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Everyone breaks. I know that for a fact. I know I’ve broken down. In one moment, my entire world world seemed to shift into darkness. I was depressed for a long time afterward, but eventually there was a moment when I decided to heal. I felt a sense of belonging that broke through the shattered remains of myself. I know that people are made of glass. No matter how tough a person is, they will be shattered. Some take hit after hit while others experience a single blow hard enough to destroy them. Those bits of glass don’t pull themselves back together naturally. It takes the effort of the individual to reform themselves. It takes the individual to melt the edges of the shards and stick them back together again. Some parts might never be brought back together while the rest are put together in a jumble. The person that comes after the reformation is the mark of who they are. The sharp ridges and edges next to patches of smooth glass are who we are. The reformed glass structure is what makes us human.

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Attempt at making a video
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May Thanks 🌸

This May was a great opportunity to take part in the competition with the glass. It was great and a real pleasure for me to see this material in so many different ways! It includes all kind of reflections, light and darkness and its structure shows the individual character which is fragile itself and at the same time so incredibly strong.

It was a bright May, filled with the shimmer of glass. Especially in those times when everyone has to fight against the Coronavirus it was a good change to immerse for a moment into the colerfulnes of glass.

I sincerely thank everybody who supported and inspired me:










Thanks also for the hearts, reblogs, follows and comments!

Angelina 🌿

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The Anatomy of a Tea Label Feat. Tazo

It is very important to get all the correct information on a beverage label, for legalities and convenience. The best way to identify what you may need for your selected concoction is to investigate a similar, existing label and break it down. I chose Tazo as it also has a similar shape for what I intend to present my iced tea in.


I was lucky enough to find a multi-view online through eBay of all places. The traditional front view is much more minimalist than I may approach, however that is their message- clean, clear, organic. 


The side view once again is minimalist and is well set out with the size of each font, and cleverly displaying the barcode clearly- the retailers will be happy that it will be easy to scan!


The most intensive side has all the nutrition packed into it- a sacrifice to the design to ensure they covered everything. However they manage for the label to remain cohesive due to the consistent font use. 

Tazo is a great foundation for me to set out my label to ensure I cover all the key labelling aspects- especially the nutritional section. 

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