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fiveminuterice · 2 days ago
If you're still taking art requests can you do Glimmer (She-Ra) as a genie and Bow with her lamp?
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sorry this took so long, but here it is !!
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4cupsanxiety5tbspdepression · 21 hours ago
She Ra Shower Products Consumption Chart
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i actually spent time making and thinking about this - i literally still have homework to do
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stardustofhers · 6 months ago
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Pride Month might be over but the gays are not
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doppelganggr · 14 days ago
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more spop fanart 💜
Glimmer as Allura from Voltron
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sophiasrant · a year ago
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Let’s appreciate these gems
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certifiedbowsbian · a month ago
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incorrectadora · 2 months ago
Adora: i just realized something. I had a bad childhood.
Bow: yeah, we know.
Adora: what do you mean, “you know?”
Glimmer: look at you!
Adora: what do you mean, “look at me?”
Glimmer: look at the way you stand.
Bow: People who had good childhoods don’t stand like that.
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xosoftspot · 5 months ago
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Full glimmer
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7-crows-in-a-trench-coat · 7 days ago
here’s a bunch of she ra text post memes because i’ve made a lot so i could show one of my friends and i don’t know what else to do with them
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Catra: So, who's in charge here?
Glimmer: Usually? Whoever yells the loudest
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camscendants · 11 days ago
Can’t believe I’ve been watching She-ra for three years now
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proglimbow · 3 months ago
Friendly reminder that Bow exist. He is an amazing character and not just Glimmer’s and Adora’s sidekick. He is Glimmer’s childhood friend and the love of her life. He has many talents and does not deserve to be disregarded
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adora has such brings pepsi vibes - i can't explain it
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corantus · 2 months ago
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punk glimmer bust comm for @athetos !
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canonlgbtcharacters · 4 months ago
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The  canon LGBT+ character of the day is
Glimmer from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, who is bi / pansexual!
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yareart · 3 months ago
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More glimmer and bow since you guys seem to like my last drawing :)
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sherasswords · 11 months ago
I love that She-Ra is a show about the power of love and, while some people might think that's cheesy, I adore it. It's not just romantic love but friendship and familial love and, in fact, it focuses mostly on not romantic love until the very last two episodes where we get confessions of romantic love which emphasises how friendship and family are just as important as those that you love romantically. And I just think that's neat.
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perfumasflowers · 3 months ago
person on the other end of the phone: & what would you like your cake to say?
adora: *covers the phone & turns to glimmer* do we want a talking cake ?
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karmaadri · 2 months ago
glimbow headcanons because I said so
they both firmly believe forehead kisses are underrated and give them to each other all the time
Bow adores slow dancing and thinks it’s really romantic and sweet
Glimmer on the other hand thinks it’s straight up boring and would rather do something else
but for the sake of Bow she dances with him anyway and finds it quite relaxing
they match and colour coordinate their outfits ALL THE TIME
everyone in the kingdom is low key impressed by the dedication
Bow has an album of photos that he had made when he was 13
he remembers staring at the photos wondering why he couldn’t stop staring at Glimmer
they have friendship bracelets from when they were younger
many of which are broken because Bow tried to use the blender
Bow used to have hair ties on his wrist for Glimmer but ever since she cut her hair short and his hair started growing out - Bow started using them for himself
now Glimmer carries the hair ties because Bow keeps them on all night by accident and leaves red circles on his wrists
they go to lots of pride events with catradora <3 (maybe even a double date or two)
Glimmer does not know how to cook for the life of her
Bow is the master chef in the relationship
he once woke up super early to make Glimmer a special breakfast in bed
Glimmer tried to do the same thing but nearly set the kitchen on fire
Bow freaked out because, yknow, his house nearly caught on fire
but he appreciated that Glimmer attempted to do something nice for him even if it nearly cost their lives <3
they own three cats, Milo, Eviee and Jerro
I’m writing this really late at night, so I’m sorry if there are any errors with spelling, grammar, etc. I also haven’t watched the show in a long time so there’s bound to be something wrong.
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Glimmer, texting: Dad!! You don’t have to sign your name with every text you send
Micah: Dear Glimmer, noted. Sincerely, your father, Micah
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