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Um maybe headcanons about gyutaro meeting his soul mate or just a super fluffy soul mate short
hii im soo sorry i got to this so late 😭😭 ive been busy with school so its hard to find time to write. i decided to just make this a modern/soulmate au 👍 i hope this is okay !!
𝐆𝐘𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐎 𝙭 𝙜𝙣!𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧 | modern&soulmate!au
Tumblr media
Gyutaro hated the idea of having a soulmate especially since he thought he wasn’t attractive and his soulmate would be disappointed. A little red string was tied around his left hands pinky, connecting to whoever was his “soulmate”. He always finds himself staring at it, wondering who it could be. And his sister, Ume, always pestering him about it. Although she couldn’t see it he had mentioned it once and she wouldn’t shut up about it.
On the other side of the school, (Y/N) was in their class, staring at the red string just like Gyutaro. They were excited! It kept them up at night wondering who their soulmate could be. And they were determined to figure out who it was today.
As soon as the bell rang they stood up and followed the red string. They felt like they were walking around forever. Looking around every turn and hallway to find them.
(Y/N) began to space out, just staring at the red string and not worrying about anyone else.
They eventually ran into someone. He was tall, and his hair was black with a green ombre tied back into a small ponytail.
“Who the hell’re you?” He said turning around to face you. He was.. Frightening to say the least. He had very visible eyebags and his birthmark was extraordinary.
“I’m sorry!” (Y/N) said. They looked down to stare at their feet im embarrassment and instead she looked at his left hand. Their mouth hung open, almost like they were going to gasp or scream. They grabbed the strange guy’s hand and pointed at the red string tied around his pinky.
“You- you-!” (Y/N) could barely speak. They couldn’t tell if they were happy, extremely excited, or shocked! The taller male stared at them. Just as shocked as them. (Y/N) held out their hand to show him the red string tied around her pinky.
“Huh? What happened Gyutaro?” A feminine voice said. He didn’t respond.
“So your names Gyutaro? That’s lovely!” (Y/N) said. Gyutaro snatched his hand away from them.
“Oh!! Is this your soulmate Gyu?” The feminine voice said again. Her hair was white, also with a green ombre. She looked stunning.
“Yes? I-“ Gyutaro still couldn’t figure out what to say He was so shocked by his soulmate being in the same school he attended! He didn’t expect that they’d meet today.
“Well, Gyutaro, my names (L/N) (Y/N), but you can call me (Y/N)! I guess we’re soulmates? Isn’t that cool! You look super cool too!” (Y/N) was being genuine. Even though they just met, (Y/N) thought he was super attractive. He though the same thing about (Y/N).
“Well it was a pleasure meeting you.. I- uh.. The bells about to ring so I’m gonna go to class.. See ya.” He said walking off with the girl, maybe they’re siblings (Y/N) thought.
“Okay! Can I get you’re number at lunch? They said before Gyutaro got to far away. He turned back around and nodded. He had a slight smile on his face.
Tumblr media
“You’re smiles kinda dumb, Gyu.” His sister said jokingly. Of course she didn’t think that.
“Shut up Ume. Go to class!” He said slightly annoyed by her joke. She giggled and waved her older brother goodbye before running off to her class.
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Any Bones (1/2)
Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI | 01, 02
Requested by @muzanskimono I hope you like it! I wrote way too much so I'll post the second half next week.
After being saved from the Water Pillar, the only thing you could do to repay him was to let him stay in your little cottage as he recovered from the wounds he sustained from the fight. Giyuu found himself enjoying your company, and grateful for the care you gave him. He was even more grateful for the food you served him. Eventually the tables turned, and the Water Pillar found himself wanting to satisfy you.
Vanilla, slow, long, burn injuries and scars, cunnilingus, hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
“I’m so sorry,” you whimpered, crying into his shoulder as you sat at his bedside. You couldn’t hold in your emotions any longer – the man had saved you from a demon, and you were overcome with guilt over the injuries he suffered.
The man looked at you with those unwavering blue eyes, and you felt almost compelled to hold your breath. “Don’t cry,” the man whispered, unable to speak normally.
“Giyuu is fine,” Kocho cooed behind you, with an unusually chipper tone about her voice, “Even though he’s unlikeable, no one can deny his strength. There is almost no chance he would succumb to fire demon with no rank. He’ll survive. That said, he’ll be escorted to the Butterfly mansion to recov--.”
“No,” you cut her off, suddenly finding strength in your voice, “I’ll care for him in my home.”
The Insect Pillar’s eyes narrowed at you, but her tone didn’t change, “But we are surely better equipped.”
“No,” you rejected again, “It’s my obligation.”
Tumblr media
Giyuu found himself looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. His entire body felt like it was on fire, but…he was alive. Slowly, he was able to turn his head to the side – he had an instinctual need to scout out his surroundings.
There you were, slumped over in slumber. You had fallen asleep waiting for him to regain consciousness. Giyuu took a second to establish his Breathing, then sat up. The movement was enough to wake you. You were startled but once you realized Giyuu was awake you calmed down. A gentle smile graced your face. He didn’t return it, but you didn’t need him to.
“Where are we?” asked Giyuu, ignoring the throbbing pain in his head. His eyes catch his healing wounds, barely peeking out where the bandages couldn’t reach. He recalled his flesh being scorched by a demon.
“My home. You can stay here until you recover. It’s the least I can do.”
When Giyuu didn’t respond, you stood up and asked, “What would you like to eat?”
Already, Giyuu didn’t regret saving you. You watched him consider for a second, observing how little he expressed through his face. Finally, his eyes met yours and his silky voice left his throat. “Salmon Daikon.”
You looked at the ingredients you had procured from the marketplace with such unease that it made you nauseous. You weren’t sure how to make Salmon Daikon, but you couldn’t refuse Giyuu’s request. Biting your bottom lip, you pull your sleeves up and get to cooking.
Once you finished cooking, you brought a bowl over to Giyuu. You weren’t sure why you stayed to gauge his reaction, but you did. Although he gratefully kept your food down, he bluntly said, “You didn’t take out the fishbones.”
You gave him an annoyed look. “I guess I’ll have to practice filleting a fish,” you said with a smile. For a second, you reminded him of Kocho.
“Do you live with anyone else?” Giyuu asked.
You were slightly shocked that he was curious enough to ask, but you answered him anyway. “No. I live on my own.”
“It’s dangerous to live that way. It makes you an easy target for demons.”
This time, it was you that looked at him expressionless. “Sometimes,” you said, “People are the real demons.”
Later that day, you came back to the room with fresh bandages. Wordlessly, you pulled the blanket away from his body. Wordlessly, Giyuu pulled his robes away. In the silence, you undid the old bandages, crusty from his dried blood. You did so carefully, and skillfully, as to not further agitate the wounds. You kept your focus on the task at hand, ignoring the feeling of his gaze burning through your face.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed and Giyuu was fully recovered from his burns. There was a large scar on his side now. Once, you traced the newly formed skin that replaced the raw injury. Giyuu gently grabbed your hand. You caught his gaze. It’s not your fault.
“Will you leave?” you asked, trying desperately not to look sad about it. Despite your general aversion of other people, you found that it had been nice having him around to keep you company. Sure, he was a little awkward, but so were you.
“I have duties to attend to,” Giyuu answered flatly, his hand gripping the sword that hung at his waste (A/N: Not innuendo, I promise), “Thank you…for taking care of me.” He opened the door to take his leave but stopped in his tracks when you called his name.
“Giyuu,” you said, “Visit often.” You intentionally avoided phrasing it like a question or request so that Giyuu wouldn’t misinterpret your words as an optional thing.
And just as easily as he came into your life, he was gone.
Tumblr media
Giyuu had left you for about a week now, and you were beginning to think he had forgotten all about you. You tried pushing back the disappointment, but that proved difficult. You chastised yourself for having mastered that stupid Salmon Daikon dish for the man – you were never the type to do something so…so…domestic. But why did you care so much? What were these feelings?
Knock, knock, knock.
Someone was at the door. Your chest tightened, your heart about to burst. Was it him?
Quickly, you sped through your small cottage at found yourself pausing at the front door only to brush your hair back before opening it. Your eyes fell on those familiar dark blue ones.
“Giyuu.” His name left your lips without your consent.
“Y/N,” Giyuu greeted you.
“You’re out of luck – I don’t have the ingredients for Salmon Daikon today,” you said with a sigh. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you thought he wouldn’t stay if you couldn’t make his favorite dish tonight. “I can run to the market--.”
“No need,” Giyuu retorted, “I can eat other things – you’ve cooked different things for me before.”
You moved out of the way so he could enter your humble abode. You hoped he didn’t notice how weird you were being around him. He moved passed you and headed straight for the kitchen. After washing his hands and pushing up his sleeves, he took a knife and started cutting up some vegetables. You read his movements and started doing the same. In the silence of your small, isolated cottage, you and Giyuu created a new dish.
“I hope it’s good,” you said, filling two bowls with rice and what you made and setting them on the wooden table. Giyuu sat across from you.
“Across from me? We’ve known each other long enough to sit next to each other, don’t you think?” You didn’t give him time to respond. You placed your bowl at the seat adjacent to his. For some reason or another, you wanted to be a little closer to him. You almost cravedit.
You watched as he took his chopsticks from the dish to his mouth. A small smile crept on his lips. Your heart leapt in your chest. It was then that you realized that it was that small smile that you had missed in his absence.
“I’m glad you like it,” you said teasingly. You took a bite out of your bowl. Your eyes immediately shot up to look at him. “It is good.”
“You doubted me.”
“I did,” you said laughing and leaning against him as you did. You knew it made him feel a hyper-aware of your presence. You also knew that he didn’t exactly hate it. However, he was caught off-guard when your laughter faded and you looked at him with such a serious face. “It hasn’t been the same without you here.”
Giyuu turned his body on the chair so he could give you all of his attention. He felt the same away about you. It was your eyes – they were so sure. Unwavering. It made him…weak. He wasn’t accustomed to such feelings. “I…I…”
You rolled your eyes. “I always do the hard work,” you complain as you lean towards him, closing your eyes. Your lips locked onto each other’s. You only opened your eyes when he pulled away. If you didn’t already realize you loved him, you did then. His face was beet-red, and he couldn’t look you in the face. But since he didn’t pull away or push you away completely, you knew he just needed time to process his own feelings.
The two of you continue to finish your dinner. “I think it needs a little lemon,” you said, getting up from your seat to cut a lemon in half. You squeeze the yellow fruit over his plate and yours.
After much pestering, Giyuu finally gave in and told you about his latest mission. You were enthralled by his heroic stories, but you were also a little frightened for him. He had warned you against living alone in the woods, but he was living a dangerous life himself.
“Will you still be here in the morning?” you asked. You watched as Giyuu swallowed the last bite on his plate.
“Do you want me to be?”
“I do.”
Giyuu looked at you intently. Slowly, he leaned his head towards you. He paused just before your lips touched. “Then I’ll stay.”
You closed your eyes and closed the gap between you and the man who saved you. His lips were soft, his kiss gentle. Slowly, his hand found your shoulder and moved up to cup you head, right where your neck met your jaw. His touch felt…nice.
Suddenly, you felt the blood rush to your face. You weren’t usually one to blush, but you were sure you were just as red as he was a few minutes ago. You needed to regain some control. You pulled away from the kiss, and pulled him out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.
You slowly pulled your robes away from your body. Slowly, you looked up at Giyuu to gauge his reaction. You honestly thought his eyes would be on the areas he hadn’t seen before, but they weren’t. Giyuu eyes were glued on your own. You could hear your heartbeat ringing in your ears.
Giyuu gently laid you down on the bed, your legs dangling over the edge. He kissed you right under your jaw, down your neck to your clavicle. The sensation sent shivers down your spine. He moved down to your chest, where he sucked on your nipples for a few seconds before continuing his descent to your slit.
Suddenly feeling insanely shy, you couldn’t help the reflex to close your legs. He looked up at you, surprised that you attempted to squash his head between your thighs.
“Sorry!” you said, embarrassed.
A small smirk graced Giyuu’s face – an expression you’ve never seen him make before. It was oddly sexy. He parted his mouth, and his tongue started to work on your clit. You took a sharp breath, your fingers finding themselves looping around his hair. You tried to regulate your breathing, but you couldn’t stop it from becoming heavy, ragged. You tossed your head back, writhing in the pleasure of his wet tongue playing around the most sensitive spot of your body.
So focused you were on his tongue, that it came to a surprise to you that he’d slip his fingers into your warmth. It felt a little awkward at first. He worked fast to find your spot, and once he did – confirmed by your squirming – he kept striking it. It was starting to become too much. Your jaw slackened, your hands gripped at your sheets. You were close. He must have known, too, because he only hastened his ministrations on your clit and g-spot, the increase in pace sending your over the edge.
You let out a loud groan, your hips bucking against his face, which was now wet with your slick. He had grabbed a hold of your thighs to push them away from his head as you rode out your high. Once he felt that you had settled down, he let go of your legs and stood up. You watched as he wiped his face down with his sleeve before stripping down.
You were still catching your breath when he kissed you, his fingers lacing through your own. You could taste yourself on his tongue…and a little bit of lemon.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve got a sword and I know how to use it
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
drew some of my fav kny characters in my style <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
★Tomioka Giyū★
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It’s Nezuko Day!! ~~Youtube Link~~
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Going into a haunted house with the kny characters hcs | Halloween collaboration
Tumblr media
Gif by WiseStamp
Characters: Kamaboko squad (+ Genya) and all the Hashiras
Prompt: What it would be like to walk through a haunted house with your kny fav
Note: I just wanna thank @laudthingcat for letting me join their event! Please go check out their Halloween party collab on their page it has so many other wonderful creators who also did something for the event here’s the link 🎃
Also I wanna give a shout-out to @jnnibot who recently started writing kny x reader fics they are an amazing writer and they take request so please go check their page out /3
Lastly this is in a modern au
- This would probably be his first haunted house because every Halloween he’s usually out trick or treating with his younger siblings
- Tanjiro isn’t the toughest person but he isn’t weakest either so he gets scared a reasonable amount of times
- When he gets scared he automatically grabs onto you and pulls you closer to him
- He does it in an attempt to protect 😭
- Even in a haunted house you’re still his number one priority 🥺
- Tanjiro would soon realize what he’s doing and slowly let go sheepishly apologizing for acting like that
- If you’re getting really scared he’ll ask if you’d like to leave but if you want to stay he offers to hold your hand the whole way through
- If you did want to leave you guys would go to Nezuko and help her watch over the other siblings while trick or treating, he’ll buy you caramel apple after to help calm you down
- He didn’t really care to go when you asked he just nodded but he was a bit disappointed at first because you two usually cuddled and watched scary movies every Halloween but whatever
- Giyuu is a naturally quiet person so it’s no suprise he didn’t scream when he got scared
- During the entire haunted houses he’ll be holding your hand
- So you can tell when he gets scared because he’ll squeeze it
- Or he’ll let out a small gasp but then he’ll turn super red when you look at him because he’s embarrassed
- But to be honest Giyuu’s a pretty hard to scare person so that doesn’t happen often
- He’ll be pretty calm throughout the whole house and not once make a scene
- If you hid your face in his chest or try and hide behind him when you get scared he’ll blush and his heart will flutter because you choose him to seek comfort and protection
- If you’re too scared to finish he won’t mind guiding you the rest of the way with your eyes closed and him with a soft grip on your hand
- It was actually his idea to go to one, yes the boy who’s afraid of his own shadow wanted to go to a haunted house
- But the only reason he came up with the idea was because he heard somewhere when someone got scared they usually clinged on to the person next to them, and the thought of you holding onto him for protection because you’re scared makes his heart soar
- Hours before you entered the haunted house Zenitsu proudly said he’ll be your “protecter” and if you get scared he’s right there
- But his entire tough boy demeanor changed as soon as he entered the house
- He accidentally got caught up in a fake spider web and practically went under cardiac arrest
- He’s screaming bloody murder at everything he sees moves or he claims did even though it’s clearly stationed to the ground
- He’d be making the biggest scene screaming and running all over the place like a mad man you’re  shocked his voice isn’t gone nor they kicked you out because of all the ruckus he’s making
- He’ll be holding onto you for dear life throughout the entire thing you might have trouble breathing seeing how tight he’s holding on to you
- But it was his breaking point was when the lights went out and it was pitch black he grabbed you, swung you over his shoulder and made a bee line for the exist not once looking back
- You still have no idea where he got the random burst of strength from
- This was his first every haunted house and he was very excited because you told him it was a challenge for some people to make it to the end and Inosuke loves challenges
- But sadly the haunted house didn’t last very long
- he punched the first worker that jumped up at him
- “ How dare you try and scare lord Inosuke??!! ”
- And he didn’t just stop at one punch he began to beat tf out of that poor worker
- And the other workers who tried to stop him he fought them too
- Took a whole security squad to get y’all out
- you two are definitely banned form that haunted house and possibly from every other one in that area
- But Inosuke actually had fun because he got to fight someone and yes now he thinks that’s how all haunted houses are supposed to be
- You may have been banned but at least one of you had a good time
- He wants to go to another one next year but maybe you’ll just take him to a pumpkin patch instead he can’t hurt anyone he’ll probably just the pumpkins
- You strongly believed Nezuko is the type who’s easy to scare
- You may or may not have brought her to haunted house to test out this theory
- And it was proven wrong because not once did she get scared
- Instead she was intrigued by all the designs and costumes
- If someone jumped up and scared her she’ll be a bit confused at first but then pat them on the head with a closed eyes smile
- If you get scared she’ll try her best to make you feel better
- She’ll pretend to fight the monster that’s scaring you, she’ll go into fighting position and throw punches with a derp look on her face but the punches won’t hit the person
- Or she’ll try to look like the scary person by making a funny face, throwing her hands up and growl in an attempt to make you laugh instead of being scared
- He acts like a child in a candy shop
- Kyōjurō is the type of person who isn’t afraid of things like monsters or anything like that
- Instead of getting scared of the fake props like a normal person he just looks at them in awe
- He’ll be very amazed by the make-up and compliment everyone
- Like literally the person is trying their best to scare him and he’s asking how they got the sharp teeth to look so real
- If you get scared he’ll immediately hold your hand and tell you he’s right there and it’ll be okay
- Offers to put his hand on your eyes so you don’t have to see the scary monsters anymore
- Did not want to go at alll but you kept insisting and he eventually give in
- He didn’t want to go not because he thought it was lame but because he knew he’d get scared and he didn’t want you to think he was scaredy-cat :/
- But you assured him you won’t think that
- You two were holding on to each other both of your guards up ready for any jump scare
- It was going pretty well the first few minutes but then you both heard someone with a chainsaw in-front of you
- Without a second thought Genya grabbed you and sprinted for the entrance, yes entrance there was no way he was finishing this
- You guys weren’t running extremely fast but also going the wrong way it made workers forgot to the their jobs and just let you through
- Very much unimpressed
- While you’re losing your shit Sanemi is like 🙄 can I go home now?
- Despite him being an angry impulsive bby he won’t punch anyone who tries to scare him
- But if it’s one particular worker keeps jumping up at him he just might
- And not because they’re scaring him but because they’re annoying him but he’ll lie and say it was an accident
- It you get scared he would definitely tease you about it and would make the experience worst for you like he would press down on your shoulder and say boo when he sees you on edge
- But if you really can’t handle it and he sees you’re genuinely scared he’ll let you hid your face in his chest while he has a protective arm wrapped around you waist
- Buttt he’ll still be teasing you like calling you a punk or something
- If he gets scared just once he would be so embarrassed and call the whole thingy piece of crap and leave
- She just laughs the whole way through
- She’ll make fun of the costumes and props saying how fake they look
- She made one of the workers who tried to scare you cry because she saying how bad the paint job looked their costume
- She’s practices medicine, she’s seen things so the whole fake human organs and blood doesn’t faze her
- If you however are scared she’ll be a bit of a tease at first but she’ll also hold your hand
- Tries to help you get over the fear by telling you how fake it all was and pointing out all the flaws she also tries to make you laugh
- Like with Giyuu he doesn’t shout when he gets scared
- But you’ll know he got scared because the grip on your hand got a bit tighter or his eyes slightly widen
- Would get very pouty if you laugh at him
- But he doesn’t get scared that often and when something that’s supposed to be scary isn’t he just scoffs and rolls his eyes at it
- He is very much judgmental at the everything
- The walk through the house was going pretty good until you two saw creepy twins holding hands staring into your souls you and Obanai did a 360° and just walked back to the entrance you two made a silent agreement not to every discuss what just happened
- She’s hiding her face in your neck as soon as you enter
- Mitsuri really hates scary things it’s the one of the things this love bug can’t stand
- She much rather be at home sharing out plus size candy to all the children rather than this but because you asked she couldn’t bare to say no to you
- Mitsuri gets scared very easily so be sure to hug her and assure her everything is going to be ok
- You’ll keep asking her if she wants to go because poor baby is shaking with fear but she refuses because she doesn’t want yo spoil the fun for you
- She’s kinda like a cat when she gets scared, like all the hair on her body stands up when she gets  spooked
- She will most definitely faint if a worker jumps up and scares her this is when you take her out and please don’t listen to her when she says “ I can take it”
- She feels so bad for ending it early so let her buy you a bag of you favorite candy to make up
- When it comes to jump scares all he does is stare at them like 😐
- Probably goes “ oh hello” with the most nonchalant face when they jump up infront of him
- If you get scared he’d be very confused he be like why tho?
- He’ll hold on to the hem of you shirt to let you know he’s there and there isn’t anything to be afraid of 🥺
- You two accidentally got separated and baby forgot he was with and walked to the exist leaving you somewhere behind
- You now noticing him missing freaked out because you know how dangerous it was to leave this forgetful boy alone
- So you spent a whole hour in the house looking for him
- And no the workers didn’t give you any mercy and they still scared you
- You eventually decided to go outside and find security or someone to help look for him
- When you made it to the exist you were shaking with fear and tired
- Then in the corner you see Mui
- munching on a snicker bar you would get mad at him for bailing on you but he had chocolate all over his face and he looked so adorable so you dropped it
Uzui (Everyone say happy birthday Uzui 🎂)
- Like with Zenitsu the only reason he wanted to do it was because he wanted you to hold on to him for comfort
- As you guys go through the haunted house mans on edge his guard is all the way up
- He is most definitely scared but he can’t show it because that wouldn’t look very flamboyant now would it
- Would tease you if you scream even though he also got scared
- When you all leave he’ll claim it wasn’t scary at all and he’s seen worst but if you do so much as to step on a branch or say boo he might just scream his lungs off
- So every year you and Gyomie like to go and volunteer at the local orphanage to help with their Halloween celebration
- You two usually get paired with younger children and go trick or treating but this year you two were in charge of older children and they wanted to go to a haunted house
- Soooo Gyomei isn’t one to get scared plus he’s blind so he can’t really see the scary things
- You guys would probably end up leaving early because you feel bad for him since he can’t really enjoy it
- You guys ended up waiting outside and helped comfort the poor kids who finished and were scared
Tumblr media
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httptamaki · 5 months ago
“The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you.” THIS PROMPT WITH GIYUU?? Btw I love u so much I’m so proud of u for reaching ur milestone ur amazing mwah mwah 💕💋
Tumblr media
AAAAAAA OFC BB🥺 Thank you so much love, i hope this is like you wanted it to be!!
prompt 9: “The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you.”
prompt list
WARNINGS: fem!reader - dom!giyuu - cursing - unprotected sex - rough sex - choking - giyuu being possessive/jealous - 700 words - jumps right into the smut
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Giyuu-” You whimpered out, biting the insides of your cheek to hold back your moans as your lover pounded into you roughly. “Something wrong, doll?” He asked with a smirk, looking you in the eyes as he hovered over you, some hair slightly falling down his face.
“N-No it’s just-” You spoke, being cut off by a moan as Giyuu hit that spot buried inside of you, making you clench around his length. “Hmm what is it?” Giyuu asked once more. “P-Please slow down, I don’t wanna be too loud-” You told him but in reality you were enjoying this, it was just the fact that you didn’t want to be too loud and Giyuu knew that.
“Hmm why’s that?” He cooed, stroking some hairs out of your face gently, his touches totally not matching his thrusts at all. “B-Because off the neighbors-” You whined out and Giyuu raised his eyebrow, looking at you with dark eyes. It almost was like the whole mood changed and his eyes were darker, dark and filled with lust.
Giyuu wasn’t the type to often dom in the relationship but when he did, it was good. Yet he never was this rough with you and you didn’t know what could’ve happened. It would be a lie to say that you weren’t enjoying it though, in fact you were getting off to it.
What made Giyuu snap like this was the fact that the neighbors had been flirting with you and hitting on you constantly like he wasn’t there or doesn’t exist to them. He wasn’t the type to usually be jealous but it was safe to say that this always left his blood boiling.
He knew you were just being nice and always told them no and reminded them you had a boyfriend, pointing at Giyuu with a soft smile yet whenever you turned back to them, they continued hitting on you like Giyuu didn’t exist so he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Well? What about them? Come on doll, let them hear.” Giyuu smirked, rutting into your needy heat harshly while you struggled to hold in a moan, only for Giyuu to grab your face harshly and pull you in a kiss.
The man didn’t give you time to properly kiss back, fucking into you roughly and hitting that spot that left you seing stars once again so you struggled to kiss back and held onto the sheets harshly, tears of pleasure slowly building up in your eyes.
Giyuu knew exactly what he was doing as he looked down at you with a cocky smirk, tightening his grip on your sides. This was a completely new Giyuu but you surely weren’t complaining, gasping a bit when he put your legs on his shoulder, just so he could hit it deeper, tears slowly streaming your face as you moaned out his name.
“Hmmm that’s how I like it doll-” Giyuu smirked, rubbing your clit slowly, being a tease knowing you were overly sensitive and him being gentle with his touches but having rough thrusts didn’t help at all.
Giyuu surely felt lucky to call you his but that didn’t mean he wouldn't be possessive over you, you were all his to begin with.
“Fuck Giyuu I’m gonna-” You whimpered out, looking him in the eyess as you moaned out his name softly. “Such a good girl- Cum for me.” He smirked, going at a rough pace, slowly catching his release as well while wrapping his hand around your neck, rubbing your clit with the other.
You closed your eyes, trying to hold back your moans once again as Giyuu took notice of it, tightening his grip around your neck. His hips snapping against yours, the only sounds in the room being your moans and the sounds of the two of you colliding.
Giyuu smirked at his sight and choked on a moan as you clenched around him, your moans becoming louder and louder with the second, not being able to hold them back anymore. 
“Giyuu!” You moaned out loudly, clenching around his length once more and coming undone with the loudest moan of the night so far as Giyuu released inside of you, not slowing down at all, making you gasp for air.
All he did was grin a bit and continue his rough movements, your loud moans only feeding his ego. “The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you doll-” Giyuu spoke, leaning closer to your ear.
“Which isn’t anytime soon-” He whispered, making goosebumps appear all over your body as you realized this was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
tags: @lonelyweeb77 @fallxngstarr @touyas-peach @akaza-s-bitch @fiona782 @honeypirate @katonshoko @honeypirate @fiona782 @akaza-s-bitch @leoncito1503 @greenlplant @kyojuros-kitten @real-sotenbori-hours
if you’d like to be tagged in other works, click here <3
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log56vladovski-blog · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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How the Hashiras would react to you saying 'I love you'
I really like writing headcannons for the hashiras<3
Anyways here you go you simps
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
🔥 Rengoku Kyoujirou 🔥
Tumblr media
🔥 - "Love you too, darling!!"
🔥 - This man gets really REALLY happy when you tell him you love him (almost like a lil puppy🥺)
🔥 - Like oh my god the moment you say it his heart bursts into happiness and rainbows and love
🔥 - Would probably bear hug you after that
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
🎵 Tengen Uzui 🎵
Tumblr media
🎵 - "I love you too, sweetheart."
🎵 - Manz looks chill about it but on the inside HE'S DYING
🎵 - Like oh my goodness this man is so gay for you
🎵 - Verified simp™ (He's verified simp for you on twitter too)
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
❤ Mitsuri Kanroji ❤
Tumblr media
❤ - "Awww, I love you too, Y/N!"
❤ - Is so so SO happy
❤ - Like Rengoku, her heart bursts into rainbows and love but it's 100x intense bc well she's the love hashira
❤ - Would hug you and pepper kisses all over your face
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
🗿 Gyomei Himejima 🗿
Tumblr media
🗿 - "I love you too, my dear"
🗿 - He gets all smiley face wen you say that
🗿 - Like omg he just loves it so much
🗿 - Would probably start crying happy tears
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
💤 Muichiro Tokito 💤
Tumblr media
💤 - "Oh.. I love you too, Y/N.."
💤 - He says that back with that adorable big sleepy smile of his<3
💤 - Bonus if you get a hug
💤 - He forgets a lot of shit but he would never ever forget the times you said you loved him
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
🐍 Iguro Obanai 🐍
Tumblr media
🐍 - "I love you more, though."
🐍 - Says it so passionately omg
🐍 - You can legit see the hearts in his eyes
🐍 - Kaburamura just chillin watching this free romance show
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
🌊 Giyuu Tomioka 🌊
Tumblr media
🌊 - "I... I love you too.."
🌊 - He's like really shy so he'll avert his eyes while saying it
🌊 - Face is redder than a tomato
🌊 - Oh my god he's too precious someone hand me some tissues I'm gonna cry
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
🦋 Shinobu Kocho 🦋
Tumblr media
🦋 - "I love you too, honey!"
🦋 - This woman makes you go even gayer for her than before
🦋 - Most of the time her voice is sweet, yeah, but her voice gets geniunely sweeter when she says it back
🦋 - She loves you to the mf-ing moon and back<3
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
💢 Sanemi Shinaguzawa 💢
Tumblr media
💢 - "Tsk... Love you too, or whatever.."
💢 - Says that with a red face. 100%.
💢 - You like teasing him a LOT.
💢 - Most of time he'll tease back though so watch out
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
That will be all for now, sorry for being so inactive, School is a bitch ;-;
But anyways, hope you liked these imagines!
See you all next time :D
⊱ ────── {⋆💖⋆} ────── ⊰
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cathianemelian · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Giyuu, made during a train trip (approximately one hour and a half)
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crimson-chains · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Finally caught up with Demon Slayer ^^ Wanted to draw another poster! I like this dude, he's chill!
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calico-chan · 25 days ago
➤DEMON SLAYER headcanons - hashira
☾how they wake you up☽ 1/3
giyuu, sanemi, rengoku
A/N: im so sorry i took long to write this i barely had time to write them and i had no ideas what so ever (also it's exam week). because i barely had time ive decided to split this into 3 parts.
lil note: thank you all the people who were willing to give me advice for the argument. here's an update on what happened: basically i misunderstood the part where they were angry at me, they weren't and they didn't even say anything about what happened and we continued talking like always so it went well ig.
sorry for any grammatical mistakes.
⚠️warnings⚠️: none just fluff, slight crack
Tumblr media
when he entered the room to see you still sleeping he thought you were adorable and looked so kissable under the covers bUT-
BUT man's was a nervous wreck 🤠
he was like "should I wake her up or not? but what if she gets angry at me but I have to wake her up so she isn't late for <insert random thingy>"
it literally takes him 20 minutes to decide because he didn't want to disappoint you he wants to be a perfect boyfriend to you 🥰
girl u better be grateful you have this fine a** man or else 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤜🤜🤜 (yes im a giyuu kin or whatever you people call it)
eventually he decides to softly shake you and whisper "y/n... wake up... please??" man's even put his cold and emotionless act down for you
when you finally woke up you rubbed your eyes
"giyuu... good morning" you giggled before pulling him in for a loving kiss(YASS GO OFF MATERIAL GORL💅🏾😜)
Tumblr media
so. SO.
i feel like if you are a heavy sleeper he would just barge into the room... 😶
it's a jumpscare because he'll literally fling the door open, (almost breaking it) and saying, "AH GOOD MORNING DARLING!... OH? YOU'RE STILL ASLEEP? IN THAT CASE I'LL WAKE YOU UP MYSELF!"
you were already awake halfway in his sentence because his voice is so darn loud
if he knows you're a light sleeper, he'll try waking you up a little gentiler.
if you sleep in the same bed, he'll also be quite soft and on lazy days you both will continue sleeping in each others arms <3
Tumblr media
tbh i feel like he would be really soft with you if you're relationship is recent.
but as your relationship lasts longer he would love sneaking up on you.
he would tiptoe into your bedroom anddddd
"WAKE UP!!" he would scream in your ears. rip your eardrums 😔🙏🏾
you would jolt awake and look down at him angrily with your bed hair and all that.
and mr non-existent eyebrows is just laughing his head off on the floor 🤬🤬
after you would laugh with him while staring at him affectionately
a funny and heartwarming moment between two lovers 💞
finally this thing is done
n e ways thanks for sticking around make sure to take care of yourself and love yourself <333 (also thanks for 13 followers!)
also cause im really that bored here's a meme to heal depression <3
Tumblr media
(btw i made this meme and this roblox character is me lmao)
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hanae-ichihara · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
27/30. TOMIOKA GIYUU - KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Requested by @reddriot
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teddy-yandere · 28 days ago
Random request but it could be fluffy.
Yandere Kyojuro, Giyuu, Sanemi, Muzan, Douma, Kokushibou react to a darling that always carries around a stuffed animal. She cannot go any where without it and if you try take it away, she'll start a tantrum.
- My Stuffed Animal -
⚠️WARNING⚠️ will contain dark themes
Characters = Rengoku , Giyuu , Sanemi , Muzan , Douma , Kokushibou
A / N = Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I did not proofread this. Please read my bio before requesting, and make sure that my requests are open or else your request will be deleted. Enjoy <3
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
★ Rengoku thinks that it is very adorable how attached you are to your stuffed animals.
★ In fact , he will even go out of his way to buy you more
★ Every time he sees one at the market , he buys it , and takes it home to you.
★ There are times however , when he wishes that they did not exist.
★ Instead of going to him for comfort , you cry into your stuffed animals while hugging them.
★ He gets a little frustrated, so he tries to take them from you. Bad IDEA .
★ You immediately start to cry your heart out.
★ Rengoku is at a list for words.
★ He pats your head , and gives them back to you.
★ He will have a important talk with you later. , about your priorities.
★ I don’t think that Giyuu cares very much if you carry your stuffed animal with you everywhere.
★ In his eyes , it is not a problem as long as you are still giving him a lot of attention, and love.
★ It becomes a problem when you prioritize the stuffed animal over yourself.
★ For example=
★ Sometimes you forget to eat , and drink water , because you are too busy trying to organize them.
★ Giyuu tries to explain this too you , but you just don’t listen to him.
★ That s when he decides to try to take the stuffed animal away from you.
★ He did not expect for you to start throwing a tantrum. You were clinging on him , begging him not to take them away from you.
★ His heart breaks a little , but he hands them back to you.
★ Not to hurt your feeling or anything , but I highly doubt Sanemi will put up with this.
★ He really does love you , but he gets very jealous of your stuffed animals.
★ It is not a big problem as long as you give him attention, but he can’t help but feel pure jealously whenever you snuggle into them at night ( instead of him )
★ Sometimes , he will purposely hide your stuffed animals, to make you give him attention.
★ He can’t help but feel a little victorious when you beg him to help you find them.
★ I don’t think he minds if you take them out in public with you.
★ You might be able to convince him to hold them for you when you go shopping !
★ One time , you caught him cuddling one of them , while you were outside in the garden ( he really missed you ).
★ Sanemi refuses to admit that ever happened.
★ Surprisingly, I think Muzan would handle your stuffed animals better than Sanemi ( my opinion )
★ We already know that Muzan spoils the shit out of you , so it is not surprising that you have a mountain of stuffed animal on your bed.
★ Muzan definitely has a couple of your stuffed animals in his office.
★ He will let you take them out in public with you , but you have to hold his hand the whole time.
★ The only reason Muzan would take your stuffed animals away from you , is if you disobeyed him , or did something to make him annoyed.
★ He will probably give them back to you , when he sees you throwing a little tantrum , and begging him ( he has god complex y’know )
★ He finds it adorable when you carry your stuffed animal everywhere you go !
★ Will not let anyone make fun of you
★ Douma finds it super adorable when you carry your stuffed animals everywhere.
★ Whenever the two of you are cuddling , Douma always makes sure that you have a stuffed animal in your arms.
★ He will buy you a lot of them ( just like Muzan ).
★ He actively feeds into your little obsession.
★ Unlike the others , I highly doubt that Douma will ever take them away from you . He knows how much they mean to you , so he wouldn’t want to make you sad.
★ If you ever lose one of them , Douma would tear up the entire building trying to find them.
★ He can’t stand to see you sad.
★ If he can’t find them , then he will happily buy you a new one.
★ He thinks it is really cute that you carry them in public.
★ His little darling ~
★ Poor Kokushibou
★ At first , he was very confused on why you were so emotionally attached to these stuffed animals.
★ It took him a while to get used to them being everywhere. But eventually, he warmed up to them.
★ As with Muzan , Kokushibou would buy you a bunch of stuffed animal to keep you happy. He thinks your smile is priceless.
★ He thinks it is kinda funny when you go out in public with a stuffed animal.
★ He will take your stuffed animal if he feels like you are disobeying him ( yandere )
★ After he sees how heartbroken you look , he might give them back after a while.
★ He definitely has a favorite stuffed animal ( but he will never tell you )
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *.
Thanks for reading Darling !! <3
Have a nice Day / Night ~
Request Status = OPEN
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simplysimpingsimp · 2 months ago
So how would Inosuke, Tanjiro, Zenitsu and giyuu react to dating their s/o, someone asks them both when they started liking the other and s/o’s like “It was actually love at first sight for me. Nobody had any idea”? (S/o had kept their romantic feelings in check all that time until they started dating. Years could of gone by before then, but they were patient).
Hi hi Nesting-Dreams! Thank you so much for requesting and being so very patient with me in getting to your request TT I’m so sorry it took me nearly a month to get to you ToT!! I really like this prompt it sounds so sweet and cute, so thank you for sending it my way! As always I’m super sorry for any mistakes! Please feel free to let me know if you’d like me to fix or change anything, I’ll gladly do so <3
🌼 𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚆𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝙼𝚢 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝙰𝚝 𝙵𝚒𝚛𝚜𝚝 𝚂𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝙷𝙲𝚜
🌼 𝙺𝙽𝚈 𝚟𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚘𝚞𝚜 𝚡 𝚐𝚗! 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
🌼 𝙵𝚝. 𝚃𝚊𝚗𝚓𝚒𝚛𝚘, 𝚉𝚎𝚗𝚒𝚝𝚜𝚞, 𝙸𝚗𝚘𝚜𝚞𝚔𝚎, 𝙶𝚒𝚢𝚞
🌼 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚜: 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢/𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖
🌼 𝚃𝚆/𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜: 𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚎!
Tumblr media
Hearing those words of love at first sight would definitely make this man fall deeper in love because it was the same feeling with him
Tanjiro would be smiling ear to ear now knowing he was their love at first sight
If he was holding their hand at that moment, he gently squeeze it because of a sense of happiness
He would have a light blush on his face from the sheer amount of happiness and the fluttery fluff feeling in his heart
Mans would be an even greater ball of sunshine that day because of how happy it made him
“When I saw Y/n, it was love at first sight for me too,” Tanjiro would say with a bright smile
Homie would be so in love with Y/n TT
Tumblr media
Upon hearing that they felt love at first sight his face would turn a deep red
“R-Really?” A nod from them was all it took to start the fangirl screams
“WAAAAAH N/N I DIDNT KNOW YOU FELT THAT WAY,” he would sob and cry while pulling them into a hug
Zenitsu would nuzzle his cheek against them while speedily spewing out compliments about how adorable and cute they were
“N/NNNNNNN I LOVE YOU TOO YOU WERE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR ME TOO IN FACT I REALLY WANTED TO MARRY YEEEEEWWWWW,” He would cry into the embrace, his hands lovingly caressing their face
Would probably be doing all sorts of flips from happiness and the high levels of energy he suddenly got
Zenitsu would definitely and shamelessly pepper their face with so many kisses
Probably would pass out from the lack of air
Tumblr media
Would be a little confused at the concept of love at first sight
But once it’s explained oh boy
Mans already has a massive ego now hearing that they only had eyes for him
He would do his gremlin laugh and say “Lord Inosuke is just that irresistible,” with a smug but happy look on his face
Though deep down inside homie was giddy and had such a fluttery feeling in his chest TT
Would outwardly express it by putting his arm around them and kissing the side of their head
“You could say that it was also love at first sight for me too,” his smug expression would become shy and sweet with a gentle giddy blush on his cheeks
Tumblr media
Oh man hearing those words leave their lips that it was love at first sight TT
It was all the validation he needed from them in terms of knowing how much Y/n loved him
Outwards he would be cool and calm but on the inside man’s would be floating out to heaven from happiness
Giyu would have a small smile on his face and a faint blush on his cheeks
He would end up holding their hand, lacing his fingers with his
Definitely would take him a moment or two to truly grasp that he was their love at first sight
“It was love at first sight for me too,” he would say quietly with a happy side glance towards them
In private he would lovingly caress their face and look them deep in their eyes, embracing the moment of e/c melting with deep blue
ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ғᴏʀ ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ! ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ғᴇᴇʟ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴛᴏ sᴇɴᴅ ɪɴ ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs/ᴀsᴋs/ɪᴅᴇᴀs/ǫᴜᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs/ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛs/ᴀɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ !! sᴇᴇ ʏᴀʟʟ sᴏᴏɴ <3
ᴘᴇɴᴅɪɴɢ ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs: 24
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2012apocalypsesurvivor · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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anamiixx · 5 months ago
welcome to the world of demon slayers, where you'll find:
1. Michael Jackson
Tumblr media
2. Epic football matches
Tumblr media
3. The sleeping beauties
Tumblr media Tumblr media
4. The vegan
Tumblr media
5. Talented musicians
Tumblr media
6. The quiet emo kid
Tumblr media
7. Australian Spiders
Tumblr media
8. Orochimaru's child
Tumblr media
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txnjirou-s · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have some Shinobu incorrect quotes for the soul (featuring a very done Tomioka-san)
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