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y’all aren’t ready for this but. glimbow is a girlboss/malewife couple

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Written for @entraptasbitch 

They requested: “a collage/modern au where catra and adora recently broke up and then glitra happens”

My first college AU! With some Glitra! I based the college itself and the town and the diner off my own college experience!

Want to request something? Message me @Catracorner962 on Tumblr!

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She ra season five but its only glimmer and bow exchanging knowing looks when adora and catra do stuff together

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Everyone keeps saying this Fandom is super toxic, and like, it might be, but so is literally every other Fandom. Always. You curate your own experience. And as a person who was deeply touched by the catradora storyline, Me and my wife, it seems weird that catradora shippers are supposedly the ones that are toxic? Mostly I’ve seen a lot of hate coming from people who hate hordak or catra. But not shippers in general. But I also love glimmadora and scorptra and polycule and like pretty much anything that isn’t an adult and a child paired together. Idk, maybe I am just somehow missing the whole drama? But I’ve been in the Fandom since my wife and I were sick with covid back in July and have now rewatched the show over ten times and consumed millions of words of fanfiction… so… idk. I just saw someone else complaining about how toxic the Fandom was today and I was sad.

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Glitradora bein adorable fluffy wives together for a ko-fi request!!! ;v; It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten to draw them and I missed them so much!!

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Ugghhh I have to write a three people sleepover scene for a story that needs to go up on Thursday and I do not want to write it. Glimmer is so annoying.

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73.  “I missed you.”

86.  “I love your smile.” 

(both because yes.)

Adora waits impatiently in the main hall of Brightmoon castle. The marble floor under her threatens to become a rut from all her pacing around. It feels like she has been here for hours, hoping those large, shining purple doors will open. Yet, looking at her watch, it only has been five minutes. The blonde mutters something to herself, wishing that time would move faster than a snail. She continues her back and forth movement, stopping only to check the time almost every minute. 

She should be back by now. Adora is pretty sure she has the time right for the queen’s return from royal visits around the planet. It has been a couple weeks since the blonde held her wife in her arms, snuggled up close to her and soak every ounce of her being. She wishes she could have gone with her and travel around every corner of Etheria. However, She-ra’s own duties called to remain close to home and someone also had to stay behind to watch the kingdom.

Adora wonders if something might have happened. Surely, someone would have contacted the blonde if things went awry, right? Or maybe there is just a simple delay. Glimmer is not one to get up early and if no one was around, would sleep until one in the afternoon. Maybe there was a late start. Yeah, that could be it. 

Her thoughts are cut short when the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Goosebumps form across her skin as there is the brief cold sensation running down her spine. Adora snaps around just in time to see a tear in reality take shape and tackle her straight to the ground. Soft, lilac feathers float down all around her, some tickling her face as the scent of flowers fills her nose. Warmth spreads across her body as strong, familiar arms wrap around her chest. 

“GLIM!” Adora shouts, beaming. Her own arms wrap around her wife, pulling her close enough to lock lips with her. So long apart from their last, neither wants to break apart. They need their fill. When the two finally shift to look each other in the eye, Adora says, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Starlight,” Glimmer replies, softly smiling. 

Adora slowly reaches a hand up, tucking a loose strain of dark purple hair behind a pierced ear. Her hand then cups the queen’s soft, warm cheek. Glimmer presses into it and places her own hand on top of her wife’s. The blonde never removes her eyes from the face she loves. “I love your smile, I missed waking up to that so much.”

“I can say the same thing about you. Gods, it’s good to be back.”

“You gotta tell me all about your adventures. Tell me it over lunch. I have something special planned for you to eat.”

A small snort escapes the queen’s nose. “Do we still have the fire extinguisher in the kitchen or do I need to grab another?”

Adora pushes Glimmer off of her. This causes her wife to burst into laughter. “That was one time! You know, I could always just leave you to cook for yourself even if you must be dead tired.” A crooked grin creeps across the blonde’s face. 

“No, no. I think I would actually set something on fire because I am so tired. I can’t wait to see what you have in store, love.”

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The fact that there are like 3 straight canon couples (excluding Micah and Angella) in She Ra but 2 of them are not even straight (Bow and Glimmer, Mermista and Sea Hawk are all canonly bi) sits totally right with me

Ok, so I am correcting myself: apparently Entrapta is bi/pan and Hordak isn’t really human (yeah, should have tought of that), so he doesn’t really count I guess. So I’ve come to the conclusion that ✨no one is straight✨

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Angella: Glimmer, I know you snuck out last night!

Glimmer, internally: play dumb!

Glimmer: who’s Glimmer?

Glimmer, internally: not that dumb!

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