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First Pokémon that was randomly selected: Glameow!

Did you know that this is actually a very fickle Pokémon? Glameow will claw at anyone who displeases them, even their own trainers! Winning over these felines takes a lot of time and dedication, and one wrong move is all it takes to lose its favor.


Originally posted by scyther-no-scything

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day 11: favorite pokemon duo

glameow and stunky!!

“When it’s happy, Glameow demonstrates beautiful movements of its tail, like a dancing ribbon.”

“From its rear, [stunky] sprays a foul-smelling liquid at opponents. It aims for their faces, and it can hit them from over 16 feet away.”

The pretty and the smelly. The funny thing about these two pokemon is that they BOTH evolve into something “ugly.” I think a glamorous cat and an awkward stinky skunk are a fun combo. I overlooked these two and their evolutions for a while but they’re actually pretty cute n fun. My glameow is nicknamed Mo (after my cat) and my stunky is nicknamed Scaramouche

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This is more of a request then a submission and if this isn’t allowed you can ignore this, but is there any way to make a Glameow with the colors of this OC of mine? I’m sorry if this is any trouble! And you don’t have to include the wings but if possible can you add the antenna, ear tufts and collar? If you can’t do this you can just ignore this- I wish you good luck with all the other requests!




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