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#glad there’s a season 3 coming but I’m not sure I’ll be ready
therenlover · 5 months ago
Nine Years Starved (A Reformed Helmut Zemo/Sokovian Reader Oneshot
(Big thanks to the anon who asked for fluff with touch starved Zemo.... this got way out of hand but it’s in there! I promise!)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: It had been a little over nine years since Helmut Zemo lost his family, his country, and his sanity. Nine years since his last kiss. Nine years since he felt like a human man. Finally, he was ready to start over again, but first, he had to pay his penance back where it all began; Novi Grad. That’s when, by the grace of the fates, he met you.
Tags: Slow Burn, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Touch-Starved, Crying, Guilt, Self-Loathing, Falling In Love, Character Development, Character Study, Reformed!Helmut Zemo, Sokovian!Reader
Rating: G
Warnings: Minor Mention of Farmer Butchering Chickens, Zemo Hates Himself At First (but the ending is pure fluff)
Word Count: 7000~
This fic has been crossposted under the same title to my AO3!
Your house was only 300 feet away from the crater that used to be called Novi Grad.
It hurt sometimes when you drank your morning coffee on the porch and watched the sun rise over the grave that had buried some of your best friends. Other times you were just grateful to be alive.
After the city fell, those that had perished across Sokovia were mostly forgotten as the lucky few survivors from Novi Grad’s center were granted citizenship and housing in neighboring countries. Those unlucky enough to be left alive were given nothing. No relief money, no aid, and no acknowledgment by the public eye.
Next came the blip four years later.
You weren’t even aware that it had happened at first. You didn’t go into town much, the trip was half a day by car once the rubble fell and flattened anything closer, and your cottage was the last home still used for a good 20 miles in any direction. Anything else left standing had belonged to the dead, been abandoned, or was damaged too badly to salvage. Once you did make the drive to a more populated area, though, the difference was night and day.
Half of the population had disappeared in the blink of an eye. Back home, though, things were as they’d been for a long time: dead. You mourned, the Czech Republic absorbed the land you lived on, and for five more years the world turned as the crater that once was Novi Grad was slowly but surely reclaimed by the sea.
Things only really started to change for you several months after the blip was reversed.
Winter’s clutches were just beginning to loosen their grip on the world on the day the truck came. There was still snow covering the yard, piling up above the chickens’ hutch and sliding down off the roof of the cottage to create snowbanks along the edges of the building, but the worst of it had melted leaving a good half a foot behind in its wake. You had been busying yourself by the shed chopping firewood when, suddenly, a small pick-up truck came trundling down the unpaved dirt road to the right of your property.
The truck moved slowly, not built for that much ice, but it passed your house and continued up the road for a mile or so before coming to a rest in front of one of the abandoned houses to the north of yours. It was strange to see another soul so far outside the city. So strange, in fact, that you stopped working to watch them get out of the car.
They were just a little figure in the distance but you could work out their movements well enough as they stepped from the driver’s side to the almost empty bed of the truck, pulled a lone box into their arms, and walked into the seemingly unlocked house without a second glance. Once they had disappeared into the building you quickly grabbed the wood you’d managed to chop and moved it into the shed to season. Your mind was elsewhere, though.
With a heaving breath, you hustled into the warmth of the cottage. Was that new person moving in? If so, why? Who in their right mind would choose to live here of all places? Were they cute?
Your cheeks flushed.
Despite the fact that the figure had looked like a handsome, mysterious, and lonely stranger from a mile away, there was no promise that they actually were. With your luck, they wouldn’t even be moving in. These types of things tended to end poorly for you. Well, everything tended to end poorly for you, but the distinction between finding love and planting crops had to be made, even if it was only for yourself. It was best to curb your enthusiasm and quit while you were ahead. So, you did.
Or, to be fully transparent, you tried.
Sitting idle while such excitement was going on seemed wrong, so you decided to bake the potential new neighbor a loaf of bread, and when the dough was taking far too long to rise you also threw a batch of cookies in the oven just for good measure. It was what you would have done back when things were normal. Feeling some semblance of normalcy again was both thrilling and wholly depressing. You decided to air on the side of thrilling as a treat. You deserved it.
The bread was baked by about three o’clock when the sun began its slow descent down the horizon. You wrapped the round loaf up in a small piece of sackcloth leftover from a patterned bag of chicken feed, piled the baker’s dozen cookies into a Tupperware container, added in a little mason jar of butter for good measure, and set all three items in a wicker basket. With that, you put on your coat and headed to the car.
Driving to the house only took two or three minutes, but the whole trip your leg was bouncing nervously as you pushed ahead on the icy gravel. Even as you knocked on the door you thought of turning back. What if the neighbor didn’t like bread? Or was allergic to chocolate chips? They might not even be your new neighbor! How mortifying would it be if you just brought some mourning victim of the blip a goodie basket? Maybe you should’ve grabbed your emergency inhaler because very suddenly you were finding it hard to breathe...
Before you could run, though, the door opened to reveal the stranger.
Much to your excitement and horror, he was even more handsome than you thought he would be.
“I’m sorry for the intrusion,” you said, noting the slightly shocked and disturbed look on his face, “but I live in the cottage down the road and wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood with a little gift. I don’t see many people around here anymore” He took the basket of baked goods from your outstretched hand with a look in his eye that told you he wasn’t quite comfortable with your presence and, as you waited for him to speak, you really took him in.
He was a good-looking man, decently tall with deep brown eyes you could get lost in. He was well-muscled, too. Something about the stiffness in his stance made you think he must have been a soldier once. When he shifted his weight, it became apparent that one of his knees was better than the other. Perhaps it was an old battle scar, or maybe it was just arthritis in the cold. He looked no older than his forties, with a few grey streaks across his otherwise chestnut hair.
When he made no effort to speak, staring blankly at the contents of the basket, you let yourself ramble a bit. This time looks had nothing to do with it, you were simply glad to have another human to talk to after months of being snowed in.
“I’m Y/N. Nobody else lives around here, the closest houses are probably 45 minutes in each direction, so if you’re intending to stay you might see a lot of me around. I’ll try to stay out of your way if you prefer to be left alone, but just know if you’re in dire need of anything I’m just south of here. There’s bread, cookies, and butter in the basket by the way. Uh… sorry to bother you! Just thought it would be nice to say hello,”
The stranger shifted his weight again, but this time he spoke. “Thank you for the gift. It might not seem like it, but I appreciate the effort more than you know,” His tone was a bit stressed, but the accent was familiar. Sokovian. As he spoke you got a distinct feeling that you’d seen him somewhere before. You brushed it off. It was probably just your faulty memory. All the remaining people who still identified as Sokovian tended to blend together with those you’d known in the past. He spoke again.  “Do you happen to know where the nearest store is? I have enough shelf-stable food and supplies to last through May, but it’s good to know what to plan for in advance,”
You gave a curt nod. “Once the snow melts a little more in the next few weeks, you’ll see a road running east. If you follow it for a while you’ll eventually get to Piegów. If you speed you’ll get there in 3 hours but the fact that it’s loose gravel makes that hard, even on good tires. Usually, it takes me over half the day’s worth of light to get there and back if I stop at farmsteads along the way for things like milk and fruit. Oh! And make sure you bring extra gasoline just in case,”
For the first time since you’d met him, your new neighbor smiled. It wasn’t a beaming, bright thing, but it was a smile nonetheless. “I’ll make sure I do. Thank you again, Y/N,”
“Oh, it’s no problem…” you paused, “Is there something you’d like me to call you?”
It took him longer to respond than you assumed it would. For most people, their name was second nature but to him? Not so much. He looked adrift, lost in the maze of his own mind for a moment until he focused back in on you once again.
“Helmut. My name is Helmut,” he said softly. His face had returned to its seemingly usual, ever-so-slightly grumpy expression, but his tone was lighter. You took that as a victory.
“Well, Helmut, thank you so much for humoring me. If you ever need anything, I’m right down the road,”
After goodbyes had been said and the door had been closed you returned to your car on shaking legs. Who knew how strange it would be to talk to a real person again about something more than the weather or the price of flour by the pound? Sure, baked goods and the way into town weren’t that much more intellectually stimulating than the weather or flour, but it was just so… personal.
As you drove home there were two things you were absolutely sure of;
One was that you were going crazy after living with nobody but a rotating couple of chickens for just about nine years, and two was that you had a big fat crush on your new neighbor despite the fact that you were a fully grown widow. Your heart was pounding for the rest of the day.
Over the next year, you and Helmut became close. One might even call you friends.
Things were about the same for the first month or so, awkward encounters as you tried your best to be both welcoming and respectful of his solitary lifestyle, but once spring came you ran into your neighbor all the time. After the last big melt, you helped him erect his own tool shed so that once planting season started, he had a place to keep his supplies. In return, he had helped you repair the fencing around your chicken coop and even did you the favor of butchering a few of your chickens for you once their time came around. There were smaller moments between the two of you too, little everyday interactions you found you had started to miss when you went to feed the chickens or drop off little care packages on his doorstep. You still melted every time he smiled.
By the time the peppers were planted, the grass was brittle, and the sun was still hot in the sky until five you considered yourself to be Helmut’s solid acquaintance.
It was in summer that you learned the most about your neighbor. As time passed, it became clearer that your initial thought had been right. Helmut had a slight limp, and an injury to his left knee was most likely the culprit. You assumed it was old, but you had no proof. He didn’t like to go into town and when he did, he liked to invite you to come with him and avoided the biggest shops. His favorite food was paprikas (chicken or veal, it didn’t matter which), he spoke like a member of the upper class, and he had moved back to the outskirts of the crater to atone for some past sin. You had only learned that last part in a rare moment of reflection shared between the two of you by chance and not by choice. It had happened at dawn, as most beginnings do.  
When you went with your morning cup of coffee to go watch the sunrise one day, you looked over to find Helmut with his own cup, sitting near the edge of the crater. You had debated going over to him or not, he was the type to keep anything more than polite niceties to himself, but remembering the significance of what happened there pushed you to go join him. You may have lived near what was basically a mass grave for years, but not everyone was used to that. With a heavy heart, you found yourself walking to meet him.
“I lost my sister and husband to the rubble,” you said as you approached, alerting Helmut to your presence as he stared blankly out towards the sea. “My husband went first, maybe about 20 feet away from here. He was crushed by loose debris before the city had even fallen as he tried to warn the neighbors to escape. They were an elderly couple, wonderful people. He was so worried about making sure they got out that he didn’t even see what was coming. I only found out my sister had passed a week later when her name came up on the radio. Did you… did you lose somebody too?”
You didn’t really expect him to respond. The memory of what had happened in the air above you was something any Sokovian hated to even recall, not to mention speak of. Nobody owed anybody else their story, especially Helmut, a man with scars both physical and mental who you had only known for a few months. Surprisingly, though, he started to speak.
“Before Ultron’s attack, I had lived in Novi Grad my whole life,” he said as you settled yourself beside him on the dry ground and took a sip of your coffee. “It was the only home I had ever known. My family was… we were well off. My father lived in the house I own now while I was only a few miles closer to the city. I was a commander in the military, and yet even when I trained I was stationed nearby. Everything important in my whole life had happened right in front of us and yet now…”
“It’s just gone,” you said quietly.
He nodded. “It’s just gone,”
“I’m surprised I never saw you around. I’ve lived in the cottage for my whole life.
Helmut smiled wistfully. “Perhaps we did see each other but we never noticed each other enough to care. Just two perfect strangers passing once a week in the streets only to finally meet properly almost a decade later by chance once those streets no longer exist,”
“It really has been almost a decade, huh,”
A silence fell between the two of you. It wasn’t uncomfortable by any means, it just was . There was, for the moment, nothing more to say or do than stare out at the final remnants of the world you had once known and ruminate on how 10 years could pass in the blink of an eye.
“Be safe, Mausi. I love you very much,”
Your shoulders stiffened. When was the last time you had heard anyone called by a term of endearment?
“Those were the last words I said to my wife. ‘Be safe, Mausi. I love you very much,’... she was crushed, along with our son and my father, who had come to try to evacuate them. I was the one who found their bodies. All of that is eroded now, the wreckage that was my home; It’s just another pile of rubble in the chasm. But back then there were so many bodies to bury and so few people left to do it...”
“I remember that time. When it was all still so fresh,”
“Things were different then.”
“They were,” you took a sip of coffee, “I stayed where I am because the edge seemed so far away back then that I thought it would never reach me. Now, it’s right in my yard. The growth of it has slowed down some in the past few years, it doesn’t move almost at all now, but I still wonder if one day the ghost of Sokovia will swallow me up in the night out of nowhere just like it did to our families.”
“I think about the same thing, only part of me hopes it will,” Helmut said. If you looked close you might have been able to see the smallest trace of a tear welling up in his eye, but you didn’t. You just sat and listened because that was what he needed you to do. “After I lost my family I was consumed with hatred. Hatred for the countries that abandoned us, hatred for the heroes who killed our loved ones… really it was hatred for myself.  If I couldn’t keep my own family safe, who was I? I didn’t know what to do with all of it- the grief, the pain, the hate -so I turned it around and attempted to destroy everything that had ever made me feel that way. It didn’t work,”
He took a shuddering breath in and, in a moment of empathy, you set a hand on his trembling shoulder. “I don’t blame you, even if you blame yourself,”
“You don’t know what I’ve done,” he barked suddenly, “you don’t know what I am capable of,”  
“I don’t need to,” you replied. “Because to me, you are and will always simply be Helmut, the man next door who likes my bread and mends my fences. Who you were doesn’t matter to me. Out here, at the end of the world, the only person you truly are is the person in the present. The past doesn’t exist for us, only the now,”
“Even living here cannot erase what I’ve done to others,” he muttered, wiping at his wet face with his hands. To him, they were the hands of a soldier, a builder, a father: They belonged to both the man who died when Sokovia did and the monster borne of its ashes. To you, they were just a pair of calloused hands. “That is why I’m here, to pay penance in a place where I cannot hurt anyone else. I can’t even begin to think about what comes next, if anything, until I look in the mirror and see Helmut again instead of myself. Once I can forgive myself, maybe Sokovia can forgive me too,”
You gave him a soft pat on the shoulder before returning your arm to your side and looking down at your empty coffee cup. “And I’ll be waiting patiently until that day when I meet you as the person that you want to be. Just know that, in the meantime, I like the Helmut I know quite a bit,”
With a silent nod, Zemo focused his attention on the horizon once again. “I wonder if, in the end, everything we have created here will return to the sea,”
Pushing yourself into a standing position, you smiled. “If it does, maybe it’s just making room for something even better,” The sun was floating up to the crux of its cycle through the sky when you finally left Helmut to his thinking. You never saw him sitting by the crater again.
The two of you had never talked about that summer morning. Instead, the quiet moment shared between the two of you was something you both chose to cherish and think about in private. You didn’t speak of it because you didn’t need to. It wasn’t in the now for Helmut, it was a relic of his past self, even if only by a little bit, and who would you be if you asked him to go back after all you’d said?
It felt like only days had passed instead of weeks and months when autumn reared its head and brought with it a constant chill in the air. There were no early frosts this year by the grace of whatever determined the weather, which was good for your crop. Thankfully, no frosts settled on the friendship you shared with your neighbor either.
By late November Helmut was having dinner at your house twice a week. He had his own key, just in case he needed to borrow a tool or some food while you were busy elsewhere or asleep, and though he didn’t use it frequently he always left behind a note and a gift when he did.
They were small things, pretty pebbles or trinkets he found in the nooks and crannies of his home left behind by previous inhabitants, but you adored them all the same. It meant he was thinking of you. You could only hope it also meant he was thinking about you as more than just a friend. A girl could dream…
Once you found them after a visit from Helmut, every note and gift were examined painstakingly multiple times before they found their way into the mahogany heirloom chest that sat on your front table by the window, right next to your reading chair. There they stayed, nestled away with all the other small treasures you’d collected since your childhood, in a place where you could easily pull them out to look at them again. You found that you did that frequently, especially on rainy days. It reconnected you to your humanity. For that, you would never be able to thank Helmut enough.
After he had spent almost a year as your friend, neighbor, and closest companion, it was only your nature to invite Helmut to your home for New Year’s Eve. He had already been coming around for dinner regularly for months, so you weren’t sure why you found yourself pacing the floor wondering if he would really show up. Maybe it was the strange look in his eye when you’d asked him. You turned on your little battery radio with a trembling hand. He would come. You were sure of it.
In the end, Helmut came screeching into the driveway just a little after dark. He rushed through the door just as you finished mashing the potatoes. The second you saw him, all bundled up in his new scarf and covered in fresh white snow, you grinned. “Helmut! You made it!”
“Sorry I’m late!” he called from the entryway into the kitchen where you were setting the table while he took off his coat, scarf, and boots, “I had to run into town to get a few more gallons of gas for my generator but it started to snow right as I started driving back! Did I miss dinner?” After he hung up his hat, you walked out to meet him.
“I couldn’t start without my guest of honor! Come on in, I just set the food out. We can even get to it before it gets cold,”
Helmut was quick to follow you to the kitchen, but he paused in the doorway once he saw the spread. Your little dining room table, usually sparse and bare, was covered with a deep red sheet of linen. The wood stove crackled in the corner, heating and lighting the room along with a few tall stemmed candles dripping wax onto their pewter stands. There, sitting at the center of the table, was a steaming pot of chicken paprikas. Beside it were a few sides; some potatoes and spaetzle to soak up the liquid, stuffed cabbage, green beans with bacon. Just some assorted bits and bobs you’d put together with staples and what remained of your preserved harvests from the past year. Helmut looked more shocked than you had ever seen him.
“Did you do this for me?” he asked. Tentatively, he took a step forward and ran his hand over the tablecloth.
You nodded. Suddenly, you felt very self-conscious. Was something wrong?
“Ever since the world fell apart, I haven’t had any reason to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It was just me here alone. Some years I would make myself a little dessert and listen to the celebrations on the radio, but besides that, there was no point. All it meant was that more time had passed. Why should it have been any more important than the day before if every day was the same as the last? This year, though, you’re here! Think of this as a thank you for your company and a celebration of our first year of friendship. You’ve brought joy and meaning back into my life by sharing your time with me, even when you don’t have to. Is…” you tried to keep your voice from shaking, “Is that okay?”  
Before you knew what hit you Helmut had wrapped you in a hug.
He had never hugged you before.  
You hadn’t noticed just how much you missed being hugged until that moment.
It was a bit stiff on both ends, neither of you had been in any position to put your physical yearnings into practice for a long time, and yet it was clear that neither of you wanted to let go. There, with your ear pressed to his chest, you could hear his heart beating as fast as yours was. He smelled good, like fresh soil and mint. Had he always smelled like that? Your mind began to race. It took all your self-control to not ruin the moment by asking Helmut how he felt about you. Somehow, you pulled through.
After what felt like an eternity but couldn't have been more than a few minutes Helmut pulled away looking almost embarrassed. “Shall we… eat?” he asked. You were quick to accept.
“Dinner is served!”
The two of you ate as you always did, chatting about your plans for the land in the springtime, but soon your plates were in the sink and the leftovers were put away as both of you drifted towards the living room. This was where things would get complicated.
Despite the countless evenings you had spent with Helmut sitting across the table from you, he was a peculiar man in that he didn’t like to stay and chat after eating. Once you had both finished he was always quick to see himself out. You didn’t know if it was because he enjoyed being alone more than your company or if it was simply that his nightly routine at home started earlier than yours, it was a mystery to you. The only thing you really knew was that Helmut was not the type to sit and chat after a meal. That being said, you were supposed to listen to the celebrations at midnight on the radio with him. So, you tentatively hoped he would make an effort to stick around a little longer than usual.
A few extra minutes of time with him was better than no extra time with him at all.
Slowly, as if not to scare him, you took a seat in your reading chair. “Have you read The Count of Monte Cristo?”
Helmut mirrored you, sitting down on the couch across the way. That was the first step! “The name is familiar but nothing is coming to mind,”
“It’s by an old french author, Alexandre Dumas, and it’s all about a man, Edmond Dantes, getting his bloody revenge on the people who ruined his life and attempted to keep him in prison forever for a crime he didn’t commit under the pseudonym ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’,” you said, pausing to pick up your well-worn copy before offering it to the man across the way, “It was one of my favorites as a young woman,”
“Are you not a young woman anymore? Since when?” Helmut asked slyly as he took the book and turned it over in his hands a few times.
“You're lucky I enjoy your company so much,”
He paused. “Is it a happy book?”
“Does it have a happy ending,”
You considered it for a moment. “Yes and no. Things wrap up satisfyingly and don’t leave you disappointed in what happened, but it doesn’t play out the way you think it will. It isn’t the happy ending you want as you read the beginning, but it’s the happy ending that everyone deserves and has earned, if that makes sense,”
“What happens to Edmond?”
“You want me to spoil the book?” you asked, chuckling. Only when you caught the look of genuine curiosity and almost desperation in Helmut’s eye did you give in. It didn’t take a genius to find the parallels. You let out a huff of air halfway between a laugh and an exhale,
“In the end, after he forces those who hurt him to suffer, he realizes that perhaps, even though he did what had to be done, he also made some terrible mistakes on the way. He does what he can to right his wrongs, settles the woman he loved that moved on in her own home where she can stay for the rest of her days, reveals the truth about himself and his deeds to his son, and moves on elsewhere in the world with the woman he fell in love with on the way. You’ll have to actually read the book if you want to know any more. If you’d like to, feel free to borrow it today,”
“I think I’d like that very much,” he said, his voice at a near whisper. Then, he stood.
Your heart ached thinking about how things would be once he left. You’d probably turn off the radio and go to bed after watching the snowfall for a while. It wasn’t worth wasting good hours of sleep to listen to other people celebrating if you were alone. With a soft sigh, you faked a smile. “Should I pack up some leftovers for you? There’s too much left for me to eat on my own before it goes bad,”
“No, no I think… Y/N, I need to tell you something,”
Instead of heading to the door, Helmut approached you slowly, settling himself down on the floor at your feet. It was a strange position but you were in no place to complain. Mostly, you were just confused.
He took in a steadying breath. “I may not have an old lover left to gift an estate to, nor do I have a living son to whom I can confess my sins, but I have you, Y/N, and I think it’s time you know about who I really am,” Helmut trembled like a leaf before you, on his knees almost as if he were in confession.
You shook your head, “Helmut, it’s just a book, you-”
The quiet word left his lips and silenced you.
“I’ve wanted… no, I’ve needed to do this for a while. Please, Y/N,”
With a soft smile, you gave him your blessing. “Alright, Helmut, my dearest friend. Tell me who you are,”
“My full name is Helmut Zemo. I have lied to you only once in the past, and only by omission. My family wasn’t just affluent, I was a baron of Sokovia as was my father before me before the country was torn apart by her neighbors after Novi Grad fell from the sky. My wife, my father, and my darling boy died when they were crushed by falling rubble in the aftermath of Ultron’s attack. I found their bodies and buried them in a private cemetery not 10 miles to the southeast of here. Seeking revenge on the Avengers for their deaths, I planted a bomb in the UN, framed Sergeant James Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier, for my crimes, and subsequently destroyed the framework of the Avengers’ power structure. I must be honest, Y/N, I feel no remorse for that crime. They were symbols that had to be toppled for the world to begin to heal. That being said, I, like Dantes, have made a great many mistakes, only most of mine can never be fixed. On my quest to right this world’s wrongs and avenge my family I killed people, innocent people. They are the ones I regret. I had killed before without remorse as the leader of an elite squadron in the Sokovian army, and it had haunted me, but the innocent people that died for me to topple Iron Man for what he did to my son? The guilt is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I cannot follow you into the marked because-”
“I know,” Your voice was calming as Zemo began to cry silently at your feet. He was a proud man, raised to expect the eyes of his people to be on him at all times. When was the last time he had cried like this? When he skinned his knee for the first time? When his first dog died? “Helmut, I’ve known who you are for a long time,”
In the hopes of calming him, you ran a deft hand through his soft, chestnut hair, smoothing it down as your fingertips brushed the sensitive skin of his scalp. How long had it been since anyone had touched him there? Slowly but surely his breathing found a steady rhythm once again, and his weeping ceased to be more than a few tears escaping from his dark lashes.
“How long?” He croaked, hoarse.
“I knew that you were a former baron less than a day after you moved into your father’s summer house. Helmut is a pretty recognizable name for someone of your age, and once I pulled out a few old newspapers I knew it was true because the baron had your face. I found out about the things you did to avenge your family in very early spring the first time you went to town and invited me along. The citizens are bored there these days, and very chatty. I kindly informed them to keep their gossip about my new neighbor to themselves,”
“I don’t understand. That was before…”
“Before our talk?”
He nodded, pushing up into the touch of your hand. You kindly obliged him by continuing to play with his hair. “Long before our talk,”
“But you said… back then you said something…”
You shushed him, letting your hand fall from his hair and make its way to his face. “I told you that I don’t blame you, and I don’t. You did the things that came naturally after your life fell apart. Now, I don’t condone your actions, but I don’t know that I can condemn you for doing the things you did either. I also know that the man who bombed the UN is not the same inside as the one who moved back to the place where his life fell apart in an attempt to avoid hurting people again,”
Helmut bit his lip, an anxious tic breaking his facade of control once again. “Thank you for everything Y/N, and by everything, I truly do mean everything. From our bi-weekly dinners to the bread you baked me on the day I got here. I may not be a good man-”
You cut him off. “You’re a better man than most,”
He sighed. In his post-crying exhaustion, he had nothing left in him with which he could fight for the sake of fighting. Instead, he rested his forehead against your knee as he evened out his breathing once again. “You’re a better woman than I am a good man, Y/N. If you insist, though, I trust that you aren’t lying,”
“I’m glad to hear it, Helmut,”
Outside the window, the snow was blowing down in a flurry. You watched it with a childlike amusement as the even sounds of Helmut’s breathing faded in with the soft crackling of the radio, which was trying its very best to find a signal in the storm.
“It’s getting bad out there. I know you live close, but are you going to be able to drive home in this?”
“I was hoping that you were going to invite me to stay,”
Your breath hitched in your throat.
Helmut shifted, looking up at you once again.
It was all too much. You didn’t know where to leave your eyes or what body language would give you away too easily. Deep down, you knew you had already given yourself away, but you clung to hope just as you’d clung to the crush you'd harbored for months. It couldn’t be over yet, not after everything he’d just told you! No, no, no-
You met Helmut’s gaze. Despite the remaining puffiness on his face from the tears he had gained a sort of cocky grin, eyes alight with mischief. “Would you care to join me on the couch, Y/N?”
You glanced around the room like a caged animal. Was he really trying to taunt you after all that? “Why?”
He stood and offered you his hand. “Your New Year’s kiss, of course? What kind of New Year’s would it be if you didn’t get a kiss?”
You took his hand. “A normal New Year's, Helmut,”
Helmut shook his head. “Not anymore,”
A sense of strange wonder and warmth spread through your chest as you took his hand and let him lead you around the low coffee table. You remembered it, distantly, from a long time ago. The feeling of your mother’s kisses against your forehead before you left the house, the squeeze of your sister's arms around you when you saw each other again for the first time in a while, the gentle brush of your fingertips against the curve of your late-husband’s spine as you laid together in bed...
It was your turn to cry.
Small tears started making their way down your cheeks while Zemo sat, gesturing toward his lap. “Sit, Schatz?”
You choked back a sob. “Schatz?” Did he really consider you his treasure?
“Yes. Come sit with me, we both need it,”
“I don’t quite remember how to do this right,” you sniffled, a couple of hysterical giggles slipping out of your mouth as you sat down on the couch and slowly let your head drop into Helmut’s waiting lap.
He put a gentle hand on your hair as you adjusted to get comfortable. “Neither do I. The nice thing about living on our own all the way out here is that we have all the time in the world to ourselves to figure it out,”
You offered him a wet smile. “I want my kiss now, Helmut,” He was happy to oblige.
First, he leaned down and pressed his lips softly to your forehead. Then, he proceeded to make a little trail of kisses down in between your eyebrows and ending just before the tip of your nose. He made that one special. Then, as you let your eyes drift closed, he pressed his warm, soft lips to yours.
To anyone else in the world, the kiss would have been just that, a kiss. It wasn’t wet or sloppy, no open mouths or tongues, just a soft kiss between the two of you, but for the both of you, it was like fireworks. You didn’t need anything more. Even the minimum of gentle affection was enough.
For nine years, you had been starved. Starved of love, starved of companionship, starved of gentle touch. It wasn’t just you either. Helmut Zemo, former baron and pureblood Sokovian, had lost his love and freedom in a way more forceful than even you had. It was a reflection of his actions but it was hurtful nonetheless. Now, as two people who looked back at photos of the past only to find strangers, you gorged yourself on touch. You lavished in the feeling of simply being held. Your life was forever changed by the feeling of a warm, calloused hand making its way into your own.
In the simplest of words, you felt like you again. Not the lone farmer in a crumbling cottage working the land every day to survive. You were instead the girl you had been before the world had stolen your innocence away.
The two of you kissed for a while, nothing deep or forceful, just lazy lips locking as Helmut let his head hang over you, hair tickling your cheeks as it fell around his face. When the time came that you wanted to speak again, and Zemo sat up fixing his hair, you still clung tightly to the warmth of his torso under you as you wrapped your arms around him.
“I don’t think I ever want to stop touching you,” you whispered, yawning.
Helmut smiled. “Sleep, Schatz,” he murmured, “I will be here with you when you wake up,”
“But New Year’s…”
“I will wake you up before the clock strikes if it’s so important, just let me hold you here a while longer as you rest. Let me protect you.”
You nodded, rolling to bury your face in the warm flesh of his stomach.
“Promise me you’ll be here when I wake up?”
“Yes, Schatz. I am happily trapped underneath you. I couldn’t leave if I tried,”
As you fell into a dreamless sleep, Helmut caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. He saw himself.
a/n: This was supposed to be a 2000 word fluff fic about touch-starved Zemo... obviously, that didn't happen. Eventually I'll write something along those lines, but I really liked some parts of this enough that I didn't want to toss it and start over. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, leave me a comment! I love to hear people's thoughts and it keeps me motivated to keep writing!
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autumnleaves1991-blog · 5 months ago
You’re My Best Friend - Chapter Seven
Summary: Javier and you had been best friends since Kindergarten, and you’d been secretly in love with him for years. The night before his wedding to Lorraine, you sleep together, sparking him to leave Lorraine, and you. Ten years later Javier returns home before leaving again for Cali and tries to fix the mess he left. But, passions run high and alcohol flows and you can’t resist falling back in to bed with him, the only thing you didn’t plan was ending up married to him.
This story is told in a series of Flashbacks and follows the events of Season 3 of Narcos when Javi returns to Colombia to take down the Cali Cartel.  
Pairing: Javier Peña x F! Reader
Warnings: 18 + for language, angst, sexual tension, oral, p in v, sex
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Chapter 7 
Busy Bee Florist; Friday Morning before the Wedding; Laredo, Texas 
The door ringed and you groaned; you’d seriously contemplated removing the bell from the door. Every time it rang, you’d looked up eagerly hoping that it would be Javi, but it wasn’t. Instead, this time, it was Steve Murphy in the doorway, smiling at you. “Hey, I wanted to stop by on my way out of town.” He comes over to the counter and reaches a hand out to shake. 
“Good to see you again, Steve. Can I help you with something?” you return the handshake and then continue trimming the flowers, putting them in the vase to display. 
“I wanted to talk to you about Javi,” you stop, put down the scissors, giving him your full attention. “Do you love him?” You blink, your mouth open and closing slowly, flabbergasted by his question. 
“Excuse me?” 
“I think you heard me fine, but I’ll repeat it for you, do you love Javi? Because I didn’t lie to you the other day when I said he talked about you all the time. Now, he’s filled in some blanks for me, but the question still stands, do you love him?” 
“I-I…” you stammer, trying to find the words. 
He interrupts, “because I think you do, and I’m pretty good at reading people, kind of came with the job. And I want you to know that he is not the same person that left you. Colombia fucked him up; he did things there that would turn your stomach and made a lot of bad choices.” 
“To catch bad people, you have to do bad things,” you mumble, remembering the words Javi told you when he first joined the DEA. Steve nods with a grimace. 
“We both made some choices, and we will need to live with those choices. My wife was ready to leave me; she took our daughter and fled to Miami, and I was a mess; Javi was the one that got me through it. He made sure I ate something, besides whiskey and when I was at my wit’s end, he called Connie and told her I needed her. I owe him; he’s my best friend.” Your heart aches for this man. 
“He hasn’t told me anything, but I know that it changed him. He’s so tired all the time, and there is a deep sadness in his eyes that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know him. And you’re right, I love him,” you sigh, sucking in the tight feeling in your throat, “I’ve always loved him, but he’s leaving again, Steve, and there is nothing that I can do or say that’s going to change that. I need to protect my heart; I won’t let it be broken again.” 
He reaches a hand out and grasps his own, “don’t give up on him, please, he may be a stubborn asshole, but he needs you. And I think you need him too.” 
You put your hand over his own and swallow back the tears that threaten to spill; you don’t know what to say, allowing his words to marinate. “Thank you, Steve. I’m glad that Javi had someone like you over there; you seem like a wonderful friend.” 
Steve laughs and pulls away, walking back to the door, “I tried to be a good friend to the cranky old bastard, but I was never his best friend; that was always you.” He waves and leaves with a ring of that fucking bell. 
Danny’s Wedding Day; Saturday, 10 AM; Laredo, Texas 
Javi stood on the doorstep, the same one he stepped off ten years before and never returned. His palms were sweaty, and the ache in his chest was unbearable. Steve had left the day before, and his conversation with him played, repeatedly in his mind. The words he spoke aloud for the first time to another human, he loves you, he’s loved you for twenty years. He pressed the doorbell and waited for you to answer, the familiar pink box heavy in his hands. 
You opened the door and smiled at Javi, both of your hearts picking up in pace as you heard Steve’s words swirling in your mind. “Come in,” you gestured, “are those for me?” He nods, handing you the box, and you bring it to the kitchen, placing it on the counter and flipping it open. Inside is a glistening fruit tart covered in blueberries, strawberries, and clementines. “My favorite,” you grin, looking over at him, “you remembered.” 
He shifts awkwardly from one foot to the other lingering in the doorway, his hands in his pockets, “of course, I remember everything about you.” 
You open your mouth to respond when the phone rings; you cringe, lifting one finger to pick up the landline. “Hello?” Julia’s frantic voice comes through the other end, and you hold the receiver from your head at her, yelling, “what? Julia, slow down.” She repeats, and your expression drops, “Okay, okay, calm down, we will figure it out. I’m coming, just hang on.” You hang up the phone and quickly close the lid on the box, putting it in the fridge and running to grab your shoes. 
“What’s wrong?” Javi follows, looking for your purse and grabbing it, slinging it over his shoulder. It’d be a funny sight if you weren’t so frantic. 
“Julia went over the border this morning to pick up the Dahlia’s that the bride's mother wanted, and she can’t get back. They won’t let her bring the flowers back in the U.S. without an agricultural license.” He nods, following you out the door but pulling your elbow and leading you over to his truck. “Javi, I can drive.” 
“I’m driving; I’m DEA. Let me call in some favors, and we can get the flowers into the U.S before the wedding,” he pulls out a cell phone, and you watch as he quickly begins dialing numbers. He’s commanding, and when you pull up to customs, the border agents greet him with a handshake.
“Mr. Peña, an honor to meet you, sir,” the younger of the two says, “can we get a picture with you?” The other slaps his arm, and you look behind them to see a frantic wave of arms as Julia carries two white buckets filled with flowers. 
“Sure, but can we load up the flowers first? We have a wedding to get to today.” The border agents nod, taking the buckets from Julia, who gives you a big hug and watches as they load the flowers into the truck. They come back, and you snap a photo of Javi and the agents, chuckling at the serious expression on his face. 
“Thank you, sir; it’s an honor to meet the man who brought down Escobar. Mrs. Peña, your husband is a hero to our country,” they turn to you, and you look at Javi, who only stares at you with a nod. 
“Gentleman,” he nods, not bothering to correct them, “let’s get going, Cariño.” Julia gives you a look and rushes over to her car, getting in and following behind you. 
“Thank you,” you whisper, “can you head over to the shop, and we can pick up the rest of the flowers? I would like to deliver them and just get this over with.” He nods and turns down your street. The familiar sign lit up and your other assistant Maria inside, fluttering about. “I should only be a couple of minutes if you want to wait,” he shakes his head no, parking to get out of the truck and grabbing both buckets, carrying them inside. 
His red and cream checkered shirt is doing wonders for his figure as it tucks into his jeans, his jaw constantly moving with the Nicorette. You close the door and follow behind, pulling flowers from the bucket and finishing the arrangements. Dozens of mason jars are set up in boxes tied with a string around the rim and overflowing with flowers, and Javi whistles as your assistants begin to load up the flowers, taking them out to the truck. You work on the bride's bouquet and put the finishing touches wrapping the paper around them to keep safe for the drive. 
“Did you ever think about doing this?” he asks suddenly, and you stop to raise a brow at him; he clears his throat, “getting married?” You busy your hands wrapping up the flowers and put them aside to be carried out. 
You ignore the question, “I need to get changed; I left my dress here to get ready.” He nods and watches as you disappear to the backroom. He handles the bouquet with care and helps finish bringing the rest out to the truck. You emerge a few moments later, and he stops staring at you as you grab a couple of last-minute things, his jaw gone slack. “What?” you ask self consciously moving your hands over your dress, “does it look bad?” 
“Boss, we are heading out; meet you over at the Church?” Julia sticks her head in, and you nod, giving her a wave as she runs out to the car and pulls away. 
“You didn’t answer my question,” you look down wringing your hands nervously, “does it lo-” 
Javi picks you up and places you on the counter with a gasp stepping between your spread thighs and running his fingers up your neck. You freeze looking into his eyes, heat pooling between your legs at the hunger in his gaze. “You’re the most fucking beautiful woman in the entire world,” you reach for him at the same time he crashes his lips onto yours. Tongues tangling together and clawing at his shirt, trying to erase any space between you. His hands are warm and gun calloused as they trail under your dress and up your thighs. 
“Javi,” you groan into his mouth, and he says your name with a breathless moan back. The air is thick, and you struggle to breathe as his hands slide higher and his lips move to nip at your neck, sucking a bruise into your skin. You close your eyes and scoot closer, his hands grazing the edge of your panties, and you bend your neck to give him more room. “Move,” you beg, and he smiles against your neck before pulling back and kissing you again, his fingers tucked into the elastic. 
Suddenly, the bell above the door rings, and you want to fucking tear the thing down for interrupting you, but your eyes widen at Julia frozen in the doorway. You slap his shoulder, and he pulls away, standing in front of you so broad, you almost disappear behind him. “I forgot my purse,” she mumbles, quickly walking over to the side of the counter, and picking it up. “I-” she stumbles, “I won’t say anything, boss.” 
“I know Julia,” you smile awkwardly back, “thank you.” She nods and all but runs out the door, sure you scarred her for life. “Fuck,” you mumble, and Javi turns around smiling at you; you rub a finger over his lips to wipe your trail of lipstick, and he laughs. 
“We really need to talk,” he whispers, moving closer, and kissing you softly. 
“After the wedding, I need to get going.” He nods, giving you another kiss, and helping you down off the counter. You reach for your bag, and he grabs your hand without thought, interlacing your fingers and pulling you out the door. 
When you arrive at the venue, he watches as you take charge setting up the flowers on each table and then running over to the nursery where the bride is getting ready. Javi takes his seat towards the church’s back next to Chucho and whistles when he sees you walk by, reaching a hand out for you. You sit between the two of them, and the organ begins to play the wedding march; the groom escorting his mother down the aisle. 
“What’s going on between you two?” Chucho whispers in your ear, and you raise your brow in question when he tosses his head to point down at your hand still woven together with Javi. You don’t pull away, only turning back to his dad with a shrug of your shoulder. 
“I’m doing what you always tell me,” you whisper conspiratory back, “going with the flow.” He chuckles, and Javi turns to look at the two of you. 
“What are you two talking about? You shouldn’t be talking in church” he leans close, whispering teasingly in your ear, his breath hot on your cheek. You turn and stick your tongue out at him, and he grins, turning back to the wedding. The bride walks down the aisle, her hair graced with a floral crown, and you smile seeing your work on display. “You did amazing; she looks gorgeous,” he leans close, and you press against his shoulder. 
“Thank you,” you whisper back, thankful to be in the back, all eyes on the couple in front.
Chucho lets out a cough, and you sit up like you're fifteen again and fell asleep during Sunday service, the two of you chuckling. You stand and cheer as Danny and his beautiful bride run down the aisle, and everyone slowly makes their way over to the church’s community center. The flowers light up the space, and several people stop you to compliment the floral arrangements. 
You watch Chucho and Javi make their way through the food line as you talk to some of your regular customers. All of Laredo seems to be here, and you finally manage to get away, finding Javi and Chucho with three plates and some Budweiser. You sit down on Javi’s left, Chucho on the right, and see the plate filled with your favorites, smiling over at Javi. 
“It means a lot to your Tia that you’re here,” Chucho shouts over the music, and Javi nods as another couple comes over to congratulate him about Escobar. 
“Seems like all of Laredo is here,” he tosses back slowly, watching as Lorraine goes by with a couple of plates and saying hello to those she passes. “Excuse me,” he gets up and walks behind her, following. Your heart clenches, and you wish the sting of jealousy wouldn’t rear its ugly head, but it does. You watch from a distance, wishing to be a fly on the wall. But things seem to be going well, as Javi sits down across from her and smiles, quickly standing when Jim, Lorraine’s husband, comes over and shakes his hand. 
He walks back towards you, looking over his shoulder one last time at the woman he was going to marry and the life he could have had. 
The song changes you grimace, recognizing the tune, and you can see the recognition on Javi’s face as well as he comes back over to the table holding a hand out to you. “Will you dance with me?”
The Night Before Javier & Lorraine’s Wedding; 10 Years Ago; Laredo, Texas 
You sit on the couch with a sigh, taking another sip of the whiskey he’d brought over. You watch as he messes around with your records and slips one onto the machine, the music echoes throughout the apartment, and your heart bleeds when he reaches a hand out to you, “Will you dance with me?” 
You nod, taking his hand and feeling him lift you from the couch and into his arms. His hands resting on your lower back, and your arms wrapped around his waist. You bite hard on your lip till you feel the copper taste of blood as he brings you closer and rests his head against your own. Both of you are swaying to the music, silent as the grave, the severity of the situation not lost on either of you. “Are you happy?” you ask quietly, cursing yourself for breaking the calm. 
He pulls back and looks into your eyes, the storm brewing behind them. “I don’t know,” he sighs, pulling you close again, your head against his chest. “I guess that’s not the right answer to have the night before my wedding.” 
You giggle, and the tears stain his shirt, “No, I wouldn’t go telling Lorraine that.” Her name has him tensing in your arms, and you gently rub the hair at the nape of his neck, feeling his relax beneath your fingertips. “Do you love her?” 
“Yes,” he sighs, “I just...I don’t know if I am in love with her. We’ve been together so long; I don’t know if it’s love or just easy with her.” He could never be this honest with anyone else, and you pull back to stare at him. 
“Then don’t marry her,” he gazes into your eyes, and the wheels turn, “please,” you whisper, begging, your voice cracking, “please, don’t marry her.” His forehead presses to your own and your breaths are shaky, hands trembling as his nose nudges against yours. 
“Why?” he mumbles, and you reach up, threading your fingers through his hair and closing the distance between you. He responds, instantly pulling you flush against him, pushing you back until you hit the wall with a whimper. “Are you okay?” he asks, moving his hands over your back and head, “Cariño? I didn’t hurt you, right?” 
“Fuck, please just kiss me, Javi,” he swallows and pushes you back into the wall, his mouth fused to your own, tongues dancing together in a complex waltz. You feel overwhelmed by him, his taste, his smell, the way his hands feel as they run all over your body. He fumbles with the buttons of your shirt and tears at the blouse, the buttons flying in every direction as he peels off the fabric reaching for the snap on your bra. You unzip his coat and pull the leather over his broad shoulders before working on his t-shirt. 
The two of you are shirtless, and you groan at the feel of his heated skin pressed against your own. Your nipples, erect and sensitive as they graze over his pecks. His hands are roaming over your back and coming to your jeans. You both look down and work on the buttons and zippers, quickly stripping out of them, leaving you in nothing but your panties and him in his boxers. You both freeze, taking in each other for the first time since that school trip, years and years ago. “You’re so fucking gorgeous, like a work of art,” he runs his fingers over your breasts, and you arch into his touch, “I’ve wanted to touch you like this for so long.” 
You run your hands over his muscles and follow the line of hair down to his cock, finger rubbing against him over the fabric. “I want you,” you whisper, “I want you to make love to me, Javi.” 
He nods, lifting you, so your legs wrap around him as he carries you off to the bedroom, laying you gracefully down on the pillows. His hands pause at the waistband of your panties, and you nod as he slides them off, a wet spot forming in the center from how aroused you are. He watches your cunt flutter and drops to his waist beneath your spread thighs. His breath hot on your core, his hands rubbing soothing circles on your thighs. 
“Javi-” all thoughts are lost over the pleasure of his mouth on your core. He licks and sucks you, his fingers sliding in and out of you with ease as he has you screaming his name as you cum. He licks every last drop keeping you close with his hands on your hips pressed into his mouth. He pulls away and kisses up your body before finally reconnecting his lips with your own. You taste the tang of yourself on his tongue, and you want to stay like this forever, wrapped in his arms with your taste on his lips. You reach down for his cock, and he brushes your hand away, smiling down at you. 
“I want the first time I cum with you to be inside you Cariño, please,” you whimper and nod, watching as he reaches to pull off his boxers, and you reach into the nightstand for a condom, helping him to slide it on, and pumping him in your first. He groans and knocks your foreheads together, his breathing coming out heavy as he lines up. “Do you want this?” he asks quickly. 
“Yes,” you whine as he slides inside you, inch by glorious inch until he bottoms out. Your legs wrap around his waist, and he holds still, allowing you to adjust to his size, he’s easily the largest you’ve ever had, and he fills you so completely; it’s perfect. Just like you knew it always would be. You gasp when he arches his hips and snaps them back before pushing in again. “I love you,” you whimper, and he freezes, staring down at you with a tense jaw. You don’t dare deny it when the truth is staring you so obviously in the face. “I love you,” you repeat firmly, and he moves again, causing you to gasp at how deep he is. 
It doesn’t bother you that he doesn’t say it back; you’re just pleased to have spoken your truth as you shatter into a million pieces, his cock buried inside you as he cums with a groan. He pants against your neck, and you suck on the salty skin of his neck, leaving a hickey for him the next day; he groans enough to know how much he enjoys it. He pulls out and goes to the bathroom to dispose of the condom, and you hear the water run as he comes back and cleans you up with a gentle caress. The record still plays in the living room, and he climbs under the covers to hold you as the song fades into the next. 
The two of you melt into each other’s arms, content with the one you love for the first time in forever. Your eyes droop, and he watches you as you slowly slip into a dreamless sleep, the object of your dream now a reality. “Rest now, Cariño, I want to fuck you again before morning,” he kisses your head, and you giggle. 
“Baby, you can fuck me however many times you want; we have all the time in the world Javi.” You close your eyes, missing the terrified look in his eyes, “all the time in the world,” you mumble, finally allowing sleep to claim you. 
He lays in bed, holding you tight to his chest and tracing patterns into your skin. The reality of what you’d just done slowly seeping in as he realizes what he needs to do. The talk with Lorraine, he needs to have, the inevitable fall out from that. There’s no way she would know it’s not you, and when you step out together, the gossip will be horrible, no doubt branding you a slut, a whore, a homewrecker. How can he condemn you to that life? “I won’t ruin you,” he kisses your forehead, whispering, “I love you too much.” 
Danny’s Wedding; Laredo, Texas
You stand up, the memories of that night flashing before your eyes, “I can’t,” you whisper, pushing past a few couples to get out of the room. The air feels thick, and you struggle to breathe as the doors go open and you step outside. You lean against the church and put your head in your hands, all the hurt from that night swarming to the surface. 
“Are you okay?” you yelp and step away, hands out as Javier approaches, “I need you to calm down; you’re having a panic attack.” The air struggles to get inside your lungs, and you claw at your throat, desperate to breathe. He comes closer and starts barking out orders, “look at me, look at me!”Your eyes snap to his, “breath with me, baby, please, in and out.” You watch the way his mouth moves slowly back and forth, and you feel yourself at ease with each passing moment. He puts your hand on his chest, and you feel the calming beat of his heart, feeling your struggle to match pace. 
“I’m sorry,” you close your eyes ashamed, “the song-” 
“I know, it was the song we danced to. The night we slept together.” You open your eyes and stare at him. 
“I need a drink,” you mutter, and he chuckles with a nod. 
“Let me just go say bye to Pop, and you and I can go get a drink. Is Mickey still around?” You smile, thinking of the old dive bar, and nod. “Let me go grab your coat and purse; stay right here.” 
You can’t help the jab, “I stayed right here.” He stops and looks at you before shaking his head and going back inside the church; he comes out a few minutes later with your coat and purse. “Come on,” you wrap your arm around his elbow and take off down the street. “Chucho okay with you, staying out late tonight?” 
He chuckles, “Just because I’m staying with him does not mean I have a curfew. Plus, he was more concerned with you being out late.” You laugh and hold tighter to his arm as the familiar lights of Mickey’s come into view. 
“Fuck, this place hasn’t changed at all.” Your feet stick to the floor and the music is blaring out of the jukebox in the corner. The place is relatively empty with everyone at the wedding, so you quickly find a booth in the corner tucked away from prying eyes. “Whiskey?” Javi stands to get the drinks and you nod.
“Yeah, I think I need something a little stronger than those beers.” He laughs and walks off coming back with the drinks, and sitting it down before you, his body close against yours in the booth. You take a sip of the drink and then another before downing the rest of the glass. “We need to talk, don’t we?” 
He downs his own and stands bringing back two more. “Yeah,” he mumbles. The both of you nervous and tense from the conversation you know you need to have. “I need to tell you about Colombia, about what happened over there, what I did.” 
You shake your empty glass at him, standing to go get a refill, “then I think we are going to need a lot more alcohol.” He raises his glass to you with a clink. 
The Next Morning; Laredo, Texas 
You groan as the sunlight filters through the curtains. Your head feels like an anvil fell on it, about to be split open and you curse the invention of alcohol. Memories fade in and out and you remember Javi and you going to Mickeys after the wedding but everything else is a blur. Something moves behind you and you gasp as a hand wraps around your waist and pulls you to their chest. You look over your shoulder and see Javi, relaxed for the first time since he’s been home. 
The little crinkle between his brows is gone, and he’s snoring lightly, his body so warm wrapped around your own. And very, very naked. You look down at the sheet barely covering your body and cringe when you notice how very, very naked you also are. “Fuck,” you whisper bringing a hand to your face. Something cold and metal touches your face and your eyes widen to the size of dinner plates at the gold band around your left ring finger. You lift the arm around you and find a matching one on Javi’s left hand. “Holy, fucking, shit,” you whisper. 
Javi groans behind you and pulls you tighter pressing a kiss to your shoulder, “good morning Cariño,” he grumbles, his eyes closed and drifting back to sleep. 
“Javi,” you shake his shoulder, “Javi, wake up.” 
“No,” he whines his arm like iron wrapped around you, “I don’t want to wake up, when I do you’re gone. I just want a few more minutes of this dream.” Your heart softens realizing he thinks he’s dreaming of you. 
“Javi,” you shake him again gentler, “baby, this isn’t a dream. We did something last night.” 
His eyes blink as he wakes up and notices you in his arms, “Cariño? Wha- what happened?” 
You bite your lip and feel the tears threaten to slip down your cheeks, lifting your hands to show him the matching golden bands. “I think we got married last night.” 
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daryl-dixon-daydreams · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words: 2,952 Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader Reader pronouns: she/her Era: The prison (Season 3) Warnings: language, that's it! A/N: Kintsugi, aka "golden joinery" is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with precious materials like gold and it is strikingly beautiful. I think you'll understand why I titled the fic this at the end! Summary: After Daryl leaves with Merle, he return to the prison to find that Y/N is extremely angry with him...
Your name: submit What is this?
Your face went through a rapid series of emotions as soon as his familiar broad shoulders came into view. First was shock and surprise, and then relief to see him again and to see him in one piece, and then just... anger. Daryl shifted his weight anxiously from one foot to the next, watching over everyone crowded around him as you simply stood up and turned your back on the room and left. You walked straight out and into the row of cells, disappearing through the heavy metal door. Daryl caught Rick’s eyes and the sheriff simply tilted his head and gave Daryl a knowing look. Daryl’s attention was pulled away as Carol grabbed him into a tight hug.
He was surprised when you didn’t come back out to join in the discussion of what the hell to do next about Woodbury and the Governor. He worked up the courage to try to talk to you, knowing full well it may just be an exercise in futility.
You easily heard the familiar cadence of his steps approaching your cell and the doorway darkened as his frame stopped in the space. He gripped the edge of the cell door and anxiously chewed his bottom lip.
You were sitting on the edge of your bunk, determinedly not looking at him. “Go away, Daryl.” Your voice was quiet but there was an unfamiliar edge to it.
He shifted uncomfortably but didn’t leave. “Just—would ya just talk to me?” he ventured. He saw the muscle in your jaw tense as your teeth clenched. “What is there to talk about?” “I—’M back now. I came back,” he said. He felt sick. He wasn’t used to you being angry with him and it was completely twisting him into knots.  “Yep,” you said, standing and going to the doorway. You pulled the hanging sheet in the doorway, a makeshift door, closed right in his face. “Leave me alone,” your voice came out from the cell and then he heard the springs of your bunk creak as you sank back down on it.  He stepped back from the fabric and dropped his hand from its grip on the doorframe, heaving a heavy sigh. Carol stepped out of her cell, just a few doors down and looked at Daryl staring at the closed sheet in front of him. He turned at the sound of her soft footsteps.  Carol’s brow was furrowed low over her eyes and she tilted her head in the direction of the staircase that climbed to the second level. Daryl’s hand clenched and unclenched in a fist and he gave your cell one last parting look before turning away to follow Carol up the stairs. She peeked at Judith in her makeshift bed and smiled. Daryl stopped beside her and looked down at the little sleeping bundle. His heart warmed at the sight of her, but his expression was still dark. Carol glanced over at him. He chewed on his bottom lip anxiously again. “She won’t even talk to me,” he drawled. “Give her a little time,” Carol said gently. “She’ll come around.” Carol sounded very sure of her assertion, but all Daryl could think was that he’d ruined things for good. “I came back,” he said, leaning back against the railing. His heart was aching with regret. Going off with Merle was stupid in the first place. Almost as soon as he’d done it he knew it was a mistake.  “You being back doesn’t change the fact that you left in the first place,” Carol pointed out. “You really think she doesn’t have a right to be upset? Think about how she’s interpreting you leaving.” He gave her a questioning look. Carol straightened up and stared at him. “I understand why you did what you did. He’s your brother. He’s blood. But you leaving with him... to her it means she wasn’t worth staying for. You chose Merle, a racist asshole, over all of us, and right when we’re sitting on the edge of war against the psychopath Merle worked for. I know that isn’t really what happened. It’s not that simple, but that’s what it feels like. She thinks you leaving means that... whatever there is between the two of you wasn’t worth anything. It wasn’t enough to make you stay.”
He gulped and shifted uncomfortably. “But that ain’t true...” Carol shrugged. “That’s how it seems to her.” 
Daryl ran a hand over his face and sighed again. “I really fucked up,” he growled. The grit and gravel in his voice was heavier than usual. “You did what you thought you needed to do,” Carol said, giving his shoulder a light squeeze. “Just give her a little time. She’ll cool off.” But the rest of the day, you stayed in your cell with the doorway covered. Daryl hung around hoping you’d step out so he could try to talk to you again, try to apologize and explain. He was sick with regret and guilt and worry, but you never stepped out. “Who’s on watch tonight?” Daryl asked Rick. He was thinking about offering to stay up and take both shifts because there was no way he would be sleeping that night anyway. He was too anxious. “Y/N first and then Glenn is taking the second shift. He gave Daryl a knowing look. The archer looked miserable. Rick sighed. “I’m just glad you’re back,” Rick said.
Daryl nudged his nose up in nod. “Yeah... thanks...” You’d be on guard first. You wouldn’t be able to hide in your cell forever. You could, however, still tell him to fuck off, but he had to try. Just waiting around was agonizing and he kept thinking about how in this world even the next minute wasn’t a guarantee. He had to make things right as soon as he could.
Night fell and after scraping together his courage, Daryl got up, knowing you’d be in the guard tower by now. He went to the little stove and heated up some water, pouring it over a tea bag in a mug and staring down at it. Yeah, bring her tea, dumbass. That’ll fix it. But regardless of that derisive voice in his head, he grabbed the mug and headed out to climb the narrow stairs of the guard tower, curls of steam wafting off the surface of the amber liquid. You turned when you heard the metal door from the stairwell creak open, thinking maybe Glenn couldn’t sleep and was coming to keep you company early. Instead you saw the broad shoulders of the archer coming through and you turned away and fixed your eyes on the darkness blanketing the prison yard. “What?” you asked sharply. Daryl gulped. Obviously you hadn’t cooled off enough yet. “I just—uhh.” He rubbed his hand awkwardly over the back of his neck. “I brought ya some tea,” he drawled.  You kept your back to him and said nothing. He edged closer and set the tea in front of you on the table. It was then that he noticed the bandage on your upper arm. He hadn’t noticed it before, probably because you’d been wearing a jacket. Without thinking, he reached out and gently grabbed your arm. “What happened?” 
You glanced at his hand on your arm and then up to his blue eyes. You felt your resolve crumbling as soon as your eyes met his. It was like some involuntary reaction you had no control over, but you tugged your arm from his grasp and shifted away from him, averting your eyes back toward the outside again. “I got shot,” you said. “What?” he urged. “The hell ya mean ya got shot?”
His voice was tinged with deep concern. “By one of those Woodbury assholes. You know, when you were off running around with Merle,” you replied. Daryl’s stomach twisted. How could he have been so stupid? If he’d been at the prison where he was supposed to be he could have protected you. What if it hadn’t just been your arm? He hadn’t even said goodbye to you... he’d just left. The hell was he thinking? You must have sensed his sudden panic because you looked over at him again and studied his face. “It’s just a bullet graze, Daryl.” Your tone was flat this time, but it was an improvement over the previous anger. “I’d rather be alone,” you said quietly. You hesitated. “Thanks for the tea.”
He gulped again. This distant tone you had was eating him alive and he felt his blood pressure rising. “Would ya just look at me at least? Gimme a chance to explain!”
You were a bit taken aback by his tone, which was now a little angry too, and you did turn to stare at him, your brow furrowed heavily now. “Explain?” You scoffed. “What the hell is there to explain? You made your choice. Your priorities are pretty damn clear. So, just—just leave me alone...”
“Nah,” he growled. “Not ‘til ya listen to me.”
You glared at him and he watched the muscle in your jaw tense as you clenched your teeth. “Actions speak louder than words, Daryl.”
“I fucked up, alright? I ain’t denyin’ that! I wanted to come back as soon as I left!” he roared. “‘M sorry!” “Sorry?” You stared at him, bewildered. “You’re sorry,” you repeated. “Yeah, well, so am I. Sorry I was stupid enough to think that maybe—” You broke off and shut your eyes, breathing in a tense breath. “That maybe what?” Daryl pressed you.
“That maybe I actually fucking meant something to you!” you yelled. There were angry tears in your eyes now and you fought to blink them away. “But if you could just leave then clearly I’ve deluded myself, because I could never do that to you. So, I guess I don’t know what this—” you gestured to yourself and then to him, “—is. Was. Whatever... apparently it’s nothing.” The archer stared at you feeling like his heart had split open. “That ain’t—that ain’t true. And it wasn’t that simple. S’not that simple.” He took a hesitant step toward you. 
Your jaw was still set. “Forget it. You don’t need to explain anything to me. It’s not like we were.... together. I was stupid to read into anything. I’m—I’m done. I’ll just send Glenn up later,” you murmured, trying to storm out of the guard tower, ready to race down the stairs and leave the whole mess behind you. But Daryl’s hand gently caught you as you tried to move past him, landing lightly but firmly on your arm.
“Nah. Don’t do that! Don’t just—just dismiss this!” he growled. 
You stared up at him, caught off-guard by his hand on you, by him physically stopping you from leaving. You were trying to think of something to say but your mind was suddenly blank. His hand finally dropped from your arm but instead of backing off he stepped closer to you. “This ain’t nothin’!” he argued. “And ya weren’t kiddin’ yerself. Now just stop bein’ so damn stubborn and talk to me!” You felt your resolve crumbling a little.  “I—I don’t have anything else to say!” you retorted angrily. “Now let me by!” You tried to brush past him again but he stepped right in your way. “Daryl,” you growled. “Get outta the way.” “Nah,” he said shaking his head. “Ya wanna be stubborn? Fine, but so will I.”
“Move!” you yelled at him again, feeling a flush of angry heat in your face. “No,” he said again, this time catching your eyes with his blue ones.
Your chest was heaving with angry and nervous breaths. “Let me go,” you said, and this time even you were surprised by how weak your own request sounded.
Daryl stared down at you, his posture defiant, obstinate. His heart was absolutely racing in his chest and he finally couldn’t suppress the urge any longer. He clasped your face in both hands and kissed you urgently, something he’d wanted to do for so long, but even more so since he’d tried to leave. It was all he could think about. A moment later he was sweeping you into him with a hand on your lower back.
You let out a noise of surprise and stumbled back, away from him, staring at him standing there with his chest heaving. “Wh—what the hell are you doing?”
Daryl gulped. Oh shit. Had he just fucked things up worse? He gestured vaguely with one hand. “This ain’t nothin’,” he drawled, breathless from his lips on yours. He stepped toward you cautiously again, half expecting you to move away or brush past him for the exit, but you didn’t move. He anxiously licked his lips, and you felt butterflies flit to life in your stomach. “‘M sorry,” he said again.
You stared at him, a quizzical expression on your face. You wanted his lips on yours again. “Say it again,” you said softly. You stepped closer to him. 
Daryl stared down into your eyes. The regret in his was plain. He slipped his fingers into your hair and clasped your face again. “‘M so sorry. I ain’t ever gonna leave again if I can help it.”
Your expression softened and you grabbed onto the front of his vest and pulled his lips down to meet yours, kissing him heatedly. Daryl’s hand landed on your lower back again and he pulled you against him, pressing forward so you were touching practically from knees to nose. His kiss was urgent, feverish. He pressed into you and you moved backwards blindly until you felt the table behind you. Daryl’s strong hands lifted you, setting you on the edge. You looped your arms around his neck and gently bit at his lower lip, eliciting a chesty growl from him. His hands wandered over your back and smoothed down your sides, feeling the curve of your waist and angles of your hips. They wandered down further and ran over your thighs, sending tingles of electricity up your back. You tugged him into you more tightly, feeling his hips pressing into the inside of your knees as you sat on the table. You slid a hand under his vest, around his back, and scratched your nails over the thin cotton of his shirt, feeling his strong, tense muscles beneath the material. He pulled back from you suddenly and your eyes opened, long eyelashes fluttering, disappointed and feeling the inches between your lips profoundly. “What is it?” you asked him, completely out of breath. He just stared down at you, not lifting his hands from your hips. “Nothin’. Just tryin’ to convince myself this is really happenin’,” he drawled, his eyes flitting between yours and your partially parted lips. 
You ran your fingers through his hair and he leaned into your touch. “It is.”
He looked suddenly nervous again. “Listen, I still wanna tell ya... I can’t entirely explain it. I know Merle’s an asshole. Of course I know that... But he’s my brother. And it was almost like I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I’d already left him once in Atlanta. I couldn’t do it again.” Daryl rushed on, still in vague disbelief that somehow you’d gone from yelling at him to kissing him in a span of a few minutes. “But as soon as we were alone out there... I realized he might be my brother but he ain’t really my family anymore. Maybe he never was.”
You gulped and nodded, pressing your hand flush to his chest and feeling his racing heart beneath your fingers. “I’m sorry I was so hard on you,” you said regretfully. “I was just—hurt.”
He nodded. “I can’t blame ya. ‘M sorry.”
You looped your arms around his neck again and he gave in to the gentle tug easily as you pulled his lips back to yours. The heat built between you again and you let out a small sigh as Daryl’s lips wandered from yours to kiss your neck and the delicate skin by your collarbone, his fingers tangling roughly into your hair. You found yourself arching into him more and more and Daryl was reeling as your fingernails lightly scratched his back, even over the fabric of his shirt. But the building heat was quickly quashed by the sound of the squeaky metal hinges on the door to the stairwell and both of you startled. Daryl spun around and you jumped up from your spot on the table, accidentally knocking the mug of tea to the floor, which of course shattered and sent liquid splashing everywhere. Your entire face flushed as you saw Glenn standing in the doorway with a surprised look on his face, one hand still on the doorknob. 
“Uhhhhh... sorry,” he mumbled. But his face quickly broke into a grin he tried to stifle. “I’ll just—I’m gonna go,” he said jutting a thumb back over his shoulder, unable to keep the amusement out of his voice. Daryl shifted uncomfortably next to you. Glenn turned on his heel and headed right back down the stairs and into the cellblock again. 
Rick, unable to sleep with the threat of the Governor still looming, caught sight of him returning and gave him a questioning look. “I thought you were on guard duty now?” he asked curiously. Glenn smiled and laughed a little awkwardly. “Uhh, yeah, but uhh—Y/N and Daryl have got it,” he said, his eyebrows lifting. “Y/N and Daryl? Isn’t she still pissed at him?” the sheriff asked, looping one thumb into his pocket. Glenn laughed again. “I’m pretty sure they made up... Night, Rick.”
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t0shii · 5 months ago
hi could i request kita, tendou, and mattsun and it’s your first time sleeping at their place and they find out you cant sleep in the dark and need to sleep with a night light?
% s/o who can't sleep in the dark
Tumblr media
.! timeskip! kita, tendou, matsuwaka (sep) x gn!r
.! fluff/ mention of food in kita's, mention of rainstorm in tendou's, water drinking in mattsun's- not proofread.
.! hi! ty for the request <3 sorry u had to wait so long :(( (idk why these ended up to be so long)
Tumblr media
to say you were nervous to stay the night as your boyfriends place for the first time would be an understatement... your heart raced as kita placed your back on the ground to unlock the front door, "make yourself at home." he opens the door, "down there is the bathroom... and that's my room." he shows you around and you crack a joke about how clean his house is compared to your apartment. you both decide on a movie night with take out which he insisted you choose.
you yawn and rub your eyes as the third movie of the night ends. you'd been laying in between his legs, back pressed against his chest. you sit up and he follows, wrapping his arms around you and perching his chin on your shoulder, "sleepy? we can head to bed if you want." he mumbles into your neck before planting a kiss there, "mhm, let me change first though." you try standing up to reach your bag but his hold on you doesn't loosen, "i have clothes you can wear." he says bluntly, standing up and bringing you with him. he leads you to his room, rummages through his dresser and hands you a shirt and shorts, "these should fit, yeah? i'll leave so you can change."
you start to internally panic as you both settle into his bed, and he begins turning off every light in the room. suddenly theres only one bedside lamp illuminating the room, he reaches to turn it off and lays down, pulling your body against his which makes you giggle. "good night." he mumbles into your hair, "night." you sigh. 'maybe if you close your eyes you'll forget it's dark' you think to yourself, squeezing your eyes shut. thirty minutes pass you're still awake. you sigh, a little louder than intended, "y/n? are you still awake?" you mentally scold yourself, "yeah" he props himself up with his elbow; you angle your head back to look at him, "what's wrong?" the sleep in his voice evident. "well... uhm... i..." his eyes soften as he notices you becoming nervous and he cups your cheek with his free hand, "you can tell me angel."
you can help but lean into his touch "it's embarrassing" "not it's not" "okay well... i can't sleep in the dark. ever since i was a kid, i've never been able to." you can see eyebrows furrow from the small amount of moon light peeking through his curtains, "why didn't you tell me before i turned all the lights off?" he frowns, reaching over to turn the lamp on, relief filling your chest at the illuminated room. "because it's embarrassing." you mumble as he lays back down and pulls you against his chest again, "it's not embarrassing, baby, at least not to me. so no need to embarrassed, i won't judge you for i and besides, i don't mind sleeping with a light on." he places and kiss on your temple and you sleep well, secure and comfortable in his arms.
you'd been over to tendou's apartment plenty of times before and every time you made up some lame excuse for why you couldn't stay the night, "i need to feed my cat" "my clothes are still in the washer" literally anything to save you from the embarrassment of having to tell him you couldn't sleep in the dark. tonight was different though, with a storm passing over town and not looking like it's letting up any time soon, he wouldn't let you leave. "ten, i dont have any clothes here, my cat's by herself-" he cuts you off "babe, babe- you can wear something of mine if you want and i'm sure she'll be fine. she's a cat." he holds you firmly in your cuddling position on his couch. "fine." you grumble.
really, if he had to be honest, it hurt tendou's feelings a little bit that you were always against the idea of staying the night with him- but he had no choice but to celebrate this small victory and thank the rain storm, "it's for your safety, angel." he says proudly, placing a kiss on your cheek. you choose to ignore the nervous feeling creeping up your belly and rest your head back on his chest, "yeah yeah let's just continue with the show, i'm invested in the plot." "you mean the hot main characters?" "exactly... the plot." you giggle while he pretends to be offended. three hours later you find your eyelids getting heavier and heavier until you can barely keep them open and your boyfriend seems to take notice quickly.
"are you falling asleep on me? we haven't even finished season 3 yet." he mumbles and you let out a groan, "it's two in the morning, of course i'm getting sleepy." you rub your eyes, "i'm just giving you a hard time, babe. you're the one who wanted to stay up though but i guess we can go to bed now." you sit up and stands from his position on the couch and helps you up, "c'mon sleepy head, you can make it." he grins taking your hand and leading you to his room. he lets you sit on his bed while he looks through his dresser, "hmm is this shirt okay?" you nod as he hands you an old band shirt "i'll be right back." he leaves the room with his own change of clothes. once he's back you both lay down, "oh babe, i almost forgot, you wanna see something cool? he gets out of the bed and you respond with an "mhm" as he begins to turn all the lights off, a familiar nervousness creeping up your belly as the room gets darker and darker.
"okay okay, so i don't sleep well in pitch dark but the lamp is just too much light so i got this-" he plugs in a small object into the wall, stars illuminate his bedroom ceiling as well as your other surroundings and he smiles wide, "see it makes stars, theres a moving option too but i don't really like it that much. oh, and don't make fun of me." he says seriously, sliding back into bed with you, arms wrapping loosely around your waist, "well i can't make fun of you for that, satori." "i was just hoping you wouldn't, honestly." he chuckles. "babe, do you wanna know i always avoided staying the night here?" you ask, ready to confess your secret. "i didn't wanna force it out of you but now that you're ready, yes." you both turn your heads to look at each other. "the truth is, i was embarrassed because i also cant sleep in the dark, been that way for as long as i can remember. but i'm glad theres someone i can relate to." "how ironic" he mumbles, placing his face into the crook of your neck. you sleep like a baby in his arms that night.
you were over at issei's place so he could help you study for an exam coming up, honestly you didn't want to stay as late as you did and when the both of you finally noticed the time he just wouldn't let you leave. "c'mon baby, it's too late. it would be irresponsible of me to let you go home now, i don't mind you staying the night." he hugs you tight like you'll disappear if he lets go, face buried in the crook of your neck. you sigh in defeat, "okay fine." his head perks up as you say it and he smiles at you, "i can get you something to sleep in if you want."
that's how you got in this situation, awake hours after your boyfriend had already fallen asleep. finally after two hours of laying in the dark listening to his snores, you sigh quietly, slipping out of his loose embrace and tip toeing your way to his kitchen to get a glass of water and sat at the dining table. you'd been sitting there for about thirty minutes before you heard the bedroom door creak open and heavy, rushed footsteps make their way towards you. "y/n?" you recognize a panic in your boyfriend's groggy voice, "i'm in here." you croak out hearing a sigh of relief escape his lips once he sees you. you look up at him, his hair was an absolute curly mess and his eye lids were droopier than they already were, he was obviously still half asleep. "y/n there you are. he sits in a chair next to you, "you scared me, i woke up and you were gone. i thought you left." he leans his head on your shoulder, "sorry." you mumble, bringing a hand up to run through his hair a few times resulting in a groan from the man.
"'s okay, how long have you been awake?" "hmm about two and a half hours now." you reply honestly, "what? baby, why didn't you wake me up?" he raises his head and you both turn to look at each other, "you were tired, issei-" he interrupts you, "so? you shouldn't have had to be awake by yourself." "it's fine, i knew it was gonna happen, i knew i wouldn't be able to sleep" "why's that?" you sigh, internally scolding yourself for the hole you've dug yourself into. "i... i cant sleep in the dark." he looks at you for a moment, "that's all? that's what kept you up this whole time?" he asks and you nod. mattsun can't help the grin that makes his way onto his lips, "baby, you should've just told me, i could've kept a light on for you." "no- look i shouldn't have told you now you'll think i'm immature." you mumble, looking away from him. "no no baby, it's totally normal, honestly and i don't think any less of you. i just wish you would've told me sooner because then we'd both be sleeping right now. he hugs you before standing the both of you up, "c'mon we're going to bed." he grabs your glass and leads you back to his bed. you sleep in his embrace, table lamp illuminating the room the rest of the night.
Tumblr media
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whoacanada · 11 months ago
Zimbits - Bartender!Jack + NHL!Bitty AU
Prompt: Retired NHL player Jack Zimmermann takes ownership of a sports bar in Pittsburgh and accidentally falls for the Penguins’ (closeted) new left winger.
A/N - just the start, I’d like to get around to more of this; the basic idea was an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia AU, but I couldn’t manage to make everyone that terrible so Jack owns and operates a gay sports bar and starts crushing on one of his patrons.
“Can’t believe you’ve owned this place since ’89.” Jack coughs, waving the dust away from his face. “Did you ever come back after we moved home?”
It’d be disingenuous to say Jack had been expecting anything other than cigars and whiskey when his father had invited him on a trip down to Pittsburgh to see Mario and glad-hand some Penguins sponsors. In fact, he’d kind of been looking forward to sulking and getting shit-faced, not limping around a condemned building dodging roaches and rats.
“It was an investment opportunity. That was the trend back then, famous athletes buying up restaurants and clubs — I had big plans for this building. Then your mother got pregnant and I realized I didn’t really give two shits about running a nightclub.”
“Realized you were pretty lazy, huh?”
As Bob laughs, Jack picks at the peeling, lacquered bartop, trying not to imagine how many decades of grime he’s just collecting under his nail, the situation made even more disgusting in such close proximity to the glittering gold championship ring his father had insisted he wear to their lunch meeting with the Penguins front-office suits. Jack flicks the gunk away as Bob levels him with a weighty look, hands braced in the air as if outlining a play and not offering a tour of a cobweb-filled dive.
“Here’s my thought,” Bob says. “The bar. It’s yours.”
Jack leans against the counter, taking some weight off his braced leg, and asks, “What’s mine?”
“This place,” Bob gestures around the room. “The whole building. It’s just sitting here, empty, the bar, the liquor license, there’s apartments and office space upstairs, we’d just need to do some renovations and —“
Jack can’t help himself. He barks a laugh and says, “I’m not moving to Pittsburgh.”
“How many times have you and I talked about opening a sports bar? I’d wanted to get this place fixed up so it’d be ready when you retired, but since the final — you could make it a gay bar, even, if you wanted!” Bob says quickly, offering another awkward olive branch. “A gay sports bar. I wouldn’t care.”
“A gay sports bar. In Pittsburgh,” Jack echoes, reaching for a chirp to defend himself, but he closes him mouth as he realizes a sports bar run by a Zimmermann might not be a terrible investment idea. “The building needs a ton of work,” Jack settles. “I just saw a rat.”
“That was a mouse,” Bob dismisses, not bothering to look at the rat still clearly in view. “Nothing that can’t be fixed. Got a dollar?”
Jack pats his pockets, finds a spare looney and hands it over. Bob doesn’t hesitate, pulling an envelope out of his back pocket to exchange for the coin.
“Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of,” Bob looks around helplessly. “I actually don’t know what they call this place now. A Bar?”
“I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” Jack swallows against the tightness in his throat, holding the deed carefully in his hands. “Thanks, Dad.”
Bob brings Jack in for a loose hug and they both ignore the soft squeaking coming from the backroom.
Five Years Later
There’s a man examining the announcement board in the vestibule, and Jack knows that posture: the forward hip cant, thick thighs, a small but definite bubble butt — guy’s a hockey player, and he has been for some time.
“Hey. Hi.”
Blondie spins around at Jack’s address. Not quite startled, but something close enough that Jack feels a twinge of guilt. “You interested in playing in our beer league? You look like you might know your way around a rink.”
The man quickly looks at his chest, as if expecting to find something displayed, but relaxes immediately. Jack fights a grin, he was once old hat at wandering into public spaces decked out in identifiable team merch.
“Bitty.” The man squares up to offer his hand; his accent is warm and distinctly southern, not at all what Jack was expecting. “You can call me Bitty.”
“Oh, with a nickname like that, you have to play, now, no excuses,” Jack gives Bitty’s arm a firm shake, surprised at how complementary his grip is; not just an overcompensating bro who’s walked into the wrong club.
“If only I had the time,” Bitty placates wryly. “Is this place new?”
“Been here a few years, but not long. How about you? Are you ‘new’? In town, I mean.”
“Moved for work,” Bitty’s smile is timid, eyes darting around the room looking for other patrons, up at the memorabilia and the various pennants. “First year. Slowly learning the area.”
Jack doesn’t miss the way Bitty’s eyes linger on the Pride flag draped from the second floor railing, but Bitty doesn’t mention it, and Jack isn’t in the business of prying.
“Let me be the first to welcome you to The Bar.”
“I saw that outside, do you not have a name?”
“We weren’t creative. The owner didn’t realize he was filling in the wrong line on the business license so we are literally called ‘The Bar’.”
“That’s actually pretty solid,” Bitty laughs, the sound lifting Jack’s mood easily. “I’ll have to make sure I come back and patron your establishment at a reasonable hour.”
“What you aren’t interested at getting sloshed before noon?”
Bitty laughs, and Jack is enough of an adult to recognize he’s got a tiny bit of a crush.
True to form, Bitty slowly becomes a feature of Jack’s early afternoons. The first few weeks, he does little more than quietly purchase a single domestic beer before tucking himself away in a corner booth, hunched over his phone, ball cap pulled low for discretion. Jack gives him space, and aside from a few curious regulars, Bitty is little more than another closeted young man seeking quiet sanctuary.
That is, until, hockey kicks up and Mario hooks Jack up with season tickets beside the bench. It’d taken time for Jack to get comfortable with being in an arena again, especially without the ability to step onto the ice himself, but he’s acclimated and learned to appreciate his new lot in life. He can be happy for his success and mourn the end of his career with equal measure.
(Doesn’t hurt he still gets asked for autographs on the regular.)
Bittle, the new forward traded out of Columbus, spins to whip the puck between Lundqvist’s thighs and the score is 3-2 with a minute left in the third. Jack stands to cheer with the crowd as Bittle’s pulled into a celly with his line mates, and the new angle gives Jack a good look at the man’s sunny face, complete with a familiar, bright smile and missing canine. Jack’s heart leaps into his throat when he realizes Bittle is ‘Bitty’, and Jack can’t help but cheer louder.
After the game, Jack does his homework. Pulls up stats pages and articles on Eric Bittle. Looking to link the quiet hottie from his bar with the energetic man he saw tonight on the ice. If Jack wasn’t in love before, he absolutely is after watching highlights from Bittle’s time in Columbus.
The next time Jack finds Bitty slipping into the bar, probably between practice and a good nap, Jack makes his move; filling a pint glass, wedging an orange slice on the rim, and adjusting his shirt before striding to the corner booth as easily as one can with a titanium femur.
“On the house,” Jack says, setting down the glass gently. “Choice goal, Tuesday. Great bounce.”
Bitty’s grateful smile falters, turning into something guarded.
“What goal?” Bitty asks, voice steady, and Jack’s immediately alerted to his misstep. Jack casts a careful eye around the room and doesn’t find anyone watching, kicking himself for not thinking this through. He’s used to playing this game with guys who aren’t quite comfortable, who might be visiting with the wrong people, but he hasn’t had to do the closeted-pro-athlete dance in a while.
“You know, I must have been mistaken.”
“Happens all the time. Very sweet of you, though.” Bitty apologizes and pushes away the beer, but Jack waves him off. It’s the least Jack can do for calling the guy out.
“I should have known,” Jack tries to recover. “You’ve still got all your chiclets. But, between you and me, Bittle’s a spitfire, eh? Crazy soft hands. I’d like to meet him someday.”
Jack whistles low, rapping his knuckles on the table before turning back to the bar, moving slowly enough he catches the way Bitty’s cheeks flare pink at the compliment.
About thirty minutes later, Jack, half focused on counting down the till, nearly misses Bitty’s exit. He looks up to offer a parting wave, and Bitty returns the gesture, flashing a shy, incomplete smile; one canine missing on the left side.
“Anything new to report? Sales look good, think you might be able to take some time off and visit your poor parents?”
Jack slides open a window to let some air into his bedroom, not for the first time wishing he’d taken the chance to tear out a wall and convert a corner of the top floor into a balcony. There’s still time — his father never seems to wary of giving Jack renovation loans — but Jack loves his condo and hates the idea of relocating again, even temporarily.
“New distillery opened, cut a deal on some local gin. We’re working on drink specials, if you have any ideas for names I’m open,” Jack eases onto the windowsill and looks down at the line of people waiting to get into the bar. “And I met someone. Think he might be a hockey player.”
“No shit? Beer-league?”
“NHL.” Jack corrects, an edge of caution in his tone he knows his father won’t misinterpret. “Started coming around a few months ago, gave me a fake name. Went to a game last week, scored right in front of me.”
“Well, you going to tell me who or am I going to have to guess?”
“He’s keeping to himself,” Jack holds the curtain steady to catch sight of a particularly flashy person in a glittering teal gown, texting Holster to snag a photo for the bar’s Instagram. “Don’t go hunting.”
“Well, if he needs any help you let me know.”
“What could you do?”
“I don’t know. Talk to . . . someone. I guess.”
“I’ll keep that under advisement.” Jack placates, smiling at the saucy photo Ransom texts back immediately of Holster lifting their favorite Drag Race runner-up above his head like something out of Dirty Dancing.
“Does this mean you’ve got a little boyfriend, again?”
Jack leans out over the railing and tries to see if the universe has blessed him with a sighting of his favorite new Left Winger. Sadly, it’s Saturday evening and the Penguins are in Dallas, so no Eric tonight. 
“Working on it.” Jack offers, rapping his knuckles lightly against the window sill and trying not to think about the way Bittle’s face lights up when he sees that Jack is working. “Think I might really have a shot at something.”
“Well, you know what Wayne always says.”
“I do,” Jack breathes, pressing his forehead against the cool glass, taking in his one-of-a-kind view of the city. “I’ll let you know how it goes. Once he gets back.”
“ — You know, I’ve got the game on right now. I bet you $1000 I can tell who you’ve got the hots for. You have a specific type — ”
“Okay, I won’t.”
“Thank you.”
“But it’s the kid we just got from the Blue Jackets, isn’t it. Bittle? You always like the fast ones — ”
“Goodnight, Papa.”
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writingssummit · 7 months ago
Hi I just read you’re tsukishima story and it was so cute omg but I have an idea
Let’s say y/n has a huge crush on tsukishima since they were children right. But tsukishima never rlly liked y/n in that way. So he would always like be kinda aggressive but like not in the physical way, like he would be cold to her whenever y/n would constantly say something abt them dating. In reality he did like her but he didn’t realize it. Then suddenly a new guy shows up, he’s like really handsome and he’s in a small band, he plays the bass. Y/n actually listens to that band and she was so excited so the two of them click really easy, that’s when she starts being distant with tsukishima and stops the talks abt them dating, tsukishima starts to miss everything y/n would say to him and he wanted to get y/n back, but when he tries he sees y/n and the guy sharing a peck 😔‼️ sorry if this was longgggg ugh
a/n: ahhh! I’m glad you thought so, haha! don’t worry about the length, specifics are always welcome! <3 this is a really good idea! i think it ended up on the longer side, but yk, more content is good? i also ended up naming him, so it’s easier to refer to him. i keep holding on to highschool settings i’m sorry LMAO- i haven’t finished season 4 and i’m not reading the manga yet :( but anyways, here’s a bit of angst/unrequited love to balance out my recent fluff posts !
asks/requests: open !
word count: 2.6k
warnings?: some angst/unrequited love
worth a try.
growing up with tsukishima had been a whirlwind of experiences. ever since you had moved and transferred to his school the last year of primary school, you’d been drawn to him. the tall, blonde kid with glasses. you found his pride in volleyball admirable, and you even found him to be so much cooler than you ever would be.
you originally didn’t know anybody when you first moved, but you fit right in with both tsukishima and his own friend. it was a strange combination, but it worked somehow. while tsukishima was rude, and yamaguchi timid, you were loud and energetic. you were lively. you challenged him just for the fun of it, you poked and prodded, just having fun being around him.
you were his self-declared best friend.
looking back on it, you probably always had feelings for tsukishima. back in those days when you tried to get into volleyball yourself. wanting to be like him, you tried your best, but you weren’t all that good. he would make fun of you for it, but you weren’t bothered by settling for being supportive of him and your freckled friend. You were just as passionate as they were about it.
you were even there when that passion jaded. watched as he stared at his brother from across the game.
it was when you started junior high, that you came to the conclusion that you were in love with your friend. but unlike most people, you did nothing to hide it. why would you? you were always open, always honest and straight to the point. you just weren’t one to hide that.
“go out with me, tsukki!” you poked his side with a cheeky grin, your eyes bright. your friend wasted no time in rejecting you.
“aw, you sure?”
“i would never date somebody so stupidly annoying.” you shook off the blatant insult, laughing instead with your hand on your neck. a small thing you picked up from your other friend. yamaguchi.
“you’ll come around one day!”
“i doubt that.”
it went on like that all throughout your remaining years until high school. a constant back and forth that became a schedule at that point.
it was decided that tsukishima would be going to karasuno, as would yamaguchi. and so would you. you would go where they go, you’d never thought about leaving them both. you’d stay with them as long as possible, holding on to their friendship like it was your lifeline..
and holding onto tsukishima even more so.
you were there with them on the first day, when they joined volleyball club. that first practice match against aoba johsai.
you weren’t always watching their practices, since you had your own club duties to attend to of course. but you always made sure to stop by the clubroom while the boys were getting ready, just to say hi to everyone and to a certain someone.
“hey, hey!” you poked your head from around the door, waving a hand. the team greeted you cheerfully enough, minus tsukishima. who looked annoyed to no end.
“tsukki, wanna go grab something to eat after your practice? i know a really great spot!”
he didn’t even look at you, only giving you the middle finger.
you laughed, shrugging. “worth a try.”
the first time the team had witnessed your very forward approach to asking the extremely salty and crude boy out, they were surprised. the way he turned you down so effortlessly too, threw them off. the added shock of anybody even liking him was the cherry on top.
“is this normal?” sugawara asked, a chuckle falling from his lips. asahi was beside him, sweatdropping at the sight of your affectionate display, and tsukishima’s obvious lack of reciprocation.
yamaguchi smiled awkwardly, nodding. “well- yeah, actually. It’s been happening for years.”
“i’d kill to have somebody all over me like that! lucky bastard!” tanaka held his fist up dramatically, as if clenching his heart in it. he even had a tear in the corner of his eye.
“well then, i’ll be on my way! good practice, everyone!” you chirped, finally leaving them.
“l/n’s got some serious determination.” tanaka whistled.
“misplaced determination. they won’t shut up about dating, it’s annoying.” tsukishima didn’t sound as impressed as his loud senpai was.
yamaguchi tilted his head to the side. “really? i would’ve thought tha-”
“shut up.”
a small laugh. “sorry, tsukki.”
it would forever continue, it seemed like. you never thought you’d give it up, you always knew that you liked tsukishima. your heart would pound, your stomach would feel fluttery. but even though you’ve been with him since you were children, it didn’t seem like he’d grown to feel the same. it would get you down sometimes, his mean and harsh words whenever you’d bring it up. either casually, or intentionally.
you couldn’t help being so hopelessly whipped!
you were walking down the sidewalk with yamaguchi and tsukishima, humming along to a new song that had been dropped recently. you were so into it, strumming your fingers like you were the one playing in the recording. tsukishima watched you with critical eyes, but yamaguchi watched as if this was entertaining.
“new song, l/n?” yamaguchi asked you, and you paused the music. you nodded right away, grinning.
“yeah! there’s this kind of new band I found a bit ago, i think around the time you guys met nekoma for that first practice match? their music is so cool!” you could go on and on about them, to be honest. they may be small, and very underground, but you liked them anyways.
“wahh, they sound cool- right, tsukki?” yamaguchi and you both looked behind at him, faces expecting the same sentiment.
he only scoffed.
you roll your eyes playfully, sidling up to him for the first time today. “you want to go get some ice cream, tsukki?” you wished, hoped for him to just say yes for once. your heart was begging at this point.
“get out of my face, l/n.” he said coldly.
with a defeated sigh, you walked a few steps quicker, before unpausing the music. the humming resumed, and yamaguchi glanced back and forth between you both with a weary expression.
“you could try to be a bit nicer, tsukki-”
“they can’t take a damn hint, it’s not my job to be nice about it.” He said stubbornly.
yamaguchi sighed himself, nodding along. there wasn’t a point in continuing the topic; he always shut it down whenever yamaguchi brought it up. he’s never been so aggressive about something before.
interhigh had come, taking up your friend’s time with it. you were upset that they’d be so busy now, but with the new tournament coming, came a new student.
he was friendly, and cheerful, and honestly probably one of the most charming people you’ve ever met in your life. he even looked familiar to you, like you’ve seen him somewhere before. you couldn’t figure it out, so you just opted to the conclusion you must have just passed him down the street at some point. or some strange case of deja vu? either way, he was in your class now.
you were just coming back from the bathroom, your earbuds plugged into your ears like they usually were nowadays.
“l/n, please take your earbuds out, it’s class time.” iour teacher scolded you gently, and you pouted a little. It was just getting to a good part-
you had tugged on them a little too hard, and instead of just getting them out of your ears, they came out of the headphone jack completely.
you were embarrassed as your new favorite band’s music started blasting out of the phone’s speakers, and you hurried to turn it off. You were blushing, laughing at yourself as you went to go sit back down.
ahh, dang! everyone heard that! you were just laughing at yourself in your head now.
there was a tap on your desk, and you turned your face towards the hand. it was the new kid, and his face looked bright.
“you listen to my band’s music?” he whispered to you, his face beaming, and you gasped quietly.
“is this you?” you pointed at your pocket, where your phone rested. he nodded.
“that’s so- wow, i go to school with one of the people in my favo-”
“l/n, do you have something to say about the lecture?”
you shook your head violently, holding back a huge grin. “n-no, miss!” your teacher sighed, and continued past the interruption.
the looks you both shared didn’t go unnoticed by tsukishima.
everyday now, you were hanging around the new kid. you had come to learn his name, which was ishiwaka teruo. you both had hit it off instantly, it was like you guys had known each other forever, and not just a few weeks. it was almost like some crazy twist of fate, or luck. you guys were both alike in a lot of ways, held similar passions, too.
“see you, ishi!” you waved a hand, grinning as he waved a goodbye back. you guys didn’t take the same way home, so he ended up leaving the opposite direction, while you walked with tsukishima and yamaguchi. you were humming again, one of ishiwaka’s band’s songs.
“you seem pretty happy, l/n.” yamaguchi chuckled, watching as you danced a little. 
“oh yeah, you bet! ishi actually invited me to sit in for one of his practices, isn’t that so cool? he plays the bass, and he even offered to teach me a few chords. i don’t really mess with instruments, but-”
“can you shut up about him? all you do is just yap on and on about this guy, hanging out with him isn’t enough for you? what’s so special anyways?” his tone was harsh, and condescending. “if you’re just going to talk about him all the time, i’m not walking with you guys anymore.” your eyes widened as soon as you heard what tsukishima had just said. your heart was pounding, like it had been caught in the act of something terrible. you even felt slightly ashamed.
“wow, nice, tsukki. sorry for being excited about something.” you muttered, clutching your bag straps tight. what did you expect at this point? he didn’t like you as much as you thought, if he was so ready to just leave you behind. yamaguchi sensed the tension between you both, which made him uncomfortable.
you were all quiet for the rest of the way home.
interhigh came and went, the loss against aoba johsai stung the volleyball team, leaving their spirits broken, and cracked. you hadn’t been to the game that day, busy with a certain band member. and your missing presence hadn’t been looked over.
“where were you?” tsukishima had confronted you in the hallways, while you were walking with ishiwaka to the water fountain. it was break, which meant he could freely talk to you now.
you looked away from him, a nervous air around you that wasn’t like you at all.
“i’m sorry i couldn’t make it, tsukki- i heard that you guys lost, and i’m really sorry i couldn’t have been there!” your words were careful and slow, like you were thinking on how to say the right thing to him.
the blonde closed his eyes, and looked off to the side. he didn’t look pleased in the slightest. “were you with your precious band member? like some kind of groupie.” 
ishiwaka raised an eyebrow, and you just shook your head. tsukishima was really doing this right now? you said sorry, what else were you supposed to say?
“you know what, yeah. i was with him. it’s not’s not like i have to be around you or yamaguchi every second of the day, okay?” you sighed. “look, i’ll make it to your next practice, and skip my club activities. is that fine?”
he hesitated, before giving you a curt nod. you smiled in relief. “great! i’ll see you then. now, about that specific measure-”
you had left him behind, and tsukishima had been hit with a realization.
you hadn’t mentioned going on a date at all. not today, not even within the past few weeks. was something wrong with you? he’d gotten so used to that, but now even that wasn’t a constant.
it was like you were slipping away from him, day by day.
and he realized that he didn’t like that.
as the days went on, thoughts about this ran rampant through his mind. it was maddening, he was trying to focus on school, and now, as he was walking to the clubroom, volleyball. he was scarily silent, and yamaguchi caught onto it right away.
“tsukki?” he asked quietly, not wanting to push. but he wanted to know. ever since tsukishima had come back from break that day, he’d been acting strange. he was even saltier, if that was possible.
“am i not enough for l/n?” he spit out the question, like it was a disease.
taken aback, the freckled boy could only blink. the two stopped walking, looking right at each other now. “what?”
tsukishima barked out a laugh, running a hand over his face in frustration. “you heard me, yamaguchi.”
yamaguchi’s jaw dropped. “do you miss them?” was he for real? was this jealousy actually coming from tsukishima?
“hell if i know.” he muttered. but he knew the answer, and that’s what upset him.
“i knew it. tsukki, why did it have to be now, though?” he shook his head in disbelief. at the utter obliviousness of this boy. yamaguchi knew himself that there was something there in tsukishima, something resembling feelings for you. but of course it was when you were no longer always around that he saw it.
“l/n isn’t a puppy anymore, they’re not following after you. if you haven’t noticed, they’ve given up. you need to do this yourself, and fix it.” yamaguchi stated. he wouldn’t be lying if he said that he’d been frustrated with the back and forth between you both, it was so obvious to him, but apparently not obvious to tsukishima. or you, for that matter.
“i know that.” he muttered. he would have to confront you about this. was he stupid? why didn’t he get this before? 
“then do something about it.”
tsukishima was quiet.
it was decided by him that he’d catch you outside of practice, since you said you’d be coming to watch. it was a quick, and impulsive decision from him, but he needed this to be figured out. his head was at it’s most unclear, and that was affecting him.
you were affecting him.
he looked around the outside of the gym, trying to see if he could spot you coming. it took a minute, before he saw a figure off to the side. it was you, he could tell by that bag anywhere. he stepped out, only to be met with the full picture.
you were with ishiwaka, and you were kissing him.
tsukishima hurried back into the gym with a stone-cold expression. oh. so this is where he stood now.
no longer at the top of your list, no longer important.
you walked into the gym, beaming. it angered tsukishima, more than he should have been. he yanked your arm, and held you by them with a vice grip. you looked up at your friend with nervous, maybe even scared eyes. you hadn’t seen tsukishima like this before.
“what is he to you?”
you blinked. “wh-what?”
“who is he to you? that little bass player.” his eyes were searching yours, for anything, anything that he could hold on to. you didn’t respond, only looking away from his intense stare.
your eyes didn’t hold that same look that they used to whenever you looked at him. 
he had his answer. and he didn’t like it. so he let go of you, maybe for real this time. things had changed so much, right under his nose. and he had let it happen.
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anonknown · 8 months ago
On the Foxes reading thirst tweets...
In the weeks after their first national championship win, the foxes gained a lot of positive attention. Because its a small group of funny people in their 20′s with a dedicated fanbase and twitter following, buzzfeed reaches out to have them read thirst tweets. Seeing the look of sheer panic on Wymack’s face when he thinks of what could happen is all it takes to get the foxes to accept. 
Also yes some of these tweets are inspired by real celebrity thirst tweets...let’s see how many y’all recognize. 
If any of the @s are real people on here and you don’t want your account linked, let me know, I’ll change it.
TW’s: Cursing, very thirsty tweets?
the foxes are set to film at buzzfeed studios around noon
So they take a plane to LA the day before to do a little sight seeing 
They show up in the studio about an hour early to get set up and ready 
And they have mixed emotions about it 
Neil has no idea what thirst tweets are 
He’s famous on twitter 
But doesn’t look too much into fan tweets unless they are roastable
So the whole team agrees to let it be a shock to him 
Dan, Matt, Allison, Nicky, Renee and Neil (who is just confused but ready) are excited 
Kevin, Andrew, and Aaron are not
But it’s too late to turn back now, so they sit in front of the camera and get ready to go
All bleeps are signified by a strike through 
All tweets are in italics
All the Foxes: *out of sync and chaotic, half of them don’t even know what’s going on, Matt is just screaming while maintaining eye contact with the camera* HEY GUYS WE’RE THE PALMETTO STATE FOXES EXY TEAM AND WE ARE HERE AT BUZZFEED TODAY TO READ YOUR THIRST TWEETS!
Aaron: Jesus fucking christ. 
Dan: Can we swear? 
Camera man: Yeah don’t worry we will just censor it.
Andrew: *looking into camera* Son of a fucking bitch ass cunt fuck this shit go to hell fucking assholes god damn mother - *Wymack is having an aneurysm, cameras cut*
Dan: *cameras cut back on* Alright now that we’re done with that, we’ll get started
Allison: Wait do you guys want to make a game out of this?
Foxes: Oh yeah for sure
Camera man: Wait - *already cut off he has no control rip*
Allison: Okay okay okay, we will read them to each other and try to keep a straight face. Everyone got their wallets?
Wymack: I am not participating.
Allison: Okay fine, everyone else has to though. 10 dollars a piece in the pot and the person to react to the fewest number wins? *everyone nodding or at least not rejecting the idea*
Dan: Alright guys lets get started.
Dan: Wymack, you’re first. 
Wymack: *shaking his head* I need a fucking drink and we haven't even started yet. Here we go: Kevin Day can back the fuck off, David Wymack is MY daddy now ;) but fr that man is dilf as hell holy fuck
Kevin: Fucking hell god NO.
Wymack: *feigning ignorance* I am glad to see that I am a father figure for so many, but my son can be sensitive, please don’t attack him. 
Foxes: *laughing at Kevin, Kevin is already tired of this shit*
Matt: Let me read one. *Dan hands him a random tweet that he immediately bursts into laughter over, he continues to struggle to get the tweet out* Okay okay Neil this is for you, from @andrewminyardssexyarmbands. Every time I watch Neil Josten roast a reporter after a game I find myself moister than an oyster. Please degrade me :D
Neil: *looks into camera* you’re not worth my degr - oh fuck that kind of counts huh? I think I get what this is supposed to be now. But too fucking bad I hate that word.
Andrew: Dumbass.
Dan: Alright this one is for Aaron
Aaron: No.
Dan: From @aaronminyardstrophywife, I want Aaron Minyard to wreck my mucus men😼
Aaron: If you’re pre-med, you are a disgrace to our track. If you’re not, don’t dirty medical language with your filthy ass mouth
Dan: Okay Aaron you read next, let’s keep our order more organized from now on.
Aaron: Fucking fine here we go, from @palmettostatesuperfan69, @matt-boyd, I wish you didn’t look like my ex - fuck *starts laughing* I don’t want to read this shit.
Matt: You gotta finish it come on!
Aaron: Shit okay, @matt-boyd, I wish you didn’t look like me ex, it’d make it a lot easier to masturbate to your pictures. 
Foxes: *everyone loses it, cameras are cut, Matt and Dan are laughing to hard they’re crying*
Dan: All right Matt, you read again
Matt: Okay this one is for Renee from @walkerstan...@reneewalker9, I see all these thirst tweets about you - it’s true Renee’s fanbase is lowkey horny as fuck - but I just wanted to tell you to  have a wonderful day and while I would like it if you beat me up with your strong lady arms, I would also like to take a nap with you under a tree as you sang me to sleep. 
Renee: That’s very sweet, send me song requests :D
Renee: Okay it’s my turn to read? This one is for the lovely Allison, from @wannabeallisonssugarbaby, oh I like that name, don’t we all? 
The Foxes: *lose it at the casual voice Renee said that in*
Renee: Anyways, the user says I know Allison Reynolds is a woman, and I know I’ve said this before, but she has massive dick energy and I want her to rail me.
Allison: And keep saying it. It’s true *holds her hand up to her ear and mouths call me* 
Allison: Okay give me a tweet. *takes one from Dan and has a malicious grin on her face* fantastic. This one is for Kevin!
Kevin: God please no...
Allison: Oh come on I know you’re curious
Kevin: Just get it over with
Allison: From twitter user @kevindayscocksleeve
Kevin: Why would you EVER name you twitter - 
Allison: FROM TWITTER USER @KEVINDAYSCOCKSLEEVE, *pauses for emphasis* I am no longer a man, woman, enby, or person of any kind. From the moment Kevin mother fucking Day stepped onto the court at the national championship and switched his racket into his left hand, I became but a hole for him to use as he pleases. Please destroy my bussy sir. 
The Foxes: *devolved entirely, rolling on the ground, the camera man has to widen the shot to get all the chaos*
Matt: Isn’t that how we all felt? Lefties am I right? 
Kevin: *blinking* What is a bussy? *team starts laughing harder*
Camera man: It means asshole
Kevin: Asshole?! Camera man: Yeah.
Kevin:*starts laughing* god no amount of press training could have prepared me for this so I am just going to say...thank you? 
The Foxes: *completely gone, crying on the floor, cameras cut*
Kevin: I can’t tell if reading these or being read them is worse. Let’s find out. Oh god, this one is for Nicky. 
Nicky: I am so excited, Kevin Day is about to read me a thirst tweet. This is a once in a lifetime experience.  Okay guys...shhhh. Kevin I need you to makes this your best performance. Put effort into this like it’s exy. *Nicky winks and Kevin rolls his eyes* 
Kevin: This tweet is from user @nickyhemmickssweatyheadband, @nickyhemmickpsu8, can I pretty please lick your big toe? also your ass is hot. 
Nicky: I appreciate that Kevin, and I know my ass is hot, but all of me belongs to Erik Klose so I have to decline. I was not aware you had a foot fetish though, we should talk to Betsy about that. 
Kevin: *is so tired* 
Nicky: All right, so this tweet is for our wonderful captain, Dan Wilds, and I read ahead and must say, I think we all agree with you twitter user @dailysteponmedan. Day 147 of asking Dan Wilds to please step on me :)
Dan: Wait are there actually 147 days of this person asking me to step on them?
Camera man: *pulls out a bucket of new tweets and hands it to Dan*
Dan: Holy shit...might just have to do it then *winks into camera* 
Dan: All right, we’ve got another one for Neil. Twitter user @ibelieveinjortssupremacy -
The Foxes: *groaning* 
Andrew: Fuck jorts lives
Dan: True. Anyways, they say, not to be horny for Neil on main again, but I want that man to spit in my mouth and crush me between his thighs. It would be a happy death. 
Neil: You know, I get it... but - 
The Foxes: *devolve once more, reciting the famous speech that they still refuse to explain to the media* 
Andrew: You did that on purpose.
Neil: Maybe *winks at Andrew* 
Neil: Okay I’ll read one now. From twitter user @andrewminyardpleasethreatenme, oh to be held at knifepoint by andrew minyard...slice me up daddy. 
Andrew: *entirely monotone* I am 20 years old and gay I am nobody’s daddy. You people have fucking issues damn. 
Neil: here’s another one from the same user...oh to be one of andrew minyard’s experimental fucks in juvie...sir i’ll do whatever you say
Andrew: You’ll do whatever I say? Fuck off *raises a censored middle finger that Dan immediately tries to cover.
Camera man: Okay guys we have two bonus tweets about another NCAA exy you want to read them?
The Foxes: Absolutely. 
Camera man: *hands Dan two slips of paper* 
Dan: Okay, Neil you read the first one and Kevin read the second one. 
Neil: From twitter user @sunshinejeremyknox, One day, I want someone to look at me the way @kevinday2 looks at @jkjeremyknox. That’s real love, baby. *holds up the tweet to show a picture of Kevin, drunk as hell, watching a USC match with a dopey look on his face*
Dan: Okay Kevin, do yours. 
Kevin: This one comes from - oh damn, this is from me? It says: Don’t talk to me if you’re not Jeremy Knox. You know what, I still stand by that. *the foxes all flip him off, the cameras cut*
Wymack: I just want this to be over. 
Allison: *in a video clip after, all the foxes look deadly serious* we thought it would be important to reveal the results of our game. You may not have gotten to see all the tweets, but Andrew won obviously. I’m thinking we should stop him from participating in future try not to react games. Anyways here are the results, in first is Andrew, with 1 reaction, next is Renee and Aaron with 3, Neil with 4 because he can’t resist a roast, Dan with 6, Matt and Allison with 7, Kevin with 9 and Nicky in dead last because he reacted to every single one and we lost count. Thanks for watching. *They all hit Nicky with paper towel rolls that came out of nowhere and the cameras cut off*
Okay this was so long...but I do have a few more that I didn’t include for various reasons...I guess let me know if y’all want a shorter part 2/blooper thing with those? 
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just-iimagine · 7 months ago
Courting Season - Chapter 6
Anthony Bridgerton x Reader
Summary: Your relationship with Anthony progresses onward as you plan the wedding and to tell you family.
Word count: 2.2k
Read the previous chapters here!
Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5
Note: Thank you all so much for the love! I am so glad you are all enjoying the story so much. Send in any requests if you have them!
Tumblr media
"So what does this mean?" you wondered to him as you held him close. "It means we are engaged... If you are happy with that?" he did not want to make you upset, that he would not consider your feelings or wants in this. He had made that mistake before. "Very happy, Viscount" you replied and smiled. "I hate when you call me that" he grumbled.
"I know" you laughed and he joined in laughing too.
Anthony leaned in then, catching your lips in another soft kiss. It felt like heaven. His lips on yours. Until the door clicked open and a gasp was heard.
"Anthony Bridgerton!" his mother's voice rang out. Causing you both to look at her in shock. Lady Danbury stood behind her with Benedict beside the older women. "Mama please" Anthony stopped his mother before she could launch into her speech about properness and how he needed to give up his 'rake' ways. And to be kissing you, a lady. He knew the speech well. Violet paused as she watched her son. Waiting for this grand explanation.
"Am I not allowed to have five minutes alone with my fiancé to plan how to tell you all we are engaged" Anthony then announced, a grin on his face as he moved his arm around your waist to pull you to him. "Fiancé?" his mother asked, looking between the pair of you before moving her gaze to Lady Danbury. The older women sharing the grin. "I do believe, Lady Bridgerton. A match has been made!"
You were moved out of the study then and to the drawing-room. Anthony's hand never leaving you as you sat together on the sit, Anthony explaining to his mother he proposed last night and you had accepted this morning. Though in reality, if you both were to look at it like that. You were the one who had brought up marriage and the life you could share together. He was the one who accepted. But you let him have his moment to shine. Enjoying the way he spoke with such confidence, such happiness.
Of course, the Bridgerton family shared the happiness, only too pleased to have you as their new family member and the new viscountess too. "Lady Whistledown has arrived my Lady. Do you wish for me to leave it in your room?" a maid wondered in then. Violet taking the paper and reading through it.
My dearest reader,
It would seem that much has happened since I last spoke with you. Certainly the ball at the Golems last night brought much excitement. Matches were made, dances were had. Though I must say the most random of events I witnessed was one of a certain Lady. Playing cards with some cheating men. Not only did the Lady win. But she saved many a man in this town a small fortune.
I should hope that Lady is being greeted and showered with flowers and gifts from each of these men. Especially one Viscount, who seemed so thankful last night that he even graced the dance floor with his presence to thank the women.
Perhaps a choice has been made by the Lady, in favour of the Viscount, we shall have to wait and see my dear readers.
Violet looked up from the paper, looking at the pair in front of her and then moving her to look towards Benedict. “I feel as though we are about to be scowled,” you said, biting your lip so as not to smile. “Well, it should be the pair of you scowled, not I” Benedict chimed in, “I simply stood and watched” he defended himself. “I think it best to remain in silence and simply say, last night had a good outcome” Anthony mentioned to his mother. 
“A wonderful outcome” Lady Danbury came in to say, smiling at Violet who still seemed to want answers. Anthony looked to you then, smiling and raising your hand to his lips, kissing it softly. “So when is the wedding!” Francesca asked excitement in her voice as she grinned from ear to ear. “I suppose as soon as is allowed” you replied with a shrug, “I’ll have to write to my family, inform them”.
“Will they be pleased?” Eloise asked, understanding you were in a tough spot with your eldest brother. “Harry and Edward will be. They always are pleased for me, no matter the occasion” you reply, sighing a bit as you thought of what your brother, Conrad would say. And you were sure he had a lot to say indeed. The sister of a Duke, marrying a Viscount. He wouldn’t be pleased. “The other two can keep their opinions to themselves” you added with a shrug. 
Anthony looked at you worried then, not knowing what to do. He understood about your family. Your father died, leaving your brother in charge of the family at a young age. Much like himself, except your brother seemed cruel. At least by your stories. “Do not fret” you told Anthony, “I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I have been waiting to use. It’s the perfect occasion too” you smiled at him as you spoke in a soft voice, not wanting the others to overhear your plans. “Be more concerned with Harry and Edward, if they like you, then you shall be fine”.
“And if they do not like me?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Well then, I shall simply have to marry Benedict” you replied with a laugh, causing him to pull you close into a hug, mumbling into your ear. “That will never happen, my love. I am never letting you go”, causing you to smile and kiss his cheek.
And so here you found yourself, trying to write a letter to your eldest brother. To announce you were engaged. You knew it did not matter, for he would never like Anthony, so there was no point in sugar-coating it. You sighed as you sat back. Trying to think of what to do. An idea coming to mind, to write to the twins instead. Let them announce it when they felt the need. Give you extra time to plan your wedding without any pressure from your family.
Dear brothers,
I hope neither of you fought to get to this letter first. However, to the winner, I give my congratulations. I'm writing to you instead of Conrad. It's easier, less pressure on me and you two can have fun announcing it.
I'm writing to let you know I'm engaged to Anthony. Yes, I know. I'm assuming you are shocked. I know things started off tocky between us. Conrad made sure of that. However, we seem to fit together well. Like two puzzle pieces.
He makes me laugh, I make him smile. He is so kind to his siblings, to his mother too. I hope you like him as much as I do. He can be a bit of a stick in the mud. But underneath his hard expressions is a heart of gold that I love.
When you inform Conrad, let me know. I'm planning the wedding currently. Something small. Nothing too grand or fancy. You know me.
I hope you both can come to London soon to meet Anthony and his family. Likewise, I wish to bring him to see Rosewall Hall. All in good time I suppose.
You finished the letter in time as you heard Anthony's voice in the hall. "Are you coming for our ride?" he mused as he stood by the door. Grinning as he saw you all dressed and ready to go in your usual riding gear. "Let me get my gloves," you told him before pecking his lips and running upstairs. Ignoring the remarks that ladies to do not run.
Anthony came into the drawing-room then. Spying the letter you wrote and deciding to read it. He knew that he probably would be in trouble for doing so. However, he didn't care at this moment. Reading the words over and over.
A word you had not yet said to one another yet here written in was in black and white on the letter to your brothers. Love. The last women he loved. Broke his heart. He swore to never open it again yet here he was.
Hearing your footsteps he moved out to meer you at the end of the stairs. Smiling as he took your hand and lead you out to the horses. "Lady Danbury seems to be trusting us not to have a chaperone," you say as you squeezed his hand. "Would you rather one?" he asked. "Lord no. I can talk to you freely and gladly now" you got on your horse and smiled at him.
Riding out into the fields with him slowly, it was silent. Anthony felt his heart grow so heavy with thoughts. Ones he had locked away but now they seemed to be jumping out. "Are you ok?" you wondered, riding closer to him and watching him. "I have not felt like that in quite some time" he whispered back. Trying to keep a straight face. You knew of the singer, of course. Benedict had filled you in on the details, late one night during some tea while he drew. "Nor have I" you replied. Hoping to give him some comfort in your words. That you were both on a level playing field.
"She broke my heart... Si..." he confessed, not being able to bring himself say her name. "I promised her so much and was never able to make good on those promises" he sighed. "I do not wish to do the same for you. I should of treated her better, yet lust got the better of me. I do not wish to make the same mistakes again" he looked to the sky then, the sun going in behind some clouds.
"Well unless you are suggesting we jump into bed together, I think we are doing just fine until our wedding night," you told him, watching him look ahead instead of towards you. Your joke not coming out the way you would have hoped. "I know it pains you, the memories. Benedict has told me somethings. Not a lot. But enough. So... " you struggled then for words.
"I would like nothing more than to throw you off your horse and kiss you. Ripping your clothes off in this field and..." Anthony stopped himself, making you smile. "You and I, we have something different, different to what you've had before" you tried to explain. "And while I find that idea interesting and very appealing. Perhaps after our wedding?" you wondered. Holding your smile as he looked at you. The guilt in his eyes slipping away. "We will do this properly, Viscount" you warned him. "However after the wedding, we can be as improper as we wish. And all those dirty little plans you have in your head, Anthony, can happen". He grinned at you, enjoying the idea.
"Plus there is one advantage to this" you added. "What is that [Y/N]?" he smiled as he watched your eyes light up. "I hate opera. And so we shall never have to go again!" you laugh and speed up your riding. Racing him down the field as he laughed with you. His heart was lighter and freer than ever before.
Tumblr media
A few days later, south of London. While you were planning a wedding with joy and comfort in your heart. Riding and walking with Anthony, having tea with his family. Laughing with Benedict.
Your letter arrived in Rosewall. Of course, as you predicted, your brothers raced like children to open it. They were 5 years older than you, yet you were the mature one. Edward laughed as he read it, having one the race for it. "She congratulates me on winning the race" he grinned. Harry rolling his eyes before moving in beside his brother and reading it with him. "So the Viscount won her heart. God for him" Harry smiled. "How shall we tell our dearest brother and sister" Edward laughed. However, the honour was not there's. For a certain lady won the honour indeed. The latest Whistledown had made its way to the morning breakfast table in Rosewall. As it did to most of the surrounding London areas.
My dearest reader,
It would seem my predictions were correct as an order this morning went to a London dressmaker for the wedding dress for Lady Rosewall and the Viscount. What a wonderful occasion when I can sit here and report I was correct. The pair do seem rather happy. Spending most of the hours in the day together. I dare say, there will be no happier match made this season!
The Duke finished reading the gossip paper then, rolling it into a ball and throwing it across the room. “Oh, we shall see dear sister. How long your happy match last to the Viscount. We shall see” he spoke mainly to himself, scheming away in his head. “Prepare my carriage to take me to London!” he called out then to the servants. Harry and Edward looked at each other than, nodding silently and preparing their own horses, to leave first. Wanting to make hast and beat there brother to London, wanting to support you in the fight that was about to come.
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fahsey · 9 months ago
Thinking Out Loud
Tumblr media
Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Summary: You and Harry are at his parent’s house for the holidays, and you get roped into playing their games.
Warning(s): absolute tooth rotting fluff, gemma’s a mom, talk of drinking (wine)
A/N: okay this is my secret santa gift for @peachybloomss​ !! i am so so excited to share this with you!! i truly hope that you like this!! it’s been so fun writing this for you <3 also, a big thank you to @sunflowers-styles​ for beta reading this and helping me make it coherent! plus a big thank you to @glowunderthemoon​ for yelling with me about it!!! and thank you @peeterparkr​ for putting on this cute little event!!
Masterlist | Taglist | Request - Guidelines | Come Talk!!
Reblogs help a lot and are so greatly appreciated!!
It’s become a tradition of sorts for you to go visit Harry’s family with him over the holiday break, and it’s been the same ever since you started dating him. You’d fly with him to visit his family and friends and spend the entire trip making some of the best memories that you have. Each year you met new people that his group had picked up throughout the seasons, and you loved getting to know every single one of them.
At first, you were a little nervous about meeting new people, but you quickly grew accustomed to the craziness of it all. This year, there aren’t many new faces, although there is one new addition to the family. 
Your favorite Styles member (although you’d never admit that to Harry), Gemma, had her first child only a few months prior and while you hadn’t been able to be there for her yet, you were super excited to see her and see your new niece. No matter how many times you had told her that she didn’t have to refer to you as Riley’s aunt, she insisted that you and Harry were basically already married, so you were technically the only aunt that little baby Riley has. 
The thought of being an actual part of the family made you tear up. You were already treated as such, but having it become official is all that you really want. Every time that you were around Harry’s family and friends, you felt completely at home. You would look around and see the place that you want to be forever. Regardless of what was going on, Anne was always there for you, Gemma never failed to give you big sister advice, and every person that you’d met over the years made you feel like being around you was a fun and exciting thing and not just an obligation.
Your favorite part of the year is upon you, and as you step off the plane hand in hand with Harry, you’ve never been more excited. You know that within the next ten minutes, you’ll be hugging Anne and Gemma and getting to meet your niece. 
Harry seems to be just as excited as you, if not more, as he pulls you through the building towards baggage claim. Luckily for the both of you, both bags circle around quite quickly and then you’re off to find Gemma and Anne.
As you make your way down the hallways, you tuck yourself slightly behind Harry. You’re fully aware of the fact that there will be someone that recognizes him and despite the fact that you’re fine with that, it still makes you a bit nervous to be perceived by his fans. 
Surprisingly though, you’re only stopped by two people before you make it to the wonderful women waiting for you.
“Y/N!” Gemma exclaims, pulling you into a hug before you even have the chance to respond.
You quickly wrap your arms around her. “Hi Gems, missed you.”
She’s beaming as she backs away, plucking who you assume is Riley out of Anne’s arms so that you can give her a hug. As soon as you can, you’re wrapping your arms around Anne and squeezing tight. She’s always been one of your favorite people, and you truly don’t understand how anyone could be that lovable, although you assume that’s where her son got it. 
Pushing back slightly, you smile. “It’s so good to see you, Anne.”
She shakes her head. “How many times have I told you to just call me mum?”
“Nice to see that you’ve all forgotten about me.” Harry says, and once you turn to face him, the pout on his face greets you.
“Oh, come here and stop being such a baby.” Anne opens her arms, ushering him towards her.
Gemma ignores his comment, coming over to you and introducing you to Riley. “Do you wanna hold her?”
You nod, taking your niece from her and holding her close to you, one arm supporting her head and one supporting her bum. You zone out a bit as you look down at the angel in your arms. She’s precious. As you look over her face, you realize just how much she looks like Gemma, and it makes your heart melt.
After a few minutes, Anne claps her hands together in excitement to get home and it breaks you out of your thoughts. When you look up from Riley, your eyes immediately find Harry’s. He’s looking at you like you hung the moon and you’re not sure why, but you’re not complaining about it. A small smile graces your face as you hand Riley back off to Gemma and grab your baggage with one hand while holding the other one out for Harry to take. He clasps it in his without a second thought and leads them to Anne’s car.
Gemma hugs you goodbye and drives off, seeing as she drove in her own vehicle. She promised to see you tomorrow at the family dinner when Riley is fully rested and both of them are more energetic.
You slide into the car after putting your luggage in the trunk, the smile never leaving your face.
Game night has always been a spectacle. Everyone comes over and someone picks the most random game in the world for everyone to play. It’s probably the night of the year that you have the most fun, drinking glasses of wine and being surrounded by the people that you love the most. 
This year is a little different, though, seeing that Riley will not stay calm unless she’s with you or Gemma, and you’d rather not drink with a baby in your arms. So this time, you’re sober and holding the sweetest little baby as you give the most ridiculous answers to questions that you couldn’t answer correctly even if you tried.
As the night progresses, Harry gets more and more tipsy. He eventually makes his way over to you and places his head on your shoulder.
“Hi, baby.” He drawls, his words slightly slurred from the alcohol he’s drank throughout the evening.
“Hi, bub.” You greet.
“Are you having fun?”
You can feel his curls tickling your cheek, but you can’t brush the strands of hair away because both of your arms are supporting Riley. “Always have fun when I’m here.”
He hums, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Glad to hear that.”
You chuckle, feeling the way that his body relaxes into yours. When you glance over at him, he’s flicking his eyes between you and Riley. “What is it, H?”
“Nothing, nothing. You just look really good holding a baby.” 
You shake your head at him. “Is this your way of telling me you want to have a kid?”
“Not right now, wanna wait until things are less hectic, if that’s okay.” Even though there’s a party going on around you, the only thing you can focus on right now is the man sitting next to you.
“That’s fine, baby. Want us both to be ready for kids.”
He raises his head and peers at you. “Does that mean that you’re ready for kids right now?”
“As long as they’re with you, I’ll always be okay with having a baby.” You admit, cheeks heating up at the confession. Truthfully, you’d been wanting a kid for a while, loving the way that Harry was with them. He’d be such a good dad.
“Well maybe once this upcoming tour’s over and I make some… adjustments, we can try for one.”
“Yeah, we can think about it.” You say, hoping that he’s not too drunk to remember this tomorrow. 
As the night comes to an end and you go up to bed with Harry, you find yourself missing Riley. You shake your head to rid yourself of the thought, knowing that it’s probably just baby fever hitting you.
Once you’re in bed with Harry, you curl up into him and let your head rest on his chest.
Neither one of you says anything for a moment, but then he speaks up. “I’m gonna marry you one day, and then we can have a baby.” 
You roll your eyes. You’d take him seriously if he wasn’t wine drunk. “Okay, Styles. Can’t wait.”
And although you don’t believe that he’s already planning on marrying you, you really can’t wait to be able to call him your husband.
Okay I really, really hope that you enjoyed this :) 
Permanent Taglist - @jackiehollanderr​, @scarletsoldierrr​, @thewayilookatbacon​, @parker-barnes-af​, @lost-in-the-stars03​, @kisses-holland​, @josiemara​, @god-knows-what-am-i-doing​, @fanficscuziranout​, @akila-stilinski​ , @babebenhardy​ @write-from-the-heart​, @slytherinambitious​, @miraclesoflove​ @quaksonhehe​, @dummiesshort​, @sleepybesson​, @sunshine96love​, @itstaskeen​, @wotamelonsugar​, @fallingfordolans​, @missleahlin​, @urbandcal​, @5-seconds-of-mendes​, @bookwormmusiclover15, @mary-jabami, @sarcasticallywitty15​, @emsma11​, @mrstomllison​,
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Be You {Leviathan x Reader}
Leviathan x Reader (They/Them) || Obey Me!
Warning(s): None (Well, actually I make Levi bully Mammon for less than a paragraph)
Note: This was a request I received from someone on Wattpad!
Tumblr media
Finally, Leviathan’s done it. It’s been a long three days, hours upon hours having been poured into this playthrough. 
“Woop woop! Aren’t I the best!” he praised himself, smiling wide. He’s skipped meals, pushed assignments to a later date and avoided any outside interactions to finish this game. His sight may be blurry and his limbs numb but if those were the sacrifices he had to make to go full completionist then it was all worth it. Now, time to celebrate a well deserved win.
“I think this calls for some of Ruri-chan’s celebratory season 3 limited edition candy and-!”
A chorus of knocks on his door immediately snuffed out his joy. Levi scowled, turning to glare at his door from his chair, it’s gotta be Mammon. The third born is absolutely positive that it’s his scummy older brother - it always is - back yet again to mooch more money off him for a trip to the casino. The usual slander he and his brothers would throw at the second born was on the tip of his tongue, ready to fire at will. 
“Hey Levi? You there? It’s me....”
A voice that definitely doesn’t belong to the second born piping up and Levi, halfway through spouting the first syllable, shuts up all together. That’s his normie. A weight presses on his heart: he was just about to yell and insult his Henry… 
Clearing his throat in hopes of gaining some kind of composure (all previous anger having diminished) the usual “What’s the password?” came out in a stutter. The demon was only acutely aware of his heart beat. How it skipped periodically. How it raced like he himself just ran a marathon. Levi waits a moment for the human to finish reciting the TSL excerpt. His hands begin to shake, his palms exuding profuse amounts of sweat. Gah! Why was he so nervous? Yeah, he’s aware that he’s just some gross shut-in otaku but he shouldn’t be this anxious! It’s not like this is the first time the exchange student has hung out in his room... alone... with him…
“Yo Levi?”
“Yes MC?”
“You think you could open the door now? Please?” Snapped back to reality, Levi hastily opened the door, finding himself regretting it soon after.
“I, uh, MC? What do you…?” his voice trailed off, orange gradient eyes locked on their garments. Immediately he sputtered, taking a step back. A bright scarlet coated his pale cheeks. Levi tried to hide it with his hand, though it was proven useless. The sea demon's at a toss up; should he screech? Slam the door shut? Combust all together!? At the rate he’s going, number three is looking pretty probable.
On the other end of this exchange, the human stood almost timidly out in the hall, fingers fiddling with one another while their eyes darted anywhere but at the man in front of them. The words of the fifth born rang in their ears:
“You absolutely have to wear this dear! My brother would surely fall head over heels for you, even more so than he already is!”
Oh whyyyyy did they trust him? Cause he had knowledge in fashion and love? Yeah, that was it. Still, if this turns south Asmo is going to get a lecture worse than any Lucifer could ever give… Damn, they really should’ve never let the lust demon shoo them into his private bathroom and make them change into this girly outfit. 
And it hit them all at once: Levi doesn’t like it, what they’re wearing. What if he never talks to them after this? Maybe if they leave now then there will still be a chance they can forget about this.
Time went on slowly, like people who walk through mud are, and MC just about tuck tail and ran, what they had planned and gained courage for be damned. 
Levi had other plans though. 
Only now registering that the two were standing out in the open for all to see, in a blind and desperate attempt to save himself and the human from embarrassment, the third born latched onto their wrist, yanking them into the safety of his room. Unfortunately, demon strength is a funny thing and Levi had handled them with more force than he meant to, the human crashing into his chest - hard. 
Perhaps it was instinct -- a need to protect the fragile being within his grasp -- but the demon's arm found purchase around their form, pulling them almost impossibly closer as they tipped. The pair, balance long gone, toppled over, landing with a thud.
Somehow, just like in all the romance anime he’s watched, Levi found himself hovering over them, arms propped on either side of their head. Their noses brushed, both staring frozen into each other's eyes. It wasn’t everyday that either of them were this close to one another, the exception being when the duo falls asleep playing video games. God, with this kind of proximity he was sure that the normie could hear how fast his meek heart was pounding. If this went on any longer he might actually die.
“Levi?” They whispered, their voice so quiet that he almost missed the call of his name. He however did catch their whisper and tensed up before coming back to the here and now, catching sight of the ‘what’ that led to their current position. Standing, Levi’s face burned hotter than ever before.
‘It was all because of them,’ he thought, turning away turning away with tense shoulders as he still tries to mask the red that licked all the way up to his ears. ‘It’s always their fault when I start to feel like I do now!’
“S-stupid n-normie! Why are you even wearing that?” he asked, chancing a glance over his shoulder. Levi did have to admit… they looked kinda cute in those clothes… and it looked like something Ruri-chan would wear too… 
Gah! No no no focus Levi!
The ‘normie’ didn’t answer right away, instead raising to their feet and opting to grab a bag from beside the door. That wasn’t there before. 
“Asmo…” they sighed, turning back to face the demon, nervousness swirling within them. Now or never, “Asmo said you’d like it if I wore something like this” So this is Asmo’s doing? Damn him… “Anyway, here, take it.”
“Wha-?” A shimmering gift bag the same colour of the water Henry his goldfish swam in was thrust into his hands, whatever he was about to say dying in his throat. 
A present? For him? Oh why must a no good otaku like him have to go through such an intimate endeavor???? He just can’t take it! 
Then again, this was like that one scene from season 2 ep. 22 of this anime he binged: I Forget Important Dates all the time which causes me to get into really awkward situations. This time I forgot about my Birthday and my Crush handed me a bag before confessing their love for me!
So-! Spurred on by fictional characters and MC’s urging “go on, open it”, Levi tore the tape, presented with his spontaneous gift: a popular multiplayer game from the human world; one near impossible to get in Devildom.
“WHAOOO!” MC couldn’t help but think how much he’s acting like a kid on Christmas, the notion cute in their opinion. The human stood still for a couple minutes, allowing their friend to rant and gush over the game (and how cool they were for even acquiring it).
“But…” the purple haired demon calmed down, “why did you suddenly give me this?” What? Did he not know what today was?
“It’s… it is your birthday isn’t it!?” Don’t tell them Asmo lied to them about Levi’s birthday!
Levi pulled out his phone, his eyes widening to the size of saucers, “No, it is my birthday,” he assured. With all the gaming he was doing he must've failed to noticed, which is strange considering the last time his special day drew near he practically counted down the days. 
“MC.” He got their attention, looking them right in the eye, his words and actions portraying a sureness and sincerity, “Thank you and…” As quick as lightning strikes the ground, the human had themselves pulled flush against Levi once more, his head resting on their shoulder and nose buried in the crook of their neck. His hair, so soft and fluffy, left a ticklish sensation on their skin.
“And about what you said before. With Asmo. I do like what you’re wearing but…” he tightens his hold, “I like you just the way you are. I know you don’t usually dress like this and I want nothing more than for you to be comfortable, like how you make me. If that means dressing tomboy-ish then so be it. I want you to be you: the human only you can be: my Henry.” 
“I’m glad you feel that way…” They smiled, arms wrapping around his torso. They hope their gratitude is able to shine through in the hug, “Now, ya wanna play your new game?”
“Yes!” He smiled, pulling back and raising his hand. They return the grin, suppressing a chuckle seeing as the demon reminded them of the YES demoji. “Oh, but um! Would you like to change first? It’s not that I don’t like seeing you dressed like that or anything but like I said I want you to be comfortable but also I don’t think my heart can take it anymore… wait that’s not what I meant!” That made them chuckle though.
“Do I have to?” They teased, enjoying the reaction they got out of the third born. Levi gulped, ducking his head while whispering a small no. “Then maybe I’ll stay like this a little longer. It is your birthday after all.” Tugging the envy demon towards their usual gaming spot they let Levi set up the game before the two plopped down in their spots.
“Oh and Levi?” He hummed, tilting his head, the light of the screen illuminating the side of his face. They hugged him once more, “Happy Birthday”
Thank you for reading!
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krreader · 6 months ago
seven sins | chapter seven.
Tumblr media
pairing: bts x reader ; kim taehyung x reader fandom: bts warnings: non idol!au ; historical!au ; princes!bts ; concubine!reader ; sex ; oral sex genre: smut ; fluff word count: 2.4k+ previous: 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6
summary: even in times such as yours, you still led a privileged life with nothing to ask for. that is until first your father, then your mother died and you were left to care for your two younger sisters. the position for royal physician seemed to be open and with your father having been a general and your mother having been a maid for the queen, you thought you might be able to get it.. little did you know that your visit to the palace would put a completely different offer on the table.
a/n: so, uhm... yeah... enjoy, ahem. enjoy a lot lol. 
Tumblr media
You didn't know what time it was, but it must have been well past midnight with the moon shining so brightly into your room. But that wasn't the reason of you not being able to fall asleep and fidgeting with your fingers as you stared at the ceiling.
Had Eun been lying?
Did she say that to give herself an excuse for falling for prince Taehyung? To say that a prince can fall in love with a concubine since it happened to you too?
But she didn't strike you as a liar. Naive and foolish, yet kind and honest.
No, she must have told the truth.
But then who was it? You hadn't spent a lot of time with the princes, the only two that you'd even consider to have feelings for you would be Yoongi and Jimin, but only because they were the only ones that you've done more than just sleep together.
As for princes Hoseok and Jeongguk.. you assumed they weren't the ones, what you have had was purely sexual.
No matter how hard you thought about it, you could not come up with an answer. Because it simply didn't make sense. None of them knew you enough to fall in love with you.. it was ridiculous. 
You let out a heavy sigh and pressed your hands onto your face, wanting to scream into them for it all suddenly being so complicated.
What happened to your mission?
It needed to be a priority from now on, you had to see the king as soon as possible or this would all escalate.
You immediately sat up when the door to your room got pushed open, your eyes wide when you saw..
“Prince Taehyung?” you got up, bowed and then furrowed your brows, “Eun's room is..-”
“I know, I've been there often enough,” he interrupted you with a half-grin, “Would you mind taking a little walk with me?”
“Now..- you mean.. right now?” your eyes fell on the darkness outside, then you looked back at him, “Really?”
“It's a full moon tonight,” he had been intimidating before, but now he wasn't like that at all. He had a kind smile on his face, that brightened when he extended his hand, “What do you say?”
“I should get changed first, this isn't the proper attire one should wear when going on a stroll with a prince.”
“Nobody will see us... and besides... you don't need clothes for what I have planned.”
Oh, wow. 
Is anyone surprised? Not you, that's for sure.
Of course he came for what everyone else came here for. Not that you were upset by this, you knew your place here and, unlike some, you didn't think of yourself as something special, not even after Eun's story.
“Well, alright then,” you didn't even grab a jacket when walking outside, but with the warm season that had finally arrived, you didn't need it anyway.
In fact, now was the perfect time to be outside.
Throughout the day, it was simply too hot to do anything, but with the darkness and the light breeze, it felt.. refreshing.
Taehyung led you through the palace grounds, not even acknowledging any of the guards that you two passed and they didn't seem to care either, only straightened their backs to show their respect.
Not even when he led you outside through a passage that you didn't know  –  but would have liked to have known, because getting in would have been a lot easier – did they care. 
“Where are you taking me?”
“Are you afraid?” he chuckled a little and stopped walking for a moment, only to turn around and hold out his hand to you once again. Only that this time, you reached for it, “Don't be. I'll protect you.”
He sure as fuck was smooth, you could see why Eun liked him so much. He was a real proper gentleman.
“Not afraid, just curious. I figured that for what you had planned, you might just take me to your rooms.”
“Is that what the rest of my brothers have done?” he snorted when you simply smirked, “Figures. They can be so boring. But no, this isn't purely about what you have in mind.”
“Oh?” that piqued your interest.
Taehyung didn't respond right away, it was as if he wanted to think about his words carefully and you were glad that he did when he said what he said, while the two of you continued wandering through the woods, the moonlight lighting your path.
“Eun is a very beautiful and kind woman. One that I've come to appreciate. Her.. interest in me, it flatters me, it really does. But she's just like all the other women that we have in court. Focused on the goal that she was tasked with.”
“Your majesty, I don't think that Eun is as power hungry as some of the others.”
“That is true, she really isn't. But her goal still is to have an heir... in her case, with me,” he looked to you, his beautiful smile back on his face, “But that isn't your goal... right, (Y/N)?”
Your mouth opened, immediately wanting to tell him that you weren’t with child yet because of his eldest brother, but it seemed as if Taehyung didn't even care about the reasoning.
Maybe he even liked that he didn't know, maybe he liked that mysterious veil that you had surrounding you. That you had an agenda and he didn't know what it was. Which should have been dangerous, but he didn't seem to look at it that way.
“Ah.. here we are.”
What you saw in front of you was like straight out of a fairy tale.
A small, but beautiful stream that led into a pond that was so clear, that you could see the moon's reflection in a way that could make someone think it was right there, ready for you to hold it in your hands and admire it from up-close. This, is what every women in your village had as her dream of a place where she'd lose her virginity. In a romantic place such as this one, with a man as beautiful and kind as Prince Taehyung. Maybe even exactly this fantasy with this prince...
“It's beautiful,” you let out a breath you had been holding, then smiled, “So... peaceful.”
“That's why it's my favorite spot. The castle grounds can be too much sometimes, so I like to come here when I need to think or just want to find inspiration.”
“A lot of things,” Taehyung shrugged, kneeling down and holding his hand into the water, “Drawing, singing... anything that I'm in the mood for.”
You merely continued smiling, even when he got back up and walked over to you, cocking his head to the side, “It's a little cold, but... want to go for a swim?”
Taehyung couldn't help but chuckle at your reaction, then took two steps back and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his beautiful upper body to you.
His proportions were... out of this world.
“I'll keep you warm, I promise.”
It's not like you could do much, because before you knew it, he was already naked and in the water and all you could do was watch with an open mouth, before eventually taking off your clothes yourself.
You wouldn’t say no to this. 
This certainly wasn't how you had pictured this night to go, you had thought you'd sleep through the night in your warm bed, not swim naked with a prince in a pond.
But Taehyung's expression went from happy, to absolutely ecstatic when you actually did join him. Like he hadn't expected you to.
“Cold?” to your surprise, he actually kept his distance at first. You thought he'd be all over you, but no. 
Damn... no wonder Eun liked him so much.
You really had the wrong impression of him.
“A little, but... it's kind of nice with the warm air.”
It wasn't very deep, you could easily stand and keep yourself upright, but just like him, you didn't move.
“I really don't know what it is about you that makes all of us go crazy. We all try to figure you out, but nobody can. Maybe my father saw something that we couldn't see just yet.”
“Or maybe it's not that deep,” you gave him a looped smile, “I appreciate that you all see something in me, but there really isn't anything to tell that makes me any more special than any of the other girls. I am just like them, I was chosen to please you, I was chosen to help you with your heirs and that is the end of the story.”
Taehyung slowly came closer, but not close enough for you to feel his breath on your face, “Then why does it sound so unconvincing when you say that?”
You were playing a dangerous game here. The longer you spent with them, the more they figured that there was something going on with you and Taehyung seemed to have his suspicions already, even if, right now, they weren't the right ones.
You had to get him to believe that you were there for one reason and one reason only... at least for now.
So you were ultimately the one that swam closer to him, so close that you could wrap your arms and legs around him, smiling when he wrapped his arms around your body to hold you with a grin, “Why do you care so much about a concubine, my prince?”
“Because, my dear (Y/N), you are the most interesting person we've ever had at the palace,” his hands were under your ass, but he didn't grope you or anything, they literally just acted as a seat for you, “I grow tired of people real quick, of concubines in particular. But you..,” he shook his head and smiled honestly at you, “..I look into your eyes and I see a story. I want to know what it is.”
“Then maybe you should just close your eyes,” you chuckled, “I can help you with that.”
And indeed, the moment you reached in between your bodies and you grabbed his length, he closed his eyes and let out a happy sigh.
“Tell me, then, your majesty,” you leaned in closer as you began to stroke him under the water, your mouth now right in front of his, “Would you like to be inside me?”
You didn't expect him to laugh at that, but it only added to his charm, “I suppose this is the kind of talk that my brothers appreciate, hm?” when you looked taken aback, he nodded and grabbed your wrist, pulling it up and placing both of your arms over his shoulders, “I want to make you feel good, (Y/N).”
Well, this was a surprising turn of events. You had been sure that your romantic time with him would now come to an end as your hand would have guided him to your entrance in the water, but instead, Taehyung walked the short distance to shore with you, so that he could lift you up onto solid ground again and then climbed out of the water after you.
All you could do was watch with curious eyes as he pulled your legs towards him, him now on his knees, lifting one of your legs up and beginning to kiss it.
This was very... new. But you felt comfortable with him and so you let him do it, actually lied back into the grass and just relaxed.
You could feel his kisses traveling higher and higher, until he was kissing the insides of your thighs.
That was ultimately the moment that you looked down at him with shock.
Taehyung chuckled.
“Close your eyes, beautiful. I promise, you'll enjoy it.”
You had a rough guess of what he was about to do, but when his lips kissed between your legs, you still let out a surprised moan.
This was very new to you, you didn't even know that men did this or that this was pleasurable for woman. But fuck...
“I've always wanted to do this with a woman that I cared about... that I wanted to understand how beautiful and perfect she was,” he whispered and kissed your sensitive nub once again, “Tell me when something doesn't feel good. I want you to scream in pleasure tonight.”
That wasn't hard, because the moment he started sucking, you were already fisting your hands in his hair and letting out one moan after the other.
Taehyung wrapped his arms around your legs and pulled you closer to him, fully eating you out now.
For the fact that he said he did this for the first time, you had absolutely zero complains. His tongue brushing through your folds, his lips sucking on your sensitive spot... it was perfect. And despite you having enjoyed your time with his brothers, what Taehyung did right now made you feel very different.
In fact, after just a few minutes, a sensation that you had never felt before started rushing through your body and you couldn't help but moan: “Don't stop... please,” again and again, now pushing his head closer into you.
This only made Taehyung suck harder, even his teeth were now gently biting down on your sensitive nub and you finally let out a loud scream that ended up scaring a few birds away from nearby trees.
Taehyung wanted to continue, but when you began shaking, he stopped and kissed his way up your body instead.
You were completely out of breath when he was finally on your eye level.
“How'd I do?” he grinned.
You let out a laugh, a small blush spreading on your cheeks, though your face already felt flushed, so it probably didn't make a difference, “You want me to say it, don't you?”
Your legs felt like jelly, but you still wrapped them around his body and pulled him towards you, your arms around his neck, “Then continue making me feel good, and I might.”
See, this is why he liked you so much. You were a challenge and he didn't get those very often.
Taehyung simply smirked and aligned himself with your entrance, both of you moaning loudly when he slid inside you so easily.
“What... you're so... wet.”
He made a mental note to himself here: always pleasure a woman with your tongue beforehand. You'll be a happier man afterwards, too.
And so the two of you made love in the middle of the forest, on the grass next to a pond with the moonlight shining down on you and being your light.
And it was no lie when you told him afterwards: “You've been the best lover I've ever had.”
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drabbles-mc · 6 months ago
Made For More
Nestor Oceteva x F!Reader
Request from my love @garbinge: Hiii ❤️ I have a request for Nestor with these two prompts...🥺 soft Nestor is legit my fav and I’m nervous we won’t get that in season 3 so I have to get my fix LOL. “Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.” and... “Are you afraid to die?”
Warnings: language, mentions of alcohol, mentions of death/dying, angst, everyone getting in their soft & sad feelings
Word Count: 1.7k
A/N: I wrote this a couple days ago but today has been a day so I’m using soft & angsty Nestor to cope. Quick little one-shot for the man with the beautiful braids. Did I get really in my feelings within minutes of receiving this request? Perhaps. Hope y’all enjoy! xo
Join my group-chat here: (X) ​
General Mayans Taglist: @garbinge​ @mayans-sauce​ @thesandbeneathmytoes​ @paintballkid711​ @tomhardydallasstarsgirl​ @queenbeered​ @sillygoose6969​ @sesamepancakes​ @yourwonkywriter​ @chibsytelford​ @gemini0410​ @multiyfandomgirl40​ @behindmyeyes-insidemyhead​ @plentyoffandoms​ @georgiaaintnopeach​ @twistnet​ @themoonandthewicked​ @bucky-iss-bae​ @encounterthepast​ @everyhowlmarksthedead​ @rosieposie0624​ @mylittlelonelyappreciationtoo​ @mijop​ @xladymacbethx​ @blessedboo​ @holl2712​ @lakamaa12​ @masterlistforimagines​ @shadow-of-wonder @kkim120​ (If you want to be added to my taglist just let me know!)
Tumblr media
Nestor shut the door behind him and locked it, letting out a sigh as he let himself enjoy the fact that he had survived another extremely long day. He strode into the living room, shrugging off his holsters as he did. He tossed them over to the back of his chair before sitting down on the couch to take his shoes off.
Just as he bent to untie his shoe, he felt his phone go off in his pocket. He sighed and shook his head as he shifted to take it out. He glanced down at the screen, his annoyance fading away slightly when he saw it was your name lighting up the screen, not Miguel’s.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Nestor,” your voice was loud, and a little too cheerful for the hour that it was, “Are you busy?”
He chuckled, “Depends what you’re about to ask me to do.”
“Can you pick me up from the bar? I’m too drunk to drive,” you laughed.
He sighed, pausing for a moment despite the fact that he knew he couldn’t say no to you. He pinched the bridge of his nose, “I’ll be there in twenty.”
“Have I ever told you that I love you?”
He laughed, “Every damn day. Stay safe till I get there, alright?”
“You’re perfect. Love you.”
“Love you too,” he shook his head with a smile as he hung up the phone.
With a deep sigh, he got back up off the couch and grabbed his keys. He glanced at his holster for a moment before shaking his head at himself and leaving without it. You were never in that much trouble.
He rolled up outside the bar and parked across the street. He looked around and when he didn’t see you waiting outside, he took a deep breath in preparation for going inside. He wanted to just call you to tell you that he was there, but that felt wrong.
When he stepped inside the bar, his eyes instantly began searching for you. He heard you before he saw you. He heard your laugh and located you at the far end of the bar. You were leaned onto the countertop, a cup of water dangling loosely from your fingertips as you joked with the bartender.
Nestor walked up behind you, gently resting a hand on your shoulder. You looked up at him and smiled, resting your hand on top of his.
“You came!”
“I did,” he gave your shoulder a light squeeze, “You ready to go?”
You hopped off your chair and tossed some cash onto the surface of the bar, more than enough to cover your drinks and a tip. The bartender flashed you a smile, and a thankful look to Nestor as the two of you walked away.
The ride passed quietly—the only noise came from the music on the radio. Nestor’s eyes stayed on the road, and yours stayed on him. You considered him to be one of your best friends, a person in your life that you didn’t have to hide anything from. And in another universe, the two of you might’ve ended up together—you thought you might be good for each other.
He parked in front of your apartment building and looked over at you. A smile spread across your face as he undid his seatbelt. He walked around to your side of the car and opened the door for you. You took the helping hand that he offered you with a smile.
He waited patiently with you outside your apartment door as you dug around for your keys. You unlocked the door and pushed it open with a smile, motioning for him to walk inside. You saw the hesitancy on his face and flashed him your best puppy-dog eyes. With a heavy sigh and a shake of his head, he followed you inside.
“I can’t stay long, Y/N.”
“Why not?”
He chuckled, “I have, you know, life to go to tomorrow.”
“You can’t call in?”
There was the smallest of smiles pulling at his lips as he shook his head, “Doesn’t work like that.”
“Well it should,” you plopped down on the couch and motioned for him to come and join you.
He sat down next to you and you instantly curled into his side. His arm draped around your shoulders, thumb lightly tracing back and forth over the outside of your arm.
You handed him the TV remote, and despite the fact that he insisted that he couldn’t stay long, he started scrolling through movies to watch.
“You can stay, you know,” you told him as you watched the movies, twirling the end of one of his braids.
“I know.”
“I miss you.”
He paused, “Yea?”
You nodded, “I know you’ve got all of your…whatever going on with Galindo. And I know that’s, like, your thing now. But I miss you.”
He reached his other arm so that his hand rested on your leg, “I miss you too.”
“Have you been okay?”
The question caught him off-guard, “Um. Yea. I’ve…I’ve been okay. Why?”
You shrugged, “Just wondering,” you traced over the cuts on his knuckles, “You’re looking a little beat up.”
“Just part of the job. I’m used to it—nothing new.”
You had never liked seeing Nestor injured. He was a grown man who could take care of himself, but you still worried. You never could quite understand how he was so okay with the constant danger. His loyalty to Galindo was always something that you could never quite wrap your head around.
“It doesn’t bother you?”
He could see you starting to slip into your feelings. You’d always been an emotional drunk, a fact that had slipped his mind when he started letting the conversation head in this direction. He gave you a reassuring squeeze, trying to figure out how to tread carefully and not upset you.
“You worry too much, Y/N,” he drummed his fingers on your leg, “I’m still here. Everything’s alright. I can handle a couple scrapes—it’s nothing lethal.”
“What happens when it is?”
“I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it,” he lightly kissed the top of your head, “But that’s not something you need to be worrying about.”
“Do you worry about it?” your eyes were glued to his braid as you traced your finger over the intricacies of it.
“Are you afraid to die?”
He wasn’t ready for the existential conversation.  He hadn’t prepped ahead of time. The weight of the concern in your voice made his chest ache, though. He didn’t respond right away, wanting to give you an honest answer—he owed you at least that much. You’d never tried to hide the fact that you worried and cared for him, and while he didn’t always have the right things in his emotional toolbox to reciprocate the way that you deserved, he carried your words with him everywhere that he went.
“Sometimes,” he finally answered with a slight nod.
You looked up at him, “Sometimes?”
He offered up a small smile when he saw the confusion in your eyes. Seeing that hurt less than the sadness that had been in them a few moments before. He lightly squeezed your leg, “Yea, sometimes. When I show up ready for whatever it is that we have to do…I’m not afraid of it. It’s just a possible reality—no point in worrying about what you can’t control.”
“But?” you could feel your heart crumpling inside your chest as he spoke, and you were practically begging for him to show you any sign of having self-preserving urges.
He lifted your hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it, “But on nights like this? When I get a call from my favorite bug after the longest day in the universe because someone doesn’t know when to close out their tab? I’m…fucking terrified,” his finger traced over your knuckles.
You let his words hang in the air for a few moments as you took it all in. You weren’t sure what you had been expecting him to say, but that wasn’t it. Each syllable wound its way into your brain and you felt tears sting at the edges of your eyes.
“Hey,” his voice snapped you out of your own thoughts, “I’m glad that I have you. I know I’m not good at showing it, but I am. It’s…nice. It’s good to have a reminder.”
“A reminder of what?”
“That I’m made for more than just catching bullets.”
You rested your head back against his chest as you tried to focus on the sensation of his hands on you. His touch was protective, but still gentle. You knew there was so much about his life that you didn’t get to know about, and you were glad it was that way because you didn’t think that you could handle it. But there was a softness to the Nestor that you knew, even if he wasn’t always good at tapping into that side of himself. He tried, for you.
“You can’t die on me, Nes,” you finally spoke up.
His arms wrapped tighter around you, “I know.”
“Promise me you won’t?”
He kissed your forehead, “It’s getting late, Y/N. You should be getting to bed.”
You reached up and lightly brushed your fingers along his cheek, “Stay with me?”
He nodded, “I can do that.”
He stood up, helping you up from the couch as well. He shut the television off and you followed him to your room, fingers lightly intertwined as though you might lose him in the short walk from your living room to your bedroom.
All you could hear as you laid with him was the steady thumping of his heartbeat. His arms were draped loosely around your waist as you curled into his chest, sliding your legs between his. He placed a quick, soft kiss in the middle of your forehead before letting out a quiet sigh. Within a few minutes you could hear him snoring, and despite the fact that your body was begging for sleep, you stayed awake. You knew that in a lot of ways, your time with Nestor was borrowed. There were a million things that could and probably would go wrong. But as the sound of his breathing cut through the silence of your apartment, none of that seemed to matter. You bought yourself one more quiet night of being close to him and that was enough.
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cowboymirio · 8 months ago
They Want To Get A Pet - Headcanons
Summary: Your S/O wants a pet and adorable antics ensue~ 
Characters: Hizashi Yamada, Taishiro Toyomitsu, Aizawa Shouta, Eijiro Kirishima, Tenya Iida, Hanta Sero, Takami Keigo
Contains: Gender neutral reader, lotsa fluff, Reader has arachnophobia in Sero’s part! Crackheadery in Aizawa’s part
Tumblr media
Hizashi Yamada - Cockatoo
📣 You guys totally didn’t plan on getting a cockatoo, or any pet for that matter. Y’all just moved into your new place for christ’s sake! 
📣 But after a visit to a lil exotic pet store downtown, your plans changed. And now you’re stuck with a bird with the intelligence of a toddler
📣 According to Yama, the bird just ‘called to him’ and by that, he means the bird literally screamed at him
📣 They’ve got the most bougie cage ever like MTV cribs hit them up. 
📣But he doesn’t spend too much time in there as you guys let him roam around the house all day until it’s time for bed or if you leave for a while
📣 If they’re not attached to Yama’s shoulder, you often find them waddling around the house, picking things up off of the floor and throwing them, and squawking at you when they want attention
📣 Sounds like someone else you know huh…
📣 Yama and the bird dance together so much omg. They do the lil head bobs together, he’ll blast some music for them and they go to town he even chirps along to the lyrics omg-
📣 He doesn’t even have to teach them words, they just pick them up on their own… and then never stop saying them… ever 
📣 ‘YEAHHHHH’ then from the other side of your home you hear another ‘YEAAHHHHH’
📣 Make it stop
📣 You taught them cuss words for the shits and giggles though
📣 Yama finds it funny too though because he’s got that 8-year-old sense of humor… you all do to be honest 
📣 But when the bird chooses to sit on your shoulder you bet your ass Yamada’s gonna fawn over the two of you for the next hour :’) 
Tumblr media
Taishiro Toyomitsu - Pyrenean Mastiff
🍢 Really wants a pet 
🍢 But also really scared of crushing them so…
🍢 You guys settle for a big ‘ol Pyrenean mastiff!
🍢 And when I say they’re big they are big like… I mean knock you over if you’re not careful big
🍢 They’re literally perfect for each other
🍢 They’re both massive units, insanely adorable, and they for sure share the same appetite
🍢 Speaking of food, he makes sure he’s feeding them the best of the best foods even if that means y’all are making it yourselves
🍢 Not as afraid to roughhouse with them as he thought he’d be
🍢 Lots of fetching, frisbee throwing, ‘wrestling’ even?? They’re so rowdy and for what? My heart, that’s what <3 
🍢 The dog definitely sleeps on top of him I don’t make the rules
🍢 Mf just hops on up, curls up and they’re ready to go like--- Is that- is that not y’know,,, HEAVY?? 
🍢 I mean,,, you sleep on top of him too so I honestly don’t think Tai cares too much
Tumblr media
Aizawa Shota - Cat
💤 You guys already know…
💤 If he were to get any kind of pet it’d be a cat.
💤 They’re chill, independent, and sometimes want attention. Just how he likes it.
💤 Well… that’s how he thought that things should be but-
💤 BOY was he wrong
💤 After living together for quite a while, stalking animal shelter websites for the perfect cat, and finding the right one, you bring them home!
💤 When you met them at the shelter, they were a sweet lil baby with an aloof attitude that you both fell in love with
💤 But when you brought them home… They became an absolute crackhead.
💤 Forget having ANYTHING on the tables or countertops. It’s on the floor now thanks to them. Fuck your water glass, fuck those papers you were helping Aizawa grade, they’re gone! Shredded! Positively destroyed :)
💤 Forget having free hands, they’re literally attached to his side and won’t stop rubbing against his hands while he’s grading papers and such
💤 If you’re not watching his little dude/ette will try and eat food WHILE YOU’RE COOKING oh my fuckingf god
💤 Heaven forbid this dude tries to leave the room. They’ll ‘cry’ until he comes back.
💤 ‘Go to your other parent, they’ll give you attention.’ ‘mEEEOWWW’ ‘Oh my god fine come here.’
💤 Honestly though he really appreciates when they’re down to sleep. Their purrs and their cuddles are very appreciated
💤 And literally just imagine seeing them curled up on his chest while they sleep on the couch ;; im so somft
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima - Bearded Dragon
🏮 This man wants to get THE manliest pet of all,,, a bearded dragon
🏮 He probably saw one on a movie or something and immediately came to you like
🏮 ‘Okay but we neeeeed one just look at their lil beards!! And their tongues!!!’
🏮 You tell him to put it off for a bit, do some research, and see if he still wants one later
🏮 Homeboy is DEDICATED so he puts in the time and ofc he still wants one after the fact
🏮 After a good amount of time, he comes back with a books worth of reasons as to why you guys should get one and you’re honestly shocked
🏮 You just can’t say no to those eyes </33 so you oblige and go out and get one from an owner who’s surrendering it (Because we don’t support chain pet stores in this household)
🏮 You guys can’t pick a name for them so for the longest time they’re just called ‘the lizard’ or ‘little fella’ or whatever else you guys come up with
🏮 Anyways- he’s infatuated with them it’s so funny. He spends all of his freetime watching them get used to their new habitat like,,,, all of it. It’s 1am and he’s just watching it hang out and you’re like ‘Kiri if you love it so much then why don’t you sleep with it’ (not in that way ya nasty)
🏮 Next thing you know he hops out of bed, brings them back and puts them between your pillows.
🏮 Lil homie’s just vibin there.
🏮 You’re done tbh but if Kiri’s happy then you’re happy <33
🏮 Absolutely lets it sit on his shoulders when he’s walking around the house
🏮 He has a leash for them and he takes them out during the warmer months
🏮 Dedicates a good portion of his day to clean out their habitat when need be
🏮 Their relationship is just so cute you can’t help but melt every time you see them together
Tumblr media
Tenya Iida - Tropical Fish
🌟 After a particularly rough finals season, you figure that Iida needs to have some sort of hobby that can help him chill out, but also has some sort of brainwork in there because that’s your boyfriend for ya
🌟 You suggest getting some fish!
🌟 He rly said ‘I’ll think about it’ then proceeded to do a shit ton of research on it because he literally does that every time you express interest in something. King behavior!!
🌟 You guys settle on getting a few tropical fish and a super nice fish tank for ‘em
🌟 He lets you name all of them and of course you have to name one ‘Iida junior’ like how could you not-
🌟 But seriously though he finds it so endearing and sweet ;;
🌟 You can’t tell me he doesn’t buy all of the nicest shit he can for their tank too.
🌟 Fresh aquatic plants, huge rocks for them to swim through, a nice ass heater, the WORKS
🌟 He’s gotta treat yall’s babies right like what did you expect
🌟 Constantly checking their water to see if it’s alright for them
🌟 He’s usually the one to feed them so whenever he comes up to the tank, they all crowd up by the top like doggies when their owner comes home omg
🌟 He finds the noises from the tank to be really good background noise when he’s reading or studying
🌟 Iida’s honestly glad that you suggested to get fish ‘cause taking care of them is such a relaxing hobby and lord knows he needs some of those
Tumblr media
Hanta Sero - Rose Haired Tarantula
🧵 So he wants a Rose Hair Tarantula...
🧵 ‘Absolutely not’ - You, 2021 (sorry if you actually like spiders lol, if a singular person wants hcs where y’all both like spiders please @ me)
🧵 Lots and lots of begging and promises
🧵 ‘You won’t even have to clean the cage, I’ll do it!!’ ‘We can keep them in the spare room’ ‘c’mooon pretty please???’
🧵 He had to bust out the puppy eyes for you to say yes
🧵 And with that, you’re now the proud parents of a demon rose hair tarantula!
🧵 ‘We can keep them in the spare room’ your ass. He lets it climb all over him while he’s walking around the house!!
🧵 Not you actively avoiding him when you see them coming down towards you
🧵 ‘But I wanna kiss!!’ ‘Kiss your tarantula smh’
🧵 After he realizes he’s not gonna get any with his lil buddy (yes, that’s what he calls them) he tries his best to help you familiarize with em
🧵 I’m sorry but he’s trying so hard not to laugh as you freak out when they crawl up your arm
🧵 He takes things more seriously after that though. He’ll give you lil words of encouragement, back pats and such
🧵 He’s so happy that you become… tolerable after a while of you guys just hangin’ out that you can’t help but feel proud too.
🧵 You still can’t stand spiders though.  
Tumblr media
Keigo Tamaki - Bunnies
🐤 Just like Aizawa, he wants something that’s quiet and can be independent since his schedule is a bit busy but he still wants to have a lil buddy to love on
🐤 You’re actually the one to bring up the idea to get a bunny, it’s part of a long list of ideas you had come up with, but for whatever reason, the bunny idea just stuck with him
🐤 You two hop (im a comedic genius hi <33) on over to the nearest rescue you can find, and browse through the enclosures looking for the perfect bunny for you guys 
🐤 Ok so like- here’s the thing,,,
🐤 You totally didn’t plan on getting two bunnies… But you guys found a pair that were literally inseparable and y’all had to have them
🐤 He’s already calling them ‘Our children’ straight off the bat like- y’all JUST got home and he’s already giving you baby fever UGH
🐤 He bunny-proofs the FUCK out of the house so they can roam freely ‘cause he didn’t just get these babies to stick them in a cage smh
🐤 Will lay on the floor and just watch them romp around cus he finds it relaxing and funny 
🐤 Also please get on the floor and watch them with him. Prime cuddling hours
🐤 They burrow under his wings… I repeat- THEY BURROW UNDER HIS WINGS
🐤 They WILL flop together don’t @ me 
🐤 They (and by they I mean all three of them)  flop on you when they want attention can I jst--- *cries*
🐤 Have fun trying to get up, this is your life now. 
🐤 But are you really complaining? You shouldn’t be smh 
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tundrainafrica · 8 months ago
I've been following your blog for a while now and I love your writing and your meta! I was wondering, do you consider Levi and Hanji's relationship to be romantic in canon? Do you consider it canon that Levi had romantic feelings for Erwin?
Thank you for the ask anon, also, thank you for ruffling my feathers a bit too :D. I’m glad you like my writings and meta and I hope that my works continue to bring you joy. 
The types of questions you asked up there could only lead to the types of answers that can spark ship wars. I mean the dialogue in 136 and the change in kanji for chapter 132 hinting their own ships canon were enough to have Eruri and Levihan shippers bashing each other on twitter tbh. 
Personally, I see the romantic potential for both Levihan and Eruri in the show. That’s why I found myself reading a good number of Levihan and Eruri fics. (But lots more Levihan if it isn’t obvious from AO3 bookmarks and my tumblr title). I mean lots more romantic potential than let’s say.... ereri
Do you consider it canon that Levi had romantic feelings for Erwin? 
I’ll answer this one first. No. I don’t think Levi had romantic feelings for Erwin anywhere on the show. Was there potential for something to bloom? Possibly, that’s why I still read eruri fanfiction. I like exploring the possibility if Erwin wasn’t a little too obsessed with his dream, maybe their relationship could have turned out differently.
In canon, by the time they introduced Erwin, Erwin had already forsaken all romance and I think whatever feelings Erwin had towards romance rubbed off on Levi and their relationship ended up being more professional than anything. Due to Erwin’s one track mind and the position he had taken upon himself. any romantic possibilities between them in canon was just harder to make happen. 
Levi though still had strong feelings towards Erwin. It’s undeniable. Erwin had given Levi purpose to live and direction on where to go next, what to do next so that’s why regardless of whether canon had made it possible or not, this relationship is still very interesting to explore. 
Erwin was more professional and cold than Levi imo and honestly, despite the cold demeanor of his best friend Erwin, Levi was an incredible softie at heart and we’ve seen that side of him multiple times, when he gave Petra’s badge to that one soldier, when he stared at that one mother and child when they were on the wall ready to leave to retake Shiganshina.
We all know Levi begrudgingly wanted that soft side of him indulged and between Erwin and Hange the one more likely to indulge that softie side of Levi was Hange. 
Which brings me to the next question.
Do you consider Levi and Hanji's relationship to be romantic in canon? 
I wouldn’t be obsessively writing Levihan fics if I didn’t see it as romantic in canon. But at the same time, I don’t believe Hange and Levi have been in a relationship since Season 1. My headcanon here is Hange and Levi built that relationship over time and this relationship just rapidly progressed after season 3
It’s incredibly subtle which is one of the reasons people like to pretend it doesn’t exist. Probably because they’re trying to promote another ship or they don’t wanna see romance in AOT
But I don’t think a relationship developing subtly is at all a sign that it can be more platonic than anything else. 
In fact, most healthy relationships and most relationships from a bystanders point of view, develop subtly. Like we were the bystanders in many other developing relationships in real life, I think we, the audience of AOT, were also bystanders watching the subtle development of Hange and Levi’s relationship. 
Let’s think about how we’ve watched relationships develop in real life.  
If we’re not invested, they happen incredibly subtly. These people are just constantly together, then eventually we realize we can’t invite the other without the other, then we realize we can barely get them alone, then we realize the person changed and eventually they drop this bomb saying “by the way, I’m dating this person now.”
This pattern happens way too many damn times among my friends though and people I just randomly watch everyday that it just became so expected for it to develop into romance so eventually, when I’ve seen the formula play through, I tend to lean on the side of ‘yeah, they’re probably togteher or getting there.’
Yeah, I get it, there’s a danger in assuming that people are together. I’ve seen enough romantic relationships develop though to realize that leaning on the side of ‘romantic’ given specific signs is usually the correct assumption. In fact, I have earned a good amount of money irl winning bets with my friends that two people are actually together but are hiding a relationship (or possibly are in denial).
What are some of these signs? 
The way they treat this one person is so glaringly different from how they treat other people 
Through the years, I have lost a lot of my best friends to their boyfriends/girlfriends and as the youngest child, I have watched all seven of my siblings get into a relationship and believe me, a lot of them have a certain line they would draw on what they are willing to do for their close friend or sibling and what they are willing to do for a lover. 
I have seen people in love so willingly have their hand crushed while the person they love has their fingers set back. “Hold my hand as hard as you need to.” I’ve seen my friends take a detour 1 hour away from the destination just to pick up the person they love. And here’s the thing, they wouldn’t have done it for anyone else usually, they would have only done that thing for that one person. 
Yes, okay doormats exist. But even people with doormat syndrome, the threshold of what someone is willing to do for a close friend and for a person they love still differ regardless. In a life or death situation, I think both Levi and Hange would have fought to conserve lives but if we consider small things, like routines, groceries, small favors, I feel like Levi has an incredibly low threshold of what he’d be willing to do for a random person. But Levi still carried her groceries for her so he could meet her with Moblit in the smartpass. Levi still picked her up and waited for her in Season 2 when she was researching the rock. And for Hange, chapter 115 is all the hint you need. I honestly don’t know if Hange would have gone through those lengths for anyone else but selfishly abandoning commander duties for one guy? She practically said screw you to everyone else. 
The way they talk to each other is different.
This is something I notice in real life too. Most people won’t notice when they themselves do it but it’s incredibly obvious for listeners if the listeners look out for it. The tones of people’s voices change when they’re talking to someone they love. For a lot of people, sometimes their voices get a little high pitched. For others, sometimes their voices get a little softer. Just watch when you’re talking to a friend and suddenly their SO calls. (It might not apply to everyone but I find this incredibly common.) Not just tones, speech patterns change or tendencies too. In front of that one person, sometimes people are a little more selfish. Like maybe, they don’t usually say what they want to eat but when the one person asks, they would answer because suddenly they know what they want. 
With Hange and Levi we have the ‘let’s live together’ and the ‘dedicate your heart’ respectively. 
These are two expressions/phrases they would have not used with anyone else. There was probably more in canon, but these are just the most glaringly obvious ones with two pivotal scenes that blatantly show that Hange and Levi do have signs of the above.  
Hange and Levi who are generally very selfless all business people, are suddenly only selfish with the person they love. Hange with “let’s live together?” An injured Levi deciding to rest and sleep despite the fact that they were in a war because Hange was nearby to take care of him?
Those two were suddenly selfish when they were alone with one another?
They are constantly together.
Okay, irl, you can see this when you have all your friends ride in a car together and somehow, it’s always them taking those two seats next to each other. They leave the classroom together. They leave every single dam room together. And it could be subtle or not but they always wait for one another. Yet if one person is not there, they’re the type to just go ahead and leave without giving the room behind them a second look. When someone wants to buy something, the other always has an excuse to come. And oh my god, when you call your friend in the middle of the night to hang, that person is always in their dam house or in their dam room, no breaks. 
And Hange and Levi have their equivalent of this. 
Levi literally picked Hange from her lab in Season 2 while she was injured and he had no need to. 
I think I have made a post where Levi and Hange are shown constantly together but lemme make some points. Even early in canon, why were Hange and Levi introduced riding next to each other, they’re not even in the same squad. Why were they riding out the gate together? Shouldn’t Levi have been with his squad and shouldn’t Hange have been with her squad? 
Yeah sure, maybe they just decided to ride together. But why were they next to each other in the Ilse’s notebook too when they went out the gate? And even when they were going to take back Wall Maria, Levi and Hange were next to each other in the lift, they were back to back on Wall Maria. 
Like the only expedition where they weren’t riding together was when Levi had to protect Eren yo.
“They’re both leaders of course they were together” Mind you, Levi’s position in the military is a special one. He’s the captain of a special operations squad and not at all a squad leader so he shouldn’t be riding next to Hange if it were by “leaders” and in the retake Wall Maria, if they were divided by “leaders” why didn’t Hange take the lift with the other squad leaders? Why wasn’t she back to back with the other squad leaders on top of Wall Maria? 
Why did she pick to hang out with Special Ops squad Captain Levi of all people, in every. Single. Damn. expedition. Scene. 
And don’t even get me started on post Season 3 man. They’ve been inseparable since Erwin died.  
They literally come in a set. 
And you kinda realized your friends are in love when you wanna invite one of them out and you realized you kinda have to invite their special little friend by default. 
And Hange and Levi are just like that too, 
Hange and Levi have always come in a set. In fan art, in those advertisements, Hange and Levi are always next to each other. In those fan audiobooks, smart passes, there are always Levihan crumbs. Attack on Titan Chuugakkou was literally a testament to the canonicity of Levihan since in that show, they didn’t even hide anything, Levi and Hange were always next to each other. (I think Hange actually ended up living with him towards the end?) Post Season 3, I don’t even think there were many seasons where Levi and Hange were apart and when they were apart it was more of for duty than anything else. 
Hange was always with him when she could, despite her duty as commander. Given their circumstances, they wouldn’t even be together a lot if they didn’t make the effort too. 
Especially towards the end, 126 - 132, the few times Hange did leave Levi behind were for commander duties but Hange never left Levi for the lulz. And also, in 132, Levi was magically able to walk when Hange finally left him behind, and Levi could barely walk in 132, yet he still pushed himself to stand up, walk toward her and attempt to stop her. 
In fact, Hange’s first scenes were next to Levi and Hange’s last scenes were also next to Levi “See you later Hange.”
And I think the huge efforts they put to being together despite their circumstances says a lot already. Hange and Levi’s treatment of each other and their being together constantly in general is a huge testament to the canonicity of their romance. 
Sure, there were no ‘I love yous’. But really, before our irl friends who were in love actually came out to us, maybe months or even years after we’ve watched them be joined at the hip, were there really ‘I love you’s  between them or did we all just place bets on it because they were just being too glaringly obvious about it in how they treated each other? 
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jmblyajones · 2 months ago
Eagles: New Year Eve 3x10
All the theories and conjecture come down to this episode. I don’t think I’m ready but I’m hitting play anyways 😂
(prepare yourself, this is long as hell)
1. Felicia checking into mental health/rehab facility, BLESS!! And the girls dropping her off made me smile. I really hope she gets the help she needs and the help she’s searching for. This all can’t be easy and it’s one day at a time. Wait that just leaves Amie and Klara… things seem to be good right now but I’m proceeding with caution 😂. I like that all three of them are checking in with each other on what’s going on with in their personal lives.
2. Oh lord Andreas pls… He said their sound sounded like piss.. no bby, you sounded like piss. I’m sorry y’all, I can’t fake like screamo.
They puttin shit in mailboxes now???… Oh hell no.
Tumblr media
They need to set up security cameras or other security measures like a trip wire? Lock the mailbox? Idk. But Jack’s lyin ass needs to be dealt with…preferably with high powered attorneys and not a gun lol.
3. Is it bad i’m out of breath watching Elias work on the ice? I really just caught myself unconsciously huffing and puffing wtf 💀 I see what Mats is trying to do. He’s trying to let Elias know that’s all the things Mats thinks Elias is stressing about are okay, Felicia, the hockey board ect. but things are way deeper.
Tumblr media
I was really over here thinking, nah he’s not gonna ask his dad advice about this… WTF. I am SCREAMING. I still have it paused at him saying he thinks he is in love!!! I can’t press play because i’ll literally just fall apart rn. I’m trying to hold it together yall but… FIVE MINUTES 😭😭 Is Elias gonna tell Mats that it’s Amie?? Lawd I can’t wait to see Mats face when he finds out 😂😂. But when he does, I need him on his knees praying to high heaven that Elias and Amie don’t follow in his and Petra’s footsteps leaving her ass at the airport.. Yall think I’m playing?..
Tumblr media
Why does Elias think it’s too late to express his feelings? Look at Mats being a father, awww. I really love this scene. This is what I wanted from this man and he’s giving 😭.
Y’all are no good trifling over there for cutting this scene like that! lmaoo
4. Klara’s momma, you gotta lot of shit in your mailbox you need clean up. Heavy duty that maam. Sassy Klara is needed but directed at the right people imo. I will say this scene is giving me very Brooke and her mom vibes and reminded me of me and @warrenslayla ‘s OTH analysis a couple weeks back!! Ur changing me a bit 😂
5. Petra saying she was a rebel in her past life? Yeah right 😂 Nah, jk. Sometimes the strict parents were the most rebellious lol.
Okay so Eagles are the ones having a party!! Guys, we are getting our groove ooooon! What did I tell y’all! We are twerking EVERYTHING!! Shoot if y’all don’t I definitely will. I love Petra pushing Amie to perform, she has always been supportive of her music. I just hope maybe she gets a chance to see her on stage sometime. Now it’s time to get my girl dressed up to the 9’s pls. 👏🏾👏🏾
I see Elias over there trying to flirt text my girl….. Yall…. quit playing with me 😂 We see what y’all are trying to do over there in the writers room. Y’all think y’all are so slick trying to make sure Petra and Mats don’t know about Elias and Amie. I see y’all.
Tumblr media
6. I’m really glad to see Mats and Leila spending New Years with Felicia so she isn’t alone. I can’t believe Leila copped to her boy toy and Mats didn’t trip! I call this growth
7. Omg…. is it bad I forgot that Ludde doesn’t know about Felicia… I feel bad because I completely forgot 🥴 Elias… you should know by now as a man “newly” in love that the heart wants what it wants. That doesn’t stop the yearning or Ludde’s possible future attempts to see Felicia. Loving this brotherly bond though! Those two have definitely come a long way from headbutts.
8. I am predicting for the Eagles next season, an equivalence of a state championship (in America) for hockey in Sweden.
Oh, my girl looks sooooooooo GOOOD. We now have to address her as Pop Queen Amie from now on. I don’t make the rules 🤷🏾‍♀️
9. I’m glad Klara did the right thing in the end and sponsored the Eagles
10. WHO DID AMIE’S LOOK?? I hope they kept this person for her looks next season bc… this look slaps so hard rn. Name a better look? You can’t!! Everything is on point!! Hair on point. Make up, nails, outfit, EVERYTHING!
11. I know we aren’t suppose to laugh at the shitty mailbox but… i’m sorry
Tumblr media
This letter ain’t getting opened… as soon as he put it in his pocket I knew. We will never know lmaoo
12. Everybody is speaking English up in here.. they catch me so off guard because I never know what to expect but Ludde sounds like he was the one who spent half his life in America lol.
Felicia and Amie teaming up to get Ludde into that London school, wow! I love an unexpected power play!!! Oh shit….. Andreas and his damn gun…
Tumblr media
I am literally watching these two eye hump each other from across the room. I feel like I shouldn’t even be watching this
Tumblr media
I really want to know how the actors thought the fans would react to watching this… 😂
14. Klara… sis… we got 4 minutes left, I don’t think a conversation is really how anyone wants to spend this remaining time left no offense.
15. Dammit Andreas, Ludde should have called him to let him know about London as soon as they hung up with him. Get this jack-ass off the screen!! The way he even came out that house party… Ugh his whole persona is just garbage. This fake suave “i’m better than you” bs is tired. Pick a new gimmick boo!
16. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW WITH LESS THAN 3 MINUTES. We don’t need Amie catching Elias and Klara hugging and assuming it’s an intimate thing, NOO! Jesus 🤦🏾‍♀️
Tumblr media
Y’all heard that right? right? He said he loves Amie? ELIAS SAID HE LOVES AMIE!!!!! I have to pause because if there is a kiss, i’m afraid to receive it. I am already falling apart right here 😭
18. This is such a weird feeling… two years yall… two damn years and we finally got our bbys. I’ve replayed this scene so many times and just realized the amount of takes they had to kiss to get this *chef’s kiss* of a scene hehehe.
Tumblr media
Yup, winner winner chicken dinner all the way to the bank, cha ching!
Aww. My girl was on her tippy toes at first too hehe.
19. (1) It should not take Ludde that long to call his brother (2) Jack if Andreas was some violent thug as you portrayed him to be, I wouldn’t be kekeing and laughing at him like my life wasn’t in danger you miserable pos… I’m done.
You know, I really think the person who got shot is all who we want it to be lmao. That way Jack would still linger in their life’s after death, so cruel 💀. How naive of me to think Andreas would just point the gun, force Jack to retract his statements while he soiled himself out of fear?Andreas could be the one to get shot and they have him on life support? Chile this could go either way. We ain’t sleuthing out nothing with this random hand. Hell that hand might as well be one of the crew members 💀
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flourgirl · 9 months ago
Sick of Losing Soulmates
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Months after you and Peter have broken up, you run into each other at Harry’s Christmas party.
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: Both fluffy and angsty. Mentions of alcohol and sex. A mild amount of curse words.
A/N: I’m ALIVE! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and Merry Christmas to everybody that celebrates it! I am so happy to be able to share my work with all of you! Enjoy <3
“And maybe we got lost in translation Maybe I asked for too much But maybe this thing was a masterpiece Till you tore it all up” -All Too Well, Taylor Swift
He wasn’t supposed to be here. Harry had promised you that his roommate would be spending the holidays with May back in Queens. But here he was, wearing the sweater that you had given him last year with his arm snaked around another girl’s waist.
“Hey!” Betty grinned, throwing her arms around you. She had a half-empty glass of mulled wine that you could tell was doing a good job of getting her tipsy. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/N. We never see each other anymore.”
She pouted, a pair of reindeer antlers where her signature black headband usually sat. “Are you okay?”
“Oh, yeah,” you assured her, still staring at Peter effortlessly carrying the conversation with a bunch of people you didn’t recognize. “Uh, who’s the girl with Peter?”
“Gwen Stacy,” she muttered, obviously not a very big fan. You figured it was because there was only room for one preppy blonde girl, and Betty didn’t feel like sharing that position with anybody else. “Don’t worry though! It’s nothing serious. Peter actually hasn’t really dated anybody ever since the two of you…”
Her voice trailed off as you locked eyes with her, silently communicating for her to drop the subject. It was a relief to know that he hadn’t moved on, but the fact that he was wrapped up in a fling with somebody else still made your heart hurt.
“Come on, Y/N. I’m sure MJ and Ned would love to see you! They’re over in the kitchen.” She reached for your hand, dragging you along through Harry’s expertly decorated apartment. 
You dropped the box of cookies that you had baked on the counter before tapping MJ on the shoulder. She was turned away from you, lecturing Ned on why his secondhand Beyblades were not acceptable Christmas presents.
“Who the hell is touching me?” she snapped, turning around with a look on her face that told you she was ready to throw hands. “Holy fuck. Y/N! How long have you been here?”
MJ’s frown faded into a smile as she pulled you into a side-hug, her other hand busy nursing a glass of Harry’s infamously terrible eggnog. “Only a few minutes,” you laughed, your face smushed into her torso. 
“Hi,” Ned piped up, offering a small wave. You could tell he didn’t really know where he stood ever since his best friend basically ripped your heart out and threw it on the floor. Well, it wasn’t actually that dramatic, but he had a flair for exaggerating stories. “Remember me?”
“Of course, stupid,” you grinned, offering a fist bump that he happily accepted. “How could I forget those iconic fits of yours?”
“True,” he said, popping his collar and doing a little twirl that made Betty and MJ roll their eyes. “You look pretty fly too, though.”
“Thanks,” you replied, holding the edge of your dress as you curtsied, something you and Ned had made a habit of doing as the so-called best dressed members of the group.
“You two are just as ridiculous as ever,” Betty mused, happy to see you still fit in just as perfectly as when you were Peter’s girlfriend, even if you weren’t around as much.
The reunion was interrupted by the loud chatter of a certain couple, and your heart sank as you watched a very drunk Peter and Gwen stumble towards the kitchen, a giggling mess. They situated themselves under the archway that separated the two rooms, a piece of mistletoe conveniently hanging above them. 
You could tell that MJ was ready to put a stop to her friend’s embarrassing behavior, and the looks on Ned and Betty’s faces told you that they had no intentions of holding her back. 
“They’re so gross,” MJ complained, setting down her untouched cup before excusing herself to drag Peter out of his drunken makeout session. “I can’t believe he’d do that when you’re right here!”
“Wait, MJ,” you blurted, grabbing onto her wrist to stop her. She turned to face you, her eyebrows furrowed. “It’s okay. I don’t care about it. I’m just going to head to the bathroom, alright? I’ll be right back.”
You did your best to stop yourself from tearing up, although you realized you had made the utter mistake of forgetting that the very arch that Peter and Gwen were sucking each other’s faces under was the only way out of the kitchen.
Not even a few moments of you awkwardly standing next to them, occasionally clearing your throat, made them notice you. Eventually, the discomfort grew too heavy, and you tapped Peter on the shoulder. He finally pulled away from Gwen, her lipstick smudged across his mouth and a dazed look on his face.
Gwen whimpered at the loss of his kiss, obviously annoyed at the random girl that had just interrupted them. As soon as Peter recognized that it was you, he stepped away from her, wiping his mouth and fixing the hair she had been running her hands through, just like you used to.
“Y/N. I didn’t know that you’d be here,” he reasoned, a blush spreading across his face as a sense of regret settled into his stomach. 
“Obviously,” you sighed. This wasn’t the Peter you knew—the sweet, shy one that you had fallen in love with. “You guys are blocking the hallway, by the way.”
“Shit, sorry,” he stammered, stepping aside to allow you to pass in between them. He followed you, leaving Gwen irritated and confused as to who you were. “Y/N. Can we talk later?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Nice sweater, though,” you quipped, not even turning back to meet his gaze before climbing the stairs towards the guest bathroom. Everything felt all too familiar, memories of you and Peter stumbling up the same steps after a date flooding your brain.
The first time Peter had kissed you was after MJ’s birthday party. Neither of you had been drinking, since you hated alcohol and Peter refused to touch any before he turned 21. This meant that you got to spend the whole night laughing at everybody else’s drunken mischief. 
In the middle of his performance of some Nicki Minaj song, Ned managed to spill a whole can of beer on you and Peter, which resulted in many cheers as the two of you ran to his room to grab a change of clothes. Shirts came off, confessions were made, and the party went on without you guys.
You took a deep breath, shutting the bathroom door behind you and sitting on the edge of the bathtub. If you had known Peter would end up being here, you would have never accepted Harry’s invitation. There were so many old wounds being opened up that you had spent months trying to heal, and you weren’t sure some stupid Christmas party was worth it. 
But you didn’t want to leave. It wasn’t fair how much the break up had stolen from you. All of your friends were here and you were tired of shying away from going out with them anymore because you were too scared to see Peter. Too scared that you would never be able to stop being in love with him.
By the time you rejoined the rest of your friends, Harry was announcing that it was time to start the game of White Elephant. You bit the edges of your fingernails as the party guests filed into Harry’s living room, hoping that Peter wouldn’t somehow pick your present.
“What’d you bring?” you asked Betty, squishing in next to her on the couch. 
“Gift card to In-N-Out,” she giggled, satisfied that her present could only be used on the other side of the country. “But Harry’s rich friends might not have any trouble flying their private jets to California, so maybe I’m not as clever as I thought.”
“Heard that,” Harry said, leaning behind you on the edge of the couch. He placed a quick kiss on your cheek, something the two of you had always done as friends but stopped once you started dating Peter. “Hey, Y/N. Glad you could make it.”
“Hey, you,” you replied, smiling back at him, your leg bouncing impatiently. “We doing this thing or what?”
“Yeah, yeah, give me a minute,” he laughed, running out of the room. Moments later, he came back wearing a fake beard and a Santa hat, complete with a miniature sack of toys. 
“Alright, boys and girls. Let’s get this game started! Hopefully you all know the rules, but I’ll repeat them anyway. I draw a name out of the sack, you pick a random present and open it up for everybody to see. The next person that goes can either steal your gift or pick a new one. If your gift gets stolen, you get to do the same. No stealing twice!”
The first couple of people you didn’t really know, and they had all pulled presents that were relatively uninteresting. A scented candle, toilet paper, a pair of socks. Nothing you really considered worth stealing, although Ned ended up taking a framed, autographed photo of Harry from MJ, which resulted in her stealing Gwen’s mini waffle iron.
By the time it was your turn, there weren’t many gifts left. Going with your gut, you grabbed the bag covered in glittering polar bears. Reaching past all of the tissue paper stuffed inside, you pulled out a red sweatshirt that you unfolded to see had a large graphic of Spider-Man printed on it. 
“Oh,” you said, a little confused. The only people you knew that wore stuff with the Avengers on it were little kids, but you figured that was part of the joke. “I mean, I prefer Captain America, but thanks, whoever this is from!”
Peter’s face blushed to a shade of red, amazed that out of all the presents, you picked his. The only issue was that you didn’t know that he was actually the guy on the front of it. Nobody except Ned knew, although he was sure that MJ and Harry had caught on to his secret identity by now.
“Okay, two people left. Jake, you’re up next, buddy,” Harry called out, happily bouncing around the room, his Santa hat now replaced with a baseball cap that had “I Love Ned!” embroidered on it. You watched nervously as he walked around the room, eyeing up all of the presents before settling on the tiny, golden box that you had placed under the tree when you first arrived.
“Let’s see what we’re working with,” he smirked. Your thoughts raced, immediately feeling a sense of regret over the gift you had picked. “Oh, shit. Sweet! I’ve got a date with Y/N!”
“Sup, baby,” Jake continued, his words slightly slurred. He pointed at you and winked, and you offered him a polite smile in return. “We’re gonna have a good time. Just name the time and place and I got you.”
“Awesome, congrats, man,” Harry said, obviously ready for the game to be over. It had been going for way longer than any of you had expected, mostly due to the fact that two girls wouldn’t stop arguing over a piece of rose quartz. “Okay, we’re nearly finished, guys. Peter, you’re up. Pick any of the gifts that haven’t been stolen yet, or the last one under the tree.”
You locked eyes with him, a familiar scowl on his face that told you he was thinking really hard about which gift to pick. His spidey-senses felt your heartbeat pick up as he walked around the room before stopping in front of Jake, who was busy gloating to his friend about how “hot” you were. Your face heated up as you watched Peter take the little note that you had written out of Jake’s hands, smugly gesturing for him to pick up the present under the tree.
He waved sheepishly at you, and you felt both relieved and angry at his decision. Did you want to go on that date with Jake? No. Were you still mad that, technically, you now had to go out with your ex-boyfriend? Yes.
The game ended and the party-goers dispersed throughout the apartment. You lingered in your spot on the couch, your arms crossed and heart full of mixed emotions. Peter, whose gaze never strayed from you, walked over to where you were sitting.
“We don’t actually have to go out,” he whispered, hoping that you’d actually look at him this time. “I just didn’t think you wanted to go out with that guy. He seemed like kind of an asshole.”
“Yeah, well, it would have been nice if you let me decide that. You’re not my boyfriend, anymore Peter. We aren’t even friends. You don’t get a say in who I go out on dates with,” you grumbled, your eyes focusing on everything in the room except for him.
Before you could say anything else, Peter had already grabbed you by the hand, dragging you away from the rest of the party. Strangely enough, you went along with it, a little curious to hear him out.
You started to remember your first date, and it was almost like you could hear his excited laughter after you finally managed to knock a pin down. It became a tradition that whenever you had something to celebrate, Peter would pick you up and twirl you around until you had to beg him to stop.
Your thoughts were interrupted by Peter slamming the door behind him and cornering you against it, his heartbeat racing. He had pulled you into the laundry room. “I can’t stand seeing you with anybody else,” he panted, eyes flickering down towards your mouth.
His hand pushed a piece of your hair behind your ear, and your breath hitched as you felt his rough fingertips against your skin. But before he could lean in to kiss you, you were ducking underneath his arm and backing away.
“Peter, we really shouldn’t,” you whispered, watching the disappointment wash over his face. No matter how much you wanted to kiss him, you just couldn't forget how he had broken your heart months ago. “It’s over, okay?”
“Y/N, please. I—”
“You what? You love me? Because last time we were together, I told you how much I loved you and you said that we should break up. Remember?” you cried, embarrassed at how you couldn’t control your emotions anymore. “You’re just… you’re too late.”
You fumbled with the door, slipping through the opening before rushing towards the balcony. As soon as the cold air hit you, a wave of relief washed over your body, and you laid your head against the metal railing. Your breathing slowed and time seemed to stand still as you watched the snowflakes flutter through the wind.
“Peter’s an idiot,” you heard a voice call out from behind you. You turned to see Harry holding an extra coat in his arms, and you started to wonder just how long you had been standing out there. He draped it over your shoulders before leaning next to you against the balcony’s edge.
“Huh?” you asked, wondering if he knew what had just happened. You looked at him, the multicolored Christmas lights reflecting off his shiny hair. “What do you mean?”
“He’s stupid for ever letting you go,” he remarked. He had a look in his eyes that made you unsure of what he actually meant. “I mean, look at you. You’re so beautiful, and smart, and funny. And if he was dumb enough to throw all of that away, then yeah, Peter’s an idiot.”
“Oh, thanks, I guess,” you shrugged, your voice faint under the music that was still playing inside. You looked at him, his cheeks a rosy hue, which you couldn’t tell was from the cold or whatever he was trying to tell you.
“You know, I used to have the biggest crush on you,” Harry admitted, laughing a little bit at how nervous he was. Everybody knew that he was a player, so being flustered over a girl was uncharted territory for him. “I never told you this, but you were my first kiss.”
“Wait, really?” you asked, a little shocked at his confession. “But I thought you kissed Sarah Emerson on the playground in the fifth grade?”
“Nope. I was just a liar,” he grinned, running a hand through his hair. “It was right before our eighth grade formal, when you asked me to teach you how to kiss because you were scared that Jeremy Pellegrino was going to try and french you.
“Oh! I forgot all about that,” you laughed, suddenly remembering just how long you and Harry had been friends. “Hold on a second... You gave me kissing lessons without knowing how to kiss!?”
“Guilty,” Harry chuckled as you punched him on the arm. “Ow! Damn, Y/N. When did you get so strong?”
“I have a lot of rage,” you mumbled before the two of you burst out into laughter, which slowly faded into a comfortable silence. 
“You don’t feel that way anymore, right?” you wondered out loud. Harry looked at you, smiling softly.
“No, not anymore,” he affirmed, and you let out a sigh of relief. You knew what it felt like to love someone and not be loved back. “I think what really helped me get over it was seeing how happy you and Parker were when you were dating.” 
“He misses you a lot,” Harry continued, his tone more serious than before. “He keeps this scarf that you left behind under his pillow because it still smells like you. I found out because he was having a pretty bad dream one night and I had to try really hard to calm him back down. And we both thought Gwen would help him move on and get his mind off of you, but I think she only made him realize just how much he still loves you—”
“Harry,” you interrupted, cutting his rambles short. “Why are you telling me all of this?”
“Because you and Peter should be together.”
“You think so?” you asked him, pulling the jacket tighter to keep you warm.
“Yeah. We all do.” It took only seconds for Harry to realize his fumble, accidentally admitting that the whole thing had been planned by him and your friends.
“We?” Your frowned, all of the coincidences from tonight suddenly making much more sense. “Wait, did you know that Peter was going to be here tonight all along?”
“Uh… yeah, about that. MJ, Ned, and I have kind of been pulling a Parent Trap on you guys.”
“HARRY!” You glared inside to see them not-so-secretly watching the entire exchange from behind the Christmas tree. Ned did some awkward finger guns, which MJ immediately swatted down. “I am so going to get you guys!”
You marched inside to where your friends were attempting to hide, the rest of the party guests too drunk and oblivious to notice what was happening. 
“The eagle has left the nest. I repeat, The eagle has left the nest!” Ned yelled, ducking behind MJ, who was already shielding herself with a throw pillow.
“What’s going on?” Betty whined, half-asleep on the couch. “Is this that stupid plan about Peter and Y/N?”
“It’s not stupid!” Harry grumbled, his voice cracking a little bit. You could hear MJ snorting about it from her hiding spot. “Whatever, Michelle.”
“Shut up!” she shouted back.
“No, you!” he said, crossing his arms and standing his ground.
“Make me,” MJ said, narrowing her eyes and shooting daggers at him.
“Uh, guys. This isn’t about you two,” Ned interrupted, snapping them out of their mini argument. There was a weird tension between them that you just knew you would have to address some time in the future.
“Right,” MJ continued, sticking a middle finger up at Harry before turning to you. “Y/N. You should go talk to Peter.”
You nodded, exchanging hopeful looks with each of your friends before walking away. They might be dramatic goofballs, but you loved them so much that you didn’t really care.
Wandering around the party, you spotted Peter trapped in a conversation with Brad Davis, who was explaining his conspiracy theories about the Denver Airport and its demonic horse statue.
“So, all I’m saying is that they’re totally planning the end of the world over there. I mean, the Freemasons built an entire bunker for when they activate the nukes!” he rambled, Peter politely nodding along to his nonsense.
“Hey,” you said, tapping Brad on the shoulder and batting your eyelashes at him. “Can I borrow Peter?”
“Uh, yeah, totally, Y/N,” he stuttered, the corner of his mouth twitching upwards into a smirk. You could smell the peppermint Schnapps on his breath.
“Great. Thanks, Brad!” you smiled, grabbing Peter’s hand and pulling him towards the staircase. By the time you made it to his bedroom, he had already asked what was going on about ten times.
“Why’d you dump me?” you asked, the two of you sitting together on the edge of his bed, your knee brushing against his. He could tell you were wasting no time in getting to the point. “Be honest.”
He stared at the floor, unsure of how to answer your question. You reached for his hand, running your thumb across his knuckles until he looked up to see you smiling at him. His eyes were starting to water. “Just tell me, Peter. It’s okay.”
“I was scared,” he admitted, his voice breaking. “I was scared of how much I love you. I mean, Liz was just a crush, and Gwen was a hookup. I’ve only ever loved you, Y/N. Before we met, I had to watch May’s heart break day after day when we lost Uncle Ben, and when I realized how much I loved you... I just wasn’t sure if I could handle ever losing you like that. And so I felt like I needed to protect you from all of the people who would want to hurt you.”
“Hey, Peter. Calm down. I’m right here,” you whispered, wiping a tear from his face. You watched as his breathing slowed, eventually evening out. “Why would anybody want to hurt me?”
“Because…” he started, hesitating a little bit. “Because I’m Spider-Man.”
Your eyes grew big as you mulled over what he had just said. “Are you being serious right now?”
He nodded, feeling a weight lift from his chest. Your eyes followed him as he walked over to his closet, digging around through piles of clothes before he found what he was looking for.
“Holy shit,” you breathed out. Peter was holding up Spider-Man’s suit. His suit. The sweatshirt from earlier made a lot more sense now.
“I would never lie to you,” he said, folding it up and sitting back down. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I thought I was doing the right thing—that you’d be safe—but I was so stupid. I, uh, I think about you all the time. I worry whether you’ve gotten home alright and how your little brother’s doing and if your mom got the promotion that she wanted and—”
You cut him off with a kiss, something you had been dying to do ever since you shut his bedroom door. “I forgive you,” you sighed, gently playing with his hair.
Peter stared back at you, a grin slowly spreading across his face. “Does this mean that we’re back together?”
“Yep,” you confirmed, before leaning into another kiss. And another. And another.
“Wait,” Peter said, breaking away from you. “I have a present for you. It’s actually from when we first started dating, but I was waiting until Christmas to give it to you.”
He moved to his desk, digging through one of the drawers before pulling out a flash drive. “Here it is,” he smiled, dropping it into your hand. It had your name scribbled on it next to a cat sticker. “It’s a playlist. Of all the songs that make me think of you. I think it’s got around a hundred on there?”
“Wow,” you beamed, marveling at the little piece of plastic in your hand. “You’re making me look bad. I didn’t get you anything.”
“Not true. You owe me a date, remember?” he reminded you, wiggling his eyebrows and pulling you into his lap.
“You’re right. Let me think,” you hummed, running through all the ideas of what the two of you could do. “Oh! I got it. The Central Park Squirrel Census for this year just got released. What if we analyzed the data? You could do the wrangling and I could do the visualizations!”
“I love you so much,” he laughed, pressing a kiss onto the tip of your nose. You giggled as Peter buried his face into your shoulder, his grip around your waist tightening. “But you are such a nerd.”
“I’m your nerd, Parker,” you agreed, leaning further into his embrace. “Always have been and always will be.”
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starkdanverss · 7 months ago
I’m In Love With Her
Summary: Pedro accidentally reveals his feelings for you on national television.
A/N: This was 100% inspired by this TikTok and the following one. Make sure to follow her, she makes videos about other celebs and characters!
Warnings: none.
Word count: 1425
Happy Reading!
Photo edit by @edgyvege
**We changed her skin to purple so the reader isn’t just one skin color**
Tumblr media
Pedro’s been on this video call with Jimmy Fallon for the last half an hour. They’ve been talking about the last season of The Mandalorian as well as Wonder Woman 84 and other upcoming projects. It’s been a normal interview so far, nothing Pedro hasn’t answered or been through before.
But then Jimmy brings up a subject he really isn’t expecting to talk about.
“So I want to talk about Y/N,” Jimmy says through his screen, a sly smile on the host’s face.
Pedro blinks and swallows, feeling his stomach twist into a knot and his heart leap into his throat. He has a feeling he knows exactly where this was going.
Ever since the second episode of season two aired, Star Wars fans, Mandalorian fans, and his general fans have begun to ‘ship’ him with his co-star, Y/N. He’s seen the pictures, the posts, the ship accounts, he’s even read a few fanfics (don’t judge him, he finds them entertaining). The general consensus is that, apparently, him and Y/N are perfect together.
All of that started with just the first episode she was in, and every episode thereafter just fueled the fire. Then they started doing interviews and photoshoots together, and it was like adding kerosene to an already out of control grease fire.
He cocks his head and pulls a small, tight smile and nods.
“It’s… Absolutely no secret that you and Y/N are close. We all adore the chemistry and-”
Pedro giggles and cuts Jimmy off, “Oh, I know where this is going… I should have seen it coming,” He lies. He absolutely did see it coming, but he was trying to play it off. And, damnit, he can’t get the smile off his face. 
“It’s crazy!” Jimmy exclaims, his hands flying in the air, “Because, like, I don’t usually ‘ship’ people, because it can be weird to ship actual people. But, with you two, it’s impossible not to! I can’t help it!”
Pedro feels himself getting hot. He’s glad this interview isn’t in person, he’d be beet red under the lights. 
“Uh, yeah. I see all the fuss online about us. How everyone likes us together. I like us together too,” he chuckles before adding, “Oh god, this is making me sweat,” he’s pulling his shirt from his chest a few times in an attempt to cool himself down. 
Jimmy raises a brow at him, “Why?” He asks, “Do you have feelings for her?”
It’s quiet for a few moments where neither of them talk. Pedro thinks over his response, but before he comes up with one, his mouth starts moving. 
“Well if I’m being honest… Yes. I am irrevocably in love with Y/N. But we’re just best friends.” He adds the last part with a tilt of his brow. 
Jimmy sits back in his chair, his hands moving opposite ways back and forth, and his face in utter astoundment, “Ho-Hold up. Did you just… Did you just say you’re in love with Y/N?” He says, looking off camera to his crew. Did this actually just happen? On camera?
“Yes.” Is all Pedro replies. 
Jimmy’s eyebrows raise to his hairline, one of his hands moving in random gestures as if he’s trying to grasp onto what he’s just been told. Then he starts giggling, and has to put a hand over his mouth to control himself. He nods, “Okay… Okay I am, totally freaking out right now.”
Pedro looks back at the camera from a place in the wall he was staring at, and starts full on laughing, “Me too,” he’s nodding now, rubbing at chin and lower lip, “Me too. I’m not sure that was the best idea.” He adds with a small giggle. 
Pedro: What are you doing this evening?
You: Watching your interview with Jimmy Fallon! I’m so jealous!
Pedro: You don’t have to watch that silly thing 😂
You: Uh, yes I do? I have to support my best friend! Plus, I have a huge crush on Jimmy Fallon 😂😂
Pedro: Oh my gosh! Okay well I’ll talk to you later then
You’re sitting on your couch, hand still grasping the remote. 
What… What did he just say?
There was no way. It had to be a PR move, but if it was… Why weren’t you told about it? You were part of it. 
Maybe it was to make your reaction more genuine. 
You looked at your phone, but there were no messages from Pedro. Why wouldn’t he have told you about this before the interview aired?
You get online and scroll through Twitter, seeing the hashtag #PedroLovesY/N. You spend the rest of the evening scrolling through the tags. 
“Okay, I have to get off here soon to get ready,” You say, picking up your phone and sitting it on your vanity. 
“Okay! Let me get ready too! We can get ready together!” Pedro says in a cheery voice. 
You giggle, “You’re a dork,” you tell him. 
“Ah, but I’m your dork!” He says, pointing to you through your phones. 
You roll your eyes. 
It’s quiet for a few seconds before Pedro seems to settle down and take on a serious expression. 
“On a serious note, though. I need to talk to you about something important.”
“Uh oh,” you say with an infliction that implied it was something bad. 
Pedro laughs and looks away before looking back at you. 
You know what this is about. It’s been a week since his big confession on The Late Night Show. The two of you haven’t talked much since then, both of you busy with interviews and getting ready for ComicCon. The convention you were now getting ready for. 
None of his interviews afterwards mentioned the confession, and you made sure none of yours even touched the subject. You realized very quickly that he was serious, and that it wasn’t a big PR stunt. You also realized he was giving you space and time. He really put you on the spot with the whole thing. 
But it hadn’t been mentioned between the two of you for a week, and Pedro seemed to be breaking. 
“Is this about the interview?” You ask. 
“Good, because I have a lot to say about it and I will gladly cancel my plans.”
Pedro’s eyes get big and he giggles, “You can’t cancel, fans bought tickets!”
You roll your eyes once more, “I’m serious, Pedro! This is more important!”
He holds his hands up in surrender, “You're right! I’m sorry, I’m just nervous. I’m not sure what to expect right now. I, uh, I told the whole world that I’m in love with you. And you haven’t said anything about it…” he scratches his head and takes a deep breath. You’re fully focused on him now, any thought of getting ready is now wiped from your conscious mind, “It’s just really nerve wracking, I’ve never been in this situation before.”
“To be fair, neither have I-“
“And I have never, ever, loved someone as much as I love you. Everything about you sets me on fire. You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’re smart and funny and kind and-“
“I love you too, Pedro,” You blurt, effectively cutting him off. He stops rambling and stares at you, speechless. You push on, “I’ve been in love with you forever. I just didn’t think you felt the same. And then you dropped that bomb last week-“
“Which I’m sorry about-“
“But I am in love with you.”
“Oh! Uh… Wow… Okay… Oh my gosh so…” Pedro struggles to get his words together, “So me and you then…”
You nod, but then add, “Are you serious? About this? About us? Because if you’re not-”
“Absolutely,” He interrupts, “I’m dead serious. Are you?”
“Of course I am,” You say, smiling at the man you’ve wanted for so long.
“Yeah? Okay, I’ll take it!” Pedro exclaims, his smile brighter than any star you’ve seen in the night sky, “This isn’t as romantic as I would have liked it to be, but this will have to do until I see you.” He winks at you.
“Well, I guess you can fix that in a few hours,” You say, your smile matching his.
“I’m so fucking happy.” Pedro giggles, looking down at his lap.
“Me too.” You giggle as well, and he looks back up at you, love written in every feature.
@ yourtwittertag : *photo of you and Pedro kissing on stage at ComicCon* I guess the secret is out <3
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wheninitalyy · 9 months ago
France is no escape - part 3.
Tumblr media
A/N - hello?? Yes! I’m alive and well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and I am embarrassed that this part has taken me so long to get written and posted but here it is! 
With how long this took me + my drop is writing inspiration, I cannot say there will be a part 4 soon or at all (never say never though). Either way I'm not going anywhere and I will find more things to write, I'm open to request ideas but I can’t promise I can do them. I know this never got very romantic nor did you get to read more than learning about the reader and the inner-conflicts of they’re relationship with Benny, but I hope you enjoyed it either way.
Thank you & I hope you enjoy part three :]
Pairing : Benny Watts x Reader
Word count : 3041 (omg over 3k)
Warnings : mentions of alcohol & swearing
Other Parts : Part One, Part Two
-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
It’s surreal thinking my life choices are affecting others.
It’s surreal to think that leaving is more than a new start, it’s also taking something away from the people around me.
I do believe that I disappointed more than Benny by leaving, maybe Harry and Matt. Maybe I stepped into Cleo’s life for the better but stepped out of so many others for the worse.
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and any forming tears, this wasn’t the day to pity myself and cry at sunrise. I didn’t want that for myself nor did I want to confirm my thoughts of being completely and utterly at my guilt’s mercy.
The sun glared through the sheers to tickle my skin and bother my eyes open.
At home I didn’t even have curtains, I was in love with the look sheers gave my home. I was in love with the moments where I can see the window made of sun on the floor and bed, in love with feeling the warmth of the sky.
I hope that Benny is out of that basement by now and up in the sun, up where he can have moments like mine. 
I think of him all the time, I think of him when I’m happy because he is the one who taught me all the different shades of happiness.
I sound so sappy when I talk about Benny but that’s what I used to be all the time, sappy.
Benny wasn’t one to share feelings and talk about emotions like I was, and I never changed that, but I never wanted to.
He was my favorite person to talk to, my favorite brain to pick at.
My constant nagging about what was on his mind surely irritated him but I’m glad he talked to me about it all, all the inner conflicts and all the pretty thoughts.
I groaned into my pillow. I’m hungover on those beers… and some feelings. 
I dragged my sleepy mind and body out of bed, it was going to take some time to feel myself again after steering away from alcohol for months. Now irritated by that woozy feeling in the back of my thoughts, ugh, I didn’t miss that one bit.
The city was just waking up with me, the nighttime had just fallen asleep here in Paris while the day started bright and loud.
I pulled myself to the window to look down on the city.
People walked the streets, either off to work or possibly coming to watch handsome chess players compete just to be the biggest and the best. 
 There was lack of smell in my room and cologne on my clothes—from the boys I hung around last night—that made my morning feel so different than the others.
The tournament started at noon, I needed to get to work.
I needed to call the writers and get down there to take shots of the players, get photos while I still can. 
I looked down at myself, dressed in the same clothes as last night minus a layer or two.
I took a deep breath.
I thought about last night, I thought about wanting to walk down on those streets while it was light. This would be the perfect hour for a refreshing morning walk in Paris. 
There was so much stopping me from enjoying this morning, my work, the distant feeling of pain behind my eyes, and my messy mind.
Fuck this.
I’ll be quick, just an hour or so but I’ll have to get ready now if I’m going to go before work drags me in the opposite direction.
  After my short shower, I called the author for the magazine I was working for.
  “Darling, I was there all day but you were clearly too busy to notice me,” he laughed,
I furrowed my brows, “What ever do you mean?”
“I mean, you were spending the night playing chess with a US Chess Champion,” 
“No,” I cleared my throat, “Yes I was, but he’s an old friend,” I insisted knowing the tone in his voice meant he believed differently.
“Sure,” he paused, I heard papers flipping on the other side of the line. “I have an interview set up with Watts at six and Hilton at eight this evening, I’ll have it written up by Monday. If you can get the photos to me before then, I can take care of the rest,” he told me.
“I can do that, but…” I paused,
“Something wrong?”
I rubbed my temple with my hand and sighed, “No, it’s nothing. I’ll call you when I get the photos,” I told him.
“Well if you’re sure… I’ll see you soon,” he said his goodbyes.
I hung up the call, dropping the phone back into its resting place.
  I ran into the bathroom to change out of the towel that was wrapped around me.
I pulled a dark-green turtleneck over my head, adjusting the neck so the bends and bunched fabric looked just right.
I was in a rush, I put the rest of my clothes on along with jewelry like my rings, watch, and a necklace. 
“Shit,” I whispered as I saw the time on my watch, “I need to hurry,” I took one last look in the mirror. I straightened the belt I wore on my waist and left the bathroom.
I quickly slipped on my shoes, grabbing my bag and camera and stepped out the door. I closed the door tightly behind me and started walking down the hallway, I mumbled something not even I could translate as I watched my feet walk under me, the patterned carpet rushing past my eyes.
   Random chatter of reporters and famous chess players filled my ears as soon as the elevator doors opened.
This was my environment.
I pulled my bag over my shoulder and secured it as I walked out of the elevator. 
My hair fell in my eyes while my gaze darted around the dark green and red colored lobby I stood in, the chandeliers sparkled, and the sun shined through the tall arched windows.
I looked around for anyone I knew before I started to walk to the exit, almost creeping away from the crowds trying to focus so my morning plans weren’t postponed.
I relaxed as I got close to the exit.
“Going somewhere?” I ran straight into someone I planned on avoiding this morning,
I pulled myself away quickly to see Benny stood in front of me, in his usual attire and a magazine held in one hand.
It seemed as he just entered the building, is he staying somewhere else? 
“Oh... Benny,” I mumbled as I dusted myself off, feeling a bit self-conscious suddenly.
“Don’t act so excited,” he scoffed and threw the magazine on a table next to the door. 
The date on the magazine was todays, big words read Chess Tournament this Afternoon! The BEST meant to compete this year in Paris!
I felt my breathing speed up, my body stiffened and there was no where to hide from the pressure that was on me today.
Benny rolled his eyes at my flustered expression and smiled; he ruffled my hair like Matt would do. I pulled away from his hand and fixed my hair.
“So?” he asked,
“Where you off to? It’s a big day, you’re not running away already, are you?” he joked, I shook my head and sighed. 
“I wanted to... get some fresh air before I got to work,” I whispered and rubbed the sides of my legs nervously as I looked to the door behind the tall man,
“Hm... mind if I join you?” he asked, my eyes shot to him.
My thoughts immediately went to this being a perfect opportunity to get some photos of him.
And although I planned to stay far away from distractions today, I couldn’t deny that I wouldn’t mind his company this morning...
“Actually- if you wouldn’t be opposed, maybe I could get some shots of you somewhere in town? For the magazine I mean,” I suggested as I gave him a smile, a wonky nervous smile.
He went to say something and stopped abruptly, his eyes widened, he looked worried.
Benny grabbed my hand suddenly, before I could even comprehend what was happening, he pulled me out the door and around the corner.
He pulled me away from the doors.
I watched a few people look in our direction with judgmental gazes,
“Are you out of your mind?” I looked at Benny who stood beside me, my hand still loosely in his.
He huffed out a laugh and looked out at the streets.
I pulled myself off the wall I unconsciously leaned on and shook his hand off, I put my hands over my mouth and nose letting out a nervous exhale.
“Why did you do that?” I scanned the area for any eyes on us, the last thing I would want was to be seen with US Chess Champion Benny Watts sneaking around the hotel.
“I’m… avoiding a certain nosey reporter,” he looked at me, “Oh, god. Would you not be so dramatic Y/N?” I let my hands drop to my sides.
“Do you know how much- you are so-” I cut my pointless argument off, “Let’s just get going,” I pulled my bag strap over my head so it wouldn’t slip and started walking down the path that led out of the hotel’s property.
  After a while of listening to Benny enthuse about some past Chess tournaments he played in and how he was so very confident about this one, we arrived at restaurant that was just getting ready to open up.
I ignored Benny as I walked up to an employee who was sweeping around the restaurant’s outdoor seating.
“Excuse me?” I caught the employee’s attention,
“What are you doing,” Benny whispered, I ignored Benny again.
“Do you think I could use our outdoor seating for a quick photoshoot?” the woman gave me an odd look and glanced to the restaurant’s building furrowing her eyebrows.
“You see, this is Benny Watts. I’m sure you’ve heard of him,” I waited for a change in expression, she grabbed her broom and smiled.
“This place is about ready,” she paused and looked at her watch, “You have about forty-five minutes until we open up, try to be done by then?” I smiled and nodded.
  I grazed one of the metal tables with my fingertips as I looked around for a good background.
I didn’t choose this place randomly; it was very nicely decorated and there was lots of green, perfect for a casual shoot. Deep-red painted wooden fencing—that purple and green vines had grown around—outlined their small wooden decking extension.
The weather was beautiful, the bright blue sky peeked through scattered white clouds that covered most of the sky.
The birds danced in the sky; everyone was out, kids, parents, groups of high-schoolers, and older men who sat playing chess on this exciting day.
“We are taking photos here?” I looked over my shoulder and smiled at the cocky and somewhat sassy man. Benny sat down on a metal chair and looked around; he wasn’t amused by our location, but I thought it was perfect.
“Yes, now sit down here,” I pointed to a chair that I had pulled up by the restaurant’s windows.
  After I bossed Benny around and had him test different poses, I pulled out my camera.
“So, are you still in that small basement?” I smiled as I fixed the lighting on the camera and took a couple test shots.
“No, I got out of there a while ago,” I motioned for him to lean back, “Finally living somewhere that gets sun,” his words made me think of my morning thoughts.
“I’m glad,” the camera clicked, I crouched down by Benny’s chunky black boots.
“Do you miss New York at all?” the camera clicked again.
I sighed and pulled the camera away from my face, “Of course,” I stood up. “I miss hearing people outside no matter the hour, I miss watching people rush everywhere they went. Hell, I even miss arguing with strangers over such normal things,” I gently pulled Benny’s hand off the table to move the table out of the frame.
Benny’s fingers curled around my hand, “Come back, come visit me,” I looked at him. I bit the edge of my bottom lip and glanced away from Benny; I can’t look at that sad expression of his.
“Benny,” I looked down avoiding eye-contact still,
“Or let me visit you… I meant it when I said I missed you Y/N,” he sounded so genuine and sad, so unlike the Benny I knew.
I looked up at him, he squeezed my hand then let go.
I pulled away from him and moved the table slightly, “Will- will you come over here?” I stuttered from my sudden strike of anxiety.
He got up and followed me to the vine covered fence and I had him lean against it.
The camera clicked; I lowered the camera slowly as I stared at him, he was handsome.
I changed my angle a couple times and no matter the angle, he looked just as perfect.
“I should probably get some with a chess board,” I mumbled looking above the fencing for any possible chess tables or stores that sold a board.
I sighed, “Do you think we can get some shots at the hotel after the tournament?” I asked him.
“Okay,” he pushed himself away from the fence, “Are we done then?”
“Yeah… for now,” I grabbed my bag that I had sat down near the gate out, “Shall we?” I put my camera in the bag and looked over my shoulder, hoping he would like to stick around for a bit longer this morning.
He turned on his heel to look at me and stared for a moment…
This wasn’t going to work if I wasn’t going to try, this would end here and now if I didn’t show him that I wanted to be part of his life as well.
He smiled and I felt some weight lifted off my chest, there’s my Benny.
   “Y/N!” I looked over my shoulder to be met with the bright smile of the familiar woman who worked at the front desk, I smiled and headed over to her.
I had just got back to the hotel after my little photoshoot and wander around with Benny, Benny had left me immediately as we got back so he didn’t run late for the many small interviews that he had agreed to.
“Hi,” I sighed crossing my arms on the front desk, I had just got back from speaking to the magazine author.
“Long day already?” she gave me a sympathetic smile,
“Not really… just a lot on my mind,”
“Like Benny Watts?” I glanced back to her, “I saw you leave this morning with him,” she explained.
Yes, of course Benny Watts was on my mind. After he asked me to either come visit him or him visit me, all I could think about was how I was going to deal with the spiraling emotions of guilt if I didn’t tell him I wanted to spend more time with him too.
I went to lie to the nosey woman with a smile, but the smile seemed to slip off my face as I glanced at Benny, who was speaking to some men near the ballroom.
“Speak of the devil…”
I cannot stress how long it felt like when I stood there and stared at the man, I had too many doubts and too many pros and cons list in my mind.
Although the list did nothing to fight against my gut feeling.
I had to.
I wasn’t going to have Benny remember me as the fool who managed to sneak into his life for a brief moment just to disappoint.
In some alternate universe, this is a mistake and I will be cursing the gods for letting me do this. But, in this one, it’s the only rewarding choice.
I sighed heavily and swiftly started walking over to the sparkling ballroom, that would usually contain a shiny dancefloor but is now filled with chess tables and the echoing sound of judgmental pacing.
“Benny,” I caught his attention rather quickly,
“Oh, hey Y/N,” he greeted me in his monotone ‘serious’ voice.
“One week,” I glared at the men who were just talking to Benny which had them shift their gaze away from us, “You stay with me for one week… but you leave as soon as that seventh day comes around, understand?” I looked back to Benny.
Benny’s eyes widened, he put a hand gently around my forearm. I looked down to realize how close I had gotten to him, I meant to just appear serious and not catch anyone’s eye but why do I feel as I did the quite opposite…
“Wait,” his voice softened,
“Mr. Watts, it’s time.” Benny’s eyes darted to the man who spoke.
It was time for the tournament, our morning lasted a bit longer than I had thought.
“No, I-” he stopped his sentence to let out what I could only explain as a low growl, in my direction, of course. “Your timing is fantastic, you know?” he rubbed his temple with his hand that was previously on my arm,
“Now, go. Good luck Mr. Watts, I know you’ll do just fine,” I earned a smile from him, I straightened the collar on his coat quickly and smiled back.
And off he went, he wasn’t one to be late for a tournament, his conscience wouldn’t let him.
I felt my confidence drop and I felt heavy enough to drop straight through the marble floor after Benny disappeared into the ballroom.
Along with the heavy feeling came rushing waves of happiness and euphoria. I was proud, and I was thankful to myself that I am bringing him back into my life, even if its just for a week.
I have to start trying again. I have to give myself a chance to appreciate these connections that I was isolating myself from… just one more chance.
-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
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Thank you for reading, you’re so cool !
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chidoroki · 5 months ago
TPN - “Dreams Come True”
What better way to cheer up the TPN fandom after the second season’s final episode than with the special exhibition chapter finally being fully translated. I caught glimpses of a few pages here and there over the past couple months but seeing all the children live happily together in the human world in their own little village that they made close to Emma and Alex warms my heart. Of course I would’ve loved if we got to see more of the GP Resistance (because the anime denied us of them) but following the GF kids around the world as they experience their dreams is fair enough. We started the series alongside them so might as well finish strong with them too. I really loved seeing everyone grow up but no matter how old they get or how much time passes, I’ll probably never get used to seeing Emma without her iconic “63194.” It’s a bittersweet feeling for me, but her smiles bring me so much joy and I’m beyond happy that she accepted everyone into her life as they accepted her without her memories.
Tumblr media
I haven’t a clue on how much time passed since everyone found Emma in ch181 to now, but seeing her call out everyone’s names is a little detail that I love so much considering she had no idea who anyone was at first. Trying to remember 60+ names doesn’t seem like an easy task to me. No doubt I was just as shocked as our girl upon learning these mere children bought a goddamn plane! We learn in a couple pages that it’s because of Norman’s company that they can afford it, but still, he’s like 15 or 16 now? He’s still a child! And I’m impressed! Not only at him, but that Oliver and Violet became pilots as well! It’s especially cute when you remember that Lucas gave Oliver a little toy plane during their time at Goldy Pond.
Tumblr media
Speaking of GP, is it just me or does Emma’s current outfit resemble her GP one just a little bit? Sure we have no idea what color scheme this one has but come on, the short jacket, the dark shirt and jeans.. just imagine it! Jemima, Yvette, Alicia and Mark remade Gillian’s original GP outfit sometime before the Grace Field Raid arc (ch137 extra page) so I don’t doubt they could’ve done the same for Emma. Of course that’s just me being completely hopeful and missing the Goldy Pond arc to death but yeah! I’m also so happy to see Chris up and moving again! Seeing him wake up briefly in ch181 was nice but this is so much better. I imagine he and Emma have a lot to catch up on in terms of stories, with him being unconscious since ch105 and Emma not remembering anything.
Tumblr media
But here we go, the original 15 escapees plus Norman, Phil, Sherry, I believe I saw Carol somewhere and a couple other random kiddos ready to see the entire world. They get to accomplish so much.. and in a single day too I believe? At least that’s what Phil and Alicia say a bit later about everyone’s wishes, but aahh what a lucky bunch. Hell, I’ll say we’re lucky readers too to be able to see such a great story. Can’t thank Shirai and Demizu enough y’all. I wish we got to see more of Alex though. He’s such a kind soul but I’m sure he’ll be just fine staying behind with everyone else.
Tumblr media
This entire page where we learn about Norman as a CEO is gold. I still can’t believe this child successfully built up an entire multipurpose company not only to help their search for Emma but also because he didn’t want to live off the Ratri clan. I wish I knew about this last week when writing out Norman’s birthday post because hell yeah this deserves some praise! AND he managed to graduate school as well during all that! Well, by skipping grades which totally makes sense. I mean, if he managed to pass all the Grace Field and Lambda tests effortlessly I’m sure normal human world school was a piece of cake for him. Holy shit dude, keep on impressing me why don’t ya. Not only him but Nigel and Sonya too! I’m not surprised that Vincent helped out but I’m glad those two got a tiny moment to shine as well! Ray is another obvious choice when it comes to helping Norman, as they’re best friends and he’s always been good with machines.. but boy, I can’t take you seriously when you’re just sitting there unamused and eating chips! Hahah I love him so much! And the fact he replies to Norman’s idea with just a simple “kay” is an eternal mood.
Tumblr media
Okay boys aside, can we talk about our fabulous girls now? Because oh my god, they’re so darn beautiful! They’re more fashionable than I’ll ever be and it’s so cute how they drag Emma along to take advantage of the 3-for-1 deal. But our girl pulls off that sporty look so well! (r.i.p. goldy pond outfit ver2.0). I’m not at all surprised that Nat wanted to go see the opera. That's perfect for him and I’d like to think the anime did something similar with that one shot we see of him in the human world. We don’t see him in a theater like this but to me it looks like he’s on the streets of Broadway? At least that’s the vibe I get from it. I’m sure there was something music related on one of those signs.
Tumblr media
I can’t get over how adorable all the children look and how happy they are fulfilling their wishes, even if some of them aren’t as extravagant as others. Like eating a fluffy pancake and a ton of ice cream? We can do that whenever we want. But for these kids, it means everything and they absolutely deserve to experience such simple joys like that after all the harsh nonsense they’ve been through. I also love how Ray continues to be such a great older brother by still looking out for them too. The fact he remains completely unfazed by the haunted house is perfect. This boy has been haunted by his own nightmares and demons his entire life, there’s no way a couple of lousy jump scares are gonna spook him. Though I do find it funny that Alicia and Rossi still manage to get scared while Yvette is having the time of her life. I can’t help but laugh at Thoma’s “Shirai face” as well.
Tumblr media
I find it interesting that out of all the different kinds of exhibits they could’ve shown us while Rossi visits a museum, they give us dinosaurs.. like that seems so silly to me. Y’all have seen several demons in your young lives already and yet dinosaurs manage to amaze you too? God these kids are precious. And then our boy Phil finally gets to see and ride a train! Just look how happy he is! The poor kid can’t even sit still he’s so darn excited and I can’t help but smile with him! Thankfully the anime showed us this too.
Tumblr media
We eventually get to Ray’s wish and guys.. oh my fucking god. Tell me that this is not the absolute best and prettiest smile we get to see from him!! It honestly leaves me speechless okay? Ray never imagined he would ever get to see the outside world, let alone live past the age of 12, and yet here he is, seeing such a beautiful sight such as this, right in front of him instead of from inside a book. You can’t believe how happy and proud of him I am right now. Did you see how ecstatic I was when the anime kept Isabella alive? Multiply that feeling by ten and there ya go. That’s my level of happiness upon seeing my favorite boy smile like THAT! AAHHH!! That panel is gonna live rent free in my head until the end of time. I can’t get over how damn perfect it is. His smile is so pure and how he looks like he’s in complete awe is beautiful. He’s about to burst into tears and I swear I might do the same because I’m making myself emotional over this fantastic boy. Someone hold me.
Tumblr media
No seriously, hold me because we’re about to get into some angst as we move onto to Emma’s wish. We all know that ever since 2039 her one dream was to ride a giraffe once they got outside, so here we are, about ten years later and the animals in question are within reach. Our girl should be totally excited, right? Ha, not quite.
Tumblr media
That wish was something the old Emma wanted, but since demon god had to be such a bastard, this Emma doesn’t know what to think, let alone what to even feel. She hasn’t experienced the same hardships as her family. She hasn’t gone through hell and back while holding onto that one wish that would make all the suffering worth it. The amount of joy everyone else felt upon living out their dreams, she wonders if she would be able to feel it too.
Tumblr media
They brought her here to make her happy, but is this truly want she wants as well? This is old Emma’s wish after all. What about her and what she wants? Could this wish make her just as happy as her old self? She knows her family is only trying to help, but seeing her doubt herself does a number on my heart. Even without her memories, she’s still the same Emma deep down, as she doesn’t want to disappoint her family. She spends so much time worrying about living up to her family’s expectations, to try and be that Emma they all love so dearly.
Tumblr media
Little does she know that she acts the exact same as usual, almost as if nothing has changed when she finally expresses how much she wants to ride a giraffe. And that’s great considering when they first arrived at the giraffes, no on had even mentioned riding them. She came across that feeling all on her own and everyone else can’t help but laugh and feel relieved. Her mind may have forgotten but her heart remembers everything. There is no “old Emma” and “new Emma” to her family, just “Emma” and words can’t express how wholesome that is because they love her regardless. All that matters to them is Emma’s happiness because if anyone deserves to feel and experience that, it’s her.
Tumblr media
I just made myself tear up, damn it. I started this series with season one okay? I heard about this precious girl’s dream within the first minute of the first episode and here I am, a little bit over two years later, finally reading about it coming true and seeing that bright as hell smile on her face. Do you know how amazing it is to come full circle like that? My heart feels so full right now. I’m beyond proud of her and love her to death. Say what you want but I believe this to be the true manga ending in my eyes.
Tumblr media
(damn this series for always getting me emotional)
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