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I think a lot about Glimmer’s word choice in Season 4: Beast Island when she’s talking to Light Hope.

Even though Bow’s the one who raised his voice and yanked his hand away, even though BOTH him and Adora were equally in favor of going to Beast Island (or equally against her, from Glimmer’s perspective)… what she tells Light Hope is “[Adora] took Bow and ran off on a stupid mission.”

Like she wants to believe Bow is an innocent lamb with no free will who was stolen by mean old Adora and never would have betrayed her otherwise. As has been happening all season, she STILL wants to blame everything on Adora.

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can’t stop thinking about an alternate version of princess prom where it is a masquerade ball and the sexual tension is just through the roof.

everyone is wearing venetian masks (for the aesthetic and also because they are required- according to the invite, the masks are a part of the dress code for the event). adora shows up at the ball and keeps mistaking different people for princess frosta, because all that studying she did earlier is not gonna help her when she can’t see anyone’s faces properly. when she eventually finds out that frosta is the masked 11 year old kid she saw earlier, adora gasps and loudly goes “that’s frosta??”

despite the masks, glimmer recognizes bow immediately. things might be weird between them right now, but she would know him and his voice anywhere. after saying hi to glimmer and adora, bow and perfuma walk off to say hi to other people at the ball (like in canon). later on, glimmer watches from afar as perfuma makes a rose appear out of thin air and gives it to bow. a storm of confusion and denial and insecurity and jealousy and heartbreak begins to rage inside of glimmer.

catra, scorpia, and co. are also wearing masks, so their presence at the ball is not detected right away. there is a big dramatic shocking reveal of their identities later on when they are presented to frosta. adora argues about their attendance (like in canon), and frosta gets mad at adora (like in canon). adora vows that she and glimmer will follow catra and scorpia all night. unfortunately for adora, catra and scorpia walk off in different directions. it quickly becomes hard for adora to keep track of where catra went when, again, everyone is wearing freaking masks

bow and glimmer have their fight. when he walks off, glimmer is just glad that her mask hides the tears now forming in her eyes.

adora runs into entrapta. entrapta is the only one at the ball not wearing a masquerade mask- she did bring one, but it did not fit over her goggles. instead, entrapta put the mask in her pants pocket for safekeeping (a good scientist keeps everything on their person, after all!). adora does not see catra swiping entrapta’s mask and walking away with it (she decided to switch masks to keep adora on her toes, and also because switching masquerade masks halfway through the ball is sexy and dramatic).

on the way to get his cummerbund, bow sees a masked woman (scorpia) planting heat bombs. he goes over to two masked guards for help, only for them to grab him- it’s kyle and lonnie (side note: all the horde kids are amazed that kyle didn’t blow their cover by having his mask slip/fall off). scorpia stings bow, knocking him unconscious.

adora is on the dance floor, trying to figure out where catra went, when the first dance of the ball is announced. adora suddenly feels someone grab her hand to dance. 

hey adora.”

(even before the words leave catra’s lips, adora knows it is her. something inside of her just knows from the moment she feels catra’s hand grab hers.)

adora turns around to face her. for a brief moment, she looks surprised to see catra’s change in mask.


catra just laughs.

“i’m surprised you recognized me with the mask on. i mean, you were always kinda dumb.”

catradora do the tango. somehow there is even more sexual tension than in canon.

princess prom eventually goes to shit (like in canon). adora and catra fight, their masks both falling off in the process (dramatic gasp!). frosta intervenes and revokes adora’s invitation to the ball. the heat bombs go off. there is chaos everywhere. 

adora sees glimmer and calls out to her. adora tells glimmer that catra has bow, and that glimmer needs to find him. glimmer teleports away, only to see kyle and lonnie dragging bow towards scorpia’s ship. she attacks them, losing her mask in the process. glimmer then goes to bow’s side, removing his mask to look at his unconscious face. scorpia stings glimmer then, knocking her unconscious as well. scorpia, lonnie, and kyle carry the unconscious bow and glimmer onto the ship. as the ship takes off, bow and glimmer’s masks are left lying in the snow.

in the aftermath of the ball, adora finds bow and glimmer’s masks on the ground. she brings the masks back to bright moon with her.

adora never forgets the look on angella’s face when the queen sees her return to bright moon alone, holding bow and glimmer’s masks close to her chest.

14 notes

do you think Glimmer makes Bow a princess before they get married so he can stop saying he’s the only one who is not a princess

29 notes

Adora, sneaking back into the castle after going out to do something dangerous:

Glimmer, turning around in a swivel chair: You wanna tell me where you’ve been?

Adora: Uh, with Bow?

Bow, turning around on another swivel chair: Try again

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I don’t know if anyone has done this before but here you go. I’m probably gonna make more of this, it’s fun. You are free to use this, if you want.

363 notes

anyone else thinks its weird that the star siblings were first mentioned in princess prom (when adora was learning all about it) but were officially introduced in s5 as scavengers whose homes have been wrecked by horde prime this whole time .. is that a plot hole?

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Like Lovers Do, explicit friends to lovers first time fluff. Effectively just smut, but like, cute

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Did anyone else think of Genie and the Friend Like Me song while watching Bow and Sea Hawk together? Cause I totally head canon Bow as Aladdin and Sea Hawk as Genie 🧞‍♂️


Bonus: Glimmer as Jasmine

Double Bonus: Catradora as Street Rats and Mermista as a Genie 🧞‍♀️


@dreaming-song @skathyr @acolyteartist and @chat-atrosphique for their art head canons. I’ll post a link when I finally finish writing my fic for this.

67 notes

Adora is getting a lot of love on her birthday this year! She deserves it 😌

5 notes

Glimmer: Bow and I-

Adora: Are getting married?

Bow: What, no, we just-

Adora, pulling out a huge binder: Sit down, I’ve had this thing planned out for years

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Glimbowweek Fall 2020 (knocking it out of the park with these titles, I know), a collection of all seven days’ worth of content. Two of the fills are art.

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Another WIP knocked out and ready to go! It’s a short fluffy slice-of-life fic with the Best Friends Squad.


“We have to give the villagers time to evacuate,” Adora said as she gestured around the town square with her shield.

Catra, her eyes peering out from the head and face wrap that concealed all but her eyes and ears said, “They won’t have time and that’s not why we’re here! The town’s guards can handle this!”

Adora drew her axe, bashed it against her shield, and said, “It may not have been why we came but that’s what this has become! Now do we stand and protect these people or do we run like mewling cowards!?”

Catra glared at Adora as Bow spoke up, regal in long blue robes.

“I believe we can accomplish both of your goals. I have enough magic dust left to cast a few spells that I think can help,” Bow said

Read the rest at AO3!

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Part One of my post-finale fanfic series “One Last Road Trip - A She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Series”:

The war is over. The Best Friends Squad succeeded in rallying all of Etheria together and vanquishing Horde Prime forever. Now they take some time to finally rest, and to answer the one big question: How are they going to take an interstellar road trip with a broken spaceship?

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