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raiicore · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
The return of Jewish!Adora and black-haired Glimmer in an atrocious edit.
[id: a screencap of Glimmer and Adora in season 1, from the waists up, standing together. Adora is edited to have darker skin and wavy brown hair, along with a hooked nose and brown eyes. She wears the Star of David around her neck and her arms are crossed, smiling at Glimmer. Glimmer’s hair is edited black, and her hands are on her hips, as she smiles back.]
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curiousscientistkae · 12 hours ago
hiii what first made you think “oh this seems nice” for glimmadora? was it a moment in the show, or some fanart, maybe fanfiction?
uuuu i remember before hand i saw some post on glimmadora. i knew from the start c/a wouldn’t be my ship i would have to see it more to see how i felt (HA). so then when i watched the show my brain just was like
i can’t tell you what moment it was that got me shipping it but i had a feeling it would be my ship and here I am now
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curiousscientistkae · a day ago
Glimmadora and bowfuma 6!
6. how do they celebrate their baby’s first birthday? are they the type of parents to go over the top for birthdays/holidays?
oh def. Glimmadora def go over the top for them. I can see Adora def just wanting their first time having a birthday being like how she felt the first time (cue Glimmer: you know they wont remember it right? Adora: so? as long as they are happy as shit and having a ball that is all that matters). They would have a lot of fun planning for the twin’s first birthday having everything being double
Bowfuma probably wouldn’t be as over the top i can see them both being more mellow with the first birthdays  but ya know how Maes was with his daughter’s birthday, thats all I see with Bow (ya know, without the dying).
Holidays are a little more tamer
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imahoeletmeread · a day ago
but like the way adora was overprotective of glimmer during fights bc she felt guilty for angella's "death" as she thought it should've been her instead.. like knowing adora we can all tell that she blamed herself for that and tried her best to make sure that glimmer didnt get hurt (also bc angella had told her to take care of each other but i believe this was also a v v important reason)
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curiousscientistkae · a day ago
4 and 5 glimmadora?
4.  who gets the most emotional seeing their children grow older?
hm...part of me wants to be angsty and say Glimmer because she has no idea if she is immortal and if her kids are lol. But now okay they both are very emotional. They just see their kids one day when they are older and just all of a sudden get a flash of when they were small kids and get emotional about it both with how much they have grown and become their own person, and how much time has passed
5. who do they think their children takes after the most? which traits do the children share with their parents? (appearance or personality  wise)
Harper def takes after Adora, both agree with it. Glimmer ends up nicknaming her Adora Jr, or really just AJ. She looks more like Adora with the hair color and same eye shape, has a more athletic built like Adora, wakes up early, works way to hard, and while she might seem chill and laidback, which she can be, she is internally screaming a lot and has anxiety and wants to make sure everything is perfect and doesn’t want to fuck up. Also for with the AJ thing, as a smol child, she would follow Adora around a lot, being her little shadow.
Mira looks wise looks a little less than her parents, especially cause of her black hair from her Great Aunt and Grandpa but like her sister has the same eyes as Adora, tho while Harper’s is the same color as Glimmer hers are ice blue (more like when Adora is she ra) and has Glimmer’s body shape. Personality wise maybe more like Glimmer? Stubborn and a bit hotheaded. She is curious like Adora (you can’t tell me Adora wouldn’t be curious about a lot after so many years in the Horde). Oh and like since Glimmer used to sneak out a lot or least get into trouble, yeah Mira got that also. So she least personality takes more after Glimmer
Micah look wise is def Glimmer’s son. He has the same color hair as the darker part of Glimmer’s hair, he has adora’s normal eye color but are shaped more like Glimmer’s. While Harper has more of Glimmer’s skin tone, he is in the middle of like them and Adora and Mira, who are paler. Like Glimmer, when older, he does look more like his name sake (lol Glimmer is Micah without a beard. Micah (Jr) is a lot like Micah (Sr) and older Micah with a beard adds to it. Personality wise uuuuuu not really sure honestly. He is a little more reserved and quiet compared to everyone else but he has his head on his shoulders and wants to prove himself. He’s just a good kid, big heart dude, who wants to live up to his name. So i guess more of a mix of them lol
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curiousscientistkae · a day ago
Rating: General Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/F
Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)
Relationships: Adora/Glimmer (She-Ra), Bow/Perfuma (She-Ra), Mermista/Sea Hawk (She-Ra), Adora & Bow & Glimmer (She-Ra), Adora & Bow (She-Ra), Bow & Glimmer (She-Ra), more relationships to be added - Relationship
Characters: Adora (She-Ra), Glimmer (She-Ra), Original Characters, Harper (OC), Bow (She-Ra), Sea Hawk (She-Ra), Mermista (She-Ra), Perfuma (She-Ra), More characters to be added - Character
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Single Parents, Single Mom Adora Au, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, More tags to be added, hard of hearing character, Summary subject to change
Language: English
Chapters: 1/?
Glimmer lives in Brightmoon, getting by in life as a middle school teacher. Not much to note. Adora is a single mom, raising her daughter, Harper. She happens to move in the apartment across from Glimmer's. The two start to bond and Glimmer takes to the young preschooler. Harper loves her mom and takes to Glimmer as well.
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raiicore · a day ago
kissing the top of their head + Glimmadora (hope is not too late to send this)
Adora liked watching her girlfriend work.
In this case, “work” was creating battle plans to destroy a bloodthirsty warlord who planned to decimate the entire planet and everything on it.
But Glimmer looks very beautiful doing it, and it proved as a much needed distraction from imminent doom.
“Perfuma, your vines can keep his ships from landing, like you did in the Wastes. Do anything to keep him off the ground.” She turned to Scorpia. “You can pick off any that try to leap down.”
“Ground support?”
Glimmer pointed at Bow. “Yes! You, Mermista, and Frosta can destroy any of his forces already on Etheria.”
Adora sighed, feeling a sudden rush. A plan was forming, and she already felt safer.
Then she noticed Netossa, expression downcast. 
Adora nudged Glimmer gently.
“Netossa, Entrapta, Catra, Sea Hawk; recover those who’ve been chipped. We’ll need to save everyone.” Her gaze locked with Entrapta, for the smallest of seconds.
Adora couldn’t help but smile. She was so proud of Glimmer, for everything. She was always trying her hardest, and Adora wanted to make her proud. To be the hero she deserved.
“Locate your quadrants, do your best, and hopefully we’ll win the day. Good luck.”
The room emptied out quickly, and the pair was left alone.
“What about you?” Adora asked, lifting the Queen’s staff from it’s hook on the wall, passing it to her carefully.
“I’m staying with you,” Glimmer said softly, reaching out to cup her face gently. Her palm was soft, and Adora leaned against it, finding comfort in the familiarity.
“No matter what.” Glimmer leaned up and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I promise.”
Adora gripped her hand.
“Let’s go find this heart bullshit.”
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curiousscientistkae · a day ago
1 and 2 for glimmadora?
1. how did they feel about raising children?  did these feelings change once they became parents?
They def wanted kids. Wanted a little family and a couple kids so their kids could have a buddy. Where the first to have one, Harper is the oldest by almost 2 years. Course they were nervous but Adora was REALLY fuckin nervous and worried. After being raised in the Horde and Shadow Weaver, she was worried she'd fuck the kid up somehow.
Thats actually the main reason why they wanted so long to have another child after their first (there is a near 7 and half age difference between Harper and her sister and brother) because Adora was so worried and they both just wanted to take their time before having another.
Adora still is nervous and so is Glim but once they got a handle on Harper and dealing with uncontrollable powers as a toddler, they def got less nervous and live their kids to death
(Which funny fact with the waiting. They had decided on two kids because they figured okay two parents thats easy and we each could carry one. But if I ever do anything more idk if Adam would ever appear but Adora still has the twin gene so rip but once they got over that shock and with Harper willing to help out, they def were excited for twin even if nervous and knowing I probably would be a handful)
2. what’s their parenting approach? do they raise their children differently than how they were raised?
Def from Adora's end they are raised dif. She does have some strener tendency like with Mira getting into trouble a lot Adora tends to be the one getting the heart attack. Glimmer, since she used to pull the same shit, is a little more "looser" and just is like "kid please stop giving your mom a heart attack"
But they def try to give each kid enough attention and learning how to defend themselves. It can be a little rough with the twins especially Mira as with Harper as she gets older there is more focus on her getting ready to take the throne (which they asked Harper if she wanted it)
And since Micah is like his grandpa and has powers Glimmer trains him there. So with powerless Mira they def want to make sure a) she can defend herself and b) she isn't suffering from Middle Child Syndrome (doesn't always work)
They pretty much want to give their kids freedom and be able to do what they want but also how to defend themselves in case war ever breaks out again and there are boundaries where they will put their foot down. Anxieties of the past tend to crop up every now and again (if anyone of this makes sense. They aren't perfect parents, the fuck up like sometimes putting to much pressure or like not getting Mira sometimes, but they love their kids to death and want them to not suffer what they suffered growing up)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
au where adora’s ancestral lesbian she-ra powers awaken bc glimmer (Known Bisexual) says the big sword lady in the mural looks preddy
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curiousscientistkae · 2 days ago
Glimmadora 44 ;;
44. sitting on the other’s lap
The day digs its feet into the ground, dragging the time right behind it. Each hour feels like twenty-four have passed. There are no signs of it picking up the pace any time soon. Adora wishes it would be night so she could curl up in bed and sleep. Forget about today, bury it in the past, and start fresh tomorrow. But the afternoon hates her. The sun continues to shine and life is bustling. Her body is too heavy to join in the activities. 
Another dud. No luck, not a single clue on who her birth family was. Not even much more on anything about the First Ones. This is something she is well accustomed to. Finding any clue who she shares blood with is like digging with a broken plastic spoon. Separated by a millennia, that will be hard. Anything related to her people is easier to find. Yet, it has become a harder find now. Her hands are empty yet again and she is no step closer to finding out where she came from and who she is from. 
Normally, it doesn’t get to her. Yes, it saddens her every time there is nothing new. But it is not shocking. She has as well cultivated her own family after leaving the Horde. One she would not trade anything in the world for. However, for whatever reason, today just got to her. Went right through her rib cage, stabbed her straight in the heart, and left her to bleed. Adora lies on the couch, unable to move. 
The door to the room she has taken shelter in opens. Adora only has the energy to flick her eyes in the direction of whoever has entered. Her girlfriend, the queen of Brightmoon, Glimmer.  She knows all the places the blonde recedes to whenever her mood drops farther than the bottom of the ocean. No words are exchanged when Glimmer spots her girlfriend. Adora can see the worry in her lilac eyes. The queen sighs softly, a small smile yet sad smile appears on her face as she settles down on the couch. She pats her lap. 
The presence of her girlfriend gives her enough energy to crawl over to the queen. She crawls onto Glimmer’s lap. She curls up into a ball, resting her head on Glimmer’s chest. Soft, warm arms wrap around her body. Strong, reassuring, and safe. Adora’s eyes flutter shut as she listens to the queen’s steady heartbeat and breathing. No matter how many times she fails to find her blood family, she can take comfort in knowing her own family to help her land in a safe place.
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raiicore · 2 days ago
10 Glimmadora
Adora grew taller, consumed by rage.
Here, face-to-face with the being who’d taken everything from her. Her home, her family, her future.
Yet she’d been stronger, and found a new, stronger one.
And now he was back, threatening to take it away again. Just behind the door.
Her body coursed with newfound energy, newfound strength, sword shining gold in hand.
She’d do anything to keep him away from the princess behind her.
“Prime! Face me!”
She made to advance, suddenly feeling a hand on her waist. Glimmer was looking up at her, expression one of desperation.
Adora noticed the scars riddling her arms, the tears in her outfit, the bruises on her cheek.
“Glimmer! Are you—”
“Don’t do it.”
Adora bit her lip, turning her full attention to the other girl. “But I have—”
“What if something happens to you?”
Adora leaned down, to face the Queen directly. “It won’t. I promise.”
Before Glimmer could say anything else, Adora placed a quick kiss to her forehead.
She made a promise.
To come back to her.
No matter what it took.
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obi-troll-kenobi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Song lyrics edits - Glimmadora edition
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freezingmyblitzballs · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
When you have to do Queen things but it's also your day to babysit 🤷‍♀️
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Adora: Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Glimmer: It’s these, Adora. Sweet dreams are made of these.
Adora: Really? That doesn’t sound right, but who am I to disagree?
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maker-of-lesbian-yiff · 4 days ago
I love how a large majority of glimmadora shipper and entrapdak shipper communities overlap! It’s super nice to have a safe zone away from all the rabid catra stans that inhabit the entirety of the SPOP fandom. These circles tend to be a lot more open to criticisms of the show and recognizing their favs’ bad actions, instead of trying to justify them! Keep it up you funky little goblins 😁.
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