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#girls who snort

I’m not going to tell you to not do drugs . I’m not your mother and it would be as effective as yelling at a deaf person . I will tell you to do them carefully . I will tell you to still take care of yourself and your body . and I will tell you that one day it’ll go from “being high is fun” to “I’m sick” “I can’t get out of bed” “I cant function without it” . it goes from I just wanna have fun to I had better do this line if I want to function . I’m not going to tell you not to do drugs but I’ll tell you how it ruins your mind . I’ll tell you how you missed your sisters wedding because you were carpet crawling for too long . I’ll tell you how you’ll go from doing it strictly socially to doing it alone in the bathroom while your family’s on the other side of the wall . I won’t tell you not to do drugs but I will tell you what happens if you do . I will share my experiences and hope it helps you .

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