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#given anime

I want to talk about Given but I think it will take some time to gather my words as I recover from the soundtracks.

I’m still heartbroken and feel this heavy dreadful feeling in my chest that I can’t describe just yet.

(yes, that AHHH and “I miss you” is haunting my nights, still)

Also, Centimilimental deserves more attention. His music is just too bittersweet and beautiful.

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So Uenoyama looking like an upgraded vers of Kageyama is no mere coincidence but could be a legit inspiration cuz Given’s mangaka used to write Haikyuu doujins????

Does that mean Uenoyama and Mafuyuu are KageHina??

I know I don’t have to be that person but I’ll be that person and say that Yuki is Atsumu to me then.

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uh given fandom? Pls help I am so lost on Crunchyroll it says that given has 2 seasons?



it’s in portuguese sorry but it just say 2 seasons 22 episodes

And then i looked up for the movie release and


And there’s no movie or season 2 and i am só confused???? Lol sorry i know i look dumb but can semeone explain to me?

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This shall be the place where I gush over VA’s doing their jobs and actually going to other animes and shows:

First up is Yuma Uchida. He plays Ritsuka Uenoyama in Given and Fushiguro Megumi in Jujutsu Kaisen. These are two of my favorite characters and I just think it’s so cool hearing Ue’s voice come out of Megumi’s body T-T and they are both amazing characters and now all I can see is Megumi playing guitar

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A boy and….. Day 15 - a song

Decided to draw Mafuyu singing THE SONG. Inspired by my drawing of Mafuyu last inktober and a part of the song scene, but now enlarged.

(yes the guitar is pretty undetailed but this is all I could manage x3)

The prompt list is by @yurumarururu on instagram/twitter

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i just finished given, and wow… what a well written story with beautiful music and realistic characters. mafuyu’s song made me cry, it was so beautiful and so sad. i loved it so much, i really should have watched it sooner

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*Trigger warning for suicide*

No words…



Originally posted by byunminho

There are not enough stars in this universe to account for the amazingness of this manga. That’s probably the highest praise I can ever give.

My heart is still racing and I’m so excited for volume two where one of the most iconic scenes occurs. I can’t believe it’s coming out next week!! I’m going to definitely raid the bookstore on May 12th because OH MY GOSH.


Originally posted by kotsume

I’ve watched the anime before and through my rewatch, I started to rekindle my love for Given to the point where I picked up my manga and read with no breaks in between. This book really explores specifically Akihiko’s and Haruki’s relationship a whole lot more than the 11 episode long season 1 does. My heart beat rapidly when reading both Ritsuka and Mafuyu developing feelings for one another and also Haruki and Akihiko. It was just simply amazing and I reckon nothing could ever top Given as my favourite anime and manga series.

…And now I have to wait till the end of the year for volumes 2, 3 and 4 to come out *sobs*



Originally posted by furuba


This book series already has a soft spot in my heart. The anime was amazing and I can already tell I’ll love the manga volumes just as much. I loved seeing Mafuyu’s character develop as he came to terms with his tragic past and confronted it in an inspiring and heartwarming way. However, I found that there was a specific focus on Mafuyu’s backstory and on the band’s first gig with lyrics rather than on Uenoyama, Haruki or Akihiko, characters that I really was interested in discovering more about.


Originally posted by mina-ahavi

That being said, I thought the romance happened without a steady incline of romantic tension. I so desperately hoped that we could really see Uenoyama’s feelings develop overtime and to an extent, there was (e.g., Volume 1’s ending) but I felt like there were moments where Kizu could’ve taken the opportunity to juice out this tension which definitely would’ve bumped up my rating to a definite 5 stars. The moment before the-scene-that-shall-go-unnamed-for-spoilery-reasons did show Uenoyama’s thoughts and feelings well however, in comparison to the rest of the novel, it was the first time where he really acknowledged this rather than it being built up or realised throughout the whole story.

All in all, great plot with amazing characters and backstories. The romance aspect just fell flat for me with an unsteady build up of romantic tension.



Originally posted by hashikura


I absolutely love this series and its anime adaptation. Absolutely no words to describe it. I love how Riksuka Uenoyama’s feelings towards Mafuyu Sato were explored further in this volume and how we got heaps more backstory on Akihiko and his past relationships. I’m super invested in his and Haruki’s storyline and want to see how that goes. I just hope Aki realises Haruki’s giant crush on him so that the two of them can be happy together.



Originally posted by kacchadeku

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