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#give me buddie or give me hell
loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
Just thinking about the cute smile Buck had on his face when he handed over Eddie’s coffee to him. They’re so married 🥺🥰
Tumblr media
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victorianbreaker · 2 days ago
I kept waiting at the end montage of the happy couples for them to flash to Eddie alone. Can you imagine it? He checks in on Chris sleeping, silently closes the door, walks past a picture of Shannon, and just sits on the couch, releases a deep breath. Maybe picks up a beer to drink alone....
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useless-fanfictions · a month ago
Awake Now (A Buddie Fic)
A/N: Here’s a thing that no one asked for or wanted! :D I am spoiler free for season 5, please respect that! I just finished season 4 and I needed to do SOMETHING about it. 
Pairing: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz Rating: Teen+ for canon-typical violence Word Count: 2,848 Summary:  4.14 Survivors - Buck rushes to the hospital to see Eddie after Ana calls to let him know that he's awake.
He’s awake. He’s awake, he’s awake, he’s awake.
It’s the only thought in Buck’s head. It is the only thing that his brain will allow him to think as he gets into the Jeep and peels out of his parking spot. Honestly, he couldn’t even tell you about the drive over—all he remembers is flashes of taillights, stop signs, traffic lights—because all he was thinking about were Eddie’s eyes.
Eddies eyes. His brown, brilliantly sweet, and luminous eyes. Eyes that Buck hasn’t seen in a while, and as long as he makes it to the hospital in one piece, he will be able to see them again. God, he’s missed Eddie’s eyes.
He doesn’t remember parking, but he does remember rushing past the visiting hours sign on the edge of the parking lot, right on the edge of the ambulance entrance—where he’d been last time (and any other time for their job) but he doesn’t really think of that. He can’t think of—
(sweat-soaked clothes, cold and dried blood caked onto his hands, his face splattered with it--)
--he just can’t think of that.
He also can’t stop.
It’s an internal war—has been for days now, for as long as Eddie has been in that damn hospital, for as long as it’s been since Buck last saw his eyes; his eyes staring at him hauntingly from the pavement as more and more blood drained from his body. Think of him now, Buck tells himself. He’s in that hospital, waiting for you. He’s waiting for you to return and you’ve been waiting to see his eyes again.
Somehow Buck had remembered to put his mask on when he walked into the hospital, somehow he’d done it because he tears it off of his face when he makes it past the doorframe of Eddie’s ICU room. He tears it off because he can’t breathe- he can’t breathe– because she’s in the way and he can’t even see him.
But then she’s grinning up at Buck and she turns and- and- and he’s awake.
He’s awake and there are his eyes, his wonderfully clear and bright eyes, staring back at him. Buck watches his mouth move, a little sluggishly, to form a half-smile and his throat sinches tight.
“Hey… Buck…” Eddie murmurs weakly, the sound barely passing his lips.
Buck feels all of the air in his lungs drain out of him, his breath pushes from his chest and it makes him feel smaller. For a second of two his heart and his brain battle for dominance—does he feel the relief his heart is making him feel, that makes him want to fall to his knees with the force of its wave, or does he breathe another breath like his brain is telling him to?
In the end, it’s logic that wins because Buck feels himself shutter another breath out as tears cloud up his vision. “Hey…” is kicked out of him.
Ana looks at Buck for the longest time, watches the way that he watches Eddie, and she stands up and out of the way completely. Buck stumbles forward and closer to the bed, but still a little bit away. He’s too afraid to touch him.
“I’m going to uh…” she waves in the general direction of the doorway, but Buck doesn’t turn back at her, and she watches Eddie’s gaze flick to her and then back on the other man.
She doesn’t bother giving the rest of her excuse, she knows they wouldn’t be listening to her regardless. “I’ll leave you to it,” she says more for herself than anyone else. She knows them and, as sad as it makes her heart, she knows that they’d rather have this moment alone. She slips away quietly.
Buck takes another stumbling step forward when he hears the door close behind himself.
“Careful,” Eddie puffs out when Buck’s foot catches on nothing and he has to extend his arms out for balance.
“Eddie,” he says, halfway between a sob and groan. It’s punched out of him and his knees to buckle that time and hit the floor, hard.
“Jesus, Buck—”
Buck reaches forward and grabs Eddie’s hand, ignoring the wide-eyed look the other man is giving him.
“Are you okay?” Eddie asks him, voice a little fuzzy with disuse.
“Me?” Buck asks incredulously, the tears falling freely onto his cheeks. “I’m not the one that got shot, what about you?”
“You look like you were,” he starts, but before he can continue Buck jumps in to cut off his nagging about how not okay he looks right now.
“I thought you were going to die.”
And the dam that he’s been trying to build up these past few days—to protect Christopher and Carla, and Bobby, and Hen and Chimney, and everyone else in his life, from the mess of emotions underneath his skin and in every one of his breaths—comes crashing down with his admission. Like opening the floodgates and pouring everything out, he can’t seem to stop. He’d let his grip slip a little, with Christopher, but even then he’d been able to reign it back. Now though? He can’t even find its edges to try to.
“I-I thought you were dead. I thought you weren’t going to wake up—and you would- and I wouldn’t get to- to see you again, or tell you anything- or- and you could be… I thought you were going to die—”
“Woah, hey- hey, hey—”
Buck is sobbing now and his hiccupping breath isn’t making it easier to get these words out, but he can’t stop. He can’t stop, he can’t—
“Eddie,” he moans in agony and squeezes the man’s hand. “I don’t know what I’d do without you—” he leans forward until his mouth and nose is pressed into the bed and his forehead is pressed to the back of Eddie’s hand. He continues, even if there’s a logical part of his brain still that knows that Eddie won’t be able to hear him clearly through the bedding, “—and I don’t know what I’d even like- how can I even live without you—”
“Shhh…” Eddie brushes the knuckles of his good hand across Buck’s hairline and running his fingers into his hair in a soothing way.
Buck’s shoulder’s still shake with his sobs and gasping breaths, but he’s not talking anymore. The relief of Eddie being here and awake and alive—
After a couple of moments for them just breathing together, Buck’s chest rattling with every intake of air and Eddie’s face blotchy with emotion, Eddie’s fingers tug a little at Buck’s hair. “Look at me,” he says.
At first, Buck doesn’t move. He doesn’t move because he knows everything is going to be written all over his face and he’s not sure how Eddie is going to react—hell, he isn’t sure what he’s feeling but he knows it’s strong and it’s too much to hold in anymore. All of the reassurance that seeing Eddie awake has forced into him has pushed against the edges of the lock box he keeps his heart in so much that there starting to rip apart and he knows that as soon as Eddie sees his face it will be all out there in the open.
“Buck, please,” the man begs.
Buck is helpless. He lifts his face from the bed and takes in a gush of fresh air, eyes mapping out Eddie’s face and neck and shoulders and arms and chest and every part of him that is warm and alive and awake.
“Eddie,” he whispers the man’s name again because he doesn’t know if he can say anything else.
“It’s okay,” is the answer he gets.
“I... I—”
“Shh, hey, it’s okay.”
His next words come up abruptly and without warning. “I love you,” he says it like a gasp, like it pained him to keep it in any longer; and maybe it did.
Eddie’s smile, a proper one now that shows his teeth, pulls at Buck more.  
They’ve never said it out loud to each other, Buck wasn’t sure he was ever going to be able to. But now the words are out there in the world, in the air between them, and Eddie’s smile only grows.
“I know,” he says softly, fingers twitching in the soft strands of Buck’s hair, having not dropped his hand after he’d moved.
“You know?” Buck echoes in confusion.
“I’ve known for a while,” is said in a tone that makes Buck think that perhaps Eddie knows that his love isn’t as platonic as it needs to be. And who the hell is Buck to make him believe any differently?
Buck gives a short, self-depreciating laugh.
“I love you, too.”
Buck sniffs in, loud and wetly, and puffs out another noise—a bastard child between a laugh and another sob—and can’t stop looking into Eddie’s eyes. Eddie is looking back and they’re doing the thing where they just stand there and look at each other while the rest of the world fades and Buck can’t stop it.
The spell breaks when Buck goes to shift—the hard floor on his knees makes them ache—and one of them makes a loud groaning sound.
“Come ’ere, get off the floor, you dummy.” Eddie waves towards himself with the hand of his good arm.
“What? Where?”
“Just come here,” Eddie says stronger and starts to scooch over on the bed. Did he want Buck to sit on the bed with him?
“Um,” Buck says awkwardly once he’s standing. He’s not sure if there is enough room for them both to comfortably fit on there and Eddie is still in pain—even if he’s trying not to show Buck that he is—and so he’s a little nervous about—
“For the love of—” Eddie starts in a patronizing tone, “would you just come here already?”
And that, of all things, breaks Buck of his awkwardness and he just grins. With his mouth stretched wide, he walks over to Eddie’s good side and sits down in the space that has been left for him. His thigh and Eddie’s hip touch because Buck is sitting farther up than he is, and the heat is seeping in through their layers of clothes and Buck can’t stop focusing on it.
“Um,” Buck mumbles again, so much closer this time.
“It’s okay, not gon’ hurt me,” Eddies says.
The weight of this man’s gaze on Buck has his movements slow and clumsy. He shifts again until he’s at a similar height as Eddie and that only brings their faces so much closer.
“I’m here,” Buck eventually murmurs.
“You are,” Eddie whispers back. Their voices are hushed and breaths shared.
Buck looks down at Eddie’s good hand laying limp in his lap and he feels bold. He can’t stop touching Eddie because he’s scared that if he does he’ll disappear like some dream that he’s snap out of too soon. He can’t afford to wake up, alone and cold, on that damned couch one more time.
So, he decides to go with being bold, and if it doesn’t work out maybe Eddie is on so many painkillers that he won’t remember and takes the man’s hand.
Eddie’s hand is warm and soft, unlike Buck’s calloused and cold hands. Their fingers intertwine and Buck holds his breath while he looks up at Eddie’s face. They’re both grinning like idiots.
Relief is rushing through Buck’s system again. They’re going to be okay.
“You okay?” Eddie asks.
It takes the other man a moment to answer and when he does, he pairs it with a shrug to try and stay casual. “I am now.”
“Buck,” Eddie whispers, drawing Buck’s attention back on his face.
For a split second, he watches Eddie’s eyes dip down his face and then flit back up to his eyes. Seemingly in reaction, Buck’s do the same and he’s never really noticed how nice of lips Eddie has. Except that’s a lie and he knows it; this isn’t the first time that he’s thought of his best friend’s mouth.
It’s a heated whisper and it charges the air further. He doesn’t know what to do, he’s rooted to his spot and he can’t stop himself from looking at every area of Eddie’s face—the rise of his cheeks, the arch of his nose, the plastic tubes that run up the sides of his head and around his ears, the dip of his upper lip before it bends into the perfect bow of his mouth—
“Kiss me.”  
Buck almost jerks back as if the words had shoved him. His heart is beating so loudly—too loudly, he can barely hear a thing over the roar of it in his ears—and he feels his cheeks heat up. “What?”
“Do it,” Eddie’s voice is barely above a whisper.
So Buck follows the command. He starts to lean in, he feels the puff of Eddie’s breath on his chin, but there is the noise of approaching footsteps that makes Buck jump back.
It’s the doctor with Hen. There standing by the door and Buck coughs awkwardly into his hand and sinks back down into the chair next to the bed. When he glances over, he sees that Eddie hasn’t looked away from him. He has to look away before his blush becomes too obvious.
In the next second, Buck realizes that he’s not wearing his mask and scrambles around to look over it in a slight adrenaline-fueled panic left over from almost getting caught doing that with Eddie.
Hen leans over and hands him his when she steps into the room further. “It was on the ground by the door,” is all she says.
“Oh, um, thank you.” He tries not to meet her eyes.
The doctor had just come in to check Eddie’s vitals and Hen had come in to check up on him for the sake of the entire 118; she was even still in uniform. She stayed longer than the doctor did, but even that wasn’t for very long.
“All right, boys,” she says, stretching her arms a little in front of her. “I think it’s time I report back, you both doing okay?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Eddie smiles.
“Watch it—” she threatens with a matching grin.
Buck nods to her when she turns to head out of the hospital room.
Once she’s gone, he pulls his mask off and looks over at Eddie who is blinking slowly at him. “Are-are you tired? Do you want me to go so that you can rest, or-or um…?”
“I am tired—” before he’s even done speaking, Buck is looking around for his things (not that he brought much) to collect so he can leave, but then Eddie continues, “—but I don’t want you to go. I want you up here again…” he hesitates for only a second when Buck looks up at him, “…with me.”
Buck stops and just stares at the other man for a while. And then, “you-you sure?”
Eddie nods and slides over again. He must have minutely slide to the middle of the bed when the doctor and Hen had come in, but now he moves so that he’s only on half of the bed.
“Please,” Buck says hurriedly, “you’re the hurt one, I don’t need a full half.” And then he lays down so that he is tipping dangerously on the edge, but at least Eddie can have more room. No, these beds are not meant for two large men like they are, but dammit if they aren’t going to make it work.
“You sure?” Eddie asks.
“I’m sure.”
Later that night, when the doctor had come in for another round of vitals check and to let Eddie and Buck know that visiting hours are over, she finds the two of them curled up on the tiny hospital bed together.
She racks her knuckles on the door frame quietly and her patient’s eyes open up without a problem, but his guest, the other firefighter, stays soundly asleep with his face tucked up into Eddie’s neck and uninjured shoulder.
“Hey, doc,” is whispered quietly.
She keeps her voice down too, “you know he has to go.”
Eddie smiles and she watches his squeeze their joined hands. She begins to check the beeping machines around his bed while his eyes slip closed and he mumbles, “can’t you give us just a little while longer?”
The doctor sighs and puts a hand on her hip with a raised eyebrow. Eddie just laughs softly and turns his head to look at his partner.
She writes a few notes on her chart and turns towards the door. When she turns around to slip the glass door closed again, she says, “twenty more minutes and that’s it,” before sealing it behind her.
When she walks over to the nurse’s station, the man sitting at the computer calls her a pushover and she laughs. They’re already forty minutes over visitation hours, but she doesn’t have the heart to kick them out.
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onyourleft1917 · 2 days ago
help 5x09 was underwhelming...but atleast we got lesbians
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benjji2795 · 17 days ago
I think I’ve finally figured out what it is about this season of 9-1-1 that’s been bothering me, and leaving me generally unsatisfied.
It feels like the story has stopped being 118-focused.
Instead of it being a character-driven story, with the calls mostly there to remind you what it is these characters do, the dangers inherent in their jobs, and to fit the overarching—I guess—moral or arc of the characters that week, it’s become about the “rescue of the week”. It’s become about telling a story external to the characters, and then trying to force them to fit into that story, rather than letting the characters be the focus and drive the story.
And so, outside of small moments like Eddie breaking up with Ana, Maddie reaching the decision to leave, Harry realizing he has to talk about what happened—all of the characters feel stuck. Nothing is happening, the story is largely in the same place it was when S5 started.
So yeah, as much I still love these characters, this season of the show, as it’s constructed, is not doing it for me right now.
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hanmajoerin · 8 days ago
I feel kind of alone right now in the IY fandom for still liking and having faith in Rumiko Takahashi. I feel like people are justified in being mad at her and confused about the recent cover art she did, but I just sort of feel like the hatred is getting a little outta hand, especially since we don't really KNOW what's going on w/ her behind the scenes or what she's thinking, and I just think because of that, we don't really have a right to pass judgment on her yet.
To me, the fault still lies squarely on Sunrise and Sunrise alone as of right now.
That's just me though.
Sorry I'm telling you this outta nowhere. I've just been stewing over this for the last few days and have wanted to say something but been too afraid to, and you seemed like a safe person to talk about this with after seeing your recent Rumiko Takahashi posts.
Eh, that’s what I’m here for! There’s no need to apologize 🥺💕.
I’ve been a fan of Takahashi’s since 2006 and that cover art made me dramatically break down for what I’m sure is the 50th time since Yashahime’s release. While legitimately getting depressed and drinking sake in a bathtub–please see evidence below (Ranma 1/2 is my ultimate comfort manga) lol–
Tumblr media
a friend called. She and I roomed in college and she’s always been supportive of my love of Takahashi’s works. Maybe it was the situationship I was talking her through a few weeks prior, but she heard me drop advice I’d given her once (or like a hundred times) before. And she stopped me. She 100% wanted me to hear what I said about that damned cover art. Although I’m sure my sentence was longer and less elegant, she told me I said, “Takahashi isn’t responsible for our emotions.” Seriously, my old roommate really stopped my babbling to make me marinate on more than just the bath salts attempting to relieve the tensions in my muscles from Yashahime. I felt so attacked 😅.
I’ve come to the conclusion that there will be no response from Takahashi that makes everyone happy when it comes to Yashahime and–for me–that’s okay. When I think about Takahashi’s animes, they’re not the ones winning awards. And when I think about Takahashi as a content creator, she’s not exactly perfect. Seriously, we’re all getting decisive on behalf of a woman who has the audacity to answer, “I don’t know,” when asked questions about her own manga 🤣. If that’s not humbling as a fan, I don’t know what is. Still, this doesn’t mean Takahashi doesn’t care about her characters or her works.
Rumiko Takahashi doesn’t owe us explanations, our reactions to her interactions with the manga vs. anime are not direct reflections of her personal emotions, and if she has any more thoughts on Yashahime I’m not really interested in hearing them anymore.
I’ve kind of blacked it out, but I think 2020 is when episode fifteen of Yashahime aired (could have been 2021, I’ve lost track of the time) and I got the ultimate sucker punch with the mother of the twins confirmed. It was hard, but now that I can reflect, I’ve been defending notions about InuYasha that Sunrise introduced long before this. It’s exhausting and heartbreaking. Sunrise isn’t even paying me to deal with their shit, but I’ve been clearing up their misinterpretations of InuYasha for years. Way longer than I needed to. And it’s always been a worthwhile fight because InuYasha is more than pages in a magazine to me, and I feel like that’s a sentiment many of us relate to. It’s why it’s weird to see such a monumental influence be shredded like a tapestry by a sequel that should never have happened.
I’ve read countless interviews from Takahashi, and I’d like to think I’m familiar with how her mind works. That being established, I’ve never sat down to talk with her, so hell if I know 😅. Still, I feel like she brings good intentions to the table. Good intentions are not always enough. I’m not here to defend her per se, but I’ll go down with Takahashi. She’s my girl! If Yashahime isn’t making you happy–if the entire anime of InuYasha doesn’t sit well with you anymore–ditch it. Stick to the manga (you know, the one that officially concluded in 2008 😒). If the entire story of InuYasha is driving you nuts, Takahashi probably has over 200 manga published at this point, knock yourself out. They’re all incredible. If Takahashi doesn’t float your boat anymore, it’s a 3ft deep lazy river that loops. Feel free to ditch your pool floatie, towel off, and find a manga/mangaka that better fits what you need right now. Your media experience is dictated by you, and if people have issues with it, that was bound to happen regardless of this sequel.
I can’t spend the rest of my life lamenting Takahashi and her opinions on someone else’s take about two characters in InuYasha that I can easily forget (even though I adore Rin, her sass is top notch lol). And if that makes me the worst person in the world and damns me to hell, fine. I got a beef to settle with Sunrise down there anyway, I might as well earn my spot.
I’m not sure if this is the answer you were looking for, but I’ve been going through it, too. It was therapeutic for me to give you this insight, so I hope it helps. Takahashi can be a bit of a goof ball, but she’s marvelous. Even if I get cranky about Sunrise, please know that I will always be a Takahashi safe space ❤️.
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rosesraeken · 9 months ago
i have FINALLY watched the new episode (2 hours later than i normally would. had to watch it at 5 and i normally watch it at 3) and i have to say 2 things.
1. that was definitely one of my favorite episodes
2. i blame my shitty day solely on this 9-1-1 episode about people literally being jinxed bc my ass definitely was today wtf.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’ve decided this is the moment we’re getting a talk between Buck and Eddie. It’s gonna be important I just know it!
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deluweil · 4 days ago
Someone commented in the tags they can't remember Buck's cute shy head tilt when being teased by Eddie so here it is 🤗🤗
Tumblr media
I absolutely love Buck's reaction to Eddie! 😍😍😍
Tumblr media
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useless-fanfictions · 3 months ago
I can see why the #give me buddie or give me hell tag exists
I don't think I have ever seen two men be gayer for each other. And that's saying something because I watch Glee...
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xiindomitable · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
         I await the day THEY do a teamup
#//Pls; it would be so fucken funny#;mun has spoken#//Hawks trying to vibe with Sho; Sho having absolutely no idea what to fucken do#//They must develop a team move that involves Hawks yeeting him like a pokeball and Sho flashfreezing everything#//Hawks taking Sho for flights like Tokoyami while asking about his day' how he's doing#//And Sho can't even focus on him bc he's just so awed being so high up#//Alternatively Sho Not Liking That Shit At All; and clinging to Keigo like a scared kittycat and knocking him off-balance#//Which makes things So Much Worse on them both#//Potentials of much hysterical screaming and Kei proceeding to awkwardly buddy his way through making it up to him#afterwards; and Sho just still being so SHOOK but also realizing he almost suffocated the No. 2 hero and gotten them both killed lmao#//Following that; the fun of getting Sho used to flying#//Which includes more scared kitty Sho and Kei trying not to think about how adorable Sho is all terrified bc he used to be the same way#//Totally gushes about it to Endeavor#//Hell; makes a point to show Endeavor how much fun he and Sho are having just to rile him up#//Over the stupidest things#//He'll take a selfie with Sho sneezing in the bg like 'Having the time of our lives; wish you were here <3'#//Totally not trying to bait Mr. No.1 into joining in#//For fanboy reasons but also to verify how things ar between them#//Ahh; too bad this can't happen with the current manga canon rip#//I have high hopes for the movie to give me Them interactions
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tenspencerriedplease · 2 months ago
I went to get groceries (bad idea on a Sunday when busses are always trash) and on my way back a bunch of bees decided me, my plant, and also my fucking bagels were in Desperate need of pollination and I was like hello, even the plant isn’t a flower get lost you pesky confused fucks!! And this guy waiting with me at the light while I Did Battle with the bees decided he was going to cross the street, which I initially didn’t think anything of, whatever, I was more concerned with the bees.
Then he ends up crossing back over the street in the way he went to avoid me (presumably because I was acting like a crazy person not that I was disrupting his day any) only to have to pass by me waiting at the bus stop. Boy did he look awkward and on account of that was rude as all hell for no fucking reason when at no point did I bug him or his personal bubble. So I glared daggers at him the whole time he passed watching his awkward ass face as he went because yeah buddy, that was ignorant and I damn well know what you did, and you damn well know why I was acting the way I was on account of at no point did I act like a nut once I was away from the cornucopia of bees that decided I was a fucking flower (not to mention my ‘there’s nothing here to pollinate’ was probably a good indicator even if he didn’t see the damn bees themselves 🙄🙄). Anyway, I hope everyone avoids him like the plague even when he’s not doing anything but being annoyed with insects all over his shit.
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iamtheprotagoneil · a year ago
so i'm totally obsessed with the david being the protagonist name, like can you imagine neil caling him beloved in front of people konowing that tp's name means exactly that?? i don't know if this situation would ever happen giving their jobs and status, but it's like actually saying his name without saying and i can picture neil doing that
hi, friend. and yes, yes, of course i can imagine neil calling the protagonist beloved in front of people. he’d do it just to be a little shit, or sometimes, very rarely, it’d slip out in the most tender way that has the nearby tenet agents almost blushing just at the implication - the affection - underlying his words.
anyways, here’s some imagines for ya:
imagine: neil handing over his report to the protagonist, who took it, thanked him, and on instinct, neil smiled and said, “you’re welcome, beloved.” he just... sorta forgot? that there was another agent in the room – a high ranked one at that. neil only realized it when he saw the mortified look in the protagonist’s face. he shifted his eyes to the agent sitting on the couch behind him, who was gawking at neil like he had just grown another head.
neil gaped for a moment, staring at the agent, before composing himself and said, “his name. that’s what it means. beloved.”
the agent looked back, incredulous still, and responded, “right...” then averted his eyes. even when explaining, or trying to explaining himself out of this, the way neil said it was still too... much. it was just too much, and the agent felt like he might have imposed on something that was entirely wasn’t meant for him. he would stand up and leave, but he did come in to meet the protagonist for an important reason.
so neil took the initiative, sparing them from this prolonged moment of awkwardness. he smiled, charming as always though with a small edge to it, before hightailing the hell out of there.
(the agent would give the protagonist a look, which earned him a glare which said ‘if you utter a word about this to another soul; you’re never seeing daylight again’. the agent took it to heart and went on like nothing ever happened)
or, to follow up on another post i made, wondering if any tenet agents ever walked in on them, imagine: it was after a mission briefing. everybody was dismissed but neil remained, wanting to have some moment alone with his protagonist before they marched into what would be an active battlefield soon. when the room was cleared out, neil approached the protagonist, who was pretending he hadn’t notice, eyes glued to the mission intel he was holding in his hands.
neil rolled his eyes at the act, then took the papers out of the protagonist’s hand. the protagonist glared – or pretended to, anyways – but neil was relentless. he set the papers asides, and stepped closer, and closer, until he was in the protagonist’s space. if this was anyone else, they would have been dead before they could think of taking another step, but this wasn’t just anyone else. this was neil, and the protagonist allowed him it - this comfort he was tacitly seeking for; was giving because he knew the protagonist needed it as much.
they shared a kiss, playful at first, smiles pressing on top one another, then heated, as they reached the turning point where desire started to leak in and basic instincts started taking over. still, they had a mission to get ready for – this just wasn’t the time nor the place; they still had after (for now, anyways). when they parted, neil sighed, resting his forehead against the protagonist’s. the protagonist stared up at him with brown, brown eyes, deep and unfathomable but lovely all the same.
they were in each other’s arms, not a millimeter of space between them. the protagonist had his around neil’s waist, while neil’s were around his neck, fingers tangling in his hair. “after?” the protagonist asked, simple as that, and neil replied, easily, like taking another breath, “after, beloved.”
“i swear to god,” a voice spoke up from behind them, and neil bit his lips, just to keep from laughing. “one of these days i’m going to assassinate one of you just to show you how easy it is, when you’re distracted like this.”
“who said we were?” neil countered, cheeky grin on his lips. truly, they’d both heard ives come in (he had this distinctive footstep that was hard to miss by the trained agents that they all were), but neil prided himself in being a little shit and the protagonist was an enabler. had this been anyone else, they would have parted at first since of intrusion, but well, ives’ reactions were always a joy to witness. “maybe you should be more grateful for getting a peek at the show.”
“i hate you,” ives replied, deadpan, only his eyes – which were filled of murderous intent – betrayed his stillness. then, he took a controlled breath through his nose, before looking to the protagonist, “we’re ready to leave as soon as you give the order,” he paused – for effect, mostly – “beloved.”
he didn’t stay for their reaction but neil’s laugh followed him all the way out, as well as the protagonist’s horrified expression ives could still on his back. it wasn’t saving the world, but the feeling of triumph he was feeling then could still give it a run of money.
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lesbianniemingjue · a year ago
OKAY SO HEAR ME OUT— childhood best friends prinxiety, they get really close, best friends; virgil is the first person roman came out to, then, later, when Roman came out to his family, they’re like “we know?” and he’s confused. they’re like “you have a boyfriend?” and roman just “????? SINCE WHEN????” and they’re like ??? are you not dating virgil. and he just. starts laughing. “oh, hell, virgil may be a snack and a half, a total dreamboat, one hunky piece of meat, but No.”
meanwhile virgil just goes, “you really think that low of my standards?”
but soon enough, both of them take this as an opportunity to start jokingly flirting with eachother. people assume they’re a Thing but they just genuinely enjoy flirting.
things get especially rough when virgil comes out as aro, but roman is ready to throw hands at ALL times. anyone who dares to talk shit about virgil, aromanticism, or gay people, in a twelve mile radius will be Dealt With.
blink: argo you’re so goddamn smart you know that
#brotherly prinxiety#i LOVE strictly platonic best friends prinxiety like above all if they're not blood brothers they sure as hell are bond brothers#the amount of times i've friended people and folks have gone up to me like 'so are you and x like a thing' like no!!!!!!! stop that!!!!!!!!#bring back incredibly intimate platonic best friends!!!!!#i love how roman doesn't even hesitate to talk virgil up like hell to the yeah i support that agenda he Loves him so much they're SO good#they're each other's wingman and if you fight me on this you WILL lose#hear me out#virgil: i wanna be friends with logan so bad he's so smart and witty and funny and i want him to smile at me :(((#roman: say no more#and then he switches seats in his english class or w/e to heckle logan#and logan's like 'okay look you're not a bad person and i'm flattered but you're not my type and i'm not looking to date'#and roman blinks like 1 not his type Okay Fine and 2 'nah nah nah bro this is all for my buddy he wants to be your friend but#you didn't hear that from me aight'#logan: okay? i don't know what you want me to do?#roman: listen his name's virgil you've probably seen him in the back of the debate club he's in your history class he's got all these#alien conspiracies and is for some reason obsessed with the parallel universe theorem Please Talk To Him#on the flip side#roman: did you notice remy got a new leather jacket#virgil: the one that looks exactly like his other one but red?#roman: he's going to give it to me when i 'get cold' on our date :))))#virgil: you're not dating him?????????#roman: but i want to#virgil; who's friends with dee who's friends with remy: give me two days#two days later remy brings an extra coffee w him to school and hands the extra to roman and it's got a phone number written across the top#a week and a half later roman shows up to school wearing remy's new jacket#that was a tangent okay i'm done anyways argo i loved it i love THEM and yes ur right roman Would raise hell for virgil and vice versa#argo#i'm putting my writing tag too bc i spent too long on those tags#blink writes#submission
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