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Hello! My name is Hayley. I’m 21 from Michigan. I like video games like animal crossing, Pokémon, minecraft, and Skyrim. I’m artsy and like to knit, crochet, make friendship bracelets, write, world build, and draw. I’m awkward but friendly! My tumblr username is umbreonpotato. You could also contact me on snapchat, where my username is umbreon_potato. Come say hi to me 😁

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Simply unexpected Prt. 20 back to Grace

I speak with blank words watching Mable’s hazel, multi colored eyes read my face. I can tell she’s not listing, she sees through me. I feel exposed, my history follows me even when I think it won’t. I can’t escape. I talk but we both know they are loose words to fill the air while we think. I feel naked, she can see my cold and beaten body. She can see the chains wrapped around my neck, she can see that I’m terrified. The room begins to shrink and I can feel two heavy hands wrap around my body and slowly tighten its squeez. I can no longer focus on my words and my tongue becomes tangled as I speak, I stutter with every word I try to push though my lips. My eyes fixate on the whisky bottle and the room slowly begins to darken, like flickering lights in a horror movie, the kinds that slowly turn off in the hallway when the main character is alone; about to meet face to face with the demon that has been following them. My stutter turns into silence, and I’m lost. Then, I feel my body fall forward and become wrapped in warmth, I don’t know what’s happening. I close my eyes and see a spark, a spark of fire, then a small flicker of light produced by a candle. I feel the chains around my body loosen and begin to slip off my body. I feel a warm hand under my chin lifting my head and my eyes open. Mable looks down at me and smiles and I realize her arms are wrapped around me and we are slowly swaying to the beat of the music. “there you are.” She smiles as looks down at me and I can see a small glimmer in her eyes as she looks down at me. Her arms are long and wrap around me like castle walls. “This is nice,” I think to myself as I stare lost in her facial details. I can then feel the beat of the music as she sways just a little bit faster and her hands slip to my sides, placing both of her hands, respectfully on my hips. I begin to move with her and she spins me and begins to laugh singing out loud to the song. And just like that the hands that had wrapped around me were released and I was back to reality. I smile as I watch her sway her long limbs to the beat, I join her and begin to laugh as we dance. “Good to have you back space cadet!” she smirks, spinning herself around and pointing finger guns to the bag of ingredients she had brought over, “you wanna help me?” I nod and we proceed to cut up vegetables and chicken while still dancing to the music on my playlist.

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I miss minecraft music
I remember putting the cat music disc in the player and jamming with her. Our minecraft beds were next to each other in the middle of the room, our seperate chests on either side.
She stole my diamonds. I think that’s when I first developed trust issues.

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