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Any Bones (1/2)
Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI | 01, 02
Requested by @muzanskimono I hope you like it! I wrote way too much so I'll post the second half next week.
After being saved from the Water Pillar, the only thing you could do to repay him was to let him stay in your little cottage as he recovered from the wounds he sustained from the fight. Giyuu found himself enjoying your company, and grateful for the care you gave him. He was even more grateful for the food you served him. Eventually the tables turned, and the Water Pillar found himself wanting to satisfy you.
Vanilla, slow, long, burn injuries and scars, cunnilingus, hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
“I’m so sorry,” you whimpered, crying into his shoulder as you sat at his bedside. You couldn’t hold in your emotions any longer – the man had saved you from a demon, and you were overcome with guilt over the injuries he suffered.
The man looked at you with those unwavering blue eyes, and you felt almost compelled to hold your breath. “Don’t cry,” the man whispered, unable to speak normally.
“Giyuu is fine,” Kocho cooed behind you, with an unusually chipper tone about her voice, “Even though he’s unlikeable, no one can deny his strength. There is almost no chance he would succumb to fire demon with no rank. He’ll survive. That said, he’ll be escorted to the Butterfly mansion to recov--.”
“No,” you cut her off, suddenly finding strength in your voice, “I’ll care for him in my home.”
The Insect Pillar’s eyes narrowed at you, but her tone didn’t change, “But we are surely better equipped.”
“No,” you rejected again, “It’s my obligation.”
Tumblr media
Giyuu found himself looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. His entire body felt like it was on fire, but…he was alive. Slowly, he was able to turn his head to the side – he had an instinctual need to scout out his surroundings.
There you were, slumped over in slumber. You had fallen asleep waiting for him to regain consciousness. Giyuu took a second to establish his Breathing, then sat up. The movement was enough to wake you. You were startled but once you realized Giyuu was awake you calmed down. A gentle smile graced your face. He didn’t return it, but you didn’t need him to.
“Where are we?” asked Giyuu, ignoring the throbbing pain in his head. His eyes catch his healing wounds, barely peeking out where the bandages couldn’t reach. He recalled his flesh being scorched by a demon.
“My home. You can stay here until you recover. It’s the least I can do.”
When Giyuu didn’t respond, you stood up and asked, “What would you like to eat?”
Already, Giyuu didn’t regret saving you. You watched him consider for a second, observing how little he expressed through his face. Finally, his eyes met yours and his silky voice left his throat. “Salmon Daikon.”
You looked at the ingredients you had procured from the marketplace with such unease that it made you nauseous. You weren’t sure how to make Salmon Daikon, but you couldn’t refuse Giyuu’s request. Biting your bottom lip, you pull your sleeves up and get to cooking.
Once you finished cooking, you brought a bowl over to Giyuu. You weren’t sure why you stayed to gauge his reaction, but you did. Although he gratefully kept your food down, he bluntly said, “You didn’t take out the fishbones.”
You gave him an annoyed look. “I guess I’ll have to practice filleting a fish,” you said with a smile. For a second, you reminded him of Kocho.
“Do you live with anyone else?” Giyuu asked.
You were slightly shocked that he was curious enough to ask, but you answered him anyway. “No. I live on my own.”
“It’s dangerous to live that way. It makes you an easy target for demons.”
This time, it was you that looked at him expressionless. “Sometimes,” you said, “People are the real demons.”
Later that day, you came back to the room with fresh bandages. Wordlessly, you pulled the blanket away from his body. Wordlessly, Giyuu pulled his robes away. In the silence, you undid the old bandages, crusty from his dried blood. You did so carefully, and skillfully, as to not further agitate the wounds. You kept your focus on the task at hand, ignoring the feeling of his gaze burning through your face.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed and Giyuu was fully recovered from his burns. There was a large scar on his side now. Once, you traced the newly formed skin that replaced the raw injury. Giyuu gently grabbed your hand. You caught his gaze. It’s not your fault.
“Will you leave?” you asked, trying desperately not to look sad about it. Despite your general aversion of other people, you found that it had been nice having him around to keep you company. Sure, he was a little awkward, but so were you.
“I have duties to attend to,” Giyuu answered flatly, his hand gripping the sword that hung at his waste (A/N: Not innuendo, I promise), “Thank you…for taking care of me.” He opened the door to take his leave but stopped in his tracks when you called his name.
“Giyuu,” you said, “Visit often.” You intentionally avoided phrasing it like a question or request so that Giyuu wouldn’t misinterpret your words as an optional thing.
And just as easily as he came into your life, he was gone.
Tumblr media
Giyuu had left you for about a week now, and you were beginning to think he had forgotten all about you. You tried pushing back the disappointment, but that proved difficult. You chastised yourself for having mastered that stupid Salmon Daikon dish for the man – you were never the type to do something so…so…domestic. But why did you care so much? What were these feelings?
Knock, knock, knock.
Someone was at the door. Your chest tightened, your heart about to burst. Was it him?
Quickly, you sped through your small cottage at found yourself pausing at the front door only to brush your hair back before opening it. Your eyes fell on those familiar dark blue ones.
“Giyuu.” His name left your lips without your consent.
“Y/N,” Giyuu greeted you.
“You’re out of luck – I don’t have the ingredients for Salmon Daikon today,” you said with a sigh. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you thought he wouldn’t stay if you couldn’t make his favorite dish tonight. “I can run to the market--.”
“No need,” Giyuu retorted, “I can eat other things – you’ve cooked different things for me before.”
You moved out of the way so he could enter your humble abode. You hoped he didn’t notice how weird you were being around him. He moved passed you and headed straight for the kitchen. After washing his hands and pushing up his sleeves, he took a knife and started cutting up some vegetables. You read his movements and started doing the same. In the silence of your small, isolated cottage, you and Giyuu created a new dish.
“I hope it’s good,” you said, filling two bowls with rice and what you made and setting them on the wooden table. Giyuu sat across from you.
“Across from me? We’ve known each other long enough to sit next to each other, don’t you think?” You didn’t give him time to respond. You placed your bowl at the seat adjacent to his. For some reason or another, you wanted to be a little closer to him. You almost cravedit.
You watched as he took his chopsticks from the dish to his mouth. A small smile crept on his lips. Your heart leapt in your chest. It was then that you realized that it was that small smile that you had missed in his absence.
“I’m glad you like it,” you said teasingly. You took a bite out of your bowl. Your eyes immediately shot up to look at him. “It is good.”
“You doubted me.”
“I did,” you said laughing and leaning against him as you did. You knew it made him feel a hyper-aware of your presence. You also knew that he didn’t exactly hate it. However, he was caught off-guard when your laughter faded and you looked at him with such a serious face. “It hasn’t been the same without you here.”
Giyuu turned his body on the chair so he could give you all of his attention. He felt the same away about you. It was your eyes – they were so sure. Unwavering. It made him…weak. He wasn’t accustomed to such feelings. “I…I…”
You rolled your eyes. “I always do the hard work,” you complain as you lean towards him, closing your eyes. Your lips locked onto each other’s. You only opened your eyes when he pulled away. If you didn’t already realize you loved him, you did then. His face was beet-red, and he couldn’t look you in the face. But since he didn’t pull away or push you away completely, you knew he just needed time to process his own feelings.
The two of you continue to finish your dinner. “I think it needs a little lemon,” you said, getting up from your seat to cut a lemon in half. You squeeze the yellow fruit over his plate and yours.
After much pestering, Giyuu finally gave in and told you about his latest mission. You were enthralled by his heroic stories, but you were also a little frightened for him. He had warned you against living alone in the woods, but he was living a dangerous life himself.
“Will you still be here in the morning?” you asked. You watched as Giyuu swallowed the last bite on his plate.
“Do you want me to be?”
“I do.”
Giyuu looked at you intently. Slowly, he leaned his head towards you. He paused just before your lips touched. “Then I’ll stay.”
You closed your eyes and closed the gap between you and the man who saved you. His lips were soft, his kiss gentle. Slowly, his hand found your shoulder and moved up to cup you head, right where your neck met your jaw. His touch felt…nice.
Suddenly, you felt the blood rush to your face. You weren’t usually one to blush, but you were sure you were just as red as he was a few minutes ago. You needed to regain some control. You pulled away from the kiss, and pulled him out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.
You slowly pulled your robes away from your body. Slowly, you looked up at Giyuu to gauge his reaction. You honestly thought his eyes would be on the areas he hadn’t seen before, but they weren’t. Giyuu eyes were glued on your own. You could hear your heartbeat ringing in your ears.
Giyuu gently laid you down on the bed, your legs dangling over the edge. He kissed you right under your jaw, down your neck to your clavicle. The sensation sent shivers down your spine. He moved down to your chest, where he sucked on your nipples for a few seconds before continuing his descent to your slit.
Suddenly feeling insanely shy, you couldn’t help the reflex to close your legs. He looked up at you, surprised that you attempted to squash his head between your thighs.
“Sorry!” you said, embarrassed.
A small smirk graced Giyuu’s face – an expression you’ve never seen him make before. It was oddly sexy. He parted his mouth, and his tongue started to work on your clit. You took a sharp breath, your fingers finding themselves looping around his hair. You tried to regulate your breathing, but you couldn’t stop it from becoming heavy, ragged. You tossed your head back, writhing in the pleasure of his wet tongue playing around the most sensitive spot of your body.
So focused you were on his tongue, that it came to a surprise to you that he’d slip his fingers into your warmth. It felt a little awkward at first. He worked fast to find your spot, and once he did – confirmed by your squirming – he kept striking it. It was starting to become too much. Your jaw slackened, your hands gripped at your sheets. You were close. He must have known, too, because he only hastened his ministrations on your clit and g-spot, the increase in pace sending your over the edge.
You let out a loud groan, your hips bucking against his face, which was now wet with your slick. He had grabbed a hold of your thighs to push them away from his head as you rode out your high. Once he felt that you had settled down, he let go of your legs and stood up. You watched as he wiped his face down with his sleeve before stripping down.
You were still catching your breath when he kissed you, his fingers lacing through your own. You could taste yourself on his tongue…and a little bit of lemon.
Tumblr media
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★ 【Ekita玄】 「 鬼滅の刃スーツ風 」 ☆ ⊳ hashira // demon slayer ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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he’s not disliked by people  ✓ 
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✨students of the same teacher✨
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✰ *:・゚Sleepy Babies *:・゚✰
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😭Still picking up pieces, of my broken heart, from the floor..😭
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More derpy demon slayer manga panels.
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Kimetsu no Yaiba BD Covers || Vol. 1-11 + Mugen Ressha Hen
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“The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you.” THIS PROMPT WITH GIYUU?? Btw I love u so much I’m so proud of u for reaching ur milestone ur amazing mwah mwah 💕💋
Tumblr media
AAAAAAA OFC BB🥺 Thank you so much love, i hope this is like you wanted it to be!!
prompt 9: “The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you.”
prompt list
WARNINGS: fem!reader - dom!giyuu - cursing - unprotected sex - rough sex - choking - giyuu being possessive/jealous - 700 words - jumps right into the smut
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Giyuu-” You whimpered out, biting the insides of your cheek to hold back your moans as your lover pounded into you roughly. “Something wrong, doll?” He asked with a smirk, looking you in the eyes as he hovered over you, some hair slightly falling down his face.
“N-No it’s just-” You spoke, being cut off by a moan as Giyuu hit that spot buried inside of you, making you clench around his length. “Hmm what is it?” Giyuu asked once more. “P-Please slow down, I don’t wanna be too loud-” You told him but in reality you were enjoying this, it was just the fact that you didn’t want to be too loud and Giyuu knew that.
“Hmm why’s that?” He cooed, stroking some hairs out of your face gently, his touches totally not matching his thrusts at all. “B-Because off the neighbors-” You whined out and Giyuu raised his eyebrow, looking at you with dark eyes. It almost was like the whole mood changed and his eyes were darker, dark and filled with lust.
Giyuu wasn’t the type to often dom in the relationship but when he did, it was good. Yet he never was this rough with you and you didn’t know what could’ve happened. It would be a lie to say that you weren’t enjoying it though, in fact you were getting off to it.
What made Giyuu snap like this was the fact that the neighbors had been flirting with you and hitting on you constantly like he wasn’t there or doesn’t exist to them. He wasn’t the type to usually be jealous but it was safe to say that this always left his blood boiling.
He knew you were just being nice and always told them no and reminded them you had a boyfriend, pointing at Giyuu with a soft smile yet whenever you turned back to them, they continued hitting on you like Giyuu didn’t exist so he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Well? What about them? Come on doll, let them hear.” Giyuu smirked, rutting into your needy heat harshly while you struggled to hold in a moan, only for Giyuu to grab your face harshly and pull you in a kiss.
The man didn’t give you time to properly kiss back, fucking into you roughly and hitting that spot that left you seing stars once again so you struggled to kiss back and held onto the sheets harshly, tears of pleasure slowly building up in your eyes.
Giyuu knew exactly what he was doing as he looked down at you with a cocky smirk, tightening his grip on your sides. This was a completely new Giyuu but you surely weren’t complaining, gasping a bit when he put your legs on his shoulder, just so he could hit it deeper, tears slowly streaming your face as you moaned out his name.
“Hmmm that’s how I like it doll-” Giyuu smirked, rubbing your clit slowly, being a tease knowing you were overly sensitive and him being gentle with his touches but having rough thrusts didn’t help at all.
Giyuu surely felt lucky to call you his but that didn’t mean he wouldn't be possessive over you, you were all his to begin with.
“Fuck Giyuu I’m gonna-” You whimpered out, looking him in the eyess as you moaned out his name softly. “Such a good girl- Cum for me.” He smirked, going at a rough pace, slowly catching his release as well while wrapping his hand around your neck, rubbing your clit with the other.
You closed your eyes, trying to hold back your moans once again as Giyuu took notice of it, tightening his grip around your neck. His hips snapping against yours, the only sounds in the room being your moans and the sounds of the two of you colliding.
Giyuu smirked at his sight and choked on a moan as you clenched around him, your moans becoming louder and louder with the second, not being able to hold them back anymore. 
“Giyuu!” You moaned out loudly, clenching around his length once more and coming undone with the loudest moan of the night so far as Giyuu released inside of you, not slowing down at all, making you gasp for air.
All he did was grin a bit and continue his rough movements, your loud moans only feeding his ego. “The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you doll-” Giyuu spoke, leaning closer to your ear.
“Which isn’t anytime soon-” He whispered, making goosebumps appear all over your body as you realized this was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
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Everybody loves Rengoku Kyōjurō
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new year new ship, this time featuring two ppl who I think both have bi energy
Context for the 2nd image: I headcanon that since butterflies are so closely associated with the kochou sisters, everytime shinobu sees a butterfly she likes to think it’s her sister pestering watching over her
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☆ Demon Slayer Episode 1: Cruelty
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giyu ✨
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The Water Hashira (水柱)
Happy Birthday Nethmi! @mizurei
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Can I make a request for Uzui, Kyojuro and Giyu having a Spanish s/o who always calls them Cariña, Cariñ, Mi amor, Mi vida etc.
I am not Spanish I just wanted to do this because I thought this would be interesting😊
Hi Anon!
Thanks a lot for this request, I had a lot of fun writing about these hotties! Please, if you will, listen to: Shakira's my Hips Don't Lie; oldie but goodie tbh. Have fun and I hope you like it <3
Tengen Uzui, Kyojuro Rengoku and Tomioka Giyuu reacting to his S/O calling them love names in spanish.
Warnings: mentions of blood, mentions of death, implied polyamorous relation, soft angst.
Tengen Uzui
Tumblr media
You have a pretty dynamic relationship with Tengen, considering the fact that he has 3 wives. You totally lose it when you initially found out, given your cultural background that was an absolute no-go. You will, for no reason ever, involve yourself with a married man; but little did you knew how persistent Tengen will be about it. “Y/N, darling I am telling you. They are totally fine with this. Please, my sweet, sweet Y/N.” He will plead, all the time, totally submitted to you trying to convince you to meet his wives.
When you finally agreed to meet them, not entirely convinced though, it definitely went way different from how you imagined it. They were absolutely fantastic, caring and kind with you even going to the extent of telling you: “Tengen was right, you are absolutely gorgeous! You are also part of the Demon Slayer corp right?”. From that day on your tension regarding him being married decreased little by little and so you allowed all Tengen’s intentions to court you.
One day when you and Tengen were cuddling in his state you curled closer to him and tenderly let slip a: “Mi amor, me encantas”. Tengen stopped stroking your hair and grabbed your chin to meet your eyes. With the most confused expression you have ever seen in his face you realized that you just spoke in your native language. You were about to apologize but Tengen interrupted you with an ear to ear grin: “Darling, I did not understand a word but sounded absolutely flamboyant!” you shyly answered: “It means that… umm, I fancy you so much I am totally crazy about you.”
If you knew how embarrassed you would be for translating it, you would have preferred to never be involved in his life. Tengen burst into loud laughter and pinned you down to the floor gently holding both of your wrists with his hands and covered your face entirely in kisses and told you: “You are so flamboyant, mi amor”.
This event took your relationship to a whole new level, because he automatically adopted all your love expressions in Spanish: “Mi vida, how’s your day going so far?” “Mi amor, would you like to go for a walk?” “Cariño, come to bed, it's already late”. You felt feverish every time he called you like this and your face turned entirely red when Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru started to call you by those names as well. So without even noticing, everyone at the Sound Pillar state were talking a little bit of spanish.
Totally unaware of how much Tengen loved when you love-called him in spanish, one day you stealthy got closer to his ear and whispered: “Mi amor, ¿Dónde te habías metido?”. Hearing your voice in a silky and seductive tone caused the Sound Pillar body to immediately tense up and with his ruby eyes wide open, quickly turned around to pin you against the wall; one hand right above your head and the other strategically located at your waist.
He was so close that you could feel the contractions of his chest while breathing and fiercely looking down at you, he asked: ”Doll, say that one more and I will urge you to accept an invitation to my bedroom”. As you grew aware of the situation you were, you defiantly answered: “ Well of course I will, cariño.” Making sure he listened pretty clearly to that last word, you allowed yourself to be carried away in a bridal style to the bedroom which you certainly will not get out until late the next morning.
Kyojuro Rengoku
Tumblr media
You and Kyojuro are what people will call: love doves. It was obvious to anyone who watched you, that you both were born to be together, twin souls if you will. He had always been a very respectful gentleman, so it just came natural that his darling will be the ultimate object of his adoration. His confession came right after he returned from the Mugen train mission just as he missed dead barely by an inch. He knew that he could not stand another day to pass by without you knowing how he felt for you .
You were the first person he wanted to see the moment he arrived at the Butterfly state. You reached his room the fastest you could, full of utter terror when you found out that he had just fought the third upper moon. As you saw him all covered up with bloody bandages, barely able to sit up straight; he gently took your hand and confessed: “Y/N… My beloved Y/N…You captivated me since the first time I set my eyes on you. I just simply can’t understand what you do to me, you simply make my heart ablaze. So please, even though I know it's selfish for me to ask, please be mine and only mine. My life will be dedicated entirely to you and only you.”
He said this with the widest and warmest smile regardless of his physical pain. He waited patiently for your answer, softly stroking the back of your hand in spite of growing nervous every second you remained silent. As tears started to build in your eyes, you gently bent over to tenderly embrace him, with extreme caution of his injured body.
You silently started sobbing, wetting his bandages, your mind traveling to the catastrophic scenario of Kyojuro’s death. You could never deal with that. Regardless of being aware that a demon slayer's life is at stake in every mission, especially when you had also put yours on the line, Kyojuro was your sun and you will do whatever it takes to protect him. Even if you needed to sacrifice your life. But, how could your strength compare to an upper moon? Even then, you would never flinch an inch, ever.
The Flame Pillar could sense your heart breaking right in front of him as he knew you better than anyone else. He did not needed a reply from you to be able to know how much you loved him and in how much pain you were for seeing him in that condition. He tenderly smiled as he tightened the embrace you were both sharing, how could he be so cruel with the person he loved the most? He thought that it was definitely the worst way to start a relationship. You finally broke the silence: “Kyojuro, my heart has always belonged to you” you said while still sobbing and continued: “I could never stand it, the idea of losing you it is just…”
He released from the embrace to catch your sight and slowly grabbed one of your hands to kiss it: ”You won’t, I’ll become stronger to brush all your fears away. I’ll always be here by your side. I promise you that.” He concluded with a serious expression, his beautiful amber eye set on yours and you softly responded with: “Oh Kyojuro…” as you threw yourself into his arms.
That was the beginning of your relationship with the Flame Pillar, his recovery took plenty of time and you made sure to visit him every single day. His day lightened up as soon as you crossed his bedroom door, sometimes you took Senjuro with you so you could both pamper your boyfriend on his way to his complete wellness. You both enjoyed curling up to each on his bed, sometimes he being a big spoon and some other times you enjoyed having him resting his back against your chest as you gently stroked his fiery hair.
One of those times, while you were grooming his hair you inadvertently called out to him: “Cariño, your hair feels so soft”. He immediately took your hand and delicately brought it to his lips and asked you: “Cariño? What does that mean?”. You laughed nervously as you realized that you have partially spoken in your native language and answered him back by hiding your face in his hair: “Oh Kyojuro, no… Please, don’t make me tell you… It's so embarrassing…”
He replied, now turning back to face you: “That only increases my urge to find out its meaning!” Your face was completely feverish, it was the first time you called Kyojuro: "sweetheart" and you just had to translate it to him. He totally lost it when you finally told him what it meant.
He will constantly do the most charming and adorable things for you with the hopes of hearing you calling him love names in Spanish. And if he did not succeeded, he will hug you from behind, hiding his face in the crook on your neck, finally begging for it: “Please my love, just one more time, for me? Please?”
You were delighted to discover how much power those words had on Kyojuro, so you wisely saved them for the intimacy of your shared bedroom at night. When luckily, you could not careless the moaned words Kyojuro took out of you.
Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Giyuu started in a pretty unexpected way. From the beginning you had always managed to catch his attention, it puzzled him the way that you seem to be able to talk to him so freely and carefree. You typically stopped your way to do some sweet small talk with him: “Good morning Tomioka-san, how’s everything going?” “Tomioka-san, fancy some of my daikon?” ”Oh Tomioka-san, your hair looks so nice today!”
Most of the time, he was unsure of how to reply back to you, especially because words were not his strength. But what tormented him the most was that he was never able to tell you how dizzy you made him feel, you were so beautiful and kind that he was concerned that you might not feel the same way as he did.
Luckily for him, he knew that his State was midway of your usual training ground, that way he could catch a glimpse of you more than once a day. A really wild idea popped to his mind one evening when you excused yourself in the middle of your conversation, he yearned so much, explaining that your lodging being so far away pushed you to go back as soon as your training sessions were over.
He was certainly clueless of how to start a conversation with you, but proposing you to move into his state in order for you not having to commute so much was absolutely terrifying for him. What if you had the wrong idea about him? Was he going too far, to the extent of making you feel uncomfortable? What if you stopped talking to him? That will be the death of him. He then pictured himself being equal to Tengen, being so confident of his flirting methods but in reality some of them were more intrusive than charming.
His heart was beating fast as he saw you approaching, that was going to be the day when he will be starting the conversation and better yet, invite you to move in with him. His thoughts were a complete mess at that moment, so when you waved him good morning he remained silent with an unaltered poker face.
This was his typical facial expression but not answering back at all caused you to think that you have probably overdo it, so continuing your way you apologized: “Ah, I am really sorry Tomioka-san You are probably sated of me talking to you non-stop. Rest assured, I will definitely stop from now on.”
As you bowed down to complete your apology, he gently grabbed you by your wrist and guided you inside his State. You were totally awestruck, what was he planning to do to you? He did not seem to be the violent type, but perhaps you just grinded his gears that day. Would he report this to the HQ? You never thought that he would be so displeased with you approaching him and as you continued to enter deeper into his property you tried to talk yourself out of that situation: “Tomioka-san, I was being serious about not approaching you anymore, this is really not necessary.”
You tried to look calm but your voice gave out how you were really feeling and that was Giyuu’s signal for stopping right on his tracks. He then spoke out with a very soft voice: “Y/N, I would like you to move into my state with me. That way your commute will be shorter.”
Your eyes widened in pure surprise, you were both standing right in front of the main entrance. Was he being serious? Was he asking you to move in with him? You could have never imagined that something like that would happen. Was it him feeling the same as you?
Inhaling deeply you spoke: “Tomioka-san I really appreciate your offer, but I can’t possibly see myself accepting it. I am really grateful to you”. All the time since the beginning of his proposal he will be facing in a totally different direction to where you were not releasing you from his grip. “I insist, please…” He would have never thought of himself doing something like that; holding someone, inviting them to live with him and even insisting after a negative response. But that is just how important you were to him.
You finally ended accepting his offer and moved in with him. Slowly he started to open more with you, his expressions softened and he clearly showed more openly his feelings for you especially when inside his state. “You came back earlier today” said Giyuu while trapping you between his body and the table in which you were placing some of your stuff. His chest was pressing tightly against your back as he placed both of his hands beside yours, completing your lockdown.
“I am home, mi vida” You said as you quickly kissed his cheek hoping for it to be a valid token for your release. Nevertheless he did not move at all, instead he leant closer whispering to you: “Fancy telling me what “mi vida” means?” His voice was firm and demanding and at that moment you realized that his grip made you so nervous that you accidentally talked in Spanish.
“Uhh, well… That means… Well is something sort of like… Ummm” Your words did not make any sense as you grew more anxious with the situation and so the Water Pillar turned the situation worse for you when he slowly started kissing the back of your neck. In between kisses, he will keep telling you: “I am pretty sure that is not what it means.” You were melting right then and there, who could have guessed how much a teaser the “shy” Water Pillar was?
After you explained to him what it meant, he asked you to love-call him more in Spanish. He adored to hear you calling him “Mi vida” because that will literally mean that he belonged to you. He totally lost it when you told him “Amor mio” while you were sitting on his lap both chilling in his engawa. You automatically had him begging for your love, whispering your name in the most seductive voice you have ever heard coming out from his lips.
An electrifying pleasant sensation discharged through your spine as Giyuu gently guided you to his favorite place to show you how much he loved you. There, you thought, would be the perfect place to let him know a couple of more love names in your native language.
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