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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Midday bong hits… Cut a tank top so I didn’t have to deal w bra straps on my sunburn… potheads are the most innovative ppl don’t fight me on this one lmao 😂 I’ve been high all day & don’t plan on coming down

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If there are any Colorado dispensary managers or owner on here please look into monthly subscription boxes that send weed. California has 2 so I’m sure we can… I can’t go to my closest dispensary because of the virus and all the other ones are too far away to get to right now.

I majored in English and am pretty well versed I will do reviews for the boxes and am more than willing to spitball ideas. I smoke flower, oils, and I dab… edibles don’t hit me well, but I’d try them! Seriously please someone make this happen I think it will actually do well.

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Updated Acid Trip

So, my first trip left a lot to imagine, but the second attempt?

I took one and waited for it to take effect. I got a headache a bit after taking it, but my friend said that happens. As it started to take a effect, the headache slowly left. I started to trip, and it was EVERYTHING I imagined. The sun started shining maybe two hours after my trip and I wanted to go outside SO BAD. It looked so beautiful outside, the sun seemed to be calling out to me. The best I could do was move what covers the windows, letting more sun in and being able to see it clearer.

I saw the colors in the air when I just looked in a random place, shapes when I closed my eyes, and my mind opened with a deeper meaning for every thought I had. I thought of the role of us as humans and our innocence. Thinking of it made my thoughts so intense that I cried. I cried for something that I lost that I didn’t truly realize was gone.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’m excited to have my second experience tomorrow.

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