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#give him money
gossip-eye4 months ago
hot take: Jon was actually an excellent archivist. One of the best ever. He was really good at it and developed his powers very quickly.
It just turns out the position was evil so his archivist talent wasn鈥檛 morally good
What's this? A positive performance review for our dear Jarchivist? I'll sign off on it, gladly. A well-deserved raise.
Thirteen marks in three years is certainly an achievement. With his curiosity, dogged determination, and sheer stubbornness, he was manipulated right into ending the world in record time! Jonah couldn't have asked for a better pupil ;)
lets hear it for the special little boy,
gossip eye 馃憖
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star-prophet2 years ago
Tumblr media
Gotoubun no Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets) is basically just a draft for the waifu wars.聽 It starts off with the main character鈥檚 internal monologue as he decides what to eat for lunch. 聽Everyone correctly calls him a loser for a while, he proves it by acting like a stalker for half the episode, each of the harem members let us know which trope defines her, there鈥檚 one point he calls his 鈥渓ast chance鈥 to see the one that just transferred into his fucking class, and the rest of the episode is just fan service, everyone being a dick to each other, and constant reminders about how poor the MC is.
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rebellicnstar3 years ago
Tumblr media
this boy is the one who surprisingly doesn鈥檛 have a sugar daddy- mostly because they鈥檒l give him paper money instead of coins.
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businessbois8 months ago
tommy and dream being brothers for 4 minutes and 58 seconds, prime boys supremacy
timestamps and transcript:
31:06 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream鈥檚 Real Life Mother
Dream:聽鈥淟ike Minecraft. HahahahahAaAchAA鈥 [guttural squawk x2] [Tommy pulls a disgusted face and walks across the mine] Tommy:聽鈥淨uestion for you, Dream.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淵es.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淲hy did you just do that?鈥 [Dream laughs]
28:37 Dream bullies TommyInnit for having low viewers
[Dream sits in a boat over the edge of the lava] Dream:聽鈥淕et in.鈥 [Tommy gets in] Tommy:聽鈥淚f you troll me right now, I鈥檓 gonna lose my shit.鈥 [Dream rows the boat off the edge and gets out, dropping Tommy into the lava] Tommy: (losing his shit)聽鈥淲HAT THE SHIT?鈥
1:04:51 Tommy Is Left Alone at his Exile Party
Dream:聽鈥淚 sent you a big box of goodies.鈥 Tommy: (pogging) 鈥淥h my god.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淚t鈥檚 very, very cool.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淩eally?鈥
4:30 Unboxing what Dream sent me
[Tommy, in real life, opens a box] Tommy:聽鈥淲hat is this?鈥 [He holds up a baby toy] Tommy:聽鈥淲hat? A鈥 What?鈥
49:39 TommyInnit Plays Five Nights At Freddy's And Almost Dies
Tommy:聽鈥淚 messaged Dream聽鈥楧o you wanna VC and play FNAF?鈥 and he replied聽鈥楢nd listen to you whine like a little baby?鈥欌
50:19 TommyInnit Plays Five Nights At Freddy's And Almost Dies
[Tommy鈥檚 playing FNAF for a subathon. If he gets enough subs, he gets to stop playing and move on to the next segment of the stream] Dono:聽鈥榙reamwastaken has gifted 30 subs to viewers.鈥 [Tommy pogs and plays the ShotGunRaids music] Tommy:聽鈥淒ream! Gifting 30 shitting subs, thank you so much! Hah! We鈥檙e gonna get out!鈥
18:56 Dream finally Abandons Tommy in Exile
Dream:聽鈥淗e鈥檚 gonna hit the subgoal before he鈥檚 back. That鈥檚 500. We need 500 subs. You know what, I鈥檓 gonna contribute. I鈥檒l contribute. I鈥檓 gonna鈥 I鈥檓 gonna gift, uh, how many鈥 how many am I gonna gift? I鈥檓 gonna gift 10 subs. I鈥檓 gonna gift 10 subs, I鈥檓 gonna contribute. We need to get him to 31,000. That鈥檚 another 500 subs. This will be the craziest thing. He comes back, he is going to be shocked.鈥
6:12 TommyInnit Teaches Old Men About Minecraft
Jack:聽鈥淲hat鈥檚 the worst block in the game?鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淯h, clay.鈥
11:01 TommyInnit Scams Dream in Minecraft
Tommy:聽鈥淚 called you 鈥楥lay鈥 then.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淚 heard you.鈥 Tommy: [laughs]聽鈥淗ow鈥檚 that make you feel?鈥 Dream:聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, that鈥檚 my name so I鈥檇 assume pretty normal.鈥 [laughs] Tommy:聽鈥淐all me by鈥 Call me by my real name, Dream.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淥kay, Tomathy.鈥 [laughs and bangs the table] [Tommy hits him with his sword. Dream keeps laughing and shoots him] Tommy:聽鈥淥kay, you win, you win. Don鈥檛 kill me, please.鈥
8:22 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream鈥檚 Real Life Mother
Tommy:聽鈥淗ello, Big D.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淗i, you should stop calling me that.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淲hy?鈥 Dream:聽鈥淏ecause it makes me uncomfortable and I have expressed that, Tommy.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry...鈥 Dream:聽鈥淭hank鈥斺 Tommy:聽鈥...Small D.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淒on鈥檛 call me that. Don鈥檛 call me any鈥斺 Tommy:聽鈥淥kay. D Money.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淭here we go. That鈥檚 good.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淥kay, D Money.鈥
36:51 TommyInnit Speaks To Ninja
[Tommy is reading a book Dream left him and signed as Big D] Tommy:聽鈥溾楩or now, farewell from the shadows. Be safe.鈥 BIG D! I鈥檓 calling him聽鈥楤ig D鈥 again!鈥
19:19 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream鈥檚 Real Life Mother
Tommy:聽鈥淚鈥檓 gonna kill him with your axe.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淚鈥檓 gonna kill him before you get to kill him.鈥 [Dream kills the Baby Drowned] Dream: (cheering)聽鈥淎aaah!鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淥h wow. You鈥檙e cool, aren鈥檛 you? You鈥檙e real鈥斺 Dream:聽鈥淚鈥檓 so cool. I am so cool.鈥 Tommy: [facepalms] 鈥淥h my god. You鈥檙e actually, um, a dipshit.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淲ait, would you say I鈥檓 abnoxious?鈥 Tommy:聽鈥溾楢bnoxious?鈥 You know it鈥檚聽鈥極bnoxious?鈥欌 Dream:聽鈥淥bnoxious.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淚t鈥檚聽鈥極bnoxious.鈥 [overlapping] Dream:聽鈥淲ould you say I鈥檓鈥 Yeah, I said it right earlier. Would you say I鈥檓 obnoxious?聽Would you say I鈥檓 obnoxious?" Tommy:聽鈥淚t鈥檚 鈥極hb.鈥 It鈥檚聽鈥極hbnoxious.鈥 You said 鈥楢bnoxious.鈥 Hey Dream, what grade did you get in English? What grade did you get鈥斺 [Dream starts hitting Tommy in-game. Tommy laughs.] Dream:聽鈥淲OULD YOU SAY that I am obnoxious!? Tommy:聽鈥淚鈥檇 say, uh鈥 Why鈥 Stop beating me!鈥 [Dream keeps hitting him] Dream: (laughing)聽鈥淛ust answer the question.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淪top it!鈥 Dream:聽鈥淎M I OBNOXIOUS?鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淚 refuse鈥 If you continue beating me, I will no longer answer any questions anyone asks me ever.鈥 [overlapping] Dream:聽鈥淎m I obnoxious? Am I obnoxious?聽Am I obnoxious? Am I obnoxious?聽Am I obnoxious?鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know! I don鈥檛 know! Uh, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淥kay, then I have cooties then, alright?鈥 [Tommy pulls a disgusted face]
1:30:06 Minecraft Speedrunning for World Record
Tommy:聽鈥淣o, I鈥檇 be so good [in a Manhunt]. I鈥檇 go around鈥 I鈥檇 just start swearing.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淵eah, he鈥檇 be too obnoxious.鈥 Tommy: (mocking)聽鈥淚 have cooties.鈥
1:27:36 TommyInnit, Dream & Technoblade Team Up
Tommy:聽鈥淗ey, did you see that? That skill, Dream, there? That鈥 Oh my god, did you...?鈥 Dream:聽鈥淭hat was great.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淲e should do, like, a Manhunt stream. That was so fun.鈥 [Dream laughs] Tommy:聽鈥淪orry, Niki, by the way, you鈥檙e probably just stood really mundanely.鈥 [Tommy laughs] Niki:聽鈥淵eah, yeah, I鈥檓 fine.鈥 [laughs] Dream:聽鈥淲e could do, like, a Duo Manhunt stream, that鈥檇 be really cool.鈥
32:07 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream鈥檚 Real Life Mother
Tommy:聽鈥溾機ause I鈥檝e realized, actually, after speaking to you, you鈥檙e not very funny.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淚鈥檓 actually very funny. Tommy: 鈥淭ell me your best joke鈥 Dream: 鈥淏ut I also set up鈥斺 Tommy:聽鈥淭ell me your best joke.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淎lright, you ready?鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淵eah?鈥 [silence] [Tommy stops mining to look at Dream who takes off his chestplate, revealing his nipple eyes. Tommy鈥檚 lips twitch up. He stops the music. Dream laughs.] Dream: (laughing)聽鈥淵ou smiled! I saw your stream!鈥 [Tommy smiles]
35:55 TommyInnit & Dream start a Church
Tommy:聽鈥淗e [Dream] says聽鈥業 can get out of bed if you want me on the server.鈥 Hm. How much do I want my pickaxe back? How much of a dick am I feeling like?鈥 [looks up in thought]聽鈥淵ES.鈥
3:52 TommyInnit and Dream Fight For $10,000
[Dream hits Tommy but doesn鈥檛 disable his shield. Tommy gets a hit on Dream. Tommy turns and shoots Dream with his crossbow.] Dream:聽鈥淎w, I missed. And you hit.鈥 [They trade hits until Tommy misses and Dream gets a hit in.] Tommy:聽鈥淥kay, so how did I鈥 how did I fuck up there? I don鈥檛 understand.鈥 Dream:聽鈥淯m, because I, uh, I knocked you away and broke your shield and you didn鈥檛 break mine and then I got a free hit.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淢鈥檏ay.鈥 [Tommy hits Dream but doesn鈥檛 disable his shield. Dream hits Tommy.] Dream: 鈥淟ike there. 鈥楥ause I just got a free hit and you got nothing.鈥 [shoots Tommy]聽鈥淎nd then I got a free crossbow shot. And then I鈥檓 gonna get another one聽鈥榗ause I reloaded.鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淚鈥檓 regenning.鈥 <TommyInnit was slain by Dream> [Tommy laughs]
34:38 TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot & Dream tell incredible stories
[Wilbur is explaining chess in the VC as Tommy builds. A creeper blows up behind Tommy. He turns to see Dream standing above the explosion hole.] <Dream> 鈥業 tried.鈥 <Dream>聽鈥榯o save you.鈥 [In chat, Tommy types out聽鈥榝air enough鈥 before deleting that and writing聽鈥榯hank you, big man.鈥橾
34:25 Dream trolls TommyInnit
[Sapnap is mugging Tommy at bowpoint] Tommy: (reading Sapnap鈥檚 chat message)聽鈥溾楪ive me the armor.鈥欌 (typing in reply)聽鈥淥kay, big man.鈥 [Dream drops down from the roof, attacking Sapnap] Tommy:聽鈥淎AAH, Dream! AHH!鈥
1:24:56 TommyInnit, Dream & Technoblade Team Up
[Dream waits in a boat in the ocean] Dream:聽鈥淭o your left! [Tommy screams] Dream: 鈥淕et in here! Get in here! Tommy:聽鈥淒ream! Dream, they haven鈥檛 found me! They haven鈥檛 found me! Aahh, no, no, no! We gotta go!鈥 Sapnap:聽鈥淐OME HERE TOMMY! COME HERE!鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淲e gotta go!鈥 [x6] Dream: 鈥淛ump! Jump! Jump! Jump!鈥 [Tommy screams and gets in the boat.] Tommy:聽鈥淕o! Go!鈥 Dream:聽鈥淟ET鈥橲 GO!鈥 Tommy:聽鈥淵EAH!鈥 Dream: 鈥淲E鈥橰E GOING!鈥
21:00 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream's Sister Again
Tommy:聽鈥淎nyway, me and Big C, we get on well. We, uhh, we鈥檙e like brothers, you know? We鈥檙e better than brothers. We鈥檙e closer.鈥
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apieceofandrewforyou3 months ago
I think Andrew Garfield should just buy the rights to Spider-Man and then make him kiss boys
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demonboyhalo10 months ago
i'm quite fond of a half phantom Phil who has lived through much more than it appears. he's a not quite godly not quite mortal man, and with his instincts constantly on high, he has survived long enough to remember hybrid killing being a common practice.
it's after years of living solo, decades of running from humans hunters, that Phil is done with slaughtering every challenger that approaches. he's realized that the friends he had before going into hiding are now long dead, and so are his enemies (what he's truly realized is that he's alone, but he doesn't acknowledge that)
it's with rusty charisma and a loose fitting robe that Phil spreads the rumor of a brave human who ventured to the End and came back with an elytra - and gradually, Phil becomes able to travel with his phantom wings unbound. it's strange to have hero worship from villagers whose ancestors hunted him, but undeniably useful. he has influence everywhere...and when he sees a half piglin child fighting in death matches, he realizes he can use that power to sweep the poor hybrid away.
so then, entirely on accident, it becomes a hobby of his. Phil travels the world as a hero to humans while saving hybrids at night - but since he never does things by half, he becomes a legend. he fights a naval fleet to help a sheep girl they had captive, burns down a town to save a half enderman in a water trap, and takes down a cartel while chasing a mischevious duck hybrid. it's terrifying that he could be outed at any moment, but helping others after spending years in hiding? knowing that he's changed the lives of some kid like him? that makes the danger all worth it.
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yakberni2 months ago
ok but can we talk about the symbolism of the presence of death in the overall innocence of a children's game and how that all tied in with the morality of losing hope in humanity most likely because that has to do with growing up??
and how gi hun surviving in such a scenerio makes the most sense with his character in mind. a character who, for the most part, doesn't recognize the consequences of his actions. who faces difficulty stepping up as a father and as a son.
and while we aren't going to ignore the fact that this difficulty is mostly present because of his financial situation.
he is still a character who holds so much childlike naivety and wonder. talking all along the games about his childhood memories and latching onto sang woo for being his childhood best friend
gi hun is a character who was quite literally forced to grow up and in the cruelest manner too.
he loses all his friends and everyone he's loved and he walks out to greet the body of a mother he didn't get to spend her last moments with.
he is thrown into the principal that the whole games were trying to prove and that is that you shouldn't have hope in humanity.
and yet.
gi hun, a character who never stopped smiling and telling stories most of the game a character who walks out of these games not being able to retain a single bit of that carefree energy ever again.
bets on a man freezing out in the cold to get some help before just a few minutes. this man who bet on losing horses from the very beginning of the show. who has just witnessed the person he most trusted in front of him alive and dead at the same time.
because ilnam lived but he was never the ilnam gi hun loved and knew in the first place but oh this man.
this man has every right to lose hope in humanity and the entire world but he sees the freezing man lying on the ground and getting help.
and he asks ilnam if he saw. because he won
'did you see? you lost'
and that's why at the brink of going up to airplane he calls and is told to get on the plane. and even though it's the logical thing to do. gi hun goes ahead and bets on another thing.
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syblatortue2 months ago
Hi I had a question and you seem nice enough to answer: 鈥..what exactly is the appeal of Bakugou as a character/ship material? Like鈥e just seems like an asshole who needs All The Therapy to me, which makes him like the polar opposite to my personal preferences. I鈥檓 not hating on ppl who like him; I think he could make an interesting character down the road once he finishes his character arc! I just don鈥檛 get ppl who find him 100% appealing 鈥渁s-is鈥. Like, is it an 鈥淚 can fix him鈥 thing or a 鈥淚 just find Gremlin archetypes fun鈥 thing?
it can be both? depends on who you're asking, any reason is possible! I will explain my own reasons but I'm gonna say right now, if you still don't find him appealing as a character at this point in the manga, I doubt anything I'll say here will make you change your mind, and that's fine! like you said, it's a matter of personal preferences, and you're not the only one who doesn't like his type.
in my case, I love that gremlin, I find him entertaining when he's loud and angry and trying to convince everyone he is the best and the one to be feared. I think him going through is character arc is fascinating, rather than only being interested in the end result, I find that every state Bakugou goes through tickles my brain, from the cute kid admiring All Might to the asshole bully teen to his early time in UA when his vision of the world started crashing all around him and he started to learn teamwork and friendship. I love to watch him evolve.
I also love to see his interactions with any other character, which are all gold and 100% hilarious. I think it's adorable how he keeps being his extra self and the rest of the class will see right through him and how he cares and they want to include him too. so to me that makes him very shippable! also he's easy on the eyes let's not kid ourselves
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featherfur3 months ago
Wei Wuxian begging Lan Wangji to take him back to Lotus Pier suddenly so they go and the first thing Wei Wuxian does is grab some money, shove Jiang Cheng out of the way and stuff the money a jar in the middle of the dining hall and grab a handful of talismans and shout 鈥淔ucking Finally!鈥
One talisman starts to burn as Wei Wuxian hops back over to his husband.
鈥淪orry about that, I ran out of fucks to give and had to get some more.鈥 Another talisman burns quickly.
鈥淵ou鈥 what?鈥
鈥淲e have to get our fucks in advance, we had a swear jar but I never had change on me so when Jiang Cheng remade the sect he changed it so you only get as many fucks as you can buy.鈥 Wei Wuxian explains, burning two more talismans and groping his husband for more money to stock up. 鈥淲hy do you think Jingyi asked for his allowance early?鈥
Lan Wangji gently takes a talisman from his husband, looking it over, then with all the love in his heart turns to his husband and says 鈥淲hat the fuck?鈥
We Wuxian has never looked more delighted as something catches fire
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sh-dafugupa year ago
Look at this precious cinnamon bun 馃槏
Tumblr media
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essektheylyss5 months ago
You know, everyone makes fun of Essek for his, "I'd like to see you try," posturing, but I don't think it was inherently posturing鈥攖he Nein were at the time significantly lower level, and considering his spell list consists of a good smattering of AOE spells, Essek would've likely managed to drop a least a couple of them in a turn or two, considering he had eighth level spells at the time and some of them had some low HP maximums. Plus, he was on home turf, and I'm sure he would do just fine in his element, especially where he could probably have gotten some guards on his side, regardless of the Nein's knowledge of his treason. (Who are the Aurora Watch gonna believe in the middle of combat鈥攁 bunch of foreigners, or a respected member of the court?)
All I'm saying is, the Nein gain a LOT of experience between getting to Rosohna and the time at which Essek joins them in Aeor, and the only times we really see Essek out of his depth, he's far from home and facing significantly larger and more existential threats than frankly anyone is used to, and back at the beginning, in Rosohna, it's very possible he'd have wiped the floor with them.
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ryllena month ago
Tumblr media
After able to play more of his missions after console update, I can鈥檛 stop thinking such a nice guy Remington is,聽
i wish he finds himself a nice duvos gal who would cook as spicy as her mom & shows him how delicious it is to eat with duvos powder that鈥檚 not weirdly spesific at all
#okay but hear me out; what if he saved a duvos refugee girl after he found her collapsed during his patrol; maybe she was exhausted;#maybe she had no money left & starved during the run when she finally almost reached portia; she was not a girl u would call the pretty typ#she was plain; maybe a farmer's daughter whose family gave her everything to run away; she looked dirty; her hair was jet black#& unkept from the run; some strands covering her face; giving her a really tired and solemn look; but remington saved her; and she was very#thankful; they shared a lot of stories about the war & lost; she would cultivate duvos native crops from the seeds that she brought as a wa#to make a living; she would cook some for remington to eat; of course they would be spicy dishes; she was pretty solemn before but remingto#upbeat personality really cheers her up to stand back on her feet; and then she finally confessed to him; but he rejected her; confused she#asked the builder to go on a mission to ask how remington truly feels; and u found out he rejected her out of love; he becomes very conciou#about his leg; saying how it's better for her to find a man who can fully protect her; and hearing that the girl confronted him; she cried#little and scolded him for his reasoning; remington said but...; and the girl said what if i want to stay with u not because i want u to#protect me... but because i want to protect u...; and then he cried; REMINGTON CRIED *ME TOO; THE BUILDER TOO; NO ONE EVER SAID THAT BEFORE#TO HIM; And then he accepted her; and his story with her continues from there; SOBBING#my time at portia#mtap#mtap remington#remington#fanart#civil corps#i started to think of all of these while drawing#look at me writing a fanfic on tag#remington deserves to be happy#i love him after the duvos powder mission and the shroom mission#and the flower mission#he is such a kind goofy guy; he deserves to be very happy
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bowenoke5 months ago
for people who haven't been keeping tabs on butch hartman for the last decade (and honestly... why the fuck would you.)
He isn't just a shit artist:
He thinks/claims/"jokes" prayer can cure autism. This should really be enough.
"Jokingly" said a VA was responsible for another one committing suicide (Clip. Would not recommend watching tbh.)
He didn't pay a contractor $1400.
He traces art for commissions. (MA, Ran Chan,)
And more!
Absolutely everyone should have a blast clowning on this garbage man, but do not go watch his videos. Don't give him the the ad revenue. He is a greedy, slime-faced dickhead and it would be wonderful if he could just fade into obscurity without a platform or power.
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