#girl why would u put that on a sign 😭
Bc i want to suffer and i know u gonna gib us a lot of angst
Could u do some headcanons or a prompt where Thomas cheats his s/o¿ (I know, sounds preeeeetty impossible but i wanna suffer same as with the Mikey one)
Thomas "cheating" h/c's
Warnings: slight descriptions of murder, angst if you squint and tilt your head a bit
A/n: I twisted the ask a bit because I just could NOT see Thomas cheating on his s/o KSNDOFJ his mama raised him to be a gentleman! So here's some h/c's for him THINKING he cheated
• It all started one fateful day in the hewwit household. Thomas was doing his daily chores as per usual when a new group of victims came in
• You had slept in a little late and it was your job to take 'em down, but he really didn't have it in him to wake his sweet angle up
• How could he when you looked so peaceful sleeping?!?
• So (as any good cannibalistic boyfriend would)he took it upon himself to escort them down to the basement and get them all prepped for dinner tonight
• Big mistake, shoulda let you do it.
• He was just about to tie the last girl up when she offered a proposal
• "How 'bout you spare me and I might just show ya a grand old time" she offered with a wink and a bite of her cherry stained lips
• ....
• What????
• Why??? Would??? He??? Do ??? That???????
• His face contorted into one of pure confusion and his eyebrows furrowed in disgust
• His mind was going a million miles per hour with a million more questions. "Why would she even ask that?" "why is she looking at me like that?" "Why is she biting her lip?? Doesn't that hurt??" "Why is she leaning closer to me-? Oh no-"
• Her lips didn't even stay on his for more than a second before he hastily shoved her off onto the cold flooring of the basement.
• He didn't even bother tying her up as he already started chopping away until she was barely recognizable
• He had thought that his problem was solved with her being dead and all
• Until it hit him
• "What would y/n say?"
• Oh no.
• What would you say???
• God you'd probably be so angry with him. He had just betrayed your trust
• He should've pulled away sooner oh god oh fuck oh shit oh my-
• His mind and heart were racing so quickly that he didn't even notice you descending the basement stairs.
• A yawn had escaped your mouth as you let out a slurred "tommy?"
• Your words had pulled him out of his tranced as his head whipped around to face you
• "What's the matter hon? You look stressed" you said as you slowly gained more consciousness
• How could he do such a thing to you? You're so worried for him and you don't even know what he did to you
• 'I did something wrong...' he signed, barely comprehensible as his hands kept fumbling
• "Hm? What happened?"
• 'She... the girl hoyt brought in... kissed me' his hands faltered for a minute 'she said she'd give me a good time if I let her go....we kissed. I'm sorry..'
• His eyes begun to gloss over as thoughts flooded his mind once again. What if you left him? What if you hated him forever? What if-
• "Oh darling, there's no need to apologize" you started as you put a gentle hand to his cheek "she forced herself onto you, you did nothing wrong"
• 'You're not mad?' He signed
• "No! I'm more concerned,  are YOU okay???" You said as you pulled him in for a much needed hug
• He nodded as he let out a long sigh of relief into your neck, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine
• "Perfect now let's head upstairs, mama made breakfast "
• Oh ok ig
• He was so worked up and for nothing
• God did he love you
• Never hurt him he's so in love with you 😭😭😭
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saintobio · a month ago
what’s Sachiro’s astrological sign?
also great job on the new chapter, i’d be typing a dictionary to describe how much i love it but to keep it short - i honestly can’t wait to see what you do with the series. hope you have a good day, stay healthy and hydrated! love you <3
aries !! and thank u sm mwa <33
Anonymous said
completely u related to say but saint you should watch My Name on netflix it just came out. It reminds me so much of Underground Fight Club! here’s there summary
“Following her father's murder, a revenge-driven woman puts her trust in a powerful crime boss -- and enters the force under his direction.”
Also the mc is literally Han So Hee 😭😭
i’m actually planning to watch that :0 it looks so exciting and i love han sohee so much aaaAaAAAa
Anonymous said
lovely chapter saint. i admire your hardwork and dedication. btw, is there a possibility we would get a suguru x reader in the future (doesnt have to be a series cus i know how taxing it can be even tho im not a writer lol) outside of snverse? also i hope you’re taking good care of yourself. dont forget to drink plenty of water love <3
- 🪐 anon
thank youuuu and i’m not sure yet baby, but it’s possible :’) it’s just that i rly only have the motivation to write for gojo rn
@shintin said
from the moment i read the new chapter i become sad, poor satoru, don't tell me that he lost the memory of past 3 years 😭😭😭 my heart was heavy from reading Y/N's situation...please don't this story with sad ending, it will reallu effect me 😭😭😭 i want to bite their son's cheeks when he said dada has a boo boo 😍😍😍 he is so cuuuute 😍😍😍 i love you Saint 😍😍😍 but please think about happy ending 🥲🥲🥲
hahahahah u can handle it 😭 i promise
Anonymous said
geto taking satoru's side is understandable since theyre best friends but he made me mad when he was talking to the mc in sy. him and shoko were both kind of enablers. especially during that one trip they should never have allowed sera to come along. they were also somewhat at fault. probably not compl, but still they were wrong
damn, straight fax tho ieiri did show that she doesn’t tolerate it and so did getou later in the series
Anonymous said
Hey Saint! Are there any other fics you're working on besides Sincerely Yours or is it your last one? Btw I just wanted to tell you your writing is amazing and the first chapter is so good ❤️❤️❤️
i lost my wips but i rly wanna finish aab and aos !! they’re on my navi you see 😭 hopefully i get to post someday. and thank u very much !!!
Anonymous said
So when can I hope for some sera x sukuna, saaiinntttt??? I hope we get some of them because since reading their side story I got sooo excited for more. Their story was so interesting and refreshing!! Also because I’m not really feeling MC anymore. Hope you’re staying healthy! Love❤️❤️
maybe soon, we’ll see :D they’re just a side story so don’t expect many scenes
Anonymous said
“My wife.” He had all of you at a loss for words while his eyes only searched for the woman he believed he still loved. “Let’s go home.”
WHAT DOES THAT MEAN PLS. he believed he still loved. so he doesn't anymore ???? why u do this to me 😔😔😔 ajshwkwjrshwiei pls this is gonna hurt so bad i just know. so the fluff that's gonna hurt is when they are spending their time together as a family but satoru doesn't remember anything soooo
gahahah secret :p
Anonymous said
Sn1 really made me cry and i'm a sucker for angst. I really love this sotry and can't wait for Sn2. Also how people see the perspective of the characters is amazing. There both in a wrong no matter how you see it. Even people saying that yn hid the baby is the first selfish thing she has done, but still its not right tho. Also i can see why see runaway from her wedding w/ toji tho, girl have some major trust issues (even tho he will definitely not cheat on her). I love how the ending is kinda open no one knows who will end up w/ who(except sain tho) and it kinda gives the thrill and makes me excited. Btw you officially have become one of my fave author and the first one i have read is the iwaizumi fanfic.
A bit shameless to ask, but if ever toji and yn didn't end up together i kinda hope you make fanfic about them. I just love your writing style and how the story goes.
if yn ever ends up with someone or no one at all, i don’t rly plan to create alternate endings bc that lessens the impact of the finale iykwim 🥺 also omg ufc was the first fic you’ve read from me? or is it the college one
Anonymous said
Omg love idk what author's note the rest are talking about I can't find it anywhere on your new post 😭 I'll miss you so damn much, your writing and your answers to asks are two things I always look forward to. These days only genshin, anime, SN and SN2 keep me going. I truly wish you the best in your future endeavors, you've made a place in our hearts and we're always going to wish you well
Love you soooooo much 💖
love u too and i’m not leaving dw 😆 just might take breaks here and there <33 ty for ur kind words baby
Anonymous said
will gen feel any remorse at all? i find it hard to believe that she ever will, but i really want her to feel at least some sort of guilt. didn’t she guide her sister in the direction of hiding the baby?
she’s not heartless, so maybe. and she’s not protective of yn for no reason. at the end of the day she just wants her sister to get out of that toxicity, especially after knowing how much she suffered from her marriage.
Anonymous said
Ahhhhh, Saiiiint. Welcome back ❤️
Definitely see some things being set up right now, so won't comment on stuff. Can't wait to see everything unfold.
Tojiiiiiiiii. TOOOJIIII 🥺😭
Also, GETO. IEIRI. FIANCÉ. HELP. That made my day HAHHHA.
Oh, and to help (and perpetuate) the Gojo brain rot:
I have to say, while Nanamin and Toji are my faves, this made me spit my water and drop to my knees.
— 🦈 Anon
shark anon i. am. crying !! that link 😵‍💫 sdjsbsja
Anonymous said
totally unrelated to your writing but whenever i see someone with similar hair to yours on tiktok, i’m always like “oh my god, saint is that you” lmfao
i love you and your fics so much, you’re the queen on fanfiction
omgggg that’s so cute 🥺🥺🥺 and thank u baby !! i’m def not hahahh
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shrinkthisviolet · 4 months ago
If Cobra Kai had a musical episode, what songs would you pick out for which characters to sing?
OOOH well I have a few options:
Robby: “Good Kid” (AND THE REPRISE OMG) and “Their Sign” from TLT Musical! I also feel like “Dead Mom” from Beetlejuice the Musical might work if he’s singing it to Johnny? With alterations of course. Ooh also “enough for u” by Olivia Rodrigo, @ Daniel 🥺 Robby has MAJOR Percy vibes
Miguel: “jealousy, jealousy” when he’s jealous of Sam and Robby, and he’d be singing it to Robby. “Good Kid” might also kinda fit him too? “Last First Kiss” by 1D @ Sam ofc 🥰 also “What a Feeling” and “Infinity” (also by 1D, also @ Sam)!
Sam: “That’s My Girl” by Fifth Harmony! Also both “brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo and (maybe?) “Invisible” from Beetlejuice the Musical during her PTSD arc 😭 and “My Grand Plan” from TLT Musical! In the same vein as the last one: “Breathe” from In The Heights (musical version)
Tory: “jealousy, jealousy” for sure, @ Sam! Also “That’s My Girl,” and “brutal”. Also “My Grand Plan!” Tory and Sam BOTH give Annabeth vibes to me (though more so Sam with her obsession to be perfect. They both have the hubris down tho 😂). Also “I Won’t Apologize” by Selena Gomez!
Aisha: “Strong” (@ herself) and “Another Terrible Day” from the TLT Musical 😂 poor Aisha is NOT paid enough to put up with all this bs
Demetri: “Apex Predator” from the Mean Girls musical, as weird as it sounds 😂 he’d be singing it about Yasmine. Also, “Tree on the Hill” from TLT Musical🥺 but instead of grieving Thalia’s...circumstances, he’s grieving the loss of his friendship with Eli. Also “Wild World” (the Denmark + Winter) version @ Eli/Hawk
Hawk: “All I Ever Need” @ Moon (also perhaps lowkey @ Miguel...? Though the writers would never be so bold as to give us even a HINT of Migueli 😭). Also “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics while he’s in Kreese’s Cobra Kai, as a way of keeping himself loyal 🥺 and “Call It What You Want” by Taylor Swift @ Demetri after becoming Hawk (most especially after 2x9)!
Amanda: All I can think of is “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit (@ her kids) and “Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat 😂
Daniel: “hope ur ok” by Olivia Rodrigo @ Johnny when they first meet again. “Willow” by Jasmine Thompson @ Sam 🥺 also “no body, no crime” by Taylor Swift about Kreese (though without the stuff about “Estie”). AND OFC “MARJORIE” WHILE VISITING MR. MIYAGI’S GRAVE 😭
Johnny: “Stuck With You” by Sonus Band @ his dojo kids in S1 (he did NOT treat them well in S1, and I stand by that). Also @ Daniel tbh. Also idk why but him singing “traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo @ Kreese is HILARIOUS to me 😂
Kreese: “World Burn” from the Mean Girls musical! You can’t tell me he doesn’t give off the vibes 😂 that’s all I got for him tbh. That song could also fit Silver
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comfortbucky · 6 months ago
𝗵𝗶 𝗶’𝗺 𝗸𝗶 ! ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱ ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆ 。
Tumblr media
𝙝𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙤 !
i’m ki and i’m 22 :) my pronouns are she/her and my star sign is sagittarius✨it’s very nice to meet u! welcome to my blog🥰💗
i just started writing summer 2021! so i’m an amateur writer😖 but have loved the experience so far hehe
certified idiot <3
i am a nurse! :) (pls don’t ask me for medical advice, i’m not comfortable with answering any medical-related questions)
𝙛𝙪𝙣 𝙛𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨 !
i like to longboard and play my d.s☺️ i’m also trying to get into reading books again (pls send any book suggestions if u have!)
my favorite band is wallows☺️ (met them once and they were so sweet😭) i also really love taylor swift, still woozy, lil nas x, olivia rodrigo, gracie abrams, harry styles, one direction, dayglow, and probably more but these are the ones that come to mind first!
really love true crime documentary series, can’t explain why but i do
comfort show is new girl (i have probably watched it completely through like 3 times this year alone😃) also love gilmore girls, senfield, grey’s anatomy, obx, and more !
absolutely obsessed with cold brew and oat milk😌 would go as so far to say oat milk is the superior milk above all other milks (also love matcha lattes n bubble tea hehe)
if u are curious about anything else about me, feel free to send an ask or a message! :)
𝙩𝙖𝙡𝙠 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙚 !
feel free to send me a message! i love making new friends hehe <3 u can send me questions, comments, suggestions, ask about advice, or if u just need a friend🥰
if u would prefer to remain on anon (u are indicating to me that u are 18+) and want to assign urself an emoji, just let me know! i do not have any nonnies at the moment but will put any taken emojis here!
my blog is a safe space, so please feel free to reach out if u need absolutely anything at all!🥰
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day-trippin-dreamer · a month ago
first of all!! i hope you had a great sleep. let me know if you haven’t. and i wish you a good day to day. take care on your way to work or if you’ll ever stay at home atm. 💕
i second the motion, ma’am 🤚🏻 we probably inherited our mom’s traits lol.
girl wtf yes we are!!!! i was actually on my bed that time. and dude yes he has pretty facial features + the way he talks
lmao please 🤞🏻🤞🏻 manifesting
the memes are super accurate like what is going on !!“everything is wrong with us” AHAHAHAHAHAHA I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF. everybody knows we need therapy…. like literally..
it’s okay!! no worries. whatever you’re cool with! <3
woah no sugar? you really have strong caffeine tolerance. do you prefer it bc of the the taste or is it a health issue?
yayy! that’s cool. when did you get your first tattoo?
we relate so much in so many levels god i understand your humour so much!! anyway, i would rather santa make me his sleigh so he can ride me and end my problems 😭😭 but sure thanks for the call!
aww thanks, tina! i gladly appreciate it. ngl i just finished typing my essays that time that’s why my texts sounded and looked a little formal 😐
oohhh i only had peaks from tvd on youtube. but he is pretty!!!! damon can get me tho…. and klaus.. (sometimes wanting hostile behavior from people might be a sign of mental illness 😃)
THANKS FOR THE JOEY REBLOG!!!!! AAAAAHHH also can u see the similarities here or nah?
just a little christmas greeting from chandler <3
lastly, should i put this: (⚠️HI! for tina’s followers, you can block “the joey to my chandler” tag so i wont bombard your dashboard i am sorry. and thank you!⚠️) in my next ask? lmaoo im just scared that they’ll get annoyed and im asking for ur approval!
thank you, i did!! i put up my Christmas lights before bed too and watched Bridget Jones because I couldn't after talking about it so much aksjaja 😭
i hope your day was good too!! 💗
Akxjsja i genuinely hope i didn't inherit any other of my mom's traits other than her taste in men 💀😂😂
yes, omg Slash has such a nice voice it's so soothing 😭
yes!! i follow a few infp meme accounts on Instagram because they're so accurate and funny akdjak
idk if i have a high caffeine tolerance, i just like the taste of it. One of my friends told me when you start taking your coffee without sugar, you're adulting 😭😭 so i guess that happened lol.
i got my first one after my 18th birthday 🥺 Do you want any??
lmaoo I'm glad because my humour was labeled as "constant bullying" just yesterday and I'm still thinking about that 💀💀😂😂
dude santa and ride me in one sentence gave me a totally different image aksja...... 💀💀💀 that caught me off guard 😭😭
aah, no i didn't notice!! what kind of essays? any cool topics?
most people on tvd are really pretty lmao they really picked 'em 😩 but klaus!!! yes, he's one of my favourites too 😭
aah I'm glad you saw it!! YES OMG!! Thank you for sending me that, I love it!!
alsjajaja that's one of my favourite Chandler moments 😭😭😭😭 someone did it as an incorrect gnr quote, I'll try to find it and reblog it for you!!
aah don't be scared, this is tumblr lol. i think saying it once now is enough and I'll put my answers under a cut, so we should be okay lol. but you can do whatever you want, please 🥺
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luvleona · a month ago
Hii! Im P. May I request a reading too? I have few questions.
Will a lot people really be jealous of me when they would come to know about my relationship with my fs? (Curious cuz I read this in 2 or 3 pacs)
What would draw my fs towards me?
Does the song called "love me like u do" (fifty shades of grey) contain any message for me, if yes who could possibly send me that?
Pac ideas:
where can u travel to find golden opportunities
Some significant details (a book, hairpin, popcorn, gossip girl, blackpink, etc) u may need to notice near/in a person that would help u know that they are the one
Significant details u might need to notice to know you're in the right path
I'm sorry I'm not good at giving helpful ideas or advice 😭. Thats one reason why my acquaintances think I'm weird.
Thank youuu
Stay safe!
Hello P again 🙋🏾‍♀️
I got a no and it can just be that the Pac is more of general reading for a lot of other collective energy . The song no.
Your spouse will be drawn in by your looks as they will think your someone they haven't seen before in life . Your beauty will stand out in that way and they can like your curious nature .
Your ideas are helpful as one of my favorite readings was what signs can stand out I saw by a reader. It just seem like it was true and resonated 💌. I like the travel ideas as well all unquie readings thank you so much. Also it's better to be weird and live your truth than to put yourself down to fit society standard.
Tumblr media
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sunlightandsuffering · 7 months ago
I actually can’t drive so I’m loving the cushy life in the back seat 🙄🙏 bless up... paying hella money for gas to make up for it though 😭
Mikasa is constantly overthinking because again all the man does is send her mixed signals.... like he calls her love and kisses her hairline but to be fair Sasha also does that if not a bit more enthusiasticly. Maybe the reasons why he’s fucking so many girls is so she would get a clue and leave him alone. God it makes so much sense how could she be so blind.
More horny hc bc I’m losing it:
Eren purposely putting his cups on a higher shelf right above where she puts hers. He would will saunter over in the mornings while she’s reaching up and press himself (and his morning hard on) against her body to grab his cup before leaving 💀
AHAHA omg the movie is literally called 'he's just not that into you' and it is the most savage movie ever and the idea of Mikasa watching it bc she thinks she's misreading all of Eren's signs makes me cackle 😂 she's out here sobbing because she's every girl in the movie being a simp and Eren is just like what the fuck is this bitch doing?? I love her????
OMG idk where u live but like gas prices are fucking murder rn I'm so sorry bro💀💀
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