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scionel · 3 minutes ago
how do you love?
Tumblr media
with thunder, thorns and tales; you love with passion. bright burning barely controlled love exploding everywhere. your love is so raw and it has so many branches, it touches almost everyone near you. but the people who you truly care for really know how exhilarating it is to be loved by you. tucking hair behind their ear as you continue a heated debate. fingers intertwined as you run around the parking lot, laughing and tripping. you love with So Much. you love with So Much that there is no time to speak of it, only to do, only to act. you love with certainty.
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brutal-nemesis · 7 minutes ago
💌Here’s an invitation to share anything about you, your ocs, your WIPs, anything you want!💌
Poggers let’s bout a few lil updates on what’s goin on?
Ch12 is still in the works, and for those who enjoy Erebus and Neteri’s dynamic, you’re in luck, because the first 900+ words are just them before they even fucking go outside which is supposed to be the focus of the chapter and it’s just them interacting hoo boy. Not that the entire chapter isn’t just them interacting but still
In general I think this chapter is just going to be really long at not that whumpy but I promise we’ll get right back to agony after this. And we’ll still have plenty of lil angst moments
Once I get that posted, we can finally get into the AU shit I’ve had simmering in the background! It’s sort of a “what if Erebus tried to run” thing, and it’s. Quite dark so far. So if you like that kind of shit get excited
I think that’s all as far as updates, so once I get Ch12 done we’ll get both a large amount of just Them and then some horrible extreme agony from the AU soon after ✨
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gravity-lifts · 16 minutes ago
loving my dash today bc theres the Shadow and Bone spoilers that I’m reading with the intention of catching up on the show this weekend and then the critical role spoilers that I’m trying to absorb the context of just from the posts (I’m failing) because I have no clue when I’ll manage to catch up there
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jeyaam · 19 minutes ago
meri sussy little baka
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reddiegays · an hour ago
omg a reddie mrs doubtfire au. except myra is daniel, eddie is miranda and richie is stu. not sure if this is incredibly cursed or god tier
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marypsue · an hour ago
I think what I like best about Kali is that, from what we’re given to know about her, there’s room to read her as a selfish, skillful manipulator and the charismatic leader of a borderline cult, a traumatised survivor genuinely doing her best to help and heal herself and the people she cares about, and every possible shade in between. She’s a fascinating study in contradictions and such an interesting character and I like her a lot.
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achillescourse · an hour ago
idk does anyone else feel a bit outcasted as a science / maths lgbt ? not in like an oppressed way obvs aksgdfh but just like. its so scary to go into any career as an lgbt person, but the sciences seem so much further behind their arts counterparts
additionally. i can do math and drive so.
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senkini · 2 hours ago
⠀✉️❕ ˃ࡇ˂ Uenoyama Users
ʚ ... like or reblog if you use ^-^
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vixtionary · 3 hours ago
// writing your resume as a 24 yr old tumblr kid who has been rping on this hellsite for 6 yrs b like ‘try to say you have a lot of practice with writing without saying you have a lot of practice w writing’
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