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#give alina all the gorgeous gowns
montmartre-parapluie · 2 months ago
Another Shadow and Bone Costume Post...
@orlissa, you really shouldn't GIVE me the chance to assign gowns to characters like this. I get far too into it... @vesperass-anuna, @pia-bartolini, @jomiddlemarch, give me your dress headcanons too!
Right, where to begin!
Tumblr media
1) Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, label Worth & Bobergh, Paris - You nailed it! This is DEFINITELY Alina.
There's a subtlety about that gold/cream that says Sun Summoner, but - in a gentle, refined way. (ALSO - although Alina may not have had a "proper" wedding ceremony in Terrible Beautiful Unsaid Things, I have a sneaking suspicion Aleksander apologises to her by having a gorgeous 'wedding anniversary' celebration ball the next year, where she wears this...)
Tumblr media
2)“Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, made by Worth & Bobergh, Paris
Tumblr media
Genya. This is 100% GENYA. There's a cleanness, elegance and lack of fuss about this that feels very Miss Safin. She's avoiding the 'dressed like a wedding cake look' the Court demands. Plus tell me that colour wouldn't look AMAZING with her red hair. She would look like a Fae Queen, and David would 100% be heart-eying her behind her back.
Tumblr media
3)“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
I don't know what is is about this one - the perky bow on the front? that dash of deep crimson (Heartrender?) red? the gorgeous embroidered flowers with that yellow train?
Tumblr media
But this feels very "Fancy Nina" to me - possibly acting as a Grisha Ambassador to Kerch whilst spying, or something. It's got her irrepressible nature as well as her skills and subtlety there. (AND the bow on the bodice is at just the right height to ahem, "distract" Matthias...
4)“Woman’s Day Dress,” c. 1878–80, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
Another Alina for me, I'm afraid! The colours with the golden flowers and that luxurious black silk are SO 'Darkling Sun Summoner Kefta' it hurts. I love it deeply.
Tumblr media
(and... you just KNOW Alina is probably wearing THIS corset beneath it, which... ahem, Aleksander probably makes this face when thinking about...)
Tumblr media
(Sorry for the unexpected Darklina thirst there, guys - oh who am I kidding, I apologise for nothing)
“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
This feels like "Deliberatively Provocative Nina", to me. The pink, the tantalising low neckline, the outrageous lace and embroidered silk and ribbons? This is all worn to provoke an uneasy 'Fjerdan Women are modest and would never dress shamelessly' lecture from Mathias that you just KNOW is going to end up in a heated make-out session - with the offending dress on the floor.
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cocoa-army · 9 months ago
The Gala ( Ethan x MC)
Tumblr media
Book/Pairing: Open Heart/ Ethan x MC (Carlie Klein).
Category: Fuff, Series [mini]
Warnings : Just language and some jealous angst from our favorite attending
Word Count: 3.4k
Summary: It's the annual Edenbrook's New year party and Ethan can't help but spend his night filled with alcohol and jealousy.
It was Edenbroook's annual end-of year gala. Ethan still didn't get why organizing such events is necessary.
They were deep in budget cuts a few days ago and now here they are, attending an extravagant party hosted by none other than Leland Bloom.
These kind of parties were hosted each year but this year, with Leland in charge it was even fancier than usual.
Even though Ethan absolutely dreaded these parties (obviously) he still had to attend them. As he entered the grand venue of the event, he was greeted with a heavily decorated ballroom, but he didn't pay any mind to all that and went straight towards the open bar.
If he needed to survive this night, he required some liquid courage. After ordering some expensive booze, his eyes wandered across the hall. Everyone was dressed in their best formal wear, mingling and drinking.
As he was scanning the party, his eyes landed onto a slim figure in a black gown.
Carlie klein
She looked like a goddess in the sequined dress with an obscenely long slit on the left leg and hair done into an elegant braid with a few loose strands framing her beautiful face.
He could not help but stare at her. Before he could do anything else, his thoughts were interrupted as she turned her head and she locked eyes with him.
She gave him a cheerful wave and started making her way towards him at the bar.
'Oh my god, did she catch me staring at her, why is she coming here?
No, focus Ethan, she is your protégé. Nothing else...
"Well, hello Dr. Ramsey. It's almost become a tradition for you to sit at the bar the whole time you are here at parties like this."
"It's the best way to avoid making small talk with people you truly despise." He said, taking another sip of whatever decades old stuff he was drinking.
As she was ordering a drink for herself, he could not help but notice how beautiful she looked this close to him. He felt intoxicated by her vanilla scent.
She was the only one he felt at ease with talking to. Conversations with her were never awkward or uncomfortable.
This was the first time in many years when he had developed a crush on someone.
Yes, there were a lot of girls which he found pretty but none of them made him feel the way she did.
It was highly unethical to have feelings for her but he just couldn't help himself. Though he wasn't really sure if the feelings were mutual. They flirted quite often but nothing more had happened between them.
But then again, she was naturally a flirt and flirted with almost everyone.
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the approach of a young man he immediately recognised as Dr. Ruth Watson. The ever charming smile plastered on his face.
Ethan had met him a few years ago at a medical conference, and from his experience he was just a privileged brat who kept on bragging about his lifestyle all the time while speaking with him.
He approached them with a smug smile which made Ethan want to punch him in the jaw.
"Hello Ramsey, it's been a while. How have you been? "
"Not so bad. All things considered" Ethan said in a flat tone.
"Yeah, I heard about the budget cuts. At Least the new owner of Edenbrook knows how to throw a party."
"Hrm" Ethan said, he was really annoyed by now.
'Ugh, can't these people let a man drink in peace?!
Socializing with people is the last thing I want to do right now.'
As he took another sip of his drink, he noticed Ruth's eyes move towards Carlie who was now scrolling through her phone. He noticed his eyes move across her form, she was sitting with her legs crossed, which made her exposed legs look even more gorgeous.
His jaw immediately clenched as he saw him checking her out. Ruth spoke up, " So, who is your friend here Ethan?"
Carlie finally looks up from her phone and gives Ruth a small smile, "Dr. Carlie klein, pleasure to meet you."
He took her hand and kisses the back of it, his mouth lingering for a while.
She is slightly taken aback by the very... Affectionate gesture.
"The pleasure's all mine Dr. Klein." He says with a suggestive smirk.
This makes Ethan clench his jaw, he has never been the jealous type. I mean, come on, what does The Ethan Ramsey has to be jealous of? He is a successful doctor with everything he could possibly want, but this is the first time he has ever been jealous of anything.
Of course he trusts Carlie to not be fooled by the charms of this fool but he still feels insecure.
He is once again interrupted by the smug voice of Dr. Watson
"Care to dance, Dr. Klein?" He says extending a hand towards her with the smile still pasted on his face.
She looks at the extended hand for a second, then at Ethan with a troubled expression only to find him staring daggers at Ruth. Her expression immediately changed from troubled to a smirk
'OH MY GOD, was he... Jealous???
I mean, I am not blind, I have seen him eyeing me a few times but I never thought it was anything real' She thought and decided to have some fun pushing his buttons.
She turned towards Ruth with a flirty smirk and said, "I'd love to!"
She takes his hand and moves towards the dance floor with one last glance at Ethan.
Ethan's angered flared even more as he saw that bastard standing way too close to Carlie with his hand shamelessly placed on the small of her back.
She is suddenly thrown into a fit of giggles due to something he said.
As they happily chat for the next few moments, Ethan's gaze is steeled on Carlie. Their eyes meet for a moment and he thought
'Gosh, her eyes are so pretty. How can one person be this captivating?!'
After some effort, he tears his gaze away from her to the rest of the ballroom when he notices a few other men eyeing her, though he can't really blame them...
He was doing the same thing a few moments ago.
Frustrated, he gulps his drink down in one go and when he looks back up, he sees Ruth whispering something into her ear.
Okay, this is the last straw. He gets up from his seat and moves towards them, either it's the alcohol or the anger that makes him approach them but he does not care about that anymore.
He approached them and tapped Carlie on the shoulder, she turned around and her aqua blue eyes met his deep ones.
"May I have this dance, Dr. Klein?"
She gave him an amused smirk, "Why Dr. Ramsey, I'd love to."
She turns to Ruth and gives him an apologetic smile, "don't worry, I'll spare you a dance and then you can tell me all about your new boat."
Ruth shoots Ethan a dirty look before storming off. Finally, carlie turns to Ethan and he takes his hand in hers. Her touch sends a spark across his body, he effortlessly glides her across the ballroom.
"Looked like you were enjoying your time with him, rookie" He said with a grimace
This made her chuckle, "Yeah, and just so as you know, I could feel you staring at me the whole time."
He gave her a little 'Hm'. It felt really good to have her in his arms, her scent had enveloped him completely and he didn't even notice that he was staring her straight in the eye.
She finally broke the silence, "Do you want to go to the terrace for a while, it's getting stuffy in here, plus I need some fresh air."
He smiled, like genuinely smiled for the first time in the night.
"Sure, let's go."
Part 2
A/N: Hello there, I am a new writer in this fandom and this is my first ever fic. It is supposed to be a 3 part mini- series. Please ignore the spelling errors, English is not my first language.😓
Anyways, I love y'all!!!! Enjoy<3😘
(Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the taglist.)
Taglist:@maurine07 @alina-yol-ramsey @openheartfanfics @choices-bound @co-slie @choicesstrash @anntoldst0ries
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lostin-starkdust · 6 months ago
Shadow and bone: thoughts
part 3 cause I MADE NOTES OKAY
Alina and genya's friendship is so cute!!!!
Fedyor saying 'let's go before my better half finds you here', my queer heart!!!!!!
Baghra just absolutely breaking out darkling's manipulation for alina, my god
'You look like you might need two hands' WHEN I TELL YOU I WAS TERRIFIED
Also her knife skills are just *chefs kiss*
inej surrendering and giving alina a little smile, unparalleled
jesper and Ivan's fight scene>>>>>>
inej tried to be merciful, my poor baby deserves a hug
Okay look I know as a fandom we talking about Kaz x darkling scene BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN AKDHDJEJEJHD
Kaz really said my magic >>> your power
Alina's kindness got her a collar, I mean I was expecting it BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT IT YA KNOW?
Mal's just getting stabbed all the time huh
Young aleks is just dark! Prince Caspian, I don't make the rules
UHHHH baghra just told him to hide until a 'problem that can only be solved by the grisha' arises, BESTIE I'M AFRAID TO TELL YOU THIS, HE GONNA DO IT
Including the creation of the fold was another touch I didn't expect, it was very cool!
"we're his pawns, nothing more", alina ma'am I love you so much
Honestly, props to mal for facing this ancient evil grisha with 'you lil bitch' attitude
Kaz giving inej his word,,,,, 'none of them looked over me like you did' MY KANEJ HEART IS DYING
Kaz whacking people with his cane is my religion
Jesper being bullied by Kaz and Kaz being mocked by jesper while inej smiles in amusement is also my religion
Alina looks gorgeous in that gown, but also like a show pony, which she is rn
When she says, 'we could've had it all', he literally has tears in his eyes when he says 'fine, make me your villain'
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Enough Love (Loki x Reader)
Note: Requested by a lovely anon, Loki and a polyamorous reader on Asgard. It’s kinda cute and sweet, I think, and I hope that I did the request justice. Please let me know whether you enjoyed it or not, I’d love to hear back from you.
Words: 1485
Requests are open, so do feel free to drop me one here.
Tag lists are open and you can find my other fics here: Masterlist
               "You've seemed a little distracted lately, dear," Loki said, his fingers playing with a loose strand of your hair. Even though it messed up the beautiful hairstyle that your maid had spent the best part of an hour on this morning, you didn't mind at all. His hand sliding down your arm and giving it a gentle squeeze, he frowned a little at your lack of reaction. "Including now. Are you sure that you're alright, Y/N?"
               "Hmm?" You'd been watching the warriors training, attention fixed on the effortless way that they danced their way through the intensive battle drills. It was a wonder to watch the way they managed to combine strength and endurance with an almost showman like elegance. It took your breath away.
Elbowing you in the side, grinning at the frankly adorable squeal it elicited, Loki asked again, "Are you quite well, my love?"
               "I'm fine, Loki." You kept your gaze focused on the training in the grounds below, swinging your legs under the edge of the wooden bench on which you were sat. You and Loki spent at least an hour out here every day when you could, just enjoying the calm of the moment and taking the opportunity to get away from the nonsense and posturing of the court. Life at the palace had a habit of pushing you closer to the edge of sanity than you wanted to be, so these quiet moments alone with each other were savoured by you both.
Most times you would bring a small lunch outside with you and read to one another or discuss poetry or anything beautiful to do with the arts that was seen as irrelevant by the majority of the warriors around you. They didn't appreciate the wonder, the power, of words like you or Loki did. They were fools.
Recently, though, your peace and quiet had been disturbed by the training sessions in the lower gardens. You could see every detail from your viewpoint and, while you were quite content to sit and watch the fighting, Loki found it incredibly dull. He had, for the first few days at least, tried to up his literary game to try and engage you but soon gave up when he realised that you were having far more fun simply watching the drills below. He didn't mind, though, not when he still got to have the pleasure of being in your company.
Noticing that you were beginning to draw away from him, be it subconsciously or not, Loki took your hands in his and knelt down on the stone tiles in front of you. His positioning left you no way to subtly avoid his concerned gaze, and he definitely knew it. Thumbs rubbing gentle patterns on to your skin, he said, "Please, my darling, tell me what's bothering you."
               "Promise you won't be mad?"
               "You're scaring me a little, Y/N. Have you done something morally reprehensible? Will I be proud?" he asked, forcing himself to keep a light tone. There was a gnawing in his stomach that told him this had to be something terrible to have kept you so distracted of late and he found himself fearing the absolute worst.
               "I haven't done anything, I promise. But I want to."
               "I don't understand."
Tightening your grip on Loki's hands, you slipped off the bench and joined him on the cool ground, slipping your legs under you and fixing your dress so to avoid flashing half the court. It had felt so wrong to have Loki kneeling at your feet with what you were about to tell him. You had to have him see you eye to eye on this. You just had to. There was no other way.
Lifting his hands, you placed a delicate kiss on to his knuckles and then motioned down to the warriors training below. "You know that Finnr and I have been training together a lot recently..."
               "Yes. It was I that suggested you learn to properly defend yourself, was it not? Has he hurt you in some way?"
               "No," you said quickly, shaking your head adamantly. "The opposite, in fact. He's been wonderful. He's funny and laid back and around him I always feel so free. So relaxed and in tune with myself. I see a different side of myself when I'm with him and it's amazing."
It wasn't a question so much as an observation when Loki said, "You have feelings for him."
               "I do."
               "And this is why you've been so distracted of late? Thinking of Finnr? Or worrying how I would react to such a revelation?" When you nodded, unable to find the words to properly express your feelings, Loki let out a sigh and wrapped his arms around you. "Oh, my darling. Come here."
Pulling you tightly against his chest, kissing the sensitive spot at the base of your neck, he held you for a long time. You weren't sure whether it was to allow you to gather your thoughts or him, but were grateful that he hadn't simply sent you away as you'd been expecting. Finally leaning back, fingers still woven through yours, Loki asked, "You still love me?"
               "Of course I do! This...What I feel towards Finnr, it doesn't change the way I feel about you at all."
               "It would make you happy to pursue him and see whether your relationship with him has the potential to develop? In that case, that is what you must do, my sweet Y/N!"
               "You don't... You don't take issue?"
Cupping your face in his hands, bringing you closer so your noses brushed against each other, Loki closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in your scent. You were always beautiful, he'd known that from the very first moment that his gaze had fallen upon you, but what he'd come to love as much, if not more, was the incredible way you smelled. Always like the most delicate of flowers, it filled his chest with the utmost feeling of joy. It was like coming home.
Loki kissed you gently on the lips and whispered, "Darling, I have known for many years that you have enough love for the entire kingdom. If you wish to share it with another, so long as they treat you like the queen I know you to be, then I shall never stand in your way."
Returning his kiss, smiling so hard that it made your cheeks ache, you tugged on the ends of his hair as he had done earlier. You knew how much effort went into making his hair just right side of untidy - you swore he spent longer having his hair styled that you did sometimes - and couldn't resist messing it up. In retaliation, Loki wove his fingers through the tight twists of your braids and seconds later your kissing was long forgotten as you rolled around the small patio trying to make the biggest mess of the other's hair.
The both of you in hysterics by the time he pinned you down, with just enough weight to stop you from flipping him over but nowhere near enough to actually hurt you, Loki traced his fingers down your arm, tugging on your dress strap which had fallen indecently far off your shoulder. His mouth hovering over yours, so close that you could feel the vibrations as he spoke, Loki asked, "Do you yield?"
               "I yield," you whispered, tilting your head up just enough to close the gap between you. The kiss that followed was so soft, so full of emotion and trust and absolute unwavering love, that you were sure you could feel your heart melting in your chest.
               "Good," Loki said, jumping up and helping you to your feet. He pushed the strap of your dress back into place, fingers lingering on your skin for a gloriously blissful moment, before taking your hand and dragging you back inside. When you asked where he was taking you, Loki replied, "Back to our chambers to bathe you, redo your hair and get you into something that isn't covered in dirt or leaves, of course. You can't go and woo Finnr looking like this. I was thinking maybe that gorgeous red gown you wore a few months ago to the ball, with the outrageous slit up the side."
               "You're right. That might give the poor soldier a heart attack. Best save that for after a few dates when he's had time to get used to your blinding beauty. What? What is it, Y/N?"
               "Thank you," you said, pulling him into a tight embrace and burying your head in his shoulder. He gently rubbed circles on the small of your back, holding you close until your breathing once again returned to normal. "I love you so much."
               "And I you, my darling. I just want you to be happy."
               "Oh, I am, Loki. I really am."
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ariciaeast-blog · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
C H A L L E N G E   # 1  ;   T H E   W E L C O M E   B A L L
ft all these amazing people -> @domschreave @princepercyschreave @calistapledger @madelynknightoftheselection @emmalynatwood @isabellafaulkner @ruby-stones @debbieker @theiahuntley @aikoellis 
((there are some pictures in the fic, and I tried to equally distribute them but it didnt really work so theyre like kinda randomly scattered haha))
It’s tonight. It’s tonight. It’s tonight.
That was the sole thought running through my head as my maids helped me get ready for the welcome ball. I was happy that I at least knew some ladies. I smiled, remembering the nice breakfast I had with Aiko, Cal, Debbie, Devon, Emma, Izzy, Maddie, and Theia. They were all wonderful ladies and I was happy that I had their company tonight.
“Lady Aricia, you can look now,” one of my maids said, and I opened my eyes, looking at my reflection in the mirror, not recognizing the girl that was staring back. My hair was let down, with a deconstructed brain running in it. My eyes were done smokey, and I had on a pale pink lip gloss and minimal bronzer. I was in a pale pink dress- more like a gown, and it fit me perfectly and gently brushed the floor. I had on pale pink heels, which made me look taller then I was, and made sure that the dress wasn’t completely trailing on the floor. All in all, I couldn’t believe that the girl in the reflection was me.
Tumblr media
I smiled, and hugged the nearest maid, repeating my ‘thank yous’ to her and all the other maids.
“It wasn’t a problem, Lady Aricia” they said, grinning at me
“Thank you so much,” I said, hugging them all again once more. They assured me that it wasn’t a problem, and then quickly ushered me out of my room.
I smiled at their behaviour, and started slowly walking down the stairs and to the ballroom, making sure not to trip on the hem of my dress.
The last thing I needed tonight was to make an utter fool of myself.
I walked into the ballroom, and was in awe. It was decorated beautifully, with tables upon tables of refreshments, and people in fancy dresses and suits, mingling around.
Tumblr media
I saw Cal and the other girls speaking in a circle, so I decided to go and join them. Right as I walked up, they all smiled at me.
“Girls, you all look so wonderful in your pretty dresses!” Cal exclaimed, looking beautiful herself in a magenta mermaid style gown.
“Aw, thank you Cal! You look beautiful as well!” Maddie said, smoothing down the skirt of her mid length black dress with a gold bodice.
I nodded, “You all look beautiful!” I exclaimed, with a smile.
They all thanked me, and Izzy took her chance to speak, “Thanks Cal and Aricia! I agree, you all look so gorgeous!” she said, looking very happy to be here in her red one shoulder gown.
“Thank you so much, Cal! You look wonderful as well! You all look perfect!” Debbie said, smiling in her light pink to dark pink ombre dress.
Aiko grinned, “Thank you! Everyone looks so beautiful tonight!” she exclaimed.
Cal smiled, “So, how’s everyone feeling after the eliminations?” she asked
I smiled, “I’m happy I’m still here! I was so nervous during my interview, though”
Madelyn shrugged, “Well, I’m relieved that I’m still here, but I’m still a tad bit nervous”
Izzy nodded, “I am so relieved! I thought I was going home!” she said, with a laugh, lightening the mood.
Cal smiled, “Aww you girls, I would lay down my life before I let you get sent home. I don’t know what I’d do without you all, you have all made me feel so safe!”
We all gushed over her compliment, and agreed that no matter what, we would stick together.
“Hey, Isabella,” Madelyn started, looking towards Izzy, “didn’t Dom say he enjoyed your conversation?”
Izzy nodded, “He said something like that, yes! But we kind of had a difficult talk”
Cal frowned, “About your mother? I’ve heard how she is, Izzy”
Izzy groaned, “Oh gosh, you heard about her as well,” she said, bringing a hand up to her forehead.
“Oh no, what’s the matter with your mother?” Madelyn asked breathlessly, suddenly getting pale. I was about to ask her what the matter was, but I refrained from doing so, not wanting to put her into a position she didn’t want to be in.
Izzy frowned, “She doesn’t like the royals and organizes demonstrations against them and all that. I hope I convinced Dom that I don’t share her opinion!”
Madelyn sighed, “Oh, I see”
Izzy looked at Maddie worried, “Madelyn, are you alright? Would you like something to drink?”
Madelyn shook her head, “Oh, no, no. I’m fine! I was just worried for you, that’s all”
Izzy gave Madelyn a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, I am fine!”
“I heard she reacted badly to you being selected, Izzy. I’m surprised it wasn’t on the news.” Cal said, and turned to look from Izzy to Madelyn, “Mads, you don’t seem fine, what’s- oh your mother…”
Madelyn frowned, “Yeah…” she trailed off, not liking the toping of conversation
Debbie frowned, not happy with her friend seeming so sad, “What is it, Mads?” she asked
“I’m so Mads. Debs, her mom is no longer around” Cal said sadly
Madelyn nodded, “Yeah, she passed away when I was 9”
We all hugged her, expressing our condolences, until Cal, Aiko and I decided to grab some drinks.
Suddenly, Cal had an idea, “How about after drinks, we divide and conquer? I want to see if Prince Evan will dance with me”
Madelyn nodded, “Okay, I’m a little nervous to go talk to all of the royals. I may try Alina first, since she seems nice”
I nodded, and had an idea, “Hey Cal, do you need a wingwoman?”
She frowned, “Whats a wingwoman? That sounds fun though, I’ve never had friends or flirted with a boy before but I’ve always admired Prince Evan’s literary nature.”
“A wingwoman is a friend who just goes with you to help you out when you’re flirting with someone!” I explained, laughing a little at the absurdity of the word.
Cal laughed as well, “Alright sounds fun! And Mads, you should try Princess Callie too! Just give her flowers and she’ll love you!”
Madelyn grinned, “Oh yeah! I’ll try that! Ooh, how about we take a polaroid together!” she exclaimed, getting really excited. We all huddled around the camera, and made funny faces as Madelyn snapped the button on her polaroid camera.
Just then, Theia walked up to us with a glass in her hands, trying not to spill her purple drink on her beautiful white dress.
“Have you guys tried this fruit punch? It’s the best” She gushed, chugging down some more.
Izzy laughed, “No I haven’t yet! I should get some though, does anyone else want some?”
Cal shook her head, “No thanks, I’ve already spilt some on myself. This is why you don’t trust a blind girl to get drinks. Thank god Isla made this dress water- well juice proof just in case. And the colour matches me dress!” she added, with a chuckle.
Theia laughed, “Yeah, the colour does match! Do you need any help?” She asked, smiling
Cal shook her head, and Emma complimented her on the functionality of her dress.
“I know! Isla is a god send. Anyways, are you all having fun?” Cal asked
Emma nodded, “Definitely. This ball is… well, incredible!” She said, and we all laughed at her awestricken expression.
Theia agreed, “I’ve never seen something like this before!”
We all nodded, and I felt rather thirsty, so I went over to the drink station, and just then I saw something that made my jaw drop.
No. Way.
There pitchers upon pitchers of drinks, and one pitcher in particular grabbed my attention. I picked it up, and poured its contents into a glass, needing to taste the drink to believe that it was there.
I added caramel sweeteners, just how I had it at home, and took a sip, moaning at the taste of my favourite beverage in the world.
Iced Coffee
I poured some more into my glass, added some more caramel, and walked back to the girls, feeling absolutely elated.
“Guys, have you tried the iced coffee! They had it hidden in the back, but oh my, if you add some caramel sweeteners, its tastes amazing!” I gushed
Izzy laughed, “That sounds like something Debbie would love!”
I grinned, “That’s great! Maybe I’ll take her there when I see her!”
Theia beamed, “Caramel sweeteners? There’s stuff like that! Oh my god!” she exclaimed, as excited as I was.
I nodded, “Yeah, its amazing!”
Just then, Madelyn came back to the group with the iced coffee in her hands, and took a sip.
“Ooh, Aricia, this coffee is good!” she exclaimed, hurriedly drinking some more.
I laughed, “I know right! Slow down, though, we wouldn’t want you to choke!”
Cal frowned at her coffee, “Oh no, I’m going to be up all night now!” she complained, “But… coffee also gives me a boost of confidence. I’m going to ask Prince Dom for a dance! Dancing with a blind girl would be quite the experience!” she said with a laugh
“I’m scared to ask him to dance!” Madelyn exclaimed
Emma smiled, “You both can do it, I’m sure he’d have a great time!”
Cal turned to look at Mads, “I’ll tell him you want to dance after me,” she said, smiling at the look of relief of Madelyn’s face.
“Hey, do you guys mind if I take pictures of you?” Emma asked, smiling. We all nodded, and posed for the pictures, laughing hysterically.
“You may see me with my camera later too, for some candid shots” Emma said, smiling.
Madelyn laughed, “Me too, I can’t let Emma have all the fun!”
Izzy smiled, looking at them with awe, “You are so passionate about photography! That is lovely to see” she said, and I nodded in agreement.
“Thanks Isabella,” Emma said, “I figured while I’m here, I though try to take as many pictures as I could to remember”
“Do you two have any problems with your camera?” Cal asked, “I would love to advance on the technology!”
Emma and Maddie both nodded, and arranged a time with Cal so she could fix their cameras for them.
Emma grinned, “Oh look, Cal! You can ask Dom now, he’s not talking to anyone!”
I nodded, “Yeah! Go for it, Cal! Good luck! You’re going to do great!” I exclaimed, smiling.
Cal smirked, and smoothed over her dress and hair, “Alrighty then, have fun ladies, but not too much fun! This girl is gonna take down a man”
I laughed at Cal’s comment, and we all said bye to her as she walked off towards Dom.
I excused myself, and made my way over towards the drinks station, so I could grab myself some more of that heavenly iced coffee.
I’m going to be up all night now
I shook my head, and reached for the pitcher of iced coffee, but I jerked my hand back when I felt another hand. I turned and looked at the person, who was wearing a beautiful pink dress.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there!” I exclaimed
She shook her head, “Oh no, it’s alright, go ahead! I already had a lot of this glorious thing” she said, laughing as she held up her cup, “I probably have to stop now, cause my nerves will suffer later!”
I laughed, thankfully finding someone who enjoyed iced coffee as much as I do, “It is glorious! And I think I may have had a bit too much myself! Anyways, I’m Aricia, its great to finally properly meet you!” I exclaimed, and extended my hand.
The girl took my hand, and shook it with a smile, “Hi Ari! I’m Debbie! Aren’t we in the same hall?”
I nodded, so that’s where I’ve seen her before!
“Yeah, I think so! I think we’ve seen eachother around but never spoken,” I said, and she nodded, “So, Deb, tell me a bit about yourself!”
“Well, I’m from Sota, and my family has a farm there” she said, with a smile, “Where are you from, Ari?”
“I’m from Lakedon,” I said, smiling at the mention of my home province, “I used to live with my father, but I got kicked out when I entered the selection. Oh well,” I shrugged, “Its probably for the best, though. He didn’t even care about me and I could barely stand him. Anyways, what did you grow on your farm?” I asked
“Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that,” she said, a sympathetic look on her face, “My dad didn’t react well either when he found out that I’m going to apply for the selection,” she sighed, “Parents are complicated” she concluded, and took a small snack from the table.
“About the farm,” she continued, gratefully moving away from the topic of fathers, “we are more focused on milk products but we have vegetables too, such as potatoes, tomatoes, corn, carrots, lettuce… you should come visit us when this is all over!” she exclaimed, talking animatedly.
I nodded, “I’m sorry that happened to you! And of course! I’d love to visit”
Deb smiled, and turned around to see people dancing, “Look, there’s prince Dom! He looks even more handsome tonight, don’t you think?” she giggled, and I laughed along with her
“Yeah, that he does” I laughed, and gazed at the dance floor.
“Hey, Deb, I’m not a great dancer, but do you maybe want to go dance with me?” I asked, with a smile.
She grinned, and we both grabbed eachothers arms and made our way to the dance floor, grinning.
We both went over to the dance floor and waiting for the next song to come on. When the next song turned out to be another slow song, I groaned.
“Are all these songs going to be slow?” I asked, dragging a hand down my face.
Deb giggled, “I’m afraid they will. I wish we could change the rhythm a bit! Something to make us move more!”
Suddenly, the song changed, and something a bit more upbeat begins to play. I look towards the guy who was playing the music, and he shot a wink towards me. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Debbie, “Hey, this is actually danceable!” I exclaimed, and moved along to the rhythm.
Debbie starts moving along with the music as well, and we were both laughing at how terrible our moves were.
“So, have you talked with some of the royals?” she asked, smiling.
I nodded, “Yeah, aside from Dom, I’ve spoken to Percy, but that’s about it!”
She gave me a knowing smile, “Percy! How is he, I haven’t had the pleasure to speak to him yet. I’ve only spoken to Evan and Alina”
I rolled my eyes at the look on her face, “He’s cool. You should talk to him when you can. How are Alina and Evan?” I asked
She smiled, “Alina is the sweetest person on earth! Evan is not a talkative man, but he’s a good guy”
Tumblr media
We both continued talking about other trivial things, and we eventually both went our ways. I was getting tired of all the dancing, and my feet started hurting, so I made my way over to one of the large windows, and looked out. I saw the vast expanse of the palace grounds, and I could even see the beach!
“Lady Aricia, would you like to dance?” a voice asked from behind me, and I turned around faster than the speed of sound. When I turned around, the face of Dominic Schreave was staring back at me, his eyes glittering in the light.
“Sure, but I should warn you, I’m not the best dancer,” I said, and he nodded.
“Don’t worry about it, we don’t have to do anything too crazy,” he said, smiling at the relief on my face.
“That’s great, thanks!” I exclaimed, and he nodded, pulling me out to the dance floor.
“So, how have you been enjoying the palace so far?” he asked, starting to move us in a dance. I placed my hands on his to stabilize myself, because as I mentioned earlier, the last thing I needed tonight was to fall while dancing with the Prince of Illea.
I smiled, remembering all my experinces in the palace so far, “Its been nice! The food is wonderful, and I’ve spoken to a lot of the ladies, so I’m in good company,” I grinned, remembering my day with Izzy, and my chat with Percy, “Also, have I told you that its beautiful here!” I exclaimed, smiling at his laugh. It was truly a beautiful laugh, and I found myself thinking that he should use it more often.
“Probably,” he said, with a chuckle, “So, I hear you’ve been seeking company with people other than the other selected,” he accused joking, raising his eyebrow with mockery, his eyes glinting with amusement.
I laughed, “Well your cousin did seek me out and talk to me in the music room”
He smiled, “Yeah? And what did the two of you talk about?”
I shrugged, “Nothing much. We just talked about music, and he helped me out with a piece. Nothing big.” I said nonchalantly, trying to keep the smile off my face.
“Anyways, enough about me,” I continued, trying to get the topic of conversation off of me, “How are you enjoying the selection so far? Do you think you’ve found your future bride and queen?”
He shook his head, “Hmm.. I don’t like to think of it in terms of that. I prefer to just have fun with it as I go”
I nodded with understanding, “Well, that’s a nice way to look at it. I bet it reduces the pressure that you probably- and most likely- have on your shoulders”
He nodded in agreement, looking down at me, “Absolutely it does”
I smiled, changing the topic of conversation to something more lighthearted, “So, any new music that you’ve listened to recently?” I asked
He laughed again, its melodious sounds filling my ears and making me content to just be like this forever. Dancing with Dom, in a ball with my friends and plenty of iced coffee.
Sounds like heaven to me
“Not really,” he said, and I was wondering what we were talking about again.
Oh yeah, I asked him if he liked any new music! Come on Aricia, get your head back in the game!
“Oh, well I’m still loving the classics, so if you finally decide that they aren’t boring,” I said that last part in air quotations, quoting that Dom had told me that he thought classical music was boring during our interview, “then you can hit me up” I finished
He laughed, and agreed, and we both continued swaying around as the songs changed.
“So,” I began, and Dom diverted his attention to me, “Are you enjoying the ball so far?” I asked, and he smiled.
“Absolutely,” he said, and looked me up and down, before his eyes met mines again, “Are you starting to get a hang of this dancing thing?” he asked.
I laughed, the idea of getting used to all this seeming absurd, “Well, not really. I think I’m better at other things rather than dancing,” I smiled, “Have you been dancing since you were a kid?” I asked, and he smiled
“Yeah, just lessons to be able to survive at balls like this” he said, looking around the room.
“That’s nice. Do you like dancing?” I asked, because in all honesty, he seemed like he belonged on the dance floor.
He shook his head, “Nope, not really. But its alright when theres a gorgeous girl in my arms” he added, smirking.
Woah, that escalated quickly.
I laughed at the absurdity of my situation. The heir of Illea was flirting with me?
I shook my head, trying to stop my laugher, and looked at him, “Wow, Dominic, are you trying to impress me with your compliments?” I asked, smirking.
He scoffed, “Obviously. I’ve got to start weeding out girls somehow, so I’ve been trying to figure out which girls are made uncomfortable by my compliments.” He explained, and I nodded.
“I see. Has that been working for you so far?” I asked, smiling.
He shrugged, “Mostly”
I nodded, and asked the question that I have been dreading all night, “That’s good. Have I passed your test?” I asked, slightly nervous for the answer.
He nodded slightly, smiling at my predicament, “I think so” he concluded, and I released a breath that I didn’t know I’d been holding.
I smiled broadly, “Phew! Now I think I can stop worrying about embarrassing myself in front of a prince” I said, laughing.
He nodded, smiling, “Well that’s good”
We both continued dancing, the smiles never leaving our faces. After a few songs, Dom and I both agreed to stop because I, for one, was tired. We both said our goodbyes, and I walked around the ball room, so I could refill my glass with some iced coffee.
Oh boy, I was going to be awake all night
I got to the refreshments station and refilled my glass with the heavenly iced coffee, and I drank it down in one gulp. Just as I was about to grab some more, I saw a tall figure standing by the window that I occupied earlier. His dark hair was slicked back, and even without seeing them, I could imagine his bluegreen eyes twinkling in delight.
I set my glass down, and made my way over to him, trying carefully not to trip on the hem of my gown.
“You’re looking lonely, Mr. Schreave,” I said, and he turned around, smiling, “Care to dance? I’m not the best, but maybe I can give you something to laugh about.” I asked
He nodded, “Yeah, okay, sure,” he said, and we both made our way over to the dance floor, our hands finding their places as we begun dancing.
“How are you enjoying the ball so far?” I asked, slightly preoccupied with my attempts to get into a comfortable position.
He nodded, smiling down at me, “Oh, it’s been great. How about you?”
I grinned, reminiscing on the events of the night, “It’s been wonderful! The iced coffee is heaven! The only problem is the dancing…” I trailed off, slightly embarrassed, by my dancing ability- or lack thereof.
He shook his head, laughing, “You’re not that bad, you know”
I smiled in disbelief, “Well, thanks! I’m just happy that I’m not falling all over you,” I laughed, and watched his eyes light up as he laughed as well.
“Yes, that’s very good,” he said, leading our bodies on the dance floor.
As we were dancing, I remembered something that I wanted to tell Percy, but I hadn’t had the chance to.
“I forgot to tell you that I can play the piece completely now without a problem! Thanks for all your help,” I said, referring to the time we spent together in the music room.
He smiled happily, “That’s great!” he exclaimed, seeming happy that I could finally play the piece completely, “Soon, you’ll be just as good as me.”
I nodded, silently agreeing with his statement, and subconsciously assessing my own ability, wondering if it were possible to be as good as Percy one day.
As I was daydreaming about my possible musical future, I felt Percy’s gaze resting heavily on my face, his head cocked to the side.
I should probably stop daydreaming whilst dancing with princes
“So,” I began, shaking my head to clear the image that was appearing, “are you working on any new pieces as of late?”
He shook his head, “Not really. I don’t have much time for the piano anymore”
I frowned, trying to imagine my life without playing the piano or the guitar. For me, music was just a pastime, but an important one that I couldn’t possibly live without.
“That’s a shame,” I said, understanding Percy’s situation. Sometimes life gets in the way of things we really want, but sometimes life gives us the things we really want, and we should go along with it either way.
He shrugged, and his trademark smirk quickly appeared on his face.
Oh great
“Yeah, but now I have more time to spend with gorgeous girls,” he said almost seriously, though I could detect the undercurrents of humour in his voice.
I rolled my eyes and laughed, “Wow, only you, Mr. Schreave, can pull compliments out of nowhere and still make them work”
He grinned bashfully, happy that I noticed his secret ability, “It’s a skill,” he drawled, chuckling at the end.
I laughed, realizing that nobody could work their words as well as Perseus Jackson Schreave ((ooc; currently dying of laughter because of that middle name hahah xD))
“What else do you like?” I asked, trying to gauge the full personality of the boy I was dancing with.
He shrugged, “I don’t know. I mean my dream is to travel the world,” he said, nonchalantly.
I made eye contact with him, and relished in how his facial expression changed when he was talking about traveling. His features softened, and his eyes seemed to glimmer even more, with unspoken adventures hidden behind them.
“I’ve always wanted to do that as well,” I said, “I really want to visit Europe! It seems like such a beautiful place!”
He nodded, “Yeah… it is. Or the parts I’ve been to, at least. But there re so many places I’ve never been to.” He said, almost remorsefully, as if he felt bad that he hadn’t gone to those places yet.
I nodded in agreement, “Where have you been to in Europe? And the world is so massive, there are many places that the entirety of humankind haven’t laid their eyes on yet. I hope we can see them all one day…” I trailed off, imagining a future where I could travel the world, and see all the sights. Then I imagined a future where instead of going to all of those places alone, a smiling Percy Schreave accompanied me everywhere. Showing me everything from the 7 wonders of the world, to the wonders of sushi.
I shook my head, trying to erase that image from my head, and focus on the task at hand. In my desperate attempt to clear my head of images from the future, I almost missed Percy’s next comment.
“I’ve mostly been to the capitals of European countries. London, Paris, Moscow, etc.” he said, smiling at the old memories that he must have, stored inside the inner corners of his mind.
I smiled, “That’s cool! I haven’t even left Illea yet!” I exclaimed, and the smile slowly slipped off my face as I remembered why. Flashbacks from my past flashed before my eyes, from my parents awful split, to my father not caring about me at all.
That’s why I want to get away, I realized, as I swayed in Percy’s arms, To get away from my past
I looked up at Percy again, just in time to see him shrug, “Most Illeans never leave the country,” he said, a mildly concerned look on his face. If he noticed my slip into the past, he never brought it up. During the remainder of our time dancing, we talked about small things, resulting in me laughing so much that I forgot why I was sad in the first place.
Eventually, my feet started throbbing, and my iced coffee withdrawal symptoms kicked in, so Percy and I concluded our dancing, and went our separate ways. After I finished talking to Percy, I started to walk towards the refreshments, but I realized that I didn’t need iced coffee to clear my head and that I just needed fresh air. I silently stepped out of the ballroom, and aimlessly wandered the halls, until I remembered the balcony I discovered on my adventure with Izzy. I walked around a bit more, until I found the balcony, but something was different about it today. Instead of it being empty, there was a dark-skinned girl standing there, hunched over the railing.
Tumblr media
“Hello?” I called out, approaching the girl cautiously, as to not disturb her.
The girl whipped her head around, and looking at the face, I realized she was Lady Ruby.
“Oh, hello Lady Aricia,” She said, tucking a lock of hair behind her.
I walked up beside Ruby, leaning on the railing and letting the wind whip through my hair.
“hello Lady Ruby. What are you doing out here?” I asked, gazing at the moon
“Ohh, I just needed a break, giving my body some time to sober down a bit, but I don’t know if that’ll work,” she said, holding up a bottle of alcohol.
I nodded in understanding, “Ahh, I see. The first step of sobering up is probably to get rid of the alcohol” I laughed, and she nodded.
“Yep, that’s why I need to finish this,” she said, and raised the bottle to her lips, gulping down the whole thing in one go, and placed it on the railing, “So, why did you leave that electrifying party, my dear?” she asked, turning to look at me
I shrugged, “Well, my feet started hurting from all the dancing, and I had to run from my emotions, as usual, but mostly I wanted to stop hearing that music”
She laughed a little, “Its not that bad,” she retorted
I looked at her incredulously, “Well, when you’ve been dancing and listening to it all night, it gets a bit repetitive”
She nodded, “Touché. So, any interesting thoughts about our dear prince so far?” she asked
Which one, I wanted to ask, but I shut my mouth.
“He’s alright. He’s nice and has a good taste in music, except he doesn’t like classical. But, I can probably convince him that classical is wonderful by the end of the selection. How about you my dear?” I asked, winking at the use of Ruby’s earlier nickname.  She rolled her eyes at my jab, and responded.
“He seems very nice indeed, but I am not so confident about my time here as you are,” she said sadly.
I frowned, “Why?” I asked. The girl standing beside me right now, even though I barely knew her, seemed interesting.
She shook her head, “Apparently I’m very boring. I talked to Alina earlier and she mentioned that I shouldn’t really worry about that but I don’t think he seems very interested, in me atleast,” she sighed, and looked down at her glass, “Gosh, I wished I had more of that sweet liquor,” she sighed again, seeming lonelier by the minute, “I don’t even know why I am telling you this,” she said, slightly shaking her head.
I shook my head vehemently, “hey hey hey,” I said, placing a hand on her shoulder, feeling immense sympathy for a girl I barely knew, “If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. You should never hold your true emotions inside because they will destroy you”
She looked directly at me and gave me a small smile, “Thanks, that’s very kind of you. I am just so used to barely talking to anyone ever and never even talking about my feelings and thoughts, that it feels so wrong speaking up about anything now”
I gave her a small sympathetic smile, “Yeah, it’ll take some time, but it’ll all work out at the end” she smiled at that, and the look in her eyes made me change the subject, “So, how was your life back home? Where are you from?” I asked, realizing that I didn’t even remember the province that she is from.
“I am from a very small town in Dakota, with a tiny gymnastic club and ballet school which partially represented my entire social contact I received until now. What else is there to say?” she trailed off, looking into the sky wistfully as she thought about her past, “Well my parents are wealthy jewellers, I was born a 4 and trained to become a 2 and am a only child”
I smiled softly, “Oh, that sounds cool. Did you like your life in Dakota?”
She frowned slightly, “It mostly sucked, if it didn’t I wouldn’t have been so desperate to get away. Most people I know aren’t very nice, including my parents”
I frowned back, understanding the part about the parents, “Although that sucks, at least your parents were in your life. My mom cheated on my dad with his best friend and ran away with him when I was young, and after that my dad became a coldhearted man who didn’t care about what I did. So that’s why I tried my hardest to get out of there. If I wasn’t selected, then Id be off to university in the fall, and doing some stuff there just to get away from home,” I concluded, remembering the life that may await me after the selection.
She grimaced, “So apparently both of us have awful parents,” she laughed, equally bitter to her smile, “You know, I came here to live life at its fullest but now that I tasted it, fear is consuming me. I always worry that I don’t have enough time left to experience everything I want to do. And there is always my mothers threat in the back of my mind,” she said, her voice slowly getting softer as her sentence concluded.
I shook my head, “well you are still young. You have your whole life, probably a good 100 years left, and 100 years is a long time,” I looked to her, and seeing the sullen expression on her face made me remember what she had said, “What do you mean, threat?” I asked, concerned for the broken girl standing beside me.
“If I don’t find a husband, I wont e able to go back home ever again. And that would mean my career would be over as well,” she sighed, shaking her head, “But at the moment, I try not to think about it”
I gasped in shock, “Oh god, that’s serious! It’s the same for me, actually. My dad found out that I entered, and I got kicked out of my house…” I trailed, then I thought of an idea, “hey, maybe if the selection doesn’t work out for either of us, we can both be roommates!” I exclaimed, and Ruby’s face brightened.
“We should totally do that,” she giggled, “maybe in a nice little down at the sea so I can finally learn how to surf. It could also be near the big loud city of Angeles, so we could wander through the streets at night, hearing music pulsing around every corner,” she said, dreamily staring at the moon.
I smiled, liking the sound of that, “That’d be great,” I said softly, staring at the soft waves lapping the beach.
“So, have you got any exciting plans for the time you are still here?” she asked, slowly turning her attention from the night sky to me
I sighed, “well, not really. I just want to enjoy all the experiences, and hope that everything works out well. You?”
She shook her head, “I’ll just enjoy making my own choices and trying not to think about how stupid they are,” she said, giggling slightly at something she thought.
I laughed at her attitude, “I agree! You should let loose and have fun,” I said, smiling
She laughed, “I’m trying very hard, ok? My next goal is actually to finally taste some chocolate cake!” she exclaimed
“Ah, we should go to the kitchen one day and try the cake!” I exclaimed, laughing along with Ruby.
She laughed harder when she heard my laughter, “We definitely should. I need someone to protect me so I wont die of a sugar overdose!” she yelled, bending over and laughing even harder. I laughed along with her, not caring if people could hear our laughter from inside the ball.
“Same, Ruby, same!” I said, trying unsuccessfully to stop my laughter.
“We’ll probably die together, just like Romeo and Juliet,” she said, her laughter reducing to a mere chuckle.
I shook my head, grinning at her Shakespearean reference, “Wow Ruby, very pessimistic,” I chuckled, and she laughed as well, “Is there anything that you want to do with your life?” I asked, and she sighed.
“To fall in love? I would also love to finally make friends. I don’t know if I am good at that, and if I’ll be able to put my trust into people, but I really want to try that. And you, Aricia?” she asked
I smiled, “That’s wonderful, but when the right person comes along, you’ll know to trust them. I also want to fall in love with someone who loves me back, and didn’t just settle for me because they couldn’t get someone else, you know?” I asked, hoping she understood, “My dad chose himself over me, my mom chose my dads best friend over our family, so I want someone to choose me first instead of pushing me aside for something or someone else,” I sighed, thinking about my past.
Ruby nodded, “That’s very understandable, Aricia. I am certain that there is a person out there who will choose you, no matter what. And I really hope you will find this person very soon,” she said, smiling softly.
I grinned, “Thanks, Ruby. I wish the same for you as well”
She nodded, thanking me, then shivered slightly, “Shall we go back? Its getting a bit chilly out here,” she said, looking at me.
I nodded, “Sure!”
With that, we both walked inside to the ballroom, and went our separate ways, and as I walked around to grab my long-awaited drink of iced coffee, I realized that Ruby and I could have a wonderful friendship over the horizon.
As I consumed my iced coffee, I spoke to Isabella, both of us talking about trivial things before she retired for the night. I finished drinking my iced coffee as I looked around the ballroom, admiring the beautiful decorations, and everyone dancing around. I stood there, and thought about all the wonderful things that had happened tonight. As I placed my glass on a tray and walked out of the ballroom to head to my room, the thoughts of this wonderful night never ceased to stop playing in my mind.
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montmartre-parapluie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday @orlissa!
Just thought I’d drop another Ravkan Fashion Squad submission as a birthday gift, because you’ve rewarded us all beyond belief with your wonderful fic updates! And... 1880s Worth reception gowns with intricately embroidered sunbursts feel very relevant to Alina in Life Unfolds iIn Chapters?
Tumblr media
(Tell me that isn’t Fabrikator/Durast made, @vesperass-anuna @jomiddlemarch @fericita-s ?)
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montmartre-parapluie · 3 months ago
So, someone has been Lurking a round the Shadow and Bone fandom - mostly inspired by the fabulously talented @orlissa’s and @jomiddlemarch ‘s glorious fics, which give a GREAT nod to a more historically grounded Grishaverse. And... I do keep going to Pinterest and staring at pretty gowns, (coincidentally in shades of gold and black)... so...
Oh, what the hell. I make no apologies, people. This mad historical fashion dump is my ‘give Alina ALL the imposing gowns and elegant outfits’ -and possibly a shadowmancer husband post...
A Radiant Ballgown - Literally!
Tumblr media
First off, I COULDN’T pass up this gown! It was designed by Charles Frederick Worth for an 1883 fancy dress ball in New York for one of the Vanderbilts, who appeared as the personification of “Electric Light”.
This was a very cutting edge costume for the time. The dress even came equipped with a battery to power an electric torch carried in one hand.
(But who needs batteries when you’re a Grisha Sun Summoner?)
It’s a glorious combination of butter yellow and white silk, with hints of lustrous black velvet at the hem. The spangled gold embroidery all over the gown would glitter under strong light - which is just PERFECT for a Sun Summoner to wear whilst demonstrating her powers. It’s also no bad outfit to wear if you have Unresolved Sexual Tension with your shadowy nemesis whilst dancing in the midst of a decadent Lentsov masquerade ball. This gown sort of begs for that kind of high-melodrama!
Keftas Galore...
Now, I don’t know whether I’m subconscious channelling some ‘last days of the Romanovs/Anastasia’ vibes when I think about keftas for Alina...
Tumblr media
(Not ... quite what I’m going for)
but... I ended up looking at Paul Poiret Edwardian evening coats for inspiration, and oh my goodness, the sheer luxurious drama of them all!
Tumblr media
Grisha keftas... because they’re worth it. (The one on the right feels very ‘Decadent Tango with the Darkling’ to me)
Tumblr media
I mean, if you’re going to have to rule as a benevolent dictator with your shadowmancer husband after overthrowing a corrupt regime in order to protect Grishakind and Ravka, you might as well look amazing while doing it, right? In colours which show how you “balance” each other out...
Tumblr media
The gorgeous yellow velvet robe on the right looks like maybe the costume designer from Shadow and Bone used it as inspiration for Alina’s gold kefta? either way, the black appliqué is GORGEOUS. And I would wear it in a heartbeat.
Plus, if you couple them with the breathtaking Mario Fortuny gowns of the late teens/early 20s, it gives a gorgeous look that very much plays into the ‘Sankta Alina’ image...
Tumblr media
They come in gold and black, for choosing your look: ‘Sun Summoner’ or ‘Dark Bride of the Starless Saint’.
Tumblr media
I have to admit, my shipping brain chose these last couple of fluttery dressing gowns for the fact they would be very tactical for persuading Aleksander to stop working on his battle strategies and come to bed.
I’m sorry. i’m trash.
A massive, massive thank you to all the wonderful fic writers out there!
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