever he wants to you. You know that it will feel good since it’s Jeongin, who knows your body like the back of his hand. “Harder.”
“Sure?” he asks with a chuckle but speeds up, the wet sound your cunt makes when he fills it making him kick his head back and groan. “Want me to make you squirt with my cock too? So fucking needy, baby...”
“I just want you.”
“Oh, you’ll get all of me now,” Jeongin hums against the skin of your neck, hoping you know he means it.
Tumblr media
if you want to support my writing, you can buy me a coffee here and let me know what you think about it here. thank you! ♡
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retroimagine · 2 days ago
Hi could I get a Five Hargreeves fic where reader is helping TUA, and the siblings have been noticing romantic tension between Five and the reader. One day when they’re teasing Five/confronting him about it he just does that thing where he keeps denying it, and the reader overheard because she came in to give in something.
Confrontation Complications - Five Hargreeves
Tumblr media
Pairing - Five Hargreeves x Fem!Reader Word Count - 1.1k Warnings - Slight language, some angst but mostly fluff The siblings had been noticing some romantic tension between you and Five, so they decided to confront him about it, but things don't go to plan
My first Five imagine!I really enjoyed writing this! My love for Five is insane, and I want to wrote more for him, so keep the requests coming!
For the past few weeks, the siblings had noticed something different between you and Five. It wasn't just a coincidence, it was constant. They'd begun to notice a constant romantic tension between the two of you. Allison had seen you accidentally brush your hand against fives and knock his coffee a bit, and when you apologised, she saw a faint trace of a blush on fives cheeks as he told you it was fine. That wasn't normal. If someone messes with Five and his coffee, even if its an accident, they receive a death sentence. So why were you the exception? When Five was just with the others, he was the usual stubborn genius with no respect for the rules, but when he was with you he was a different person entirely. He was calmer and more caring, and he always put your safety before his own. They needed answers, so they decided to confront him.
Five was just sat reading when he noticed shadows across the floor. He looked up to see all his siblings staring at him
"Can I help you...?" He asked confused
"What is going on between you and y/n, Five? And don't act like you don't know what we're talking about" Luther said, clearly not in the mood for this
"Yeah, we know about your little thing together, but what I want to know is how'd you pull someone like that?" Klaus added
Five sat up in his chair and started to try and think of anything but you
"I presume that your referencing the small 'moments' that I have shared with y/n recently. Well I have to disappoint you by saying that your wrong. I was faking those reactions to see if you'd notice and how you would react. Evidently it worked and you reacted just as I thought. But I must be the bearer of bad news and say that it's not true. Y/n and I are not an item, and we never will be. Yes I like her, but only as a friend. I would never date her, or even consider it because she's not the sort of girl I'd love. She's not my type and I..."
"Dude, your type is mannequins" Klaus interrupted, earning him a small laugh from Diego
"Shut up Klaus before I make sure that you never open that pretty little mouth again! Anyway, the point is I would never date her. I don't like her. Get that into your stupid little heads! I DONT LIKE Y/N!"
The group stood shocked at fives outburst. The room was silent. Except for one thing. A small sniffle. Everyone turned around to see you stood in the doorway, your eyes welling up. You glared at five as he began to speak again
"Y/n I..."
"Save it for Delores asshole" You said and you ran upstairs
"DO YOU REALISE WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE DONE!" Five shouted at his siblings with a rage they'd never seen before.
"She wasn't with us Five, we thought she'd gone on a walk. At least that's what she told us" Luther tried to explain
"We would never do something like that" Viktor added
"IT DOESN'T MATTER! WHY WOULD YOU ASK IF YOU SO OBVIOUSLY KNEW!" he screamed at them. He'd been angry at them before, but this was something else. Something deeper inside of him was fueling this outburst. His siblings all looked towards the floor ashamed, as Five ran out of the room after you.
You were in your room, crying you eyes out whilst looking at an old photo strip. It was from one of those photo booths that you find at malls, where couples go for romantic pictures. You'd managed to drag Five into one when you persuaded him to take a break from saving the world. When he finally loosened up to the idea, you both really enjoyed it. He was grinning in all the photos, which made you slightly smile. Until that day you'd never seen him smile like that, and you hadn't since.
You were so distracted that you didn't notice Five had come into your room until he spoke up
"I really did enjoy that day"
You looked at him and any sort of affection left you eyes
"Would've been better if it weren't with me though wouldn't it" you stated in an attempt to stand your ground. You stood up from your seat on the bed. He looked at you and saw that behind the tough exterior you were trying to put up, you were broken.
"I didn't mean what I said"
"Yes you did! You wouldn't have said it if you didn't mean it"
"I lied! I didn't want them knowing the truth!"
"Which is?!"
You froze on the spot. As he realised what he'd said, you saw the anger leave his eyes and the anxiety enter. He tried to say something, but no words would come out of his mouth. You took a step towards him and reached out your hand to touch his face.
"Really" you whisper, cautious of the response
He slowly puts his hand on top of yours as he smirks and says "I wouldn't have said it otherwise"
You smile and let out a small giggle. Five couldn’t take it anymore and he closed the gap in between the both of you.
You instantly leaned into the kiss, the shock of the sudden action fading into adoration for him. He held you tightly in his arms as if you would disappear if he let go. You could taste the coffee that he'd drunk not long before. For someone who been alone for such a long time, he was a good kisser
After some time, you both pulled back for air and stared into each others eyes. You stayed like that for a few moments before Five spoke again
"We should do that more often" he suggested, half jokingly and half serious. You played with the hair that drooped over his forehead as he grinned down at you. You could have stayed there forever if it wasn't for a cheer coming from behind you both.
In the doorway, all of Fives siblings had gathered to watch the events unfold. They stood with proud expressions on their faces as they watched the pair of you. Five on the other hand was not so happy with their presence
"Can't a guy have 5 minutes alone with his girlfriend!"
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stormkobra-5 · a day ago
Pairing: Steven Grant x fem!Reader (mention of Marc Spector x fem!Reader/Jake Lockley x fem!Reader)
Fic Type: Drabble
Summary: Steven’s not rough with you, like Marc or Jake. He’s more… Reserved. But he will wreck your shit if you ask nicely.
A/N: So yes this is fluffy Steven smut. No I cannot be stopped and no it is not a part of Red Handed.
Rating/Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, NSFW under the cut, softdom!Steven, sub?Reader, riding, missionary, edging, orgasm denial, squirting, breeding kink, trying for a baby, pregnancy, mention of marathon sex??? I think that’s it???
Tumblr media
Steven Grant was a master of puzzles.
Jigsaws he solved within a matter of hours, if that. You’d long since stopped trying to keep track of his 3000-or-more-piece puzzles, always Egyptian-themed, that he’d clear a table for, finish in record time, and then break it up and put it away before reaching for the next one. 
Escape rooms? You figured when you introduced him to the random little escape room app on your phone that he’d be just as stumped as you were. Instead, ten minutes later, he asked you how he gets to the next world. “Steven,” You breathed in astonishment. “You… You beat the fucking game?!” I think it’s a given to say that he’d also completely owned your consoles when you showed him puzzle-based games like Skyrim or Zelda.
Jenga, Ka-Plunk, DnD, hell, even Clue, he blew your mind with how quickly puzzles were solved by his hands. Incomprehensible, astounding, holy fucking shit your boyfriend is a genius. 
Specifically, one of them in particular.
His Rubik’s cube.
The way he moved those goddamn fingers, those fingers that he could bend and flick and curl expertly against you and in you when you needed him too. Those hands alone could make you see stars if he was really intent on doing so.
He hated it when he had to use both hands for the Rubik’s cube. So he oiled it, ensuring that it flipped and moved with the smallest of touches, one-handed. Shk, shk, shk, he’d already solved it twice while you were watching, restarting the process when you asked him that one simple question. “Just one more time, love. Three times, then I’m all yours, yeah?” His soft voice was deeper, huskier, a little out-of-focus because of how deeply he was concentrating– not that you could tell he was. He looked calm, serene… but calculating. Deep in thought.
You were the puzzle this time.
“S-Steven, please–”
“Just a little bit longer, love.” He tossed the cube up in the air in front of your face, just being a showoff at this point. 
Two weeks ago, you’d started talking about raising a family together. At first it had just been uncertain questions, but then you’d started looking into schools nearby, making lists of baby names, adopting a healthier diet, and going to the doctor. Steven was more determined to get you pregnant than you’d expected, tracking your cycles and ovulation periods– hence why he’d made you take a week off work. He’d seemed a bit nervous when he admitted that he called in for you. “Well, love… you’re ovulating now, yeah? I figured now’s a better time than any to–” You’d never heard the end of that sentence, having immediately dragged him to the bed.
 But now there wasn’t an equal flow, like there usually was.
“Don’t cum until I say you can, dove. You can do that, yeah? Can you be a good girl for me?”
He’d laid back, helping you straddle his lap and sink down on his thick cock; it was then you’d realized that he hadn’t cum earlier, that he was holding off, maybe hoping an extremely powerful orgasm might be what it takes to knock you up. You were a puzzle he needed to solve, so like always when he focused intensely, you didn’t even begin to understand what he might be thinking. 
He hadn’t thrust up into you, although he had allowed you to roll your hips, bounce on his length, do whatever you want at whatever pace you wanted– there were only three rules. You couldn’t touch yourself, you couldn’t cum, and you had to keep your hands on his stomach so he knew you weren’t cheating in your blissed-out state.
Slowly, his dark chocolate eyes trailed from the Rubik’s cube to your red, sweaty face. “S-Steven… Please, please…” 
You found it. Right there. That spot where you can easily drive to your ecstasy. Maybe Steven won’t notice if you cum. Maybe he’ll let it slide. But he knew your body better than you did, and when you started to speed up the rocking of your hips, Steven’s free hand flew to your waist, effectively stopping your impending orgasm. “Steeeevvennn,” You whined, reduced to a blubbering mess of begging to barter for your release. Your approaching euphoria was ripped from you, descending rapidly into a cold pit of roiling tension in your lower belly. 
Steven’s hand crawled up your side, brushing painfully close to your breast without touching it and running up the length of your neck. He stopped at your mouth, fingers expertly running over your top and bottom lip gently. “Sh, dove,” He said, all but absentminded as you tried to fuck yourself without fucking yourself on him, “Almost there.”
He slipped his fingers into your mouth, letting you suck on them. You swirled your tongue and bobbed your head, using the same movements as you would when sucking him off, but aside from briefly glancing to your face, he gave no reaction to indicate that it was turning him on at all. His cock barely twitched inside you, and you weren’t entirely certain if he just had that good self-control, or if you’d gone numb from the waist down from fucking like rabbits all day in any position and location possible in your flat.
Finally– finally– he removed his fingers and twisted to toss the Rubik’s cube onto the nightstand, unintentionally shifting himself deeper inside of you, if possible, and eliciting a moan from you; yep, you could still definitely feel everything down there. If anything, you were over-sensitive, rather than under. He stared up at you with admiration and a small smile, massaging your thighs. “You did so well for me, dove. You ready to cum?”
If it were only possible, you would have cum right then. “Yes, please yes!” Maybe in the morning you’d be a little embarrassed about how easily you begged, and so quickly, too– but you had little time to think about it. Effortlessly, Steven rolled you both over so that he was on top, between your legs and still buried deep inside you– maybe even deeper, oh god, you can’t take it–
Steven’s gentle kiss on your forehead was nothing compared to the sheer intensity of how hard he pistoned his hips into you, the head of his cock bumping your cervix and almost making you scream. “Let it out, darling,” Steven urged, “I like to hear you. Please, love?” He punctuated the question with an open-mouthed, heavy kiss on your pulse point right under your jaw, and this time you didn’t hold back. Your wail of pleasure drowned out his soft moans and gasps as he panted for air. Sweat glistened silver on his tawny skin, dripping from his nose, his hair, the chain necklace he wore– gently, you tugged on it, and Steven’s hands flew to yours. He entwined your fingers together before pinning them on either side of your head, driving deeper, faster, harder, until you can’t breathe, you can’t see, there’s only Steven, who kisses you passionately as his thrusts falter. “You can cum now darling,” He breathed into your mouth, moaning as you screamed his name loudly enough to hurt your throat. You soaked the bed, him, hell, you wouldn’t have been surprised if the whole flat was soaked. You’d never squirted before with him, and you wondered if it was what he’d been planning for. 
Steven came with a cry, finishing as deep as he possibly could– a part of you thought he must have shot himself directly into your womb. He let go of your hands, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck as he held you close, trying to catch his breath. He pressed a lingering kiss to your forehead, wincing as his hips rocked of their own accord in the aftershocks of his high. “Can you keep it all in for me when I pull out, dove? We’ve gotta make sure every drop has a chance, darling, every drop.” His hand rested pointedly on your stomach, making you smile and nod frantically.
When you shivered, he immediately reached for a nearby blanket, carefully pulling out of you and ensuring you were warm enough before moving away. When he came back, he very gently cleaned you up before moving you to a hot bath, letting you lay there while he changed the sheets. Before you could even think of moving from the tub, Steven returned carrying his comfiest hoodie and sweatpants he knew you liked to wear, along with a snack oh-so-typical of Steven. 
“Are those… cookies?”
“Oatmeal cookies,” He specified, sitting on the edge of the tub and carefully handing you your plate. “With raisins. Better for you and the baby, innit?”
You flushed up to your hairline, touched by the gesture. “Honey, we don’t even know if I’m pregnant yet.”
“You will be,” Steven said excitedly, setting the milk (yes, he even brought you milk) on the sink so that he could kneel on the outside of the tub, staring at you fondly with his chin resting on the edge. He caressed your face, smiling when you leaned into him to press your foreheads together. “We’re gonna get you pregnant this week, love, I can feel it.” He kissed you softly, before his face contorted thoughtfully as he pulled slowly away.
“Orange juice,” He said, abruptly standing.
He grabbed the glass of milk on his way out of the bathroom. “Orange juice is better than milk, right? Or, maybe not? Maybe they’re equal? You wouldn’t want them at once, love, so; orange juice, yeah, and a banana? I’ll just drink the milk then, don’t wanna waste it, and I’m not sure if I could pour it back into the container without makin’ a bloody mess…”
You listened to his rambling move about the flat as you nibbled on your cookies, smiling to yourself. You and Steven wanted this baby more than anything; and you wanted it even more since Marc and Jake were both scared but excited at the prospect. You looked at baby clothes together, you had everything planned out, and now you were finally, actually trying without any kind of protection to conceive.
Steven may have planned the week, but they were all so sweet, so supportive, so protective, ensuring that you eat right, drink right, sleep right, rest, bathe– 
–and you loved them with all your heart.
The next morning, when you were making the bed, you found his Rubik’s cube half-finished on the nightstand. A smile made its way onto your face as you realized he’d never completed the puzzle last night in favor of completing you.
A couple weeks later, when you and Steven read the positive results of the pregnancy test, you realize, amidst all the cheering and hugging and crying, that with all of his planning, trying to get you pregnant was yet another puzzle he had solved, effortlessly.
With the help of Marc and Jake, of course.
Thanks for reading! :3
Tags: @dameronsknight @sylkisdagger @atzlena @gucciboots @pastel-0-princess @poeticsorcery @rosaren2498 @love-on-the-murder-scene @wintergirlsoilder2 @blackcat-midnight-thatsme @multifandomsw @bookloverfilmoholic @khaotic-kris @hb8301 @soggumm @simonsbluee @adamcarlsenslvr @bluestuesday @magnet-girl @rosellacwrites @dweeb-central @ilymorepls @drwhofangirl1963 @loonymagizoologist @auszimbo @tealrivers @laters-gators12 @izbelross @xcatnapsx @child-of-the-moon-gods @djarinsgirl27 @sokoviansorceress @eerievixen @cold-buffet-ham @upbeat-cascade @stark-kirk-rogers-grant-blog @candydancey @rqmanoff @jakelcckley @sharin4readers @lovely-cryptid @marc-spectorr @rmoonstoner @oscarisaacsspit @marc-spectorr @lovely-cryptid
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