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Given Boys Daily Chat About: Go Shopping

From @given_anime on Twitter.

Do not repost on Twitter.


Haruki: before heading to the studio I’m going to drop by the supermarket.

Haruki: anyone there wants me to get you anything?

Ritsuka: coffee.

Mafuyu: tea

Mafuyu: please.

Haruki: okaay.

Akihiko: potato chips.

Haruki: what flavor?

Akihiko: when we’re talking about potato chips then it’s got to be that flavor, right?

Ritsuka: salt, isn’t it?

Mafuyu: consomme.

Haruki: sour cream?

Haruki: huh, seriously?

Akihiko: everyone has different opinions.

Ritsuka: this is unnegotiable.

Mafuyu: unnegotiable.

Akihiko: alright, then buy them all.

Ritsuka: after we eat and compare them we’ll see that the salt flavor is the most popular one.

Mafuyu: bring it on.

Akihiko: pizza flavor for me.

Haruki: alright, but we have to practice too, ok.


Stay focused, you guys!😆

My favorite chips is sour cream!

April 5, 2020

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Akihiko And Ritsuka’s Daily Chat About: Part Time Work at a Moving Company

From @given_anime on Twitter. Akihiko and Ritsuka chat. This is new, I guess 😎.

Do not repost on Twitter.


Akihiko: are you free this weekend?

Akihiko: the moving company where I do part time is recruiting.

Ritsuka: I’ll do it.

Akihiko: then it’s settled.

Ritsuka: thanks.

Akihiko: we don’t have enough workers, so you’re really helping us.

Ritsuka: that’s because in this period of time there are a lot of people moving, aren’t there?

Akihiko: it’s the time to earn money.

Ritsuka: I want to earn money.

Akihiko: and then, it’s the chance to build great muscle.

Ritsuka: muscle!

Akihiko: we’ll burn some meat we gained during the winter and aim to get muscle armor.

Ritsuka: YES!!


April 4, 2020

These two loveable dorks 😌

I hope I got Akihiko’s last line correctly translated.

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I’ve been listening to Fuyu no hanashi on reparations and keep crying, it’s so good!! I tried drawing Mafuyu, but doesn’t really look like him. I still kind of like it though. Can’t wait for the Given movie

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I will NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER understand how you guys can just casually listen to Mafuyu’s song and vibe to it.

I get painful chills. I can’t breathe. I start SHAKING crying. I–

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Okay so I want to watch Given because it seems like something I’d like BUT I’m hesitant because from what I know there’s some stuff with the main couple and a dead boyfriend and I just wanna know what the whole deal is because I’m not super comfortable with the idea of someone replacing their dead partner with someone else after having been in love with them for so long and the other person not knowing and it not being explicitly talked about and delt with to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. Like the anime seems super moving and beautiful and funny and I want to watch it but if I watch it and get invested into a relationship where one side of it doesn’t love the other as much because they’re hung up on someone else or the entire relationship is just a rebound,,, no thanks. Idk maybe I’m completely misunderstanding and I’m not trying to start anything, so if someone could explain the whole situation that would be great!

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Given Boys Daily Chat About: Ohanami

Important: Do not repost on Twitter. Especially if you are not going to do it properly.

From @given_anime on Twitter.


Haruki: let’s go to this year’s “ohanami”* !!!

Mafuyu: let’s go.

Ritsuka: sounds good.

Akihiko: let’s do it.

Haruki: is there a particular site you want to go to?

Ritsuka: no…

Mafuyu: not really.

Akihiko: for me, as long as there’s sake.

Haruki: ok then, what about the food?

Ritsuka: like, yakisoba, maybe.

Mafuyu: snacks.

Akihiko: sake. And meat.

Haruki: I’ll make some “tsumami”** dishes to bring along, then.

Akihiko: thanks!

Akihiko: then I’ll bring the sake.

Haruki: you only want sake, don’t you!?

Mafuyu: I want tea too.


April 2, 2020

No, Mafuyu. Just tea for you.

*) Ohanami is Sakura flower-viewing. People in Japan would come to places where they can enjoy the view of Sakura flowers. People would also have a picnic while enjoying the flowers around them.

**) Tsumami are light meals that are eaten together with alcoholic beverages.

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